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MNN, Dec. 21, 2014. Why negotiation tables, war department of Indian Affairs and special military trained police and surveillance strategies? Why does the corporation of Canada have to pass illegal laws to take from and remove us? They, in effect, acknowledge that we are the sovereigns of Ono’ware:geh. To try to have control over us, take and have dominion over all of our land and possessions, they plan is to kill us off once and for all.

US $9 trillion cemetary fund!!

US $9 trillion cemetary fund!!


2014 is the 90th year of their “100-year plan” to complete their annihilation of Ongwe’ho:weh that was started in 1924. The illegal Indian lands acts were passed in every province. It is called the “final solution of the INDIAN problem” and put into effect by Duncan Campbell Scott. The Nazis turned our communities into POW camps. Our children were kidnapped and put into residential school death camps and murdered. They thought by now life would be so unlivable that we would go willingly to their slaughter houses. Stephen Harper of the Nazi faction of the Corporation of Canada is trying to carry out the final ten years of the final solution.

The corporate INDIANS [the band councils, provincial and territorial organizations, and those who vote for them] have willingly assimilated. Ongwe’ho:weh, the true natural people of the land, have not. We were forcibly labeled as INDIANS through illegal laws, coercion, starvation and death. We were placed on Ono’ware:geh since the beginning of time. Our Mother Earth always reminded us to exist according to the natural laws of the land.

The INDIANS, as part of the settler population, help CANADA commit the genocide and to illegally sign away our possessions and lands. The settler population have not stood with us against this planned serial killing of the Ongwe’ho:weh.

The Hague trial for these criminal acts is coming soon. We have a duty to create a future for the coming faces. We will resist at every turn. Nazi Canada will collapse! Deganawida told us that the black serpent would see us healing in the hilly country and say, “We don’t have any fight with you”. We will see true peace. As Pink Floyd states: “Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anybody home?”


Watch this video on the power of propaganda in Western society.


1924 announcement of the final solution.

1924 announcement of 100-year plan to implement the final solution.


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MNN. Dec. 20, 2014. We Ongwe’ho:ne, the true sovereigns of Ono’ware:geh, thoroughly object to Canada’s sanctions against our wampum carrying Russian allies. They, like us, are being targeted for genocide. Canada is going after Russia’s banking, energy and defense sectors. The Nazi faction within the corporation known as CANADA is the Harper Government. The CROWN corporation is trying to help export the genocide committed here, to the rest of the world, starting with Russia. The Government of Canada’s main goals are: [1] continue the illusion of freedom to the people; [2] provide ever growing dividends for the shareholders; and [3] extinguish the Ongwe’hon:we title to Ono’ware:geh. All other orders of business are subservient to this.  Canada’s settler colonialism model has been adopted by Israel. Whatever Palestinian territories that the Israeli settlers want, take it, our army will back you up and it will be called a “new Jewish settlement”. The Palestinian land theft accelerates through the barrel of a gun.vlad cool

Our message to the Corporation of Canada is to cease and desist any provocations, sanctions or threats against our ancient ally, Russia.

1710 Wampum, Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology.

1710 Wampum, Peter the Great Museum of Archaeology.

Stephen Harper is trying to do to Putin and the Russians what he is already doing to us. He is forcing sanctions on Ongwe’hon:we since their first Indian Act in 1867, to steal all our land and to get away with total genocide. If we don’t submit voluntarily, we will be murdered. We will be forced to assimilate into the colonial quagmire. All protections and internationally recognized rights will now be put firmly under Nazi control. Our preexisting sovereignty will be ended, with no regard to international law. We are desperately trying to petition the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague to hear our case.

Come one over.

They think that with the stroke of a pen they will write us out of history. Mainly to make us identify with their artificial corporate classification “INDIAN”. We, the true natural sovereigns will not allow this to occur on our territory. We welcome the Russian bear to Kanion’ke:haka to polish the wampum that exists between us. Back off, Harper.

Harper: "I didn't mean it, Vlad".

Harper: “I didn’t mean it, Vlad”.

As Johnny Cash advises Harper, “Don’t take your guns to town, son. Leave your guns at home, Steve.”


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Our ancient allies.

Final solution to “Indian problem” 100-year plan.