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MNN. Nov. 3, 2018. te-ka-ri-wa-iena-wakon. Calling all onkwehonweh, brothers, sisters, friends, allies, our families, young people and elders.  

Come and learn. Let’s talk about the kaianerekowa, great peace and the tekeni teohateh [two row]. Let us open our minds so that together we can have mutual understanding. Let’s talk about unity and human rights. 

MAY 19 TO 23, 2018 @ SIX NATIONS. 

This is a peoples’ meeting. The invitation is open to everyone, including the chiefs, clan mothers and band councils. We have the minds to make good decisions. We are each te-wa-ta-tawi, we carry ourselves and have a right to meet to discuss whatever we want. Creation made us a free people. No one can dictate to us. This is a republic, which is rule by the people. Democracy is mob rule. 

Let’s open our minds and listen to each other. According to kaianerekowa we cannot listen to rumors, gossip and hearsay concerning this gathering and our affairs. The great peace shows us how to reach an understanding. Come and see for yourself. Ask questions. Have your say. We want to hear what is on your mind. 

There is only one version of the natural way. kaianerekowa teaches us not to fear the unknown, but to examine everything.  

We are a calm people who sit, listen to each other and participate. Because we have differences of opinion is no reason to become enemies. Everyone’s voice needs to be heard to contribute to our well-being. We should search each other’s minds and come to an understanding. The more knowledge we acquire, the better decisions we will make together. 

This is our responsibility for our children. Let’s end the confusion. Anyone with ideas who wants to help is welcome. The young people are welcome to be heard as they carry on the traditions. Strife can be dealt with using our clear minds. 





WATCH ROTINOSHONNI’ONWE SONGS AND DANCES: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page. 




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MNN. Nov. 2, 2018. Our native relatives from the south are telling the world there are no borders. We have a natural right to freely traverse our land, great turtle land, the entire Western Hemisphere. We always say, “We don’t cross [illegal] borders. Borders cross us.” These corporate borders to the North and to the South are for illegal control by foreigners. The Hopis, rotinshonn’onwe [Iroquois] and Aztec met every year at the head waters of the Mississippi river to council. The kaianerekowa [great peace] and tekeni tewatahineh [two row agreement] is for all our natural people. 



Are the native people of Central and South America being lured over the Mexico/US border to be brutalized? US President Donald Trump, an immigrant, doesn’t want them in the US because they are not white. He is trying to remove native dark skinned people to purify their white racist colony and keep stealing our land and possessions. No one can disconnect us from our lands and from each other where creation placed us. The US military will do whatever is necessary to keep our people from passing and repassing freely.  


Americans, Canadians and Mexicans are artificial corporate entities, not races. They are paper-made states, here to rape the land and enslave the people. There are no such languages as American, Canadian or Mexican. These squatters have no land or language. These thieves invaded, murdered us, set up shop and created these imaginary lines called “borders” to divide up the spoils among themselves.  

That proposed border wall is not for the true natural people or any life on turtle island.  

We have a right to live, feed our families and seek comfort and help from our brothers and sisters anywhere on great turtle island. 

The land, all life and the natural people are one. Our rights supercede the fictitious laws of the intruders. European invaders do not belong here. We permitted them only the depth of a plow share to grow food and feed themselves temporarily. Mad Bear Anderson told them, “Whatever nationality you are, that is where your home is.” They are not onkwehonweh.

Nothing can be sold. Everything on, above and below the ground and ourselves are part of nature. They had to ask for permission to dig a basement or well.  


We are being terrorized and murdered because of the demand for drugs and our resources in the United States. The invaders plan to clear cut the Amazon. ron-ton-hi-saks, our native brothers and sisters will sustain themselves on our land. Corporations will stop turning our lives into turmoil. Before the invasion there was no starvation and we lived pleasantly. 

Trump wants to control the Western Hemisphere. He calls the native people coming up from south and central America “criminals and invaders”.


When Europeans wanted to populate the Western Hemisphere, they emptied their prisons, insane asylums and took the poor and prostitutes off their streets and sent them here. The invaders with their rape culture are the criminals and intruders. White America works hard at forgetting their evil origins and intent and keeping it a secret.

Trump is a white Nazi supremacist. He and his regime do not belong here. 

Kendrick Lamar, in his protest anthem says it’s gonna be alright: “Now tell my mama I love her but this what I like. Lord knows, twenty of ’em in my Chevy. Tell ’em all to come and get me, reapin’ everything I sow. So my karma come and Heaven no preliminary hearing. So my record and my *** gang stand in silence for the record, uh. Tell the world I know it’s too late. Boys and girls, I think I gone cray. Try and decide my vices all day. Won’t you please believe when I say. . . “ Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.



READ THE KAIENEREKOWA, THE GREAT PEACE:  KAIANEREKOWA: The root of the word ‘society’ is ‘friendship’ and ‘companionship’. This concept is the basis of the kaianerekowa, the Great Peace, the Constitution of the rotinoshonni’onwe [Five Nations Iroquois Confederacy]. The Great Peace is a way of life that was provided to us as we saw it. It’s how we are to relate to the universe. 



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MNN. Sept. 2018. Over 100 rotinoshonni [Iroquois]  were viciously beaten by the New York State Police, as this video shows. The United States court system totally ignored and denied justice and truth from being presented. 


We have exhausted the entire United States court system for justice. Now we are serving an Application to the International Court of Justice in The Hague of 28 pages plus the annexes, the Gayanerekowa great law and video disk.

Each of the Onondaga 15 will provide oral presentations personally, and other witnesses will provide testimony in writing and orally to The International Court of Justice at The Hague and to the United Nations in New York City in support of this Application.




Filed in the Registry of the Court

October 2018

Case by 15 sovereign onkwehonweh [the original peoples of turtle island] of the rotinoshonni, Iroquois Confederacy, concerning grave Injustices. Reason: No Equal Justice Under Law, No Due Process and No Fair Hearing/No Fair Trial in the United States court system for the onkwehonweh.

(Andrew Jones, sovereign, et al. [“Onondaga 15”] vs. United States)

To: Mr. Philippe Couvreur, Registrar, International Court of Justice, Peace Palace, The Hague Netherlands. 



This Application Instituting Proceedings is made by the following 15 sovereign onkwehonweh [hereinafter “Onondaga 15”] vs. United States: 

Andrew Jones (sovereign), Robert E. Bucktooth, Jr. (sovereign), Cheryl Bucktooth, (sovereign), Robert Bucktooth, III (sovereign), Debby Jones (sovereign), Karen Jones (sovereign), Nikki Jones (sovereign),karoniakata Jones (sovereign), Shawn Jones (sovereign), kahentinetha (sovereign), dyhyneyyks, aka Alfred Logan, Jr. (sovereign), tekarontakeh (sovereign), Ross John (sovereign), Ronald Jones, Jr. (sovereign), Nadine O’Field/Ganonhweih, fka Nadine Bucktooth (sovereign),




On May 31, 1779, General George Washington, who later became the first President of the United States, wrote the following to his Major General John Sullivan [Annex 9, Annex 1 for electronic review]:

The expedition you are appointed to command is to be directed against the hostile tribes of the six nations [Iroquois Confederacy] of Indians, with their associates and adherents. The immediate objects are the total destruction and devastation of their settlements and the capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible. It will be essential to ruin their crops now in the ground and prevent their planting more. . . . But you will not by any means listen to (any) overture of peace before the total ruin of their settlements is effected. . . .

This command was carried out and continued as United States policy thereafter to this day and was never rescinded.

To carry out this order, the United States set up the infamous prison system called “reservations”. We are killed and separated from each other throughout turtle island where the United States tries to silence, control, impoverish, murder and deny our natural existence as intended by creation. 



iontonnheton – the existence of natural life. 

kaianerekowa – the great path of peace.

kasastenserakowa sahoiera – the great natural power.

onkwehonweh – the original people of the land.

onowarekeh – turtle island. 

rotinoshonni – the people who make the long house, Iroquois Confederacy.

sahoieren – creation.

tekeni teiohateh – the two row wampum.

tekentiokwanhoksta – Circle of 49 original families that formed the basis of rotinoshonni.

tewatatawi – we control our life [sovereign].

tekanehronkwatserah – the mind of nature. 



The United States strikes by any means to stop us from surviving as free natural people. They bribe “Indians” who become their citizens or agents to help carry out the policy of genocide. These traitors pledge allegiance to the United States through the Federal Indian Law. According to the kaianerekowa when our people serve as a United States citizen or agent implementing the genocide policies, they are traitors and alienate their birthright as true native people, tehonatonkoton.

The policy of physical and mental extermination of original native peoples continues. Prisons remain. Traitors remain. Poverty remains.

We sought justice in the United States court system related to violations of our human rights by the New York State Police. We received no justice, leading to this Application.

We 15 sovereign onkwehonweh request The International Court of Justice at The Hague to review and expose to the world the United States’ violations and to provide justice in this case. The kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, is the law of turtle island since time immemorial. We 15, men, women, children, and elders, were arrested, viciously beaten, injured, and terrorized by the New York State Police troopers at our peaceable gathering. The United States court system deliberately delayed and denied justice for each of us for over two decades in this case so that these troopers would avoid responsibility for their criminal actions. [Video of beating Annex 1 of this Application, infra]. This computer disc includes everything in this Application and Annex Record, Annexes 1 thru 8, for review electronically. The kaianerekowa [also gayanerekowa], the great law of peace, is set forth in Annex 8 of this Application,infra.

kaianerekowa is orally passed on from the ancestors of the onkwehonweh in our language, songs, ceremonies, wampums and stories that explains nature. See the video oral presentations [6 hours] that have been linked to Mohawk Nation News at Annex 8 that explain this very complex translation from Mohawk into English.



Each of us is sovereign [Article 40, infra, and Black’s Law Dictionary, infra]. Jurisdiction and sovereignty are based on the kaianerekowa, the great peace, the law of turtle island, and the tekeni teiohateh, the two-row wampum. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “sovereign” as “a person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested.” 

Self-determination is defined as tewatatawi, “the process by which a person controls their own life.” The onkwehonweh in this case are sovereign through their culture, traditions, and principles from time immemorial, and through the kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, and the tekeni teiohateh, two-row wampum. [Annex 8, Annex 5, Annex 1].

Article 3 and 6 with the other Articles and preamble recognizes that each of the individual indigenous [original native] peoples here are sovereign: Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination, to freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Article 92 of the United Nations Charter provides: The International Court of Justice shall be the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.

United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Article 40, provides: 


Indigenous peoples have the right to access to and prompt decision through just and fair procedures for the resolution of conflicts and disputes with States or other parties, as well as to effective remedies for all infringements of their individual and collective rights. Such a decision shall give due consideration to the customs, traditions, rules and legal systems of the indigenous peoples concerned and international human rights.

Article 1 must be enforced by this International Court of Justice:  Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.

Article 5 bolsters this Court’s jurisdiction in this case, providing: Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic, social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political, economic, social and cultural life of the State.

Article 45 of the Rules of Court, in the case of Jones, et al, v. Parmley, et al., Supreme Court of the United States No. 17-928 [Annex 3 and Annex 4 below], provides we sovereign rotinoshonni the right to institute proceedings in the International Court of Justice at The Hague, against the United States and its court system. The proceedings will be filed in the registry of the Court in October 2018.

Each of us sovereign onkwehonwe make this Application to this Court with a winning hand, which is nature. We are all free. All life is free. Nature is.

The World Court has man-made unnatural rules that are in conflict with the natural law of turtle island. Natural law provides natural justice. The World Court claims to provide this. The Charter of the United Nations and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [107th plenary meeting of The General Assembly, 13 September 2007] claims to support each of the sovereign indigenous peoples appearing in this World Court. 

We are not part of the corporate Statute of the International Court of Justice. We do not deliberately or knowingly join anything artificial or unnatural, like a corporation. We are created as one with all natural life. The United Nations claims to expressly support us in being naturally sovereign through its numerous Annex preamble paragraphs and pursuant to its Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11, 18, 33, and 40 thru 46 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [Annex 6, Annex 1]. Self-determination for all life comes from nature. We are born naturally sovereign. The World Court, existing only through artificial man-made rules, has been set up as “the principle judicial organ of the United Nations” and as the last avenue for justice in the corporate judicial system that permeates the world. The buck stops there. But not in nature. 

Article 33 of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples concedes this:

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to determine their own identity or membership in accordance with their customs and traditions. 
  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to determine the structures and to select the membership of their institutions in accordance with their own will.

The kaianerekowa and tekeni teohatehi guide us. 

Our sovereignty in this case is confirmed at Article 34 of the UN Declaration related to indigenous [original] peoples: Indigenous peoples have the right to promote, develop and maintain their institutional structures and their distinctive customs, spirituality, traditions, procedures, practices and, in the cases where they exist, judicial systems or customs, in accordance with international human rights standards.

Article 35 bolsters our sovereignty: Indigenous peoples have the right to determine the responsibilities of individuals to their communities.

The United Nations acknowledges that nature has determined that each of us is naturally sovereign through its Articles 34 and 35, and the other Articles in its Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

For this case we consent to this Court’s limited jurisdiction to hear this case pursuant to Article 38, paragraph 5 of the Rules of Court. We are presenting this Application with our clan signs being witnessed, pursuant to Article 38, paragraph 3, of the Rules of Court. 


We sovereign onkwehonweh act without agents as we are from and guided by the natural world. We live in peace, harmony, and balance with nature with respect for everyone and everything. 

States are corporations that exist only through unnatural man-made fictional rules. States cannot be naturally authentic. They exist in this Court only through an authentic agent. [Article 38, paragraph 3, of the Rules of Court]. The agent must be authenticated by this Court to act for non-authentic States. We are naturally authentic and don’t need an agent. 


The United States only exists on paper and comes alive only through interaction with corporate certified agents deemed as human beings. We are sovereign by just being born. The United States does not naturally exist, as such cannot own land, cannot have a native language of its own. It has no natural tie to turtle island.  Americans need a corporate paper for everything they do. We onkwehonweh are the first to represent ourselves as true natural parties in this World Court. The UN is the leader of the unauthentic. 

Similarly, only members of the Supreme Court of the United States Bar are allowed to appear before the Supreme Court. Real natural parties cannot appear by the Supreme Court’s own Rules. The United States politicians and the rich and powerful can use the Supreme Court, leaving the rest on the sidelines. 

The United States is comprised of settlers who invaded our land, turtle island, which cannot be ceded by humanity. The United States makes existence of nature and natural people inhuman. See tekarontakeh’s words that explain this [Annex 5 at transcript pages 9 thru 21, Annex 2, Annex 1]. [Text of words of each of the Onondaga 15 Applicants to this Court is set forth in Annex 2 of this Application, infra, and audio recordings of the words can be heard on the computer disc attached to Annex 1 of this Application, infra.]

Our existence is instilled in us through oral history placed on wampums and in our memory. kaianerekowa, the great peace, is the inherent tewatatawi, how we are to carry ourselves on turtle island and throughout our existence. The natural world creates the path by which we are to live. Our songs, ceremonies, stories and creation tie us to natural life and forces of our mother earth.

The International Court of Justice protects the predatory system that is attempting to rule the World by force. We natural people are imprisoned and controlled by the corporate bullying system. 

Each of the 15 sovereign Applicants submit this Application Instituting Proceedings. According to Article 40, paragraph 1, of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, and Articles 38 and 45 of the Rules of Court,  Jurisdiction of the Court is found in Article 36, paragraph 1, of the Statute of the International Court of Justice:

    The jurisdiction of the Court comprises all cases which the parties refer to it and all matters specially provided for in the Charter of the United Nations or in treaties and conventions in force.

“Justice and truth ” purport to be the cornerstone of the foundation of the Charter of the United Nations in protecting human rights for everyone worldwide. In this case, we come to the World Court seeking “justice and truth” through the Charter of the United Nations and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [Annex 6 here, infra, and pursuant to Articles 33 and 40 thru 46 of its Rules of Court].

“The Statute of the International Court of Justice, A Commentary [Second Edition], provides instructive comments on the procedure, edited by Andreas Zimmermann, Christian Tomuschat, Karin Oellers-Frahm, Christian J. Tams, Assistant Editor Maral Kashgar, and Assistant Editor David Diehl [Oxford University Press] (2012), at page 1092:

       When dealing with Art. 43 [of the Statute of the International Court of Justice: “The procedure shall consist of two parts: written (memorials through the Registrar) and oral”], it should not be underestimated that all procedure before the Court is dominated by the fact that the litigants are sovereign states that do not lightly accept outside interference in their affairs, especially when that interference touches upon major, if not vital interests of theirs. Questions of procedure before the Court therefore, by definition, cannot be approached on the same basis as litigation before even the highest domestic court.

In the World Court substance controls procedure. We the natural people are the substance and have the winning hand – nature – which always beats the house of procedure. The only way to deactivate our winning hand is to prevent our playing it in their man-made control system. 

The United States District Court relied on Onondaga sovereignty when it quashed subpoenas during the trial. The motion and the hearing transcript are provided from the District Court’s proceedings in Annex 5 and Annex 1 [computer disc] to this Application, infra

This Application is endorsed by the family sign of each indigenous [original] peoples of the Onondaga 15 Applicants, and will be filed with the Registrar, along with a certified copy of the original pursuant to Article 52, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Rules of Court. The court did allow us to present evidence regarding our sovereignty. 

Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples applies here and at every level of the United States court system, and was violated throughout the past 21 years: Indigenous peoples have the right to participate in decision-making in matters [of this International Court of Justice] which would affect their rights, through representatives chosen by themselves in accordance with their own procedures, as well as to maintain and develop their own indigenous decision-making institutions. Our kaianerekowa and two-row wampum were ignored.           

A certified copy of this Application will be served on the following:

The President of the United States, pursuant to the two-row wampum and the Canandaigua Treaty 1794, that the United States signed;

The Supreme Court of the United States;

The United Nations.



On February 16, 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States denied our Petition for a Writ of Certiorari [Annex 4] at the Court’s Friday morning conference of the 9 Justices.  It was one of 392 similar Petitions scheduled that morning. This time limitation only allowed case names to be called and and then denied without review, debate and reasons. 

Our Petition for Rehearing [found at Annex 3 below] was summarily denied by the Supreme Court on April 2, 2018. Every level of the United States Justice System denied us justice, due process, and a fair hearing/trial. We hope the World Court will provide us with justice and truth. [Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (Annex 6, Annex 1)].


On May 18, 1997, [21 years ago] the New York State troopers viciously attacked us, our friends, and our allies at a ceremonial gathering of the rotinoshonni. We each commenced a Civil Rights action in the United States District Court against approximately 125 New York State Police troopers of the racially profiled “I-81 Indian Detail.” The troopers violated the First Amendment [peaceable assembly] and the Fourth Amendment [excessive force] rights under the Constitution of the United States. The attached video exhibit [at Annex 1 and on YouTube and the internet] clearly shows the actual violations of our basic human rights. On October of 2016, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the police. Our appeal [set forth at Annex 4 below] describes the unfair trial proven from actual District Court trial transcripts.  The Judges of The Hague can review the denial to question witnesses, present our cases to the Jury, and where Judge [now Justice] Sotomayor’s law of the case supporting us was kept from the Jury. The United States Court of Appeals rubber-stamped the injustice. [Annex 4, and at Appendix A of Annex 4]. The Supreme Court of the United States confirmed the injustice. [Annex 4, Annex 3 [6 pages of detailed injustice by the Supreme Court], and Annex 1].

All documents and docket entries in the three courts are available through the links found at Annex 7 of this Application, infra, including all trial transcripts found electronically in the docket of the District Court.

Hey, Ambulance Chasers, we needed personal injury lawyers, not greedy class action suit shysters.

Without informing us, the District Court allowed our lawyers to dump us after 17 years of representation, discovery, and preparation for trial. We had to conduct our jury trial ourselves. This tactic by the District Court ensured that we could not get a fair trial [set out in Annex 4, and at Appendix C of Annex 4, and Annex 1, infra.]

At the conference of the 9 Justices on February 16, 2018, Justice Sotomayor recused herself from the decision in the United States Supreme Court without giving a reason, violating our statutory right to waive her recusal.  [Annex 4, and at Appendix B of Annex 4]. Judge Sotomayor wrote that the troopers could not defend their vicious attack on us in this case. At the subsequent rehearing on April 2, 2018, Justice Sotomayor once again recused herself and violated our statutory right to waive her recusal. We had no further recourse in the United States justice system, leading to this Application. [Annex 3 and Annex 1]. The Petition for a Writ of Certiorari, Waivers of Responses, and Order denying the Petition are set forth at Annex 4 and Annex 1, infra. Article 18 of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.



The United States court system violated Article 34 by not allowing us to present our customs, spirituality, traditions, procedures, practices, our kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, and the two-row wampum.

The International Court of Justice is mandated to follow Article 41 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which provides: The entire UN system shall contribute to the full realization of the provisions of this Declaration through the mobilization, inter alia, of financial cooperation and technical assistance. Ways and means of ensuring participation of indigenous peoples on issues affecting them shall be established.

Article 42 bolsters the International Court of Justice’ mandate: The UN system including the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, specialized agencies, including country and state levels shall promote respect for and full application of the provisions of this Declaration. 

Article 43 provides: The rights constitute the minimum standards for the survival, dignity and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the world.

Article 44 emphasizes individuals as follows: All the rights and freedoms recognized herein are equally guaranteed to male and female indigenous individuals.

Article 45 confirms: Nothing in this Declaration may be construed as diminishing or extinguishing the rights indigenous peoples have now or may acquire in the future.

And finally, [Annex 6, Annex 1]: 

[Article 46.3] The provisions set forth in this Declaration shall be interpreted in accordance with the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, non-discrimination, good governance and good faith. [No mention of something concrete like returning our tewatatawi, land and resources to us].

Turtle Island was always and continues to be inhabited by free natural life throughout the Western Hemispsphere.


The filed computer disc attached to Annex 1 below includes everything in this Application and Submissions Annex Record [Annexes 1 thru 8] for review electronically. 

          Annex 1 

                   Computer disc attached.

  1. Video of May 18, 1997, vicious attack by New York State Police;
  2. Audio recordings of words of each of Onondaga 15 Applicants;
  3. Copy of Application and Annex 1-8 Record for electronic review.

          Annex 2

  1. Audio recordings of words of each of the Onondaga 15 to The Hague;
  2. Transcripts of audio recordings.

Transcribed audio recordings in Annex 1included here in Annex 2. These transcripts are also included in the attached computer disc in Annex 1, for review electronically:

  1. Transcript of Words of Andrew Jones, sovereign
  2. Transcript of Words of Robert E. Bucktooth, Jr., sovereign
  3. Transcript of Words of Cheryl Bucktooth, sovereign
  4. Transcript of Words of Robert Bucktooth, III, sovereign
  5. Transcript of Words of Debby Jones, sovereign
  6. Transcript of Words of Karen Jones, sovereign
  7. Transcript of Words of Nikki Jones, sovereign
  8. Transcript of Words of karoniakata Jones, sovereign
  9. Transcript of Words of Shawn Jones, sovereign
  10. Transcript of Words of kahentinetha, sovereign
  11. Transcript of Words of dyhyneyyks, Alfred Logan, Jr., sovereign
  12. Transcript of Words of tekarontakeh, sovereign
  13. Transcript of Words of Ross John, sovereign
  14. Transcript of Words of Ronald Jones, Jr., sovereign
  15. Transcript of Words of Nadine O’Field/Ganonweih, fka Nadine    Bucktooth, sovereign

Annex 3 [Also on computer disc at Annex 1].

  1. Petition for Rehearing [6 pages] in Supreme Court of the United States;
  2. bOrder denying Petition.

Annex 4

  1. Petition for a Writ of Certiorari in the Supreme Court of United States;
  2. bNew York State Police filed “Waiver”s waiving any response or opposition to the Petition filed by each of the Onondaga 15;
  3. cOrder denying Petition.

Appendix A is the judgment of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit that was appealed to the Supreme Court. Appendix B is the interlocutory judgment from the Second Circuit penned by Judge Sotomayor. Appendix C is the Order of the United States District Court that allowed the attorneys for each of the Onondaga 15 to withdraw, leaving them without lawyers.  [pro se]. Also Denial attached.  

Annex 5

  1. Motion to Quash Trial Subpoenas granted based on sovereignty;
  2. bTranscript of Motion to Quash in United States District Court;
  3. ctekarontakeh’s words found in the transcript regarding sovereignty and the two-row wampum, and supporting jurisdiction in this Application to The Hague.

Annex 6

  1. Copy of United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesAnnex 6 supports this Application. [Found also on the filed computer disc at Annex 1, for electronic review.]

Annex 7

  1. Electronic review of all docket entries and documentation filed in United States District Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, and the Supreme Court of the United States in this case;
  2. bAll trial and pretrial transcripts available electronically from District Court docket;
  3. cAll briefs and oral arguments available electronically from Second Circuit docket;
  4. All written arguments available electronically from Supreme Court of the United States docket;
  5. eOral presentations will also be presented personally to the World Court by each of the Onondaga 15 Applicants;
  6. Other witnesses and supplemental documentation may be presented to the World Court at the oral hearing.

All docket entries and documentation can be reviewed. The International Court of Justice at the Hague must intervene. 

The docket entries in support of this Application can be found on the PACER electronic retrieval system at Jones, et al. v. Parmley, et al., United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, Court File No. 5:98-CV-0374, and the Briefs and the Joint Appendices filed by all parties in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [in New York City] can be reviewed on PACER at Jones, et al. v. Parmley, et al., Second Circuit File No. 16-3603-cv. Access to District and Second Circuit court docket entries on PACER can be found at the following link:

The oral arguments at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit are found on the filed computer disc at Annex 1, and at the following link:

The Petition for a Writ of Certiorari and Petition for Rehearing and all docket entries in the Supreme Court of the United States can be found electronically on the Supreme Court’s website related to Jones, et al. v. Parmley, et al., Docket No. 17-928 [2017-18], at the following link:

The pretrial and trial transcripts establishing the unfair trial can be found for review on PACER electronic docket in the United States District Court File No. 5:98-CV-0374, at docket entries numbered 799 through 810, and docket number 743.

This Application may be supplemented and supported by other written documentation.

Annex 8

  1. Copy of kaianerekowa, the great law of peacePresented in two versions, in Mohawk and also translated into English.
  2. The two-row wampum is not written. tekarontakeh’s words in Annex 2 and Annex 5 discusses the two-row wampum in support of this Application to The Hague.

Annex 8 is a copy of kaianerekowa (the great law of peace) is presented in Mohawk and English, with 6 hours of video commentary from kahentinetha and others about the great peace. The two-row wampum also applies and is not in written form. tekarontakeh’s words in Annex 2 and Annex 5 at transcript pages 9 thru 21, supra, in support of this Application to The Hague. [Found also in the filed computer disc at Annex 1, for electronic review].

          Annex 9A

  1. Order and instructions for total annihilation of rotinoshonni [Iroquois Confederacy] from General [future first United States President] George Washington to his Major General John Sullivan on May 31, 1779;

Each of us is sovereign as the natural original indigenous peoples of turtle island. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “sovereign” as “a person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested.” We are guided by the kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, and the tekeni teiohateh, two-row wampum, that provides natural justice. Annex 8, Annex 5, and Annex 1, Annex 2.

Over 20 years we proved that the United States justice system does not exist for us. We are asking The International Court of Justice to review and expose this injustice, inherent limits on justice and to tell the whole truth. The courts of the United States are foreign artificial man-made corporations imposed upon us by force. The colonial justice system of the United States courts have no jurisdiction over us, the native people of turtle island. Intervention by The International Court of Justice at the Hague is required in this case. For over 20 years in this case the United States court system protected the criminals. We have taken and exhausted all avenues available to us in the United States system. That system refuses any further filings in our case. Our experience is that justice is limited and the onkwehonweh are excluded. The corporate justice system is about fighting over possessions. kaianerekowa is about harmony with creation and has the tools to create balance with nature.



We request the World Court at The Hague to review and expose the injustice and failure to present the truth of the United States court system in this 20 year old case. The kaianerekowa, the great peace, and the tekeni teiohateh, two-row wampum, is the true and only tewatatawi of turtle island. All colonial constitutional and corporate laws and structures of the United States are foreign. These unnatural United States legal systems are based upon a foundation of greed and power that is contrary to our living in harmony and balance with nature. The unnatural United States legal systems were never recognized by the original peoples.  We request that the World Court recognize that the United States has no jurisdiction over native people of turtle island. We request that the World Court accept that the United States is subject to kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, and the tekeni teiohateh, two-row wampum. 

Today each of the 15 sovereign onkwehonweh [Onondaga 15] requests justice from the World Court in this case pursuant to the Charter of the United Nations and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. The United States has never rescinded its order for the total annihilation of indigenous peoples on turtle island. The deliberate injustice by the United States court system over the past 21 years in this case continues the United States quest to exterminate indigenous peoples on turtle island.

September, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

Andrew Jones, sovereign

Robert E. Bucktooth, Jr., sovereign

Cheryl Bucktooth, sovereign

Robert Bucktooth, III, sovereign

Debby Jones, sovereign

Karen Jones, sovereign

Nikki Jones, sovereign

karoniakata Jones, sovereign

Shawn Jones, sovereign

kahentinetha, sovereign

dyhyneyyks, aka Alfred Logan, Jr., sovereign

tekarontakeh, sovereign

Ross John, sovereign

Ronald Jones, Jr., sovereign

Nadine O’Field/Ganonhweih, fka Nadine Bucktooth, sovereign


Pine needles fall from the trees and return to the earth to continue their life. We will never die when we uphold the kaiaranerekowa. Babies are born and people pass. tekentiokwanhoksteh 49 families remain.

WOW! We’re in The Hague to get us some justice! Mercy of the Court sings about the United States Court system. “Throw yourself on the mercy of the court. It’s a blessing. It’d s downright dirty curse. Secret handshakes. Smoky backroom deals. You are a human being with all these human fears. Beg forgiveness. Alleviate your health. The bottom of their heart will grant you the bottom of the well.” 



THE FOLLOWING PREAMBLE PARAGRAPHS IN THE UN DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLE establish why our case requires a remedy from the International Court of Justice, the principle judicial organ of the United Nations:

Guided by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, and good faith in the fulfillment of the obligations assumed by States in accordance with the Charter,

Affirming that indigenous peoples are equal to all other peoples, while recognizing the right of all peoples to be different, to consider themselves different, and to be respected as such,


Affirming further that all doctrines, policies and practices based on or advocating superiority of peoples or individuals on the basis of national origin or racial, religious, ethnic, or cultural differences are racist, scientifically false, legally invalid, morally condemnable and socially unjust,

Reaffirming that indigenous peoples, in the exercise of their rights, should be free from discrimination of any kind,

Concerned that indigenous peoples have suffered from historic injustices as a result of, inter alia, their colonization and dispossession of their lands, territories and resources, thus preventing them from exercising, in particular, their right to development in accordance with their own needs and interests,

Recognizing also the urgent need to respect and promote the rights of indigenous peoples affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements with States,

Welcoming the fact that indigenous peoples are organizing themselves for political, economic, social and cultural enhancement and in order to bring to an end all forms of discrimination and oppression wherever they occur,

Considering that the rights affirmed in treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements between States and indigenous peoples are, in some situations, matters of international concern, interest, responsibility and character,

Considering also that treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements, and the relationship they represent, are the basis for a strengthened partnership between indigenous peoples and States,

Acknowledging that the Charter of the United Nations, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, as well as the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, affirm the fundamental importance of the right to self-determination of all peoples, by virtue of which they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

Bearing in mind that nothing in this Declaration may be used to deny any peoples their right to self-determination, exercised in conformity with international law,

Convinced that the recognition of the rights of indigenous peoples in this Declaration will enhance harmonious and cooperative relations between the State and indigenous peoples, based on principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, non-discrimination and good faith,

Encouraging States to comply with and effectively implement all their obligations as they apply to indigenous peoples under international instruments, in particular those related to human rights, in consultation and cooperation with the peoples concerned,

Emphasizing that the United Nations has an important and continuing role to play in promoting and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples,

Believing that this Declaration is a further important step forward for the recognition, promotion and protection of the rights and freedoms of indigenous peoples and in the development of relevant activities of the United Nations system in this field,

Recognizing and reaffirming that indigenous individuals are entitled without discrimination to all human rights recognized in international law, and that indigenous peoples possess collective rights which are indispensable for their existence, well-being and integral development as peoples,

Recognizing that the situation of indigenous peoples varies from region to region and from country to country and that the significance of national and regional particularities and various historical and cultural backgrounds should be taken into consideration,

Solemnly proclaims the following United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a standard of achievement to be pursued in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect.

International Court of Justice, The Hague

Contact the Court: International Court of Justice, Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands.  Telephone : +31 70 302 23 23  Fax : +31 70 364 99 28 Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.




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MNN. July 16th 2015. Nia:wen to our readers in Ohontsakaionen [old land] who see our solution as theirs too. This is their letter.

Great Peace of Montreal 1701.

Great Peace of Montreal 1701.

“Resistance 71 is a French and English speaking collective [in Europe] created in 2010. There are ways to remove the totalitarian society imposed upon all of us by a eugenicist capitalist oligarchy. Solutions to world imperialism, division and oppression reside outside the State and capitalist system, through the confederation of the free communes in a non-pyramidal, non-authoritarian, non-coercive and equal society for all. We look to the roots of our societies and human nature to find it. A key for this society to emerge is the fall of the Anglo-American empire through the pitfalls of its theft and pillaging of North America [Great Turtle Island] and its fictional “legal” system. Indigenous and western people worldwide can together bring about a new political and social paradigm so we can live equally and peacefully with our Mother. Contact the Collective through French or English e-mail: Blog:

... when para-military attacked Mohawks!

… when para-military attacked Mohawks! Fuddle duddle!

“#1. The “special ops” issue [at the Kahnawake pow wow] has a dual meaning: the oligarchs explicitly mean: “We commemorate with you [25th anniversary of the Mohawk Oka Crisis]. Let’s put things behind us“. Implicitly: “We are here, in your face, and will be back!” Head-on confrontation leads nowhere. Native nations are victims as the State has the monopoly on “legitimate violence”. Communities must prepare for the worse case scenario. The preference is to bring the “fight” on the enemy’s legal ground, which is based on [fictional] 15th century pseudo-legal papal bulls. This drives the entire legal system of the colonial states of USA, Canada, NZ, Australia, Mexico and South American states. The bulls “legalize” domination and subjugation without any legal or moral ground upon free and independent nations. These empires have no legal territory and ground. We say in French: “Un empire sans terre est un empire à terre” – “an empire without land is an empire on the ground“.
 All the BS Indian Act system will have to be repelled while engaging in the “legal” battle to make the Pope cancel the papal bulls or remove them from the legal system.

“Aware white settlers will help, if they feel secure and not threatened.
 It took us about 2 years to raise native issues through our translations and writings. They are stunned and horrified by what happened.

tree for everyone“The oligarchs have divided us. Change can happen through understanding, compassion and a sense of belonging. Reunification of body and mind individually and collectively take time. Guilt is counterproductive. Over 500 years of absolute madness cannot be changed overnight. More white people want to understand the wrongs of Western Christian civilization so as to move in the right direction. A social revolution can only come when the people are united with “one mind”, as your culture beautifully says.

“Resistance 71 believes in the vision of two great anarchist thinkers and activists: Pierre Kropotkine and Gustav Landauer who understood traditional societies on all continents. Their thinking and actions on social revolution lead to traditional Native American, African and Melanesian societies etc. They saw the need to dig up a universal core in all human beings which has been deeply buried in western societies. 
We see ourselves as janitors bringing up the jewel of society from the garbage it has been voluntarily buried under.

When push comes to shove!

When push comes to shove!

“#2 Oka 1990 is a great case study of both sides of the conflict, similar to the second stand at Wounded Knee in 1973. Communities should remain prepared to defend themselves [as is their right]. The Rotiskenrakete remain alert as in 1990. A sufficient number of Quebecoise “settlers” in Québec, Canada and abroad are supportive. The real “legal” issues and the false paradigm on which the whole system lies needs to be exposed. Steven Newcomb, Peter d’Errico, and others study the legal aspects. Many tried to reform the system from within. We see an increase in unity with those willing to learn. The right balance between strength and understanding is being formed.

“R71 tries to increase ties with native and non-natives involved in the legal aspects of the doctrine of christian discovery, to reinforce unity and the “one mind process”. We ALL want an end to colonialism, oppression, coercion, inequality, social suffering, poverty, economic and financial slavery. Worldwide unity can be achieved through a worldwide Two Row Wampum [tehiohateh], to end war, imperialism, colonialism, all empires, starting with the USA/UK/Zionist New World Order.

'Foreign Investments' Men catapulting money out of North America.

‘Foreign Investors can only catapult money out of Ono’ware:geh.

“Truly UNIQUE is that this empire has NO LAND! It stands on illegal land, stolen through fictional religious doctrines converted into a pseudo-legal system, based on ethnocide and genocide. When the papal bulls are repudiated, the empire will collapses forever! You [ongwe’hon:weh] have a UNIQUE weapon in your hands, as never before in history. The oligarchs are scared shitless. Their fake system of bullying and theft by genocide can be exposed worldwide for what it is and send their system into oblivion. They know it! They will do anything to stop it. By international exposure they cannot muffle it any longer.

“We launched a movement for Catholics to repudiate their christening (baptême). We take much flak from the integrist catholics and far right/royalist movements on the rise in France, due to the economic and political situations involving the induced “clash of civilization”. Many French-speaking people are waking up, stunned then horrified by the potential consequences.

All the bulls have been found!

Frances: “You mean my bulls are actually shit?”

“The native people of America [Great Turtle Island] have the solution. EXPOSURE of the legal issues. The repudiation of the papal bulls! Newcomb’s law institute researches combined with MNN would increase the impact. More unites us than divides us. Artificial divisions are designed by the oligarchy to preserve their status quo.
Your victory through justice would be a global victory.
 The Lakota people say, “Mitakuye Oyasin”, we are all inter-related. Nos anciens disaient “Nous sommes un et indivisibles” (we are one and indivisible), same but different…
That is what we think.

“P.S. to CSIS, CIA, DGSE, DGSI, NSA etc. reading this: Thank you for your time. Information [about the indigenous genocide] should keep you from sleeping. In the long run, we, the people, will win because we are on of the right side of history!

Mohawk Albert Stalk went to Paris during the 1990 Mohawk Crisis to free climb the Eiffel Tower to raise the issue of genocide. This is our swan song for today.

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CCN on Kevin Annett.

P.M. Harper’s Northern Foundation.





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MNN. JULY 15, 2015. Our proud young people stood up to the powers that be. The Haudenosaunee under-19 women’s lacrosse team withdrew Thursday from the upcoming FIL U19 Women’s World Championship in Edinburgh, Scotland. The corporatists say our Rotinoshonni-issued passports are not valid because they do not meet their corporate standards. We, the natural people of our land, need a colonial passport for international travel. This is illegal and immoral as we ongwe’hon:weh are not Canadian or American colonial settlers.iroquois passport


In 2010 Rotinoshonni sovereignty drew worldwide media attention when the U.K. would not allow the Iroquois Nationals men’s lacrosse team into its borders without Canadian or American passports. They withdraw from the tournament rather than use a corporate imposed identification. In 2014 in Denver they participated and earned the bronze medal because it took place on ono’ware:geh, Great Turtle Island.


The colonialists would not wish others to know that we had a sophisticated system of issuing passes to those who would enter our nation and territory. We gave them a special name in our language to use when traversing among us. Other systems existed for those who wished to remain.

Haudenosaunee Women's Lacrosse

Haudenosaunee Women’s Lacrosse

The Rotinoshonni issued passports in 1923 when Cayuga statesman Deskaheh went to Geneva to apply for membership in the League of Nations. Canada, a colony, had no right to be a member. Britain created underhanded pressure on the nine nations [Estonia, Ireland, Persia, Panama and other sovereign states] that supported us. Britain illegally made all indigenous people worldwide into wards of the colonial entity occupying their land.

pilgrims arrivingThese corporate “nations” will not recognize our sovereignty because it would destroy them and make them liable for all past crimes. The corporations of US and Canada do not want to respect the rights of the legitimate non-incorporated natural people of our land. Our identification does not meet the corporate requirements of the CROWN/Vatican to issue banking numbers.

Canada is violating an international treaty by breaching the 1701 Great Peace of Montreal, making the colonial settlers illegal occupiers on our land. The tehiohateh – Two Row – is the most brilliant piece of diplomacy ever devised for nations to live in peace perpetually.

These women stood up for freedom, dignity and integrity as a model for the world.

Bob Marley, the international traveler, would so admire these women. He would sing, “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights”.


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Iroquois women withdraw from international lacrosse.

Iroquois passport issue.

US pulls Canada’s mask.






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MNN. June 10, 2015. To the CROWN: We understand your people. They are disrespectful to us. They practice murder, kidnapping, rape, manipulation and every form of genocide. Our homeland must be rid of them. Take them home in a peaceful manner.

Queenie: "Now ongwe'hon:weh are kicking them out!"

Queenie: “Now ongwe’hon:weh are sending them home!”

All of our problems started with your colonial settlers who stole all our lands reneging on our original agreement in 1701. They set up dictatorship, imprisonment, corruption, theft of everything, environmental destruction and every form of prejudice.

Racism truthYour bar representative, Judge Murray Sinclair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC, has set us up for total termination to protect you. His recommendation is for your colonial children to keep control over our stolen lands, resources and sovereignty. Incorporated INDIANS are already oppressing, murdering, assimilating and annihilating us, with para-military backing. Mr. Sinclair is a residential school product, groomed as the front man to relieve pressure on the CROWN, churches, and everyone who benefits from genocide. If we refuse the TRC “white wash”, ordinary services for our basic survival needs will be cut off.




The TRC actually represents no truth, no reconciliation, no compensation, no justice. Sinclair calls us “Canadians”. The CROWN speaks through is mouth. The residential school paedophila system successfully trained him to help continue the genocide.


According to kaia’nereh:kowa, our land, possessions and all profits must be handed over to us by the thieves. No gold or silver can buy our sovereignty. We are not for sale to any bidder. kaia’nereh:kowa will deal with those who continue to defy the law of the land.

The Two Row Wampum, teiohateh, is hidden in one of your little rooms in the palace. If you personally want to reconcile with us, show up with the original wampum belt from 1701 that was presented to you in Albany, that brought your children to Canada. Only then can we begin to renegotiate the lease. Harpeau C51

As the top troubadour, Mr. Johnny Cash, would sing for the Queen and all of her evil step-children, “Goodbye, little darling. We’re parting. Parting don’t always mean goodbye. Although we had to part, you’re always in my heart. Goodbye, little darling, goodbye!”

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White farmers flee Zimbabwe.


Voice of Russia interview of kahentinetha.

New US internet law.

C-50 Vancouver Observor.

UK full house.

UK full house.




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MNN. 8 June 2015. The majority of White South Africans take no responsibility for apartheid, though they are the main beneficiaries. Over 40% think apartheid was a good idea, but badly executed. Canada’s “INDIAN reserve” system was the model for the apartheid system. Today the vast majority of South African Blacks are more impoverished, even more since the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC hearings in 1996. They can now buy clean water and electricity. A few are wealthy. TRC denied trials of the colonial corporate butchers who committed genocide. Instead they got amnesty. Apartheid-signs

TRC did not address the collective loss of dignity, opportunities, systemic violence, stolen land and resources, denial of education, and the role of corporations that collaborated with and made money from the brutal apartheid regime. Forced removals are deemed to be legal.

In 2008 when TRC started in Canada, the conservatives changed their laws to protect their businesses and their accomplices so they can keep stealing our resources, destroying our environment and removing protection for us. They are trying to renege on their debts and keep illegally occupying us. They want to oppress us by no jobs, no education and no money. We demand total control and profits from our lands and resources, as the agreements between free and sovereign parties would mandate.

If nothing else, the CROWN was found to have committed “cultural genocide”. Those who took part and benefitted or who didn’t actively resist will be charged in an international venue. TRC nailed the whites and their INDIAN helpers, who betrayed us, sold us into slavery, helped murder our children, allowed corporations to torture us and kept it all secret. They’re going to jail.

Many White South Africans glorify their apartheid past. 60% feel that victims of gross human rights violations should not be compensated. For stable development and to maintain social order, detention of political prisoners is necessary. Also whites should have economic control. TRC FAILED.

TRC was a sell out to the CROWN! South African Blacks have no economic power and no ownership in major corporations. Illegal land ownership continues. Well-armed policemen attack and imprison protestors who are fighting bread and butter issues. Strikes abound. Social and health services are denied. Mines and banks have not been nationalized, like in Canada. Violence has skyrocketed. ApartheidCanada

Indian Affairs Minister Valcourt remained seated at that final TRC spectacle in Ottawa. In effect he said, “I am the master. When I call you, you will come in front of me and kneel down.” He tried to maintain the fraud of his power by an old Pavlovian tactic. We see through their lies.

We are not wards of the corporation of Canada. TRC appears to be planning to split our money and resources and control our land with a few of their INDIANS, who will illegally speak for us. We will fight you. In the meantime, pay the ongwe’ho:weh for every plot of land you illegally occupy and everything else you’re stealing and have stolen from us.

The Jews had this stolen art returned to them.

The Jews had this stolen art returned to them.

Jews, who, under duress, signed away their property and suffered a holocaust, have had their property returned or were compensated. We want nothing less than our worthy counterparts. We ask them to demand equality of treatment for their ongwe’hon:weh brothers and sisters. Looted art.

Reconciliation without justice is a continuation of subjugation. The justice sought may take time. It can be found. Sixto Rodrigues sings about the apartheid in South Africa: “Sugar man. Wont you hurry, cause i’m tired of these scenes. For a blue coin, won’t ya bring back all those colors to my dreams”. [Sugar Man].

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Good intentions went wrong.

Susan Linfield. Trading truth for justice.

Truth Commission.

Globe: Canada on brink of reckoning.




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MNN. 15 Mar. 2015. We pulled back the curtains and saw into the band council’s change room. It’s the same old genocidal business plan to steal our land and get rid of us for good. We can’t be killed outright without them being charged with genocide. So our unsurrendered land will be turned into CROWN land, we’ll be kicked off for a few dollars, then it can be sold to the bankers. Remember, the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis on Kahnawake is unsurrendered Haudenosaunee land, which can’t be legally sold. We are owed rent by our Quebecois tenants which is well past due. Government handlers at the Canadian government MCK Inc. headquarters direct the whole business plan:

Busy, Mike?

Busy, Mike?

1.Blackout the media coverage.

2.Restrict the agenda to only money and relocation.

3.Call small “consultation” meetings with a handful of people. The less the better! Those not attending are considered to have acquiesced.

4.Have meetings with corporate focus groups, not Mohawks.

5.Keep out negative comments in the main report.

6.Set hard and fast time limit so the chief can get his off-shore bank account bonus! Chief Mike wants this 335-year old land issue over by June 2015.

7.*Make up numbers to appear they have 51%.

8.Say that this land grab “is internal to the local community” and does not affect the other Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawks.

9.When the discussion gets hot, stir up the meeting with babble and a fight, over an unrelated issue, then close it down fast.

10.When the going gets rough, the chief taps his fingers on the table for the crisis actor to get up and talk on unrelated personal issues.

11.Don’t provide the names and addresses of the CROWN’s Privy Council handlers so they cannot be questioned by the people.

'Here it reads you once sold your Grandma to the Devil. Well, that makes you the perfect head of our sales department.'

We are seeing the worst of Canada and its incorporated INDIAN band council puppets. Remember, these INDIANS are our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, mothers, fathers, cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers who are all preparing the deadly Kool Aid for us to drink.


The song that comes to mind for this scenario is like going to a rodeo. “It’s 40 below. Got a heater in my truck. And I don’t give a fuck. I’m off to the rodeo. All the men left, all the women right. Come on, You fucking dummy. Get your right step right. Get off the stage. You goddamn goof. You know you piss me off, you fucking jerk! You get on my nerves…” [Rodeo Song, Gary Lee & the Showdown].


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Read: C-51 few questions no answers.

Read: Ready for martial law.







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MNN. Nov. 20, 2014. At a recent meeting the Rotinoshonni/Iroquois discussed the residential school holocaust perpetrated on us by the CROWN/Vatican. They became of one mind that the CROWN/Vatican should be charged and forced to answer for the crime of genocide before the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.

Nowhere to go! No rock to hide under!

Nowhere to go! No rock to hide under!

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC headed by Chief Judge Murray Sinclair, has already gathered evidence and proven the crime of genocide. He announced his Commission has no mandate to charge the CROWN, only to provide the truth of what happened, and to develop a reconciliation strategy. Since he cannot charge the CROWN, all his evidence on behalf of the 80,000 murdered Onkwehonwe children can be taken and filed.

The law of Onowaregeh is the Great Peace/Kaianerekowa. No Admiralty statute has any jurisdiction over us on Onowaregeh. Only the Guswenth/Two Row Wampum is the basis of all of our interaction. The corporations’ only basis for their claim on our land are the Doctrines of Discovery, terra nullius, etc. which are legal fiction. These doctrines have been condemned as socially unjust, racist and in violation of basic and fundamental human rights. These papal bulls have been the basis of the murders of 150 million Ongwehonwe in the Western Hemisphere.

As everybody knows, anything based on a lie is a lie. Admiralty Law [CROWN law] is for banks and corporations. We Rotinoshonni are the ongwehonwe of the land. We are not a corporation and not a bank. It is illegal to trade our land for money. All Admiralty [CROWN] statutes are based on this lie.

Our children wait.

On October 25, 1924, the genocidal Indian Lands Acts were imposed upon us by the CROWN colony of Canada. They were to be deemed as binding on the provinces as if they were acts of the legislatures. They are by-laws of the corporation [CROWN]. At this time ‘reserves’ were set up forcing the ‘Indians’ into captivity. Then they snatched our children and inserted them into their residential school death camps. The Palestinians can expect a version of the residential school holocaust to be imposed upon them. We are going to stop this from happening to anyone else ever.

Background: In 324 AD Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire set up Christianity as the official religion of the empire. The capital of Rome was Constantinople and the capital of the church was Kiev Russia. In 910 five hundred priests broke away from the Christian Church and set up their syndicate in Rome Italy at the Vatican. They called their new religion “Roman Catholicism”. The monarchs of Western Europe were behind the creation and day-to-day operations of the corporate entity, the CROWN/Vatican. Each monarch had a turn to place their Pope in the Vatican for life. Roman Catholicism is “corporatism”. All corporations get their ISO number from the Vatican. Canada is ISO #1366-2:CA 1867 and USA is ISO #3166-2:US Feb. 21, 1871. The CROWN/ [Vatican] is listed as the majority shareholder in both of these corporations.

Through Admiralty Law all admiralty courts are also private corporations owned by the CROWN. All Canadian, US and British courts are Admiralty courts. There is no way for us to get a fair hearing in any Admiralty court because the owners of the courts are guilty of the genocide that we are charging them with.

Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague. No Admiralty CROWN Court.

Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague. Not Admiralty CROWN Court.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague was set up in 1899 by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia as the first international court for world peace. It is not an Admiralty court. It is designed for cases like ours. He and previous Tsars saw the genocide occurring in the Western Hemisphere due to the Catholic Bulls. Russia was never a part of the Western Hemisphere genocide. Let us all stand together as one earth family, the roots going in all directions, plant a tree of peace and bury all the weapons of war.

Sing & dance for those past and coming.

Sing & dance for those past and coming.

We do this for our children, as Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sing about all children: “You, who are on the road, must have a code that you can live by. And so become yourself because the past is just a good-bye. Teach your children well, their father’s hell did slowly go by, and feed them on your dreams, the one they fix, the one you’ll know by. And don’t you ever ask them why. If they told you, you would cry. So just look at them and sigh, and know they love you”. Teach your children well.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada,

1500-360 Main Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3Z3, Toll Free: 1-888-872-5554 (1-888-TRC-5554) Telephone: (204) 984-5885 Fax: (204) 984-5915Email:

Read MNN “Fatally Flawed Decision”.

Permanent Court of Arbitration, Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands T:+31 70 302 4165, F:+31 70 302 4167

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MNN. Nov. 3, 2014. The MNN editor made these comments to the Quebecois of Sorel Quebec, a city on Mohawk territory near Kahnawake. A sculpture was being unveiled dedicated to the French people.

1710 Iroquois explain Great Peace in Queen Anne's Court, London.

1710 Iroquois explain Great Peace to Queen Anne’s Court, London.

The French created war between the Iroquois and New France from 1609 to 1701. It was a 92-year war with us. They lost every one and sued for peace to end the wars. The Great Peace of Montreal was made on June 25th 1701, on the summer solstice.

We Mohawk were the enforcers of the Great Law for the Confederacy as the “Keepers of the Eastern Door”.  The French route to the American colonies started from Richelieu down the Richelieu River to Lake Champlain, the Hudson River and on to New York. Bloodline agent, Champlain, launched their war against the peace from Richelieu into Ticonderoga where they killed two of our chiefs. We’d never seen guns before.

Fort Richeleiu was subsequently built to protect travelers, settlers and military from the Mohawks. In 1647 we burnt it down. The French military rebuilt it in 1665.

Champlain’s job was to divide the Indian nations after thousands of years of peace. He started a war of extermination of the Mohawks, to break the peace between us and the Hurons and Algonquins. In 1645 we invaded Ontario and defeated the Hurons and Algonquins and took all their land because they broke the Great Peace, the Kaianerekowa.

The French plan was to take all of Great Turtle Island. After losing every war against us, they changed their plan from war to peace. The French signed the Great Peace of Montreal based on the Two Row Wampum agreement we call the “Guswentha” and the Kaianerehkowa, the Great Peace. Shortly after In August 1701 the British also accepted the Great Peace in Albany.

Quebecois must be proud of taking part in the first international world peace conference in Montreal in 1701. They accepted the peace before the British and everyone else. All the nations on Great Turtle Island were represented by the 49 nations that took part, through their friendship and alliances with the Iroquois Confederacy.

Then In 1710 we sent 5 chiefs to the Court of Queen Anne in London England to explain the Great Peace to the 13 bloodline families of Europe. It was the world’s first international peace conference.

Today is one of the most important times in the history of our relations. Soon the world will see Peace. Quebecois, it is time to recommit yourselves to the Great Peace which was put in your minds when your ancestors accepted the peace. You committed yourselves to spread it. Now we ask you to do it as it was meant.

The French are the first Europeans in the world to accept the Great Law from us, the Iroquois. They took the principles of the Great Peace back to France and created the first republican government in Europe. Let us symbolically join our hands in a circle and recommit to the agreement that was made so long ago. Let us celebrate by planting the tree of peace so that everyone in the world will follow the roots and spread the peace throughout the world. Let us create an unstoppable force right from Quebec where it started. Skennen, gasastensera, kariwiio. Peace, righteousness, power.”

The courier du bois shoot Lachine Rapids by Kahnawake.

Courier du bois shoot Lachine Rapids by Kahnawake.

The Quebecois have a very important role in the world. This 100-year old song by George Marsh was sung many times by the Quebecois: “Do the cow-moose call on the Montreal, when the first frost bites the air, and the mists unfold from the red and gold that the autumn ridges wear”. Listen: Old Canoe.

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After the Quebecoise signed the Great Peace of Montreal, the ideas of peace went to Europe and began the French Revolution that continues. Quebecois have an important role to play in spreading the Peace. Rebellion in France today.