MNN. Jan. 5, 2014. The orenda [energy], oyendera [body] and onikonra [the mind] all work together to be healthy and to communicate with the natural world. We are spirit beings with inherent vibrations. Taking us off natural sound and natural time creates divisions in our mind so that we can be separated from the oneness. 

Pope Disney: "You take over time and I'll take over music and sound".

Pope Disney to corporatists: “You take over time and I’ll take over music and sound”.

The human cell is an electric magnetic field of possibility. Old indigenous languages are in touch with true consciousness. By design English does not generate those patterns. 

Physical healing can be aided or hindered by tone. Frequencies are deliberately altered to weaken the spiritual impact. Singing gets into deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing insights beyond artificial belief systems. Out-of-tune languages such as English vibrate at different frequencies. Many of us were beaten when we spoke our own language and forced into the English vibration.  

Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician, invented the 12-note chromatic scale that all Western music is based on today. The original sounds of nature that Creation communicates with are hidden between the artificial man-made chromatic scale to further disconnect us from nature. Some call the original scale “solfaggio”. 

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Mohawk do the small condolence to connect with creation. We take the soft leather and wipe our yes, the eagle feather to clean our ears and drink the clearest water. The frequencies of our songs also connect us. The native drums connect us directly to Mother Earth. 

The sounds are there but we are not hearing it. They have been deliberately turned down and masked. “Owistah” prevents us from becoming of one mind. When we boost the volume on the natural frequencies, we will hear the vibrations and the consciousness of the universe. An old paradigm will emerge to heal all the separation that’s been artificially created. 

Memory is experience and intelligence stored in the cells of our mind and body, called DNA. With the right stimuli, sounds and frequencies, information is released from the true self. 

Music is for the secret ear. Changing the notes causes the matrix of thought and well-being to be squelched. Frequencies can turn grief into joy, cause people to connect to their inner source. These channels have to be kept open so the life force can flow. 

The Western music limited 12-tone equal temperament scale limits vibration. It creates boxed-in thinking, stuffed and suppressed emotions, anger and fear-based consciousness and war.

Mother Earth is changing her frequencies. So will every living thing.

Peace shall reign.

Peace shall reign.

At the deepest level we are together as a body, spirit and soul. Indigenous worldwide can lead us all back to healing ourselves in our own minds. When 5 of the Iroquois Nations figured this out in our own minds, our teacher, Dekanawida, left. He asked us to help the rest of the people in the world to figure out this simple formula in their own minds. He said, “te-ia-ta-te-wen-nio”, that each one of us is sovereign. 

Another great prophet, Jimi Hendrix, was the only musician to tune into the earth frequencies. His song, “Third Stone from the Sun”, [our Mother] is all about frequency and vibration. He said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”. Jimi Hendrix. “Third Stone from the Sun”.

Keshe. Timetable for taking our planet back”.

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MNN. June 26, 2013. Tensions are rising at the Highway 126 anti-fracking camp near Elsipogtog First Nation in Kent County, New Brunswick (Wabanakik). By June 23, on National Aboriginal Day, twenty-nine had been arrested. One is in hospital. 

NB FRACKINGWarrior Chief John Levi is calling supporters to help resist seismic testing by US corporation, Southwestern Energy (SWN), and the provincial government. Their bosses are the bankers who own the corporations of Canada and the US. 

The Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Acadian and other Indigenous peoples of Wabanakik refuse to give their consent. Aggressive RCMP and SWN private security forces are protecting the testing and stirring up confrontations. Protesters are threatened by undercover RCMP who steal SIM cards from cell phones and physically assault elders. 

FRACK ARTResistance continues. Peaceful roadside pickets, blocking trucks and surrounding SWN vehicles are underway. Arrestee Gilogoetj Dedam explained: “They’re destroying our land … If we got off that road, those trucks will drive right by”. 

The cops are becoming more violent, shoving, denying water and bathroom access and tightening handcuffs to cause blood stoppage and bruising. 

A sacred fire, a line of open tents, a communal kitchen, gathering space, singing and drumming creates an inviting environment for supporters and visitors. 

FRACKEDThe resistance is against environmental destruction. All businesses bend the rules. Now they openly break them with impunity. Corruption and violence is how business is done at every level of the corporate system. The “owistah” disease is in full bloom. The corporations want us out of the way to get our resources.   

Hear the wind blow. Feel the breeze in your face. Watch from the tree of peace. The hierarchical monetary system is crumbling. Canada sits on top of the New World Order pyramid. The preferred model is ownership of everything and everyone by a few bankers.  

FRACK WORLDAll war is about printing money and controlling how it’s spent. All wars are banker wars. We only need one more war to bring peace to the world; the people against the bankers and no one needs to get bombed. We remember Buffalo Springfield sang; “There’s something happening here/What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there/Telling me I got to beware. I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound/Everybody look what’s going down” For what it’s worth

Dangers of fracking. FRACKING: Drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure to fracture shale rock to release natural gas. Ground water, environment and health are destroyed.

War Chief Levi speaks.

Elsipotog Story. 

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MNN. Apr. 10, 2013.  Royal Proclamation of 1763 is a guideline for European settlement on Great Turtle Island. It guarantees Indigenous independent nationhood, sovereignty and ownership of Onowaregeh. We are not part of the settler colony. All lands must be ceded by treaty. So far none has been. No law of the settlers overrules it. Our rights can never be terminated. We never consented to the Indian Act and other Admiralty “law of the seas” statutes that violate our sovereignty. The British North America Act 1867 put “Indians and lands reserved for the Indians” in a subservient relationship with Britain and its colony.

"We have to issue thi proclamation or we can't stay".

“We have to issue this proclamation or you can’t stay”.


A fiduciary responsibility and international trust were set up. Settlers could live on our land and never own it. It was rental payment. The fiduciary obligation does not conflict with Indigenous title. They co-exist together and cannot be repealed. There is no mechanism to give up our inherent rights. Only murder or assimilation of every Indigenous person would jeopardize our tie to Onowaregeh. As long as one walks across the territory, it is Indigenous land. 

An independent neutral third party is required to fairly settle issues between us and Canada concerning our land, resources and ever-growing $60 trillion Indian Trust Fund.  

Harper: "Section 109, I don't see you, or the Royal Proclamation."

Harper: “Mr. 109, I don’t see you or the Royal Proclamation.”

This third party adjudication procedure was established by the Mohegan in 1704 concerning a land dispute between them and the settlers in Connecticut. The Mohegan applied to the Court of Queen Anne and were granted an impartial third party adjudication. Colonial governments of British North America could not legally adjudicate this or any dispute as they are one of the parties. This follows the two row of honor, respect and non-interference. 

Canada deals only with their corporate Indian band and tribal councils, not with our true sovereign governments. Indigenous people should ask about the deals being made on our behalf by these corporate Indians. They and the Assembly of First Nations AFN represent only their followers. The traditional people are independent, have our own laws and chose our own representatives. 

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that Canada has no say on how we govern ourselves: “All people have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”. Canada undermines our governments. We are held hostage. Canada owes us and wants to deal only with their band council nominees.   

AFN pretends that we are part of the corporation of Canada. They have no jurisdiction over us and our land. AFN betrays us every day and sells out our inherent right to self-government for because they are in an advanced stage of the “owistah” disease. We Indigenous nations have a right to deal with all issues of common concern. The settlers have violated the Royal Proclamation of 1763. We are thus illegally occupied.  If they allow this theft to continue, they are complicit in the genocide. 

The settlers cannot prove their right to live here as they have usurped our land and resources which we never ceded to anyone. A violation of a royal proclamation is high treason and the penalty is death by execution. The military have the responsibility of maintaining this proclamation. The settlers have a choice. They can become of one mind with us and together we can bring peace to the world.  As John Lennon sang; “all we are saying is Give peace a chance “


Iroquois attempted to join League of Nation 1923.

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MNN. Apr. 5, 2013. The US based sorcerer is suckering Canada into old style genocide. Canada is a sub-sorcerer. The sorcerer’s apprentices are the greedy “band and tribal councils”. Their only access to the colonial lifestyle is to wear the dunce hat and mop the master’s floors. Canada is copying failed US policies on the land grab.

The “privatization” of Indigenous lands is planned genocide. The US and Canada sorcerers and their apprentices suffer from the “owistah” disease of the mind. They believe that mega awards await them after completing their performance of “The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian”. 

US Head Sorcerer: "Gimme that brom to whip Canada."

US Head Sorcerer: “Gimme that broom to whip Canada.”

The banker’s script is about starving and homeless Indigenous with no place to go. They are dying or migrating from their lands to the inner cities where they die as alcoholics and derelicts on the streets or killed in jails. The privatized prisons will become “death camps” on Great Turtle Island.  

Canada: "After moppin' the flo', can I have some pancakes?'

Canada: “After moppin’ the flo’, can I have some pancakes?’

In 1887 the US passed the General Allotment Act to break up Indigenous governments, abolish Indian communities and force assimilation into white society. Communally owned lands were divided into private plots to break up Indian nations and bring “whites” in to “civilize” those who did not die out. 

The Indigenous weren’t asked. Remaining lands were barren. Starving Indigenous were forced to sell their lands for very little or foreclosed for not paying taxes. Only 50 million out of 140 million acres remained under Indigenous control. Underlying the plot is Indigenous title to Great Turtle Island as long as there is one Indigenous left that adheres to the traditional ways. 

In 1934 the Allotment system was abolished. Congress passed the Indian Reorganization Act “to rehabilitate Indian economic life”. Small economic dependent land bases and Indigenous communities were recreated. 

During the 1950’s Congress brought in “termination” to force final dissolution of our land bases, which brought us almost to the brink of collapse. We were passed over to the states for criminal and civil matters without our consent. States were the traditional enemies of the Indians, always wanted control over our lands and resources but did not want to provide services, because, “We had no agreements or treaties with them”. 


“always remember to mix in a little on everything, so they never know what’s in it”

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MNN. Mar. 14, 2013. Bankers and their accomplices have “Windigo Psychosis”. It’s an insatiable craving for everything in their sight. The Indigenous say Windigo becomes a wild-eyed, violent, flesh-eating maniac with super-human strength. They haunt Northern Alberta where they go on cannibalistic rampages. wendigo

The Windigo is sick because it’s cut off from its roots. It’s a ghost with a heart of ice. It eats everything in sight. Its hunger knows no bounds. When there is nothing left to eat, it starves to death.  When it sees something, it wants to own it. No one else can have anything. This illness feeds on a spiritual void. Canada and US are presently in an advanced stage of the “Windigo Psychosis”.  The Mohawks call it the “Owistah” disease. 

The riches of Great Turtle Island and its people triggered the psychosis in the strangers who came to our lands. They committed genocide of our people driven by the Windigo psychosis. They were unchained from the morality of human feeling.

The hunger is insatiable.

The sickening hunger is insatiable.


The Windigos continue to attack our people and our environment. They relentlessly destroy our vast territories, forests and wetlands. They crave ‘bitumen’, a tar like substance that is turned into oil through an energy intensive process that causes incredible environmental damage. It will pollute the Athabaska River, fill the air with toxins, and farmlands will be wasted. Large boreal forests will be clear-cut. They want rare cancers and other diseases to kill us and breakdown our society to get rid of us. 

A Wendigo made blight.

A Wendigo-made blight.

Windigo driven Enbridge Gas is trying to enlarge the tar sands development by 30% by building a 1,170-mile pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia. The Rocky Mountains and 1,000 rivers and streams will be crossed and destroyed. Over 200 tankers will enter our inland waters each year. 

Canada and Alberta pays no attention to international commitments to cut green house gas emissions. Shareholders must withdraw their investments. 

"Quick. Get another log!"

“Quick. Get another log!”

In the myths the Windigos have to be executed, buried and their graves covered with a large pile of logs. Joni Mitchell says:God must be a boogie man “Blind rage to kill, why’d he let them talk him down to cheap work and cheap thrills. In the plan, oh, the insulting plan. God must have been a Boogie Man”.

The Immortal Red-X says, “Joni, so it seems”. 

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