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MNN. May 4, 2017. The heist of ono-ware-keh, great turtle island, began the continual war on earth. The murdering banksters killed us, stole our land and now their heirs enjoy the fruits. The colonial thrill seekers committed the genocide of our men, women, children, babies and nature because it gave them a “buzz”. 


They are conditioned to seek artificial thrills, according to man-made rules. What happens when there is no buzz? They have to artificially create a feeling of living by fighting over something bigger, like the globe and then outer space. Boom, noise, clang, bang and destruction of material things and life gives them reasons to exist. 

Onkwe-hon-weh, the true natural people, are connected to the earth from where we get a natural pleasure from being alive. 

The heist of great turtle island exported terror to the world, to make everybody jump. Trump is following the corporate agenda to increase the ever flowing dividends to the share holders with artificial time lines. He screams, complains, threatens and takes what is not his. Americans feel awake. They feel most secure when millions are dying, starving and suffering worldwide.  


The US Republic of War falsely claims their land base on ono-ware-keh. The US was created to terrorize the world. Chiefs, welcome to the army. All those playing ball are evildoers. Your job is to assimilate and annihilate us. 

The Incas prophesized that the eagle and condor will rejoin to return balance to the Americas. We onkwe-hon-weh will co-exist with each other and all nature as siblings on our mother. 

The first heisters such as the Hudson’s Bay Company, the East India Company and East Virginia Company have morphed into the global corporatocracy of today. 

As Michael Jackson points out in his epic “Thriller”: It’s close to midnight, and something evil is lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart. You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it. You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes. You’re paralyzed.”

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Philippine rhetoric CHE











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MNN. May 2, 2017. Red-X, the Mohawk medicine man, from the future, past and present, telekinetically communicates to all onkwe-hon-weh people. He states, “The immigrants came to steal our land and enrich themselves and their own families. They follow whatever rules their pyromaniac heirstructural power dictates”. 

“Genocide. Watch for sweaty palms, heavy breathing – their greatest feeling in the world.”



Their greatest fear is when their highest initiates figure out that hey have been lied to. Then the veil is lifted, “Everyone will know who we are and no one will give us shelter. And we shall be cast down for all eternity from whence we came”.   


The elephant in the room is the real holocaust perpetrated by the Crown against us. 100 million dead onkwe-hon-weh. “They will be washed away forever”. Dekanawida said, “The black serpent will see the bright light. It will be fearful and he will swim south never again to be seen by the onkwe-hon-weh.”


Throughout their visit, they have always tried to scare us, so they can keep what they stole. They set traps to shut us up. In the end the truth always prevails, even though they have continually rewritten history to cover the liability of their shareholders, who own them. 


In the beginning we thought we could be friends. We welcomed our “youngest brother” by offering to help them. That was not their nature. Instead they formed a police state under statute law controlled through private admiralty courts. We continually catch them stealing and lying. Now they don’t care. The dog that bites the hand that feeds them becomes a maniac dog in the end, that has to be put down. 


Everywhere that colonialism has struck, they engrain in their victims that the Crown can get away with murder, theft or any brutality. The Crown’s foreign policy is based upon “the end justifies the means”. The Crown has been admitting their crimes by saying, “I’m sorry for murdering your children ”. The Crown will not try itself in their privately owned admiralty court. 


Red-X says,
They’ll just have to run our gauntlet. As per the kaia-nere-kowa. 

Red-X reminds us that, “They pick a leader that is an entertainer who knows how to work his audience. We’ve seen these snake oil salesmen who have a rabid fan base”. 


“Like the trees and the rocks, we’ve been sitting here watching since they got here. Mother earth is singing a new note and reminds us of changes coming soon”. Then Red-X boarded his silver eagles, left us with a Ted Nugent song, as he flew back to the 5th dimension. 

Ted Nugent had some vision with this one: “Kamikaze from the 100th floor swan dive to the street. He couldn’t handle the madness no more. He craved sweeter meat. Yeah. Yeah. Dog eat dog. Dog eat dog.”









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MNN. May 1, 2017. The colonial executioners, called band and tribal councils, are running into some problems. Their job is to not worry about their people, only about themselves and their own families. If they don’t take the bribe, they are targeted by the jackals for assassination. If they survive that, the US military is sent in to finish the job. READ: 


[I.e. Panama, Grenada, Nicaragua, etc. At this moment Pine Ridge Reservation is being targeted by the same “economic hit man strategy”.] 

We are the rotino’shonni’onwe. If anyone or group tries to establish something contrary to kaia-nere-kowa, the great peace, they are deemed to have alienated themselves.

The corporation cannot pass legislation over creation. Our mother earth’s vibration is now singing high doh, 90 hertz. She used to sing low doh, 7.83 Hz. 

When the shareholders of the corporations become liable for the crimes of their corporations, the war will finally be over. 

As the blind man says — “we shall see!” 

Fear is a sickness. It wlll crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it. It has tainted our peace. Nature does not raise us to live in fear. It has been struck from our minds. Fear cannot exist in a natural mind, as fungus cannot exist in alkaline. 

We farmed here. We hunted here. We fished here. We took care of everything in nature. Until our younger brothers from across the big waters arrived, everything was totally sustainable with the natural world, as per the original instructions. 


As the Tragically Hip sing about blowing at high doh, mother earth raises her frequency: “Well, sometimes the faster it gets, the less you need to know. But you got to remember the smarter it gets, the further it’s gonna go. When you blow at high doh. When you blow at high doh.”

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Putin’s Russia in biggest Arctic military push since Soviet fall | Reuters RUSSIA ARCTIC PUSH Russia unveils its new Arctic military base housing nuclear-ready warplanes and REINDEER-powered special forces




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April 28, 2017. South American nations don’t trust the US. US forces inside Venezuela promote foreign intervention and overthrow of the government. The Organization of American States (OAS), facilitates control of Latin America and the Caribbean. So Canada acts on behalf of the US to interfere in Venezuela’s sovereign will and refusal to come under imperial dictates. Canada also acts on behalf of the financial oligarchs in Canada, US and all of the Americas. 

The OAS is run out of Washington DC. Canada requested the special meeting with OAS, which has 34 members, to force a regime change in Venezuela in the name of “democracy and human rights”.


The Bolivia Ambassador, Chair of this session, denounced the attempted coup for not consulting or providing an agenda. It failed. 

Canada Ambassador Jennifer Lotem then organized an internal “institutional coup”, by disempowering the Chair, Vice chairs and setting aside OAS rules and procedures.


The designated Coup Chair declared the resolution was adopted by consensus, though most members were not there. The US threatened Venezuela “to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbours”, on the basis of false accusations. 

On April 6, The Trudeau government called an emergency briefing in Ottawa to immediately force the regime to step down, without giving Venezuela any notice or a voice.


US imperialists and oligarchs, constantly attack the Bolivarian revolution achievements. Venezuela is depriving them of power. 

On April 19 over a million marched in Caracas and elsewhere to defend the country’s sovereignty and Bolivarian revolution against foreign international violence and destabilization. Spanish colonial rule was overthrown 207 years ago. 

President Trump supports the coup, is fearful of their economic achievements, concerned about the failure of the US backed overthrow and about the acknowledgement of indigenous land and resource rights. 

The US goal is to destabilize and control all of Central and South America and the Caribbean. OAS members are intimidated into backing the attempted coup through political interference, trickery, blackmail and economic and military threats.


OAS is falling apart. Venezuelans opposed US attempts to take over their country.

The people support institutional revolution. The Trudeau government defends Canadian corporations that brutally violate human rights to steal indigenous land and resources. This is the corporation’s band and tribal council system that has been oppressing us for 500 years. Today millions of children go to bed hungry in US and Canada. Se-wa-ri-hoh-kten! 

Mikal Ico sings a song of courage:


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Venezuela’s Withdrawal from Organization of American States and Background Information
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MNN. Mar. 6, 2013. In 2007 President Hugo Chavez held a large conference of Indigenous people in Caracas Venezuela. The MNN Editor attended. So did Vernon Bellcourt of AIM and others. We stayed in a 5 star hotel. Top officials mingled with us daily. The Venezuelan dynamic socialist movement was proudly displayed. They had returned to the natural path that was always there for everyone. Chavez and his people accomplished so much without a war or global interference. beret

The last days of the colonial system are at hand. Venezuelans had suffered for hundreds of years from military and civilian dictatorships. Local and global forces held them and their resources in economic bondage. Chavez helped free his people from the clutches of the International Monetary Fund and US Corporate greed. 

The new society is based on peace, power and righteousness, the natural law in action. Predatory capitalism is on its way out. 

Chavez headed the Social Democratic Agenda that built an egalitarian society from the ground up. Regional federations of Communal Councils dealing with local issues were set up. Billions were distributed to these Councils. State of the art health centers were established throughout the country. Literacy jumped to almost 100% in a year. After building safe and healthy environments the people could chose to put their money into the “National Development Fund”.   

Using the oil funds, the economy was taken out of private control, giving the people controlling shares. Energy sectors and public utilities, drinking water and fresh air were top priorities. Social structures were reorganized. All officials, economy, finance, banking, transportation, security and public safety had to be transparent. 

Distribution of national wealth is the foundation of the economy. Science and technology has to benefit all people. Education, health, environment, biodiversity, industry, quality of life, financial sectors, including banking and insurance, has to conform to the Bolivarian social philosophy of equal distribution to all. 

Chavez created an innovative musical education program called “El Sisterna”. 500,000 children from all strata of society are trained at more than 120 centers. More than 200 youth orchestras have been formed. Training in music is known to develop math skills in the young. 

For years Venezuela donated 40 million gallons of heating oil to the indigenous and poor of the US. 

Outpouring of love, tears for Hugo Chavez.

Outpouring of love, tears for Hugo Chavez.

This movement will make US and Canada irrelevant. Colonial nations are on the edge of fascism. Corporatism, nationalism and the delusion of an almighty-directed capitalism based on military force are openly fighting to stay alive. Sour grapes Prime Minister Harper offered condolences, saying he hopes, “the death of Chavez brings a more promising future for the Venezuelan people”!! He knows his coffin wouldn’t be surrounded by a tearful populace in an epic farewell. 

Morales and Chavez always remember their roots.

Morales and Chavez always remember their roots.

Chavez is no longer here. His vision is. He lead the opposition to Western influence in the region. President Evo Morales of Bolivia said, “Chavez is more alive than ever”. Chavez and five other South American leaders were infected with various forms of cancer. Some are in remission. The most vocal and dynamic died. 

Listen to “Glory to the Brave People”,  in honour of a great national hero: Hugo Chavez. Venezuelan National anthem

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STOP U.S. Aggression Against Venezuela

Sign the petition online:

Donate to help with organizing expenses.
International Action Center
Founded by Ramsey Clark
5C – Solidarity Center – 55 West 17th Street – New York, N.Y. 10011
212-633-6646 –

The United States government and its corporate media’s belligerent campaign against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and its leaders must cease at once. Several incidents that occurred during the
session of the United Nations in New York City clearly expose the campaign’s escalation.

On Saturday, September 23, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, who was part of the delegation from Venezuela attending the UN meetings, was detained for 90 minutes in the JFK International Airport as he was ready to board a plane to return to his homeland. Charging that a code in his airplane ticket identified him as “almost a terrorist,” U.S. authorities held him. Mr. Maduro told CNN that he was confined to a small room and told to remove his clothes; he added that when he showed his diplomatic passport, the harassment increased. Then he was threatened, pushed and yelled at by immigration and police officials. He was also stripped of his travel documents.

Venezuelan General Consul in Chicago Martin Sanchez was also searched at LaGuardia airport. “After passing the X-ray control, they told me to open my bags. I showed them my diplomatic card, but they insisted on searching my hand baggage, because they thought it might contain a banned object. I wasn’t able to board my flight and had to wait three more hours for another plane.”

President Hugo Chavez’ personal physician and his chief of security had to remain aboard the plane that brought the delegation to the UN event since their visas were denied, therefore their legal entrance to the country was forbidden.

These incidents are clear violations of international law, the Vienna Convention and the obligation of the U.S. government, as the U.S. is the site where the headquarters of the UN is located.

The UN is supposed to be a neutral place where nations can debate in a safe environment, without external interference. The U.S. government has the obligation to protect and safeguard that environment and all the heads of state, representatives, diplomats and accompanying staff. The U.S. has failed to do this in this case.

This unreasonable hostility from the George W. Bush administration towards the Venezuelan leaders only validates the name “devil” by which President Chavez referred to U.S. President Bush during the Venezuelan president’s address in the UN.

The U.S. media and even some personalities have shown their hypocrisy by attacking President Chavez for using that word. But actions speak louder than words. Those personalities and the media circus gave little thought or consideration to the countless victims, among them many children and civilians, of Bush’s military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon in the name of “democracy”: the destruction of infrastructure, the loss of thousands of lives, the contamination of the world environment, the destabilization of the world through the “antiterrorist” military campaign and threats to countries like Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. They forget the crimes perpetrated against the victims of Katrina, many of who are still without housing or resources to rebuild their lives. Is it not reasonable that many would view the head of this administration as the personification of evil?

It is time to face the danger that the United States represents here and abroad in order to stop the destruction that otherwise will occur.

Ramsey Clark

Teresa Gutierrez & Sara Flounders,
Co-Directors IAC

Chris Silvera, Chair
National Teamsters Black Caucus
Sec/Treas. Teamsters Local 808

James Petras
Writer, Professor

Peter Coyote

Dr. James D. Cockcroft
Writer, Professor

Padre Luis Barrios, PhD
Iglesia San Romero de Las Américas

Judy Wicks Founder/President White Dog Enterprises, Inc.

Charles Barron
NYC Councilmember

Felipe C. Teixeira
Most Reverend OFSJC Bishop
Northeastern Diocese
St Francis of Assisi, CCA

Frantz Mendes, President
USW Local 8751
Boston School Bus Drivers

Leslie Feinberg,
Writer, co-chair LGBT Caucus, National Writers Union/UAW

David Sole,
President UAW Local 2334, Detroit

Berta Joubert-Ceci, MD

Dorotea Manuela and Tony Vandermeer
Co-Chairs, Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee

Larry Holmes
Troops Out Now Coalition

Pepe Abola, ROSA 7053, Youth Group of Boston Rosa Parks Committee

LeiLani Dowell
Fight Imperialism Stand Together – FIST

Sue Harris
People’s Video Network

Ardeshir Ommani
Stop War On Iran
Iranian American Friendship Committee

John Parker

Jesse Lakahi Hiawa
Asia Pacific Action

Women’s Fightback Network

Steve Gillis, Vice-President
USW Local 8751
Boston School Bus Drivers

Susan E. Davis, Delegate
National Writers Union
UAW Local 1981

Sign the petition online:

poster: Thahoketoteh