MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  The “Indian” reserves are concentration camps for Indigenous people, designed to breed hopelessness, suicides and eventually death. The world is seeing hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence as a victim of this policy. 

The main function of reserves is genocide to purge Canada of their “undesirable elements”, the owners of the land, to get our resources. 

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Fences were built around us.  We needed passes to get in or out.  Indian agents and band councilors were trained to be wardens.  These prisoner of war camps were set up on Oct. 24th 1924 by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the real power of the colony at the time. The Indian Act was the Corporation of Canada by law, to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”, that is the total extermination of our people.  By 1950 Canada proudly boasted there were only 89,000 of us left. 

Over 100 million of our people in the Western Hemisphere perished in the biggest holocaust in humanity.  

Prime Minister Pudge Harper and Jim Flaherty’s Bill C-45 is singling out our children for destruction. 

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Our children were grabbed and taken to the residential school death camps.  Since 1924 almost half died from starvation, exposure, brutality, disease and murder.  In the 1930s Nazi doctors were invited by Canada to do medical research on our children and then kill them. 

Some death camps were near population centres to use us as cheap labor, for prostitution rings and sex slaves for the local elite and to be sacrified in ritualistic murders by the pedophile clergy.   

On Dec. 21, 2012 Pope Ratzinger said that, “… child rape isn’t bad.  It is normal back in his time.  Pedophilia isn’t absolute evil.  Child pornography is normal in society.  There is no good or evil.  Only better than or worse than.” 

The Nazis studied these extermination and death camps as a model for their concentration camps.  Their first ones were called residential schools.  Hitler told the US, “Don’t point your finger at me.  Look what you’ve done”.  

Band councils are the camp commandants, who run these camps for the multinational corporation of Canada, for the gradual disappearance of our people. The reason was to extract every resource beneath our feet.  

Indian Band councils knowingly facilitate the efficient disintegration of our people.  Near Chief Spence’s community of Attawapiskat the DeBeers Diamond Co. built a modern settlement with plumbing and hydro for the workers in the mines. The native people are being poisoned to death from the environmental destruction.  DeBeers wants them removed so they can destroy everything.  The CEO of DeBeers told the CEO of Canada, Harper, not to speak to Chief Spence.    

We will not use force of arms, arrests, prisons and assassinations even though the enemy is using brute force on us.  

Our power is in the home and the community.  To defend ourselves we need a strong military and civilian defence structure.  We have the right to protect ourselves.  We will never leave our land.  

Our men will safeguard our communities so that that our women and men can set up functioning councils. Our home communities will not be dismantled.  The genocide programs and their administrators will be dismantled. The Corporation of Canada and their band councils are criminal organizations and will pay for their crimes. If there is no apparatus to enforce their will, they can’t exist.  

periscopeWe will assert ourselves as the true people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island.  The Corporation of Canada is an illegal entity that is a homeless boat nation.  Maybe the defunk shareholders will find a new home to practice their Admiralty Law.  Like the Beatles sang, “So we sailed into the sun til we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine”.  

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