mnnlogo1MNN. Feb. 25, 2014. The US is the Black Serpent Dekanawida warned us about. It took over the White and Red Serpents, EU and NATO. They are busy fomenting war everywhere in the world, as they always have. See link: “From Wounded Knee to Libya”.

US/EU/NATO: Up to now only the Black Serpent has profited fro war!

US/EU/NATO: Only Black Serpent profited from war.  



Their current hit list are all nations that do not have a Rothschild central bank: Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and Iran.

"Hey, which way is south?"

“Hey, which way is south?”


Only the US people have the power to stop all of this madness. The leaders are supposed to work for the people. When they don’t, they have to go, as per Kaianerekowa, the Great Law of Peace. We have all been given “onikonra”, which makes us sovereign in our own mind. US people can use the “Guswentha” and the Kaianerekowa and follow the white roots of peace back to its source. They can help us to spread peace on earth for good. The door has always been open for the US and Canadian people since 1754 at the very first World Peace Conference called the “Albany Plan”.“Albany Plan”. People living in the US, can take a lesson from the other people in the world. The criminals will all be washed away when the waters of peace arrive.

The world is continuing. So let's dance!

The world will go on. So let’s dance!

The freedom of the people in Venezuela was impressive. Free of US imperialism. Two MNN editors, coming from third world communities in Canada, spent a year with the people in Venezuela. They are remarkable, robust and enjoy their freedom. In 1812 el libertador, the liberator, Simon Bolivar, crossed the Andes with an army and defeated the Spanish in Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. He taught them how to be free.

The Ukranian debacle is now revealed as a “false flag” implemented by the black serpent. The same m.o. is going on in Venezuela.

Venezuela gave to the world salsa, merenge and mamba. Let’s all sing and dance to “La vida es un carnavale” by Celia Cruz. “Carnavale”.

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MNN. Sept. 9, 2013. The Indian Trust Fund was set up in 1704. In 1867 and 1876 the Corporations of Canada and US were set up under Admiralty Law of the Seas and illegally placed on our land. Canada made itself the illegal trustee of our funds and calls giving us a few cents of our own money “sharing revenue from Indigenous resources”. Canada covers its debt from the ever growing $390 trillion Indian Trust Fund. 

Scrooge: "Hey, Indians! You ain't never gettin' it back!

Scrooge: “Hey, Indians! You ain’t never gettin’ it back!” [He thinks.]

A meeting took place in 2004 between Indigenous lawyer Art Manual and Naomi Klein and Wall Street’s Standard and Poors.  Poors is the credit agent that issues Canada’s top notch AAA rating to assure investors that the country can pay its debt. Indigenous people, land,  resources and funds are Canada’s economy. Poors agreed. “Sure, the entire debt is owed to you, but what army will enforce it? How are you going to get it from us?” 

Canada's credit getting flushed.

Canada’s credit getting flushed.

Instead of paying it, Canada has developed plans to “eliminate” the Indigenous obstacle, with the help of their incorporated band/tribal council and national “Injun” sell-outs.  

Bankers don’t want to come out of their high rise boardrooms to meet with us in the bush to talk about paying their full debt to us. 

In 2005 we objected to various mega projects like the Northern New York power grid and St. Lawrence Seaway expansion on our land. We sent copies of the objections to the stock exchanges of the world telling them that we are the natural people who never ceded our land and resources anytime anywhere on Great Turtle Island. Thus anyone raising money by putting up our land and resources as collateral for investment is committing fraud. Stock exchanges are bound to protect their investors. The NYS energy grid and Seaway expansion have not taken place. 

Obama: "We gotta get this war going!"

Obama: “We gotta get this war going!”

US has to start a war to “save” its economy! The world is onto this scam. 

$50 Cent tells it like it is with those gangsta’s on Wall Street: “I got a lot of living to do before I die
And/I ain’t got time to waste”. 50 Cent. “Wangsta”. 

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MNN. Sep. 7, 2013. US Senator John McCain was caught playing poker on his cell phone during the planning session to kill Syrian people. He laughed, “The worst part is that I lost $10 grand!” Corporate war-mongers are amoral serial killers. They are sex offenders on a large scale. Both get a kick out of killing masses of people. 

Senator John McCain: "I  got bored and amused myself!"

Senator John McCain: “I got bored and had to amuse myself somehow!”

Some sex offenders keep souvenirs linking them to their victims. It fuels their sense of themselves and the power they think they have over their victims. Mass murderers take the wealth of their victims called the “spoils of war”.   

Gruesome killings are carefully planned out, not random. When 150 million Indigenous were murdered, no evidence was supposed to be left that we ever existed. They left no bragging rights on their brutality to scare everybody! Today we are finding Indigenous artifacts hanging on the wall of the corporate monsters, to remind them of their skill in carrying out bizarre atrocities on millions without guilt punishment. 

The offenders document their crimes to re-experience the thrill of their debased cruelty. War museums, films and school books show how they can take any victim they chose any way they like and tell it as they please. 

Commander, CFB Trenton, Russ Williams: "Wow! I look better than the 14 year old I stole these from!"

Commander CFB Trenton & murderer, Col. Russ Williams: “Wow! I look better than the 14 year old I stole these from!”

Sex offenders start by peeping through windows, like the National Security Agency NSA collecting useless mega data on everybody. Privacy is broken into. “Lingerie’, computers and so on are stolen. Photographs are taken with the “goodies’. Some sex offenders are called “imbedded journalists” who travel with the troops to record the atrocities against innocent people.  

They both start small. Then the “sexual attacks” get grosser. In Iraqi prison Abu Graib US forces posed for pictures with huge lascivious smiles on their faces. The prisoners were bound, raped and then suffocated to death. 

Hey! We were taking orders!

Hey! We were taking orders!

The serial killers and mass murderers want to relive their sexual sadism and maybe even their conflicted gender identity. 

Some write books to titillate and impress others with their cruelty. Media gives great coverage to these monsters. The more gruesome, the more coverage, the higher the ratings! 

These murderers cannot be rehabilitated. Statues and memorials are erected of mass murderers and political serial killers like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The bankers want everyone to know about their brutality. 

Maybe revelations by Julian Assange and Edward Snowdon of their cruelty could be the icing on the cake for these madmen. Mass murderers like Pinochet and George Bush don’t want obscurity.  

Back to Great Law of Peace basics!

Back to Great Law of Peace basics!

Women can innately make long term plans for peace. Wherever the women hold the land and society is matrifocal, the people can survive thousands of years of conquerors. They have all the children and rescue their men from falling into the “warchief” trap. As Eric Colville sings, war can end. Eric Colville: “End of War”. 

[Janet Warren, Aggression and Violent Behavior”]


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MNN. May 1, 2013. Theft of our Indigenous resources is the cause of war. Some of us are standing up to it. All of us resisting together will end war. A big danger for the bankers is that the people will come to the Indigenous way and support the protection of natural resources. In the bankers’ pursuit of world domination the military strategy is failing on all fronts. A system of military blocks and alliances provides the framework for military bases throughout the world. No one is being fooled by the dying bankers’ terror machine anymore.careless word

The Indigenous struggle is worldwide, since warfare is wherever the enemy operates. A network of over 2,000 bases and a million troops stands in readiness for war. 

US goals for conquest of the world are to control the world economy and its financial market; and taking over all natural resources, particularly primary resources and nonrenewable sources of energy.  

After the 911 “false flag” in 2001, US President Bush made a quick tour to Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico “to promote democracy and trade” and to curb dissent to the US war plans. US bases in South America are related to control and access to the extensive natural biological mineral and water resources of the Amazon Basin. They are especially concerned with the International Network for the Abolition of US Military Bases which pursues disarmament and demilitarization. 

In April 2002 US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld unilaterally announced the takeover of Canada, following secret negotiations in Colorado. At the moment Canada is technically under martial law. NORTHCOM [United States Northern Command] can enter Canada anytime, by treaty that Prime Ministers Paul Martin and Stephen Harper personally singed. northcom

Because of the extensive resources on Indigenous land, Canada is the “center of the US empire”. Parliament’s job is theater, to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Canada is part of the war agenda in Asia, Middle East, massacres in Iraq and Afghanistan, torture of POWs, establishment of concentration camps, US preemptive military doctrine, including using nuclear warheads. Canada, like the US, is owned by the same banker families. Being a dictatorship, Canada must follow the business plan of its shareholders and implement the police state, racist policies, ethnic profiling and arbitrary arrests. 

People have to start using “onigonra”, the good mind. It is time to bury the weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time. As Bob Dylan sings in his classic Master of War, “You fasten all the triggers, for the other to fire. Then you sit back and watch while the death count gets higher. You hide in your mansions as the young people’s blood flows out of their bodies and gets buried in the mud.”goering

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Harper’s benign dictatorship

worldwide military deployment

 U.S. takeover of Canada

Worldwide strategy








MNN. Feb. 19, 2013. In June 2006, US Border Patrol and ATF [Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms] were caught monitoring the Six Nations standoff at Caledonia. There was no outcry. Our men were charged with interfering with these foreign agents.  Was this part of the groundwork for the future US invasion of Canada?

Is Prime Minister Harper the ‘Trojan Horse” for the US? When Hitler went into Austria during WWII, he had sent in secret agents to take over all levers of power, corporations, government, police and military. Then the Austrians welcomed him with open arms, parades and waved German flags. Will the US take over Ottawa, amidst waving Stars and Stripes, without firing a shot? 

Who's helping you this time?

Remember who helped you last time!

US and Canada know that they cannot exercise true sovereignty on Great Turtle Island without our consent, or our non-existence. Bankers and multinational corporations in England want control of our land, resources and funds. They will fail to get our cooperation, will try to eliminate us legislatively, or they will declare martial law on us. 

Disinformation is a strategy to create a confrontation. They need something sensational and traumatic to compare it with  conflicts showing bombs, riots, blockades and mutilated bodies, especially of children. [Sandy Hook, Aurora, Syria]. Mainstream media’s main role is to promote fear and anger subliminally to the population. In the past we never saw dead bodies on media. Now the norm is front page news picturing dead babies and crying women. We are being conditioned to see this as normal.  

We remember all those taken away.

They are still here.

To break down our resistance, our women and children are targeted. Indian Affairs takes our children from northern communities, places them in cities like Thunder Bay to be “educated’, and then organized gangs kill them. Police even admit their racist behavior.  CBC on Thunder Bay racism

Children’s Aid Society, law enforcement and military are closing in on our communities. The military is hiding on the outskirts of some of them ready to invade at a moment’s notice. The social services are set to declare an emergency and grab our children. 

A totalitarian regime is being put into place. We are the initial targets to frighten the public so no one will dare to resist. To commit martial law welfare recipients are the most vulnerable.

Our corporate band and tribal councils slyly help their masters make our society dependant, frightened and fearful, with no place to turn. These totalitarian schemes have been tried before.  They fail.  Prime Minister Harper does not object to this violation of Indigenous rights.

US and Canada, you will deal with us as a free people, the rightful guardians of unsurrendered Great Turtle Island. We created the perfect reality, which was interrupted 500 years ago.   

obama_harperHarper and Obama, we see through your masks. As Dylan said in “Masters of War”: “Come, you masters of war, you that build the big guns, you that build the death planes, you that hide behind walls, you that hide behind desks. I just want you to know I can see through your masks.” Masters of war

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