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To: Governor Cuomo of New York State, Chris Cuomo of CNN, New York Times, Mohawk Nation News

From: an onkehonweh of turtle island.

Army of the Frontier stands firm against Indian Outbreaks despite Retrenchement and Red-Tape

MNN. June 13, 2020. The definition of a cult – “order followers’. The following video taken of the vicious unwarranted attack on the rotinshoinni [original peoples]] on May 18, 1997 at Onondaga is a prime example of systemic ongoing injustice in New York State. SEE video [8 mins].

Everybody is now talking about outlawing the chokehold. They should outlaw all racist beatings and injustices. Perpetrators should be dealt with harshly and quickly so it will never happen again. This brutality started with the first uninvited settler colonists. It’s a bubble that needs to burst. The cult is trying to fulfil the ultimate goal of their corporate business plan known as Canada and the United States. COVID19 is being used to lock down everyone on earth. They will continue to protect themselves and keep a tight control on turtle island and the world. Their laws work very well for the white rulers, liars, thieves and cheats. We original people are forced to live under the systemic injustice, racism, oppression and genocide that has been perfected by them and spread throughout the world.


  1. All US presidents up to Lincoln owned African slaves. They are the ultimate hypocrites.
  2. Systemic racism is the basis of the US corporation that squats on our land from pole to pole and ocean to ocean. Some original people survived the genocide of 150 million natives throughout turtle island.
  3. We refused to be slaves. Europeans kidnapped the Africans to be their slaves here.
  4. When slavery was abolished in 1865, the blacks were emancipated and became soldiers for the whites to continue the genocide of the natives. We called them “Buffalo Soldiers” because of their nappy hair like a buffalo. They wiped out 60 million buffaloes to starve out the original peoples. They were manning the gatling guns on the Sioux at Wounded Knee in 1890. The blacks continue to glorify what they did for the white man.   Then they were disbanded and diverted to other useful purposes of the whites.
  5. The United States designed a system of racism to control the former slaves, the riffraff and to eventually extinguish the surviving onkwehonweh [original peoples]. This system continues to be enforced by mainly white police and military, protected by a private court system with no accountability, responsibility, and liability.
  1. The system of “divide and conquer” works well for the 1% worldwide.
  1. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis exposed this system. He was murdered by a lethal chokehold that was used on us, Palestinians and others with impunity. Now there is worldwide condemnation.


It is our duty under the great law of peace, kaianerekowa, to stop the ongoing threat to the land and the people. This is summarized in the “Two-Row Justice v. United States/World Court”: STUDY THIS CASE:

Over 200 plus armed New York State Police attacked the unarmed men, women and children rotinoshonni [ierokwah, iroquois] without provocation. They had no badges, no name tags, carried a hit list. They were fully armed vigilantes in collusion with the so-called governing body of the corporation known as the ONONDAGA NATION to destroy and take control of our economies. We came together to discuss alternative measures.


Over the past 23 years, the New York State Police was protected from punishment by a system set up solely for that purpose. The following 8 systemic government partners ensured New York State Police would never suffer any penalty civilly or criminally for their crimes against the rotinshonni:

1.New York State Police

2.New York Attorney General

3. New York State Governor

4.United States District Court for the Northern District of New York [Syracuse]

5.United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [New York City]

6.Supreme Court of the United States

7.United Nations, Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights, United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP]

8.International Court of Justice at The Hague, The Netherlands [World Court]. KENNETH DEER of Kahnawake works for the Rockefeller corporation known as the UN. His role is to make sure none of the legitimate Iroquois issues get on the court docket in New York or Geneva.    

The website and videos show the New York State Police  could indiscriminately beat, injure, terrorize, and arrest 100 peaceful unarmed men, women, children, and elders who were gathered for a meeting and ceremonial feast on their own land. Government departments completely supported the police.


1.The vicious uncalled for attack.

2.The original peoples filed a Civil Rights action in United States District Court [Syracuse] which was ignored.

3.The New York State Police, the New York Attorney General, and the New  York Governor refused to acknowledge any blame.

4.The United States District Court supported this delay by allowing the Civil Rights Action to languish on its docket for 20 years.

5.After 17 years 76 original peoples settled for a few dollars and walked away.

6.15 refused to settle, known as the “Onondaga 15.

7.After 17 years of representing the Onondaga their 15 lawyers withdrew from the case, leaving them lawyerless.

8.This was followed by an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City.

9.The United States District Court did not allow the Onondaga 15 to present their case to a Jury, and were no-caused.

10.The United States District Court protected its government family member, the New York State Police.

11.The next stage was at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City.

12.They rubber-stamped the systemic injustice to protect all governmental injustice.

13.The final stop at the Supreme Court of the United States proved that SCOTUS as a last resort in the United States justice system would ensure government will never be held accountable.  Nothing can slip through the cracks of their fake justice system to expose the United States systemic injustice to its Citizens and the World. [See Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court, wherein Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer recused without giving the Onondaga 15 their right to waive the recusal pursuant to Congressional law. 10 years earlier she was a Judge on the Second Circuit, wrote an extremely favorable Opinion in favor of the Onondaga 15 against the New York State Police.

14.There is no redress for the Onondaga 15 in the United States justice system. It proves the Onondaga 15 cannot stand before the fake justice system and expect resourse.

15.The Onondaga 15 went to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights to expose this United States systemic system of injustice. The website shows the private corporation known as the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights would not open the door for the Onondaga. It is a major part of the World-wide systemic injustice, racism, and police/military brutality. UNDRIP falsely broadcasts to the World that Indigenous Peoples Rights must be protected and supported throughout the World.

16.Next the Onondaga 15 tried to get the case into The International Court of Justice at The Hague, The Netherlands. This World Court too refused to expose systemic injustice in the World.

17.The only remedy is the kaianerekowa [the Great Law of Peace] and teiohateh [two-row wampum], the original and only law of onowarekeh, great turtle island and for the world. Webite has these documents.

The original natural peoples placed on turtle island by creation are not Americans or Canadians. The invaders murdered, imprisoned, enslaved the original people of the Western Hemisphere. Everyone who stays on turtle island must abide by the kaianerekowa and two-row wampum. Otherwise they are here illegally.

Beware of those that have created and benefitted from the system of injustice. They will be advocating for the status-quo to remain. The systemic injustice worldwide is exposed.

Governor Cuomo, the ball is in your court! Every corporation on turtle island, throughout the Western Hemisphere, is null and void. Every original placename [cities, towns, streets, parks, rivers, lakes, etc. etc.] must be immediately restored in the original languages. Every European system of injustice must be destroyed.


As Deep Purple hits the nail on the head about the current madness we are dealing with: “ Don’t look too long in my face, it could be a big mistake. I’m hanging on a thread so fine, I need a little space. I shouldn’t say but I know I must, I’ve had enough of pain and I’m pissed off standing in the rain. It makes me feel like a mad dog . . .”

CONTACT:  THE ONONDAGA 15. c/o MOHAWK NATION NEWS,  P.O. Box 991, Kahnawake, [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0

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Susnaghe Neneh‎ to First Nations Say ENOUGH! The settler empire always needs an expensive “venture” against Indigenous People. Paras, not police. The total RCMP planned gross spending for 2019-20 is $5.1 billion dollars. $3.1 billion dollars (60%) of that budget is used on “Contract and Indigenous Policing”. Indigenous people only make up 4% of the population.







MNN. Sept. 5, 2013. Corporate rulers know only war. Everything they have is stolen. The original lie is hierarchy. Constant war is needed to maintain the lies. The policy of total extermination of Indigenous people has never been rescinded. To kill us off the banker/war mongers pulled the strings of their politicians in their pretend democracy. They ordered them to vote for war.

Just give me $100 and we'l let your be part of the rebuilding team in Syria.

Just give me $100 and we’ll let you be part of the Syria rebuilding team!”

The reason to attack Syria is real, imagined or staged. Syria doesn’t owe money to the World Bank. They have to be plunged into debt to the bankers by destroying their country. The US-funded rebels are corporate paid mercenaries, as were the Hessians in 1778. The Revolutionary War and Civil War were scams to create an army to annihilate us. They created and trained the “Buffalo Soldiers” of freed black slaves to murder us. 

The US argues that not going to war would damage their ability to keep telling lies. The donors are telling their politicians, “This vote to bomb Syria is very important!” The politician’s district and large international bankers are going to benefit from the war.   

Investors know the politicians through the checks they give them to put them in power. They collect “you owe me” points. 

The bribers are called “lobbyists” who pay off the weak-minded politicians. They march into their offices, carrying a bag of money. If they don’t like what they hear, they come back. The politicians can get voted out. “It matters not who wins the election. Only who counts the vote!” [Joseph Stalin]. vote counterThe US Congress and Senate protect the war economy. The US president is the master of war who makes sure it continues. He is the only one in the world who can “legally” declare war on anyone he deems necessary for the bankers.

The politicians are publicly buttonholed on the floor of the House to show us who owns everything and everyone. They have to vote “the right way”.perjury

More war does not end war. The politicians and their corporate backers created and own the game.

Dekanawida and Jigosaseh told us that we cannot allow anyone in our territory who is engaged in war. The corporate serpent has weaved its way into every aspect of our lives. We are beginning to comb these serpents out of our own hair. Sceptics abound. Cause you made so many promises and now it seems you were just yappin’/What happened to Guantanamowhat happened to the jobs/What happened to transparencyit’s still as thick as fog‘. “Blame It On Bush”. 

 Syrian rebels loading for gas attack.

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MNN. Feb. 9, 2013. Hollywood has created a new “hero”, Abraham Lincoln, for their patriotism program. President Obama swore on the same Bible as President Lincoln at both his inaugurations. In his 2009 speech he declared that “the lines of tribe shall soon dissolve”. He vowed to finish Lincoln’s Indigenous genocide program, as we are still in the path of the bankers, the governments they control and their deadly war games. Follow next  link to a great movie on war.

All Wars are Banker Wars: The Movie



Mr. Lincoln earned a fraudulent place in history. He signed the Homestead Act in 1862. This was a law offering huge tracts of our lands to foreign white settlement. It was put through without consultation, consent or regard for the rights and needs of our people. Eventually 1.6 million homesteads were granted on our land and 270,000,000 acres of our territories were privatized between 1862 and 1886, which is 10% of all US lands. in the conflicts that raged over this illegal action, thousands of Ongwehonwe men, women and children were killed and millions of acres of our territories remain unlawfully occupied.   

Two days after Lincoln signed the “Emancipation Proclamation” in 1863, he signed an order to hang 38 Dakota in Mankato Minnesota, who were defending their people and land. There were only about 40 adult men of fighting age left out of 400 ”prisoners of war”. The US agent refused to feed the Indigenous people and was selling the rations that were meant for them. The men begged for food for their people who were starving to death. He told them to eat grass. They killed him and stuffed his mouth with grass. []. 

Buffalo Soldiers at Wounded Knee 1890 - helping their 'masters'.

Buffalo Soldiers at Wounded Knee 1890 – helping their ‘masters’ kill & bury Lakota.

After the Civil War, Lincoln set up the “Buffalo Soldiers” 10th Cavalry regiment in 1866. The black soldiers’ job was to murder our people. They attacked us 127 times. 10 Medals of Honor were awarded to them for slaughtering our men, women and children between 1866 and 1890. They were at Wounded Knee helping their masters kill and bury our people. Lincoln set them up to protect the white invading settlers by starving and killing us. He is celebrated as a hero because of his murder of thousand of Indigenous men, women and children and the theft of millions of acres of our land.  

“How do you keep a people down? You never let them know their history”. 

Don't ever forget our true history!

Don’t ever forget our true history!

As Johnny Cash sang in “Apache Tears”: “The young men, the old men, the guilty and the innocent, bled red blood and chilled alike with fears. The Red Men, the White Men, no fight ever took this land. So don’t raise the dust when you pass here, they’re sleeping and in my keeping are these Apache Tears”. Johnny Cash; Apache Tears

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Recruitment Ads…


MNN.  Feb. 7, 2013.  Do not join the Canadian or US military.  Europeans have a strategy of putting Indigenous People in the galley of the ships to seek their fortunes and world domination agenda.  You should not help these monsters make holes in the hulls of our ancestral canoes to try to get control over the whole river of life. warrior1First, corporations create poverty and desperation among our people.  The youth have to either commit suicide with drugs and alcohol. Or the government suggests an honorable way out.  “Defend your country”, “Be a hero”. They need cannon fodder for their illegal wars.  

APTN recruitment ads for $DND.

APTN recruitment ads for $DND.

Once you slap on that uniform, you belong to them. They are recruiting  you to commit the same crimes that they committed against us.  Middle Eastern people are not our enemies.  

You will be made to kill dark skinned people and steal their land and resources.  The weapons you fire are designed to kill the victims and to contaminate you so you have an early death.  They want to cut down on medical bills and pensions.  You don’t even know the greedy bankers you are fighting for. 

After centuries of genocide they want you to fill up their armies to die on their sinking ship.  You may be ordered to kill your own people, men, women and babies!  Our mind, body and energy are tied to our land.  You are going to be told lies to make you hate the people you are going to be ordered to slaughter.  Many of you will die.  

US recruitment of Buffalo Soldiers to murder Indians.

US recruitment of Buffalo Soldiers to murder Indians.

The cartels have decided that some of us are meant to die.  We will need you during the hardest times that are coming.  

You are needed at home.  We are helpless without our protectors.  Our nationalism is to care for our families and lands. 

The bankers” motto is: “Your life is yours to give and for us to take”.  

Our grandfather’s said that each boy, inside their minds, has two wolves constantly fighting each other. One black one. One white one. The grandson asks, “Which one wins, grandpa?” The grandfather says, “The one you feed”.  

As Buffy Ste-Marie sang “He’s the Universal Soldier, and he really is the blame.  But his orders come from far away no more.  They come from him and you and me. Oh, brothers, can’t you see, this is not the way we put an end to war”. 

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MNN.  Aug. 23, 2012.  US President Obama obeys his masters just like the Buffalo Soldiers.  So grand is the illusion of freedom that they don’t’ even know they’re still slaves.  According to the myth, the Buffalo Soldiers were freedom fighters.            

In 1865 the Civil War was over.  US President, Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves.  [Emancipation Proclamation].  White soldiers were deserting because they were terrified of fighting Indians. In 1866 the 10th Cavalry Regiment of Black soldiers was set up at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas.  Lincoln promised the Blacks their freedom, 40 acres of our land and a mule, which they never got.             

Over 150,000 joined, to prove they were just as blood-thirsty as their white masters in stealing from us and murdering us without mercy.  

As former victims of racism, the Buffalo Soldiers became the champions of rape, genocide, brutality and mass murder of innocent people.  They took pride in killing people who never did anything to them.  They forgot all about the help we gave them because slavery is a violation of our Great Law.  The Choctaw, Cherokee and Shawnee helped them escape from their slave masters to the north. 

We were called “non-reformable savages”.  They were told there is a time when it is okay to kill Indians and those who did so were a force for good.  With pride and fervor, they attacked us 127 times to try to exterminate us.      

Between 1866 to 1890 ten Buffalo Soldiers were awarded the Medal of Honor for slaughtering our men, women and children.  They were at the Wounded Knee massacre in 1890. 

General Colin Powell was inspired by these hired thugs.  He kept a statue of a Buffalo Solider in his office and called him the “wind beneath my wings”.

Obama is the Buffalo Soldier Commander-in-Chief who brags about murdering, torturing and butchering anyone he chooses.

As a Mohawk Rotiskenrakete said, should a civil war break out in the US, he felt that, “the Buffalo Soldiers would join their masters”.  They always do what they’re told.  The invaders and forced invaders will probably stand together. The mule and everything they were promised, they will not get!

Today websites are devoted to their exploits for protecting white settlers and starving and killing Indigenous.  Every year they celebrate at Fort Riley, Kansas, to remind their white masters, “Look!  We’re still here, ready to stand with you”.    

Bob Marley confirms this in his song, “Buffalo Soldiers”, 

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