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MNN. Sept. 29, 2019. A subpoena was served on Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson of the Onondaga chiefs, to appear in the trial of the “Onondaga15” in Syracuse on September 28, 2016. They sent their traditional anglo lawyer, Joe Heath, bedraggled, in a burlap sack suit, and no tie.

Onondaga chief: "You mean I'm not the Lone Ranger?"

Onondaga chief: “What do you mean I’m not the Lone Ranger?”

Heath said the corpo chiefs have sovereign immunity. They cannot answer for their part in the violent attack on the onkwe’hon:weh. He cannot be sued or come to court because Oren is a clergyman, a religious faithkeeper of the Handsome Lake Code. He heads a corporation. He can be made to answer to the people of the Iroquois Confederacy.

One plaintiff said: “They are hiding behind sovereign immunity. The Onondaga Tribal Council of New York Inc. is under the US Constituion. kaia’nere:kowa, our constituion provides that anyone trying to establish anything else would lose their native name, land and birthright”. Oren cannot escape immunity for his crimes under the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. He incorporated himself and his followers under the Bureau of Indian Affairs for recognition by corporate entities. They accepted all laws, rules and regulations of the USA. Only the people are sovereign according to the kaia’nere:kowa, the law of the land. The council pretends to be the rotino’shonni, Iroquois Confederacy. tekentiokwanhoxta, the 49 original families, are the basis of rotin’shonni sovereignty. The two row wampum is our agreement with creation.

“Royaner must follow a path and cannot stray. Should he stray, he will be removed. Oren tries to impose his will on the people. He is a Seneca and must follow his mother’s lineage. He can never claim to be an onondaga titleholder.

Oren is not onondaga. He and Ollie have brought in outside police forces to terrorize the people. In 1996 the chiefs bulldozed businesses on Route 11 while the NYS Police stood by. Atotharho Leon Shenandoah said the businesses belong to the women on behalf of the people.

The two row is the oldest agreement between the onkwe’hon:we, US and Europe. To maintain the peace we would travel as equals and help each other.

The onondaga tribal chiefs are informants to New York State. They tried to enter into secret taxing compacts to share the taxes and control the people. Many resisters have no rights, benefits, jobs, running water or hydo. These are treasonous actions.

“Warriors and their families were coming to the May 18, 1997 ceremonial event. I went there as a rotiskenrakete that was on the “Dialogue Team” to inform the media and American public about what was going on. We ended up getting billy clubs and arrests.

Scullin admitted the comments were eloquent. “You may be right. I have to apply the [white] law that exists. This council is recognized by the state. They do enjoy immunity. I cannot enforce the subpoenas and quash them.”

According to Dennis Blythe’s interrogatory, i appears the chiefs provided false intel and allowed the police to attack us. How do we face our accusers?

On September 28th The ‘Onondaga15’ rested their case. Final submissions will begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 12th floor, room 6, 100 South Clinton St., Syracuse. 9.30 am. Come and stand with us. The jury begins deliberations after that. thahoketoteh.


14449945_10157591708135571_8752493981282670335_nTHE ONONDAGA 15 ARE:

Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth, Robert Bucktooth III, Ronald Jones Jr., Debby Jones, Karen Jones, Nikki Jones, Sean Jones, kahentinetha, dyhyneyyks, tekarontakeh, Ross John, Nadine ganonhweih Bucktooth.



New York State Troopers, Major James J. PARMLEY; Captain George Beach; Inv. Pamela Morris; Inv. Dennis J. Blythe; Inv. John F. Ahern; Sgt. Joseph W. Smith; Trp. Jeffrey Sergott; Trp. Michael S. Slade; Trp. James D. Moynihan; Trp. James K. Jecko; Sgt. Robert Huamann; Trp. Mark E. Chaffee; Trp. Christopher J. Clark; Trp. Paul K. Kunzwiler; Trp. Douglas W. Shetler; Trp. Patrick M. Dipirro; Trp. Gregory Eberl; Sgt. Gary A. Barlow; Trp. Mark E. Lepczyk; Trp. Martin Zubrzycko; Trp. Glenn Miner, Trp. Gary Darstein; Trp. Kevin Buttenschon; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Sgt. Norman Mattice; Capt. John E. Wood; Lt. Thomas P. Connelly; Inv. Jerry Brown; Sgt. Harry Schleiser; Inv. Norman Ashbarry; Trp. Peter S. Leadley; Trp. Martin J. Williams; Trp. Gloria L. Wood; Trp. David G. Bonner; Trp. Dennis J. Burgos; Trp. John P. Dougherty; Trp. David V. Dye; Trp. Darryl O. Free; Sgt. James J. Greenwood; Trp. Andrew Halinski; Trp. Robert B. Heath; Trp. Robert H. Hovey, Jr.; Trp. Robert A. Jureller; Trp. Stephen P. Kealy; Trp. Troy D. Little; Trp. Edward J. Marecek; Trp. Ronald G. Morse; Trp. Paul M. Murray; Trp. Anthony Randazzo; Trp. Allen Riley; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Trp. Federick A. Smith; and Sgt. Steven B. Kruth, Defendants-Appellants-Cross-Appellees, Superintendent of New York State Police James W. McMahon, in his personal capacity; County of Onondaga; Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department; Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh, in his official and personal capacity; Mark Bender, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper; and Peter Obrist, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper, Defendants-Cross-Appellees, Town of Onondaga, and the following persons in their personal and official capacities as New York State Troopers, Allen V. Svitak, Jr., Michael L. Delorenzo, James A. Armstrong, Mark Williams, Clifford A. Heaslip, Edward C. Fillingham, Kimberly A. Fillingham, Jeffrey D. Raub, Eric D. Parsons, Robin Palmer, Michael Grandy, Thomas Irwin, George Mercado, Frank Jerome, James Rogers, Art Brocolli, William A. Agan, William M. Ambler, Donald W. Barker, Mark A. Caporuscio, Michael G. Conroy, Peter A. Kalin, Matthew J. Navin, William J. Armstrong, George M. Atanasoff, David R. Barry, Peter J. Beratta, Steven M. Bourgeois, George W. Brownsell, Robert M. Burney, Rodney W. Campbell, Mary A. Clark, Mark Dembrow, Gerald J. Deruby Jr., Michael L. Downey, Gary W. Duncan, John Evans, John J. Fitzgerald, Robert Gardner, John E. Giddings, Douglas R. Gilmore, Gary L. Greene, Andrew A. Lucey, James Martin, James W. O’Brien, Gary Oelkers, Derrick A. O’Meara, Richard J. Sauer, Michael H. Scheibel, Gary S. Schultz, Timothy J. Siddall, Robert J. Simpson, Katherine Smith, Jay Strait, Michael R. Tinkler, Michael J. White, Donald M. Dattler, Thomas E. Elthorp, Harrison Greeney, Matthew A. Turrie, Dennis J. Cimbal, Kenneth Kotwas, John Doe 1-100, and Jane Doe 1-100, Defendants. 



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Vern Gosdin has some advice for the New York State state of mind: “You think by now you would have Used up all your lies. Who are you gonna blame it on this time?”

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