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MNN. Feb. 18, 2013. In 2007 the colonizer’s hired “saboteur”, Phil Fontaine of the Assembly of First Nations AFN. He got together with interim RCMP Commissioner Bev Busson, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino, Jacques Chagnon of the Surete Quebec, and a US agency ATF. They created a Joint AFN/RCMP Response Team JTF-3, stating it was an “anti-violence agreement”. Fantino slipped in “no fly lists” and “terrorism” safeguards.

JTF3 gang signing on the dotted line.

Fantino and the Boys!

Things are beginning to turn “ugly”. Corporate Canada has no claim to our land and resources, even through Harper’s illegal bills.  International law determines that no people can be absorbed into a foreign state unless the majority give their informed consent through a free and fair vote. This never happened. AFN, RCMP, OPP and the SQ conducting diplomatic relations on behalf of the Crown constitutes international aggression. 

We took no part in the British North America Act 1867. It was passed by Britain’s Parliament to set up the Dominion of Canada. BNA Act is the law for the settlers, not for us. Section 91[24] gives Canada the right only to negotiate WITH us. That’s all! Canada cannot make laws for us. Legally we can only deal with the Queen on any differences. It is an international relationship. 

hostile takeover

1924 corporate takeover of Canada.

On October 25, 1924, D.C. Scott, on behalf of the Corporation of Canada, initiated what amounts to a corporate hostile takeover bid of the legal crown obligations to the Indigenous people. Canada reneged on all their duties under international law. He legitimized the genocide by creating reserves, residential schools and usurpation of all of our land and resources, on behalf of shareholders,the corporate elite [the Crown]. 

The AFN does not represent us. The illegal Indian Act was passed by Canada’s Parliament and does not govern us. 

The right of foreigners to live here must be negotiated with us. The ever growing Indian Trust Fund cannot be touched without our consent. Prime Minister Harper callously commented in Parliament, “We cannot deny that we have been mismanaging public funds and resources rightfully belonging to First Nations for years. Yet the best answers to these financial and human rights issues is to continue to allow things to get so bad that the voting public will eventually believe there is nothing that can be done save for doing nothing at all.”  Harpers remarks on the stolen funds

No, Stevie, you are a criminal and going to Spandau Prison for carrying out war on us and stealing the whole of Canada from us. If Mark Carney lays a finger on our Indian Trust Fund, he’s sitting in the next cell with you. 

working on the chain gang

Harper and the Gang!


As AC/DC’s Bon Scott sang in “Jail Break”: “There was a friend of mine on murder, and the judge’s gavel fell. Jury found him guilty. Gave him 16 years in hell. He said, “I ain’t spending my life here. I ain’t living alone. Ain’t breaking no rocks on the chain gang. I’m breaking out and heading home.”

 You’re not going to make it, Stevie! 

bon scott



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mnnlogo1THE GRUDGE 

MNN.  Jan. 31, 2013. We remember that Canadians elected megalomaniac Stephen Harper as CEO of the Corporation of Canada. His two main goals for the shareholders are to get rid of the landowners, the Indigenous people, once and for all, and to steal our resources for good.

Canada is a hot dictatorship. Harper can enact laws without consulting anyone. He can prorogue Parliament anytime to put the illusion of democracy on hold. He doesn’t have to answer to anybody. Two years ago the people could have pulled the plug on him. They did nothing.   

Herr Harper, the crime is genocide!

Herr Harper, the crime is genocide!

Canadians, even though they may not like his genocide strategy, turn a blind eye. They are complicit in the genocide. When will they stop looking away while he puts Canada in all the wars of the black serpent, in Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and so on? Everybody will either end up dead or continue serving the male hierarchy as slaves.  

Residential Schools are their monuments to remind us of Canada’s trail towards fascism and mass murder. 50% of our children were killed. Hitler studied and perfected this death camp system with a 100% death rate.  

The masses erase from their memory all the crimes committed against us to get what they have today. The thugs of the royal economic crime syndicates are setting up their machinery of global mass murder in Canada because they think Canadians will not resist, “We need the jobs.  We have to follow orders!” 

Criminals need the Red Serpent, Atleo, here surrounded by White Serpent.

Criminals need the Red Serpent, Atleo, here surrounded by White Serpent.

Canada has a British Parliamentary system based on hierarchy.  Canada is a Corporation with shareholders [bankers].  Directors [Senators] are appointed to oversee the officers.  The officers [Members of Parliament] manage the day-to-day operation of the corporation to provide ever increasing dividends for the shareholders. The top officers are the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Finance Minister. The  directors [the Senators] only report to the shareholders of the corporation [bankers].  None answer to the people, only to the bankers.  

The main duty of the officers of the corporation is to provide ever growing profits to the shareholders and to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Harper often reminds the masses they have no rights, only privileges. Our Great Mother always reminds us to resist!  

Too many Heil Harpers is making you sick!

Jim, Too many Heil Harpers is making you sick!

Minister of Finance, Jim “Austerity Measures” Flaherty, is suddenly suffering from a mysterious disease that makes his face look fat. It could be the “Owistah” disease.  

As Blue Oyster Cult sang in Godzilla:  “History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla”.    Blue Oyster Cult: Godzilla

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MNN.  Jan. 8, 2013. We subsidize every last thing in Canada.  The meeting on January 11th in Ottawa between Prime Minister Harper and his traitorous pet Indians is not valid.  Your puppet strings will be pulled tight.  Your arms will be permanently up in the air, palms up, and your knees will be under your chin. You will be plied with money, liquor and female or male companionship, filmed for future blackmail purposes. You “turn the other cheek” Indians do not speak for us.

At the Westin, Ottawa

At the Westin, Ottawa

Harper has something on most of them.  They’ve all been bribed and sold their souls to the devil.   Everyone in the Canadian system too.  Harper is screaming,  “Shut up and play the corporate game”. 

Harper's corporate outfit

Harper’s corporate outfit


Canada is one of the world’s largest countries with a small population. Half the exports are raw materials, minerals, fuel, metals, ores, wood, pulp and paper, agriculture, fish, shellfish and hydro, while they rape Mother Earth. 

The federal government usurped control over us; the natural resources were turned over to the provinces; they provide transfer payments to the feds. The province deals with the predatory multinational corporations, who don’t have to speak with us. We do not get any money from our resources. We can’t fight the multinational corporations.  We’re forced to accept our own money like crumbs.   

Canada takes $9 billion in taxes and royalties from companies mining our resources, a tiny fraction of the whole amount; $3.8 billion from exports of hydro; 60% from harnessing our water; $1.2 trillion from tar sand extraction for 35 years;  $38.2 billion from forestry.  [2006 figures].  

Spending on Indigenous land and resource owners is $5.36 billion:  $7,200 per Indigenous compared to $14,900 per non-native person. 

All Canada’s wealth is based on the value of our resources. This theft has caused us incalculable suffering.  Torture in jails, suicides, forced confessions, capturing and fining our youth so they have a lifetime criminal record, brutal persecution of our traditional people and genociding our children.    

We have a right to exist and resist.  Large scale land and resource theft needs to exterminate us. We will stop the brutal program to erase us and our connection to our land.  This is just the beginning.  We will take care of our Mother, protect our land,  rivers, lakes, forests and oceans because that is what she instructs us to do. 

Our traitors will be given false promises and “death dealing” trickery. We have been watching you stuff yourselves while keeping our plates empty. That’s going to change.  We will take our possessions and distribute them fairly.  Not another tree is going to be cut down.  

Canada thinks they are immune to protests and economic reprisals.  Canada, get used to the idea that we are your landlords. What happens when you don’t pay your rent? The sheriff will come and lock the door.  You won’t even have time to get your things. Any money we receive comes from the Corporation of Canada, our tenants.  Now they are demanding to know where their landlord spends the rent money.  

Countries all over the world disapprove of Canada’s brutality.    Warrior unity flags fly everywhere to support our resistance to the New World Order.  

The time has come to use non-violence through a massive international boycott involving Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany and Japan to stop white domination.    

Harper, the truth will bring you down.  We are going to reclaim our natural possessions. The Corporation of Canada has nothing to negotiate, except to leave Great Turtle Island.  And to give us its shareholder list of those who have been murdering us. Especially the 100,000 children murdered by the clergy in the residential school holocaust.  Degenerate clergy, the gauntlet awaits you.

Protecting the People

Protecting the Children


The band council offices are embassies of the Ottawa cartel.  These modern day barbarians are going to be impoverished.  The good times are over.  Their opulence and power is approaching the sunset.    

Keeping Canada white through white domination smacks of Naziism.  We will stop Bill C-45, the murder machine, from annihilating us.  The Canadian Reich is unsustainable, toxic, evil and bankrupt. 

As Leonard Cohen said:  “Everybody knows that the dice are loaded.  Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.  Everybody knows that the war is over.” Leonard Cohen: Everybody knows

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MNN EDITORIAL: Deadly shell game is over!

MNN  Nov. 6, 2011. Western society is a closed society.    Families are mostly immediate members.  Victimization of women and children is hidden.   

Indigenous communal society is open.  We are one family.  

The white race has always experimented on their own people to create humans that are obedient.  Their economic, social and government institutions reflect this.  They seek to domesticate and control all other humans.  


The international partnership of bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, corporations and military have committed mass murders to try to instill hopelessness and fear in us.     

Global control is a big shell game based on these entities controlling our money.  Their confidence trick is to perpetrate fraud to take over the world.  It’s imploding.  They need another con game to create world fascism.   

US President Obama vows to try to erase our inherent tie to our land by revolution so as to steal it.  We are resisting this attempted split between us and our mother, the earth.  

Killing, brutalizing, displaying Gadafi’s bloody body was meant to disrupt our system.  It didn’t. 

At the current “occupy” protests cops and protesters are from the same herd.  Cops see anyone on the street as a potential enemy.  These elite controlled sheepdogs fire at their own people to scare and herd them back in line, to get them ready for the great culling. 

Cops fear coming face to face with the “free ones”.  At us they send drones, chemical weapons, bombs and killer bacteria. 

They think they can outsmart nature.    

Caucasians are basically plain people, colorless, with uneven features and suffer from genetic anomalies. 

Addiction to plastic surgery is rampant among their rulers and the social climbers, to look younger, fitter and show off their wealth. They have no respect for elders. 

They get surgically fixed up cute-like so they can be favored pets. “Here, cutie, cutie.”    

The women favor the Barbie Doll look:  short nose, overblown lips, blond, blue eyed with generic even features, big boobs, fake bronzed skin and straight capped teeth.  The men are paranoid of going bald.        

Are they hiding their reptilian forbears?  We can still see their immoral system of oppression of mankind and that the world is based on white privilege.    

“We shall hide the truth so close in their face, they shall not recognize it until it is too late”.  [The Secret Covenant, Constitution of the Blood Line.] 

Drawing blood was how the colonists got our possessions.  They fear losing their self-centered dream, not being able to pay their college, house and car loans or their vacations.     

The betrayed occupy protesters keep supporting their worse tyrants. 

They face their tormenters, saying, “Look, see what you’re doing to me!”  Their masters say, “Good.  Suffer some more!”  To stop their complaining, they’re stroked once in a while.     

The free ones cannot submit to anyone. The rulers are obsessed with wiping out our naturalness.  

Indigenous defenders are guerilla strategists.  Our initiative comes from nature.  We can start all over again as long as we have our minds, our land, our lives and our people.  

The rulers tried unsuccessfully to change us by slapping, beating, and trying to make us run back to lick their hand.  Those “unfit’ were sterilized or “put down”.   

We live in close knit family groups.  We loathe captivity and are suspicious of strangers.  Those who rebel are targeted and disposed of, one way or another.  

According to Darwin’s research on selective breeding, the brains of domesticated animals is 23.9% to 35% smaller than their wild predecessors, such as the wolf and present day dogs.  Domestics are being taken care of.  They don’t need large brains.  They don’t even need chains. 

Domestic animals are artificially bred to be submissive to their masters.  They pet, abuse them and then call them back for a pat on the head, who then wag their tails in submission. 

Using this model, the rulers introduced their people to hierarchy.  They eat anything and too much, grow fast, don’t flee, submit themselves to social control and are not tied to the land and the natural world.  

The rulers need other humans to look after and work for them.  Humbleness is rewarded.  Free and independent thinkers are weeded out. 

Their unnatural habitats called “cities” are toxic and unsustainable.  

The “Civilized” tried to get the Indigenous to do their work, get their food and take care of them.  We wanted to show them how to take care of themselves.   

Colonizers found that a species that has no fear of them can be quickly exterminated.  Over 100 million of us in the Western hemisphere were murdered.   

Canada tried unsuccessfully to make us become obedient servants. Half our children in their residential school, over 50,000, died or were murdered, through deliberate infections, experimentation, perversion by upper levels of the church, political, judicial and police systems.   

Recently a Texas judge and his wife were secretly videotaped brutally beating their 16 year old daughter with a leather strap.  She screamed and cried.  The next day she was swollen and bruised and her father said, “good”.  

In another true story, a preacher’s wife and mother of 3, shot her husband dead.  He had been abusing her, making her watch pornography, dress up like a whore and performed perverted sex on her.  She was acquitted.  

Both these stealth predators are upper middle class.   They can cover up their abuse.   Their victims did not question it until they snapped. 

Robert Jensen in “Why White People are Afraid” summarizes [AlterNet] that: 

They got their wealth through the work of others.  They stole the resources to make weapons to control the people and strip the earth.   

They fear losing what they stole if the political and social systems become fair.  If the hierarchy evaporated, resources would be evenly shared. 

They committed genocide to get and keep what they took.  They know of their depravity.  Their greatest fear is that everyone can see that hierarchy is a lie. 

When we become the majority, will we treat them the same way they mistreated us?  When we were the majority, we took care of them.  

The US has created Non-Human Zones to decrease the population of “immigrants” [Indigenous] whom they call “undesirables”. They think brown couples shouldn’t have children or only one.  They, however, can have more as nature is depopulating them. 

They are being absorbed out of existence.  The children of mixed couples are predominantly colored.    

Can domestication be bred out?  It took thousands of years to create the servile class by setting up the hierarchy and perverting the truth.  

How far will they go?  Let’s get ready to rock!  

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