By Rastia’ta’non:ha
MNN. May 27, 2008. This is a notice to the counterfeit Algonquins to immediately quit their claim to Haudenosaunee Territory and their claim to be Algonquins. They are “visitors”, not the “owners” either historically or culturally. By their swindling actions they are dissolving the treaty rights of the real Algonquins. They are also interfering with the treaty rights of other nations who are part of the 1701 “Peace of Montreal” with the French that set out trade and commerce relations; and the 1701 “Nan-Fan Treaty” with the British which respects the sovereignty of all the signatories.

Some help is needed on how to file an international complaint to stop these con artists. The “sting operation” is being committed by Ontario, Canada, the mining-military-industrial-banking complex and archeologists against the Haudenosaunee for the part of our traditional territory that is south of the Ottawa River.

Mother Joan Holmes, has been hired to create “Algonquins” out of thin air. That’s why we call them “No’gonquins”. She has helped them set up nine “Algonquin” Disneylands. They are about to illegally sell Haudenosaunee land and resources they have no claim to. Fronting this scam are Algonquin “pretenders”, “Chief” Doreen Davis, “chief” Paula Sherman, “chief” Harold Perry, former “chief” Robert Lovelace, “chief” Chris Nahrgang and numerous “Algonquin Negotiation Representatives” under the control of ambulance chasers, Robert Potts and Chris Reid and Ontario Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Michael Bryant. Brian Laforme, a Mississauga of New Credit, is also working on selling the Haudenosaunee land of Toronto. [See contacts at end]

Who are the “real” Algonquins and who are these fake “No’gonquins” that are giving the real ones a bad rap!

In 8,000 BC there were people known as the “Plano Paleo”. They hunted large animals with non-fluted spear points on the plains west of the Mississippi River. They lived there until 4,500 BC. As the climate warmed up and the glaciers melted, they began to move into the area known today as “Manitoba”, the “Lake of the Woods” and the northern plains of “Canada”.

They remained west of the Mississippi River. As they moved into the Canadian Shield area, they developed into the “Shield Archaic” and continued their “paleo” ways of life, as hunters, fishers and gatherers. They traveled and set up temporary camps and shelters. They were not an agricultural people. Like their Plano Paleo ancestors, they cremated their dead because the land was rocky and had little soil. Unlike the Iroquoian, the Algonquoians did not build burial mounds.

Just before 1,000 BC, there was another glacial age. They were forced to migrate back onto the plains, following the Missouri River to its source in present day Montana. After spending many years there, they decided to get further away from the cold by crossing over the “Great River”, the Mississippi, to the east and make their way to the other side of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island.

They followed the Missouri River down to the Mississippi River convergence. At that point they found a race of “Giants” known as the “Alleghans”, the ancestors of the Iroquois, living on the east side of the Great River. They built mounds for burials and ceremonials.

According to the Algonquoians, known as the “Lenape”, they had to get permission from the Alleghans to pass through THEIR land!! Just like they have to get OUR permission to stay on our land today! The Alleghans allowed them to cross until they saw the large numbers of Lenape crossing over. They had taken advantage of our goodwill.

The Alleghans became concerned they would be overtaken. Then a 100 year war broke out. It took the Lenape 700 years to pass through the Land of the Alleghans, which was from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. Finally the Lenape reached the mouth of the Susquehanna River at Chesapeake Bay, where they “settled”.

From the Lenape “settlers” sprang other Algonquian speaking people who continued their migration northward up the east coast homeward bound. Once again they returned to the Canadian Shield from where they had migrated westward so long ago. They finally arrived home.

From the attached maps the Lenape (Algonquians) never occupied any land in the Southeast, Southwest, Great Basin near the West Coast, Northwest Coast and the Arctic areas. They originated from the Great Plains, migrated to the Sub-Artic and to a very limited degree to the Plateau and some areas in California.

The Algonquian Language Family is known as the “Macro-Algonquian Phylum”. [Phylum means a member or tradition from a certain language family]. [See below for the list of Algonquoian language groups].

The attached maps and list of linguistic families prove that the Algonquians did not occupy the large areas being promoted by twistorians, anthro’apologists, and grave robbers [archaeologists]. Also the Algonquoians (Lenape) are not the “Alleghans” or “Ancient Mound Builders”.

Anthropologists have referred to the ancient “Mound Builders” by different names, such as “Adena”, “Hopewell”, “Lamoka”, “Cahokia” and “Mississippi, etc. We called ourselves the “Alleghans” or “Alligewi”. None of these names have any connection to the Lenape or the Algonquians. DNA sampling of the “Serpent Mounds”, near Peterborough, Ontario, determined irrefutably that the “mound builders” are Iroquois.

The petroglyphs at “Petroglyphs Park” in Peterborough are not Ojibway or Algonquian. The symbols on the rock are from the “Hokan-Siouan” linguistic family of which the Iroquois are a part. These are the same at Safe Harbour in Pennsylvania, Black Hand Gorge in Ohio and near the Circle Mounds in Newark. The maps also show the correlation with our evolution as Hokan-Siouan which includes numerous nations, beginning with the “Clovis-Folsum Paleo” and the “Laurentian Archaic”, the ancestors of the Alleghans, to the present day “Haudenosaunee”. We were never Algonquian, and never will be!!

The Laurentian Archaic [Iroquois], who existed below the Canadian Shield from 8,000 BC, were the first to begin burying their dead using red ochre. We continued this practice up to 100 AD. Our ancestors placed these mounds in the care of the Six Nations Confederacy. This is an old agreement under the KAIANEREH’KO:WA, GREAT LAW OF PEACE, between the Erie/Neutral/Susquehanna/Wenro and the Five Nations, later Six Nations Confederacy. No caretaking agreement was ever made with the Algonquians because they weren’t here. The land in question is under the trusteeship of the Six Nations Confederacy and governed by our law.

Under the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal, the Algonquians had no leadership status. They had to abide by the KAIANEREH’KO:WA. The Six Nations Confederacy has exclusive trusteeship over the entire “Beaver Hunting Grounds”, also known as the “Nan-Fan Treaty” of 1701. [See MNN April 28, 2008 article]

The imposter Algonquins and the real ones have no sole treaty rights to the territory south of the Ottawa River or the Ottawa River basin since this land is part of the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal. There are over 30 nations who share this treaty. Each has to consult all the other nations and the Six Nations Confederacy as the leaders to make any claim. Otherwise their claims are fraudulent. It also dissolves any rights they have under the 1701 Peace Treaty of Montreal because they are trying to violate the rights of the other nations. These claims to our land are, in our view, invalid.

Rastia’ta:nonha, ogetgwiaotahioni@cogeco.ca
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Macro-Algonquian Phylum- Northeast:
Abenaki, Algonkin, Chippewa ( Ojibway), Chowanoc, Conoy, Coree, Fox (Mesquaki), Hatteras, Illinois, Kickapoo, Lenni Lenape ( Delaware), Machapunga, Mahican, Maliseet (Malecite), Massachuset, Menominee, Miami, Micmac, Mohegan, Montauk, Moratok, Nanticoke, Narraganset, Nauset, Niantic, Nipmuc, Noquet, Ottawa, Pamlico (Pomeiak), Passamaquoddy,Paugussett, Penacook, Penobscot, Pocomtuc, Potowatomi, Powhatan, Roanoke, Quinnipiac, Sac (Sauk), Sakonnet, Secotan, Shawnee,Wampanoag, Wappinger, Weapemeoc
None in the Southeast Area- All are from Hokan-Siouan Linguistic Family
**Note: All Muskogean Nations of this language family belong to Hokan-Siouan, not Algonquian, and all Natchesan Nations belong to the Hokan-Siouan and not Algonquian, therefore leaving the southeast without any nations of any Algonquian linguistic stock. **Note on Southwest Area, No Nations of Algonquian Linguistic family has lived there. **Note on Great Basin Area, No Nations of Algonquian Linguistic family has lived there.
Plateau Culture Area- Kutenai Language Isolate-Macro Algonquian Phylum-Kootenai
Northwest Coast Culture Area- No Nations that have any definite Algonquian connection or phylum determination.
California Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family- Macro Algonquian Phylum Wiyot, Yurok
Great Plains Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family, Macro-Algonquian Phylum:
Arapaho, Blackfeet, Blood, Cheyenne , Atsina, Piegan, Plains Cree, Plains Ojibway (Chippewa), Tonkawa
Subartic Culture Area- Algonquian Language Family-Macro-Algonquian Phylum-
Chippewa (Ojibway), Cree, Montagnais (Innu), Naskapi, Beothuk
Artic Culture Area- No Algonquian Nations living in area. [Map of Algonquian Language Family attached]

The Hokan-Siouan Family is divided into 6 Divisions:

1.) Iroquoian – Neutral/Susquehannock/ Erie, Huron/Wendat,Cherokee, Tobacco Nation aka Petun, Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Tuscarora, Meherrin, Honnniasont, Neusiak, Nottoway, Wenro

2.) Siouan- Kansa, Sioux, Dakota, Lakota, Wahpekute, Mdewakantonwan, Wahpetonwan, Sisitonwan (who together formed the Santee or Eastern division, sometimes referred to as the Dakota), the Ihanktonwan, or Yankton, and the Ihanktonwana, or Yanktonai (who form the Middle division, sometimes referred to as the Nakota), and the Titonwan, or Teton (who form the Western division, sometimes referred to as the Lakota). The Tetons, originally a single band, divided into seven sub-bands after the move to the plains, these seven including the Hunkpapa, Sihasapa, Oglala, Hidasta aka Minitari and the Gros Ventre, Crow, Washo, Acoma and Leguna Pueblo,Tutelo, Saponi, Monacan, Eno, Woccon, Sugeree, Yuchi, Cheraw, Wateree, Waccamaw, Pee Dee, Ioway (Iowa), Kaw(Kansa), Missouria(Missouri), Omaha, Osage, Otoe(Oto),Ponca, Ofo, Yazoo Tunica, Biloxi, Ofos (Mosopeleas), Quapaw (Arkansa), Omaha, Catawba, Ponca, Winnebago, Iowa, Mandan, Assinboin, Cape Fear, Cheraw, Congaree, Keyauwee, Lumbee, Manahoac, Monacan, Moneton, Nahyssan, Occaneechi, Sante ( Issati), Sewee, Shakori, Sississpahaw, Waccamaw, Waxhaw, Winyaw, Yadkin, Opelousa, Patiri

3.) Muskogean-Choctaw,Creek, Seminole, Chickasaw, Coushatta, Cusabo, Tuskegee, Chakchiuma, Alabama, Yamasee, Apalachee, Taensa, Natchez, Houma, Chitimacha, Pensacola, Chatot, Tohome, Napochi, Chiaha, Hitchiti, Timuccua, Ais, Calusa, Tekesta, Caparuz, Ibitoupa, Jeaga, Kaskinampo, Miccosuke, Muklasa, Napochi, Oconee, Okelousa, Okmulgee, Osochi, Pascagoula, Pawokti, Quinipissa, Sawolkli, Tamathli,Tanggipahoa, Taposa, Tawasa, Tekesya, Chine, Chiaha (Chehaw), Guacata, Guale, Hitchiti, Ibitoupa, Jeaga, Kaskinamp, Acolapissa, Amacano, Apalachee, Apalachicola, Avoyel, Bayogoula, Calusa, Caparuz. SEE HOW MANY THE COLONISTS KILLED OFF!

4.) Caddoan-Caddo, Arikara, Pawnee, Wichita, Bidai, Atakapa, Kichai, Tawakoni, Tawehash, Waco, Yascani, Adai, Eyeish

5.) Yuman-Marricopa, Yuma, Mohave, Cocopah, Havasupai, Halchidhoma, Halyikwamai, Hualapai (Walapai),Kohuana, Kamia, Maricopa, Yavapaí, Quechan

6.) Hokan-Pomo, Akwaala, Diegueno, Kamia, Konoomihu, Okwanuchu, Shasta, Salinas, Achomawi, Atsugewi, Karok, Esselen, Chumash, Chimariko, Coahuiltec,

Send your comments to: QUEEN ELIZABETH II, Buckingham Palace, LONDON UK; M. MICHAELLE JEAN, Governor General of CANADA, 1 Rideau Hall, OTTAWA, ONTARIO info@gg.ca; Hon. STEPHEN HARPER, PRIME MINISTER, CANADA, House of Commons, OTTAWA, ONTARIO harper.s@parl.gc.ca; Hon. DALTON McGUINTY, PREMIER, ONTARIO, Queen’s park, TORONTO, ONTARIO; Chief Doreen Davis, 3102-RR #2, Sharbot Lake, ONTARIO K0H 2P0 chiefdoreen@aol.com: ONTARIO MINISTRY of NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT & MINES, Whitney Block, Room 5630, 99 Wellesley West, TORONTO M7A 1W3; RICHARD MOORE, MDR Associates, 201-280 Albert St., OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1P 5b8 613-230-8671; CHRISTOPHER M. REID, 154 Monarch Park Ave., TORONTO ONTARIO M4J 4R6 lawreid@aol.com; STEVE REYNOLDS, 18 Byward Market Square, OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1N 7A1, 613-244-4488 stevereynolds@rogers.com.

Hokan -Siouan Language Family

http://www.wildlandspa.org/Rivers/pdf/LRCP/V.%20%20Cultural%20Reources.pdf Lenape & Alligewi

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Algonquin ‘Nohawks’ get ready to be taken over

MNN. April 5, 2008. This is a “hypothetical hypothesis” or theory of what could happen to us Indigenous people if we are not vigilante. Let’s call her Chief Doreen “Whalebone” Davis, was recently created into a paper Algonquin by Mother Joan Holmes. We hear that soon Indian Affairs and Ontario are going to set up a “reserve” for the newly created virtual Algonquin “Nohawks”.

In October 2007 Whalebone had already minted her own currency known as “Doreen Dollars”which she claims is at par with the Canadian dollar. As far as we know, she’s not native. We real Ongwehonwe have our own lawful trade and commerce customs for dealing with the colonists. Her money can only be used at participating merchants of her choosing in the shopping mall she’s thinking of building up at Sharbot Lake. Doreen announced that she is going to try and set up these bogus banks in other Indigenous communities.

What is “Doreenged” using to back up her “Doreen Dollars”? It is only worth pennies. She appears to be making our Haudenosaunee Territory as her own “reserve” and using it as collateral. It could be development of the area as a tourist site with casinos, which is one of the biggest fronts for money laundering, we hear.

In November 2007 the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada issued a warning, No. 79, regarding the Anishinabewampum Bank, “They are not an authorized federally regulated institution”. They ordered this fraudulent entity to cease and desist from holding itself out as a bank. 1-888-495-8501 info@phonebusters.com

Yet Mother Joan Holmes who fraudulently creates “Indians”, ambulance chaser, Robert Plots, and the rest are still “churning the butter”, as they say. This whole scam needs to be criminally investigated, charges laid and people sent to jail. Today, the “Anishinabewampum Bank” website came down before we even had a chance to write about it. Lol! [But we have a copy of it.] Just like Coreshellgroup” [J. Patrick Howe] suddenly stopped its internet bragging, all their affiliate cohort websites came down within a day of the MNN story. Hmmm!

How can a “desolate front” be set up to transfer large amounts of money without being monitored? Through a shell game, of course! We found some of the peas! We believe that the U.S., Canada and other shady agencies and individuals always need a way to send their dirty dollars or money laundering somewhere else.

This is “dirty ops”. These corporate cons could have come up with an idea like setting up “Indian” banks to give a few dollars to the “Indians” and then send the rest somewhere else.

Doreenged has set up the Anishinabewampum Bank with an office at 110 Railway St., Kingston Ontario K7K 2L9 T613-541-1703 inquiries@anishinabewampum.com It is a small two storey brick building with one-way looking glass windows like in a cop shop. There was nothing in the rooms except a few desks and chairs and some old men roaming around like refugees from the nearby Milhaven Maximum Security Penitentiary with nothing to do, or waiting for the big “pay-day”. Some of the names are Doug Raymond, Ext. 227; Al Baldwin Ext. 226; Patricia Raymond Ext. 222; Greg Raymond Ext. 228; David Baldwin Ext 553; Cindy Mills Ext. 554; Shawn Raymond Ext. 550. There are others like “John” who did not want to give his last name; and “Brenda”in the office. Both Doreenged and John described their operation as a “clearinghouse”!!

When anyone phones them, a machine answers and asks for a message or instructs you to dial an extension. Anishinabewampum Bank shares the same address and phone number as the “National Savings Club”, which is a “private” buyer’s club. They said they are not looking for new members and they will always “protect” their members!!! [websites www.anishinabewampum.com andwww.nationalsavings.ca ]

An innocent investor went to Kingston on Friday, April 4th, to open up a bank account with Anishinabewampum Bank. They were asked for a minimum $6,000 deposit that was supposed to be used in an “off-shore” system in New Zealand. They later denied saying this and said, “It was just a misunderstanding!” This perplexed the investor. We think they saw him as a “Tonto with a JR complex” and decided to shake him off quick. In 20 minutes Tonto got surrounded and was “cautioned” to leave.

New Zealand has tax free “special purpose companies”, asset protection trusts, off shore companies, off shore corporations and banking. In other words, New Zealand is an off shore haven “for the rich”. This could be the “Algonquin trust” or “mistrust” that Robert Plots of Blaney McMurtry of Toronto may have set up with Doreenged Davis. We hear that Mother Joan Holmes is now trying to pass her off as a “Metis”!!! Doreenged looks more like a “Maytag” [money cleaner] than a “Metis”.

These Joan Ho memberships expire in 5 or so years! Virtual Algonquin Nohawks could sign away our Haudenosaunee land, make joint ventures with the mining and casino companies and set themselves up. Then their “Indian” or “Metis” cover expires, “We can make money and then disappear because we’re not Indian or Metis anymore! Whoopeee!”

The trust and its beneficiaries are non-taxable except on income made in New Zealand. They make money by avoiding taxes. That’s why all these “Metis” have a “Maytag” [money laundering] complex. Indian Affairs put $405,000 of seed money into setting up the “Algonquin Trust” which is really a “club”. The recent Supreme Court of British Columbia decision of Madam Justice Ann MacKenzie is that “clubs” are legal but “gangs” are not. [#522 Mar. 27/08]

To a lot of people it looks like a money laundering operation is in the making. The head of the club is probably the Queen who thinks she owns all our land and can appropriate our resources if she wants to. She then converts it into money and puts it into another commonwealth country.

As we see it, if someone was washing dirty money, they could funnel funds through something like Anishinabewampum Bank. An address of a main office is needed. Involved could be drugs, arms, prostitution or corporatized black ops like “Blackwater Inc.”, etc. Whoever they are don’t want people snooping around. Could organized crime benefit from this phony Haudenosaunee land claim? They might even think of going forward with legal gambling operations on our land.

As we have heard non-native business people say, “It’s always good to have an Indian friend to run an illegitimate business underneath them”, so they can use our sovereignty to their advantage and avoid taxes. If you don’t have a best Indian friend, you can create one”. In the end it is seen as an “Indian” organized crime.

Greed and larceny are not part of our traditional culture. Colonists see the loop holes and abuse them. It’s the fake Mother Joan Ho “Indians” who get blamed for criminality which then reflects unfavorably on the rest of us. Let’s not forget the “ Vichy ” Indian collaborators who work hand in glove with these fraudsters. As we have seen, it’s set up so we stay poor, they take everything we have and get off scott free! People like Joan Ho have experience in creating Indians in hot spots for Indian Affairs, like Kanehsatake to control the election results and Lubicon Lake to get around resistance to a land claim.

The threat of uranium mining exploration and drilling could be a diversionary controversy. To “legalize” land theft under NAFTA, the corporation sets up a board of directors and then sets up the business with the government. This agreement stands forever. It’s a typical magician’s sleight of hand. That’s when the gangster element and all their hit men become apparent.

It’s possible that Indian Affairs and the rest of the “bottom feeders” may be getting paid under the table. They help set up something that looks legal, run the money through bogus banks and bogus bank accounts and quietly line their pockets. We’ve had our fill of their Grand Chief Phil “Many Fortunes” of AFN who helps them sign away everything we have!

We are fighting big beasts. The greedy and rapacious golden serpent and the silver serpent are going to devour everything in their path and each other. In the end they will be devoured by the red serpent from the north who, like us, has the same ancient principles underlying their philosophies. We’d do well to put our wampum in the Bank of Hong Kong and not in Doreen’s purse!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. Nov. 13, 2007. It looks like the many former and current victims and their families were relieved that the atrocities of Thomas Delaronde, Mary Swamp and Laureen Delaronde of Ganienkeh have become public.

Thomas, Mary, Laureen and their ‘plotters’ allege that MNN committed “treason” by writing the facts and posting it in a place where the world can see it. What treason? The Great Law is about freedom of speech. This is suppressed in Ganienkeh. [ HISTORIC “GANIENKEH” – the attempted…. ]

MNN did not encourage a “takeover”. It called upon people to save an important project which should have grown and prospered into a model of Indigenous sovereignty and human rights. Instead it has been turned into a closed isolated cult-like camp of ‘mindless groupies’. Accusing MNN of advocating a “takeover” proves that Ganienkeh has become a private corporate enterprise of three conspirators and their paid worshippers.

Thomas, Mary and Laureen did not tell us why so many people left Ganienkeh. The excuse is that “not everyone could adapt to a life without running water, electricity, modern conveniences and the worries of not knowing what would happen next”. What about those who did adapt? Why did they leave?

Anyone who asked about accountability for projects and behavior were isolated and ignored. The questioners were made to feel unwanted. This neglect eventually filtered down to their children who left to save their children from scorn. These deliberate psychological abuses are violations of the entire philosophy of the Great Law.

In some instances so-called “seers” were consulted to create a type of “witch hunt” against these questioners. One person was singled out as practicing “bad medicine”. Spreading these false stories among their supporters was meant to create hatred and fear of this person. Eventually the grandchildren were infected with the same garbage. The family, relatives and grandchildren then had to leave.

The founders like Karoniaktajeh were adamant about keeping out superstitions such as “witchcraft and sorcery”. They condemned these practices as “mind control” strategies of the church and the government. When the “disciples”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, were seen “blessing” the water in Ganienkeh, many questioned their “beliefs”.

Other atrocities include denying a young mother with a newborn baby firewood to heat her home in wintertime on direct orders from Thomas; denying access of a parent to see their child or be “shot” trying; belittling young married couples who were having marital problems; and young people succumbing to outside addictions such as drugs and alcohol being ostracized rather than helped, labeling them as “too much trouble”. These are all violations of the Great Law.

The Ganienkeh Indian Project was created so that Indigenous peoples could grow and develop to their fullest. We had to address all the issues that afflict our people. Ganienkeh was not meant to be the private estate of a few privileged “schemers”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen.

Those who stole money and property from Ganienkeh were often welcomed back without much scrutiny. These were often close associates and family members of Thomas, Mary and Laureen. Rather than punishing the guilty, often the friends or relatives of the “thieves” were beaten. Guilty by association!

A non-native professional employed in the community stole what was said to be over $1 million. He had gained the trust of the “social set” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen]. Investigators tracked him to Hawaii where he lives in luxury.

Viable projects were either deliberately failed and neglected or turned down. Agricultural projects that should not only feed but financially help the community fell by the wayside. Beef cattle were allowed to inbreed depleting the herd’s bloodline. Goat farming became a laughing stock. They were left un-milked for up to three days on a number of occasions.

Farming projects were mismanaged by the “clique” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen] who controlled the funding. Workers were expected to be productive using equipment that was obsolete 50 years ago. [Doesn’t this sound like Indian Affairs?] Requests for modern equipment to improve production went unheeded by the “gang of three”.

Other good projects were proposed such as canning, a bakery and a butcher shop. They were all ignored. It was easier to reap the windfall of cash from slots and cigarettes. It was too much trouble to create alternative and self-sufficient ways to carry the community through tough political times like illegal state and federal tax assessments on gas, gaming and cigarettes.

Workers began to neglect their responsibilities. If the “cabal” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen] didn’t seem too concerned about how things ran, then why should they, especially for their low wages and no benefits?

Many came to Ganienkeh from all across Turtle Island with nothing. They hoped to escape the oppression, destitution and despair of “reservation” and city life. Ganienkeh was a ray of hope. No drugs, no alcohol, no foreign laws to deny them their identity! They left behind a “black hole” they dreaded returning to. Consequently they had to tread lightly, fearing expulsion from Ganienkeh by the “junta”. Many grew tired of the rhetoric and seeing only a select few benefiting from everybody’s hard work. They left [of “their own free will”, as the “grand manipulators”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, often said].

It’s true that a small minority was expelled for violating the Great Law. The vast majority left due to mistreatment, abuse, neglect and atrocities committed against them by these three who fancied themselves as ‘plantation slave owners’.

There were free thinking and knowledgeable people who came to help Ganienkeh, who thought it would benefit all Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island . They wanted to see the fulfillment of Karoniaktajeh’s idea of a national identity on the world stage for all true people to learn from. In the eyes of the “divine rulers”, such far-sighted people posed the biggest threat to their little empire. These “would-be string pullers” had to stop these generous people from helping.

When these “tyrants”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, could not maneuver the Great Law for their own benefit, they descended to violence! No peace, power and righteousness here! Only blind rage, hate, jealousy, revenge, gossip, greed, threats and laziness! 8,000 to 10,000 people did not give up their voice. They were muted through fear and they had to leave.

Thomas, the leader of the “dictators”, often speaks of the “kawatsire”, family, as the foundation of the Great Law. Many of their own blood relatives want nothing to do with them. Why?

The trustees on the “ Turtle Island Trust” recently released a letter throwing their support behind Thomas Delaronde. They thanked him and his “henchwomen” for what they have done for Ganienkeh. One trustee is a close “personal” friend of Thomas. He refuses to be swayed in his support for this distorted and deformed-minded man. A few years ago when people who had “adapted” to the lack of modern conveniences were being pushed out, they paid a visit to him. They told him of Thomas, Mary and Laureen’s corruption. The trustee told them, “You’re upset now. You’ll get over it”.

In the early 90’s some Onondaga families asked Ganienkeh to help them reacquire land by using the Turtle Island Trust. They refused. It has become the toy of Thomas and his “sidekicks”, Mary and Laureen. No one else need apply.

The Grand Council of the Iroquois Confederacy sanctioned the establishment of Ganienkeh in 1974. The Confederacy has an obligation to see that this project continues its original intent, with the backing and support of the Mohawk people. Thomas and his “groupies” have stated that they will not recognize the Confederacy. Says the forked-tongued self-admirer, “There are no longer any true Onkwehonweh left. They all follow the Indian Act or federal Indian law”. This is not true!

Thomas, Mary and Laureen closed down the school. Almost $1 million worth of books, materials and manuscripts were destroyed or burned. Text books were sold for 25 cents each. They felt there was no need to educate the children on world history and current events. Just like some famous book burners in the past, their actions are not original. It’s popped into the minds of so many tyrants throughout history all around the world.

Ganienkeh is only 33 years old, still in its infancy stage. It’s prone to mistakes like any child. The other 8 Mohawk communities are “elders” by comparison. The Confederacy as a whole has a very mature mind.

Thomas and his “preschool dynasty” have become big spoiled brats. They come and go as they please. They answer to no one. They’re like those kids who murder their parents because they don’t want to be accountable for their actions.

It’s time for us to gather our minds among the roots of the great swamp elm and to counsel. Once again we must save this great project that can still be a model for other Indigenous nations to follow. Public problems require public debates. The only solution to this is through an open and transparent procedure as prescribed by the Great Law.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Book Review: Great Law v. Handsome Lake Code




MNN. Oct. 28, 2007. MNN Mohawk Nation News has published another book in the “Mohawk Issues for Dummies Series”. It’s called “The On-Going Confusion Between the Great Law of Peace and the Handsome Lake Code”. Here are some comments from two people who read the book:

“Gees, I always thought I was ”traditional” because of my belief in the “Creator”! It looks like I have to question how I relate to the natural world and my responsibilities to it”, stated a Kanion’ke:haka youth who is always looking for answers.

“What a colonial conspiracy! This is the first time anyone took the Great Law philosophy and compared it with the Christian-based Handsome Lake Code ”, said a surprised elder of Kahnawake.

This book helps readers to understand the alarming turn of events at Six Nations over the land reclamation. For almost two years the Six Nations people, our friends and allies successfully took back and held Indigenous land known as “Douglas Creek Estates”, now called “Kanenhstaton”.

The Indigenous right to this land that was stolen by the settlers is well documented in the records kept by colonial society. This is why officials from Canada and Ontario have never offered to have Six Nations rights reviewed in a court or by a neutral third party. If the evidence was properly reviewed, they would lose. Their only hope to continue with the theft of the Six Nations land is to get someone to agree to terms that reduce Six Nations rights.

According to the Great Law, only the women can deal with land issues as we are the “progenitors of the nation” and the land is held by us for the future generations. The Confederacy chiefs, clan mothers, “talkers” and lawyers that are sitting with Canada and Ontario are suppose to be discussing the return of our stolen land. Instead they got suckered into setting up something called the “Haudenosaunee Development Institute” to sign our land over to white developers. Decisions were made without meeting us and coming to a consensus. Permission was given for the Ontario Provincial Police to attack those of us who objected to the illegal housing development, who are now facing charges in the colonial court.

The chiefs and clan mothers at Six Nations violated our law. The following abstract from “The On-Going Confusion Between the Great Law and the Handsome Lake Code” lays out the source of their confusion and inability to push the Six Nations sovereignty and land issue. They are influenced by the fear based colonial ideology known as the “Handsome Lake Code”.

“A “philosophy” is the basic underlying principles, conduct, thought and knowledge in how a people relate to the natural world. An “ideology” is based on doctrines, opinions or ways of thinking which set out how a people shall behave, not necessarily based on a knowledge or practical understanding of the nature of the universe. These differences can be seen in the conflict between the ”Great Law of Peace” and the ”Handsome Lake Code” which, on the surface, are seemingly similar traditional understandings in Iroquois communities.

The Great Law is a pre-contact philosophy which formed the basis of Iroquois culture. The opening thanksgiving outlines an interdependent system of relations of all elements of nature which are equal; women have powerful roles in social, political and economic life; and the people form the base of power.

The Handsome Lake Code is a post-contact Christian based ideology which outlines a hierarchical order of the “spirit” forces, offices and elements of nature arranged according to their idea of power. This ‘faith’ is trying to get rid of the Great Law in most Iroquois communities.

This book compares the principles of the two. The conflict is between the “inner directed” Great Law adherents and the “accommodationist” Handsome Lake followers. The Great Law adherents are directed by the inner core of our knowledge system and traditions. The Handsome Lake followers are influenced by outside forces to accept the modes of colonial society.”

The conflict is created by religions and how they weaken, confuse and control our people. Elders like Karonhiaktajeh, Kanietahawi and others explain their relationships with Christianity and the Church and how they had to struggle to be free. They describe their lifelong battle to get rid of the deeply ingrained psychological conditioning designed to break down their will and freedom of thought.

Today we are beginning to see how we were made to live under its shadow without realizing its effect on us. We think we’re “traditional” when we are practising Christian-based rituals such as confession while wearing Indian clothes. We also take on the traditions of a variety of other Indigenous nations. For example, the ‘pow wow’ takes native imagery from its original context, i.e., the Plains Indians, and adapts it. There are many similarities in the nature-based philosophies of all Indigenous peoples on Turtles Island and beyond.

The Great Law of Peace is the Constitution of the Iroquois, also referred to as the “Old Way”. This confederation of five nations, later six, was a powerful force before and during the colonial period of Turtle Island or North America as it is called by the European settlers. Certain principles of the constitution were adopted as the basis of the Constitution of the United States, such as the three party structure and some symbols. The Iroquois Confederacy still exists today. Most Iroquois nations are finding their way back to the original Great Law philosophy.

Basic principles, a comparison of the “Law” and the “Code” and where they contradict each other are set out. To make sense of this deep-rooted conflict in Iroquois communities, these two philosophies are examined. Iroquois followers of the Great Law see the Handsome Lake Code as deliberately attempting to disregard the ancient world view of the Iroquois. The Handsome Lake followers believe they are “traditional”.

An understanding of these matters offers key insights into methodologies that are being used by colonial officials to undermine attempts at Six Nations to uphold our sovereign rights.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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HISTORIC “GANIENKEH” – the attempted destruction of the “Indian Project” by Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp

08.10.2007 17:24:00
HISTORIC “GANIENKEH” – the attempted
destruction of the “Indian Project” by
Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp

MNN. Oct. 8, 2007. According to the “Ganienkeh Manifesto”, this territory was reclaimed by Indigenous people across Turtle Island as well our brothers and sisters from other parts of the world. Ganienkeh is located in Northern New York State, in what is known as Clinton County, near the town of Altona. It is ten minutes from the “imaginary line” commonly called the Canada-U.S. border and twenty minutes northwest of Plattsburgh NY.

In 1974 Mohawk people from the five Kanionkehaka communities came together and repossessed a portion of the 9 million acres of land that had been swindled by the United States 200 years ago under what was known as the “Mohawk Treaty of 1797”, was well as the “Seven Nations of Canada Treaty” of 1796. Both are illegal. It was the first time in modern history that the indigenous people of Turtle Island had taken back our land and kept it.

The “Ganienkeh Indian Project” was sanctioned by the Grand Council of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy.
It was to be a template for all future land restorations not only by the Confederacy, but by all Indigenous people throughout Turtle Island.

The “Ganienkeh Manifesto” which was enacted in 1974 stipulates that Ganienkeh shall be the home of the traditional “Red Man” (Indigenous People of Turtle Island) and accorded human and natural rights, “They shall exercise their proven government and society according to their culture, customs and traditions”. As well, “a cooperative economic system shall prevail”.

Here, “They shall learn the superior morality of the ancient ones”. This refers to the principles of respect and dignity which is demanded between humans and creation.

It is estimated that in the past 33 years of its existence, 8,000 to 10,000 people have either lived, worked or shown their support for Ganienkeh. Despite this stated basis for its existence, today only 25 people currently reside in the community, most of whom are the immediate family of Thomas Delaronde,
who has personally taken over Ganienkeh. No less than 500 families should now be residing in this community. What happened?

If you ask any native person who has either worked or
resided in the community, they will tell you that their reason for leaving was due to the mistreatment and at times physical attacks on them or their families by Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde, both formerly of Kahnawake, and recent newcomer, Mary Swamp, formerly of Akwesasne.

There were businesses developed on the territory which have been hijacked by Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp. Basically nation businesses have become their own private projects. It was stipulated in the “Manifesto” that no private enterprises would operate in the territory. All projects
would be cooperatively owned by the Mohawk Nation. By usurping control of the businesses, Thomas Delaronde, his wife Loreen and Mary Swamp have used these finances to control the residents and employees, both native and non-native.

This has become an estate-like community with a cult mentality on the backs of our sovereignty and at the expense of native families and our children. Even some of Thomas Delaronde’s own children and grandchildren have either been driven out or neglected. Some others of his close family members have been financially and mentally coerced to carry out the atrocities against his own people, chasing them out of the community by force. In some cases, he provided arms to chase away or threatened to kill his detractors on sight. This, of course, violates the Great Law, international law and disrespects the Iroquois Confederacy to its utmost extent.

To all Onkwehonwe and our allies, the Ganienkeh Project must be returned to its original intent. It must not be allowed to be the private enterprise of three individuals, Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp. The must no longer be allowed to act as judge, jury and executioner. Hey, these aren’t
even our institutions! They must be answerable to the charges of violating the constitution, the manifesto, for theft of our land, property and businesses and committing genocide against all those who sacrificed their lives to bring this important project into existence.

The land that Ganienkeh occupies belongs to the Mohawk Nation. It is meant for the coming generations. The population must be re-established under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the Great Law and its practices. Otherwise, this great project
will dissolve and the land will be annexed by New York State and the U.S. government. We ask all Indigenous nations and people to come together and not let this happen.

In order to continue its existence, the equal rights which include the voice of the people must be heard within the community so that the strong arm tactics, threats and psychological abuse by Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp will cease.

The “Turtle Island Trust”, which was an entity to act as a “buffer” between the Ganienkeh Project and New York State and the United States needs to be re-activated. The current members of the trust are no longer active. They need to be replaced by allies and supporters who will make sure that the project continues and grows as originally intended.

The people throughout the Confederacy who have either taken part in the inception of Ganienkeh or saw the value and necessity for Ganienkeh to continue should make themselves known. We need to stop any foreign nation or government or individuals like Thomas Delaronde, Laureen Delaronde and Mary Swamp from interfering so that Onkwehonwe people will continue to survive. We urgently need to address this man-made disaster that has befallen us through non-violent and peaceful means. The foundation of Ganienkeh is, after all, “Peace, Power and Righteousness”. We can make it happen.

To help and to comment, contact:

MNN Mohawk Nation News
Background: See ‘Historic “Ganienkeh” Reclamation
of 33 Years Ago’ on MNN website

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Red-X escapes Guantanamo Gulag!


MNN. Sept. 17, 2007. At this time we don’t know how the infamous Indigenous sage, Red-X, escaped from the Guantanamo Gulag. His captors tried to break his spirit. But the Red-X said, “I already know this scene. I went to rez school!”

The account of his escapades is forthcoming. People Magazine, E-Talk Daily and the New York Times are all reportedly fighting for first dibs on his story. Red-X is keeping his mouth zipped. “I don’t need to talk to no colonial rag. MNN is the only one I’ll talk to. My story is just for my people!”

As MNN reported months ago, the Red-X had been captured and was being tortured. He had communicated that he would make contact with those who had fine tuned their perceptions, who had ears to hear, eyes to see and minds to know. Red-X indicated that he did receive a sign from the “war counsel” of the Third Dimension which makes itself known to those who are placed in abject confinement.

Red-X was inculcated with lyrics passed on to him on a stone tablet which was presented to him by a powerful warrior spirit, who spoke with thunder in his voice, lightening emanating through his eyes and with the head of a burning bush. His muscles looked like the mountains surrounding eternity.

The truth inscribed on this tablet from this ethereal being were to be transmitted to the mundane realm which we live in. The communicative enlightenment was to manifest its elucidation by means of melodious tonality. The musical vibration and the message would liberate the millions of people who have been imprisoned in their minds, deprived of free thought and the ability to contemplate in full cogitation. This is all part of his “sageocity”. People have been traumatized by the horrible shock and awe perpetuated by the neo conservative cabal of the Bush administration. They murdered over 3000 people in blood so cold that it would make Truman Capote shiver with a need for a steam bath at the nearest spa.

As one can imagine, the “force” tells no lies. The ethereal realm presented sacred missives in honor of the Red-X.

Red-X was instructed to deliver the words in the appropriate manner so that the truth could be converted into power. That power would then suffuse a sonorific voice that could translate into psychic transfusion. The words would be transmitted by means of rhythmic nuances for the understanding of those who are ready to hear it.

As he crossed the ocean from Cuba escorted by a fleet of dolphins onto Turtle Island , his silver eagle was waiting. He quickly mounted the silver eagle and headed back West to the place where the sun never sleeps.

As he flew he reminisced about the horrible atrocities that had been perpetrated upon his mortal form, which he never succumbed to, because his will to live is unyielding. He understands the suffering of his Arab brothers and sisters by the U.S. military torturers who have been given unlimited powers according to their so-called “extraordinary rendition”.

The Red-X was constantly tortured on the “water board”. Nothing could break him down. They wanted him to reveal the secret power of the Indigenous people who are able to communicate with the “kasastenera kowa sa oiera”. They want to know why they have not been able to totally exterminate us. We know who we are. We have the marks that denote our special place on this earth.

They put a hood over his head so he could not recognize his torturers, as if he couldn’t tell they were Americans, especially when they greeted him with “Howdy Doody!” They put him face down suspended by a pulley. He was then lowered into a pit of gurgling water so that he would sink to the bottom and be made to think he would drown.

His torturers only fed him during the day one sparse portion of cornmeal and a piece of sugar cane. They thought they were starving him. They did know that maize is an integral part of the indigenous diet and thus the main sources of the Red-X’s mystical psychic power. They were totally “amaized” at his strength.

“I have tried to expose the truth about what happened in New York City at the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. I have been greatly concerned about the falsehoods being spread because it was built by my people, the Onkwehonweh”. He was troubled by the official story given by the U.S. government through their mouthpiece Ari Fleischer who said, “Be careful what you say and who you say it to”. He was warning about the police state that was coming and the penalties for those who talked about 911 in any other form except from the “official patriotic” perspective.

The War Counsel told him, “You have suffered enough, Red-X. We will make it easy for you to escape”. He memorized the lyrics that were on the tablet, which then evaporated right before his deep set eyes.

As he flew the words kept coming to him:

1. 911 was a “false flag”, nothing new
It’s been tried and true
As a means to perpetuate
The war mongering greed
Of the very elite few
Hell-bent on dictating
Who we are and what we do 

You can’t escape the eagle’s eye
The winds can hear your plans and lies
Your skull and bones and false flag flies
But the spirits of justice are on the rise

2. The epitome of evil false flag operations
When you kill your own people
To justify attacking other nations
Side stepping the rules
Governing war crimes and treason
Murder and genocide for your own sick reason


3. How dumb do you think we are?
You control-demoed those Twin TowersBoom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom!
From the very top floor down
Anti-terror fire and brimstone
With a dash of pyrotechnics
Suspending rights and cleansing ethnics


4. Stand down orders to the U.S. Air Force Allowing four planes
To go unchecked and off course
But, hey, what happened to
The plane that flew into the Pentagon?
Come on! No parts! No luggage! No bodies!
Something is very wrong
Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowich and Bush
Have the motive, the means and the opportunity
Just like Hitler, Pinochet, PolPot and Mouselini
Your crimes are against humanity
And for that there is no immunity


5. Your game is up
Burn in HELL
Your future generations
Will know this story well
Your oiligarchy is
The next tower to come down
And the history of truth is
The only story we’ll tell



Red-X spoke these words to his messenger, Bro’hawk, who found Dacajawea [Splitting the Sky], who converted it to music with the assistance of She-Keeps-The-Door, Speaks-The-Truth, Shahada and Nat. “Truth to Power” came into being.
contact: splitting_the_sky@yahoo.com

Listen and live on! http://www.myspace.com/truthtopowertimes2

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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MNN. Feb. 5, 2007. MNN interviewed a participant in the historic reclaiming of ?Ganienkeh? in so-called New York State on May 13, 1974: ?It started out as a Warrior?s project. We had always talked about this. After the evictions of non-natives in Kahnawake, there was so much turmoil we felt we were on the brink of civil war. Brothers, cousins and friends were at odds. We saw no reason to fight our own people.

?There have been splits throughout our history. Time always healed these divisions. We discussed how we were willing to put our lives on the line for our beliefs. The real struggle was not with our own people. So we focused our sights on our real enemies, the colonial governments. If we want our land, asking for it won?t bring it back. Our chances of winning a land claim in a colonial court were nil. Believing in ourselves, we decided to reclaim our land. So we said, ?Let?s do it?.

?It was not a new idea. Our people had always moved about on our territory. Ti?res had taken back Tiokweroton/Doncaster in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal around the 1920?s for the Mohawk Nation.

?Our grandparents had taken us to Mohawk Valley in the late 1950?s to reclaim some of our territory there. There had been a village there a long time ago called ?Kahnawake?. Beforehand we visited all our Mohawk communities for their support in repossessing our land in the name of the traditional minded Onkwehonwe. We settled there as Mohawk Nation people. Eventually we were dragged into their courts and evicted from our lands. We returned to our original communities.

?The dream to repossess some of our land never died. In 1974 we decided to build a new community. About six or more months was spent in planning this. We needed people who were good organizers, who knew how to speak to the people and how to keep the spirit alive. The group was made up of people of all ages. Grandfathers , grandmothers, mothers, fathers and children. There was representation from many nations such as Onondaga, Seneca, Oneida, Anishnawbe, Odawa, Sac & Fox, Lakota, Inuit, Dene, Algonquin and others who came from all over to join us.

?We declared there would be no drugs, alcohol, foreign religions or laws. It would be a totally Onkwehone controlled.

?We had a back up system. We knew that our project was going to be costly. To stretch our funds, we decided to use the natural resources. We chose to do without comforts by using kerosene lamps and wood burning stoves. We stored non-perishable food. As part of our backup those who remained in our communities would support us by sending food and medicine and help with public relations and political assistance.

?We sent people far and wide throughout Kanion?ke:haka territory to find the right place. We needed water, forests, land for planting and an isolated terrain we could defend. We found such a place. Only four of the scouts knew where this location was. They would each guide one of the four caravans. We planned to approach the site from the four directions. We had to keep this information secret because we knew that spies would be sent in to find out where we were going. We gave ourselves four chances to get to this place safely. If one did not make it there, surely another would. The caravans comprised several hundred people.

?We met three times a week to plan. Each of us would put in $2 or whatever we could into a hat to build up some funds.

?We had support because they knew we were strong in our goal. Not wanting to be labeled as radicals or criminals, we asked for the Mohawk Nation and the Six Nations Confederacy for support. The Mohawk Nation sanctioned our project from the beginning. Due to secrecy of the location, when the confederacy was sure that the land was Kanion?ke:haka they gave us full sanction.

?Moss Lake was chosen. It is 60 miles northeast of Utica in what is known as New York State. The day before our departure three of the four caravans gathered in Akwesasne at the home of Ann Jock and left from there. The fourth caravan left from Onondaga to approach the site from the south. The food, tools and equipment had been gathered long beforehand. It was a quiet moment. When we started on our way, we told the public that we were going to Vermont. We were informed that 250 extra border patrol and state police were placed at the border to stop us when we arrived there.

?We got to Moss Lake at approximately 5 am. It was still dark. We immediately secured the area. People were tired. We made sure the women and children were taken care of. Then we further explored the area. There was only one road which made it defensible. We had the necessary equipment to do that. We found more abandoned houses of a former exclusive girl?s summer camp and moved in.

Part of our strategy was to simultaneously hand deliver the ?Ganienkeh Manifesto? to every member of the United Nations in both New York City and Montreal. We did not want the U.S. to isolate us with a media black out. The world must know and make sure the U.S. conducted itself responsibly. They had to work with us to resolve this land dispute according to the Two Row Wampum and the formula set out in Article 7 of the 1794 Treaty of Canandaigua.

?Later that day forest rangers from the Department of Environmental Conservation arrived. They were curious. We explained we were coming back to our homeland to rebuild our community. Initially the locals were ready to welcome us. This depressed area relies mainly on tourism. They thought we would be selling Indian trinkets and souveniers and dancing for the tourists.

They were disappointed to learn that we were not from Hollywood and that we were more interested in farming and rebuilding our communities. They formed an organization called ?Concerned People of the Adirondacks? who campaigned to remove us from the area.

?The colonial authorities started to treat us as ?trespassers?. Then incidents and attacks against us began. After almost 20 shootings into our community by vigilantes, we requested that the outside authorities control their people. No action was taken. We had no choice.

Our elders, children and people were constantly being shot at. We could not risk the lives of our people. The women held a council. They decided that, should anyone shoot at us, the men were to stop their vehicles and apprehend these people.

Our intent was not to bring injury to them but to stop their attacks. Two individuals unfortunately got shot by stray bullets. Only then did the outside authorities decide to intervene. They tried to arrest the Onkwehonwe. They tried to serve ?John Doe? and ?Jane Doe? warrants on our people, which we did not allow.

To investigate and resolve these shootings peacefully they had to comply with the guidelines set out in article 7 of the 1794 Canandaigua Treaty. It was in line with the Two Row agreement between ourselves and the colonial governments. This is the basis of international law today.

?It was historic. We forced the U.S. government to deal with us according to Article 7 which clearly defines our relationship. If there is any problem between any part of the Confederacy and the U.S, either side could lodge a complaint to the other nation. It would be investigated by the respective nation. All issues are dealt with on a nation-to-nation level.

It took a while. Good minded U.S. President Gerald Ford decided Article 7 was probably the best way to go. He appointed Forest Gerard to act as his special agent to comply with article 7. We worked jointly with the U.S., the people they appointed, our people and the Confederacy to resolve this in the manner that was prescribed by our ancestors. The attacks stopped.

Even though it was resolved, the folks still wanted us out of the area. They gave us ultimatims to leave. We refused. We told them their governments had no jurisdiction on us or our land. We were part of the Confederacy. They tried to dispute our title to the land and failed.

Our informant recalled, ?When we arrived at Moss Lake, we put in gardens and fixed up some houses. We called it ?Ganienkeh?. After trying for several years, we decided that this location was not viable. The rain was too acidic and the growing season was too short. We had to find another place. In 1979 we moved to another part of our homeland, to Miner Lake near Plattsburg. We told the state not to interfere. We thanked them for their offer and did everything ourselves. We set up a new ?Ganienkeh?.

?New York State, U.S. citizens, committees, counties and towns tried to sue Ganienkeh, in Moss Lake and Miner Lake. When the charges against us went to court, they lost. Both decisions found that they had no jurisdiction over us. We continue to enjoy sovereign immunity. After 250 meetings with New York State and the U.S. governments, they finally got it through their heads that we weren?t leaving and we weren?t going to back down.

?After the initial reclamation we got support from the public, international organizations, countries, students and activists. Sweden and other countries put pressure on New York State and told them they were watching the situation closely. We constantly sent people out to speak to churches, organizations, colleges and universities to bring awareness locally, nationally and internationally. We did interviews on the radio, television and newspapers.

People like Ed Hale of the Lake Placid News did many good articles between 1974 and 1979. Our message was, ?We want to rebuild our nation. We know how to do it. We want to survive as we were intended. We want to save our people, our language and our culture. We are the only people who can fix our problems. We did not want their tax monies or their handouts or anything from the U.S., Canada or state governments. We look to our families and friends. If you want to help us, do so.

We rejected Bureau of Indian Affairs involvement with us. We refused to comply with ?federal Indian law?. We would not let New York State have any jurisdiction. We constantly reminded them that this is our land that we never surrendered and that they have no jurisdiction over us.

U.S. and New York State made their claims based on two fraudulent treaties, Joseph Brant Treaty of 1796 and the Seven Nations Treaty of 1797. None have treaty making powers according to the Kaianereh?ko:wa/Great Law. Joseph Brant was a British subject and deposed as a translator by the Confederacy. The Seven Nations of Canada was a religious congregation of Christian Indians who had alienated themselves from the Confederacy.

“A peaceful interim resolution was established. New York State wanted to save face. We were not going to relinquish our inherent rights. An entity was set up that became a buffer between us. It was an agreement between New York State and “Turtle Island Trust”. We are not signatories to this agreement so it is not binding on the Mohawk Nation and the Confederacy. The state wanted to tell its constituents it was adhering to their laws while not interfering with us.

?New York State Governor Mario Cuomo respected our position that this land is not held in trust. We asserted our jurisdiction. They left us alone. Since then politicians have tried from time to time to interfere with us. We always fight them off and they back away.

?Today Ganienkeh is self-sufficient and employs native and non-natives. The original mission is still there. It continues to need the involvement and participation of the Nation and the Confederacy, our friends and allies to support and make the dream of self-determination come true. We re-established an Onkwehone state independent of the colonial government.

?What did we learn? The only way to get our land is to go there and physically take it back and keep it. In the end New York State and the U.S. finally accepted the fact that we had a formula to avoid a confrontation between us, the Two Row Wampum.

?We have to assert our sovereignty by using our own laws and our birthright based on natural laws. We must not depend on colonial institutions, courts and corporate governments. It was successful because we asserted our identity as the indigenous people of this land. We originated here. This is our world. We must follow the path that was carved out for us and our ancestors before us.

For more information and speakers about the “Ganienkeh Reclamation”, contact 518-236-7100 info@ganienkeh.net www.ganienkeh.net

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
Kahentinetha2@yahoo.com katenies20@yahoo.com
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Please sign the Women Title Holders petition. Nia:wen

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At the request of various interests, this has been reposted to register our objection to the Haudenosaunee Task Force on Border Crossing representing us in “talks” with the US and Canadian colonial governments. We also provide more contacts at the end for you to put pressure on those who are making deals with the colonists over our heads.


MNN. Jan. 9th 2007. The international situation between Canada, U.S. and Mexico is not very complicated. There are two peoples involved. It is us (the Onkwehonwe) and them (the colonists).

We Onkwehonwe, also known as “Indigenous” people, have an inherent right to traverse Turtle Island. When human beings first appeared, Creation gave us the original instructions to be respectful, to live in harmony with the rest of the natural environment and to always adhere to the original ways.

The Haudenosaunee Task Force on Border Crossing [made up of Curtis Nelson, Oren Lyons, Leo Henry, Paul Williams, Darwin Hill and others] was set up without consultation with us. They appear to be cooperating with the colonists who want to issue “smart cards”, something like a credit card. Everything about us will be on that card. This is another straw to try to break the back of the Onkwehonwe.

Many of us who have been active and concerned for a long time found out for the first time this past weekend this committee was set up. They’ve already met with U.S. Homeland Security and Canada Customs and Immigration to work out compliance with colonial terms. We have not been allowed to question this committee. We resist their attempts to pressure us into accepting the colonial timelines and the proposed card which is a de facto recognition of the “imaginary line”.


We Onkwehonwe face the US-Canada-Mexico border almost every day. Our nation-to-nation relationship with the colonists is through the U.S. President and the Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. It is governed by the principles of the Two Row Wampum Agreement. One condition of tolerating the presence of the colonists was that we would continue our pre-contact right to conduct trade and commerce and travel anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

Jay Treaty (proviso)

The Jay Treaty of 1794 is a third party agreement and can have no binding effect on us. Traveling around on our homeland is a birthright, not a “privilege”. Colonists cannot interfere with our crossing of their imaginary line they call the Canada-U.S. and U.S.-Mexico borders. The Jay Treaty created the imaginary line on the 49th parallel. The Iroquois Confederacy said at the time, “It is for you, not for us”. The Confederacy would not agree to this as we were looking out for all Onkwehonwe, our friends and allies. The line between the colonies of Mexico and the U.S. was created by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. These lines allowed the colonists to illegally implement privileges and tariffs.

Article III of the Jay Treaty is a violation of international law.

“the right of aboriginal peoples (people indigenous to Canada and/or the US) to trade and travel between the United States and Canada, which was then a territory of Great Britain. This right was restated in section 289 of the 1952 Immigration and Naturalization Act: Nothing in this title shall be construed to affect the right of American Indians born in Canada to pass the borders of the United States, but such right shall extend only to persons who possess at least 50 per centum of blood of the American Indian race.

The Jay Treaty was made between two colonial corporations, Britain and the United States, to provide privileges for the colonial subjects. It did not include our political position. It contradicts itself when it stipulates that it would not be “construed” to affect who is and who is not an Onkwehonwe. In fact, it stipulates that this article applies to those who are “naturalized”. So an immigrant who becomes an American, Canadian or British is subject to the rules and privileges of the “corporation”.

Colonists and their “Indian” representatives speaking to band or tribal councils or incorporated “Indian” entities is not consultation. Once they thought they had pacified us and diminished our population, the colonists put these restrictions in place without informing, consulting or getting our consent. Now new restrictions are being imposed according to their “might makes right” paradigm.

We will tell the colonizers what we want, not what they want us to do. It tells us we can travel with personal belongings, not with “bales”. They wanted to extinguish trade and commerce between all Onkwehonwe. “Bales” referred to the fur trade. It meant anything that is more than one, and could not be resold. They set up a system of extortion to interfere with our ancient rights to sustain ourselves. It was similar to the killing off of all the Buffalo on the Plains.

The colonists have demonstrated their disregard for universal human law. Every human has the right to their existence, their own nationality, their land and their government.

The colonizers are trying to blackmail us into recognizing their borders between Canada, U.S. and Mexico. We have our own territories, our own understandings and respect for each other. We did not need standing armies to protect the borders of our territories because we practiced respect for those who inhabited the particular area. We still do.

Passports and Citizenship

Canada and the U.S. are trying to push us into getting Canadian or US passports to restrict and control our movements. We have a right to maintain a connection to our Onkwehone people throughout the Western Hemisphere. The colonizers are trying to class us as American or Canadian or Mexican “Indians” by illegally and violently forcing us to alienate ourselves from our birthright. They cannot make us something we are not. Today they tell us we need a card. Next they will tell us we need a mark on our forehead.

We are not members of any of these colonial entities. We cannot carry passports of foreign corporations of which we refuse to be members. These colonists are trying to make us commit an illegal act. As independent Indigenous peoples we have a right to deal with such issues based on our own laws. The colonizers are bound by agreements they have entered into such as the UN Charter of 1948 and the International Covenant on Cultural and Political Rights.

The concept of “citizenship” does not exist for us. We are Kanion’ke:haka, not citizens. A “city” is a corporation which one becomes a part of with privileges that can be taken away by the hierarchical governing body. No nation has a right to denationalize another nation.

ID Cards

There is no consistency as to what ID the colonists want. When we produce ID they punch our name into the computer and information comes up on that screen. Now they are pushing for us to have a specific ID which they will decide on and authorize. The advisors of the colonists are conforming and misleading our people. The colonists have already made a decision and are relying on the ignorance of our people to implement it. This violates international law because we were not genuinely consulted. Our laws do not allow us to give away the birthright of our children and future generations.

We have a right to decide how we will be identified. Phil Fontaine of the AFN [Assembly of First Nations] has suggested that we use their government-issued “Indian status cards”. Many Onkwehonwe don’t have such a card. A lot of imposters do.

The colonists want the micro chip in the card to contain our DNA, retina scan and finger prints. They will put this into a data base where a satellite GPS tracking system will know our whereabouts at all times. The European countries have rejected this and still require paper passports because the U.S. recommendations violate human rights.

Today the colonial governments are forcing us to shoulder the burden of threats to their national security by bringing us under their rules. Why should we? We’ve never carried out terrorist threats or acts of violence anywhere in the world.

More and more these border guards are bullying our people, trying to ensnare and control us. Intimidating tactics are being used to entrap our people into doing something that will give them a reason to detain or charge us. Cavity searches are being carried out by the customs goons which violates human rights.


The Two Row addresses the jurisdiction issue. We never surrendered our jurisdiction over ourselves or our land. Legality requires proper procedures. If they have cause to stop one of our people they can do so according to the Two Row Wampum Agreement. They can turn them over to us. It is our responsibility to deal with those who are in violation or committing a wrong and to restore the peace between our peoples.

The colonists have no right to order us to have these pass ports or anything by January 2008 or anytime. We will tell them whether we will do something or not. To follow the rule of law, the protocol is for them to meet with us. We must polish the Silver Covenant Chain and dust the Two Row Wampum. The Two Row Agreement governs our nation-to-nation relationships with the colonizers through their heads of state.


We Onkwehone are here to fulfill our duties and responsibilities as the Indigenous sovereigns of Turtle Island. The colonists are trying to kidnap our people from our canoe and force us to row their boat. We are being held hostage against our will in violation of the Two Row Wampum Agreement. We can only leave our canoe by our own free will. Those being forced to live under the illegal Indian Act and federal Indian law system are hostages forced to live under an alien social, economic, political system.

When times get rough the colonizers use these violent tactics to try to control us and make us lose confidence in ourselves and our traditional system. In the past when they could not defeat our people, they destroyed the things we needed to sustain us. They disconnected us from our mother, the earth. She is always there to sustain us. We continue to stand by her to protect her.

We are not afraid to defend our birthright and to protect the next generations. Onkwehonwe throughout the world are presently fighting to protect our children, our people and our land. This entire process to undermine us is a continuation of the genocide that the colonists initiated 500 years ago. Only the names and faces in the corporation have changed.

Kahentinetha Horn kahentinetha2@yahoo.com
MNN Mohawk Nation News

**Send your comments to anyone or any entity that you think is affected or should be concerned. Ask them about the action they are taking or know is being taken to protect Onkwehonwe independence:

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Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force joyceking@westelcom.com

Ganienkeh Territory info@ganienkeh.net

On the US-Mexico line: International Indian Treaty Council http://www.treatycouncil.org

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Deposition of Dave General


20.10.2006 15:00:36
Deposition of Dave General
Women Title Holders charge Dave General of the 6 Nations band council with “conspiracy” and “espionage”

WOMEN TITLE HOLDERS, P.O. Box 49, Kanatakon of Akwesasne of Mohawk Territory

(via Quebec, Canada) H0M 1A0 Tel: 613-575-1550 Fax 450-635-9451 Kahentinetha2@yahoo.com katenies20@yahoo.com Supporting documents http://www.mohawknationnews.com


Mr. David General

Chief, Band Council
Six Nations of the Grand River
P.O. Box 5000, Ohsweken Ontario N0A 1M0
519-445-2201, Fax 519-445-4208



As Wampum 44 of our law, the Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law, provides, the Women are the “progenitors of the soil” of the Rotinohsonnion:we. We are the caretakers of the land, water and air of Turtle Island. As the trustees we are obligated to preserve and protect the land’s integrity on behalf of all the legal title holders of all Kaianereh’ko:wa territory.

It is our obligation to inform you that, according to Wampum 58, you knowingly betrayed and violated the People and the Great Law. We are charging you with conspiracy and espionage because you are working with a foreign entity to dissolve and destroy the title and birthright of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. As an agent of Canada you have no authority whatsoever to enter into any agreements or contracts for any of our lands or possessions with Canadian Hydro Developers, Enbridge Gas Distributors or any others. You represent no one but yourself. You are aiding these foreign entities to fraudulently use our land as collateral to raise money on the international money market to bring in private projects on our land.

Wampum 58 provides:


There are now the Five Nations League chiefs standing with joined hands in a circle. This signifies and provides that should any of the Chiefs of the League leave the council and the League, his crown or deer’s antlers, the emblem of his chieftainship title, together with his birthright, shall lodge on the arms of the union chiefs and people whose hands are so joined. He forfeits his title and the crown falls from his brow, but it shall remain in the League.

A further meaning of this is that if, at any time, any person or any of the chiefs of the League choose to submit to the law of a foreign people, they are no longer in but out of the League and persons of this class shall be called, “They have alienated themselves? (Tehonatonkoton). Likewise, such persons – shall forfeit all birthrights and claims of the League of the Five Nations and Territory. You, the League of the Five Nations People and Chiefs, be firm so that if a tree should fall upon your joined hands, it shall not separate you or weaken your hold. So shall the strength of union be preserved.”

The land you are fraudulently pretending to relinquish to outsiders is protected from encroachment by the “Haldimand Proclamation of 1784” which is part of Six Nations land. Your actions are between a foreign municipal level administration (band council), a federal government department and a private corporation. This is not a nation-to-nation relationship between our Peoples. You connections with these foreign entities should be thoroughly investigated immediately as they appear to be for your own self-gain. In our view, you are knowingly working against the best interests of us and our future generations.

Furthermore, the Two Row Wampum agreement between us and the United States and Canada does not allow the representatives of colonial governments and their agencies to act on our behalf.

The land in question continues to be part of Kaianereh’ko:wa territory. If Canada wishes to enter into any formal agreement with the Confederacy they must do so through proper protocol with the Queen or her representative, the Governor General of Canada.

You, the Canadian government and its agencies are now officially informed you that you have no authority to function on behalf of the Rotinonhsonnion:we.

We, the Women Title Holders, carry out our duties under the rules and authority of the Kaianereh’ko:wa.

Dated: October 20, 2006.

Katenies _____________________
Kahentinetha _____________________

Attached: “Mohawk Manifesto”

Cc: Confederacy Chiefs, Six Nations of Grand River; Governor General of Canada; Premier of Ontario; Prime Minister of Canada; President of United States; Indian Affairs; Stock Exchanges; European Community; United Nations International Commission for Human Rights; Canadian Hydro Developers; Enbridge Gas Distributors; all media

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THE VAMPIRES STRIKE BACK: “ONE DEAD INDIAN” BLOOD AND GORE TO CONDITION THE MASSESMNN. Sept. 7, 2006. Why are CTV and APTN showing the film, “One Dead Indian” over and over again? This film is about the Ontario Provincial Police OPP attack on the Stoney Point people who were defending their land, known as “Ipperwash”. Dudley George was shot and killed in cold blood.

When they sit and watch this, who are the Canadians identifying with? Many would be with the Indigenous People, some would be neutral and a few would see the viewpoint of the cops. Then there is the lunatic fringe and some of the ordinary people who had no previous interest in Indigenous issues. These two groups would be drawn in subconsciously. They are the ones the establishment wants to reach and influence. These people who might end up watching this because they’re looking for a good action flick.

When people watch the bull fights, after seeing a few bulls ritually executed with blood flying all over the place and the matadors taking bows for the murders, the crowd screams for more blood. There is no therapeutic value in any of this.

Why aren’t they trying to stop the arousing of anti-Indian feelings? Reasonable and rational thinking about constructive ways to deal with Indigenous people and our grievances should get equal time on television, in the movies and on the media.

Canadians have been conditioned all along to see Indigenous People as the lowest rung on their hierarchical ladder. To this day they’re being taught that people who live in the natural world are “primitive”. We have been “spun” as someone they can look down and trample on to make them feel superior.

Look at the 500 Indian women who have disappeared. The police won’t do an investigation. Was this because they think they’re primitive? What about the Indigenous boys who were left out in the snow to freeze to death? The cops put them there. Only when the Indigenous People made an outcry was something done. The cops shot J.J. Harper on the streets of Winnipeg. The subsequent film gives a sympathetic view of the police officer who killed him. There were discussions about how to cover this up right in the film. After it was shown nationally, no Parliamentarians were outraged nor did they condemn such a depiction. During the Oka Mohawk Crisis of 1990 two old men were stoned to death which was shown over and over again on national news to get people used to how to treat “Indians”.

“One Dead Indian” depicts us as a problem. The viewers are being conditioned to think that the solution is to kill off all of us. They want to see us suffer and bleed. They’re being conditioned to see us as natural targets. For their fulfillment and to set us up for the corporate/government agenda, movie makers are being given millions of dollars of government funds to make gory bloody films about Indians. Never are they shown how we can sit together as equals and discuss our legitimate relationship.

During the 1920’s and 30’s Germany put out propaganda depicting Jews in caricature. German people were conditioned to accept the “final solution” which was to exterminate a race.

When people see Indians being shot, abused, beaten up and killed often enough, it makes them want to see more Indian blood. This is the old Cowboys and Indians movies paradigm.

About six months ago the New York Times did a scathing article on the Mohawks of Akwesasne, which was publicized all over the world. Their main message was that we are criminals and deserve the bad treatment we are getting and going to get more of. Akwesasne, they say, is a haven for criminals and that Mohawks are part of “organized crime”. The U.S. is trying to get people to think that our warriors are “terrorists”. Who planted the story? It’s part of the continual assault against us. It’s meant to justify whatever they do to us in their genocidal quest.

A lot of the initiatives against us seem to be coming from the United States. Why are they doing this? It’s because Indigenous People stand in the way of their exploitation of our resources. Don’t forget, most of the companies operating in Canada today are U.S. owned and controlled. They’re the same corporate giants that control the U.S. government. They’ve obviously taken control of some parts of the Canadian government.

The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) came to Canada to work with the OPP. How long have they been here? Maybe for 20 years! Our people catching them was hardly mentioned in the corporate media. It would have been a scandal to Canada a few decades ago. This has got to be one of the biggest outcomes of the Six Nations land reclamation issue. We found out who our enemies are, that Canadian institutions are just puppets for corporate America. Who has been organizing the attacks on us? Is it a U.S. procedure that has been put in place by people in Canada who’ve been bought off or manipulated?

Could this be similar to what happened back in 1812? This is when Tecumseh and General Brock beat back the American general who declared they were taking over Canada, “Your choice is to join with us or enslavement!” This was the first time the U.S. ever invaded foreign soil. Invasions of this kind are a continuing theme in Canada-US relations. It’s obviously happening again? This time what’s shockingly different is that Canadians seem to neither notice nor care. It’s being done through control of the economy and by infiltrating the police and governmental institutions. This is how the U.S. has already marched into Canada and no one even knows. The ruthlessness of the U.S. towards Indigenous People will frighten Canadians so they will be too scared to resist the takeover.

What are the politicians and their corporate bosses getting the Canadian public ready for? They have invaded Iraq and Afganistan. They appear to be getting ready to invade Iran. The new “passport control” is probably going to end up as a “bait and switch” operation. People will get so upset about the passports, they’ll accept the “smart cards” that allow control without even noticing how much freedom they’re losing.

The U.S. is the only nation in the history of the world that dropped nuclear bombs against another nation. They are blood thirsty and brag about it when they teach history, especially their ruthless takeover of Turtle Island from the Indigenous People.

In the recent covert operations against the Six Nations land reclamation, nothing goes back onto the police forces, even though they’re behind it. Their tactic is using (un)ordinary people to do their dirty work, such as the skinheads, fascists, KKK, the Brown Shirts and the heavily state funded Caledonia Citizens Alliance to attack the Indigenous people. These groups might all have died out had they not been called back into service and funded by the state. Just what is the justification in using tax money to finance hate groups like these?

“One Dead Indian” satiates the appetite for Indian blood for this portion of the public. It’s part of their indoctrination. This is similar to the frenzy of sharks when blood is thrown among them, called “chumming the water”. The sharks can smell the blood from miles away. They speed towards it. It drives them crazy. They eat everything except each other. Then they need more and more blood. They’re driven to attack again and again.

The ancestors of the non-natives on Turtle Island did kill off 99% of the Indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere. These people today are their descendants. They’re being indoctrinated to release their self-control through video games and violent films where multitudes of people are violently killed.

The police and army are trained to shoot at targets that are replicas of their enemies. In Saskatchewan the police were caught shooting at a replica of an Indigenous woman. It’s meant to stir up their hatred for the targeted people.

How do we protect ourselves? Making people realize they have been set up as tools to eliminate the descent within their society of totalitarianism.

This is how the U.S. prepares their society for war against helpless people around the world. They use their military hardware to shoot innocent people as practice to exercise their dominance over other human beings.

At first some of the soldiers say they do not like what they are ordered to do. However, these young soldiers are trained to be sadists and are trigger happy. They go to war as nonchalantly as kids go to video arcades at the mall. To them going to Iraq is like going to a local garbage dump and shooting rats. They begin to enjoy menacing and killing defenseless people. After a while they can’t control themselves. Don’t forget, they’ve been given carte blanche to kill people without impunity. Remember the public inquiry on the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War when the soldiers went on a murderous rampage killing countless innocent women and children?

Today on Turtle Island we are being used as their guinea pigs. The so-called super master race (billionaires of the world) feels they can abuse and kill those of other skin colors and languages whom they have determined to be inferior to them.

During the Oka Crisis of 1990, Canada brought over Col. Musgrave who had developed the strategies for the British in their conflict against the Irish. In a newspaper article, he bragged that he could break down the Mohawks in three weeks. They started flying jets and choppers over us all night long so we could not sleep, shot and detonated concussion bombs and flares, held back food and then gave it to us, spread fear among the public by showing threatening videos on television about all the warheads we had, spread lies and propaganda and shut lights and water off and on. It didn’t work. In fact, it backfired! Some of the soldiers involved had nervous breakdowns.

Their masters are experimenting on those they consider to be inferior and whose life isn’t worth anything to them. In fact, getting rid of us would be very beneficial to them. Then they would complete their illegal theft of our land.

“One Dead Indian” shows us hundreds of menacing cops “goose stepping” into Ipperwash, banging in unison on their shields. This reminds us of the Gestapo in movies about Nazi Germany where they marched into the Jewish areas of the cities. They must be getting the public ready for a total police state. A few former OPP officers are absolutely disgusted with the direction their force has gone.

Martial Law already exists in Indian country. As long as we behave according to their dictates, we don’t see the cops. As soon as we step out of line we see the armed forces showing up in droves. Why can Canada and other colonial nations that are squatting on Indigenous territory defend their so-called “sovereignty”? If we try to defend our human rights and our sovereignty against their brutality, we are called “terrorists” and criminalized.

Like the vampires, once they start drinking blood, they can only stay alive by drinking more blood. These corporate and government vampires are trying to suck the blood out of the people who are preaching peace to the world.

Canadians, you’re next!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh