MNN. Mar. 29, 2010. We Indigenous know that we are being monstrously targeted. We are scattered throughout Great Turtle Island. The colonial government is trying to create a reason to remove and scatter us.

Our communities are deliberately being made unviable, unlivable and mismanaged to create weakness, hunger and thirst. Fierce restrictions, cutbacks, no jobs and no economy are being imposed to create hopelessness.

Resettlement is part of the strategy. Many of our people already have been removed to concentration-extermination camp conditions: Mohawk to Wahta, Innu to Labrador and Inuit to the high Arctic. Curfews and passes were imposed. Food and necessities were rationed. Many died. Our children were removed to residential schools. About half were killed.

In 2005 over 60 Australian Aboriginie communities were placed under martial law run by the military.

For 500 years European invaders continue the genocide of Indigenous. They control the money, police, government, economy and military.

The corporate media does not expose these atrocities. Communication is controlled. The masses say little.

Many of our people join the aggressors or pacifist cults. Some support Canada and US extermination policies, especially the colonial band and tribal councils. They put down any resistance. They will be heroes for convincing us to go like lambs to the slaughter. Their Indian cops tell us it’s futile to resist and encourage us to be passive.

Our resources are being used to carry out the genocide. Hannah Arendt said that in WW II almost without exception Jewish leaders in Germany and worldwide cooperated with the Nazis to carry out the Jewish holocaust. They designed the camps, targeted resisters, compiled lists to send to the concentration camps, which properties to seize and distributed the yellow star ID badge that Jews had to wear. Their own money paid for their holocaust.

If the band and tribal councils do not help their masters, there will be unorganized chaos and less of us will be killed or affected. They will discourage resistance, sabotage rescue attempts and coerce us to re-settle. Our lands and properties are probably being promised to them. In the end, they will be put on the same trains with us. The Apache trackers who helped the US army capture Geronimo were all sent to the same prison in Florida.

Fascist thugs believe that natural law is based on violence and that brutal force can solve social problems; democracy is the enemy of the people because it inhibits brutality; life is a perpetual struggle for existence. Only the strong and brutal survive; and the world belongs to those who seize and control it. [Hitler: Main Kempf].

Anti-Indian racism, threats to our babies, young men and women are control tactics. Our interrelationship with the natural world must be renewed. Living in identifiable communities is necessary. Solidarity must be created between our families. Trusted supporters must be found.

In the end Hitler’s Jewish police were gunned down: “If you can do this to your own, what would you do to me?” Using our own against us is an old tactic. It‘s harder to resist when our own are trying to help eliminate us.

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MNN. July 12, 2008. On Saturday, July 5th, 2008, at the Grand Council meeting the women ‘suggested’ that the chiefs stand with those people who had been arrested for demonstrating against illegal construction on our land known as “Brantford”.

On Monday July 7th at 9:00 a.m. the people met at the Ohsweken Arena. From there they went to close down four construction sites in Brantford. These four were involved in getting the injunction to bring in the armed forces if we interfered or stopped construction in any way or even went nearby and looked at them. Staring while being Indigenous is prohibited!

The first was “ Birkett Lane ” where ground was to be broken for 120 houses; “ Hampton Hill Heights ” on the outskirts of Brantford near Paris Ontario; and two other sites.

At Hampton Hill Heights a large fence had been built around the whole site. It was locked. 40 workers inside were operating machinery and glancing over their shoulders, scared of being circled by Indians. They knew that they had no right to be there. Our people walked up to the fence gate and moved it back and forth until the whole gate came off. The people walked onto the site. The foreman called the Brantford City Police who were already there. They did not know what to do.

It could be because on that day a decision had just been rendered by a panel of three judges of the Ontario Court of Appeal in the case of the Kichenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug “KI6”. They had received six months in jail for protesting the junior “penny stock” mining company, Platinex Company. They were planning to dig out platinum over the protests of the Indigenous owners of the land and mineral.

As Justice Smith said, “jail only served to acknowledge an already weak Indigenous faith” in the colonial courts. Duh! He asked, “How can 6 months in jail create a solution” to the intractable problem facing Canadians, who wish to steal resources without regard to its Indigenous owners? They know why we’re angry!

The judges decried the previous decision to “bring down the hammer” on Indigenous people who had already been subject to huge bills by the legal process. Aboriginals’ right to protest “cannot simply be dismissed as illusory, flawed or weak. Imprisonment, far from being a meaningful sanction for the community, had the affect of pitting the community against the justice system”. Duh!!

Criminalizing and jailing us will never deter us from protecting our land, resources, rights and lives. According to this decision if the agents lay a hand on us, they are law breakers.

At the Hampton site the cops grabbed their cell phones and video cameras and started to film us and wrote down our license plate numbers. They are building up files on us for “a rainy day” like martial law. The cops appeared to be assigned to identify us only. Warrants would then be issued for our arrest once they invent some ‘criminal’ activities to charge us with. They wait to execute the warrants when the target is vulnerable and alone somewhere. That’s the methodology.

The workers were aware that the land is subject to actions by the Indigenous people. They cordially asked for an explanation of Canada’s position. They said their own politicians had been brushing their questions aside or given them false information. After 45 minutes the site was shut down and cleared out.

According to the Ontario Court of Appeal we have a right to demonstrate all we want. Protecting our land is our duty towards the future generations.

“Any new development in this area or on our land has got to stop.” Confederacy chiefs – Allen MacNaughton, Ron Thomas and Butch Thomas – publicly supported the demonstrators.

MacNaughton said, “The city has accelerated things to hurry and cover up our land. They’ve interfered with our people’s rights to free speech and tried to silence our voices.”

At the first two sites, Brantfod police inspector Scott Easto told the Indigenous people, “You’re breaking the law,” “You’re breaking the injunction”.

The rolling demonstrations were largely peaceful, telling departing workers to, “Have a good day off!”

So what are the courts and cops going to do now? When this appeal court crumb was thrown to us, it left a great big void. So they will escalate Plan B. That is, to bring in “instigators”, “agent provocateurs”, “information gatherers” and “moles”.

The developers and their buddies will bring in skin heads, KKK, infiltrators, Indian and non-indian strangers who suggest extreme violence or utter confusion in order to set us up for the cops, courts and jail.

The infiltrators go into a community and take any side. Then another is sent in to take the opposite side. They both stir up dissensions and waste our time by drawing attention away from the real issues and the solutions that would benefit our people.

The mole is a long term asset who stays for decades. Some even marry into the community and have families to gain complete trust while they do their subversive work.

The others are “short-term” assets. One dirty rotten trick is for an “infiltrator” to start a whisper campaign against key people. They tell everybody, “Don’t tell anyone I told you this about so-and-so…”. Before you know it, they have everybody looking suspiciously and distrustingly at each other, ready to fight. It’s an old trick that the “the band council” uses to spread all kinds of stories against their non-supporters. On the other hand, the infiltrators that appear neutral or benign are just there to gather information.

Watch out for the “saviors”. That’s when somebody materializes out of thin air, [like Cathy “Space-Cadet” Duchene] who arrived like a locomotive from the West to pose as a long lost “Mohawk”. She’s “going to straighten the whole mess out” at Sharbot Lake , from her trailer next to the cop shop. Just look for the huge satellite dish on top.

Remember, don’t divulge information to strangers that are skulking around trying to pander and stroke us. Don’t forget the motto, “Loose lips sink ships”.

About 5 Six Nations people decided to commemorate the July 11, 1990 “Mohawk Oka Crisis” by shutting down an illegal construction site in Brantford . On Friday morning they arrived at 4:00 am where the insulation factory was being built. When the workers arrived around 6:30 am, they told them, “There’s going to be no work here today or ever”.

The Brantford Police, acting as go-betweens, said that their law and injunction were being “broken”. They informed the cops they were trespassing. The cops videotaped and wrote notes. More Six Nations people arrived. The workers left with almost everything. On Monday they are coming back for their concrete forms and office trailers. They said they’re going after the city of Brantford for lying to them. They should sue the city for issuing illegal building permits.

Stay tuned! This ain’t the end!

Karakwine of Kanehsatake
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