MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  During the 1970s pipeline protests, the Department of Defense set up a secret “war room” on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs in Ottawa. The windows were blacked out, a large map of Canada sat on a table in the middle, with red-yellow-green flags on all our communities. Rooms with computers were at the side.

Indian Affairs war room

Indian Affairs war room

In 1990 the Quebec Police, RCMP and Canadian army invaded 3 of our communities, an act of war. Daily strategy meetings were held in the “War Room” attended by Indian Affairs, Defense, Canadian Intelligence Services, RCMP, Quebec government, Quebec Police, Ontario Government and police, New York State Police and National Guard and other Canada and US agencies, media, band/tribal councils and other sell-outs. State repression used our own people to carry out the aggression against us. 

The public joined us against capitalist exploitation. They were threatened and arrested.  Politicians yelled provocative rhetoric. Right wing forces were whipped up.  Ethnic tensions were ignited.  People screamed demands to attack and bring us into line.

Surveillance was constant.  Agent provocateurs were sent in to provoke trouble so as to bring in crowd control and violence against us.  ATMs in our community shut down so no money was available. The siege lasted for 78 days. 

Today Prime Minister Harper wants to bring down the “Idle No More” movement. We are demanding the immediate repeal of illegal law C-45 to steal everything from us.  Their banker bosses want this resistance under control now!  The predators need tactics to take us out.  

Promises to Idle No More will be made which they don’t intend to keep; laws may be passed to ban protests; media will be flooded with anti-Indian rhetoric to minimize our support; disinformation and nasty reports published to create fear and cause divisions.   

To prepare ourselves, every family should maintain our own security. Our healthy members are being listed to be rounded up when they come in for the final solution.  Newcomers should be scrutinized.

207 check point

207 check point

Indian agents may make us use passes to go in and out of our designated areas.  In 1990 military checkpoints were placed everywhere, even on the St. Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers.

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks

Quebec coast guard ready to chase Mohawks


The state is asking, “What motivates those Indians.  We need to predict their moves. Do they have kids? Let’s stop the food, medical aid and other necessities of life. Do the old people need special care? What can we get away with?”

Our unpredictability is impossible for them to deal with. We use guerilla tactics.  They are bred to lie, misinform and use counter-intelligence. 

They know we have total unconditional sovereignty.  Mother Earth cannot be ruled. Their war room is cranked up. They watch us with drones, agents and infiltrators. They can’t put out our fire. Our young arrows are standing up for us.  We will do anything to defend our children.  When we dance, all our ancestors and future generations join us. 

As Seattle said:  “Tribe follows tribe.  Nation follows nation.  Like the waves of the sea.  It is the order of nature and regret is useless.  Your time of decay may be distant.  But it will surely come.  For even the white man cannot be exempt from the destiny.”  He too will get a dirt blanket.   

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 – THE DISMANTLING OF AN ILLEGAL ORGANIZATION MNN. April 29, 2007. Back in 1969 the Liberal government of Canada under Pierre Trudeau decided to do away with Indian Affairs. They weren’t going to do away with the “Tower of Terror”. They were going to do away with us by pretending to remove their obligations, budget and protections. They wanted to push us out onto the streets of Canada to die out.

Killing off a criminal organization like Indian Affairs is inevitable. We have to take it apart piece by piece. We have to do it ourselves every step of the way. The Indian Act was the “weapon of mass destruction” [WMD] meant to kill us off. How are we going to kill off Indian Affairs? By enforcing the Great Law of Peace and the Two Row Wampum.

Indian Affairs is currently the subject of an avalanche of criticisms and various lawsuits. The murders of our kids in residential schools, the police brutality, military attacks against us and the constant lies and deceptions by politicians has to stop. Their sudden dismantling Indian Affairs may be a ploy to remove the defendants in actions for liability for all the cruelty and larceny they’ve committed against us. They say, “remove Indian affairs, the Indian Act and to hell with them!” We can see right through them. They want to change our status as Indigenous people into “Canadians” so they can get out of their liability. It won’t work, Canada! We are not and never will agree to be Canadians.

So far, our relations with our colonial visitors has been one of “breach” rather than honor. They tell us the Indian Act is the only “vehicle” for delivering Canada’s obligations to us. Based on what we’ve been getting so far, this is an empty vehicle and it’s time to junk it.

We’ve always been struck by Indian Affairs’ similarity to organized crime organizations like the “Mafia”, except it’s “disorganized”. The head “Don” is the “prime minister”. He has cohorts and henchmen called “provinces”, “ministers”, “corporations”, “judges” and “armed forces” that are given authority over certain territories. The cohorts go out and enforce their rules. The government legitimizes its criminal activities with picturesque language that no one understands.

Originally the Mafia came in and lent money to immigrants to set them up. If somebody couldn’t pay them back, the enforcers would demonstrate their unseen power over life and death. The government’s cohorts set up this Mafia style system over us. They stole everything we have to make it look like we can’t function without them.

Indian Affairs cohorts must also take something akin to “blood oaths” to Queen Elizabeth and have to keep secrets until they die.

This Indian Affairs Mafia will control us unless that control is taken from them. Like the original Mafia, the only way to become a full “patch member” is to be from a certain ethnic background. The band councils strive to become full patch members so they can exercise the rule of terror over us to keep us in line. No matter what, they’ll never be accepted as full members of the white Mafia. The government encourages them to try anyway.

Indian Affairs was originally supposed to carry out nation-to-nation relations with us and to negotiate with us on land use. Greed lead the colonizers to “goose step” their mandate. Indian Affairs was set up to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”. Parliament gave itself extraordinary powers beyond its authority under the British North America Act 1867 to carry out the genocide of our people.

It’s time to close down the butcher shop and go back to the beginning. The real relationship is between us as landowners and them as “squatters”. We want our tenants to live up to the leases they made with us, to obey the laws and keep their promises. We want full accountability and a total forensic audit of Indian Affairs and its entire gangsta’ apparatus.

Once the Indian Act and Indian Affairs are removed, then Indigenous sovereignty, rights to self-determination and stewardship of all of our territories will be dealt with on a proper landlord-tenant nation-to-nation basis. Canada, stop falsely claiming our land. Start planning how you are going to carry out our instructions and authority over every square inch of our land. You have to stay in your ship and not pull our canoe as the Two Row Wampum agreement provides.

Canada, stop aiding and abetting corporate squatters who are gobbling up our assets, polluting our land and destroying the inheritance of our coming generations.

No more encroachment! Enough of our land and environment have been seriously damaged. It’s on the verge of becoming unlivable, not just for Indigenous people, but also for the colonial visitors who don’t seem to care about their own future generations or anyone else’s.

The abuse of us, our lands and possessions is the biggest scandal in history. Bringing down Indian affairs means freedom and self-determination for us.

Why do we think this is going to happen? Well, so far huge amounts of profit have gone towards the colonial machines that defraud and oppress us because of our complaints everywhere. A lot of lawyers and consultants have been getting big career boosts and piles of money out of inquiries and investigations into the criminal acts committed against us by the colonial government of Canada without resolving them.

Indian Affairs, we hope you’ve shut down your “War Room” in the Tower of Power run by the military! Stop funding racists like Gary McHale and the skinheads, KKK, Brown Shirts and rioters he’s organizing to attack us. Department of Defense, stop financing the demonizing of us in your military manual as “domestic insurgents” so that you can find an excuse to round up our “leaders” and young people. We know you want to put us in “Guantanamo Bay” prisons without charging us, for indefinite periods of time because you have labeled us as “terrorists”.

Hey, colonial crooks, let’s not get stuck on details. Let’s go back to square one when you landed here with nothing.

No, we’re not afraid to get rid of Indian affairs. They think they’ll shut us up by threatening to cut off all services and benefits. They can’t. They have an ongoing debt to us supported by all the human rights covenants Canada has signed and supports internationally.

We have to sit down and start talking about the terms under which you “intruders” can remain here. You know we never gave up the land. We never will. We can’t.

Europeans are Europeans, no matter what. The British are British. The French are French. And the immigrants are immigrants. For over a century colonial states have been dumping their rejects and social problems on our land. These displaced people tried to kill us off. We cannot tolerate the presence of this insane grasping culture which continues to commit genocide on us and our land.

These starving and disease ridden ragamuffins killed most of us off, stole our land and possessions and continue to try to stomp us out. Do we have to keep on being kind to them? We think we’ve given enough. We will look at the new situation pragmatically. We have to carry out our original instructions. The land has to be taken care off. The damage committed to us has to be repaired. The heritage of our future generations has to be restored. The visitors have to return Turtle Island back into the beautiful paradise they found when they arrived.

Kahentinetha Horn

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