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MNN. June 27, 2018. Once again the invaders practice celebratory denial on July 1. They have drunken parties and spout tell lies about their gross misdeeds – residential schools, scalping, murder, stealing our possessions and the continuing genocide of all life. They continue to rape our mother and all of her children.  


ra-te-ri-wa-kwe-ri-ensta tse-nitsi-wahont-ti-tsa-ri-si kanon tsi-non hon-tsa-te ne kanon ne ka-we-noteh. tanon ro-na-se-tien so-hatie ne ne akwa onhontsa keken. tanon ne ken-non ne ne kah-ionkwa ta-hon-ne-ken ne ki-ie-sa-ton. tanon ne re-ti-io ta-tie a-ion ki-ton-teh ne ne onknkwawenneha. sekon tion-kwe-ta-kwen.

onkwehonweneha means being human in the way of forever which is being in harmony with creation. The tree of peace represents the people forever. It is always alive. We are like the needles that fall to the ground that go back into the earth to live again. We must all keep the tree upright. If the people should ever fall, all families are responsible to keep everybody strong.

Our mother created one bowl and one spoon. We shall all benefit from creation. No one can claim it is theirs. The spoon is not sharp as we dip into the bowl so as not to cut the skin, shed blood and create anger. 


The white man orders murder of life. They go to other lands and rape the people and the lands. They take no responsibility. They left their own mother and don’t protect anybody but themselves.     

Wracked with bitterness and regret, the invaders blind themselves from their promises broken and truths ignored, and how their greed poisoned us and all life on great turtle island. The invaders will feel betrayal all their arrogant attitudes and beliefs. We will be set free. Their own people will hand them over to the black serpent for disposal for the genocide they try to continue to commit.  

We will be grateful when they are gone. They won’t be here to force us to sing sad songs and live a sad life. The Band sings about the legacy of the invaders: “Tears of rage, tears of grief. Why must I always be the thief? Come to me now, you know we are so alone, and life is brief.”  


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MNN. May 26, 2014. Royaner oya tahontahonton ensonwarontiakeh. Those chiefs that bring in corporate authority violate the Great Peace. They may either be deposed or executed. They shall be warned three times in open Council: first by the women relatives, second by the men relatives, and finally by the chiefs of the Nation to which they belong.  For continuing to submit to foreign laws, such as the Indian Act and Federal Indian Law, the chiefs forfeit their birthright. Wampum 25.

Corporate Indians are part of the genocide. They must be stopped before they kill again!

Corporate Indians are part of the ongoing genocide. They must be stopped before they kill again!


To correct their erring chiefs, a wampum string is made. Three spans of the hand, the upper half being white, represents the women. The lower half black, represents equal contributions of the men of the nation. They have combined themselves into one head, one body and one thought to ratify the peace pact of the people.

When the third warning is ignored, the Council of Women consider the matter and then turn it over to the men. The people shall meet. The War Chiefs shall enter the open Council to warn the chief[s] to desist and pledge themselves to the Great Peace.

There are two courses should the chief[s] refuse to heed the third warning. Either the men depose the chief[s]. His deer’s antlers falls from his brow but remains within the nation. The War Chief then dismisses the offending chief. Throughout Onowaregeh, he shall be called, “They have alienated themselves” from their people and nation [tehonatonkoton].

When any Chiefs go against the Great Peace, they may be deposed or executed by the War Chief & His Men.

When any Chiefs violate the Great Peace, they may be deposed or executed by the War Chief & His Men.

In the second course of action, the War Chief shall make a string of black wampum. The men enter the council, stand beside the errant chief[s]. The War Chief holds the black wampum string and says: “You have not heeded the warnings of the General Councils of the Women and of the Men of the Nations. There is only one course.” The War Chief drops the black wampum and the men shall spring to their feet and club the erring chief[s] to death. Any chief may submit to the people before the wampum is dropped. Wampum 58.

The General Council of the Men and General Council of the Women have the right to decide on execution and war.

The General Council of the Men and General Council of the Women have the duty to decide on execution and war.

The right to execute a traitor is held by the General Council of the Men and the General Council of the Women. The Black Wampum symbolizes the Men’s power to execute. It is buried but may be pulled up to act upon as here described. Wampum 59.

The Band rages over the grief of betrayal: “Tears of rage, tears of grief. Why must i always be the thief? Come to me now, you know we’re so alone, and life is brief“. The Band. “Tears of Rage”.

UNCED. The new [old] world order.

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