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MNN. Feb. 16, 2016. Mohawks of Kahnawake Inc. is a privately owned corporation owned by Andrew Delisle Sr. It’s head office is 601 South 12th Street TSQ-901, Arlington, Virginia 22202, United States. This is the same address as Homeland Security. Kahnawake Inc. is run by the Central Intelligence Agency CIA. Here’s the lowdown: Kahnawake 16feb16

These corpo INJUNS need to visit the “Slapping Medicine Man” because they need a good wack

Delisle’ attended Loyola in Montreal. His bio describes his poor beginning “chopping wood, selling barrels of water and working on road crews crushing stones with a sledgehammer”. As if! Hitler said, “Make the lie big, repeat it and everyone will believe it!”

Andrew, you said it!

Andrew, you said it!

Loyola is now part of Concordia University of Montreal. The Chateau Clique creeps in here. The fraud being conducted here is headquartered out of the Molson School of Business of Concordia. The “assets” of Kahnawake are trained in “Open Systems Theory” on brainwashing and pacification at Loyola University of Chicago and UMass.


The main lawyer for MCK is Jean Pommainville who works out of the Arlington National Cemetary where all the historical swindlers end up.

Don't forget the corporations, their handlers, trainers and assets.

Don’t forget the corporations, their handlers, trainers and assets.

The Iroquois Caucus Inc. is made up of band and tribal governments throughout the Confederacy. They hope to represent the rotino’shonni Iroquois Confederacy. They are working on the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative new border crossing laws and cards which will be issued by them. We will never voluntarily ask them for  permission to do anything on our land. The traitors [Joseph Brants] are many amongst all our communities.

According to their plan Kahnawake is to become a municipality like Toronto. It is to be a cornerstone of the New World Order through imposed corporatism. All those who take part in the band council system are slaves to this fraud.

K'Town assets: "Oo-ooh! Are we all going down?"

K’Town assets: “Oo-ooh! Are we all going down?”

It looks like the elites have decided that money may go out of fashion but land will not. These swindlers are pretending to be wild INDIANS opening up corporations all over the world and hiding the money in their own boots! They are actually quite domesticated and run by their  handlers at Indian Affairs. They use Steppenwolf’s song to sidetrack us: “Get your motor running. Head out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes our way. I like smoke and lightning, heavy metal thunder, racing in the wind and the feeling that I’m under. like a true nature’s child, we were born to be wild”.


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Crashing banks buying land.

Elites running scared.







MNN. Aug. 29, 2013. Prime Minister Harper ended a session of Parliament. Proroguing is a fundamental abuse of power. “When danger reared its ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and fled”. [Monty Python]. We Indigenous have always been in the way. Hence the holocaust of 150 million of us with bullets and disease!  

PM Harper: "Gotta get an emergency going to get the resources from the Indigenous to make guns!"

PM Harper: “Gotta get an emergency going to grab Indigenous resources to make guns for war!”

Harper feared a non-confidence motion which would have forced an election. He would have lost. All political parties and the Senate are muffled.  

In Canada everyone needs the bank’s approval to exist – birth certificates, licenses, car registration, medical coverage, credit cards and so on. Mark Carney set up this extensive system as Governor of the Bank of Canada. It is the model for the bankers’ takeover of the world. He’s now the Governor of the Bank of England! 

The bankers are dissolveing their corporations [cities, towns, companies, counties, etc.]. Every corporation is owned by the bankers, set up for profit of the shareholders. Band/tribal councils and all native organizations are corporations and a vital part of the genocide grid. Detroit and other cities are bankrupt. Profits are being distributed among the shareholders.  

Prime Minister Stephen Harper needs to overcome Indigenous opposition. During the suspension of Parliament he can declare an “emergency”, like making weapons for war with Syria! He needs to turn all Indigenous territory [Canada] into fee simple land to allow the banks to own everything. Then they can take all the resources they want. The people are silent. 

No everybody, Stevie!

Not everybody, Stevie!

They fear the coming financial cataclysm and are covertly supporting their beast.

Financial sectors ignore public sectors, except to collect taxes from them. The banks are picking over the bones of the collapsed economy for pennies on the dollar. They are privatizing vital services such as infrastructure, health, social and educational programs, policing and fire fighting services, roads, schools, water systems, sewage plants and airports. Public services will become even more costly. Only financial institutions will be left standing and in charge. 

"Didn't Harper tell you we're still here. You have to deal with us on behalf of Mother Earth!"

“Didn’t Harper tell you we’re still here. You have to deal with us. We represent our Mother Earth!”

Indigenous as the natural people of the land are not investors in the demonic world economy. It all belongs to us and always has. Those at the top of the artificially created theft and control hierarchy will continue the genocide until we shut up about the desecration of the environment, our land and theft of our resources for the war.   

Remember, it’s all an illusion. Only we and our Mother Earth are for real! Mass murder will stop. Supporters with good minds can trace the roots of the tree of peace to its source and sit under its shade for protection.

“Self Imprisoned Brainwashed Fools. The bank’s specialty is loan and enslavement through debt. From credit cards to the IMF loans to third world countries. More is loaned thank can be paid. Then the banks own you. Everyone toils to pay them. All the while we are made to think we are free people. We live in mortgaged cells called Home Ownership. We can’t stray far from our cell or our prison job.” [W. Russell]. As the 1491s comedians tell us, the way things are going, we might soon be going back to our own “doctors”…1491s “Slapping Medicine Man”. 



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