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MNN. Jan. 8, 2015. Someone out there besides Stephen Harper and the Board of Directors for the Corporation of Canada has seen the “100-year business plan to be rid of the INDIAN problem”. We are now in the 9th decade. This genocide plan needs to be published for the world to see what Canada really is.   

Cool! The government's relocated community of Kahnawake!

Harper to the handlers at Kahnawake: “This is where you want to put the Mohawks? It’s more than cool! It’s cold!”

The attached Notice to Implement the Peace was sent to the incorporated Mohawk Council of Kahnawake by the Ah’sera:kowa of the Mohawk Nation at Kanekota. The incorporated INDIAN band councils are the front line for the scheme to sell our land and resources and relocate us. It’s time for all Iroquois Confederacy Ah’sera:kowa to be involved with ending the illegal occupation of our territories by foreign corporations known as band and tribal councils.

The incorporated INDIANS are holding secret meetings to sell the Mohawk land at Kahnawake known as the “Seigneury of Sault St. Louis”. We have two questions which need answers: one, where did incorporated INDIANS, Mike Delisle and Christine Deom, get authority to represent us in this criminal land negotiation where one hand of the CROWN is paying the other hand for our land? The issue goes first to the natural people who decide if negotiations are necessary. Our land is not for sale. Second, we want the names of those representing the Corporation of Canada in this swindle.; T. 450-635-7500.

 confederacy flagKANION’KE:HAKA OF KANEKOTA                                                                               Mohawk Nation at Kanekota                                                                                            325 Robert St., #4, Shelburne ON L9V 3B8                                                                       519-925-9695 THAHOKETOTEH@HOTMAIL.COM Jan. 6, 2015.NOTICE TO IMPLEMENT THE PEACE

MOHAWK COUNCIL OF KAHNAWAKE INC.                                                                 P.O. Box 702, Kahnawake of Kanion’ke:haka                                                            [Quebec, Canada J0L 1B0].

She:kon:Wampum 2 provides that everyone has a duty to enforce the Great Peace. As the A’sera:kowa of the Mohawk Nation at Kanekota, I have been authorized by the Fire to put the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. , who work for a foreign power, to be placed on notice. This is an official objection from the Mohawk Nation at Kanekota to cease and desist your negotiating the sale of the Kanion’ke:haka ohontsa known as the “Seigneury of Sault St. Louis” and the threatened removal of the Ongwe’hon:weh therefrom. This tract belongs to all Kanion’ke:haka and our coming generations throughout our territory.

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. of Reserve #14, does not speak for Kanion’ke:haka in Kahnawake or anywhere on Ono’ware:geh. You represent 200 or so incorporated INDIAN supporters who illegally reside within the corporate boundaries known as the Kahnawake Indian reserve. You and those non-Ongwe’hon:weh residing on the Kanion’ke:haka land in question can only discuss your residency with all Kohtihon’tia:kwenia, according to Wampum 44 of the Kaia’nere:kowa. All proceeds from rentals and taxes past and future belong to the Kanion’ke:haka, not to foreign entities, Canada and Quebec.

Our protocol provides that those incorporated INDIANS and non-Ongw’ehon:we who live on our land must come before the Kohtihon’tia:kwenia of the Rotinoshonni regarding all community issues.

Incorporated band councils, having left our canoe, are reminded that you can never represent us. Selling our Mother Earth, the land of our future children, is a criminal act. You are committing the highest order of treason. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Thahoketoteh, Bear Clan.                                                                                         Secretary, Mohawk Nation at Kanekota

A NOTICE OF PAST DUE RENT AND TAXES was sent to the mayors and councils of the cities situated on the land of Kahnawake: “You are living on Kanion’ke:haka. As in all landlord tenant relations, when the landlord does not receive the rent cheque, the tenants will be evicted. If you are paying taxes to any entity other than us, it does not count. Inform your citizenry that from this day forward, each will be responsible for their debt to us. Your municipal council is responsible for all back rent. You must all deal directly with the Kahtihon’tia:kwenio about your arrears. Kahentinetha, Bear Clan, Kanion’ke:haka.

As Frank Zappa serenades the band and tribal councils: “Hey! Do you know what you are? You’re an asshole! ASSHOLE!”


canary effect

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MNN. July 3, 2013.  In 1990 I was fired from Indian Affairs for being a Mohawk during the Canadian army siege of three of our communities. We had to move into a tiny apartment above a wild meat butcher shop in the middle of Kahnawake.

Soon we needed to build a house. The local bank offered mortgages. The application was turned down. “Equifax Inc.”, the credit reporting agency and personal-information clearinghouse, reported that I had died on September 10, 1991. A death certificate was on my file.  A copy could not be given to me without proof that I was alive. The bank manager could not authorize a loan to a dead person. 

Old Voo Doo Doll trick didn't work.

Corporate Voo Doo Doll trick didn’t work.

The President of the Toronto Dominion Bank, who heads Equifax in Canada, informed me they couldn’t provide the cause of death or who filed the notice. Local people had to vouch for my living breathing existence. A mortgage was issued to a dead person who never defaulted. 

american express“ChoicePoint”, spun off from Equifax, keeps over 19 billion public records in its massive database at its Alpharetta Georgia headquarters. Without our knowledge or permission information is kept on motor vehicle registration, license, deed transfers, military records, addresses, social security number, social insurance number, credit rating and who knows what else. 17,000 businesses buy the data. We can’t get a copy of our own credit report. “Creditors and thieves are given the key to the data base”, said Edmund Mierzwinski of the US Public Interest Research Group in California. 

In 2005 ChoicePoint admitted that almost 145,000 to 500,000 people may have been the victims of stolen information from the company’s data base. Thieves opened bogus ChoicePoint accounts, posing as legitimate businesses seeking data. The bandits then opened up 50 accounts, posing as check-cashing companies or debt collection firms with legitimate business licenses. They were given an access code and password into the consumer data. spying

Someone using our names can buy luxury cars with the help of an uncle with a stolen social security number and credit card. We could be arrested for theft. Between 1998 and 2003 over 17.3 million Americans had their identities stolen. The greatest sources for social security and social insurance numbers are the governments. More than 75% of documents we sign include our SSN and SIN exposing 94% of us to identity theft. 

If someone is denied an ID, then what? Some think they have no alternative but to twist information to protect themselves! Frank Zappa had it right in his song, Plastic People“: “Take a day and walk around, watch the Nazis run your town. Then go home and check yourself. You think think we’re singing about someone else? But you’re all plastic people”. 

Eugenics today…

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MNN. May 16, 2013. A Washington DC Think Tank advisor on programs and policies from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government found that Hispanics, meaning Indigenous People, have a low IQ. He doubts we will ever reach IQ parity with whites. This is a “trial balloon” to get a reaction. He resigned. The government will find some other way to promote this lie. We all know this is not true. This is meant to stream us into vocational, low level menial jobs and low expectations so as to fit us in with the new world order programming. IQ tests

The Secret Covenant provides that, “When a light shines among them, we shall extinguish it”. The IQ test finds the smart people who can be molded to whatever the program requires. Genocide begins by numbing the minds of the victims. Canadians and Americans are trained to be obedient. boston

In 1877 when the Cheyenne Indians were herded into Fort Leavenworth to die, they broke out. Some were shot, but most ran away and survived. In 1990 when the Canadian Army herded us into the Treatment Center in Kanehsatake [Oka] to starve and die, we suddenly came out and escaped death. In the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890, it was a combination of the power of the gun and what the settlers wanted on Great Turtle Island – to kill us off and take our lands and possessions. 

The corporate bosses are looking for ways to stop our resistance. They are trying to convince us they have a right to “save us” if we obey them, even if it threatens our lives. Greed combined with genocide is the engine that drives US and Canada. Their power base is the theft of Great Turtle Island from us. 

Today we are being told, “You obey or you’re shot for disturbing the peace under military rule”. To stay free, we won’t be herded into FEMA death camps, surrounded by police and military. We shall stand our ground as we always have.

Harvard School for designers of government programs.

Harvard School for designers of government programs.

Premier globalist and Obama’s top advisor, Zbigniew Brezezinski, is working to set up the US and Canada replica of the anti-democratic police super state in Europe. The US and Canada corporate models masquerade as constitutional democracies. They are fascist dictatorships. The Royal bloodline bankers with law enforcement think they will be in charge of everything. He said that, “Popular resistance is derailing the new world order”, especially the leaderless real grassroots movements like Idle No More. The IQ test is another tool of oppression as Frank Zappa sings, “Who are the Brain Police? What will you do if we let you go home and the plastic’s all melted? And so is the chrome. WHO ARE THE BRAIN POLICE?”

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Brzezinski on INM

Totalitarian tip-toe

Harvard I.Q. dissertation






MNN. Apr. 28. 2013. Canada will be raiding bank accounts to take people’s money. Just like the way the Corporation of Canada passed a statute making itself the trustee of our ever growing $70.5 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The wealth of Canadians, all created by genocide and theft of our natural resources, will be plundered by the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada, the bankers. It’s in the new budget, “Economic Action Path 2013”.

Banker: "Gimmie your assets or we'll take you to the vault."

Banker: “Gimmie your assets or you’re going into the vault.”

It will be a bail-in regime condoned by the IMF and the World Bank, for banks in Canada “to big to fail”. This was planned before the Cyprus bank’s run on people’s accounts, which was a test run. The Indian Trust Fund, the largest savings account in the world that has been robbed, is the first example of savings theft. The public turned away when we demanded our savings. Now they’re coming after your trust fund.  

Banks will be designed to fail. The law will allow private bank accounts to be pilfered by “systematically important banks”. The genocide system created these banks. Banks will now be able to take extreme risks and lose deposits to save themselves. These are their assets and are permanent losses. Politicians favor taking up to 80% of deposits so they don’t have to raise taxes.NWO bankers

Parents may even be expected to support their children in the military to enforce the new bail-in regime. Harper said Canada was a “benign dictatorship”. Now this bill is making it overt.

Checks may not be cashed. Direct deposits only. Withdrawals of $5,000 to $200,000 will be reviewed by a committee. Special approval will be needed to withdraw. Only limited amounts can be taken out of the country.

When the SHTF, community trust coops are currently safer. Watch out when the bank gives you a pen or a toaster to soften you up. New World Order bankers are desperately trying to cling to their corrupt global base. Pilfering people’s bank accounts can’t put their ship right. Their ship is on the high seas with a full sail and no rudder. It will end up on the rocks. Be careful when you’re invited into the bank vault where the torture chamber is hidden.

Chief: "Son, a long time ago they came here, stole everything and then went on the rocks".

Chief: “Son, a long time ago they came here, stole everything and then went on the rocks”.


They’ve already filched our savings out of our Indian Trust Funds. Now they’re coming after yours. Welcome to the reservation! As Frank Zappa sang: “So I’m watching and I’m waiting. Hoping for the best. Even think I’ll go to praying, every time I hear them saying: that there’s no way to delay that trouble coming every day”. More trouble every day

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BROWN FACE, WHITE SYSTEM- the torture never stops




MNN. Apr. 25, 2013. Beware Injun Conferences where we have to listen to Indian Act or Federal Indian Law sell-outs spout the glories of colonialism. They are the “Finder’s Fee Indians”. The speakers are mostly band or tribal councilors, or those who are trained to conduct treason against our people. Serious issues are ignored. No comparison is made with true traditional law based on our inherent tie to the land. The speeches bore us to tears. Most leave empty-handed and empty-headed! These smoke and mirrors performances are meant to waste our time. In the evening we are entertained at an open bar. The next morning we don’t remember a thing. finders fee

Should you miss the Indian conference circuit for ten years or more, don’t worry. The next one will be exactly the same. The speakers never tell us how they are lining their own pockets by stealing our money or the government directly deposits it into their off-shore accounts. Their job is to make it look like we are in favor of land claims settlements and mega development. They get a casino or poker palace, owned and operated by white people as tax havens, in the name of native sovereignty. “We have to survive for another 500 years”, they tell us. 

Chief: "I signed so you would get this".

Chief: “I signed so you would get this”.

There’s no heckling because we listen and wait our turn. No opening is provided in the agenda. Speaker called “FinderFee” says, “Blah, blah, blah! Relations with federal, state, provincial and local governments have never been better” [to steal everything from us]. He’s really saying, “We’re looking for other brain dead people to work with”. Syracuse University and University of Victoria are giving fully paid scholarships to train sell-outs in their governance programs. 

Councilor “140-Acres” greets us with a fake heavy Indian accent. When he gets riled up, he sounds just like a regular New Yorker.  “I can go to Albany, Washington or Ottawa and mill around with those [crooked] politicians”! Councillor “Where’s-My-Finder’s-Fee” extols, “That’s how important we are”. casino

Speaker “Who-Never-Got-a-Finder’s-Fee” wants to send the government to the traditional council to sign away our rights!  As if! 

Another “Who-Lost-His-Finder’s-Fee” talked about how the government system dealt with his case to stop garbage dumps contaminating the water and environment. The court refused to hear it. 

For $35 the attendees get a T-shirt with a clenched FU fist on the back and a box lunch. Those who had fallen asleep were awakened in time to see an award being given to the Master of Ceremonies by his mother. People, some of us are getting tired of having our intelligence insulted. As Frank Zappa reminds us of the corporation trap: “Flies all green and buzzing in his dungeon of despair. Prisoners grumble and piss their clothes and scratch their matted hair. A tiny light from a window hole a hundred yards away is all they ever get to know about the regular life in the day; and it stinks so bad the stones been choking and dripping greenish drops. In the room where the giant fire puffer works and the torture never stops. In the room where the giant puffer works and the torture never stops. the torture never stops“.  sleeping audience

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