MNN. May 30, 2013. Corporation of Canada Member, Rob Clarke, is trying to pass a corporate by-law to change the Indian Act. With the stroke of a pen Indians will be no more.

Clarke: "Gonna wipe 'em out with one swipe".

Rob Clarke: “Gonna wipe out dem Injuns with one swipe”.

The foreign corporation called “Canada” was created by the Law of the Seas. This company has been illegally placed on Great Turtle Island. It made a by-law called the “Indian Act” to rob and kill off the Indians and make it appear legal. Now Her Majesty’s subject from Saskatchewan, Rob Clarke, is changing this by-law to try to kill the survivors of the genocide. The desperate bankers need our ever growing $130 trillion Indian Trust Fund for war!war bill

Clarke said he consulted all 633 of their corporate injuns that control the Indigenous control grid. He asked, “Can we keep on raping your people and your land? We promise to make you rich. It’s better than nothing!” They said, “Sure!”

While everybody is being distracted by the corruption scandals in Ottawa and Toronto, Prime Minister  Harper is getting his henchman to push through this WMD by-law.  Harper said, “Clarke, get this through. I don’t care who you bribe. It’s all from the Indian Trust Fund anyway.”

Clarke says, “The original by-law is working against the corporation. It lets a few big mouths complain and make life complicated for us. This one will shut them up as we will take everything from them, their identity, lands and resources. Hee-haw! We finally get away with the genocide.”

Senate: "Ya-hoo! They'll be begging for our vote!"

The Senate: “Ya-hoo! They’ll be bribing for our votes!”

“We just have to read it one more time and okay it. Then, bingo, the senate rubberstamps it. Then the Indigenous people are no more. It’s all ours. As simple as that. Hee-haw!”

Clarke says he’s worried about our Indigenous economy. Then they should leave our tobacco business alone. Our economy will greatly improve if you liars and crooks went back to where you came from.  Otherwise you are all going to that big jail near Attawapiskat for the rest of your lives. You’ll have to do your own laundry, try to grow food on poison ground and eat the garbage your fed to your victims in the Residential School Death Camps.Indians & Pilgrims

The world is onto Canada’s horribly bad act, and will be dealing directly with the true sovereigns soon. As Robbie Robertson sings; “In circles we gather Moonlight fires are kindled, Sending it back We just make it go back. Beating hearts, beating hearts
Come as one, come as one. This is Indian country, This is Indian country” Stomp Dance


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MNN. May 9, 2013. A beautiful Indigenous 15 year old girl did not realize for a long time she was being followed by a 60-year old man. One day she realized he was frequently on the same buses and coffee shops watching her. She contacted her mother, took a picture and reported him to the police. They could do nothing unless he said something or snatched her.

Many of the young women who are bought and sold in Canada are Indigenous, many between the ages of 10 to 17. Traffickers make $300,000 a year or more for each girl they sexually exploit. trafficking

Canada designed the child welfare, foster care and detention centers system, to create the international sex trade.  

The church and government-run residential school death camps started the child sex trade. The criminal justice system never charges or convicts the corporation of Canada or the churches for perpetrating this program of kidnapping, rape, murder and community breakdown. Corporate media promotes the image of sexually promiscuous children. 

PM Harper: "Ask me in question period so I can't be charged with living off the avails!"

PM Harper: “Ask me in question period so I can’t be charged with living off the avails!”

The policy is that an Indigenous girl with no bank account and no contacts with her family or community is a criminal, not a victim. Indigenous girls are easily moved by traffickers over the US-Canada border to disappear out of their jurisdiction.

Brainwashed by Canada, our girls are demonized to subject them to gross physical and psychological violence. We are charged when we react to this abuse. Recruiters don’t even have to use brute force. The kids are conditioned to want to please someone, crave validation and acceptance. 

The government designed a process to remove us from our communities and families and place us in care. When we object to abuse, we are placed in detention centers. There the recruiters find us and take us into the sex trade. 

In Winnipeg 70% of sexual exploitation of our youth and 50% of adult workers are Indigenous. The high rate of apprehensions of our children into the child welfare and then criminal justice system is state strategy. We end up in welfare fraud, prostitution, drug trafficking or almost any means to survive. 

Government puts health, education and family services in large urban centers where our kids have to go for services. They can’t get jobs or education and can be recruited there. Police don’t pay attention to runaways 14 years old and over. Recruiters even go to schools, which don’t protect our kids at all.  

Graeme MacKay










Canada’s role in the creation and propagation of the international child sexual assault and kidnapping racket is becoming more clear to the rest of the world. One of Harper’s favorite songs in high school was “Bobby Brown” by Frank Zappa, who sang: “Oh, God, I am the American dream. I do not think I’m too extreme. And I’m a handsome son of a bitch. I’m going to get a good job and be real rich.”

trafficking of aboriginal women

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