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MNN. Oct. 21, 2018. For over 50 years this National Film Board documentary film was seen by millions of people around the world. Participants regularly get comments on the blockade of the International Bridge at Akwessne. It is one of the most important milestones in which natives made a definite statement to the world and governments that we have special rights and that the Canada-U.S border does not exist for natives people. The Jay Treaty of 1794 was for the intruders only. The treaty between the British and Americans has withstood many legal challenges by governments in the United States and Canada. It affirms our natural rights as the original peoples of turtle island. 

It is an international treaty between foreign nations with a provision [Article III] respecting our natural freedom and right to live freely on our land where creation placed us without any hindrance. 

All natives benefitted from this action by kanionkehaka/Mohawks who stood at the Customs House on that cold day on December 20, 1968. 

The rotinoshonni’onwe Iroquois have a long history of making such statements to the world. Annually in Niagara Falls the natives have marched across the Niagara River since the 1920s to remind them of our free passage and their borders do not apply to us.

Another history making event was when Paul K. Diabo of kahnawake, an ironworker, was ordered by the American government to be deported to Canada as an alien. The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the rights of natives to cross freely between Canada and the United States without hindrance or molestation. 

In 1968 the world saw a small group of Mohawks and other natives make a declaration that we are not going to allow anyone to interfere with our natural rights.  

This commemoration at Concordia University is a significant event. Everyone is welcome.  

THIS FILM AND OTHERS WILL BE SHOWN: CINEMA POLITICA NETWORK, “YOU ARE ON INDIAN LAND”, 1455 de Maisonneuve, Hall Building, Montreal, Quebec. Monday, Oct. 22nd 2018. Arrive at 6.30 pm. 37 mins. followed by open discussion. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.



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MNN. Oct. 13, 2018. ia-ta-tewa-ton-koton. We have not immersed ourselves into the corporate system. We cannot alienate ourselves from our birthright as the true natural people of turtle island. The invaders have no jurisdiction. We never gave them any. Their laws have no effect.


This decision is on laws they have no right to make. This decision by the Supreme Court of Canada affects those who have sold out to the false man-made law called the Indian act. They have no jurisdiction to make the Indian Act. Either way it has no precedent or binding affect on the onkwehonweh. It does not exist for anybody. Those of us who refuse know that no foreign government or corporation applies to us tewatatawi original people. They can’t make any law, thus there is nothing to talk about.  


 The Indian Act “Indians” are citizens of a foreign company set up by the invaders and have lost their onkwehonweh birthright as a result. Canada has no jurisdiction to make a constitution. The corporation of Canada owns nothing. Their committees known as the Indian Act band council do their dirty work for them. The Queen cannot give anybody what does not belong to her. She and her colony have no dominion over us, our land or all life on turtle island. We true natural people never relinquished anything. This case is in a court set up by the invaders to rule upon laws they have no right to make. All their laws and court decisions are made without jurisdiction on turtle island. Every decision they’ve ever made is null and void.  All laws made by the corporation of Canada [Parliament and US counterparts] are null and void.  


The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada invaders does not interfere with us. Only those who willingly help the corporation to administer the genocide program, the pipe line and other devastation on our mother. Eliminating us and our culture is their plan.   

Treaties give no rights. The invaders wanted treaties. We let them stay on our land according to our conditions. They broke them. Their agreement with is us is null and void. They are trespassing and must leave. We have the birthright to turtle island.

How dare the oppressors and their “criminal gang” dictate to us. We are from nature. We are real. They are paper made people. Their corporate laws and court decisions are man made fiction. Their institutions, rules and regulations are fake. New demands are constantly being made to keep their criminal gangs in business. The intruders never deal in good faith. Their own law states that if you take another’s property, you are committing a crime. The statute of limitations never ends. They will be held accountable. 

The court lied to the Mikisew Crees of Alberta. The chief wants to know who he can cry to now! He wants to go back to the same court and stand before the enemy and expect justice. The same court of oppressors will rule against him again. 

The court said the band councils are their boards and committees that have no rights except to do what they are told. They don’t have to consult them. Their job is to help the tyrants swindle their own families. A handful of invaders want to illegally decide the fate of millions of natural people.

They should be consulting with us about how they can follow the kaianerekowa, the only law of turtle island. Their judicial scams are designed to work in favor of the invading predators. A man is born stupid but he doesn’t have to stay that way. 

Alibaba and the 40 thieves [Canada and US] are not sovereign. They don’t have one inch of our land and can never get it. These unlawful occupiers have no right to legislate laws to us. They own the willing members of their band council, national and territorial “Indian” sidekicks who have alienated their birthright. 

The lawless make schemes called laws to steal from us. No man has the right to deny us our birthright which comes from creation. We have a winning hand which paper made corporations cannot defeat. They ignore truth and justice but it will always exist in the natural world.  

When the band council puppets look to the invaders as their authority, they are letting them destroy us, our mother and all life. Like those who helped capture Geronimo, all the traitors will be rounded up and dealt with accordingly.  


Today we don’t have barbed wire fences around us. We have reservation prisons administered by the military who run the colony.  

The lawyers pledge allegiance to the very institutions and rules that oppress us. Their job is to tell us we have no rights. Then they haul us into court to receive more injustice. We are told to believe in something that does not exist in their system, justice and truth. 

We can live on our land until they want it. Sir William Johnson told the King, “Any man that would dare to call the iroquois ‘subjects’ better have a good army at his back, because no sooner would those words be spoken, they would slit his throat, because the Iroquois do not consider themselves subjects of anyone. They are of their own”.

Our teachings, language, genetic memories and the kaianerekowa keep us strong. We are raised to take responsibility for our own actions. We are naturally free and can never be subject to unlawful rules made by the invaders. They never defeated us. They can only ask us how they shall live by the kaianerekowa. If they don’t, they must leave. The onkwehonweh demonstrated their right to be free on the island in 1990: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.




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MNN. Oct. 10, 2018. Every year the intruders to turtle island celebrate the continuing genocide of the natural people. Christopher Columbus and Thanksgiving go together with the hysterical Black Friday shopping frenzy that breaks out to divert their attention on the annihilation of millions of onkwehonweh, the true natural people. 


Our kids were kidnapped and imprisoned in “Child Elimination Centers” called residential schools. They were kidnapped, tortured and burnt in stoves in the basement. The schools were an extension of the genocide policy which continues today.

A repressive regime of fake people was established that funds and carries out the genocide  operation. 

The invaders made rules on every aspect of our life. We suffered a soul sucking life and death for hundreds of years. Knowledge of our existence was almost totally eradicated by the invaders. These paper made people recruit the Indians to do their dirty work for them. 


The state maintains extensive surveillance on us. We are out in the open on our land trying to survive.

We are nature. We will save each other. The world knows that Canada and the United States are murderers.

We are being held hostage. We are born free and will get our freedom.

The invaders came here to kill and exploit, not in peace. They failed miserably as a species on this planet. They are now masterminding their own extinction. Nature will make difficult decisions to ensure our survival.

A Native American Thanksgiving

by Toni Duncan – Member, Round Valley Tribes


M.I.A. ponders te hon wani shoton in “Born Free”: “Man made power. Stood like a tower higher. Hi’ya hi’ya hello. And the higher you go. You feel lower oh oh. So I was close to the ants. Staying under cover, staying under cover With the nose to the ground.

I found my sound. Got myself an interview tomara. Got myself a jacket for a dollar. And my nails are chipped But I’m eager. And car doesn’t work so I’m stuck here. I don’t wanna live for tomara. I’ll push my luck today. I’ll throw this in ya face when I see ya. I got somethin’ to say. I’ll throw this shit in ya face when I see ya Cause I got somin’ to say. . . . I was born free, born free, I was born free, born free” Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.


Here come the warriors

 here come the warriors



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MNN. Oct. 4, 2018. Come, relatives, friends and allies, into the outstretched arms of our family!  We will use our voices. ie-kwa-nikon-ra-ien-ta-neh, so that we will always work together for our survival. te-tia-to-ret, we will learn and understand our old words.  

Your participation will make the agenda. Let us gather together to understand the way of the kanon’shonnni’onwe. Come with questions, ask for understanding and make comments. Each of us knows something. 

We will make for all our children an onkwehonweh future. Come and discuss the otiokwanhoksta, the Circle of the Family, which is the rotinonshonni [Iroquois Confederacy] and our relationships.  

Everyone is welcome to come and share the kaianerekowa, great peace.  


LODGING: The Bear’s Inn, 1979 4th Line, ohsweken ont. NOA IMO, 519-443-4133 half mile east Chiefswood Road.

Mohawk Motel, 769 Colborne, Brantford Ont. N35 352, near Woodland Cultural Center. “Best bang for your buck” 1-519-753-8621 

Sherwood Motel, 797 Colborne East, Brantford N3S 3S3 519-756-5261

Galaxy Motel 950 Colborne St, Brantford, ON N3S 3T5 Ont. (519) 304-6552

Days Inn, 460 Wynham Drive, Brantford, 1-519-759-2700
Grand Motel, 780 Colborne, Brantford 1-519-756-4004 Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.




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MNN. 18, 2015. The Indian Lands Acts of 1924 established the POW camps called “Indian Reserves” IR throughout Canada. Bill C-51 is Canada’s latest attempt to legalize genocide. Here are ten steps to illegally dismantle the ongwe’hon:weh through corporate regime change, relocation or unwitnessed lethal procedures.

"They were demanding decent water and housing!!"

“They wanted decent water and housing!!”

1.The military response unit is located at the high tech Indian Affairs “war room”, directed by a well-briefed investigator and surveillance head. He reports to a senior commissioned officer. Federal, state and provincial entities work together to benefit from eliminating the ongwe’hon:weh. Top brass, all units in the detail and the local band councils work together. Military response teams surround all IRs. Operations are planned years in advance.

2.Detailed reporting on all incidents, including rumors and concocted stories. Surveillance is constant. Agents infiltrate the community in various guises. A “to be taken out” list is created.

3.Soldiers & CSIS/CIA agents are imbedded in media to control information, turn the public against the target, film the operation for study and identification.

Isn't it time for you to sit down and talk with us?

Isn’t it time for you to sit down and talk with us?

4.The media induces fear into the surrounding communities promoting fear and anger towards any  ongwe’hon:weh. In 1990 the surrounding communities requested the military attack the Mohawks. Command posts are set up at a moment’s notice to go into the IR once the conflict is created. “New management” or lethal force is demanded. This historical record continues. See below “Rocks at Whisky Trench”.

5.The “economic hit man” pays off the band and tribal council for their cooperation. Chiefs liaise constantly with the military. Secret meetings are held at local golf courses. The commander is involved during the “live” operation.

"They never quit fighting to keep their land from us!"

“Our mother can never ever be sold!”

6.Professionals, elders, men, women and children are targeted to silence them. Some are banished. Businesses are controlled or burnt destroyed.

7.Provocateurs, informants, infiltrators, workers and goons watch and report to the investigator. They are trained to befriend, create dissent, spread false rumors, pacify or carry out local attacks, or conflicts to divide the people, with impunity.

8.Band councils sign blank arrest warrants. Local cops stand by while targeted residents are threatened. Some incidents are “false flags” to mislead the people and heighten tension. The ensuing chaos eventually discredits cops and band councils. The military comes in to control the situation.


"I just outlawed the INDIANS!!!

“The people will wipe that smile off your face later this year, Stevie”!!!

9.The band and tribal councils agrees to come under the control of a political and economic corporation to create ‘peace’. Martial law is established. Roads closed. Houses searched. Curfews. No civil rights. Trouble makers removed. A combination of theatre, coercion and threats to control everybody and to bring about the desired corporate regime. Perpetrators report they were “just following orders” and can’t remember doing anything wrong, until they are charged with human rights abuses and genocide!

10.The law of the land of Great Turtle Island is the Kania’nereh:kowa. It shall prevail.

2001 interrogation of Dennis Blythe, BCI Bureau of Criminal Investigation on the INDIAN Detail conducted May 18, 1997, by the Onondaga Council of Chiefs Inc. and New York State against the Rotinoshonni. US District Court, Northern District of NY. [Ronald Jones vs. NYS 98 CV 374.]  

Paul Rogers of Bad Company tells us how the seagull from his high vantage point sees things much more clearly: “Seagull, you fly across the horizon, into the misty morning sun. Nobody asks you where you are going. Nobody knows where you’re from. And you fly through the sky, never asking why.” 

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CSIS warns of extremist opposition to oil & gas.

Military & media used to destroy protests.

Harper-Hitler comparison.

RCMP anti-ongwe’hon:we propoganda.

Sell ongwe’hon:we land to foreign entities



















MNN. Apr 14, 2013. Our red brothers and sisters are forewarned of the impending calamities of the evil industrial-military-intelligencia complex.  We must stand firm on the Kaianerekowa based on our inherent natural ties to Great Turtle Island. Our treasonous corporate Indians should be pulled off their seat behind the big desk and thrown right in front of the people. The 14 warnings of the coming fascism are: fascism

1. “Powerful expressions of nationalism”. Our band and tribal councils, along with their corporate masters are guilty of treason for aiding and abetting a foreign corporate fascist takeover. they are all subject to the penalties of the Kaianerekowa. Our mythical elder of the 4th Dimension, Red-X, suggests, “We pull them out of the closet and subject them to the will of the people.” 

2. “Disdain for human rights”. As they state in their Secret Covenant, “We shall deceive them into accepting laws that will steal the little freedom they have left”.  

3. “Uncoopertive professionals [scientists, doctors, lawyers] Identified and eliminated”.  Red-X says, “Money talks and the rest croak”.  

4. “Avid militarism in local police forces”. There are dozens of policing agencies in and around Indigenous communities. Red-X says, “Take the infidels out of the closet, throw them in front of the people, who may sentence them to the red willow brigade”. According to Kaianerekowa we should police each other, eliminating need for police forces.  

5. “Rampant sexism”. No respect for the balance of power that women hold in Indigenous communities. On the patriarchal band councils, Red-X says, “The ‘boyz in the band’ of the belly of the beast must be aborted”. 

6. “Controlled mass media”. Five multinational corporations control media worldwide. They are the blabbermouths for ethnic cleansing and genocide. “Seize the airwaves now!” instructs the Red-X, “and speak truth to power. The truth will always rise, like the sun.”media lies

7. “Obsession with national security”. Red-X says, “Any threats against banker’s hegemonic control of the economy is considered a threat to national security. Keep your eyes on the prize and purloin it”. 

8. “Religion and the ruling bankers are tied together.” Red-X warns, “Obama thinks he’s the Messiah who shall deliver the masses, and sings, ‘Praise the lord and pass the ammunition’!” 

9. “Power of corporations protected”. Preferred contracts are given to Bechtel, Kellogg, Haliburton, Brown & Root, etc. Red-X says it’s “blood for oil. No Onkwehonwe blood for oil”. 

10. “Power of labor suppressed or eliminated.”  Red-X asks, “Who’s really working anyway? So what’s being eliminated?” military industrial

11. “Disdain and suppression of intellectuals and the arts”. MNN and Red-X will work for liberation. 

12. “Obsession with crime and punishment”. There are over 2.2 million in US prisons, the most of any country. The privatized penal system is owned by multi-billionaires such as George Wackenhut, crony of Bill Clinton. There is no line between government and private companies. They can never privately own our land. From the earth we come, to the earth we will return. Their lies cover this original lie that they own our land. Red-X says, “Anything based upon a lie is a always a lie”.  private prisons 

13. “Rampant cronyism and corruption”. All major corporations reap billions from war and tragedies, all un-investigated. All “democratic” governments operate by bribery and payoffs. Interpol has been asked to investigate the theft of our ever growing $60.7 trillion Indian Trust Fund.  

14. “Fraudulent elections”. See Obama win! Then look at fraudulent elections based on “51% corporatism” which is manipulated by the money. See Iraq, Afghanistan, Akwesasne, Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and every other Indigenous community on Great Turtle Island. sa

Critics of current politics are considered s**t disturbers! MNN sits at the top of the pine tree like the eagle, ever watchful of any danger that might be coming from the distance to threaten the peace of the Confederacy of all Indigenous people.  As Edgar Winter sang: “I’ll get some dynamite and I‘ll get a crane. I’ll blow it all up, tear it down and start all over again. I’ll build me a town that I’ll be proud to show. But I’ll keep the name ‘Tobacco Road’.”

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MNN. Apr. 6, 2013. Gunboat diplomacy is forcing colonial policy on Indigenous through military power and direct threats until we comply. “Sign here or you’ll starve!”. The BIA in the US and Indian Affairs in Canada are military centers for worldwide operations. Money is laundered through Indian communities. Why did Prime Minister Harper suddenly announce his plan to “privatize” all Indigenous lands? To make us less accessible to scrutiny! 

"Take the money, or else!"

Chief: “Sign here and look the other way!”

In US Supreme Court decision Lara v. USA, Justice Clarence Thomas said that, as far as he could see, there is no evidence that the indigenous people ever gave up their sovereignty or any of their land. Federal Indian law and the Indian Act are schizophrenic and, as long as this is not dealt with, there will be chaos. 

not followedIndian Affairs in Canada and the US were both part of the War Departments. In mid-1980s an employee in Indian Affairs Minister David Crombie’s office in Ottawa was recruiting people of Indigenous ancestry. A secret operation was being established throughout the Western Hemisphere headquartered in Mexico City. 

Canada is not resisting the US takeover of the Indigenous territory called “the Northwest Passage”, and our resources there. In 2005 the top CEOs, cabinet ministers and military brass of Mexico, US and Canada had a secret meeting at the Fairmont Springs Hotel in Banff.Banff 2005 The US has infiltrated the army, police forces, government and corporations. The Canadian Airborne Regiment that defends northern sovereignty was disbanded. 

In 1990 gunboat diplomacy brought in the military invasion of the Mohawk of Kanehsatake. The US wants the rare mineral, “niobium” that lies under the community. This metal strengthens and lightens industrial metals for military hardware and rockets for outer space exploration. The September 29, 2006 border summit in Tucson revealed that Boeing Aircraft got $20 billion to develop the satellite virtual electronic wall over the Canada-US border. 

tontoCasinos in Indigenous communities allow unmonitored money and agents to pass through Indian reservations, which are under “federal jurisdiction”, into covert activities. Casino money is not overseen by the Bureau of Indians Affairs or Department of Indian Affairs. Billions were funneled to finance illegal activities.  

The colonial government declares that a band or tribal council has “mismanaged” their funds. The community is taken over. People are sent in to run everything. Indigenous people are told nothing. The corporate band council chiefs are now either court appointed politicians or compliant Indians who do what their team of Indian Affairs advisers tell them. It’s their gravy train of unaccounted money, placed in off-shore accounts. They just have to look the other way. 

The Indian Affairs program is meant to keep us demoralized, ignorant and dependent. These corporate conglomerates need to victimize us to control politics, police, military and economies of Canada and the US. 

The economic royalist bankers think there is no alternative to a few taking something for nothing with armed government support; to inequality and injustice, competition and division; conflict and suffering. Then putting the stolen money in secret off shore accounts. The Canadian model of world government is now being implemented in India. Countercurrents As Joni Mitchell sang: “And so once again, oh, America, my friend. And so once again, you are fighting us all. And when we ask you why, you raise your stick and cry. And we fall. Oh, my friend, how did you come to trade the fiddle for the drum”. The Fiddle and the Drum

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18.09.2006 16:47:00
Corporal Lemay
LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT CORPORAL LEMAY’S DEATH IN OKA IN 1990MNN. Sept. 18, 2006. In 1991, almost a year after the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990, a reporter from the independent Montreal newspaper, the Mirror, met with some warriors at the Mohawk Nation Office in Kahnawake. The story that was uncovered was about the crisis and the death of Surete du Quebec officer, Corporal Marcel Lemay.

The story began before the July 11th 1990 attack on the people of Kanehsatake/Oka by the SQ. In early 1990 there had been a so-called “civil war” between the Warriors and anti’s in Akwesasne. The anti-warrior faction were supported by the US and Canadian governments. Two men were murdered during this conflict.

Internal Affairs of the SQ had launched an investigation into illegal sales of weapons to the anti’s without proper permits by certain gun store owners, in particular, a shop in Valleyfield, Quebec, west of Montreal. Weapons that had been used in shooting incidents throughout Mohawk community of Akwesasne, near Cornwall, had contributed to the deaths of these two men.

It appears that the SQ had given the Akwesasne Tribal Police a check to buy guns. They went to Valleyfield with leading figures of the anti-warrior movement. Instead of cashing it beforehand, they gave the store owner the SQ check to pay for the guns. Several days later the two men were shot and killed.

Internal Affairs uncovered information about the financing and supply of weapons to the anti-warrior factions in Akwesasne. The ultimate goal was to destroy as many of the warrior society members as they could.

The guns appeared to have come from SQ sources. The officer in charge of the internal investigation was none other than Corporal Marcel Lemay. He had gone to the gun store in Valleyfield and was shown the books, which indicated that an SQ check had paid for the guns. Lemay was ready to make his finding known.

One the morning of July 11th, 1990, three of the four SWAT units in the Montreal district were assigned to the Oka region. They were to launch an assault on the Mohawks in the Pines of Kanehsatake. To this day there is still a mystery as to who issued this order. Nobody knows or whoever does know isn’t saying.

Corporal Lemay had been assigned to investigate the conduct of police personnel and was not required to participate in such raids. He was working behind the desk. Yet on this day he had been ordered to suit up with a bullet proof vest, helmet and M-16. He was ordered to take part in launching a military style attack on some Mohawk men, women and children. Minutes after the assault on the Pines, Lemay lay dead on the field of battle.

A bullet had entered his left side just below his arm pit between the unprotected area of the vest and his body. Lemay never got beyond Mohawk lines and never had any warriors behind or beside him. The warriors had retreated back into the woods for better defensive positions. The SQ had attempted to attack from the front and from the side in order to catch warriors in a crossfire situation. This maneuver is referred to as a “flanking maneuver”.

Lemay was on the main front assault line. He was instantly killed at the beginning of the operation. The reporter questioned the SQ’s investigation into Lemay’s death. Normally when an officer is killed in the line of duty, someone must pay the price. The SQ treated the death as a civilian casualty.

Immediately following the attack Internal Affairs descended on the home of Lemay and seized all his investigative documents. Mrs. Lemay was suspicious of the SQ’s actions. She said on the media, “I don’t hold the Mohawks responsible for the death of my husband”.

The reporter concluded that the whole incident was a setup and a cover up. The assault on our people was the “final push” by the Quebec government along with Canada and the United States to choke the Mohawk people into submission. They wanted to criminalize us all. They were intent on destroying any type of economic independence that was functioning in our communities.

The reporter was discredited for his work and was reportedly threatened to “leave well enough alone”. Lemay’s discovery of SQ involvement in Akwesasne’s so-called “civil war” would have implicated the SQ top brass and brought down high government officials.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh


Mohawk Oka Crisis film exploitation.


MNN. April 28, 2005. A guy named Claudio Luca of Group Cine Tele Film in Montreal is embarking on a project funded by Canada and Quebec. He is recreating the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990! That’s when Quebec sent in the paramilitary troop of the Quebec Police (SQ) who opened fire on Mohawk men, women and children in
Kanehsatake on July 11th. 1990. This attack in the Pines, escalated to the point that Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sent thousands of Canadian Army soldiers to surround three of our Mohawk Territories ? Kanehsatake, Kahnawake and Akwesasne. The Mohawks were resisting the building of a golf course by Oka over our burial and ceremonial grounds.

Now they want to exploit our misfortune. They have made no attempt to
determine our feelings about their project. The funders, producer,
writers and researchers are non-native. Let?s hope the Mohawks will
not be portrayed by non-native actors! Canada and Quebec, the
financiers, are colonial powers. They have continually suppressed
indigenous points of view. This kind of bias violates international
human rights law.

The way we responded to the attack on our cultural integrity at Oka
was entirely our collective invention. These non-native entities have
no right to our creation. The constant one-sided way of looking at
our issues proves that they do not understand what we were doing.
They continue to violate the respect that is due to all human beings.

As one of the people who was involved and remained to the last at the
Kanentoken Treatment Center, they do not have my permission to
replicate my actions.

International audience. Since this is being created for French
television it is a transparent attempt to present us in a biased way
and to prejudice international opinion. We are appalled at their
insensitivity towards everything that we Kanienkehaka have suffered.
Since both Canada and Quebec live on our territory, they are obligated
to ensure that our interpretations are presented. The United Nations
Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic,
Religious and Linguistic Minorities, adopted on December 18, 1992 is
supposed to safeguard us. We never gave them permission to depict us
through a story written exclusively by non-native writers, filmed by
non-native filmmakers for a non-native audience. This is cultural
exploitation at its worst.

The Euro-Canadian and European public will be mislead. This film
should not be made because the entire Mohawk population own this story
and they need our permission to use it.

They forget that we are people. This is our story. It is not just a
commodity to be packaged and sold to the highest bidder. They cannot
change facts or add fictitious characters to suit their needs as has
become the established custom in previous dealings between our

Misappropriation of our image. It is obscene the way people try to profit from
the one-sided depiction of our lives, our tragedies and our struggles. If they
respected our humanity and took the trouble to get to know us, they would
understand the harm they are doing by appropriating our image, our actions and our
events. If the story is ever to be filmed, it will be by the Mohawk people being
totally in charge of everything.

Their theft of our culture by filming this event brushes aside the
central issue. They think we have no intelligence. This is why they
feel free to exploit us.

What is it that makes them think that the Mohawk people are of no
consequence to their production? What makes them think that it is
cool to ignore what we have to say? Why do they think it is open
season to use our struggles for their commercial and political
purposes to entertain and shock their audience?

We do not want to be used. They would not want to be used this way
either. If they had suffered a personal tragedy as significant and of
the same consequence as ours, they would not want to have it exploited
either. Would they not feel violated?

They should read up on colonialism. They are participating in the
abuse of our people that has been going on for 500 years. When will
this stop?

If they really wanted to help our people, they would do what needs to
be done to give us a voice. Instead, they are telling the story they
want to hear. The story that they wish was there, instead of what
really happened. This is called ?twistory?. The Europeans took our
land and our resources. Now they are taking advantage of us again.

Our issues need to be addressed. We must stand together as Mohawk
people. This is one of the most basic rules of our culture. It is
one of the rules that the non-native culture, with its totalitarian
habits, seems to have the most difficulty understanding.

We believe in respect and honesty.

Stop production. It would be in the best interests of the Mohawk
people and the Canadian public to stop this production completely.

All we ask for is to be treated in a respectful way.

Since they can?t seem to understand our rights according to our
cultural values, we are asserting them on terms that they can
understand. We have copyrighted our story. So now the rights belong
to us under Canadian law. A copy of the Copyright Certificate of
Registration, No. 1024217, dated October 20, 2004 has been sent to
them. It is duly registered under Canadian law and internationally
recognized in over 130 countries.

The right to this story belongs to us. We lived it!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh


Council to sell Mohawk language to Microsoft

MNN. April 20, 2005. The band council set up by Indian Affairs Canada is
launching a ?language? auction. They?re selling the Mohawk language to the
highest bidder. They are signing an agreement with multinational corporation,
Microsoft, to ?co-develop an innovative Kanion?ke:haka language project?!SECTION 4 ? Ownership of Work by Microsoft; License to Microsoft Materials; states as follows: The Mohawks? agree to dissolve all rights that we may have to any and all copyrights in the work and assigns all rights, title and interests over to Microsoft including but not limited to ? the right to sue for infringements which may occur before the date of this Agreement, and to collect and retain damages from any such infringements??A Maori student visiting from New Zealand warned, ?Language is sacred. It is not
to be appropriated by Microsoft. This is how our culture is co-opted. You have
no river, no land, you won?t even have your own language. Your language is your
essence of being, and they are stealing it?. She said that the song of one of
their people has been copyrighted by a football team down there. Now they can?t
write about it unless they pay money to the football team.

Disgusting giveaway. The band council is giving the rights to the Mohawk language
which our ancestors have been developing since Sky Woman fell to earth. It?s an
unprecedented insult! The band council cannot sign away our rights on behalf of
us or the generations yet unborn. We will be opening ourselves up to policing and
lawsuits by this mega corp. They will become the ultimate authority on the use of
our language.

No Consultation. Is Microsoft sincere in wanting to contribute their expertise to
the Kanion?ke:haka? We want to benefit from the wisdom collected and preserved in
our language. Microsoft should present its project to a proper traditional
consultation process. This agreement was arrived at in secret with no valid
consultation with the People.

The Kanion?ke:ha language belongs to the People. It was passed down from one
generation to the next since time immemorial ? long before settlers came here to
colonize us. It establishes our tie to our land where our ancestors have lived
for thousands of years. Our duty is to learn it, preserve it and pass it on to
generations to come.

Tongue-tied! Most members of the current band council do not speak Mohawk. They
do not own it but they?re selling it. They sign agreements that continuously put
our nations, our people and our lands. Now even our language at risk.

Microsoft represents the conglomerate that massacred our ancestors, put us in
concentration camps on our homeland and forced laws and ways to eliminate us. Now
we may have to ask their permission to speak and use our language.

The Kanion?ke:haka Onkwa?wen:na Raoti?tioh:kwa Cultural Center in Kahnawake
refused to support the agreement. They accused the band council of

?knowingly and unilaterally agree[ing] to sell our intellectual property rights ..
to a foreign corporate entity that seeks to gain full ownership, monopoly and
control of language?.

The band council was illegally created by the Canadian government under the Indian
Act. They reject our traditional constitutional government. The councilors
commit themselves to defend and uphold the laws of Canada. They have discarded
their responsibility to their people.

Residential Schools. Since the settlers arrived on our shores, they have forced
colonization on us. Our children were sent to residential schools and denied the
right to speak our language. In some schools almost 100% of the children died.
Overall, around 50% did not survive these institutions. Those who did lost their
languages. In Kahnawake there were nuns and priests who had the same job, to
force the ?Indian? out of us.

Kanion?ke:ha is who we are. It?s our identity. It defines our ties to the land
and to each other. No one has any right to sell us!

Tongue tax. The agreement states,

?In the event that taxes are required to be withheld on payment made under this
Agreement by any government authority, Microsoft may deduct such taxes from the
amount owed the Mohawks and pay them to the appropriate taxing authority?.

Microsoft has agreed to serve as an instrument of colonization. They want our
tongues for breakfast. The band council has agreed to chop off bits of our flesh
to give to whatever bandit demands a slice of the action. People called us

We will now be forced to pay taxes on the unique way we flip our tongues. They
will be selling our language to other people. To them it?s a product to be sold
to Germany and elsewhere.

How do we stop this? This is one of the richest corporations in the world. They
have all the lawyers they want at their beck and call. We can?t afford any. But
we have tongues to speak for ourselves. Everyone should send an email Microsoft
to complain

Otkon! Microsoft! Go ahead and sue me. You might get some choice Mohawks words
from me.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh