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MNN. 19 Mar. 2015. The Admiralty matrix is the beast, with its banks, corporations and courts. It’s all about money. We are being eaten, but not digested yet. Without us they have no energy. We will become the most deadly stomach flu virus ever and kill the beast from inside.

Mr. Corporate President.

Imagine we are in a big stadium, in the stands is the whole world watching this match between us and the corporate pigs. Most want the underdog to win. We on Ono’ware:geh will kill this beast that is threatening the entire globe. Everyone can help us by taking away his food, money. When we all refuse to spend one dollar and stay home from work for one day, the beast will starve and be brought to its knees.

Then the summer virus will come which lasts longer. No one will go to work or spend any money for a longer time. The beast will get a bad stomach ache and reach for the Zantac, but it won’t help. Harper is trying to swallow us whole with his anti-terror Bill C-51. He better have a big supply of stomach medicine because we are going to kill the beast.evo1

The beast of war eats whole people, shits them out and then eats their babies. Canada was cloaked as an alternative to the big bad US, but we knew both were run by the same European banking families. The anti-terrorism bill C-51 is made so everyone falls into the beast’s big wide open mouth. The matrix is being set up in every country to have everyone in its belly, drowning in its toxic juices, as it swallows up all resources. trough & hog

We will transmute from docile fluoridated, empty-headed, vaccinated dummies to the most lethal stomach virus ever. The beast should be very scared. All their antibiotics won’t work. This is the “super bug’ they’ve been fearing. The people are mutating. The beast will die in agony.

The solution is the Kaia’nere:kowa, the Great Peace. Jigosaseh told Dekanawida that the women would withhold food if they are involved in war. We will stop feeding the beast. The beast will die. The war will end. Unity, strength, peace.

Blind Faith takes us out of the beast’s belly with: “Following the shadows of the sky, or are they only figments of my eyes? Feeling close where the race is run, waiting in our boats to set sail, sea of joy.” [Sea of Joy].

Lyrics. Sea of Joy.

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Please post & distribute. Nia:wen.

MNN. Mar. 17, 2015. The mark of the beast is the corporate signature you are forced to use to do any business. It means we have turned ourselves over to the corporate beast to be their slaves.

mark of beast

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

It is the corporate mark. In Canada to get a bank account a Social Insurance Number SIN is needed. In the US a Social Security number is required. Without these no one can get a bank account or do a transaction.

The beast is the private corporate system of 51% majority rules and the root of all evil.  The Vatican is the CROWN, the root corporation, that issues all corporate ISO numbers. Every CROWN corporate country like Canada gets a number that allows them to do international banking. They then issue numbers to us so that we can do banking. No transaction can be made without those banking numbers. The beast has us all in its grasp. The banks are the devil set up by the Vatican as gatekeepers of the matrix we are all now prisoners of. beast mark

The result is absolute total control of everyone. We are coerced into begging for that number to do almost every transaction. We have to be paid through a check that is cashed into a bank account. Filing an application for anything is legally begging for what naturally belongs to us.

In corporate society everything is monetized. The whole education brainwashing system drills this into our heads. Education is based on making it easier for everyone to accept the idea that whoever has the most money makes the rules. That’s how the bankers control all the money in the world.

1% dictates to the 99% of the world. In Kahnawake the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. is presently trying to monetize our land. This would allow Canada to take our land issues to their Admiralty court.

Pink Floyd tells us about the this conundrum in “Brick in the Wall”: “We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teachers leave them kids alone. All in all, its just another brick in the wall.”

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CSIS agent helps girls get into Syria.

Harper shuts down opposition.



MNN.  Dec. 25, 2012.  Prime Minister Harper has declared war!  Gear up for liberation! For hundreds of years we Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere have seen the enormity of  destruction of our land and lives by foreign occupiers.  They placed us under economic sanctions.  We always resisted.  Nazi harper

Our right to protect human life is absolute.  Harper is a political assassin for deliberately legislating C-45 to enhance the deplorable living conditions of our people.    Letting hunger striker Theresa Spence of the Cree Nation die in her tipi in Ottawa is murder. She has a legitimate right to express herself as she sees fit.  He is no different from a Nazi war criminal, trying to weaken her fight against injustice.  villageHer death would prove he is an “Economic Hit Man” for the corporations.  She is responding to the economic and political strategies that are brutalizing her northern community of Attawapiskat. Her life is the only weapon she has to defend us from the enemy’s continuous attack. 

Many feel the least Prime Minister Harper can do is to visit Spence to tell her he doesn’t want her to die.  Otherwise his position is provocation.  The war against started the day the foreigners arrived.  Aggression is through outright killing and administering a program of genocide.  Police, courts, unemployment.  We are characterized as enemies, demons, sub-humans.

We have a right to resist annihilation, to struggle as freedom fighters, to fight for self-determination, which is legal in international law.  We want freedom and to fulfill our potential as individuals and social beings.  We have no leaders.  We will regain control of our usurped land and lives. Canada must lift their crippling economic sanctions, halt their systemic oppression, respect our inherent rights and better our living conditions as we see it.        

Canada uses raw power on us. We were not consulted on the invasion of these foreigners.  We have every right to resist the continuing effort to bring about our physical death, incursions, raids, arrests, threats, imprisonment, suppression of our economic activity and being denied our political rights.

We will derail Canada’s economy for selling our possessions to foreigners without our knowledge and consent. Our local businesses are raided and dissolved so we cannot have a livelihood to put food on the tables of our people.

Ordinary Indigenous People are using the internet to fire the most deadly assault weapon in the world – the truth. We are resistance.  We are reasonable.  The impact of the movement is coming home to roost.  Harper’s corporate media is minimizing coverage, because “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.         

Deploying soldiers would incur heavy economic and financial costs.  Native police forces collaborate with them to monitor, control and threaten those who fight against imperialism.  At a moment’s notice they can become the para-military ART Aboriginal Response Team [secret Indian cops]. 

The corporation of Canada cannot legally banish our right to protect our land, resources and people.  We refuse the crumbs they throw our way for submitting to them. Oppression is heading out the door.    

This is a war of the mind. We will struggle until the wrongs are righted.  Canada’s reputation is being demoralized worldwide.  It offers a secure and prosperous lifestyle for their fellow foreigners, all based on the theft of our possessions.  Its white population is now a minority.  Ignoring the high unemployment, Canada is bringing in outside slaves to work for very little without benefits.  We won’t allow that.  We are united and cohesive.  Our anger has exploded.  Their attack on us does not bring fear.  It brings action.  A new level of outrage and resistance is coming. 

Canada prefers to negotiate with their compliant band and tribal councils they have illegally placed in our communities.  They’re job is to make concessions on our behalf. These well paid traitors and their voters do not speak for us!  Any so-called leader that does not express our legitimate aspirations will be cast side.  Their councils, national, provincial and territorial organizations exist to help impoverish us and our communities. 

Canada is calling us ‘terrorists’; ghettoizing us; imprisoning us and those who help us; and make false reports on us.  Terrorists, a made up term, to withhold civil rights to unjustly deal with those who do not agree with their aspiration to rule the world.    

US and Canada are controlled by the financial-media-military-industrial complex against the interests of the local Indigenous people.  They are trying to keep us in a permanent state of dependence, it’s too late. 

Artificial corporate powers are temporary and will ultimately collapse.  The time has come to dissolve them.  It is defunked, illegal and bankrupt.  They owe everything they have to us.

Canada is a colonizing power, a direct violation of the UN Charter and international law. Canada, an indigent corporation, has no right on our land. They are not the natural inhabitants.  Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, is inhabited by us, the Ongwehonwe.  Foreigners are trying to exterminate our political, economic, social, educational, cultural, religious, historical and geographical existence.  These make our resistance legitimate.  

We are ready to put in a reign of justice and peace for the well being of mankind.  We must do everything in our power to live and safeguard our children and those our Earth Mother is releasing to us in the future.  

womenOur path to peace reminds us of the Beatles’ song, “The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear.  I’ve seen that road before.  It always leads me here, leads me to your door.” 

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