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MNN. July 1, 2019, is Canada’s “corporatism” day to celebrate its crime of genocide. We have a right to tell the illegal invaders to leave turtle island immediately. 99% of us have NOT been digested by the evil  invaders to turtle island. We call those who alienated their birthright the “genocided people”, those who lost the will to live as  natural original people of turtle island.

Today they continue to try to demoralize us. When the illegal immigrants invaded they found here a paradise. They were jealous of all the natural resources of onowarekeh and our way of life.  This was followed immediately by intense hatred and envy which continues to this day.  All their genocidal tactics are derived from hate and jealousy to further demoralized us – outright genocide which they admit to having committed, victimization and specifically killing our babies and children, Indian Day Schools, Residential Schools, 60 Scoops, CAS, jails, sterilization, missing & murdered women & girls program, international sales of our children, band councils, draining our natural resources and killing all natural life.  If they cannot possess everything, they are mandated to destroy us. 


Now they want to make a payoff to us  for their crimes with our own trust funds. They never got permission to come here. They are not welcome here. 

The illegal immigrants have tried to make us unfit for their destructive foreign environment which is based  on “ethnic cleansing” of the true original people and all natural life on turtle island.


The illegal invaders are trying to use the Framework Agreement land theft and final extinction of the onkwehonweh as the final nail on our coffin.  The unnatural First Nations Inc. Land Management Act Truths and Falsehoods is Canada’s national institution that has assimilated ‘first nations inc. into Canada’s Corporate Property and Tax System without the consent of the onkwehonweh, the original people placed on turtle island by creation.  

Why do the illegal immigrants have to be so mean to the true original people placed on turtle island by kasastenserakowa sa oiera, the great natural power? Billy Holiday asks too: You’re mean to me Why must you be mean to me? Gee, honey, it seems to me You love to see me cryin’ I don’t know why I stay home each night When you say you phone You don’t and I’m left alone. Sing the blues and sighin’ You treat me coldly each day in the year You always…” 


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MNN. July 3, 2018. On July 4 US independence day, think about those who struggle for justice on turtle island. Remember this beating on May 18, 1997 of the onondaga by the I-81 INDIAN DETAIL of the New York State Police? 

The Onondaga15 have taken this case through the entire justice system of the United States to prove there is no justice for us. We are now taking this case to The Hague. tekarontakeh will present this statement to the International Court of Justice at The Hague in the Netherlands. [No. 17-928 in the Supreme Court of the United States, Jones v. Parmley].

Sego. My name is tekarontake. I’m a kanionkehaka, that people know as Mohawks. I’m 65 years old. I was raised in the way of our old people and the way that our people have always taught us, to know who we are, what we represent, where we stand in today’s world. I am a full speaker in our language. I also learned how to speak English, which you can hear how I am addressing you today.

Over 500 years ago people came from across the ocean to our land, to our home. They had these ideas in their mind that they were a superior people, that they had the right to come and kill, rob, try to enslave us, abuse us in any way imaginable. This has been done. There have been atrocities spoken of in different parts of the world. But none compares to what has happened here in the Western Hemisphere.

Though the United States constantly states that they have conquered us, there was never a war fought to conquer us. The United States came into possession of our territories of our homeland to abuse our people. They’ve done it through deceit, spreading diseases and trying to eliminate our people, through every way imaginable.

When they became known as the United States, after the revolution and separation from Great Britain, they entered into agreements with my people. We offered them the hand of peace, we called teiohateh, which means ‘two paths’. Because they had no path on this land, that they came here by water, we showed them the courtesy that our agreement with them would be upon the water. We launched our canoe into the water symbolically to travel alongside parallel with their ship through the river of life. We will practice our way. They were newcomers, visitors. We fed them, healed them and everything that a friend would do to extend best wishes to someone.

The United States and others never appreciated the kindness that the people of the Western Hemisphere have shown. Their response was to try to eliminate us and dispossess us of our homelands.

They started to legislate laws over us, laws that did not apply to human beings. They put us in departments of the government which looks at us as being part of the wildlife, part of the landscape. Today they still do not consider us as human beings. They still put us under a department called ‘the Department of Interior’ and the ‘Bureau of Indian Affairs’. They see us as a population, not as human beings.

Today they try to pass legislation. They claim that their war was over taxation without representation. They were happy that they would have a voice in their future. They, in turn. denied our people our human rights.

Twenty years ago the state of New York again wanted to illegally legislate taxation policies on our people. We again opposed it. We had an information gathering, a ceremony and a family picnic with our grandfathers and grandmothers, the parents and children and so on. 

We were met with baton wielding state police, who said nothing to us but just started beating down on our peoples, arresting and charging us with ridiculous charges. The first thing the state did in their court was to drop all charges because nobody had broken a law. Yet they had beaten down on men, women and children. They did not discriminate. Twenty years ago we looked at justice and never received it. We took it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States and received absolutely no justice.

They tried to buy their way out of it. Fifteen [out of over 100] of us refused to accept their money. This issue was never about money. We care about our children, our grand children and the faces that are yet unborn. These are the people we have a responsibility to.

We have always been a free people. We have always been sovereign as individuals. We are true sovereigns. We are not a corporation. We are not a nation. We are a people. It is our desire to continue to be a people and to live as free people, the way our ancestors had taught us. We continue this journey in our lives, to be a free people. We think of our people several generations ahead, that we would leave this place in a good way for them.

The United States has never seen things as we see them. They continue today to pollute our land, our waters, our air, our very being. They try to pollute the minds of our children with their propaganda, lies, religions and ongoing genocide. 

Today we bring our words to you in The Hague. We knew we would never receive any true justice in the United States judicial system. We have taken it all the way to prove to all of our people that we would never be able to receive justice in the US system. Now we’ve come to The Hague. We hope there is a chance that you who would hear our voices, would be honest and render a verdict that would give our people justice. But if you don’t, we know why. We will never find justice in any white man’s court. With best wishes I hope that you will find in your minds a justice that would be good and right for the onkwehonweh people in the Western Hemisphere.

I thank you for your time. Onen.     


JULY 4 IS THE US CELEBRATION OF WAR: Billy Joel sings “Goodnight Saigon”. We all want peace. Nature created us to resist until we win: “We met as soulmates On Parris Inland. We left as inmates From an asylum. And we were sharp, As sharp as knives. And we were so gung ho to lay down our lives. . .” Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.




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MNN. June 27, 2018. Once again the invaders practice celebratory denial on July 1. They have drunken parties and spout tell lies about their gross misdeeds – residential schools, scalping, murder, stealing our possessions and the continuing genocide of all life. They continue to rape our mother and all of her children.  


ra-te-ri-wa-kwe-ri-ensta tse-nitsi-wahont-ti-tsa-ri-si kanon tsi-non hon-tsa-te ne kanon ne ka-we-noteh. tanon ro-na-se-tien so-hatie ne ne akwa onhontsa keken. tanon ne ken-non ne ne kah-ionkwa ta-hon-ne-ken ne ki-ie-sa-ton. tanon ne re-ti-io ta-tie a-ion ki-ton-teh ne ne onknkwawenneha. sekon tion-kwe-ta-kwen.

onkwehonweneha means being human in the way of forever which is being in harmony with creation. The tree of peace represents the people forever. It is always alive. We are like the needles that fall to the ground that go back into the earth to live again. We must all keep the tree upright. If the people should ever fall, all families are responsible to keep everybody strong.

Our mother created one bowl and one spoon. We shall all benefit from creation. No one can claim it is theirs. The spoon is not sharp as we dip into the bowl so as not to cut the skin, shed blood and create anger. 


The white man orders murder of life. They go to other lands and rape the people and the lands. They take no responsibility. They left their own mother and don’t protect anybody but themselves.     

Wracked with bitterness and regret, the invaders blind themselves from their promises broken and truths ignored, and how their greed poisoned us and all life on great turtle island. The invaders will feel betrayal all their arrogant attitudes and beliefs. We will be set free. Their own people will hand them over to the black serpent for disposal for the genocide they try to continue to commit.  

We will be grateful when they are gone. They won’t be here to force us to sing sad songs and live a sad life. The Band sings about the legacy of the invaders: “Tears of rage, tears of grief. Why must I always be the thief? Come to me now, you know we are so alone, and life is brief.” Note: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page:

Podcast “COFFEE WITH MY MA”  Ma steals larry the cree baby




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MNN. July 1, 2015. Military planes and weaponry, monuments to war and RCMP recruiting youth at the  “musical ride” to join them in the killing spree. Their theme is to celebrate the genocidal theft of Canada from the ongwe’hon:weh. In 1929 Mussolini said, “Fascism is a merger of state and corporate power”.

The RCMP "musical ride".

RCMP celebrates Canada Day. 


Anti-terror Bill C51 is the militarization of CSIS, the secret police and the cops, getting set for another Red River massacre or Louis Riel rebellion. Mercenaries are coming in to take us out. History is being rewritten once again. We ongwe’hon:weh from here to the southern tip of ono’ware:geh [land of the natural people] have known all along. The Greeks, Icelanders and some other European nations are beginning to see the corporate illusion and illegitimacy of freedom. We have had the corporate Nazi boot trying to grind our heads into our own soil.

PM Harper gets pie in the face.

PM Harper gets pie in the face.

Today the colonial settlers are celebrating the genocide they are illegally benefiting from for 148 years. In 1867 the colony of Canada got its corporate ISO number from the Vatican. In 1923 Canada applied for membership in the League of Nations. They were disallowed because they were not a country.They are still a colony of England.



It's part of my oath to the CROWN.

It’s part of my oath to the CROWN.

Everyone in the world sees the criminal synthesis called Canada. Canadian settlers drink and celebrate their Canada Day. They have been brainwashed by their education system. Fuhrer Adolph Hiter said: “Give me 3 generations and I’ll change everything through the education system”. General Hermann Goering revealed that their education system drilled the populace for thousands of years to be obedient to the hierarchical rulers. The private schools trained the elite to give the orders and continue the corporate hierarchical system. The Admiralty matrix is all about class and money.


Our Great Peace, struggle and values will break the back of the corporations and the international banks. All war will cease and peace will return.


Who will stand up for us to stop the genocide?

Who will charge the CROWN with genocide?

The CROWN [City of London] is 100% guilty of genocide and must be charged. For a true celebration, the colonial settlers will have to wait until they make all things right with us, the ongwe’hon:weh. Then we can all celebrate together.

Buffy Sainte Marie has a new song, Power in the Blood: “No time for backhanded compliments from television anchormen, desperate for an incident. Real estate assasins exploiting our predicment. Everything depends upon it being in their interests”.

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RCMP musical ride.

biggest con job in world history. Meltdown.

Bill Gates idiocy.

Musical Ride recruiting video.

Roy Rogers quick shooter hat


Star creates heat wave.

Real self-determination at Pikangikum.

MNN. Heil Harper.








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MNN. June 29, 2014. We Indigenous sovereigns are mandated by Creation to set things in order. The government and court set up by foreign Admiralty Law can’t give something they don’t own. Buying and selling stolen property is against both our law as well as corporate Admiralty Law.

Actually Supreme Court of Canada just put themselves out of business!

“Actually they  just went  out of business!”

Onowaregeh was, is and will always belong to the true Sovereigns. On June 27, 2014 the Supreme Court of Canada “returned” stolen 1,750 square kilometres to the Tsilhqot’in Nation of central BC. Our boundaries are coast to coast, north, east, south and west.

These Corporatists cannot produce a binding deed to show the world how our stolen land came into their possession.

According to the Two Row Agreement made in 1701, half of everything went into our Indian Trust Fund. This allowed them to come and live among us. That fund was stolen. We want that fund and every profit they took on every tree, rock and waterway, everything above and below the ground which we never relinquished, sold, nor legally leased under the law of the Great Peace.

Corpo Canada has to respect our title to every piece of unsurrendered land and pay up. “Title” means we are the sovereigns and everybody in the world knows it! Creation placed us on Great Turtle Island. Every bit of the money the corporation of Canada and its corpo friends made from extracting and exploiting our lands and resources has to be fully returned, from 1704 when the ever-growing $980 trillion Indian Trust Fund was set up.

Step this way. We're ready to enforce the Great Peace.

“Step this way. We’re ready. It’s the Great Peace or else”.

Corporate criminals like Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline, BC Treaty Process and Tar Sands are called “game-changers”. We will make the changes. They possess nothing. It’s like playing cards with someone who has no money. The natural order shall prevail. This generation is bringing everything to a full circle now. Our murdered and brutalized ancestors are proud of how we never forgot them. We promised our ancestors the invaders will not get away with genocide.

The judges decided Canada can infringe on our rights to balance the interests of all Canada, something they never did for us. The thief, the fence and the buyers have no voice. They should be jailed for their brutality. The criminals are trying to make the rules again. Only we the owners can do that!

In 1864 Canada gave our money to build the railway across our land. Our resistance lead to the Riel Rebellion and other warfare. Riel was hanged and hundreds of Indigenous were jailed. 7,000 slave laborers were brought in from China to quickly build the railway while the heavily armed military protected them!

Every corporation must now follow the law of the land, the Great Peace, or there will be unrest.

Corporation of Canada dissolved! Under Great Turtle Island Management.


Prime Minister says the pipeline will go through. Mr. Harper, we will do whatever needs to be done by any means necessary!

We are the only sovereigns of Great Turtle Island. You have to live in peace according to the Two Row Wampum and the Great Law, pay up what you owe and dissolve all your corporations immediately. And you have our consent to leave with what you came with.

As ZZ Top sings: “I gotta make a decision to avoid a collision”. Z.Z. Top.

SCC staggering implications for energy corporations.

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MNN. Feb. 14, 2013. To all citizens of the US and Canada, this is notice that we are taking back all our lands, resources and control over our ever growing Indian Trust Fund.

We will decide when to renegotiate the agreements under which the settlers can live with us or leave Great Turtle Island. 

Our time is here.

13 moons a year!

According to international law, US and Canada must respect our sovereignty and jurisdiction. The Corporations of US and Canada and all their entities, the military and the media are nullities. The law of the land, Kaianerehkowa, is the only law in effect.

"M'am, I'll scrub the bathroom, wash the floors, then do the windows".

“Ms. Knockwood, I’ll scrub the bathroom, wash the floors, then do the windows”.


The Congress of Indigenous Women and the Council of Chiefs will resume governing over all colonially imposed states. The Council of Elders will reinvigorate true traditional government. 


1. Indian-time will go into effect immediately. 

2. The White House will be the Elders’ Center. Parliament will be a meeting place for the Council of Chiefs. The Congress of Indigenous Women will meet in Congress in Washington DC. Peoples meetings will be the basis of government.

3. All governors’ mansions, prime Minister’s residences, presidential palaces and other colonial habitations will be turned over to the homeless.

4. Indigenous languages will be the official means of communication. The continents, towns, cities, businesses, streets, etc. will be renamed by the Indigenous people of the region.

5.Healing centres will be set up to treat all settlers for their addiction to all colonially induced psycho illnesses.

6. Educational study groups will be established to help people learn the meanings of such egalitarian concepts as “constitution”, “rule of law”, “sovereignty”, “peace”, “equality”, “tolerance”, “respect”, “honesty”, “repossession”.

7. All colonial borders will be erased. Original Indigenous names will be reinstated.

8.Hierarchies will be leveled. No aristocracy and no super rich. Everyone has to work. Self-sufficient communities will replace globalization.

9. Traditional clothing will not be called “costumes” or “regalia”.

10.Police, prosecutors, judges, social workers, tax collectors and dog catchers will be abolished. Old technologies will be revived.

11.Hunting and fishing will be based on need. Sports hunting and fishing will be banned. Zoos will be closed down. Animals will be set free and helped to return to their natural habitat.

12. Hollywood will be renovated. 

13.Indigneous names, nations or images of sports teams will be discontinued.

14.Disrespectful terms on merchandising will be banned.

Trick or Treaty!

Trick or Treaty!

15.July 4, Canada Day, Columbus and all White heroe worship days will be banned. Halloween will be a national holiday. Indigenous will have days off work to visit relatives and follow the pow-wow trail. Statues of murderous colonizers will be torn down. A holocaust memorial to the 125 million murdered Indigenous will be erected in Washington DC and Ottawa.  

You will be following the roots of peace to equality and freedom.  As the Munchkins sang in “The Wizard of Oz”: “Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch. Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Wake up, you sleepy head”.  Follow the yellow brick road which leads to the white roots. Ding Ding the Witch is Dead

Hey, Harper, ding, dong, hi ho, hahaha.

Hey, Harper, ding, dong, hi ho, off to jail you must go!

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MNN.  25 June 1012.  Every July 1st Canadians celebrate the birth of their corporation.  
July 1, 1867 Canada was issued its corporate number through Washington DC from the City of London bankers.   All of the original shareholders were part of the 13 Royal bloodlines and still own the corporation.  
At the Coliseum known as Parliament Hill, the thirsty masses gather to sing, “Oh Canada, our home on native land”, drinking, partying, revelry, fireworks, vacations and a long weekend;  all to scream and holler over their illusion of freedom.     
PARENTS ARE FORCED TO SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE turning their children over to the corporation as a property of the shareholders.  [Under Roman Law capitus diminutio maxima].  They are traded as a commodity every day on the stock exchanges. 
Indigenous land and resources are usurped.  We Ongwehonwe are real people and not pretend. The natural world placed us here to be one with our mother and all of our relations. 
The corporation of Canada uses our natural resources as collateral to bolster the Canadian dollar.  This is theft.  When they force us to turn our babies into corporate property without our knowledge or consent, that is fraud of the highest order.  The corporations and their agents are the biggest “snakeheads” and human traffickers.    
The corporation enforces its by-laws through their admiralty court system.  The banks and corporations gave themselves illegal jurisdiction over all trade over the waters of the earth.  They extort fees from all other businesses and people.
Harper dismantled all the environmental protection laws that have been carefully crafted over 40 years with his new Bill C-38 (  Foreign corporations can now come in, destroy and squeeze every last resource out of the earth. They want to create more deserts that will not be fit for human habitation.    
These spoiled brat shareholders that have been in-breeding for thousands of years scream, “Gimme! Gimme!  It’s all mine!” Their lie called hierarchy is coming to an end.  The shareholders are saying, “Before the end, we are taking everything”.    
Despite their efforts, World War III will not happen.  Plan B is already operational, through many fronts, such as manipulation of food, air, pharmaceuticals, wars, etc. to cull 80% of their slaves worldwide.     
July 1 is a big drunken barbecue for the extremely ignorant unknowing public, whom are celebrating their slavery.As Stompin Tom sang, “The girls are out to bingo, the boys are getting stinko. There ain’t no need for INCO on a Sudbury Saturday night”.
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