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MNN. OCT. 31, 2016. Many people around the world are to be commended for their great effort to do to the best of their ability, knowledge to adhere to what they understand is our responsibility. kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, is the act of acknowledgement, respect and taking responsibility.treeofpeace

Everybody has to stand up and do something. The earth is our floor. The sky is our ceiling. We are the walls. Our friends and allies must also stand up. We all are connected and have a responsibility to each other, to our environment and future generations that are coming.

We stand with everyone who is taking action to protect and preserve what is tionhekwon, [that which sustains our existence, water, earth, land and all that is upon it, to keep us alive]. We all have to keep them in their purest form for all lives and the future generations. The four legged, wing ones, crawling creatures, and the rest of creation as per our original instructions when people first arrive on earth. We agreed to survive and co-exist with all creation as brothers and sisters on our mother. Nature is waiting for us all to wake up and remember our original instructions.

The Lakota at Standing Rock and their friends and allies are gathered and united to try to stop the destroyers of life, whose only concern is lining their pockets at any cost. They themselves do not dirty their own hands. They send politicians, military, courts, police and mercenaries to do their dirty work. It is time for the enforcers to stop abusing the gifts of nature, to begin to use their brain to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. 42e2a19afd51be2d2e65b4e5cf696697

The future of all the generations to come is at stake. Chief Seattle said, “Only when the last tree has died, when the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money”. Don’t wait til then because it will be too late.

Demon train.

Demon train.


The link has been identified between the CP train that runs through Kahnawake and the origins of the Bakken crude that comes from North and South Dakota. 85% of the “black metal serpent” that slithers across the land carrying this poison is a “train bomb”. Billions of gallons are being moved on these rails which go though many residential areas. A disaster could take out many families, like the explosion in Lac Megantic in July 2013, that levelled the town and killed so many people.

This video describes the bomb trains that are going through our communities.

This bomb does not have to happen. Together we can stop this man-made environmental disaster and deaths. The Kahnawake Mohawks, their friends and allies, have set up a solidarity camp for Standing Rock at the southern foot of the Mercier Bridge that spans the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. Friends and allies welcome.

Join at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Join us at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Johnny Cash sings about the bomb train: “Cause he was going down a grade making 90 miles-an-hour when his whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, scalded to death by the steam.” [Wreck of the Old 97].

Standing Rock update:

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON







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MNN. Oct. 30, 2016. You are the corporate enforcers at Standing Rock who are attacking our people, our animals and all living things. You are the modern day “buffalo soldiers”. buffalo-soldiersIn 1865 President Lincoln emancipated the slaves and formed military units that helped murder 65 million buffalo and exterminated 149 of our villages.

Buffalo Soldiers @ Wounded Knee.

Buffalo Soldiers @ Wounded Knee.

Our ancestors send us messages. Our original instructions are to protect creation and to spread peace to the world.




buffaloThey have been waiting for us. We will continue to try to teach you the message of peace, harmony, sustainability.



When you, the police, realize that you are human and a part of nature, you will join us, just like the buffalo do. All of your relations in creation are waiting for you to do this.










As Bob Marley sang: “Dreadies, woy-yoy-yoy, woy-yoy-yoy, woy-yoy-yoy, woy-yoy, wo-yoy … ”  [Buffalo Soldiers]. Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux press conference 29 Oct. 2016.

Anonymous Nov. 5 “Million Mask March” Videos on DAPL trolls

She went to Standing Rock

Brazen Power Grab  The colonialists want to buy and sell everything on Earth including the very water and air that sustain Life.

Big shots behind corporate name.  Robert Redford at Standing Rock. Shairlene Woodley at Standing Rock: Democracy Now

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON



mnnlogo1Warriors Path: Rotiskenrakete 

MNN. Feb. 4, 2013. The Great Law has definite functions for the War Chief and his men [Warriors]. They are charged with the protection, defense and welfare of the people.  These duties take many forms; keeping the peace, teaching, speaking to the people, repossessing lost lands, maintaining human rights, diplomatic relations with other nations, and all work that promotes the People’s welfare. [Wampum 36, Great Law.] baby

A warrior’s duties are based on the natural instinct to survive. It is not man-made. He will tell us his name. After receiving his name before the people, he becomes a member of the community. 



His mother, grandmothers and grandfathers raise him from birth until his voice changes. They help him develop “onigonra”, the mind, which is his fire. They feed, clothe and make him comfortable, strong and healthy. He learns the basic aspects of indigenous life. The women observe all the young people and find their special gifts, to be guided and trained for certain duties.   

Then his uncles on his mother’s side take him. He fasts to seek his protection and medicine. His umbilical cord and the soil of his territory are placed in his medicine bag, which he always wears. 

He learns to defend himself and build up his endurance. His physical training begins before sunrise every morning. He starts running as far and as hard as he can until high noon. He sees something new and different every day within nature around him, the night creatures, flowers opening up, birds singing and the day insects coming out. 

young warrior

He’s on the path.


His will comes from nature. He has to know our laws and ways and apply the truth. Kaianereh’ko:wa is based on truth and nature: skenna, kariwiio and kasastsensera [peace righteousness and power]. Sa-o-ie-ra means it’s natural, instilled in us by creation. We have the natural instinct to protect ourselves, our people, our clans, our territories and everything that sustains life. 

We were taken off the path by genocide programs of the invaders of Great Turtle Island. They brought man-made beliefs that violated nature. For a time we became confused. 

Warriors of old did not have to deal with media manipulations, high tech police surveillance, wanted posters, phony charges to criminalize them into submission to the colonial system. 

Our ancestors sacrificed much so that we would survive. Nature is here forever. We are real people forever, Onkwehonwe. 

The Rotiskenrakete is not a soldier, but a defender of the people. Peace is the warrior’s goal. He knows the war is not over until it is won. If the conflict continues, the black wampum string is dropped. They fight until they win. The adversary must agree  to live peacefully under the great law of peace. Then they will retain their culture, language, government, land and ways. 

Rotiskenrakete are the carriers of the soil of Great Turtle Island. As long as the Ongwehonwe are here, the Rotiskenrakete will be here too.  All men are warriors.  It’s natural. 

Great White Buffalo

Great White Buffalo is here now!

As Ted Nugent sang in “Great White Buffalo’’, about our young men: “When I looked above the canyon wall, some strong eyes did I see.  I think it’s somebody comin’ around to save my ass, baby. I think he’s comin’ around to save you and me… Look out, baby, here he comes… he’s comin’ to get ya!”  


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