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MNN. July 30, 2016. Crime and its offshoots are the economic base of corporate America, starting with genocide and theft of our lands and resources. US minds have been readjusted from the natural instinct to survive, to everything being monetized. The rules for the values, life and direction are designed and implemented by the miseducation, religious and mass media system, which are readjustment camps. Americans have “trainers” who give them the core commands. They are told their boss will love them if they do what they’re told. Otherwise they will insult, threaten, punish and even kill them.

American INDIAN Brainwashing Schools.

American INDIAN Brainwashing Schools.

People in key positions in government, backed by the law enforcement and court systems, constantly illustrate how Americans are to act and do. The mind control program is so effective that people are screaming for more. hitler-youth

Like the crime syndicates, enforcers gravitate around the government, incorporating those who are good at beating, killing, collecting money and putting on the muscle to perpetuate the control matrix. They carry out fear, intimidation and the hit if they aren’t obeyed or paid. Their home, bank account, kids, car or anything of value will be taken.

Recently a man robbed a restaurant with a knife. No one resisted. People are conditioned to wait for someone to give them the order to do so. If they injure the robber, they might be charged. Corporate rules and regulations discouraged anyone from getting involved.

Loose lips sink ships.

[Closed minds stop thought crimes].

Guns are being taken away so only the oppressors have them. Resisters can be jailed or shot. Some carry guns behind their car seat. They tell the cops they have a permit to carry it. Millions don’t have permits. Chicago cops took guns from people, then gave them to cops in Detroit, who sold them.

onkwe’hon:weh will stand together. The cops want to know how many warriors and guns we have, to gauge our natural instinct to survive. Americans were not satisfied to kill us one bullet at a time. Gatling guns were used to mow down millions of our men, women and children. 0b4aee4a6d687ca3823de2d3be6e661c

Martial law may be declared without resistance. The US military is being reinforced by UN soldiers from around the world. Provocation is being promoted to start a civil war. Fully armed street gangs outnumber the cops in most major and small cities.

The new world order has plans and programs on how to control and kill people, not to save them. With satellites and computers this organized force can control and eliminate their targets more effectively. Legal remedies to help people are disappearing.

Life is make-believe until we get the command. The “Indian Ring” described how ordinary people were deputized and given the command to mass murder us and take everything we had. spy vs.

Most Americans are conditioned to submit to martial law. Like the pacified Handsome Lake religions in our communities, they are under the illusion that a super hero will save them. We are being taught not to think for ourselves or to use common sense.

Jim Morrison sings about waiting for the command: “Ashen lady, ashen lady, Give up your vows, give up your vows. Save our city, save our city, Right now. … The future’s uncertain and the end is always near. Let it roll, baby roll”. [Roadhouse Blues]

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onkwehonwe’neha natural language of the land

kahehtiio: Achieving rotinonhshonni liberation.

Know your enemy:

CNN/CIA The Big Lie.






MNN. July 20, 2016. Mrs. Obama is Mrs. Trump’s hero. At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Mrs. Trump repeated Mrs. Obama’s speech of 8 years ago almost verbatim.

The remaining speakers gave “smoke and mirrors” performances. Most speeches were hateful and frightening, telling us things like, “We won’t hate you if you obey us”. Or like George Bush said, “You’re with us or you’re with the terrorists”. Trump says things like We have the guns and we can kill anybody we please, reminding us of the Monroe Doctrine and its gunboat diplomacy as it plundered southern great turtle island. [See Smedley Butler “War is a racket” at end of article]. Americans are being programmed to attack without question. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn glorifies war.

Eastern Bears always on the lookout for fascism!

Bears still guarding the eastern door. 

Even the new Prime Minister of England, Theresa May, is imitating Trump. Like a proper fascist, she is prepared to nuke hundreds of thousands of people. The corporate agenda is to start World War III.

Trump is using fear as his prime motivating factor in the election. Donald Trump 2016 is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler 1933.

The stark similarity includes lies, threats, abuses, extremism. Trump’s followers even pledge allegiance and salute him. His victims gravitate to their abuser, like women afraid to leave brutal husbands. Americans are mesmerized and terrified of what he might do if he becomes president.

Totalitarian leaders send anyone who does not agree with them to death camps. This is the war for the minds of the people. They are told they can’t run away because their bosses will find them. For their safety they stay close to their abuser. Judge for yourself. [See Jiuliana’s speech below].

Tree of peace and kaia'nere:kowa stand strong.

White roots of peace are spreading in all directions on mother earth.

Hear them repeating campaign slogans four times in a row while they clap like seals: “USA, USA, USA, USA” like “Heil Hitler”.

The residential school holocaust psychosis has conditioned many of today’s corporate band and tribal INDIAN leaders to obey their abusers. These amnesiacs now control our communities and are selling us out.

The priests groomed the young men with chocolates and kindness, sexually abused and ruined them. Then let them go, with promises of favors and jobs. Trump’s subconscious trigger is ‘you’re fired’. “If you don’t do what I say, you won’t get a job”. [See Apprentice below]. 

This is part of the Indian Ring strategy being used on white people. gun-control-indians.jpeTrump says he wants to make America safe again. For who? It was very safe for the natural world before the faschists got here.  Americans will not get away with mass murder of our people. Now their own people are being threatened by the same extremists that committed the onkwe’hon:weh holocaust.

Ozzie Osborne gets it right about Trump [Iron Man]: “Now the time is here for iron man to spread fear. Vengeance from the grave kills the people he once saved. Heavy boots of lead fills his victims full of dread. Running as fast they can, iron man lives again.”

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MNN. Sep. 25, 2014. The tactics that Doug Ford is using for his election campaign for mayor of Toronto reminds us of Hitler’s famous “beer hall putsch” to totally control a meeting. Hitler went into the beer halls with his armed brown shirt goons and provocateurs. They shouted, screamed and threatened anyone who questioned him. He became a national figure. After that success he created the National Socialist Party NAZI. Nobody dared interfere because the Zionists were behind it. To end the chaos, the authorities would come in and convince the cowering people to give in to Hitler.

Corporate band/tribal councils.

Corporate councils: “Okay Chief. The guys are going into the meeting to stir them up good!”


Toronto all candidates .meeting for mayor

Toronto all candidates meeting for mayor.

Ford’s life mission is to become mayor. He goes to the housing projects and hands out $20 to $50 to poor people on the streets. A putsch is organized. They’re bussed in to create a loud circus to drown out his co-candidates. See: Toronto City Hall Election Debate.

This putsch formula is being used on those who oppose government policies, in particular the pipeline and theft of our lands. We are made to feel like we have no future unless we accept the bullying and destructive plans of the corporate elite. Our communities and organizations are infiltrated with provocateurs, such as the “pipeline police” mercenaries who are being trained by the RCMP, big oil and Canada. See MNN Pipeline Police.The distraction is some contentious issue like racial purity to stop us from raising important matters. Kept off the table is the constant theft of everything we have and being coerced to sign one-sided agreements with big business for our resources. A prime concern is the Canada-RCMP-Big Oil setting up of the “pipeline police”. Public meetings are filled with rowdy gangs who attack those who raise these kinds of questions. Shouters dominate. Marches, threats, violence and fear divert our energies. Factions are deliberately fostered so we will argue. Then their handpicked solution is implemented to stop the dissension.

The media does not cover life and death crucial issues. People are scared. We are told that resistance is futile. They want us to believe that the only viable answer is that of the corporate tribal/band council that answers to them. They then come forward with their preplanned scheme to take something from us. We’ll get a little bit or a favor. If we refuse their offer, we’ll be threatened with continued ruinous poverty.

Like Hitler, the putsch splits the community, points out the opponents and followers and brings the instigators to national attention. They get into power and take out their enemies and assert their corporate agenda.

Chief:" Remember, Man of Good Sense not here to do our work on  your behalf. Man of Good Sense only here to help you on strategy level until you wise enough to overcome recession".

Chief:”Remember, Man of Good Sense not here to do work on your behalf. Man of Good Sense only here to help you on strategy level until you wise enough to overcome recession”.

We know who’s doing this. Just follow the money! We fear nothing! The Great Peace and the Council of Women would never allow this farce in our communities. Like Johnny Cash sings: “What have I become? My sweetest friend. Everyone I know goes away in the end. And you could have it all; my empire of dirt. I will let you down, I will make you hurt”. Johnny Cash. “Hurt”.

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Read: Beer Hall Putsch.

Obama and Clinton studied Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” on how to destroy democracy. Saul Alinsky.

See short Video: Megalomaniac Obama.