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MNN. Mar. 16, 2016. This article is relevant to ongoing New York State Police attacks against the rotino’shonni [Iroquois]. It was written in 2006 about events in Akwesasne in 1990. Distribution of the story at the time was limited. Current pictures have been added. MNN.

New York State Police carry out "Indian detail".

New York State Police conducting “Indian detail”.


“Threats, attacks, coercion and censorship have been made against Six Nations who have reclaimed some of our land near Caledonia Ontario Canada. The government and the corporate media will not let the real news be printed until it’s too late for you to do something about it.

“An unsavory episode in Akwesasne of Mohawk Territory comes to mind. It echoes events in many native communities during the past few decades. ‘Indian Country’ is full of unsolved murders.

“Two murders occurred in Akwesasne in 1990. Akwesasne is on both sides of the imaginary line known as the Canada-US border. They left deep scars on the community. They cast a shadow over events today. With 19 policing agencies patrolling the territory, why can’t these murders be solved? Are they protecting someone? Were these two men sacrificed? Many remain silent, blind and deaf to the horror. Those who know are afraid. For others silence is like looking the other way while someone else pulls the trigger. pix standing army

“Let’s review what was going on when these murders were used to justify the police and army invasion of Akwesasne Territory . Everything was orchestrated to bring the army in and to get rid of the “bad” Indians, the ones who stood up to the corruption of the outside governments and their tribal and band councils.

“In that year, there was controversy over gambling at Akwesasne. The two sides were dubbed the “Antis” and the “Warriors”. The Antis would invite the press in and stage shootings. They claimed that gangs of marauding youths with semi-automatic weapons were roaming the streets, scaring almost everyone half to death. This was not true. It was the corporate media’s spin on it. The surrounding communities were utterly frightened. The Warriors made a pledge that they would never fight against their own people. Nobody was killed.

“The controversy over the casinos was a smoke screen. The underlying issue for all kanien’ke:haka/Mohawk communities has always been and always will be sovereignty, constitutional jurisdiction and land. New York State and the FBI do not have the authority to come into our sovereign country to dictate what establishments we can and cannot have. The Antis wanted to stop the casinos even if it meant relinquishing our rights. Today the tribal and band councils are pushing for casinos and ready to give up our lands and rights forever to benefit a few native people and many non-native interests. They’re inviting taxation and corporations and outside agencies to enforce the outside laws. The state wanted to create hopelessness among the people. Said the Indian Act and federal Indian law councilors, “What are we supposed to do? They invited us to the table and this is the deal we got”. pix onkwe targets

“The issue of sovereignty and jurisdiction led to other confrontations. In 1971 New York State authorities were preparing to expand Highway 81 which passes through Onondaga Territory . The People protested. The tadodaho, Leon Shenandoah, led a blockade of the highway. The Warriors, or the men of the Longhouse, were called in to help. They arrived as the “guardians of Mother Earth”.

“New York State Police were preparing to storm Onondaga when a riot broke out in Attica State Prison. This emergency had higher priority. The attack they planned on Onondaga was averted. They went to Attica instead. The massacre committed there is infamous. Guards as well as prisoners were slaughtered. The mishandling of the riot brought international criticism down on New York State .

“Because of this, the Warriors were successful in their defense of Onondaga. There was no expansion of the highway. But the Confederacy faced other challenges.

“In the mid 1970’s a condoled chief was removed by law by the warriors. This frightened the other condoled chiefs. Many of them knew they had committed violations of the kaienereh’ko:wa (Great Law of Peace), the constitution of the Haudenosaunee. They began to fear the men who were responsible for maintaining adherence to the Great Law, the rotiskenraketeh, or “Warriors”. These chiefs began a campaign to create the illusion that Warriors no longer existed in Haudenosaunee society. This fabrication was created by those who were afraid of being reprimanded.

“Since then, the stigma has stuck, fed by rumors generated by who knows who. Maybe some day people will remember the facts. All men within Haudenosaunee culture are rotiskenraketeh. This means they “carry the peace”. But it is translated into English as “Warriors”. It is not a secret society. All Haudenosaunee men are rotiskeneketeh.

“The Haudenosaunee have laws pertaining to murder. These two murders in Akwesasne have been falsely and loosely associated with the so-called Warriors.

“Within the Territory of the Haudenosaunee nations the rotiskenraketeh have never been associated with evil, violence or murder. On the contrary, they are taught NOT to harm another Indigenous person. They have to look first to where the problem comes from. At the time of the two murders, the problems came from the outside.

In those years, New York State Governor Mario Cuomo had a weekly radio show discussing current events. One night he did a show on the troubles at Akwesasne. He received two calls, one on the air and one after the show.

“First, a woman called in and said that the warriors were firing upon a house and that they had already fired over 5000 rounds.

“Cuomo asked, “Has anyone been injured?” The answer was ‘no’. Cuomo responded, “Well, I guess no one is trying to hurt anyone”.

“After the show, a man called to ask him to send in the New York State National Guard against the warriors. Cuomo refused, saying, “I don’t want to see anyone hurt”.

“Then the person asked, “What is it going to take for you to send in the National Guard?”

“He made the unfortunate reply, “Dead bodies”. Within hours there were two dead bodies of Mohawk men found shot. pix cruel punishment

“This woman caller accused a well-known individual and the warriors of the murders. Cuomo knew for a fact that the accused was in Toronto and therefore could not possibly be near Akwesasne at the time of these crimes. Cuomo immediately realized he was being lied to by the caller.

“During the ensuing confusion, the New York State Police got permission by the Warrior Society to come in and investigate the two killings. The Warriors knew that none of them was responsible. They wanted an investigation to uncover the truth. This did not occur.

“A well-known native reporter was arrested and jailed based on an eye witness report that he was responsible for one of the killings. The witness was visited by unnamed supporters of the accused. In court the witness recanted his initial statements. The accused was never exonerated. They just did not have enough evidence at the time to convict him. The proceedings were stayed. Indian Affairs paid for the defense of the accused. In fact most of the cost of the whole Akwesasne conflict on both sides of the border was borne by the Canadian government.

“The governments achieved what they wanted. For a long time the Mohawks became quiet and seemingly subservient. The government set up “healing” and “pacification” programs right out of Indian Affairs. It was called the “Kumik Lodge” where they trained Indians to be medicine men and women and sent them out to the territories. Also set up were the Aboriginal Healing Foundation, women’s shelters, Men for Healing and youth were particularly targeted.

“Sixteen years later, there has still been no proper investigation of these two murders. We must be one of the most over-policed communities in the world today. There are 19 policing agencies patrolling Akwesasne, with the ATF and the National Guard scheduled to join us soon. Yet they still can’t solve the murders. What do you think? Why can’t they solve these murders? No one has explained the strange timing of their occurrence.
It’s because the outsiders who would be investigating themselves orchestrated these murders.

“The outsiders also set up a native fifth column inside Akwesasne who got fights going on between internal groups. This lead to confusion and chaos in the midst of the grieving over the murders. Those Indians on government payrolls and their families set up an office and accommodations at NAVCAN, a Canadian government building in Cornwall . They worked daily on the territorial picket lines against their own people. They put out a lot of propaganda against individuals falsely accusing them of doing things they did not do, taking or mismanaging money and so on.

... like going into Akwesasne as the Non-violent Coordinating Committe to start trouble.

… like going into Akwesasne as the Non-violent Coordinating Committe to start trouble.

“The tribal and band council governments set up by Canada and the United States brought in what were called “non-violent coordinating committees” and volunteers secretly set up by the state of New York . They were at the picket lines and would stop us from coming and going and generally harassing, sometimes not letting us pass. [This has already been set up in Caledonia ]. These people took the law into their own hands and got away with it. Nobody could stop them because they had all the resources of the colonial state at their beck and call.

“The band and tribal councilors and their supporters were working with all the outside agencies such as Customs, state police, the feds of Canada and the US , Ontario and Quebec and the media. They were driving around Akwesasne in “Indian” vehicles but we knew they were FBI agents. The band council wanted to criminalize anybody who stood up at that time, who got in the way of what they were doing. After this, so-called “self-government” was introduced. Both countries were trying to strengthen their colonial hold on us. They had bigger plans and needed to have us under control. It’s still the same, they want our land and resources and us out of the way.

“Quebec police officer, Marcel Lemay, was investigating the murders of the two men in Akwesasne. On July 11th 1990 the paramilitary forces of the Quebec Police attacked Kanehsatake. Marcel LeMay was shot and killed during this raid. Kahnawake closed down the Mercier Bridge to stop the bloodbath that was sure to follow. In July 1990 three Mohawk communities were under siege.

“Is this any different from the accidental deaths of the three Ontario Provincial Policemen during the enquiry into the Dudley George murder by the OPP? They were just about to testify and then they died. Is this all Indian magic or is there some more mundane explanation? pix matrix “For years the people of Akwesasne and the other Mohawk territories grieved over these two murders. During this mourning period, the outside authorities came in. These murders created the excuse and justification they needed to come in and take control of the community.

“We should fear the day when the colonial authorities send in unfeeling robots to kill us. Otherwise, we will always have people who will resist the corruption and theft of the colonizers”.

Sonny & Cher sing, “And the beat goes on. The beat goes on. Drums keep pounding as rhythm to the brain. la de da de da. Charleston was once the rage. History has turned the page. The mini-skirt is the current thing. Teenie-bopper is our new born king. The grocery store is the super-mart. Little girls still break their hearts. And men still keep on marching off to war. Electrically they keep a baseball score. And the beat goes on. And the beat goes on ….”


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MNN. Feb. 24, 2013. Special agents such as the CBSA Canadian Border Services Agents are trained in psychological warfare and state brutality. They wear black fascist uniforms with Kevlar vests. They try to humiliate, demoralize and injure those who question and complain about mistreatment.

Tax dollars at work.

Discussion on how to kill.


According to Wikileaks, PRC methods devised by the US are designed to confuse, destroy and terminate. “Low level psychological warfare” is mixed with high tech violence on target groups, like Indigenous, followed by the homeless, welfare, pensioners and then the general population. 

The US Department of Defense “Foreign Internal Defense Tactics Techniques and Procedures for Special Forces” manual describes 3 types of insurgency. The third, “Traditional Insurgency”, refers to Indigenous resistance. Onkwehonwe are engaged in centuries of resistance to regain full sovereignty. We are “dangerous criminals” and are harassed at border crossings. 

The  manual allows the suspension of habeas corpus. They can kidnap and disappear us without notice or right. CBSA can force a confession. 

“PRC measures also include curfews, blackouts, travel restrictions, and restricted residential areas such as protected villages or settlements”, like Indigenous communities, refugee camps, detention centers, prisons and FEMA Camps that can hold millions of people.  They maintain “Registration and pass systems and control of resources and critical supplies such as weapons, food and fuel.”

Indigenous internment camps.

Indian reservations!


When we defend our land, the military poiice use: “Checkpoints, searches, roadblocks; surveillance, censorship, and press control; restriction of activity of selected groups [like Indigenous, labor unions, political groups and the like].” We are classed as members of “organized crime” and fake charges are filed against us to create assumptions. When one resists or questions, a profile is created with their background, car model, family and associations. The file is flagged red, green or yellow. Any adherents to the Great Law are classed as “high risk” or “extreme”. Agents are sent to the School of the Americas where “death squads” are trained. 

Another deadly Special Forces strategy is “infiltration” of communities. Agents gather information about individuals and disseminate demoralizing and false information to cause suspicion and divisions. Since the COINTELPRO of the 70s in the US against A.I.M., many have become aware of DISINFORMATION campaigns. 

They get turncoats to train the military and police in their work against us. When we are arrested, we are handed over to the RCMP, CSIS, SQ, CBSA, OPP and the new “Provincial Organized Crime Enforcement Team” POCET set up June 25, 2008. OPP POCET

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power!


The integrated enforcement teams of cops, correctional services, parole officers, social services, informants, courts and other controls, are a fine example of state organized crime. They breach peoples’ rights, freedoms and lives. The Indian Act corporate band and tribal councils are part of the hierarchical control grid. They feign resistance but in fact sign over Indigenous jurisdiction to their masters, to get their paycheck. 

As Axel Rose from Guns and Roses sang  : “Look at your young men fighting. Look at your women crying. Look at your young men dying, the way they’ve always done before. Look at the hate we’re breeding. Look at the fear we’re feeding. Look at the lives we’re leading, the way we’ve always done before” Civil War

 PRC Manual D of D , Israeli manual

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18.09.2006 16:47:00
Corporal Lemay
LITTLE KNOWN FACTS ABOUT CORPORAL LEMAY’S DEATH IN OKA IN 1990MNN. Sept. 18, 2006. In 1991, almost a year after the Mohawk Oka Crisis of 1990, a reporter from the independent Montreal newspaper, the Mirror, met with some warriors at the Mohawk Nation Office in Kahnawake. The story that was uncovered was about the crisis and the death of Surete du Quebec officer, Corporal Marcel Lemay.

The story began before the July 11th 1990 attack on the people of Kanehsatake/Oka by the SQ. In early 1990 there had been a so-called “civil war” between the Warriors and anti’s in Akwesasne. The anti-warrior faction were supported by the US and Canadian governments. Two men were murdered during this conflict.

Internal Affairs of the SQ had launched an investigation into illegal sales of weapons to the anti’s without proper permits by certain gun store owners, in particular, a shop in Valleyfield, Quebec, west of Montreal. Weapons that had been used in shooting incidents throughout Mohawk community of Akwesasne, near Cornwall, had contributed to the deaths of these two men.

It appears that the SQ had given the Akwesasne Tribal Police a check to buy guns. They went to Valleyfield with leading figures of the anti-warrior movement. Instead of cashing it beforehand, they gave the store owner the SQ check to pay for the guns. Several days later the two men were shot and killed.

Internal Affairs uncovered information about the financing and supply of weapons to the anti-warrior factions in Akwesasne. The ultimate goal was to destroy as many of the warrior society members as they could.

The guns appeared to have come from SQ sources. The officer in charge of the internal investigation was none other than Corporal Marcel Lemay. He had gone to the gun store in Valleyfield and was shown the books, which indicated that an SQ check had paid for the guns. Lemay was ready to make his finding known.

One the morning of July 11th, 1990, three of the four SWAT units in the Montreal district were assigned to the Oka region. They were to launch an assault on the Mohawks in the Pines of Kanehsatake. To this day there is still a mystery as to who issued this order. Nobody knows or whoever does know isn’t saying.

Corporal Lemay had been assigned to investigate the conduct of police personnel and was not required to participate in such raids. He was working behind the desk. Yet on this day he had been ordered to suit up with a bullet proof vest, helmet and M-16. He was ordered to take part in launching a military style attack on some Mohawk men, women and children. Minutes after the assault on the Pines, Lemay lay dead on the field of battle.

A bullet had entered his left side just below his arm pit between the unprotected area of the vest and his body. Lemay never got beyond Mohawk lines and never had any warriors behind or beside him. The warriors had retreated back into the woods for better defensive positions. The SQ had attempted to attack from the front and from the side in order to catch warriors in a crossfire situation. This maneuver is referred to as a “flanking maneuver”.

Lemay was on the main front assault line. He was instantly killed at the beginning of the operation. The reporter questioned the SQ’s investigation into Lemay’s death. Normally when an officer is killed in the line of duty, someone must pay the price. The SQ treated the death as a civilian casualty.

Immediately following the attack Internal Affairs descended on the home of Lemay and seized all his investigative documents. Mrs. Lemay was suspicious of the SQ’s actions. She said on the media, “I don’t hold the Mohawks responsible for the death of my husband”.

The reporter concluded that the whole incident was a setup and a cover up. The assault on our people was the “final push” by the Quebec government along with Canada and the United States to choke the Mohawk people into submission. They wanted to criminalize us all. They were intent on destroying any type of economic independence that was functioning in our communities.

The reporter was discredited for his work and was reportedly threatened to “leave well enough alone”. Lemay’s discovery of SQ involvement in Akwesasne’s so-called “civil war” would have implicated the SQ top brass and brought down high government officials.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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MNN Call-Out Stop Quebec Police attacks of Barriere Lake Algonquins


MNN. Oct. 12, 2008. On Monday, October 6, 2008, the Algonquins of Barriere Lake had enough and blocked Highway 117 in Northern Quebec. They want Canada and Quebec to live up to the “trilateral agreement” signed in 1991 between the 3 parties. The Algonquins have a right to sustainably develop and co-manage their traditional territories and to have a share in resource revenues. Canada and Quebec obviously believe in stealing but not sharing. Isn’t that the “slippery slope” that multinational corporations are sliding into right now? They refuse to comply with the agreement which would save the environment.

Rotten to the core, Canada and Quebec responded to the blocked road by sending in almost 100 Quebec police, some fully-equipped riot police, to attack the Algonquins to get out of negotiations. Tear gas was shot into a group of youth and elders. One canister hit a handicapped person in the chest. Nine people, including; an elderly women, a pregnant woman, and two minors, were arrested. Severe “pain compliance” techniques were used on peaceful men, women and children who had secured themselves to concrete-filled barrels. The cops twisted their arms, dislocated their jaws, left them with bruised faces and sore necks and throats from the tear gas.

To view the video of brutal police attack, go to http://www.barrierelakesolidarity.blogspot.com. The Algonquins of Barriere Lake intend to demonstrate until Canada ‘s Conservative government and Quebec honor signed agreements and Barriere Lake ‘s leadership customs.

Allies and supporters are needed as witnesses. From Montreal: Take #15 North to St. Jerome where it turns into #117; drive north past Mt. Laurier and 1 hour after Grand Remous to LaVerendrye Park; turn right on “#362 km” sign; drive 8 kms to the community of “Rapid Lake”. Needed are camping equipment, food, phone cards, cameras; volunteers, equipment and everything necessary for makeshift schools. See contacts at end.

In 1996, Indian Affairs tried to hijack the agreement by sneakily replacing the legitimate chief and council with their outside nominees [sort of creating “New’gonquin appointees] to stop the agreement.

Algonquins, who are not part of the colony of Canada, do not come under the Indian Act. Elders nominate eligible leaders who are then approved, by consensus if possible, in assemblies. Participation is open only to those who live in the community, speak the language, and have knowledge of and connection to the land. Since they rejected the colonial “implants”, the majority have been deprived of employment, education and social assistance. Electricity is being run by local generators. The parents of more than half of the children refuse to send them to Indian Affairs funded schools. The reason is because the curriculum, no Indigenous language instruction and no say in the running of the school. Volunteer community members are educating the children. They need school and food supplies. There are no phone lines. They subsist on bush food and donations. This sounds like Kanehsatake. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same players are involved in Barriere Lake. See the list of slimy bureaucrats at end of this article.

In 1997 Quebec Superior Court Judge Réjean Paul and two federal facilitators ordered that the legitimate chief and council be restored and that the trilateral agreement be upheld. Indian Affairs, Quebec and their appointees rejected this order. In 2007, Rejean Paul returned and agreed that, opponents to the traditional chief and council was “a small minority”. Even so, in January 2008 this minority group conducted another supposed leadership selection which was quickly recognized by the filthy, dirty Indian Affairs department, Andre Cote himself.

In 1998 Quebec signed a complementary Bi-lateral agreement. In 2006 two former Quebec Cabinet Ministers, John Ciaccia and Barriere Lake special representative, Clifford Lincoln, made recommendations to implement the agreement in 2006.

Said Norman Matchewan, “Forestry operations will not be allowed on our Trilateral agreement territory, and we will be doing more non-violent direct action.”

The Algonquin Nation Secretariat, the Tribal Council representing three Algonquin communities including Barriere Lake, continues to recognize and work with Customary Chief Benjamin Nottaway and his Council.

Posted by MNN Staff http://www.mohawknationnews.com

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News http://www.mohawknationnews.com 

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Contact the Barriere Lake people: Michel Thusky, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 819-435–2171 m_wawatie@hotmail.com; Norman Matchewan, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 514-831–6902; Marylynn Poucachiche, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 438-868-3957

WATCH OUT FOR THESE SLIMEY BUREAUCRATS. They all work together to plan these attacks on us.

– High up – Chantal “Who-Has-a-Dirty-Hand-in-Everything” Bernier chantal.bernier@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca;

– Ryan W. “Sour-Man” Monsour, Quebec Caucus Liaison, PMO, PSEPC, 613-991-2924;

– Margaret “Trying-to-Suck-Every-Last-Drop-of-Indian-Blood-Now-might-Be-Getting-Her-Fangs-Ready-for-Algonquins” Bloodworth, “National Security Advisor” to Prime Minister, Margaret.bloodworth@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca, 613-957-5466;

Indian Affairs sewer rats

– Pierre “Jellyfish” Nepton, Indian Affairs Quebec;

– Walter “Whose-Billy-Club-Has-Been-Taken-Away” Walling, wallingw@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– Christian “Anti-Christ” Rouleau, rouleau.c@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– Andre “Turn” Cote , cote.a@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– Stuart “Swan-Song” Swanson, swanson.s@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– Paul ”The-White-Man” Leblanc, leblanc.p@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– Zuwena “Squeal” Robidas, Indian Affairs mouthpiece, zuwena.robidas@pspec-sppcc.gc.ca 613-993-2596;

– Helene “Parrot” Philippe, another Indian Affairs mouthpiece, philippe.h@ainc-inac.gc.ca;

– David “Economic-Hit-Man” Hillman, DG Econ. Dev. david.hallman@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca 819-953-0517;

More Emergency Preparedness creeps

– Jean “Lapse-of-Selected-Memory” Chartrand, jean.chartrand@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca 613-990-8470;

– Denise “Who-was-in-there-like-a-dirty-shirt” Charron, denise.charron@spepc-sppcc.gc.ca 613-991-1694;

Other excreta agents of the crown

– Yvan “Who-Maintains-Toilet-Supplies” Dery, for the Privy Council Office ydery@pco-bcp.gc.ca;

– Gilles “Pig-Shop-Keeper” Rochon, Aboriginal Policing, gilles.rochon@psepc.gc.ca 613-990-2666;

– Emanuel “Little-Lamb” Chabot, emmanuel.chabot@psept-sppcc.gc.ca 613-990-4353;

– “Slippery” Jim Beaver jim.beaver@pspec-sppcc.gc.ca;

– Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher, Police Services PSEPC fax 613-991-0961;

– Louise “Who-Doesn’t-Know-the-Half-of-It” Savage louise.savage@psepc-sppcc.gc.ca;

– Sylvia “Ambulance Chaser” McKenzie, Justice Canada sylvia.mackenzie@sppcc-psept.gc.ca 613-998-3952;

– Annik “The-Squeak” Pelletier, Justice Canada apelleti@justice.gc.ca;

– Louis-Alexandre “Who-Sits-on-a-Very-High-Chair” Guay, Justice, lguay@justice.gc.ca;

– Ghyslain “Who-Readily-Grabs-the-Colonial-Persuasion-Money” Picard AFN Quebec reception@afn.ca;

Help! Give a piece of your mind to: GG Michaelle jean info@gg.ca; Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Fax 613-941-6900 pm@pm.gc.ca; Lawrence Cannon, Transportation Minister and member for Pontiac, 613-99202940; Fax 613-944-9376; Chuckie “Baby” Strahl, Indian Affairs Minister, 819-997-0002, Fax 819-953-4941 strahl.c@parl.gc.ca; Jean Charest, Quebec Premier, 418-643-5321 514-873-3411

We need to tell Canada and Quebec and their agents to: (1) immediately stop their attacks and police brutality; (2) to honor the Trilateral Agreement they signed with the Algonquins of Barriere Lake; (3) to support the Barriere Lake community’s struggle for the right to chose its own leadership; and (4) to get Indian Affairs the h–lout of Barrier Lake unless asked!

Resources: Laurier Riel Report, part I – Riel witnessed the alleged leadership selection, whose result was recognized by Indian Affairs on March 10, 2008; Laurier Riel Report, part II; Federal MP, Lawrence Cannon’s Message to the Community in Le Droit (22 September 2008); Norman Matchewan’s Response to Lawrence Cannon in Le Droit (26 September 2008); Trilateral Agreement – discussed in the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP); 2007 leadership report by Quebec Superior Court Rhejean Paul; Legal challenge of Federal Government’s deposition of Barriere Lake’s Customary Chief and Council; Assembly of First Nations briefing note – January 2008

poster: katenies



Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Allies:Phil Fontaine is hosting a negotiations lynching party in his colonial office in Ottawa tomorrow morning at 10:15 am. with the RCMP, OPP and the SQ. We can only conclude they are working out covert acts of aggression to stir things up on the June 29th day of action that has been planned “to mourn the rape, pillage and colonization of Turtle Island”.

Canadian citizen Phil Fontaine pretends to speak for us. He has been placed in this position by his bosses, the Canadian government under imposed Canadian laws. He is paid by Canada. He reports to Canada. He does not report to us or represent us in any sense of the word. This secret meeting is further evidence of his collusion with Canada against us.

We know cops. They can’t keep their fingers off lethal toys and are trigger happy especially when they have an “Indian” in their sights.

Fontaine seems to be setting himself up as a top policeman over Indigenous people in the police state that is being created. He wants so desperately to complete his job of helping Canada to undermine us that he will go to any means to help Canada assert its fantasy.

Send emails to this Canadian SOB to stop playing deadly games with our future and that of our coming generations.

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News – www.mohawknationnews.com

“Public Safety and Security Protocol Renewal signing between Assembly of First Nations and RCMP


OTTAWA, June 18 /CNW Telbec/ – AFN National

Chief Phil Fontaine and RCMP Commissioner
Bev Busson will sign a Public Safety and Security Protocol tomorrow morning at approximately
10:15 a.m. This is the renewal for another term of a three year protocol agreement, originally signed in 2004.

Witnessing the agreement will be OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and Stéphane Chabot, Député Director Géneral of the Sûreté du Québec. Prior to the protocol signing. the RCMP, OPP and SQ will meet with the National Chief to discuss concerns and approaches to addressing public safety during the National Day of Action on June 29th.

Where: National Chief’s Office, 11th floor, 473 Albert Street, Ottawa;

When: 10:15 a.m. , Tuesday, June 19th

The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada.

For further information: Bryan Hendry, A/Director of Communications,(613) 241-6789 ext. 229, cell (613) 293-6106, bhendry@afn.ca; Nancy Pine, Communications Advisor – Office of the National Chief, (613) 241-6789 ext 243,(613) 298-6382, npine@afn.ca; Rene Pollett, Communications Specialist, (613) 241-6789, ext. 314, cell (613) 295-2149, rpollett@afn.ca

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