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MNN. APRIL 24, 2015. This letter was sent by Registered Mail on April 11, 2015, to General Sir Peter Wall and received at Whitehall. confederacy flag

kahentinetha, P.O. Box 991, kahnwake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0.

April 11, 2015.

Gen. Sir Peter Wall, KCB CBE ADC Gen, Chief of the General Staff, UK Army, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, London, SW1A 2HB

Dear Sir:

As you have been previously alerted by our ahserakowa of kanekotah, thahoketoteh, we write today to remind you of the order you are under. You have a copy of Captain General Sir Frederick Haldimand’s order he left for you. We provide you another.

Halidmand Proclamation 1784 making Kanekotah the only UK military protectorate for the Mohawks in the world.

Halidmand Proclamation 1784 making Kanekotah the only UK military protectorate for the Mohawks in the world.

This issue has now come before the Iroquois Confederate Council. We put you on notice of your legal requirement to follow military law and do as your General ordered in 1784. “Due to the early attachment of the Mohawks and the loss of their settlements in the American states”, “we have purchased a tract of land, six miles from each side of the Grand River, starting at Lake Erie and extending in that proportion to the head of said river, which them and their posterity shall enjoy forever”.

You are legally required to follow this order. Due to the colonial settlerism issues, we require your physical presence in kanekotah when we move to our tract. We would like to do this in June 2015.

Your house in kanekota is waiting for you.

Your house in kanekota is waiting for you.

The Canadian courts have neglected this Royal Proclamation. It is a Royal Proclamation because of the title “Captain General”. We now come to you with one mind and demand your protection for our people.

In 1947 the British Army built a mansion you can occupy in the Hamlet of Hornings Mills, kanekotah. I forward you a copy of the Royal Proclamation from the Captain General, Sir Frederick Halidmand, and the survey we had done at the Queen’s Printer of Ontario. I would like to talk with you on the telephone. Please call me when you get this letter at . . . . , email: Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.

kahentinetha, bear clanmother, kanekotah.

The British have already set the precedent on this legality when they invaded Palestine to create Israel in 1947. They claimed their legality through the Balfour Declaration, which is not really a royal proclamation since it was not signed by a Captain General or a King. These are the only entities that can make a royal proclamation. Now the British Army must carry out their legal requirements and protect 6 miles from the source of the Grand River, as per the attached survey we have done by the Queens Printer of Ontario. [map]. Source of the Grand River Colour Source-of-the-Grand-River-Colour

We require physical signs everywhere to indicate that people are entering a British military protectorate under the laws of the Kaia’nere:kowa.testan

As Gene Autry laments, “The Red Man was pressed from this part of the West, it’s not likely he’ll ever return. To the banks of the Red River, where seldom, if ever, his flickering campfires still burn, home on the range.” [Home on the range].

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Let's get ready for peace, peace, peace!

Let’s get ready for peace, peace, peace!

Justice for Equador.

Jails in US.

Implementing Two Row throughout ono’ware:geh.

Indigo Skyfold: UN chemtrail operation.






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MNN. Dec. 19, 2014. Thahoketoteh arrived in 2000 in Kanekota, which is at the head of the Grand River. It is part of the 1784 Haldimand Proclamation British protectorate. Accordingly, he is guaranteed “by royal proclamation any Mohawk Indians as wish to settle in that quarter and take possession of, and settle upon the banks of the river commonly called Ouse or Grand River, running into Lake Erie, allotting for that purpose six miles deep from each side of the river, beginning at Lake Erie, and extending in that proportion to the head of the said river, which them and their posterity shall enjoy forever”. The rank Captain General has the power to make royal procalamations like the king, which supercedes all Admiralty statutes. The Kanion’ke:haka family made a claim to one lot, which equals 360 acres, lot 1 concession 11, Nottawasaga Township.

The late Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance, ignored the Royal Proclamation and the claim. He built a home on one half of the claim. He was informed by MP Garth Turner prior to the construction about the Mohawk interest. He chose to ignored it. The Mohawk family is following the Guswentha and the Kaianerekowa, the law of the land.

Kanekota Lot 1 Concession 11

Kanekota Lot 1 Concession 11


The time has come for the Ongwehonwe to move to the hilly country according to our ancient instruction. The Kanion’ke:haka family would like to occupy Lot 1 Concession 11 now. They are asking the Royaner and Iotiyaner to have a meeting with Mrs. Flaherty at the property to resolve this issue according to the law. All the children need a permanent place to live and grow.

Thahoketoteh has taken this matter to the top General in the British military, Sir Peter Wall. He has been reminded of the order left for him by the top ranking British General ever.

Thahoketoteh took the case and all related Kanekota issues to the Admiralty court in 2012 [FCC T1396-12]. It ruled that it had no jurisdiction to grant the relief requested.

Thahoketoteh & family.

Thahoketoteh & family looking at the Flaherty mansion on their land.

Mrs. Flaherty is illegally occupying a big house on this land. She received the following letter on December 10, 2014 at her office in Whitby Ontario. Since she has not responded we publish this to put it on the public record. Please forward your comments to Mrs. Flaherty/Christine Elliott, 101 – 114 Dundas St. , Whitby, ON L1N 2H7 905-430-1141

Everyone would like to resolve this properly. As Grand Funk tells us: “Everybody listen to me, and return me my ship. I’m your Captain. Though I’m feeling mighty sick. If you return me to my home port, I will kiss you, Mother Earth. Take me back now. Take me back now, to the port of my birth.” I’m your Captain/Closer to home.

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Kanekota archives.

“Thahoketoteh, Bear Clan, Kanionkehaka, 325 Robert St., Unit 4, Shelburne inside Kanekota, ON L9V 3B8 519-925-9695,

REGISTERED MAIL – Dec. 12, 2014

Mrs. Christine Elliott101 – 114 Dundas St. E., Whitby, ON L1N 2H7 905-430-1141

Regarding your home: on Lot 1 Concession 11 Nottawasaga ON

She:kon. As you are probably aware, we went to see Garth Turner MP in 2005 to help us lodge our land claim as per the Haldimand Proclamation 1784. The Captain General designates the power of the king to issue royal procalamations, which supercede all Admiralty statutes in this monarchical democracy. Your husband decided to ignore the Royal Proclamation and build a home on our claim. We let him know before a shovel was put in the ground. I came to Kanekota in 2000 to find my claim as per the Royal Proclamation for my family as per Kaianerekowa. I rented a place for 3 years at $1500 a month, specifically to find the proper claim for me and my family to settle on. Lot 1 Concession 11 the site of Etobicoke Education Center which was being abandoned and I thought there would be no problems.

The property next door is where I lived for 3 years while choosing a suitable spot. Then I claimed the school property which is on half of lot 1 concession 11, the whole lot is was the perfect claim. It is 360 acres, enough for my growing family. All this was done according to the Kaianerekowa and the Two Row Wampum, which your government is legally required to honor.

The time for  the Ongwehonwe to move to the hilly country as per our ancient instruction is now. I would like to occupy my Lot 1 Concession 11 and start preparing for the arrival of my 3 children and 4 grandchildren. I now ask for your help in attaining this.

Your home is built on one half of Lot 1 Concession 11. I would like to have a meeting with you at the property. I will bring our chiefs and clan mothers so we can resolve this issue once and for all, in everyone’s best interest.

Just know that Lot 1 Concession 11 is part of the earth and going nowhere. The Mohawk claim will always be there even though your husband illegally built a house there. We would like to have the meeting at your house on Lot 1 Concession 11. Please inform us when if we can have this meeting. Our preference is before the winter solstice this year.

The real issue is the children. Like all children, they need a permanent place to live and grow. We would appreciate working with you on this issue. Please let me know as soon as possible upon receipt of my letter.Thahoketoteh of Kanekota cc. Royaner & Otiyaner.”







MNN. Mar. 19, 2013. The trial of Kanekota is at 9:30 a.m. Monday, March 25, 2013.  

On July 18, 2012, Thahoketoteh of Kanekota filed action T-1396-12 against the Queen in the Federal Court of Canada. Kanekota is a 575 square miles area in the north of the Grand River. This is the northern part of the Grand River land protected by the Royal Proclamation 1784, for the Mohawk “them and their posterity forever” without encroachment. 

Women's Council: "Thahoketoteh, go for it!"

Women’s Council: “Thahoketoteh, go for it!”


Royal proclamations supersede all Admiralty Statues. All Canadian laws and courts are subject to existing royal proclamations. Thahoketoteh contends that Crown agents who ignore a royal proclamation are guilty of high treason. He asked that all stolen farms from the “mega quarry” application be returned to the Mohawk people; all settlers legalize their presence in Kanekota; and all squatters who do not want to legalize themselves be removed at Canada’s expense. This motion was dismissed. payback's bitch 

Thahoketoteh filed a new action,T-2007-12, asking a constitutional question. He claimed that Canada is under a “legal duty” type of “trust” within the meaning of Section 109, Constitution Act 1867, not to apply or permit the application of federal or provincial law to the Grand River or Haldimand Tract, except by treaty, in compliance with the Royal Proclamation 1763 and proven, in the event of dispute, before the Standing Royal Committee constituted by the Order-in-Council [UK 1704]. 

The oral portion of the trial will be through teleconferencing, which will eventually be available on Mohawk Nation News. Everyone can read the entire case on Thahoketoteh is representing himself. He expects the judiciary to follow their own law. 

Sec. 109 of the Constitution Act 1867: All Lands, Mines, Minerals, and Royalties belonging to the several Provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick at the Union, and all Sums then due or payable for such Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, shall belong to the several Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick in which the same are situate or arise, subject to any Trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province in the same.” 

They'll soon be getting new glasses!

Federal Court: “What elephant? I don’t see it!”

This section 109 is like the elephant in the living room that the judiciary pretends is not there. It affirms the Indian Trust Funds that MNN keeps mentioning.  

Since the trial will not be available to the public we suggest people go to trial of Kanekota to read the written argument. 

Canada is the defendant in this case. We are reminded of the Stones song; Hand of Fate: “I’m on the run. I hear the hounds. My luck is up. My chips are down. So good-bye, baby, so long now. Wish me luck. I’m gonna need it, child. The hand of fate is heavy now. It pick you up and knock you right down!”

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MNN.  Oct. 25, 2012.  Canada has a duty to abide by the rule of law, that is, to follow their own laws.  Above all, their constitution. Their following their constitution and agreements with Indigenous peoples is their visa to live here.  Ordinary statutes like the Indian Act that breach the constitutional guarantee of protection of us are not “law”.  This breach makes it void. 

The Royal Proclamation 1763 is the first general constitution for all of North America, giving the newcomers a right to live here.  It is the foundation of Canada.  It defines its relationship with the Indigenous People and our land, based on the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum.  We are to remain separate in all ways, unless we make a treaty agreeing to some variation.  We did not.  The newcomers proclaim a “duty to protect us” from encroachment.   Sections 91[24] and 109 of the Constitution Act 1867, affirm this duty.  Furthermore, this was confirmed by the Order in Council of Canada 1875 by which Canada expressly and explicitly confessed this duty of protection.  


The Royal Proclamation 1763 provides: 

“…  that the several Nations or Tribes of Indians with whom We are connected and who live under our Protection should not be molested or disturbed in the Possession of such Parts of Our Dominions and Territories as not having been ceded to or purchased by Us are reserved to them or any of them as their hunting Grounds —“. 

“…  And we do further strictly enjoin and require all Persons whatever who have either willfully or inadvertently seated themselves upon any Lands … not having been ceded to or purchased by Us are still reserved to the said Indians as aforesaid forthwith to remove themselves from such Settlements. 

The Royal Proclamation affirms our territorial sovereignty and independence.  The Guswentha provides that there shall be no interference in our ways, languages and lands.  Nor shall they make rules for us or have any rights to our possessions. They may live here and feed their people and be of one mind with us on the environment.  

Section 109 of the Constitution Act, 1867 further elaborates:    

109. …  all … Lands, Mines, Minerals, or Royalties, [are] subject to any Trusts existing in respect thereof, and to any Interest other than that of the Province… 

In 1897 the Privy Council in Britain, at that time the highest court of appeal for Canada, defined the trust and interest as a legal duty to protect the nations or tribes of Indians, which pre-exist their administrative bodies known as Indian Act band councils.  Canada is absolutely bound by this.  The duty to protect predates the country. 

The constitution has been broken and thus the rule of law has been trashed.  It has been replaced by political opportunism that has infected the courts, politicians and almost all of non-native society.   In 1880 Canada illegally declared a formal act of genocide, the Indian Act, Section 72, to remove the life chiefs.  Then on October 25, 1924 Canada illegally set up concentration camps called “reserves”.   

Quebec cannot impose a statute such as French language Bill 101 forcing Indigenous to speak French in order to work.  Otherwise we are forced to leave our homeland.  It is a genocidal colonial statute that violates the rule of law and Canada’s duty to protect. 

The crown falsely alleged that their settlers have our land, resources and can legislate to us.  The visitors illegally interfere with our life and lands. Canada and its courts must protect the several nations and our lands from being molested or disturbed.   

Any Ongwehonwe/Indigenous as natural persons of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island require proof of treaty that relinquishes this constitutional agreement.  None exist.  All the land is Indigenous.  Canada’s duty is to never allow any encroachment by subsequent statutes of Canada and its provinces. Any federal or provincial imposition is unconstitutional and therefore void.  Canada has voided its own existence here. 

The rule of law does not function in Canada.  The trust has been broken.  It needs to be repaired to rescue all human kind and the environment.  

Instead of protection Canada has attacked us and our mother, the earth.  The foreign corporation of Canada must be dissolved as it does not follow the rule of law, making it illegal.  They must follow the Guswenta or leave Great Turtle Island.   

This is the basis of the Federal Court case T-1396-12, The Queen v. Thahoketoteh of Kanekota.  We need your donations now for filing, printing and mailing costs.  Those who donate today will become of one mind with us as per the Guswentha.  Go to PayPal. www.mohawknationnews.comContact:; MNN Mohawk Nation News  For more news, books, workshops, to sign up for MNN newsletters, go to  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0  Nia:wen