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MNN. April 27. 2016. When bar lawyer Aaron Detler was physically removed from Six Nations by the men as per the kaia’nere:kowa, it signaled the beginning of the end of colonialism. The ball will roll from Six Nations to every onkwe’hon:weh community on ono’ware:keh. Nobody can stop it! Colonialism is a ‘corporate dictatorship’ backed by the military to privatize all land and resources for a select few.

Is this the local or the express?

Is this the local or the express?

Society must be based on families in the communities to deal with all issues, based on equality and everyone having a voice. All will live by the principles of the original instructions or leave great turtle island.

Our Indian Trust Funds – their weapon to club us to death – will be taken from the corporatists. Our tie to our mother will be nurtured. Our goal is a safe and healthy environment.

US, Canada and other colonial companies will be irrelevant. Corporations based on the exploitation of our resources will be dissolved. All ventures will adhere to the original instructions. Corporate artificial entities will no longer be tolerated. All businesses will be transparent.

The true terrorist called “Indian Affairs” has to go. All people shall be free when this is done.

Spy in HDI Office: "Wow Indian Affairs setting up more honeypots!"

Indian Affairs spy!

Temporary selections of local officials, the economy, finance, banking, transportation, security, public safety and policies related to energy are answerable to the original instructions of our mother. As long as they carrying out her will to survive and coexist with all nature, they are welcome to remain.

Social justice and economic independence will be based on equitable distribution of all of our mother’s resources as per the original instructions. Science and technology has to benefit everyone. So must education, health, the environment, biodiversity, industry, quality of life and security. Financial sectors including banking and insurance, will conform to the original instructions.

We will conduct all relations with other countries. Colonial settlers like Trudeau and Obama will no longer pretend to represent the onkwe’hon:weh to the world at large.

No one can own our mother. We were placed here to carry out the original instructions on our beautiful istah.

Minister Carolyn Bennett & military leave Indian Affairs 'war room' for last time.

Minister Carolyn Bennett & military leave Indian Affairs ‘war room’ for last time.

The decolonization process has begun. The freedom train is on the tracks. As Arrowsmith says: “All aboard, all aboard. All aboard track 19, for the train to freedom. I said the train kept a’rollin all night long. The train kept a rollin, get along. Train kept a’rollin”. [Train kept a’rollin].



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Cap. Detlor sails up Grande.


Another media fraud about bad Mohawks.

Germany Biggest demo against TPP.


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