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MMN. Apr. 28, 2018. “Gurls, time to come and help your auntie so I can keep on being good to you”, coos Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indian Affairs. The Gurl “Me-Me-Me” Chiefs are being called in for a pep talk by auntie and her cronies about “Recognition and Implementation of Indigenous [Foreign Corporation] Rights”, otherwise called “My way or the highway to the final solution of the Indian problem” [Duncan Campbell Scott]. It’s on April 30, 2018, one day before the Assembly of First Nations AFN, also known as the Assembly of Monkey Business, meets on May 1-2 at the casino in Gatineau-Hull-Ottawa. Auntie Carolyn says, “No, gurls, we’re not taking any chances on what could be your last ride!”

AFN is a government organized criminal organization which meets to plan protection of their rackets, to keep the INDIANS controlled and the true natives quiet. They sign illegal agreements and deals and are in gambling, loan sharking, drug [pot] trafficking, and other crimes.  


Canada is a private corporation that has no land, no natural language and no constitution, only a military run company charter [Canada ISO #1366-2 CA 1867]. So auntie has to remind the gurls how to lie to help the corporation in business. Only the tewatatawi, the true sovereigns, can deal with all issues involving the people, our land, water, air and resources. Everything else is fraud.

Two ignorant Indian Act Mohawk gurls from Kahnawake are going to explain their false knowledge about the “Iroquois constitution”, on which they’ve been briefed by government agents. Nobody speaks for us free real people except ourselves. onowarekeh, turtle island, is held by the true onkwehonweh women. These treasonous women sold out their birthright and are helping Canada to privatize us and our communities. Our mother cannot be privatized. 


You Indian Act gurls have alienated your name, clan, natural rights and have nothing to say. You left the canoe and are on the ship of the enemy. You are government paid lobbyists who promote the genocide of our people.  

You can come back to us and sit with your back against the wall of the longhouse without a voice. You have shown us you are capable of abandoning your people. The rotiskenraketeh have the mandate to remove you for harming us, should it be necessary.

You help Canada make, break and enforce every fascist rule to try to control us, destroy us, steal from us and kill us. When your misbehavior is exposed, you will get what you deserve. Many of you will sit in prison next to your criminal slime bag cohorts. You will be shot down for all your war-making and treason against your people and all life.  


You have never tried to stop the blacklisting and blackmailing of those who try to stop the oppression and elimination of our people. You want praise, hugs and strokes from our enemy to feel warm and cuddily. If you can’t see the suffering and wounds you are trying to cause to make us landless and poor, you are brain dead. You no longer have the ability to think.

Gurls, we are free and tewatatawi, we carry ourselves. Those ropes you want to help our enemies put around our necks will not happen. 

Hey, gurls, your fast train could be crashing, as Johnny Cash reminds us in “Wreck of the Old 97”: “He was goin’ down the grade makin’ 90 miles an hour.
His whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle. Scalded to death by the steam. Now all you ladies you better take a warnin’ From this time on and learn. Never speak harsh words to your true lover husband, He may leave you and never return”.

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AFN is the government assembled playground of the warped. Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Telephone: 613-241-6789, Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789, Fax:  613-241-5808, Website:

For $50 anyone can attend the conference at the Hilton Lac Leamy and ask questions about these Indian Affairs/AFN genocide plans for us. SIGN UP:  WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? 

AUNTIE CAROLYN: Email: Mail: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. 10 Wellington North Tower. Gatineau QC K1A 0H4. Phone: 1-819-997-0002. Phone (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604.






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MNN. OCT. 31, 2016. Many people around the world are to be commended for their great effort to do to the best of their ability, knowledge to adhere to what they understand is our responsibility. kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, is the act of acknowledgement, respect and taking responsibility.treeofpeace

Everybody has to stand up and do something. The earth is our floor. The sky is our ceiling. We are the walls. Our friends and allies must also stand up. We all are connected and have a responsibility to each other, to our environment and future generations that are coming.

We stand with everyone who is taking action to protect and preserve what is tionhekwon, [that which sustains our existence, water, earth, land and all that is upon it, to keep us alive]. We all have to keep them in their purest form for all lives and the future generations. The four legged, wing ones, crawling creatures, and the rest of creation as per our original instructions when people first arrive on earth. We agreed to survive and co-exist with all creation as brothers and sisters on our mother. Nature is waiting for us all to wake up and remember our original instructions.

The Lakota at Standing Rock and their friends and allies are gathered and united to try to stop the destroyers of life, whose only concern is lining their pockets at any cost. They themselves do not dirty their own hands. They send politicians, military, courts, police and mercenaries to do their dirty work. It is time for the enforcers to stop abusing the gifts of nature, to begin to use their brain to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. 42e2a19afd51be2d2e65b4e5cf696697

The future of all the generations to come is at stake. Chief Seattle said, “Only when the last tree has died, when the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money”. Don’t wait til then because it will be too late.

Demon train.

Demon train.


The link has been identified between the CP train that runs through Kahnawake and the origins of the Bakken crude that comes from North and South Dakota. 85% of the “black metal serpent” that slithers across the land carrying this poison is a “train bomb”. Billions of gallons are being moved on these rails which go though many residential areas. A disaster could take out many families, like the explosion in Lac Megantic in July 2013, that levelled the town and killed so many people.

This video describes the bomb trains that are going through our communities.

This bomb does not have to happen. Together we can stop this man-made environmental disaster and deaths. The Kahnawake Mohawks, their friends and allies, have set up a solidarity camp for Standing Rock at the southern foot of the Mercier Bridge that spans the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. Friends and allies welcome.

Join at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Join us at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Johnny Cash sings about the bomb train: “Cause he was going down a grade making 90 miles-an-hour when his whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, scalded to death by the steam.” [Wreck of the Old 97].

Standing Rock update:

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON