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MNN. 14 Jan. 2020. “Rule of Law” is Admiralty Law, imposed by invasion of Turtle Island. They can kill everybody on behalf of the banks, corporations and money! The pipeline financiers think they can win.



RCMP Exclusion Zone on Wet'suwet'en Territory

RCMP are now blocking access to Wet'suwet'en territory, and only allowing hereditary chiefs that THEY approve to enter our own unceded lands. Our Wet'suwet'en people and family members are being blocked off the territory, while RCMP say that they are in a position to decide who is and who isn't a chief.Police have blocked media and supplies out, and they are enforcing a modern day pass system – forcing people to identify themselves in order to come and go from our own unceded lands.Wet'suwet'en lands are unceded, untreatied, and unsurrendered. We maintain full jurisdiction, and the right to decide what happens on our lands. Our chiefs have unanimously asked RCMP to pack up and leave their remote detachment, but instead RCMP are increasing their presence – in anticipation of using violence against our people to force their way onto our lands.Call to action: https://www.yintahaccess.com/Donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/gidimt039en-strong

Posted by Wet'suwet'en Access Point on Gidimt'en Territory on Monday, January 13, 2020


From allies/supoporters: “This morning we find ourselves bracing for another paramilitary attack on unarmed People of the Wet’suwet’en Clans, the Unist’ot’en, their Gitxsan neighbours, and allies from other Indigenous Peoples and settlers. 

“John Horgan, the premier of BC who recently made the token gesture of herding passage of a version of UNDRIP through the provincial parliament, is “pulling a white man” and refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of Wet’suwet’en law on lands neither he or Canada has ever made treaty to access. . . .” . .  to show his corporate backers that he would honour their investment over a bunch of stone age indians wearing colourful blankets and feathers getting in the way of “progress”.

“In the next few hours or days, we will see the inevitable breaking of 10,000 year old Wet’suwet’en laws for the expediency of enhancing shareholder value while killing the planet.

Muse say it all in “Uprising”: paranoia is in bloom. the PR transmission will resume. they’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumb down and hope that we will never see the truth around [so come on]!!!! . . . they will not force us …. they will not degrade us …. they will not control us …. we will be victorious!




Now all you Canadians . . .  This has everything to do with you. Your Canada Pension money and tax dollars are supporting the breaking of Wet’suwet’en law and the reckless disregard for their Peoples who are now shut off by the starvation ring of the RCMP exclusion zone. This government is committing this crime against humanity on your behalf.

Canada has NEVER secured the right to access this land except at the point of a gun and mass of forces. 

This is what you support with your silence.

 Hiding behind their curtains and telling themselves a crime against humanity was none of their business because the “rule of law” said it was legal.


John HorganJustin TrudeauMarc Miller

wisk niwatsen tsata. wisk nikon kayenkwireh iohniron tsi skatneh tekaneren ne kenton tsi rahisaststeh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh tsi yatehonatieston, enskka wahonton, skanentsista, skayeronta tahnon skanikonra. skatne tsi enhotihyoten, enhatiyanerensehronni tanon skatneh enhatisenhayenstakeh ne  akotsennonnia ne tahatikons-tontie.

rotiynerson sjkatneh tenhontonteh enkneh sakaksa ne yori tsaniton ohtason. tsinikariwest tehonatskahon iatahonsteh nahoten ioio tihye, oen kineheh iatatahontatreneh tanon ahontenekwensariron. akwekon tsinahoton enhotenienten ne tosa ahontenekwensariron. 





CONTACTS: Media Coordinator, Jennifer Wickham, Gidimt’en Clan: yi**********@gm***.com (778) 210 – 0067. Professor Margot Young, Allard School of Law, UBC . My****@la*.ca . (778) 926-6990#WETSUWETENSTRONG




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MNN. January 13, 2020. UK Prince Harry and his family want to in live in onowarekeh, turtle island. Whatever nation receives them will bestow names on them which are “hung around the neck”. They should learn to speak a native language and follow the kaianerekowa, the great peace.

Dual citizenship is illegal in the great law. They can only follow the kaianerekowa or they cannot survive here. 

Kayoni tsata niwasen: 

“Onen kati, tsonkwehonwheson ne onkwenakerasera, sehwateryentarak ne rahosenna, rahotiwatsirah tokani ratiwatsiresonha wahonterisen ne ahonsahontatenatonkwen ne ahosenna ne tsinon totinakeraton tanon wahatiyatetah nahkon ohwentsokon. Ken enskahawiteh, tosa onka ne onkwanakerasera ne enkatroyat nahosenna tsinon tatinakeraton. Ne tonayetowayrehreh ne tenkasterihateh ne enwatokten ne skennen.”

Translation: … such a family or families [who want to live on turtle island] shall have ceased forever to bear their birth nation’s name and have buried it in the depth of the earth. Henceforth let no one of our nation ever mention the original name or nation of their birth. To do so will hasten the end of our peace. 

Otherwise they are colonial settlers squatting on stolen native land like all the other ‘Cana’jon’ squatters.

Our role is to spread the great peace throughout the world. We went to Europe in 1710 to do that. In 1923 we went again by sending Deskahe to the League of Nations to spread the great peace.

The Queen is a shareholder of the Crown which ‘claims’ ownership of onowarekeh. The Crown is the Vatican. Iontonheton, creation, set us the natural people and all natural life on turtle island. “onwe” means we are the people of the forever. The Indian interest can never be removed.

Harry mentioned wanting to live in the United States, which is also a company owned by the Crown. Harry wants to become a businessman. If he conducts his business the Iroquois way where he has 100% concensus on all decisions made in his company, he would be showing the proper way to do business.

When he comes he will begin the decolonization process of turtle island.

Donovan singing to Saffron could be Harry singing to Megan. Them leaving their royal duties behind could be considered very “mellow yellow”:

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GUSTAFSEN LAKE B.C. IN 5 MINUTES 1995 https://www.straight.com/news/1345776/wetsuweten-hereditary-chiefs-pose-monumental-challenge-40-billion-lng-project-and-bc

WETSUWETEN MONUMENTAL CHANGE  https://www.straight.com/news/1345776/wetsuweten-hereditary-chiefs-pose-monumental-challenge-40-billion-lng-project-and-bc















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MNN. Cana’jon* [Canada] keeps attention on Iran rather than the acts of war it is conducting against the sovereign Wetsuweten people. Police documents show the Cana’jon ordered the RCMP to use lethal force, shooting them if necessary. 

Prime Minister Trudeau paints the façade of world peace while authorizing the RCMP to “sterilize the site” so Coastal Gaslink pipeline can be built through unceded native land known as “British Columbia”, a private corporation.  

CANADA INDIGENOUS LAND DEFENDERS POLICE DOCUMENTS provides the lethal strategies the Cana’jon are implementing against native people on turtle island. [https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/20/canada-indigenous-land-defenders-police-documents]

To stop the planned slaughter and to bring world attention to the Cana’jon acts of war, the allies of the Wetsuweten people conducted a “rolling blockade” on the TransCanada Highway 401 from akwesasne to kentekeh: [Video] YOU HAVE EVERY SACRED RIGHT TO YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF https://www.facebook.com/100010655049628/posts/1051199985245160/?d=n

US President Trump is feeling the backlash for his assassination of top General of Iran, Solomeini. This is exactly the situation the RCMP will find themselves in if they continue to threaten any acts of war against the Wetsuweten or any other sovereign native nations. 

GENERAL SOLEMEINI WAS KILLED ON A DIPLOMATIC MISSION TO IRAQ TO RECEIVE TRUMP-POMPEI PEACE MISSIVE: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/01/05/breaking-confirmed-solemeini-killed-on-diplomatic-mission-to-iraq-to-receive-trump-pompeo-missive/

UN CALLS FOR IMMEDIATE RCMP WITHDRAWAL IN WETSUWETEN STANDOFF https://thenarwhal.ca/what-cost-are-human-rights-worth-un-calls-for-immediate-rcmp-withdrawal-in-wetsuweten-standoff/ NARWHAL

BLACK SABBATH “War Pigs”reminds us of our current predicament: “In the fields the bodies burning as the war machine keeps churning…”


RT HAS THE REAL STORY BEHIND THE U.S. ATTACK ON IRAN  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8UYcEnwGg4

PUTIN AND MERKEL MEET REPORTERS AFTER TALKS IN MOSCOW  https://www.rt.com/news/478020-putin-merkel-moscow-presser/

PUTIN AND MERKEL MEET REPORTERS AFTER TALKS IN MOSCOW https://www.rt.com/news/478020-putin-merkel-moscow-presser/

*Cana’jon/Canada/Canadian/Canadien is Mohawk word for “squatters” who have imbedded themselves on our land without our permission.  

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Note: skanawadi tekeni renhoterihontakeh enhateriwatentiatakeh. enska nene royaner ihken, tanon ne enska nene ahsarakowa. toka enyontreriyo, akwekon ensakorori ne wisk nihati ahsarekowatson ne wisk nihononwentsakeh nahotate weyenenentaneh ne ahonteriyo tanon ne ronnonkwe ahonatatehwehyenentahon tsinikahawi tanon kanon tenhatiniotatieson ne ratihsons ne skennenkowa. [tsata niwasen tioten]



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We feel the time has come to republish this important letter delivered to our Iranian allies in 2012.

Iran always supported human rights of the Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island.  When Terrance Nelson of Manitoba informed us that he was going to Iran to speak about the continued genocide of our people, he took the following letter.  Iran supported the Iroquois Confederacy application for a seat in the League of Nations in 1923.

Jan 10, 2020



You always supported our human rights efforts, especially in 1923. Briefly, the Iroquois Confederacy sent Levi General, the Deskaheh, to get recognition for our people at the League of Nations.  He came from Grand River [Ontario].  

With a Haudenosaunee passport, he went to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the League of Nations in 1923.  There he presented “The Red Man’s Appeal for Justice,” and reminded the Europeans of their obligations under the Guswentha, Two Row Wampum. This pact was made in 1701 between the 48 Indigenous Nations and our allies of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island with the Europeans. It is the only agreement giving foreigners the right to live on our land.  They violated it and their occupation is illegal. 

Iran supported our effort.  British, American and Canadian pressure was too strong for Deskaheh to continue.  He returned home.

On October 7 1924 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigated him. Then they dissolved the traditional Six Nations government, stole important documents and wampums, created the Indian Advancement Act and the reservations.  The Canadian government declared an immediate election to displace the traditional government. Deskaheh was forbidden to return to his home and family.  He was murdered in Tuscarora New York after giving his famous last speech on the radio on March 10, 1925, against the United States and Canada’s policies of genocide.  

“In Ottawa, they call that policy “Indian Advancement”. In Washington, they call it “Assimilation.” We say it is outright tyranny. If this must go on, we would rather that you come with your guns and poison gases and get rid of us that way. Do it openly and above board.”

Historically, Iranians have been champions of justice.  We remember you for your goodness, good minds and for always looking out for us.  Nia:wen, Kahentinetha, Woman Title Holder, Bear Clan, Kanionkehaka/Mohawk Nation”.

Terrance was interviewed on Iran TV.  He spoke about the continued genocide of our people that Canada is built upon, particularly about the theft of our natural resources and the targeting of our women.   The police are not investigating this.   Their goal has always been, “kill the Indian”.

The PRESSTV interview is on YouTube:  “Canada has Ethnic Cleansing of Aboriginal on Agenda:  Native Ex-Chief”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZtHLieAKs

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‘She was absolutely adored’: Iranian scientist spent her life fighting for Indigenous voices in conservation

Message to our allies: iaakwateriwanieteh. tsinonkwa onkwatenroserahson’a. deskahe Levi General tionkwatasawentsi tewatenro. tia ki iats wa non ne. tewakwekon tewaskeneks ne skennen.