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MNN. Mar. 20, 2020. Canada is a resource extraction company. What happens when the thief gets caught? They always try to escape and cover all traces of their crimes. 


Corporate Canada’s Achilles heel has been exposed. They need an elaborate infra structure, an extensive railway, road system, health care, entertainment, etc. We just need nature.

Che Quevara said, “I envy you North American Indians. You’re living in the belly of the beast. Your greatest fight is yet to come”.


Nature provided everything the colonial settlers need to live, our land, resources, water, air, food. They try to control nature by creating a negative artificial system based on a false narrative in history. The Pope in 1400 declared that all heathen lands outside of the Christian world were owned by the Pope of Rome because God gave it to him. We definitely don’t believe that lie narrative. All Admiralty Courts in North America rely upon this criminal “doctrine of discovery” to give them their fake credence. 

Truth has always been kept in the darkness and deception rules. We onkwehonweh are real. We are related to the earth through our original instructions that here on this planet we shall survive and coexist with all nature as brothers and sisters living on our mother.  Our power is that within our minds is a piece of the source energy of all creation, which makes each one of us creator beings as well. No one can tell anyone else what to think, only what they think. 

The colonizers constantly find many ways to extinguish us. 

Their band/tribal council hierarchy is unnatural imposed from a corporate entity which makes it a corporate entity. They unknowingly commit treason by betraying their own people. Infiltrators and agents are the true enemy..

The colonists are being homogenized to become the “new Indians”. Nature will  purge everything that is out of balance. 

The tehotatawarake, the nature of the colonist is “I” before “we”. Their survival has been through exploitation of nature at the peril of all life.  

Genesis says it well: “I must have dreamed a thousand dreams. Been haunted by a million screams. But I can never hear the marching feet. They are moving onto the street”.



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MNN. 11 Mar. 2020. Concerning the saboteurs in our communities, Thohahente posted the following:


“Fifth column, clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal. The term is conventionally credited to Emilio Mola Vidal, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39). As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his “fifth column,” intent on undermining the loyalist government from within. sakotenninons.

“A cardinal technique of the fifth column is the infiltration of sympathizers into the entire fabric of the nation under attack and, particularly, into positions of policy decision and national defense. From such key posts, fifth-column activists exploit the fears of a people by spreading rumours and misinformation, as well as by employing the more standard techniques of espionage and sabotage.

I can see the work of what used to be called 5th column subversives energized by the Canadian state and their agents gradually disassembling the many acts of  #WetsuwetenSolidarity in Kanien’keha:ka communities. SAKWATONINONS.

“Last night we saw Six Nations police allowing OPP to enter our lands to read Crown orders to Onkwehon:we on their own lands.

“At Tyendinaga a group of ruffians (some reportedly drunk) roughed up supporters of the Wet’suwet’en at the Wyman road encampment. I heard yesterday that one young woman at least was punched by someone who didn’t know the Great Peace from his Jim Beam. 

“At Kahnawake we hear about censure of people speaking out of turn in their efforts to undermine solidarity.

“The Canadian state and their agents like Marc MIller are actively working to undermine any solidarity. The appearance of a faux hereditary Wet’suwet’en chief at meeting in Quebec for the OIL and Gas industry was another example of modern undermining 5th column warfare .

“Fifth column
A fifth column is any group of people who undermine a larger group from within, usually in favor of an enemy group or nation. The activities of a fifth column can be overt or clandestine.” ratinikonrahetken.THEY


Despite the lip service Liberals pay to Native tribes, they consistently pick oil interests over the rights of Indigenous people. Can that change?

The tyendinaga/kentekeh camp goes on.

Frank Zappa has a song about the 5th column in all our territories. “If you analyze what we’re playing here, if you use your ear and listen, you can learn something about music. You see “Louie Louie” is the same as the other song with one extra note. You see? They are very closely related and they mean just about the same thing. Plastic People, you gotta go. Plastic People, you gotta go. .. A fine little girl as she waits for me she’s as plastic as she can be. She paints her face with plastic goo and wrecks her hair with some shampoo. Plastic People, you gotta go.”

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ANSWER TO SECRETARY JAN HILL PERSONAL LETTER ABOUT KENTEKEH CAMP: file:///Users/kahentinetha/Downloads/Response%20to%20womens%20council%20letter%20-%20march%205_2020%20(2).pdf




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MNN. 27 Feb. 2020. Canada was made with the “last spike” of the illegal railroad paid for by the stolen “indian trust fund”. For every mile of track across Canada is a dead “indian”. In the front car was the army with gatling guns. That is why the private CN and CP rail companies never made a treaty with the original people of BC.


the wetsuweten will get the invaders off their land. it will be a precedent for every sovereign onkwehonweh, original people of onowarekeh, turtle island. 

The Russian revolution 1917 is in our face. First the people started to protest against enslavement. The police were sent in to quell the protests. After fighting with the people for a while, the police joined the people. Then the czar sent in the army to quell the protest of the police and the people. Then the army joined the people and the police. Then they killed the Czar. 

The myth called canada is coming to its end. This is Indian onkwehonweh land. 

We are one people. The wetsuweten will not tell others what to do. Each one of us speaks for ourselves. 


As Mohawk Robbie Robertson sings: “In circles we gather. Moonlight fires are healing. Taking us back. It just makes us go back. Beating hearts as one. This is indian country. You’re on indian country.”





 MNN. 5 Feb. 2019. The Canadian version of democracy is nothing more than a mask for neo-feudalism. 


With the enactment of the Indian Lands Acts statutes, Canada gave the illusion of legality to the world, which they still rely upon to this day.

The London Bankers created the letters patent that is the British North America Act 1867 for the company called “Canada”, registered and received its ISO number from the Vatican on July 1, 1867. Canada has no constitution because the people never asked for one. They are property of the shareholders of the corporation. Their identification is in capital letters, which means Capitus Diminutio Maxima. Anything in all capital letters is a corporation.  

We onkwehonweh’onwe of turtle island never agreed to any of this. We agreed only to the tehiohateh and kaianerekowa. We were forced into military camps called “reserves”. We never signed anything and were coerced under duress, so nothing is legal or binding.


The ‘Crown’ is the Vatican. The Queen is a shareholder of the Crown. The Crown has a land claim for all of our land. Where is the land claims process that justifies their claim? 

In Canada every mayor of the private corporations called municipalities control the police backed by the military. This is neo-feudalism. The oligarchs control the municipalities through the mayor. Canada is trying to turn our communities into munIcipalities. The facade Canada is creating is that we are willing to cooperate with the fraud of their Indian Agent band councillors. 

We were illegally dispossessed of our lands and our human rights. There has never been a Canadian referendum anywhere on anything ever. When they have one, they have to have a constitution. If they want to become a legal country they have to invite the citizenry to participate in the formation of a constitution. The formation has to go along with the teiohateh and kaianerekowa. The Liberals and Conservatives have been redesigning the Elections Acts statutes without going to the people, this happens when there is no constitutional remedy. The owners of the company called Canada prefer the police state under statute law controlled through their privately owned Admiralty Court system. 


Canada is not answerable to the people. Every MP, MPP and municipal councillor swear allegiance to the foreign autocrat Elizabeth, in England.

Canada never decolonized. The 1960 United Nations Resolution 1514; Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples. Canada never intended to decolonize. They intend to continue the colonial model forever which is the only way they can continue the theft and pillage of the Canadian taxpayers’ money.   

The solution for Canadians is to stop voting for their illusory democracy. Then, it’s over! They then have to meet with us.

As Fats Domino sings about the the settler colonialists walking to New Orleans to catch a boat off turtle island: “I’m walking to New Orleans. I’im walking to New Orleans. I’m gonna need two pairs of shoes. When I get through walking these blues. I’ve got my suit case in my hand …” Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.      






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MNN. Jan. 30, 3019. In the recent UN Security Council meeting the Venezuelans defended themselves against the Americans, who played their “divide and conquer” card. They instigated all their economic allies to vote with them against Venezuela. 

Americans announced they were invading Venezuela to ‘take’ their oil. Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canadians were ready to join the attack of Venezuela.

The following message came from Venezuela on January 30, 2019: “Juan Guaido is a piece of U.S. imperialism to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. Our constitution does not mention an interim in any article. Please, my friend, take the truth to your country. Let the truth be known. The USA, what they want is the oil of my country. They want to take us to a war, but here we will continue our fight. Viviremos y venceremos!” [We are still in the fight and we will have the victory!] 

They are responding to this message: “I am with you and  la gente de Venezuelan. I remember Hugo Chavez as a great man. I also met the ambassador to Canada in Ottawa. He visited our territory here in Tyendinaga. He and the Venezuelan staff danced in our longhouse. 


Venezuela has right to establish an embassy here on sovereign kanionkehaka’onwe territory. Canada kicked them out of Ottawa. We would like to kick Canada out of our land. We stand with Venezuela totally, my dear friend.” 

Immortal Technique describes the war plans of the empire: “Every day man these motherf——  are professional liars. You know what I’m saying? It’s wild. Listen. Bin Laden don’t blow up the projects. It was u, nigga. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers. Tell the truth, nigg-. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bin Laden did not blow up the projects. It was u, nigg-. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers.”. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.      










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MNN. Jan. 28, 2019. Canada usurped our lands and resources in 1924 through the Indian Lands Acts of each province and carried out the genocide program designed by Duncan Campbell Scott, Superintendent of Indian Affairs.  Prime Minister Trudeau said he is going to fix the “terrible history of Canada” against the native people and turtle island. The ten Indian Lands Acts were signed and put into effect on October 25, 1924 to try to legalize this theft and genocide by Canada. We were forced into military compounds called “reserves”. Our chiefs were shot and Band Councils were installed. Canada issued permits to the settlers to kill Indians and occupy their lands in the 1800s.  No treaties show they own turtle island. The “land claims”process is their effort to claim our land.   

[Indian Lands Act, 1924. S.O. 1924, c. 15. CHAPTER 15].

“The Act is for the settlement of certain questions between the Governments of Canada and Ontario respecting Indian Reserve Lands.”

We onkwehonweh were placed by creation on turtle island. We and our land title were not mentioned in this Act. “The agreement between the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Ontario, in the terms set out in Schedule ” A “hereto, shall be as binding on the Province of Ontario “as” if the provisions thereof had been set forth in an Act of this Legislature, and the Lieutenant-Governor in Council is hereby authorized to carry out the provisions of the said agreement.” 

Canada and Ontario committed the highest level of fraud to make their theft of turtle island look legal.   

SCHEDULE “A”. Memorandum of Agreement made in triplicate this 24th day of March,1924. Between THE GOVERNMENT OF THE DOMINION OF CANADA, acting herein by the Honourable Charles Stewart, Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, of the 1st part, -and- THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PROVINCE OF ONTARIO acting herein by the Honourable James Lyons, Minister of Lands and Forests, and the Honourable Charles McCrea, Minister of Mines, of the second part”. 

“Dominion” is a synonym for “colony”. Charles Stewart was an officer of the private Corporation of Canada and James Lyons and Charles McCrea were officers of the private Corporation of Ontario. 

The Acts were designed to create the POW camps called “reserves” and for the Corporation of Ontario to steal all the rest of our lands to create the appearance  of legality. When the RCMP came into our longhouse and killed the chiefs to install the Indian Act band council, they called the attacks “surrender” of our personal and usufructuary rights to undefined “territories”. None of these territories are described or listed. 

“Whereas from time to time treaties. . .” 

The European trespassers invaded turtle island and never owned our land through any lawful means. The natives cannot surrender or get back something that was always part of our property. “Surrender” requires a pre-existing state of war.  There was none against “the Indians” so there could be no legal surrender.  

The reserves are part of the unsurrendered territories they unlawfully confiscated.     

The Indian Act band council chiefs cannot surrender our land to anybody. Canada used guns and bogus laws to pass on to the land of the wetsuweten in B.C. Prime Minister Trudeau conceded everything we are saying and he guaranteed to make everything right.

“And whereas, except as to such Reserves, the said territories were by the said treaties freed, for the ultimate benefit of the Province of Ontario, of the burden of the Indian rights, and became subject to be administered by the Government.”



Canada admits the land is our property. Today Canada wants to free themselves of that ‘burden’ by drafting a new false Indian Lands Act to be signed by their sell-out AFN. The bandits will rewrite history so that we will be forgotten and “absorbed into the corporate body politic”, exactly as Duncan Campbell Scott boasted. They have no bill of sale of the kanionkehaka, cayugas, seneca, 0neida, tuscarora or onondaga for kanienkeh.  

The POW camps were temporary holding tanks until the natives were extinguished by murder, death, assimilation or the stroke of a pen. The residential school program started in 1924 with the Indian Lands Act. 

“And whereas the surrender of the whole or some portion of a Reserve by the band of Indians to whom the same was allotted has, in respect of certain Reserves in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, been under consideration in certain appeals to the Judiciai Committee of the Privy Council, and the respective rights of the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Ontario, upon such surrenders being made, depend upon the law as declared by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council and otherwise affecting the Reserve in question, and upon the circumstances under which it was set off;” 

Remember, Canada! You must answer for the theft and genocide. We will take this to the UN Security Council to hear our case.   

Canada is concerned that native title of turtle island keeps the colony of Canada from moving into the militarized New World Order. The Indian Lands Acts is their mask to cover armed robbery, genocide and other crimes. “Reconciliation” and the “Framework Agreement” are replacing this mask.  Mr. Trudeau, start by immediately rescinding the Indian Lands Acts of l924. The”Framework Agreement” is to continue to steal the reserves too. 

Cont’d. “And whereas on the 7th day of July, 1902, before the determination of the last two of the said appeals, it had been agreed between counsel for the Governments of the Dominion of Canada and the Province of Ontario, respectively, that, as a matter of policy and convenience, and without thereby affecting the constitutional or legal rights of either of the said Governments, the Government of the Dominion of Canada should have full power and authority to sell, lease and convey title in fee simple or for any less estate to any lands forming part of any Reserve thereafter surrendered by the Indians, and that any such sales, leases or other conveyances as had theretofore been made by the said Government should be confirmed by the Province of Ontario, the Dominion of Canada, how-ever, holding the proceeds of any lands so sold, leased or conveyed subject, upon the extinction of the Indian interest therein and so far as such proceeds had been converted into money, to s . . . “

They will never return stolen land but will pay money to settle a claim. The Indian Lands Acts implemented the “extinction” of the Indian interest in the reserves by murder or assimilation as the law of Canada.  

“Reserves set aside for the Indians under a certain treaty made in 1873 and recited in the Schedule to the Dominion Statute, 54-55 Victoria, chapter 5, and the Statute of the Province of Ontario, 54 Victoria, chapter 3, the precious metals should be considered to form part thereof and might be disposed of by the Dominion of Canada in the same way and subject to the same conditions as the land in which they existed, and that the question whether the precious metals in the lands included in Reserves set aside under other treaties were to be considered as forming part thereof or not, should be expressly left for decision in accordance with the circumstances and the law governing each”. 


Canada and Ontario gave themselves ownership of everything underneath, gold, silver, precious metals, etc. subject to total surrender upon our extinction. Our total extinction is the only way they can get our land and resources. Now the Framework Agreement will be signed by the Indian Act band councils as if we are extinguishing ourselves. 

“Now this agreement witnesseth that the parties hereto, in order to settle all outstanding questions relating to Indian Reserves in the Province of Ontario, have mutually agreed, subject to the approval of the Parliament of Canada and the Legislature of the Province of Ontario, as follows”:

The Indian Lands Act, 1924, was never approved and is null and void.  

“1.All Indian Reserves in the Province of Ontario heretofore or here-after set aside, shall be administered by the Dominion of Canada for the benefit of the band or bands of Indians to which each may have been or may be allotted” 

POW Camps are for the benefit of the band of Indians or those registered under their law. The Indian Act band councils execute the extinction.  

Portions thereof may, upon their surrender for the purpose by the said band or bands, be sold, leased or otherwise disposed of by letters patent under the Great Seal of Canada, or otherwise under the direction of the Government of Canada, and the proceeds of such sale, lease or other disposition applied for the benefit of such band or bands, provided, however, that in the event of the band or bands to which any such Reserve has been allotted becoming extinct, or if, for any other reason, such Reserve, or any portion thereof, is declared by the Superintendent General of Indian Affairs to be no longer required for the benefit of the said band or bands, the same shall thereafter be administered by, and for the benefit of, the Province of Ontario, and any balance of the proceeds of the sale or other disposition of any portion thereof then remaining under the control of the Dominion of Canada shall, so far as the same is not still required to be applied for the benefit of the said band or bands of Indians, be paid to the Province of Ontario, together with accrued unexpended simple interest thereon”. 

The Indian Lands Act is the definition of premeditated crime. This created white privilege and racism in Canada.  

The Indian Lands Acts formed the basis of the criminal existence of Canada. Now the “Framework Agreement” to be signed by the Assembly of First Nations Inc. is going to help dispose of us, take everything once and for all and execute the natives. We will no longer ever exist again. Canada’s existence relies on stolen property and genocide. These crimes against humanity and nature can never be pardoned. All Crown land is fraudulently owned by the Vatican of which the Queen is a shareholder, the provinces own the mining and resource extraction. Canada oversees all of it and presents it as legal mask to the rest of the world.  

“2.Any sale, lease or other disposition made pursuant to the provisions of the last preceding paragraph may include or may be limited to the minerals (including the precious metals) contained in or under the lands sold, leased or otherwise disposed of, but every grant shall be subject to the provisions of the Statute of the Province of Ontario entitled, “The Bed of Navigable Waters Act,” Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1914, Chapter 31. 3.” 

Prime Minister Trudeau concedes that building pipelines, railways, mines, logging, dams and anything that benefits the provinces are horrible.  [Jan. 8, 2019, Town Hall Meeting, Kamloops BC.] He committed himself to making it right in front of the world.  

3.Any person authorized under the laws of the Province of Ontario to enter upon land for the purpose of prospecting for minerals thereupon shall be permitted to prospect for minerals in any Indian Reserve upon obtaining permission so to do from the Indian Agent for such Reserve and upon complying with such conditions as may be attached to such permission, and may stake out a mining claim or claims on such Reserve.” 

We can use our land but Canada and the provinces want a cut of everything we do to feed our families until we are extinguished.  

“4.No person not so authorized under the laws of the Province of Ontario shall be given permission to prospect for minerals upon any Indian Reserve.

This in tyranny and dictatorship when government controls everything”.

“5. The rules governing the mode of staking and the size and number of mining claims in force from time to time in the Province of Ontario or in the part thereof within which any Indian Reserve lies shall apply to the staking of mining claims on any such Reserve, but the staking of a mining claim upon any Indian Reserve shall confer no rights upon the person by whom such claim is staked except such as may be attached to such staking by The Indian Act or other law relating to the disposition of Indian Lands. S.O. 1924.  c. 15.”

As prisoners we are denied rights to our lives, our possessions, even our children until we die. Defending ourselves is a crime. Legally the word person is anyone other than a native American. 

“6.Except as provided in the next following paragraph, one-half of the consideration payable, whether by way of purchase money, rent, royalty or otherwise, in respect of any salt, lease or other disposition of a mining claim staked as aforesaid, and, if in any other sale, lease or other disposition hereafter made of Indian Reserve lands in the Province of Ontario, any minerals are included, and the consideration for such sale, lease or other disposition was to the knowledge of the Department of Indian Affairs affected by the existence or supposed existence in the said lands of such minerals, one-half of the consideration payable in respect of any such other sale, lease or other disposition, shall forthwith upon its receipt from time to time, be paid to the Province of Ontario; the other half only shall be dealt with by the Dominion of Canada as provided in paragraph 1.” 

This is extortion with a mask of legality by Canada Inc. which is a corporation with the mask of a country. A real country has land, language and culture.  

“7.The last preceding paragraph shall not apply to the sale, lease or other disposition of any mining claim or minerals on or in any of the lands set apart as Indian Reserves pursuant to the hereinbefore recited treaty made in 1873,” 

The foreign squatters gave themselves the right to install pipelines, rails, dams, and so on and deprive us of everything. They rewrite the law anytime they need to. 

“Nothing in this agreement shall be deemed to detract from the rights of the Dominion of Canada touching any lands or minerals granted or conveyed by His Majesty for the use and benefit of Indians by letters patent under the Great Seal of the Province of Upper Canada, of the Province of Canada or of the Province of Ontario, or in any minerals vested for such use and benefit by the operation upon any such letters patent of any statute of the Province of Ontario”.

Their only reason for being here is to destroy Ontario, every tree, rock. etc. and turn it into a parking lot. Premier Doug Ford of Ontario has just eliminated Ontario Greenbelt protection.

“8.No water power included in any Indian Reserve, which in its natural condition at the average Iow stage of water has a greater capacity than 500 horse-power, shall be disposed of by the Dominion of Canada except with the consent of the Government of the Province of Ontario and in accordance with such special agreement, if any, as may be made with regard thereto and to the division of the purchase money, rental or other consideration given therefor.”

We have no right to our own water. This is why 60% of reserves have toxic drinking water.  

“9.Every sale, lease or other disposition heretofore made under the Great Seal of Canada or otherwise under the directions of the Government of Canada of lands which were at the time of such sale, lease or other disposition included in any Indian Reserve in the Province of Ontario, is hereby confirmed, whether or not such sale, lease or other disposition included the precious metals, but subject to the provisions of the aforesaid statute of the Province of Ontario entitled “The Bed of Navigable Waters Act,” and the consideration received in respect of any such sale” 

Canada and the provinces plan to cover up other illegal sales and leases. An annex should be made available to all the sales documents for everything on turtle island. Canada cannot find these. 

Every Office of Registry of Deeds of all towns of turtle island has the “Indian Interest” on every deed. Otherwise the deed is invalid. The Prime Minister should show us the deed for Canada. They don’t have it. Canada is invalid. We have the kaianerekowa, teiohateh, land and language. We are the only true sovereigns of turtle island. Culture, land and language are requirements under the Montevideo Convention to qualify as a true country.  

“lease or other disposition shall be and continue to be dealt with by the Dominion of Canada in accordance with the provisions of the paragraph of this agreement numbered 1, and the consideration received in respect of any sale, lease or other disposition heretofore made under the Great Seal of the Province of Ontario, or under the direction of the Government of the said Province of any lands which at any time formed part of any Indian Reserve, shall remain under the exclusive control and at the disposition of the Province of Ontario.

This is a one-sided agreement between Canada and itself about land that isn’t theirs.  

“10.Nothing herein contained, except the provision for the application of The Bed of Navigable Waters Act aforesaid, shall affect the interpretation which would apart from this agreement, be put upon the words of any letters patent heretofore or hereafter issued under the Great Seal of Canada or the Great Seal of the Province of Ontario. or of any lease or other conveyance, or of any contract heretofore or hereafter made under the direction of the Government of Canada or of the Province of Ontario.”

It means we cannot challenge the illegal regime of Canada.  Mr. Trudeau, rescind immediately the Indian Lands Acts and dissolve all the provincial corporations for their crimes. Then we can discuss reconciliation.

In witness whereof these presents have been signed by the parties thereto the day and year above written.” 

“Signed on behalf of the Government of Canada by the Honourable Charles Stewart, Superintendent General of Indian Affairs, in the presence of: DUNCAN C. SCOTT. Signed on behalf of the Government of the Province of Ontario by the Honourable James Lyons, Minister of Lands and Forests, and by the Honourable Charles McCrea, Minister of Mines, in the presence of: JJAMES LYONS [L.S] [L.S.] C. MCCREA [L.S.]”

These men tried to arbitrarily sign away all human and natural rights of the onkwehonweh of turtle island. This criminal Act must be immediately rescinded and all property rights restored to the onkwehonweh, the true natural people forever on turtle island.  

Robbie Robertson reminds us that we are one people from pole to pole and ocean to ocean: This is Indian country, you’re in Indian country”. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.      

Consolidation of Indian legislation