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MNN. Feb. 11, 2015. In the 1990 “Mohawk Oka Crisis” 5,000 heavily armed Canadian soldiers surrounded three of our communities. We were protesting the expansion of a non-Ongwe’hon:weh golf course over our burial and ceremonial grounds. The army attacked and hurt many of us. One of our children was stabbed in the chest by a soldier. Our longhouse, filled with women and children, was surrounded by tanks to attack us. The women ran out and faced them. In the battle many were seriously injured.

Women beat tyranny.

Women beat tyranny.

The natural world created women as the progenitors of the soil for the coming generations. Women always stood up to brutality and aggression of the Admiralty matrix that is controlling the world. We feel the courage and anger of the Ukrainan people through the voices of these two women in the following video. Ukranian Women face soldiers.

We can hear the children of the future crying for their mothers in Donetsk right now.

The Nazi controlled band council in Kahnawake creates similar chaos and confusion to force us to monetize our land. Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. officers, Mike Delisle and Christine Deom are not Ongwe’hon:we. We can see they work for the corporation. We get no information or discussion on local or mainstream media about the planned genocidal action to remove us from our land. Women of the world do not want to send our husbands and children to do the dirty work for the Corporations.

The local Nazi band council lies and threatens us. They are the invading soldiers and we are the people. Anything based on a lie is a lie. They and their Nazi supporters should pack their bags and leave Kahnawake before they are removed physically. Kayoni #59 of the law of the land, Kaia’nere:kowa, provides that when our traitors refuse three times to heed the warnings of the Women, they will be dealt with by the Rotiskenra’keteh.

The patriarchal lies will meet the maternal truth as Red and Kitty remind us: “The love I treasured you sold for gold, for worldly goods you left me cold. You are happy now but the time will come, your false loves will leave you one by one.”

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Read. Repeal Papal Bulls.

Capitalism must die for Indigenous to live.











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MNN. Nov. 6, 2014. The timeline shows no surrender, treaty or permission by Mohawks to turn Kahnawake into a reserve. Under the military Corporation of Canada Kahnawake is a “Prisoner of War” Camp without walls for the Mohawks. It was created on October 25, 1924. The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake is governed under the Indian Act, which is the original 100-year plan to get rid of the “Indian problem in Canada” [Duncan Campbell Scott]. The POW camp is run by Indian Affairs and its corporate entity known as MCK. The corporation is firmly directed by their military war room at Indian Affairs in Ottawa/Hull on the 14th floor. Canada and the POW Camps are financed by our stolen Indian Trust Funds. The military’s main job is to protect the stolen treasury.

Geronimo, one of our greatest military strategists, imprisoned for defending the land and people.

Apache Geronimo on way to his POW camp. 

The original plan was to imprison our people so we would all perish. The CEO of the corporation of Canada is the Governor-General. He needs a military title for a military corporation. Each province has a military Lt. Governor, because they also are military corporations. Canada merged the military corporation and the state in 1867. Canada is the first corporate state, ISO #1366-2:CA.

“Ordo ab chao” is the strategy used by secret societies that are controlling the power structures, to keep the people’s minds divided [51%]. After enough confusion and chaos the people will demand a government solution to the problem created by the government using their own procedures in their jurisdiction.

Canada Border Patrol beating up elderly woman, causing heart attack.

Canadian Commandos beating up elders & causing heart attacks. 

Indian Affairs’ job is to keep the Indians corralled economically and socially in our POW camps, while they enjoy the vast abundance of our land. All western European countries under Vatican rule are a party to the biggest holocaust in all humanity.

Kahnawake is one of the most in-your-face territories in the world. It is next to Montreal, one of the largest metropolises in Canada. The puppet masters have always wanted us out of the way because of location, location, location. Also, they want to totally assimilate us to get rid of the land issues, by taking away our teachings, languages, culture, so we are no longer Ongwehonwe. They shall use fear as their ally and anger as their friend when dividing the people’s minds.

Lasagna: "I don't like this part of the treatment".

Lasagna: “Let’s do this right now, soldier boy!”.

In 1990 when we objected to the expansion of a golf course, we were invaded by the Canadian army, and placed in CFB Farnham army base after our arrest. In 2008 MNN editor, Kahentinetha, was arrested and assaulted by military commandos at the border crossing to the US. In the subsequent court case, the judge ruled he could not deal with the issue because she lives in Kahnawake and is not a resident of Canada.

We have been under martial law since 1924 while they rape and pillage all of our vast lands around us. We have always been here at the fork of the rivers that come from all directions on Great Turtle Island and meet here. The Mohawk community of Kahnawake is part of the larger soveregn Kanionkehaka territory of 20 million acres.

As Frank Zappa reminds us in his epic song “Flakes”: “We just call on the phone and call up some flakes. They rush on over and wreck it some more. And we’re so dumb they’re lining up at our door.” Frank Zappa. “Flakes”.

Kahnawake was not surrendered, there is no treaty and no permission to set up reserve. http://clss.nrcan.gc.ca/data-donnees/publications/indlanhisque-hisfonterindque/kahnawake_ang.pdf

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MNN. AUG. 15, 2013. The MacDonald-Laurier think tank has published a report on “Canada and the First Nations, Cooperation or Conflict”. The board consists of CEOs of energy corporations and other rulers. Discussed at length is how to start an Indigenous uprising in order to execute the Warriors! This report is their “Mein Kampf” for the total physical and mental extermination of Indigenous people. 

McDonald-Laurier troops marching into Roseau River: "Where is that Terrance Nelson?"

MacDonald-Laurier think tank troops marching into Roseau River: “Where is that Terrance Nelson?”

Indigenous men they call “Warrior Cohorts” are feared because of the colonial demonization program. Starvation and genocide failed. Our population increased by 45% between 1996 and 2006. By 2017, 42% of Indigenous People will be under 30 years of age. Canada exists on illegal extraction of our resources and selling/transporting them to far-off markets. Limited security forces makes Canada vulnerable. The anxiety is that “Indigenous can chose the challenges!” because resources and transportation lines are on Indigenous territories that were never surrendered. A conflict needs to be instigated to bring in military forces to protect corporate interests! Legitimate dialogue is to be avoided. 

The main resources are coal, grain, potash, nickel and lumber. Disruption could cause empty-handed producers, idle ships, closed mills, laid off workers and foreign customers looking elsewhere. 

Their strategies are based on a deep misunderstanding of the Mohawk Oka Crisis 1990 and Six Nations/Caledonia 2005 resistance. A unified Indigenous people is dreaded. They rely on the advice of their corporate band council and national Injuns, whose job is to distract, pacify, keep us ignorant and maintain 3rd world living conditions. 

The natural people are called “insurgents”. We live everywhere. Main concerns are rail, road, air, water, hydro electric lines, pipelines, poles, bridges, refineries, power plants, oil, ocean platforms, tunnels, airports, waterways, communication and control systems. Disruption would affect businesses, governments, resource and economic functions. Main border crossings under constant surveillance are Windsor, Niagara Falls, Sarnia, Lacolle, Emerson Manitoba and Pacific Highway. 

The main transport hub is Winnipeg Manitoba. An 85,000 “Warrior Cadre” could easily overwhelm 52 small RCMP detachments. One disruption could lead to resistance in other places. Their figures are extremely low! 

The main strategies are to avoid respect for Indigenous sovereignty; criminalize the young “Warrior Cohorts” or “child soldiers” they call “young thugs”, who are all “violence prone”. Build more jails. Find the charismatic leader who will appear, unify and lead us! Heh! Heh! Heh! 

Rez cars are all we have!

Rez cars are all we have!

“Indians have no weapons”. Those elders, women and children sitting on tracks have to be subdued! Confrontations could be old cars burning on and warping railroads” [which all belong to us as everything was built with our funds!] 

Immigrants selling off our possessions is over! Can the rightful Indigenous challenge to the corporations be overcome? Disarm the Warrior Cohort [who have no weapons]. Threaten us to give up our claims to inherent sovereignty. Deathly force, if necessary, for short-term protests. Long term response is being developed. 

“Indigenous can use scarce resources efficiently and attract international attention”. Infrastructure on our land is a powerful tool of influence.  Indigenous are about stopping the destruction of our Mother Earth versus “The government will prevail”. We’d like an accounting of the Corporation of Canada’s spending of our ever-growing $365 trillion Indian Trust Fund which comes from the illegal sale of our resources. Canada cannot claim sovereignty when no documents exist that show we surrendered anything to anyone. 

All aboard!

All aboard!

The Kaianerekowa/Great Law of Peace prevents us from failure.  

Johnny Cash knows such Nazi MacDonald-Laurier gangsters are going to jail in the Fatherland: “I know I had it comin’,
I know I can’t be free…”Folsom Prison Blues


Read the Report: http://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/files/pdf/2013.01.05-MLI-Canada_FirstNations_BLAND_vWEB.pdf 

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mnnlogo1CANADA AT WAR:  OKA 1990 

MNN.  Jan. 3, 2013.  Truth prevailed and only we can control our destiny.  Dekanawida instructed us to transform war into peace, to bring everyone to one mind.  We are telling Prime Minister Harper and his invading soldiers and police to refute the New World Order and sit in the shade of the Great Tree of Peace.  Otherwise they might be buried along with all the conflicts they have created. 

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

In 1990 when we objected to our burial and ceremonial grounds being turned into a golf course, Canada sent 5,000 heavily armed para-military police, RCMP and soldiers to surround us.  

The Corporation of Canada declared total war on us, using old Greek tactics.  The army laid a siege around us. Food was stopped to starve us to death.  People were imprisoned.  We could not go in or out of the razor wired compound.  Energy and communication were turned off.  After three months, they demanded we surrender or they would open fire on us.  We had to come out. The army brutalized and arrested us. Thousands of people ran to Oka, surrounded the army, helped some of us escape, protected the children and elders.  

Illegal charges were laid on us, which did not stick.  We proved that what we did was political and not criminal.  It was under the guidance of the Great Law.  We were sanctioned by Creation.  

Some soldiers told us later they were trained to carry out atrocities on us, such as racial slurs, hitting, spitting, brutalizing the women and children and even stabbing one child in the chest.  

We learned some strategies ourselves:  to stay dispersed; to keep some outside for communication, food runs and bail money; and to organize people to come to our rescue. Today’s flash mobs are effective guerilla tactics where we suddenly show up, do a round dance and then leave. 

LRAD attack

LRAD attack

During these occasions, security could bring in the cops to surround us, provoke riots, beat and then arrest us. We usually bring our children, so we would be unable to physically resist.  They will use the latest crowd control urban warfare methods, such as LRAD, a long range acoustic device and sonic weapon.  It sends pain inducing sounds that could burst our ear drums.  Now drones can be fired at us legally.  

In 1990 our sell-outs set up nearby to translate Mohawk into French and to advise the police and army. The time has come for all to assess our native and non-native allies.  

Afterwards this same elite Canadian airborne regiment was sent to Somalia to commit the same atrocities against the natives there.  

The UN, US and Canada are the New World Order.  We have the goods they want and need. We intend to eliminate the divide and conquer war strategy of the bankers who own the UN, US and Canada corporations. The idea that whoever has the money makes the rules is finished. The bankers’ money printing machines will be shattered.  They will be arrested and jailed for their fraud and crimes, and deported. 

The council of Women and the Council of Men will re-establish the peace.  It is a natural duty. The land is owned by the future  seven generations.  We are borrowing it from them. We will do everything necessary to take care of it for them.  We are fighting for our identity and rights to control our lives, territories, commerce and way of life.  

The administrators of Canada’s genocide, the band and tribal councils, tried to take over the “Idle No More” agenda.  These colonial serpents are not welcome. They are preparing to meet Harper on January 24th, which Chief Spence may attend if she has not died of hunger.  

Worried Harper

Worried Harper


As Memphis Slim sang:  “You may not have me all the time.  You may never go my way.  Mother Earth is laying for you, because of all the debt you’ve got to pay.  Don’t care how great you are.  Don’t care what you’re worth.  When it all ends up, you’ve gotta go back to Mother Earth.” 

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