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 MNN. May 10, 2016. Paper money made out of thin air is breaking wind. The bag of wind called “bankers” have nothing. They want control of all our assets, gold, diamonds, oil, minerals, land, trees, water, wind and every resource which are a part of us. They try to put a dollar value on everything.EARTH

For hundreds of years we have been almost exterminated because of this. The mass murder [genocide] failed because we and our mother continue to co-exist to follow the kaia’nere:kowa. We are tied to the earth. The bankers are definitely not. The internet exposes the UN Depopulation Agenda 30 to rid the world of onkwe’hon:weh.

Bankers' world map.

Bankers’ world map.

All our gold taken from Kirkland Lake, at the time the biggest gold mine in the world, is gone. Three years ago Mark “Carnage” Carney vacated the Bank of Canada and went to the Bank of England with our assets.trudeau village idiot

According to Admiralty laws, the CROWN thinks it has possession of everything and everyone on earth as their legal property! They decreed they own us, our names, birth certificates, drivers licenses, homes, property, businesses and land. They purport to give permission to their subjects to use their props according to certain time limits designated in their scripts [loans, mortgages, etc.]. Everyone is measured by their ability to pay the banker on time every month.'If someone farts in the forest and there's no one around to smell it, does it make a stink?'

Only our mother and her creation are real. Everything she created cannot be relinquished. Man-made scenarios are all planned by the bankers, every war, election, economic upturn and downturn, etc.

Seems like Tatodarho Sid Hill supports UN Agenda 21.

Corporate tribal chief Sid Hill at UN to support Agenda 30.

Our relations in the natural world have all the assets the bankers want. The trees, rocks, four-leggeds, winged ones and the rest of our relations in nature will never play this “monopoly” game the bankers have instigated worldwide. Their plan for the final solution is carved in the Georgia Guidestones. They plan to reduce the world population to 500 million to kill 80% of the onkwe’hon:weh. Kissinger calls us “useless eaters”.

We are real even though Canada and US fraudulently register or enroll us in their Admiralty system.

It appears the Hegelian dialectic is in play now with the Alberta wildfires. A problem was created so the colonial settlers would demand a solution, “Save us. Give us the pipeline”!

Looks like a controlled burn!

Looks like a controlled burn!

As Hank Williams sings in his forestfire shuffle: “I’ll gas up my hot rod stoker. We’ll get hotter than a poker. You’ll be broke, but I’ll be broker. Tonight we’re setting the woods on fire”.


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Stolen land map.

Earth wind map.

“mis’chief” 2007. MNN. Nations chiefs & defenders arrest.

Cost for Queenie!


Mohawk ironworkers & freedom tower.


Canada & UN Declaration.






video of Alberta fire


Play gas drill in NYC subway.


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