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MNN. June 27, 2021. Every child is an amber alert when they go missing! Nothing was done to find the millions of missing indigenous children, men and women. To steal turtle island the invaders built schools/death camps to eliminate us and our culture and to steal our natural resources. We cannot give turtle island to the Crown or anybody. It belongs to our unborn babies. We are each sovereign, not part of the Crown. We are not their subjects. [Canada Indigenous Population erroneous statistics]


The reason for the elimination of the indigenous people of turtle island is to have no debt to the owners of the land through total annihilation. That means murder of the children, sterilization of the women and missing and murdered women and girls who have the babies.

Mr. Trudeau, you stand in the shoes of all former Prime Ministers who all agreed to the genocide and murder. We want to hear your own words for why we were genocided. Hitler was a German who took out Germans. You foreigners come here and murder us whose homeland has been turtle island since the beginning of time, posing as human rights advocates and freedom lovers. Being ‘canadien’ is more evil than being a ‘Nazi’. 

Each unmarked grave is a separate crime scene and criminal investigation. We know who did the crime. We want to know the specifics of the individuals involved, just like the Nuremburg trials.

A real criminal investigation of each death is necessary. One grave can unravel a lot of mysteries. How were our children kidnapped? The government illegally made us all their ‘wards’ and took trusteeship of our possessions and funds without our consent. The RCMP as the Gestapo showed up at our homes with a court paper to take our children. Kidnapping is a crime anywhere in the world except Canada when it has to do with natives. The parents had to give their child or children to the arresting officer or they would be jailed and ultimately murdered. The RCMP placed the children in their precincts to change their identity for delivery to the school death camps or for human trafficking. They turned them over to the church and the government paid for their human extinction services!

When a body is found in an unmarked grave, the police are immediately called. A crime scene is created. The homicide squad must conduct a thorough investigation supervised by the indigenous people. DNA samples are gathered to match it with a family. Our children were taken to the farthest schools, given English names, numbered and their culture taken from them. The murderers cannot investigate their own crimes of kidnapping, human trafficking, child abuse, rape, torture and murder.

Another reason to eliminate our people is so they can steal 100% of our Indian Trust Funds which is now over $900 trillion. They are trying to eliminate witnesses  to the theft.

Directions came from the government ‘god father’, which directed the churches to implement the genocide. There’s the actual kidnapping, the cover up, terror, taking away the language and culture and enforcing Christianity, all in the name of god. We were to become “human” the English way. The number of children taken is at least 3,950,000 to the residential death camps, never to be returned home.

The truth will make the people of the world want Canada to disappear and to respect the true jurisdiction of the aboriginal people to all turtle island.

We do not reconcile or negotiate with brutal terrorists who have invaded our land and terrorize us, murder our children and steal everything they can. You said it is up to the communities to decide, not Canada. That means all us sovereign people will supervise every aspect of the investigation. Importantly the Prime Minister plead guilty to these crimes on behalf of the corporation of Canada. Under kaianerekowa there is an automatic sentence of dissolution of the guilty company, which means they no longer exist. The actual perpetrators will be hunted down like the Nazis in the Nuremburg trials.

Each unmarked grave is a separate criminal investigation. All parts of Canada are automatically dissolved which includes the band councils, Canadian criminal justice system, the legislature, the executive and the judiciary.  The Prime Minister has conceded guilt by noting that indigenous communities and sovereigns will control the criminal investigation. [at minute 27.42]. As Canada no longer exists you have no power to order anything. You are  now a witness and possible suspect. These criminal investigations, especially the coverup of the crime, are also directed to the United States, the Crown, the Pope and the christian churches. We ask that you use our protocol in communicating with anybody about this case. You are all under criminal investigation. You are subject only to us and to provide answers to us pursuant to our sovereignty, the great peace and two row. You said that Canada will do whatever the community wants and provide the answers we need.]

You have no right to send your agents to make statements and on missions to suspects of murder to beg for and accept apologies on our behalf as you are all complicit in the cover up of genocide [#4 on the Genocide Act]. The band councils are siding with you, the terrorists, which makes them our enemy. They don’t speak for us.  

The investigation of each death under our direction is to find accountability. The murderers cannot investigate the murders.

The first to be interviewed must be the Prime Minister, the President of the corporation of Canada, who has access to all the relevant reports and agreements, such as the pdf file of all 158 schools provided below. 

The coverup of coverups. The church must be investigated. What did the children die of? Natural causes? Starvation? Murder? Beatings? Why was the family not notified? Why was all identification removed?

What were the proceeds from the crimes. Everything Canadians have, the land, resources, infrastructures, water, air, everything below, on and above the earth.

DNA experts and demographers we trust are needed. We want our Indian Trust Funds to cover the cost of this thorough investigation.

Many of these children will never be found. They are in unmarked graves. Some were thrown into furnaces. Some were mixed into the concrete and poured into the walls of the school . . . .

Canada will be exposed as being worse than the Nazis, knowing everything, including you. Your responsibility is to spill the beans on why the genocide happened and why it continues. The perpetrators want to destroy evidence to avoid responsibilities for the crimes. The” community” is us, not your agents. You have to follow our direction. You should have immediately called for a criminal investigation.  

We know there is a paper trail. Show us. Psychopaths like what they do and write it down to play it over again in their minds. Had we been almost wiped out, no one would have found these graves. It would have been the perfect crime. kaianerekowa and teiohateh cannot be genocided.

You conceded the ultimate plan to murder us, that the children were taken from the arms of their parents. Canada is a criminal state that covers up their crimes with the Criminal Code of Canada, as all criminals do. They should all be arrested and prosecuted. 

This is first degree murder which should be the dissolution of the corporation that put that child in an unmarked grave. 

On August 1701 the British set foot in Canada through the teiohateh two row. They agreed to live with us and all of nature as children of mother earth. To try to steal turtle island they committed three major genocide crimes, theft of the land, elimination of the culture and killing us. So you have no right to be here.

Your government recognizes only the corporate Metis, First Nations and Inuit as the only legitimate ‘Indians’.  We the true sovereigns are entitled to nothing, given no respect as the caretakers of turtle island. We’ll see about that.

The Muse sing about the “Uprising”; “Paranoia is in bloom. The PR transmissions will resume. They try to push drugs that keep us all dumbed down. And hope that we will never see the truth around [so come on]. Another promise. Another seed. Another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed. And all the green belts wrapped around our minds. and endless red tape to keep the truth confined [so come on]. They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious [so come on].”  

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TRUDEAU’S LATEST UPDATE  See minute 27.40 for turning the investigation over to the communities . . . MASS GRAVES ACROSS CANADA 2008




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MNN. Nov. 3rd, 2020. The New World Order NWO is polluting the Finger Lakes, which is the source of all major rivers in northeastern United States. It is also the source of the greatest true democracy in the world that came from the Iroquois Confederacy. The Confederacy and its allies still maintain unceded sovereignty over the Western Hemisphere. Obviously Hunter Biden wants to show by his tattoo of the Finger Lakes on his back that he is part of the source of the pollution that is entering the water systems in eastern United States.  [See story below].

Our mother earth and creation have not been asked about this unnatural white man invented ‘new world order’ plan from Klaus Schwab [GREAT FASCIST RESET]. Our mother and creation have all the say. No one wants to go to war with nature because they will lose. To set up the NWO the indigenous people of turtle island will have to be removed so as to turn turtle island into terra nullius, unoccupied land. Then they think they will own our land and all the resources.  

Our ancestors warned us of this day. Don’t let them put those 5G wires all over your head. The 1 percent wealthy elite think they are going to run the NWO with their polluted and twisted minds. Critics are going be moved into dissenter camps across turtle island [North America] and throughout the world. We are the spiritual true owners of turtle island, the Western Hemisphere. They want us “disappeared”. They’re not sure how to do it. They avoid making a covenant of peace and have a hands-off relationship with us. We will tell them to stay in their ship and we will stay in our canoe.

We are sad and alarmed that US, Canada and others are being taken in by lies coming from the NWO. The invaders have no good purpose in life because they  have cut themselves from their own aboriginal roots throughout the world. They have always tried to cut us from ours. They cannot re-attach themselves to nature unless they go back to their own homelands and regain their connection to their ancestors. They don’t belong here. Things must be settled with us based on the great peace and the damage done to our mother earth must be fixed.   

We are sad to see people walking around Walmart wearing masks walking in circles, not knowing where they are going. Their eyes are empty as they don’t know what’s going to happen next.

Our feet are rooted in the ground and we know who we are. 

The elites are planning to rule all humanity through the “financialization of Nature”. A leaf cannot turn into a dollar bill. True wealth is the good things that one does for other people. It is impossible for anyone to steal and patent all of the planet’s biodiversity, including the oceans. Idiotic nonsense! This is how distorted minds see the natural order. Making deals with each other to eventually sell each other out. When they get what they want, they become even more possessive and greedy with each other and everybody. 

Canadian Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden support the NWO. They think that somehow they will become kings with their own thrones. In fact they will be lapdogs for their NWO masters. Our mother earth and the natural power of creation will fight them if they don’t live by nature’s rules. They will become sick and die. 

We don’t have to accept the NWO fascism, the fear mongering, the smartphones, the DNA editing, the walk into their transhuman hell. We will not be taken over, even in the smallest way. We will not give up our own personal sovereignty of our  body, mind and energy. 

Promises of jobs for everybody, 24 hour surveillance, vaccines with nanobots to change our DNA, eugenics, technocratic pharmaceutical hell and constant threats.  The invaders follow any whim or idea that floats by them to make money.  We don’t care what is promised. Our body and minds are made to heal themselves. Our feet are planted into solid ground. We can defeat them with the guidance of the great peace. 

Those corporations called countries became big powers because they have nuclear bombs to drop on people. After World War II a decision was made that 5 nations will have an atomic bomb. France, England, Russia, China and the US. Then Israel, Pakistan, India and North Korea also got the bomb. Now they want to rule the world not because they are smart diplomats who want peace for all humanity. They are cabals that want world domination with everybody licking their feet. The biggest fear is that the nuclear bombers will rule the world as a group.  That’s not going to happen!  

Only the Iroquois and the kaianerekowa, the great peace, can stop this madness.  When we make peace, we bury the hatchet. Dekanawida went to Atotarho, the chairman of the Iroquois Confederacy, to bring peace between warring peoples. A true peace can only be created when everybody gives up their weapons. They leave them at the door and shake hands and start to talk. World peace will come when we say, “You are going to bury all your bombs!’    

An Iroquois, Ely S. Parker, sat between Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, and got them to trust him. They felt comfortable and gave up their arms and anger. The South surrendered to the North in dignity. The Iroquois knew this was necessary to keep a real peace between them.  Then they planted the tree of peace to replace the weapons.

Creation will always give you what you need. The NWO will try to control the food supply but nature will not let them. The NWO won’t let anyone have anything without the mark of the beast. The number 666 on the forehead and hands means control of minds and thinking and the hands which signifies the work they will be forced to do for the NWO. We don’t have to submit to this. Nature will always supply our needs.

We cannot cooperate with the New World Order. Watch out for that vaccine. Don’t pay your phone bill. 85% of the world don’t have phones, or computers or reception anyway. Go ‘unbanked’. Save yourself.

Our grandparents never drove a car, worked their 100 acre farm by hand, with no electricity, no phones, no running water. They raised 10 children who had other children. There are now over 1,000 kanienkehaka/Mohawks from those two people. Our grandparents proved that the NWO wasn’t necessary to supply our needs.

 We will always find a way to survive.

Let’s bury fascism. It violates natural law. It will destroy itself.

The band Muse has a song we should all be singing right now: “Paranoia is in bloom. PR transmissions will resume. They’ll try to push drugs and keep us all dumbed down so that we can’t see the truth around. Another problem. Another scene. Another trapped lie to keep us trapped in greed. With all the green belts wrapped around our minds, so we can never see the truth around. So come on. [Muse. Uprising].

Great fascist reset.

The Secrets Hidden in the Tattoo on Hunter Biden’s Back

 Finger Lakes human trafficking

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 MNN. 23 Jan. 2020. The new Minister of Indigenous Services, Marc Miller, is a Cabinet minister who is also an army reservist of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command. Indian Affairs is a department of the army. Turtle Island is illegally occupied by a foreign military force. 


Indigenous Affairs is a department of the army and the most important department in the government. The bankers list all our stolen assets as if it was theirs. The army’s main role in any country is to protect the treasury. Indian Affairs job is to keep the prisoners of war contained forever to maintain the occupation of onkwehonweh land. The cana’jon squatters have always planned a final extinction of our rights, culture and existence. 

Miller is in a conflict of interest. As a reservist he is involved with the Special Forces and as Minister of Indigenous Affairs he controls Indigenous Affairs at the political level.

The business plan is to assimilate us.  

The JAG Judge Advocate General of the Department of Defense is a court for domestic and international operations. The band councils are all part of the military system and could be tried in military court. .

Miller campaigned that he is part of the special bond between the reservists who are on call and the government. He is a member of a death squad.

Miller went to Brebeuf Jesuit College where the soldiers of the Vatican are trained. He’s an army officer, Minister of Indigenous Affairs and a Jesuit!

The 69 White Paper is being implemented in this Parliament’s current session as the “Framework Agreement”, to turn the small reserve plots into incorporated municipalities and to remove us. We cannot be remove3d from turtle island. We will be removed from the POW camps to become part of their corporate system,  as penned by Duncan Campbell Scott in his 100 year native business plan for the corporation. Their target is 2024, set by the passing of the Indian Lands Act. As long as we are alive they will never achieve their objective. 

Rule of Law is Admiralty Law of the Seas, which is banker’s law.

All of our assets are being used by the western banks. Like all politicians, Miller’s mission is financed by the banks of the City of London, whose shareholders hold the assets of the corporation. The privy council, Indian Affairs and the Cabinet work for the the city of London shareholders. 

How the corporation of Canada works. The Governor General is the CEO, the Prime Minister is the president, the Leader of the Opposition is the vice president and the Secretary Treasurer is the Minister of Finance. They all swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen, who represents the Crown shareholders, that they will never reveal any secrets. England gained their riches by invading, raping and robbing countries around the world.

Every cana’jon should ask for the list of shareholders of the corporation of the government of Canada. Bankers are the trustees of all municipal, provincial and federal corporations.

The HQ of the Canadian Special Forces Command is Gatineau Quebec, formerly Hull, 10 Wellington St. across from Ottawa, which we call kanatso. 

20% of military deployments are reservists. The reservists maintain readiness to work with regular forces at home and abroad for domestic and international operations, such as coastal, air, Arctic, territorial battalions and law enforcement support. 


Miller works for the military. When he is called up, he must go. 

Come clean, Mr. Miller, about the secrets Trudeau cannot reveal. According to kanienkehaka Mohawk ways, you have a duty to tell us everything.

The orator, Frank Zappa, hits it right when he describes in his “Torture never stops” song: “Flies all green and buzzing in his dungeon of despair. An evil prince eats a steaming pig in a chamber right near there. He eats the snouts and the trotters first. The loins and the groins are soon dispersed. His carving style is well rehearsed. He stands and shouts; All men be cursed. All men be cursed. All men be cursed. . . .”


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When A Government Becomes A Corporation, What You Need To Know

Ottawa backed away from commitment to approve child welfare lawsuit, lawyer says.






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MNN. 22 Jan. 2020. The cana’jon [canadians] have once again  brought worldwide attention to their criminality and theft of onkwehonweh land and resources.  Warrior societies of turtle island are on alert.  In 1990 the military surrounded the kanienkehaka Mohawks, stopped all communication, cut off food and supplies and surrounded the community with over 5000 heavily armed soldiers with weapons of war. 


In 1990 for 78 days the rotinoshonni [Iroquois] protected their land as directed by creation. They were surrounded by paid professional killers. The kanienkehaka Mohawks were holding up the Two Row and the great peace, which is the duty of every native on turtle island. 

On September 26, 1990 the people learned that the Quebec Police and Canadian Army were going to abruptly end the “Crisis”. In BC the natives are protecting mother earth and the land for their future generations.


The army’s plan in Oka was to set up two tents in front of the center. One was for the women and children to go into and the other was for the men and boys. The media stoppage was to prevent truthful documentation of the criminal acts that were planned. Worldwide attention and support stopped the mass murder.

The clans called a meeting to plan their strategy. They decided not to separate the people from the men and boys. Tobacco was burnt and the words were said.  

Around 5.00 PM the people came out of the Centre. They walked out together intermixed, unarmed, unafraid to face the enemy.


Almost all the people were rounded up and put in buses. They were driven to an Army Base and held as prisoners of war. 

All the captives said “No comment” in all the interrogations that followed. The similarities between Oka 1990 and Wetsuweten and Gitskan 2020 are eerily similar. We wonder if Canada learned anything about their mistakes at Oka?

The immortal Hank Williams had a way to make fun of serious situations. The government of Canada is in one serious situation after another with the onkwehonweh. “Now you’re looking at a man that’s gettin kind of mad. He’s had a lot of luck, but it’s all been bad. I could buy a Sunday suit and it would leave me broke. If I had two pairs of pants, I could burn the coat. No matter how I struggle and strive I’ll never get out of this world alive.”

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MNN. Jan. 21, 2020.  All women throughout the world must stand up at this time for humanity. We are the givers of life. We bear the children. The communities where these children are born is the jurisdiction of the women, the progenitors of the people.


It is time for the women to take our place in the decision making process about how the male energy has created war for the last few hundred years.  No one knows a boy better than their mother. That is why only the women should chose the male leaders. 

We can bring peace in each community that adopts this philosophy until it engulfs the entire planet. We women say ‘no more war’ in any of our communities.

kanistensera, kotihaweh ne rotiyaner kahsennasonha, ne enkowatinatonkwake oyaner tsinenweh tokani otiyaner.natives

 The woman is the “good path maker”.  We will not allow anyone into our communities that is involved in war. 

World on Fire, Sarah and Robbie tell us, we must take our place, “Don’t fight it, ignite it, this much I am sure. It is time to set this world on fire. It is time to push it to the edge. Burn it to the ground and trip the wire. It may never be this good again”.

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Meanwhile, a two-hour water and land Wet’suwet’en support protest early this morning (January 20) that blocked the road outside of B.C. Ferries’ Vancouver Island Swartz Bay terminal resulted in the cancellations of several sailings to the Mainland and the Gulf Islands before ending peacefully at about 9 a.m.

I’m not being disrespectful, I’m just saying be realistic’: Horgan defends not meeting Wet’suwet’en chiefs 

“I TRY MY HARDEST NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT”: 12 year old recounts handcuffing at BMO 


toka ne taharatats ne rariwenhawi tsi takonneh ne ratinatakaryas tahonteriyosereh, ne teharatats tehohenrehtanionne tsinienhenre “kwa-ah! Kwa-ah! Tekeni yatekayenteh tanon tentatnanehta, kennikariwehsonsah toneh onen enkariwehsonsekeh. Kayeri wason enska.



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MNN. 14 Jan. 2020. “Rule of Law” is Admiralty Law, imposed by invasion of Turtle Island. They can kill everybody on behalf of the banks, corporations and money! The pipeline financiers think they can win.




From allies/supoporters: “This morning we find ourselves bracing for another paramilitary attack on unarmed People of the Wet’suwet’en Clans, the Unist’ot’en, their Gitxsan neighbours, and allies from other Indigenous Peoples and settlers. 

“John Horgan, the premier of BC who recently made the token gesture of herding passage of a version of UNDRIP through the provincial parliament, is “pulling a white man” and refuses to acknowledge the supremacy of Wet’suwet’en law on lands neither he or Canada has ever made treaty to access. . . .” . .  to show his corporate backers that he would honour their investment over a bunch of stone age indians wearing colourful blankets and feathers getting in the way of “progress”.

“In the next few hours or days, we will see the inevitable breaking of 10,000 year old Wet’suwet’en laws for the expediency of enhancing shareholder value while killing the planet.

Muse say it all in “Uprising”: paranoia is in bloom. the PR transmission will resume. they’ll try to push drugs that keep us all dumb down and hope that we will never see the truth around [so come on]!!!! . . . they will not force us …. they will not degrade us …. they will not control us …. we will be victorious!

THESE ARE COASTAL GASLINK WORKERS BEING ASSEMBLED TO MOVE IN.…/lng-pipeline-horgan-british-columbia-1…


Now all you Canadians . . .  This has everything to do with you. Your Canada Pension money and tax dollars are supporting the breaking of Wet’suwet’en law and the reckless disregard for their Peoples who are now shut off by the starvation ring of the RCMP exclusion zone. This government is committing this crime against humanity on your behalf.

Canada has NEVER secured the right to access this land except at the point of a gun and mass of forces. 

This is what you support with your silence.

 Hiding behind their curtains and telling themselves a crime against humanity was none of their business because the “rule of law” said it was legal.


John HorganJustin TrudeauMarc Miller

wisk niwatsen tsata. wisk nikon kayenkwireh iohniron tsi skatneh tekaneren ne kenton tsi rahisaststeh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh tsi yatehonatieston, enskka wahonton, skanentsista, skayeronta tahnon skanikonra. skatne tsi enhotihyoten, enhatiyanerensehronni tanon skatneh enhatisenhayenstakeh ne  akotsennonnia ne tahatikons-tontie.

rotiynerson sjkatneh tenhontonteh enkneh sakaksa ne yori tsaniton ohtason. tsinikariwest tehonatskahon iatahonsteh nahoten ioio tihye, oen kineheh iatatahontatreneh tanon ahontenekwensariron. akwekon tsinahoton enhotenienten ne tosa ahontenekwensariron. 



CONTACTS: Media Coordinator, Jennifer Wickham, Gidimt’en Clan: (778) 210 – 0067. Professor Margot Young, Allard School of Law, UBC . . (778) 926-6990#WETSUWETENSTRONG





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MNN. 10 APRIL 2016. Protest in solidarity with Lac Simon Anishnabeg community on Monday in Montreal. We are presently mourning the April 6 murder of Jean-Pierre Bony, killed by a plastic bullet from the SPVM in Montreal North. Jean Pierre Bony murder. natives matter

On April 7 the police struck again. That night, Sandy Michel, 25 year old, died. He was brutally assassinated by the anishnabeg reserve corporate police in Lac-Simon Quebec, near Val-d’or. He allegedly showed an objet that law enforcement officers thought looked like a weapon. The police crushed him with their car then shot him dead. The police killed his older brother in 2009. The murders of onkwe’hon:weh youth in northern Quebec, like the murders of black people in northern Montreal, is institutional racism. Non-white lives are being liquidated without trial.trudeau:martin

In the wake of this tragedy, the people of Lac-Simon, after years of police harassment, immediately assembled and asked the police to leave their territory. The Quebec police immediately intervened. Media was forbidden to go to the killing area during the investigation. Media black-outs have become routine. After the recent revelations of sexual atrocities committed by Surete du Quebec police officers around Val-d’Or, the SQ is desperate to hide their systemic violence against our men, women and children. The so-called «aboriginal police» had just returned to Lac-Simon, which they were forced to desert after the death of one of their officers in February 2016. Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22 yo, shot him before he himself committed suicide.

SQ shit has to stop!

SQ shit has to stop!

Shootings leave Lac Simon reeling

The police refuse to see the nature of the people to survive. The police actions on reservations are part of the genocide plan. In solidarity with Sandy Michel’s family and the community of Lac-Simon, a demonstration of solidarity will take place on Monday April 11th, at 19h [7.00 pm], metro Saint-Laurent in Montreal. Indigenous Lives Matter! Contact for info. 

Let's stand together.

Let’s stand together.

As the band Muse points out poignantly, it’s time for an uprising, people: “Paranoia is in bloom. The p.r. transmissions will resume. They’ll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed-down and hope that we will never see the truth around. Another promise, another scene, another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed. And all the green belts wrapped around our minds and endless red tape to keep the truth confined. They will not force us.They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious. … rise up and take the power back. I’s time the fat cats had a heart attack!” [The Muse]


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Lac Simon man shot dead.

SQ kill Sandy Tarzan Michel.

If you can’t go to demo, gives these politicians a piece of your mind:

Surete du Quebec, 514-598-4141

Quebec Minister of Justice Stephane Valee, 418-643-5140, 1-800-536-5140

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

RCMP HQ 613-993-7267

CSIS 613-993-9620

Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,

Bureau of Indian Affairs 202-208-5116 Washington DC



harper shreds constitutionmnnlogo1


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MNN. April 20, 2015. Prime Minister Harper is trying to be like “Tricky Dickie”. But he’s just “Stinking Stevie”, a used car salesman pitching bribes to buy votes. He relies on public apathy. Only 30% will vote in the system he controls. Each family will get $2000 as part of his “honest corruption” scheme.

Harper's ecstasy of power.

Harper’s ecstasy of power, snorting the constitution and sending our kids off to war.

The CBC experts of nothing panels called it Harper’s election strategy. It’s actually “payola” to promote himself. “Trust me. I’m doing what I promised”, he urges. The sleeping populace is snoring, “Are Mulcair and Trudeau going to out-do Harper?”

Harper is desperately steering away from the anti-terror enabling bill C-51 that sets up the police state, the immediate conscription of our children for his war and the pipeline police on behalf of his multinational energy corporate backers. Millions are resisting C-51 in the streets. 80% want no part of it. The media doesn’t mention it.

"The deal is you have to vote for me."

Harper: “If you want the dough, vote for me.”


Ongwe’hon:weh always want freedom. Our resistance to brutal oppression lead to the murder of most of our people. C-51 allows Canadians to be treated like INDIANS. The social upheaval in the US lead to the famous Ludlow massacre in 1914. Dissent was suppressed. Prices were overinflated. Everything was controlled by the corporations. Miners resisted working conditions. The United Mine Workers of America were organizing. The Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation was owned by the notorious anti-union Rockefeller family. The merciless killings is history. The same corporate elite support Harper’s election campaign.1914 Ludlow Massacre.

Rockefeller: "He'll win. We paid plenty!"

Rockefeller: “It matters not who wins the vote. We do the counting!”

The bankers had the money all along. Now they will give it out to buy Harper’s power. Canadians may vote for the money and conscription. if so, they will face what Dekanawida saw. Their leaders in a rough, dirty place, their frightening appearance, snakes woven in their hair, their body crooked and misshapen and they will be unbearably cruel to them. What will the parents say when they took $2000 and put their children on the front line? It is time to comb the snakes out of their hair, it is time for the peace.

As the band Muse points out so well, [Uprising]. “Paranoia is in bloom. The PR transmissions will resume. Another promise, another seed, another package. Lie to keep us trapped in greed. And the green belts wrapped around our minds. And endless red tape to keep the truth confined. So come on. They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious. So come on!”


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