MNN. Oct. 13, 2013. The ultra secret Communications Security Establishment Canada CSEC has been caught spying on Brazil for the banksters. Stealing minerals, oil, gas and resources is their path to growth. Indigenous resource and land-owners are not cooperating with the theft of Great Turtle Island. id theft

Prime Minister Harper appointed Dr. Arthur Porter of Sierra Leone to head the CSEC spy commission. Then he headed the McGill University/SNC Lavalin mega hospital construction. After stealing over $22 million, he left. Now he is in a Panama jail, awaiting extradition to Canada for money laundering and various Ponzi scams.    

Dr. Porter: "How dare you. Steve Harper is my partner!"

Dr. Porter: “How dare you. Steve Harper is my partner!”

                                                             A few international bankers control the worldwide Ponzi scams. They make the rules and take their cut of every corporate transaction in the world that uses the US Dollar, without working. War and taxes maintain this con. Ordinary people pay the taxes for the debt to the bankers.  

The privately-owned “Federal Reserve System” prints the money, lends it at interest to those who steal our resources, conducts war and tries to take as much from us as possible. 

In this con, everybody needs the signature of the beast, the bank. The bankers set up credit reporting agencies, card companies, financial institutions, pensions, mutual funds, insurance schemes, licenses for anything, charitable and religious organizations and so on to keep track of their victims. They detect, investigate, prosecute and punish. 

In Canada residential school death camps were outside the state’s scrutiny and regulatory power. The government laundered the stolen Indian Trust Fund through these institutions, as a “non-taxable gift”. We landlords were put on third world out-of-the-way communities in the bush to be kept out of sight until we died off. This did not happen.  

credit ratingUS and Canada are corporate Ponzi schemes. When their debt is more than their liabilities, the bankers file for bankruptcy, as they did in dissolving Detroit. US and Canada have overspent. We land, resource and fund owners are in the way. We will soon stop their reliance on our ever-growing $450 Trillion Indian Trust Fund, to be returned to us.  

Like all Ponzi schemes, countries are calling in their investments. When US and Canada refuse to pay, they may have to invade to nullify their debt. 

These crooks don’t change. Scamming is natural and morally acceptable to them. They train, organize and supervise other people to oppress us for them. They came with nothing. They’re going back to the ‘Fatherland’ to rot in their jails! They’d have nothing without the help of their band and tribal council “Injuns”, who continue to help their puppet masters commit genocide. Soon they will come before us to answer for their crimes. Who will give them asylum? 

We agree with what the Arabs wish for their enemies: camel-fleas

Bing Crosby reminds us of the hardship of having very little after a lifetime of work:Once I built a tower, up to the sun, brick, and rivet, and lime; Once I built a tower, now it’s done. Brother, can you spare a dime?” Bing Crosby: “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?”

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mnnlogoMNN. AUG. 31, 2013. Detroit’s funeral directors were informed that the City “can’t process birth and death certificates because they have no paper and don’t have money to buy any.” After the July 18, 2013 bankruptcy the creditors want cash! Dying is easy. Proving you’re dead is getting impossible! Cities are corporations. Bankers are 51% of the shareholders. Their authorization is needed on almost everything. Soon all licenses, certificate and documents will be unavailable if they can’t get the paper or the mark of the beast. Families can’t access bank accounts, file insurance claims or get court document, and so on.

Government employees are sitting outside their offices with nothing to do [and probably not getting paid]. mark of beast

The Onondaga woman who kept our records of Haudenosaunee passport recipients kept the paperwork in a shoe box under her bed. She knew each person and their family. She’s died since. 

The settlers don’t know each other. Recently the morgue told funeral directors that bodies would not be released without proper documents and only on weekdays. The Mohawk Nation News editor ran into the opposite problem. A death certificate was put on her Equifax credit file. She could not borrow money or do business or prove she was alive. Only her people could make an exception by vouching for her. who am i

Everyone fears for their pensions. Liens have been put against the city’s debts. Nothing can leave. Bank accounts are frozen. 100 US cities are on the verge of bankruptcies. 

The settlers reneged on the Great Law and the Two Row Wampum where everyone is equal and has a voice. Their violation is leading to chaos and then to revolution against this system of debts.  

"Achtung! Soon we will give everybody a number".

“Achtung! No more names. Soon we will give everybody numbers tattooed under their arms”.

We Indigenous have to stay out of it. The “Iotikstenha”, Women who care for the people, have the job of listing who are members of our nations and instructing them to follow the Great Law.

kid with casino


The Bourne Trilogie “Extreme Ways” shows the  perils of identity loss: “Closed my world and never opened up to anything, then it fell apart”Bourne Trilogie, Extreme Ways. MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada J0L 1B0]






MNN. Aug. 29, 2013. Prime Minister Harper ended a session of Parliament. Proroguing is a fundamental abuse of power. “When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled”. [Monty Python]. We Indigenous have always been in the way. Hence the holocaust of 150 million of us with bullets and disease!  

PM Harper: "Gotta get an emergency going to get the resources from the Indigenous to make guns!"

PM Harper: “Gotta get an emergency going to grab Indigenous resources to make guns for war!”

Harper feared a non-confidence motion which would have forced an election. He would have lost. All political parties and the Senate are muffled.  

In Canada everyone needs the bank’s approval to exist – birth certificates, licenses, car registration, medical coverage, credit cards and so on. Mark Carney set up this extensive system as Governor of the Bank of Canada. It is the model for the bankers’ takeover of the world. He’s now the Governor of the Bank of England! 

The bankers are dissolveing their corporations [cities, towns, companies, counties, etc.]. Every corporation is owned by the bankers, set up for profit of the shareholders. Band/tribal councils and all native organizations are corporations and a vital part of the genocide grid. Detroit and other cities are bankrupt. Profits are being distributed among the shareholders.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to overcome Indigenous opposition. During the suspension of Parliament he can declare an “emergency”, like making weapons for war with Syria! He needs to turn all Indigenous territory [Canada] into fee simple land to allow the banks to own everything. Then they can take all the resources they want. The people are silent. 

No everybody, Stevie!

Not everybody, Stevie!

They fear the coming financial cataclysm and are covertly supporting their beast.

Financial sectors ignore public sectors, except to collect taxes from them. The banks are picking over the bones of the collapsed economy for pennies on the dollar. They are privatizing vital services such as infrastructure, health, social and educational programs, policing and fire fighting services, roads, schools, water systems, sewage plants and airports. Public services will become even more costly. Only financial institutions will be left standing and in charge. 

"Didn't Harper tell you we're still here. You have to deal with us on behalf of Mother Earth!"

“Didn’t Harper tell you we’re still here. You have to deal with us. We represent our Mother Earth!”

Indigenous as the natural people of the land are not investors in the demonic world economy. It all belongs to us and always has. Those at the top of the artificially created theft and control hierarchy will continue the genocide until we shut up about the desecration of the environment, our land and theft of our resources for the war.   

Remember, it’s all an illusion. Only we and our Mother Earth are for real! Mass murder will stop. Supporters with good minds can trace the roots of the tree of peace to its source and sit under its shade for protection.

“Self Imprisoned Brainwashed Fools. The bank’s specialty is loan and enslavement through debt. From credit cards to the IMF loans to third world countries. More is loaned thank can be paid. Then the banks own you. Everyone toils to pay them. All the while we are made to think we are free people. We live in mortgaged cells called Home Ownership. We can’t stray far from our cell or our prison job.” [W. Russell]. As the 1491s comedians tell us, the way things are going, we might soon be going back to our own “doctors”…1491s “Slapping Medicine Man”. 



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MNN. July 19, 2013. Detroit is on stolen Rotino’shonni:onwe Indigenous land and is bankrupt. The rulers have no more use for this pile of polluted steel, glass and cement called a metropolis. Nothing can be sold without our consent at it is illegally built on our land.

Glass, steel, cement must be cleaned up.

Glass, steel, cement must be cleaned up.


The War of 1812 is when the US tried to make all Great Turtle Island into one big United States. On August 16, 1812, a force of Indigenous allies of British Major General Isaac Brock took Fort Detroit and repelled the overwhelming large American forces under Brigadier General William Hull. The sight of the Indian war whoops terrified the Americans who refused to fight. Hull ran up a white flag and quickly surrendered. After the invasion, the natural land owners were pushed out. The bankers set up the artificial corporation of Detroit under the Admiralty laws of the seas. A counterfeit economy was created to extract our resources and start manufacturing. 1812 detroit

All towns and cities are foreign corporations set up by the banker shareholders for profit only. When a city is no longer viable, the bankers declare bankruptcy and dissolve the city. They illegally take whatever they can for a few cents on the dollar. Like Detroit, the infrastructure is left to decay and drown in debt. They become poor, crime-infested hellholes. The population drops by as much as 75%. The lights don’t work. The ambulances are old. Almost 100,000 buildings are abandoned. Less than half are working. 60% of children live third world conditions. The rulers plunder whatever is valuable. 

Detroit, welcome to the reservation! In the Secret Covenant of the rulers, “We will take over their land, resources and wealth to exercise total control over them”. 

The rulers’ greatest fear is of the “initiates” they recruited to carry out their dirty work. The initiates were falsely promised eternal life and willingly went along with the genocide and environmental destruction. Those left behind will perish. 

Detroit is one of the first of many dissolved cities in both US and Canada. As Dekanawidah predicted, the rulers and initiates are the serpents that will be washed away, never to be seen again. The people can follow the white roots of the great peace. They can come to one mind with us and start living under the Kaianerekowa, the real law of the land of Great Turtle Island.detroit bankrupt

Gordon Lightfoot sang in 1967 of the coming conflicts in Detroit: The streets of Motor City now are quiet and serene/But the shapes of gutted buildings/Strike terror to the heart/And you say how did it happen/And you say how did it start.” Black Day in July  

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