MNN. Feb. 14, 2013. To all citizens of the US and Canada, this is notice that we are taking back all our lands, resources and control over our ever growing Indian Trust Fund.

We will decide when to renegotiate the agreements under which the settlers can live with us or leave Great Turtle Island. 

Our time is here.

13 moons a year!

According to international law, US and Canada must respect our sovereignty and jurisdiction. The Corporations of US and Canada and all their entities, the military and the media are nullities. The law of the land, Kaianerehkowa, is the only law in effect.

"M'am, I'll scrub the bathroom, wash the floors, then do the windows".

“Ms. Knockwood, I’ll scrub the bathroom, wash the floors, then do the windows”.


The Congress of Indigenous Women and the Council of Chiefs will resume governing over all colonially imposed states. The Council of Elders will reinvigorate true traditional government. 


1. Indian-time will go into effect immediately. 

2. The White House will be the Elders’ Center. Parliament will be a meeting place for the Council of Chiefs. The Congress of Indigenous Women will meet in Congress in Washington DC. Peoples meetings will be the basis of government.

3. All governors’ mansions, prime Minister’s residences, presidential palaces and other colonial habitations will be turned over to the homeless.

4. Indigenous languages will be the official means of communication. The continents, towns, cities, businesses, streets, etc. will be renamed by the Indigenous people of the region.

5.Healing centres will be set up to treat all settlers for their addiction to all colonially induced psycho illnesses.

6. Educational study groups will be established to help people learn the meanings of such egalitarian concepts as “constitution”, “rule of law”, “sovereignty”, “peace”, “equality”, “tolerance”, “respect”, “honesty”, “repossession”.

7. All colonial borders will be erased. Original Indigenous names will be reinstated.

8.Hierarchies will be leveled. No aristocracy and no super rich. Everyone has to work. Self-sufficient communities will replace globalization.

9. Traditional clothing will not be called “costumes” or “regalia”.

10.Police, prosecutors, judges, social workers, tax collectors and dog catchers will be abolished. Old technologies will be revived.

11.Hunting and fishing will be based on need. Sports hunting and fishing will be banned. Zoos will be closed down. Animals will be set free and helped to return to their natural habitat.

12. Hollywood will be renovated. 

13.Indigneous names, nations or images of sports teams will be discontinued.

14.Disrespectful terms on merchandising will be banned.

Trick or Treaty!

Trick or Treaty!

15.July 4, Canada Day, Columbus and all White heroe worship days will be banned. Halloween will be a national holiday. Indigenous will have days off work to visit relatives and follow the pow-wow trail. Statues of murderous colonizers will be torn down. A holocaust memorial to the 125 million murdered Indigenous will be erected in Washington DC and Ottawa.  

You will be following the roots of peace to equality and freedom.  As the Munchkins sang in “The Wizard of Oz”: “Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch. Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Wake up, you sleepy head”.  Follow the yellow brick road which leads to the white roots. Ding Ding the Witch is Dead

Hey, Harper, ding, dong, hi ho, hahaha.

Hey, Harper, ding, dong, hi ho, off to jail you must go!

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MNN.  27 Dec. 2012.  It was a fiendish plan to exterminate us.  With our good minds we are going to dismantle it. There will be no world peace without free Indigenous Peoples who have regained all our possessions. 

Throughout the world the “Idle No More” movement has united us and our supporters.  To save our Mother Earth, the great natural power has awakened us to action.    

Fear was the greatest weapon to control our lives.  The secret rulers created artificial fear to make us think we are alone and to terrify us into submission. Science and technology found ways to bring us under control and to work for them as slaves. Methods were found to make us kill each other.  

Science developed hate and anger of each other.  A life of fear was made through images and sounds. Their mainstream media controls information and pop culture. In the televised version of reality, platinum blond hair, blue eyes and white skin were deemed to be superior. False dogma kept us divided.  Our thinking and behavior were designed.  Any light that came through was extinguished to make us think life was hopeless.  

For hundreds of years we were kept in a state of confusion.  Our minds, bodies and energies were poisoned. Toxins were put into everything we drank, breathed, wore and walked on.  Drugs were given to us for entertainment and sicknesses we did not have.  Our children were targeted to kill their minds, resulting in depression, mental and physical disorders and obesity.  

The same bankers and corporations controlled all sides of governments. They prospered from war and death.  

The system of Owistah [money] and accumulation of material goods kept us from connecting with our inner selves and to each other.  it imprisoned us. We were diverted to seek pleasure and play games. 

We are victims of genocide.  Our children were stolen from us.  Our communities are toxic dumps, unfit for habitation [Attawapiskat, Kachechewan, etc].  Colonial powers tried to kill us or disperse us from our inherent lands to steal the riches beneath them. Traditional People went underground to hide their ancient knowledge. 

Our own people were recruited to help them by rewarding them with material things.  

Canada CEO Prime Minister Harper [right] made rules like C-45 to take everything we have and our freedom.  This evil will be stopped. CAL10-CANADA

We always felt something was missing from our existence.  We stood helpless as foreigners came onto our land and murdered us.  We are shaking off these invaders. Our minds are free.  We can’t go back to slavery. 

warrior unity
We Indigenous People have the tools given to us by the great natural power to change this.  We do not hate each other.  We love each other. When we rise up together, they cannot stop us.  We have no weapons.  Only the truth.  We will use our inherent knowledge to bring peace to the world.

The truth was hidden in front of us.  False reality was created.  The curtain has been opened for all to see what’s been going on.  The truth. scarecrow

The rest of the people may finally wake up and join their Indigenous brothers and sister, instead of singing like the Scare Crow in the Wizard of Oz:  “I could wile away the hours, conferring with the flowers, consulting with the rain.  And my head I’d be scratchin’, while my thoughts were busy hatchin’, if I only had a brain”.  

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