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MNN. Apr. 19, 2014. O’ien’kwen:ton [hanging tobacco] is an elite part of the Warrior Society [Roti’skennen:kete]. They are also known as the “ghost warriors”. A bundle of fresh tobacco is tied and hung in the dark corners of the longhouse so they will stay green and almost invisible.

O'ien'kwen:ton are trained for special duties.

The men of this society secretly train to be close to the original duties of our ancestors to protect the people according to the Great Law of Peace. They go through rites to develop great mental and physical strength in peacetime and wartime. Only those who have the strength and power are selected to be part of this special elite force. Their bodies are painted in dark colors, red and yellow stripes are marked on their faces and their clothes blend in with the forest. When they are on maneuvers in the wilderness, they are a shadow that cannot be seen nor heard by the enemies.

The war chief notifies the 5 war chiefs of the League to prepare for war & have the men ready for engagement with the enemy of the Great Peace.

The 5 war chiefs prepare for war & have their men ready to fight the enemy of the Great Peace. W79.

They accompany the Ah’sera:kowa, War Chief, to face nations with the message to cease breaking the peace and hurting the people. After being given the message and told the words, the black wampum is dropped in front of enemy.

Black beads is emblem of War Chiefs' authority.

Black beads is the emblem of the War Chiefs’ authority to pursue War in Defense of the Territory.

When they refuse to grab it and it hits the ground, the O’ien’kwen:ton appear out of the shadows, and smash in their heads with the war club. Then war with the Rotino’shonni:onwe begins.

O’ien’kwen:ton are always here in the spirit dimension to assist our men. They visit those who work against natural law. Prime Minister Harper and President Obama should consider well US President Thomas Jefferson’s warning to them:                                                                  “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: his justice cannot sleep forever!”

chief obamaPresident Obama decided rightly to cancel the oil pipeline on Great Turtle Island. We wonder if he will make the right decision to free Leonard Peltier. Enjoy the song while watching this excellent video on how our younger brother, President Obama, came to make the right decision. Video: “Obama convinced to make natural decision on pipeline”.

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Canada Minister of Finance dies suddenly.       Death of democracy in Canada.





MNN:  Jan. 24, 2013.  Mark Carney, the former Governor of the Bank of Canada, shielded Canada from the effects of the recent financial crisis.  He used our Indian Trust Funds to bolster the Bank of Canada. This is the secret Indigenous Trust Fund that the Canada banking system and economy is built upon. In 2012 he was appointed Governor of the Bank of England, to begin on July 2013.

Queenie:  "$3 trillion for a BJ!!j [bank job].   Come on over."

Queenie: “$3 trillion for a BJ!!j [bank job]. Come on over, Mark. Let’s have tea.”


Carney went to Harvard and worked at Goldman Sachs. In 1998 he advised Russians and at the same time bet against their ability to pay back their debt. 

In 2004 Carney worked under the current Canada Finance Minister, Jim “Austerity Measure” Flaherty. He provided additional liquidity to the Canadian finance system using our Indian Trust Funds.  The Corporation of Canada is thriving in comparison to the other G8 countries.  

In 2009 Canada was capitalized with our money to take advantage of the US and European financial crisis. In 2010 Carney was chairman of the Bank for International Settlements, member of the Group of 30, World Economic Forum and Bilderberg Group [Rothschild entities]. 

Carney, on the road.

Carney, on the run with Indian Trust Fund.

Carney is now going to the UK with our $3 trillion. The Bank of England can’t steal this money without him. They need the banker who knows these secret bank deals.  Carney and the bankers are playing with the world’s economy. They invest worldwide using our money to extract Indigenous resources from our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world. 

Britain is leaving the European Union in 2017 so that our money [natural resources] will finance their economy. The bankers need to turn the settlers here against us so they can be a party to the fraud without their knowledge. Their media constantly vilifies us.   

By design their corporate band councils mismanage our money, stash it away and keep us in dire living conditions. Indian Affairs sends in the bankers. Multinational corporations then have free reign over our natural resources, for example, Attawapiskat. If there are no longer any Indigenous, then they don’t have to pay into the Indian Trust Fund from the exploration of our resources. 100% will go to the bankers through Mark Carney.  

In the Iroquois consensus decision making process those issues that affect everyone goes into the Well for discussion and direction.  Everyone has a duty to add their thoughts to the solutions [Onigonra].  The Council is divided into three parties [Clans]. The Well Keeper of the Turtle Clan brings the issue out of the Well, explaining the question. He passes it over the Council Fire to the Wolf Clan, who deliberate. They pass their decision back to the Turtle Clan. They deliberate. If the decision is the same, the Bear Clan confirms the decision. In case of disagreement, deliberations start over, revealing new information.  If disagreement continues, the Bear Clan cast their ‘vote’, for a two-thirds vote. The minority then agrees with it, making it a unanimous decision.  The War Chief and his Men make sure proper protocol is followed. 

Issue for deliberation:  Should we stop the bankers from committing the biggest heist in banking history, the theft of $3 trillion from the proceeds of the Indigenous natural resources and from all future extraction. Send your comments. 

As Patsy Cline sang: “Oh, we ain’t got a barrel of money.  maybe we’re ragged and funny.  We’ll travel along, singing a song, side by side.”Patsy Cline: Side by Side

We're waiting for you, Mark.

We’re waiting for you, Mark.

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MNN: Mohawk John Kane urges Chief Spence to halt fast


MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  Kane of Native Pride told MNN that he is urging Chief Spence to halt her fast out of concern for her life.

Kane says, “the ‘nation to nation’ relationship is a white man’s concept and urges Chief Spence to halt her ‘suicide mission’.  Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence said,“First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement. We need to re-ignite that nation-to-nation relationship based on our inherent and constitutionally protected rights as a sovereign nation. We are demanding our rightful place back, here in our homelands, that we all call Canada.”

native pride

“I could not disagree more. I have listened to this bullshit about “nation-to-nation” relationships all my life. Our sovereignty is not vested in someone’s idea of what a “nation” is. Our sovereignty is a birthright; it comes from Creation. It is our right and authority to carry ourselves. This notion of nationhood came from the white man. So did the idea of individuals vested with power over their people. Our sovereignty is not vested in some man-made institution, a band chief, first nation, federally recognized leader or anyone else. It is an individual right, power and responsibility. None of the words we use to describe ourselves translate to anything close to “nations”. We are simply the People.

Theresa Spence is no more a nation than the smallest child stomping out a round dance. Those that claim to be the “First Nations leadership” should settle in behind and among the people and stop trying to be what the white man created. This bogus leadership is the reason the people will be Idle No More.

My message to Ms. Spence is to grab a sandwich and stand with your people. A thirty day attempted suicide makes a sensational story and draws plenty of sympathy but it undermines what the people are rising up for. No one individual is the face of this movement and no individual act symbolizes the movement or passion. For any of these “leaders” to now claim to be “Idle No More” only begs the question as to why the hell they have been idle till now. The sovereignty and power is in the people.

Ms. Spence still seems to be missing the point. A request for Idle No More leadership to join with the chiefs reflects a lack of understanding. It is those who have sat separate and above their people that need to stand among them. … join the people. Glorification of such an act is the last thing our young people need.

John Kane, Mohawk, is radio host of Let’s Talk Native Pride





MNN: Kahentinetha’s Radio Interview

MNN:  July 26, 2012.  Please look on the front page of mohawknationnews.com, click on link for ‘Mocassin Tracks” on the home page.  Listen to an interview of current events between Kahentinetha and Deb, of WGDR.

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MNN.  July 18, 2012.  Today in the Federal Court of Canada, Thahoketoteh filed an action [T-1396-12] against Her Majesty the Queen.   He personally wrote the Statement of Claim based on his ten-year experience in Kanekota, “where the waters come from the earth”.  Kanekota is a 575 square miles area in the northern reaches of the Grand River.  It is six miles deep from the banks of the Grand River starting at Lake Erie continuing to the source.  This indigenous land is protected from foreign encroachment for all time by the Royal Proclamation 1784.  It is sometimes called the Haldimand Tract. 

Their rule of law provides that royal proclamations supercede all Admiralty statutes.  All Canadian laws are Admiralty statutes.  All courts are Admiralty Courts.

In June 1778 the Mohawk people of the Upper and Lower Castles in New York State moved from their traditional communities, during the American Revolution.  They temporarily settled in Lachine [Quebec], within the area known as Lower Canada.
In June 1784 they moved to Tyendinaga, on the Bay of Quinte on Lake Ontario. That same year a few families moved to the Grand River.  The Royal Proclamation 1784 was signed by Captain General Sir Frederick Haldimand.  Violations of the proclamation began immediately
On August 1, 2006, the Mohawk Women, as caretakers of the land, sent notice to the Toronto School Board to vacate Lot 1, Concession 11, Clearview Township, Simcoe County in the province of Ontario, in the Northeast portion of Kanekota.   They vacated but refused to respect Mohawk inherent interest in the land.

Shortly thereafter the current Finance Minister of the Corporation of Canada, Jim “austerity-measure” Flaherty, built a 90-acre estate on part of Lot 1 Concession 11, near Honeywood.  The driveway leads to a gate manned by high tech  surveillance equipment, leading to 3 three-storey buildings, estimated value of $20 million.  They form a compound surrounding a fancy courtyard with two golf holes and two ponds.  A construction road was bull-dozed through the man-made forest on the Outdoor Education Center property to build Jimmy’s dream.    

The Etobicoke Education Center is now listed for sale by Royal LePage, Ginny McEacheran, [1-800-360-5821].  Jim Flaherty’s contact is 701 Rossland Road East, Unit 204, Whitby Ontario L1N 8Y9, Tel: 905-665-8182.

In July 2007 Thahoketoteh attended an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) Hearing to stop Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. from illegally building 88 more windmills.  [Alias, TransAlta Corp., 110 – 12thAve., SW, P.O. Box 1900, Station M, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M1 Tel: 403-267-7110].  The OMB permitted the illegal construction of Phase 2 in violation of the Royal Proclamation 1784 and Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution. The Women sent notice of their objection. 
Thahoketoteh has asked for all financial records on their illegal windmill development, to remove all the decomposing rusting weed-covered windmills, to pay compensation and to restore the land to its original state. 

In November 2006 the Women, speaking for the people, land, plants, fish and animals, sent Notice to Enbridge Gas [3000 5th Ave. Place, 425 First St. SW, Calgary Alberta T2P 3L8, Tel:  403-231-3900] that they have no right to install a gas pipeline from Shelburne into Hornings Mills. In 1946 the army constructed a pond there which continuously leeched phosphates into the Pine River. Enbridge went on to illegally build the pipeline.

Thahoketoteh insists that Enbridge fully compensate the Kanionkehaka for the illegal construction of their pipeline, for the damage and to restore the land to its natural state.  In particular, to clean the Pine River in Hornings Mills.

In April 2011 Thahoketoteh sent a letter to General Sir Peter Wall, [Chief of the General Staff, Ministerial Core Unit, 4545 Zone A, M.O.D., Whithall, London SW 1A 2HB tel:  011 44 207 218 4000].  He informed him about the Highland Group, a nefarious corporation, and their plans to turn 8,800 acres of Kanekota into a mega-quarry.  They intend to destroy this Royal Protectorate land forever where we intend to live forever.  Thahoketoteh wants a complete list of the shareholders.  He recommends Crown agents who ignore the “Royal Proclamation 1784” be charged with High Treason.  Death is the penalty.  

Thahoketoteh has asked that all stolen farms be returned to the Mohawk people; all settlers legalize their presence in Kanekota; and all squatters be removed at Canada’s expense. 

Thahoketoteh said, “If the Crown tries to have the case dismissed, they have decided to violate their rule of law and their Royal Proclamation.  They would be guilty of high treason, as it is against the Queen”. 

We are reminded of the classic Led Zeppelin song:  “Lyin’, cheatin’, hurtin’, that’s all you try to do”.  It’s all over, Jimmy austerity-measure Flaherty, “Your time is gonna come”.  
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thahoketoteh@hotmail.com  325 Robert Street, No. 4, Shelburne [Inside Kanekota] Ontario L0N 1S2.  Phone 519-925-9695.  Fax 519-925-9622.


MNN June 17, 2009. It was a currency fight between the Euro and the Dollar. 911 showed how vulnerable the US was. It looks like it was a pretext event to destroy liberty in the name of security.MNN received a number of hostile messages from some Germans and Austrians after the June 7, 2009 article, “MNN Two New World Order Camps Fighting for World Domination?” It was about the sneaky plans of two competing fascist camps, the European Union and the US. They both want the resources of Great Turtle Island and to enslave the people of the world.

As unemployment soars across Europe and the banking crisis spreads, member nations are squabbling about who should be bailed out. The June 22, 2009 Maclean’s Magazine issue features a misleading cover story, “The Return of Fascism in Europe”, by Jonathan Gatehouse and Mark Steyn. They describe fringe groups that gained votes by targeting the immigrants, whose countries the Europeans have raped. During WW II the rich financed the Brown Shirts to go after Jews who were their main business rivals. On Great Turtle Island the Indigenous are being scapegoated where all the resources are inherently Ongwehonwe.

Historically, Germans were the workers and had the iron and coal to build up the steel industry for the military, rail, automotive and ship building. The Austro-Germans have been exploiting Africa and South America since the mid 1800’s, especially Brazil. Ever since German steel giant, Krupp, lost some of its holdings after WWII, these industrialists have been trying to steal it back.

The Europeans have very little resources and are after the Western Hemisphere, which is all Indigenous. They are working with their French buddies to get the European Union to compete with the North American Union for global control. German Chancellor Angela Merkel cut a deal with Canada’s Magna to save 35,000 German jobs at Opel. Just how “Canadian” is Magna?

Frank Stronach, (nee Franz Strohsack) owner and founder of Magna, is a true colonial corporatist. He fled war torn Austria for Great Turtle Island. He has the usual rags to riches life story. In fact, he’s just another pirate who got rich by stealing our land and resources.

Stronach controls Magna. He started out in tool and die making. He promoted the sale of parts to General Motors. Soon he was the sole supplier of important components. Like other billionaires, Stronach ruthlessly merged and acquired companies. Today Magna makes $16 plus billion annually and employs people in 25 countries worldwide.

Frank lives in Austria. He has received awards and honorary degrees for his business activities from Haifa University in Israel; the B’nai Brith; Order of Canada; the Ernst & Young Award”; the Austrian Gold Medal; and the Canadian Yves Landry Foundation Award.

His daughter, Belinda Stronach, was both a Liberal and Conservative Member of Parliament. She is now at the Privy Council Office where the real decisions are made by the Canadian government.

There are 13 board members of Magna including Frank and Belinda. Others are listed at the end of this article.

According to the Macleans story, things are getting worse in Europe. These fringe parties can be shut down by denying them public funds to which they are entitled. The Europeans are becoming desperate making it possible for a dictator to emerge to carry out a global conquest, like Bismarck, Napoleon, Hitler, Louis IV and so on.

Are the Germans rebuilding their military? The Federal Republic of Germany wants our resources. They are lending $1.2 billion to Baffinland Iron Mines. Resource Capital Funds of Colorado and Australia are the main shareholders. The proposed Mary River Project in the far north will produce 18 million tons of iron ore a year for 25 years for German steel mills. It will consist of open pit mining using conventional technology. In March 2009 they signed a memorandum of understanding with the Inuit. Their role in international mining in gold, copper, uranium and coal is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Macleans cover shows screaming youth gangs in fatigues wearing black berets carrying semi automatics. The headline is in black on a blood red flag. It gives the impressions that everybody’s gone crazy so they have to crack down on them. What will the Europeans and US be fighting over next? Our water!
As the Daily Finance stated, “Whisky is for drinking. Water is for fighting.”

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com

Tom Barlow, Dailyfinance.com June 17, 2009.

Mike Harris, former Ontario premier who ordered the killing of Dudley George. Cabinet buddies Jim Flaherty and Tony Clement, now in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet. Sits on boards of Augen Capital, ENMAX, First Service, Canaccord Capital, EnGlobe, Chartwell Seniors Housing REIT, Grant Forest Products, Mount Royal College Foundation and Fraser Institute neo-conservative think tank which supports corporatist fascist leaning dogma.

Lady Barbara Judge, 62, Board Chairman or member of UK Atomic Energy Authority, School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, U.K./U.S. Task Force on Corporate Governance, International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants, Ditchley Foundation, Trilateral Commission, Bekaert NV, Massey Energy Inc., Friends Provident, UK Financial Reporting Council, U.S. Securities Exchange Commission.

Gregory C. Wilkins, 52, heads Barrick Gold Corporation, TrizecHahn Corporation owned by Peter Munk.

James D. Wolfensohn, 74, Wolfensohn & Company, private investors, advisor to corporations, governments, Citigroup’s International Advisory Board. Since Citigroup went bankrupt, so much for Jim’s advice! World Bank Group from 1995 to 2005; Special Envoy for Gaza Disengagement.

Erik Eberhardson, 38, OJSC Russian Machines; GAZ Group; Volvo Construction Equipment in Russia and Volvo Ukraine.

Louis E. Lataif, 70, Dean Boston University School of Management, Ford Motor Company, Ford Europe, Interaudi Bank and Iacocca Foundation.

Siegfried Wolf, 51, Co-CEO of Magna; Österreich Industrieholding AG (Republic of Austria holding and privatization agency), Siemens AG Österreich (Siemens Austria) and HGI Beteiligungs AG.

Lawrence D. Worrall, 66, Director Greater Toronto Airport Authority; VP & Director General Motors of Canada.

Donald J. Walker, 52, Co-CEO of Magna; Intier Automotive Inc., Canadian Automotive Partnership; founded Yves Landry Foundation.

Donald Resnick, 80, Magna; Consolidated Mercantile Inc. and Genterra Inc.; and Deloitte & Touche.

Franz Vranitzky, 71, Director Touristik Union International and Magic Life International; Federal Chancellor, Republic of Austria (1986 to 1997); Minister of Finance (1984 to 1986); Board Chairman, Österreichische Länderbank AG; and Creditanstalt-Bankverein Bank.

www.baffinland.com/MaryRiverProject, Terry Audla, Qikiqtani Inuit Assn. 416-975-8400; President Gordon McCreary of Baffinland 416-814-3163 info@baffinland.com.

poster: katenies


Reposession of outdoor education centre

There are no settlers living year round on this part of the Haldimand Tract at the source of the Grand River. So repossessing it is a simple matter. We sent the following notice to the Etobicoke Board of Education who are in the process of selling land that belongs to us.NOTICE OF REPOSSESSION OF KANION’KE:HAKA/MOHAWK LAND KNOWN AS “OUTDOOR EDUCATION CENTER” STOLEN BY THE ETOBICOKE BOARD OF EDUCATION – LOT 1 CONCESSION 11 CLEARVIEW TOWNSHIP ON THE “HALDIMAND TRACT”DATE: August 1, 2006.

BY: Women Title Holders of the Kanion?ke:haka Nation

According to Wampum 44 of our law, the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Women are the “progenitors of the soil” of the Kanion’ke:haka/Mohawk Nation. Title to our land is vested in the People through the Women. We are the Caretakers of the land, water and air of Turtle Island. We have the duty to safeguard our land for the coming generations. Self-determination is recognized as a universal human right.

RE: The Etobicoke Board of Education has violated our constitutional jurisdiction by stealing our property, in particular that which is within the 6 mile boundary at the source of the Grand River. This theft also violates the specific protection against encroachment provided in the Haldimand Proclamation of October 25, 1784.

TO: Etobicoke Board of Education, also known as Toronto District Board of Education, 5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M2N 5N8; Toronto Board of Education; City of Toronto; Province of Ontario; Queen Elizabeth II; Government of Canada; Ministry of Natural Resources; Department of Justice Canada; Attorney General of Canada; Attorney General of Ontario; Department of Finance Canada; Indian Affairs; Six Nations Confederacy; Mohawks of Wahta, Six Nations, Tyendinaga, Akwesasne, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake, Ganienkeh and Kanatiohareke; Stock Exchanges of Toronto, Montreal, New York, Tokyo, London, Australia, Hong Kong, Australia and Zurich.

OBJECTION TO: The theft of property known as “Lot 1 Concession 11 Nottawasaga Township” located on the Noisy River near the source of the Grand River, is Kanion’ke:haka land. The Etobicoke Board of Education never consulted us nor asked us, the Title Holders, for our consent to enter our land and develop your Education Center on it. It is not only unsurrendered land but according to our constitution, it cannot be sold or alienated. The Haldimand Proclamation respects our title to southern Ontario and that there shall never be any encroachment on this tract, as follows:


“WHEREAS his Majesty having been pleased to direct that in consideration of the early attachment to his cause manifested by the Mohawk Indians, and of the loss of their settlement which they thereby sustained that a convenient tract of land under his protection should be chosen as a safe and comfortable retreat for them and others of Six Nations who have either lost their settlement within the territory of the American state or wish to retire from them to the British. I have at the earnest desire many of these His Majesty’s faithful allies purchased a tract of land from the Indians situated between the Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron and I do hereby in his Majesty’s name hereby authorize and impose the said Mohawk Nation and such others of the Six Nations as wish to settle in that quarter to take possession of and settle upon the banks of the river commonly called Grand River, running into Lake Erie, allotting to them for that purpose six miles deep from each side of the river beginning at Lake Erie and extending in that proportion to the head of the said river which them and their posterity are to enjoy forever.

Given under my hand and seal at arms at the castle of St. Louis at Quebec, this 25th day of October, one thousand seven hundred and eighty four and in the twenty fifth year of the reign of our sovereign lord George III by the grace of God of Great Britain, France and Ireland. King, defender of the faith and so forth”.

The Board has no right to sell it or conduct any activities or business on it. We are repossessing the said land and demand that the Board vacate its illegal occupation immediately.

In taking our land the Board violated our jurisdiction as respected by the conjunction of our constitution, Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Canadian Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. According to Section 109 of the British North America Act 1867, Indigenous people?s “prior interests” supersede that of Canada and its provinces. According to Section 132 the only way to surrender Indian title is through a treaty made with the sovereign constitutional people of our nation with a clear question and a clear majority.

Our relationship is based on the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum Agreement. Our relationship can only be conducted on a nation-to-nation basis. The band council that the Canadian government has set up under the illegal Indian Act does not represent us. The Canadian constitution does not allow foreign federal, provincial and local laws on unsurrendered Indigenous land.

This invasion by the Board and its affiliates violates international law. It is illegal for the Board to override the rights of the Kanion’ke:haka. Take notice that we are repossessing our property immediately!

Any foreigner wishing to enter our territory, for any reason whatsoever, must get permission from the Governor General of Canada who must then inform us. No one individual or foreign entity can invite outsiders onto our territory to oppress a Kanion’ke:haka or misuse our sovereignty or our property. You need to understand the interests of the Six Nations people on our territory so that you will fully understand our position. Also, we have protocols and procedures you must follow to deal with us on a nation-to-nation basis now and into the future.

In Canada we took an action in the Supreme Court of Canada ? Kanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh v. Attorney General of Canada and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, Court File: 05-CV-030785.

We brought this constitutional jurisdiction issue before the U.S. Supreme Court. See No. 05-165: 2005. In the Supreme Court of the United States in re: Kanion’ke:haka Kaianereh’ko:wa Kanon’ses:neh, Non-party, Petitioner/Movant/Appellant, The Canadian St. Regis Band of Mohawk Indians, Plaintiffs, Respondents, v. The State of New York, Defendants, Respondents. Petition for Writs of Certiorari and Quo Warranto with Prohibition and Mandamus in Aid to Prevent Genocide. Rules 17.1 and 20.1. (Attached)



1.Constitutional jurisdiction over our territory now called “Southern Ontario” and beyond, belongs to the Roti’noshon:ni/Iroquois Confederacy;

2.The Canadian and U.S. Constitutions respect that relations with us shall be conducted on a nation-to-nation basis. The Etobicoke Board of Education, federal and provincial governments do not supersede this constitution-to-constitution relationship between our nations.

3.Contact with the constitutional Indigenous people must be made only through the Governor General of Canada who must carry out her duty and support this repossession of our stolen land.


4.We demand that the Etobicoke Board of Education and their associates immediately vacate its illegal presence on our land.

5.We demand to know how international, federal and provincial entities can violate international law and the rule of law by superseding our jurisdiction over land that we never surrendered through a treaty or any means whatsoever.

By Kanion’ke:haka Women Title Holders

Katenies /s/ __________________________

Kahentinetha /s/ _____________________________

Iagotalona /s/ ____________________________

Contact: Thahoketoteh, 17A mill St., Hornings Mills, Ontario Canada L0N 1J0, 519-925-9695

Enclosed: Haldimand Proclamation; map; 05-165 Mohawk Manifesto.

Sent to: All Media; Etobicoke Board of Education; Toronto Board of Education; City of Toronto; Premier of Province of Ontario; Queen Elizabeth II; Government of Canada; Prime Minister of Canada; Ministry of Natural Resources; Department of Justice Canada; Attorney General of Canada; Attorney General of Ontario; Department of Finance Canada; Indian Affairs; Six Nations Confederacy; Mohawks of Wahta, Six Nations, Tyendinaga, Akwesasne, Kahnawake, Kanehsatake, Ganienkeh and Kanatiohareke; Stock Exchanges of Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Zurich.

poster: Thahoketoteh