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MNN. 9 Mar. 2016. After waiting for almost 20 years the trial of the beatings of the rotino’shonni by the New York State Troopers on May 18, 1997 will finally begin.

Judge Scullin, we're the victims & the Troopers tried to kill us!

Judge Scullin, we’re the victims & your Troopers tried to kill us!!

On September 20th 2016, the victims plan for a one-year sojourn close to the court on our homeland. Occupy Wall Street comes to mind! One plaintiff plans to park a camper in front of the courthouse.

The US government will not hide behind corporate masks to commit murder any longer, Ronnie Jones. They will no longer kill those whom disagree with them.

The judge is Scullin, at 100 South Clinton Street, near Bill Clinton Way, America Inc., Syracuse New York. 315-234-8613 for more information.subdivision

The rotino’shonni have been waiting almost 20 years for this case to be heard. They were hoping we’d all die off by now. That is their ultimate strategy. The media shows their involvement in the disclosure documents.

The public is invited to join. Any provisions would be greatly appreciated.

It's Sept. 20th this year! Not 2036!

It’s Sept. 20th this year! Not 2036!

Maybe now we can have a proper tribunal outside their Admiralty jurisdiction. We want justice. The true criminals have not been charged yet. The fall guys [New York State Troopers] are being put on trial.

The legality of the United States as a corporate entity is at stake. Those hiding behind corporate masks [president, vice-president, generals, secretary of state, etc.] will pay for the crimes they committed for the corporation.occupy wall street

As the Jeff Beck Group reminds the criminal cabal what’s going to happen to them: “I’m going down – down, down, down, down, down, down. I got my big feet in the window, and my head is on the ground…”



Case #98CV374, Jones v. Parmley, New York Northern District US Court, 100 So. Clinton St., Box 7367, Syracuse NY 315-793-8151.

Video: Brooklyn to Kahnawake.

onkwe’hon:weh protocols for international relations.

Mikmag attack over fracking


Unistoten attack BC https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZS0YmJCnT_A

Cornwall sex abuse.

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Beating at Onondaga 1997











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MNN. Dec. 13, 2015. Since the 1946 Nuremberg Trials “following orders” is declared as no defence when committing war crimes. Each participant is legally responsible for their actions in combat. President Bill Clinton, Brig. General William C. Martin, Governor George Pataki, Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and the Onondaga Council of Chiefs Inc. are trying to throw the NYS Troopers that were following their orders under the wheels of the bus.

"Following orders" to exterminate people is perverted & corrupt.

“Following orders” to attack innocent people is perverted, corrupt and unlawful.

The politicians will be found guilty in the forthcoming trial for ordering the deadly attacks on the onkwe’on:weh at Onondaga. Our communities were to be levelled and turned into protectorates governed by martial law.


The ones who ordered this attack are all individually responsible for their actions. According to international law they must pay for their crime just as the German commanders-in-chief and their underlings did.

Court disclosures in Jones v. Parmley of New York State #98CV374 – reveal an aggressive  military strategy called the “INDIAN Detail” to use deadly force on us. Any attack on onkwe’honweh in the US can only be ordered by the President of the United States. Our houses and businesses were burnt down. Our villages were to be levelled. Critics of the Onondaga Council of Chiefs Inc. and NYS were banished from Onondaga. Operation “Gallant Piper” was called off.

False Flag girl is not Sky Woman!

False Flag girl is ‘not’ Sky Woman!

The following year, on May 18, 1997, NYS soldiers marched into our ceremony on the Jones property in Onondaga and attacked us. One year later Onondaga spokesperson, Ronnie Jones, was murdered. The 1779 executive order by George Washington to annihilate the rotino’shonni/Iroquois is still on the books. It must be recinded.

After December 31, 2015 a date for trial of the New York State Troopers will be set by Judge Wiley Dancks [Ph. 315-793-8151]. In 1946 the defense used by the Germans of “following orders” to commit atrocities against humanity was declared null and void.women protectors

As Joni Mitchell laments: “You say we have turned Like the enemies you’ve earned. But we can remember All the good things you are. And so we ask you please Can we help you find the peace and the star? Oh my friend, we have all come To fear the beating of your drum”. [Joni Mitchell. Fiddle and the drum.]


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IMF forgives Ukraine debt to Russia.

Kubrick confesses to fake moon landings.

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Mohawks withdraw from pipelines.

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NATO threatens Russia.

Whats in your name?




MNN. Mar. 13, 2013. Talk overheard by our Warriors of the 4th Dimension in the War Room on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs, Ottawa. Several band council chiefs are sitting with the genocide strategists;

“How do we kill their spirit? What are they going to do to us for the genocide we committed that is already proven?”

Chairman: "Let's get this meeting started."

Chairman: “Let’s get this meeting started.”


“Who’s pushing them? They say their Mother [Earth]! And she remembers the past! How do we get them back into the bag?”   

“They’re insane. Look at them. Next time they do something, let’s surround and intimidate them. Our agent provocateurs, like Gary McHale, can rile them up. Remember Oka! We’ll put razor wire round them.  No, we can’t. There are too many of them.  They have a lot of supporters.” 

“We can’t move them back into the concentration camps [reserves] and lock them up. That would be a violation of human rights. The rest of the world would see it this time. It’ll take too much rations and amenities to keep them there.” 

“We have to make them sign all those bills to agree to give us their resources, or we’ll put them into third party management and starve them out. Yeah, like we did in Attawapiskat. 

“We can make up more rules, set some new traps, so they can’t get away with anything”. 

“Yes, we took away 35,000 of their kids in the last little while and put them in foster care but we can’t break their strong attachment to the earth and their people.The assimilation strategy is not working. Just enough of them left to give us a big headache.”

One chief says, “We’ve done everything you asked of us. What can we do? The kids are more defiant than the parents, and they’re the fastest growing demographic in Canada”. 

‘They want to wipe out our wonderful hierarchical war making system. They want back everything we stole.They’ve never hurt us. We have gated communities and secret bank accounts. We don’t even have to look at them when they walk by us on the streets.” 

A chief chimes in: “They aren’t afraid anymore. They have nothing to lose. Whatever happens, they’re coming for us.  They say the whole temple is coming down.”  

“We can’t predict their movements. Let’s get the public to become scared of them. We’ll call them terrorists. We need another false flags like at Akwesasne that caused Oka. The masses could start hurting them. The cops are doing a bad P.R. job of making it look like civilians are abusing them.”

“A lot of the masses are on their side. They won’t retaliate, but they’ll defend themselves.”  

“Why are band councils and provincial and territorial Indian organizations falling apart? Don’t we pay them enough? They’re supposed to be the leaders we pay off! Our hierarchy system where we put one guy in charge and pay him off is not working on them. Is it this egalitarian system they always talk about?

Just give us more money!

Just give us more money!

One chief says, “Maybe if you tripled our pay, we could pay off some of them and make it work.”

Another chiefs says, “We try to keep them ignorant and pacified. They’re making moves without us.” 

Another chief reminds them, “I heard that someone told them, “Don’t make deals with murderers”. The Common Law Court based out of Europe just found the Pope, Queen and Prime Minister Harper guilty of complicity in genocide”. 

“Doesn’t that make us all guilty of complicity in genocide for following them, as it was stated in the Nuremberg Convention on the Elimination of Genocide? How did it come to this?  

“The band councils and Indian organizations are fighting to be the bosses of the Indian Affairs cabal. There is only so much largesse. Naw, there’s trillions in the Indian Trust Fund. What happens if they withdraw all their money from the trust fund???” 

Another job for Carlos!

Is this another job for Carlos the Jackal?

“We need their oil and other raw materials before they become obsolete due to this free energy technology. I know! We’ll send in our economic hit man to bribe somebody to make them play the game our way. If that doesn’t work, we’ll send in the jackals to assassinate a few of them. If that doesn’t work, then the US military will go in.” 

Red-X says; “When the shit hits the fan, them good little chiefs are gonna protect their own asses, not their masters in the War Department. As Paul McCartney sang, “Tell me, tell me, tell me, come on tell me the answer!” Helter Skelter  It’ll just be helter-skelter in your War Room on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs”. 

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