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MNN. MAR. 30, 2014. London bank is falling down! President Obama and the bankers who own the Western banking system failed to start World War III in Ukraine. Soon the worthless USDollar will not be the world currency. More US citizens will join the 44 million who are already using food stamps [vouchers].  chinese weapon

Russia and China are setting up money exchanges throughout the world to transact business and trade using the Chinese Renminbi. Chinese are setting up an exchange in the city of London and many other cities around the world. Chinese Currency Exchanges.

Admiralty law is banking law. All courts in Canada are Admiralty courts. The law of the land that the Corporations of Canada and the US reside on is Kaianerehkowa.

Time to dance.

Time to dance.

Return of our ever growing $700 trillion Indian Trust Fund will be immediately dealt with by Chinese and Russian middle men. Banker Nathan Rothschild is holding $500 trillion of our Indian Trust Fund. We want that and the other $200 trillion from the other banking families. This will cause the dissolution of both corporations when the debtors call in the loans.

Every resource extraction deal made through the Canadian government corporate Indian arm are illegal and hereby nullified. Ring of Fire Deal.

“When you chose indifference on matters of human rights, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”. [Karl Jung]. Canadians who never stood with us are corporate criminals. They and their progeny will be held accountable and pay to the fullest extent for their crimes.  

Everything on Great Turtle Island belongs to us. The Corporations of Canada and the US are the terrorists. They will go bankrupt and be dissolved. These criminals will be convicted of genocide under our law. If they leave, they will be tried under international law.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery community on Great Turtle Island that follows the white roots to their source will establish rule of law as set out in the Kaianerekowa, the law of the land. Otherwise they must vacate. The wars are over. As Bob Marley says, “No more war! No more war!”Bob Marley. “No more war! No more war!”

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Putin’s new money system.                                                                                             Video: “Countdown to the Looking Glass”. 1984. Indian Trust US                         






MNN. Mar. 22, 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin orchestrated the deft and legal repossession of Crimea. Mohawk head hunters are offering him a very attractive commission on an assignment. He could help us reclaim our ever growing $690 trillion Indian Trust Fund.  repo man

The invaders to Great Turtle Island never paid the Indigenous for anything ever, not for a piece of wood or a strawberry. They stole everything. Corporate squatters, it’s time to pay your debt to us. We are offering the job to repossess our goods to the best repo man we can see from the top of the tree of peace, “Vlad the Impaler”. Somebody’s gotta do this thankless job.

Repo man is returning everything to its rightful owner!

Repo man is returning everything to its rightful owner!

Until our debts are clear, you will live in fear. REEEEEPOOOO MAAAAAAN. These criminals that are pretending to be the authority on Great Turtle Island can’t run or  hide from the repo man. No one will give you shelter. Everybody knows you’ve stolen everything you can and carried out the biggest holocaust in all mankind.


We want everything that was taken from us from the time you landed on our shores. We will notify the world what he is doing for us as it is legal. Like any repo job we offer a commission for all possessions returned.

Vlad knows this job is dangerous. The thieves will be angry and violent. Repo man will will have the authority to reclaim all stolen property on our behalf. it’s a dangerous job. That’s why we pay high commissions. Like bounty hunters, repo man will work anywhere in the world. These criminal banksters have tentacles everywhere.

US and Canada are illegal entities under international law. At the same time, Vlad should be helping us plan a referendum to remove all the invaders who refuse live by the law of the land, Kaianerehkowa. manhattan

When Vladimir Putin returns our stolen property, all details will be worked out by the people according to the law of the land.

As Krystal Shawana sings and the bankers beware. Krystal Shawana. “Not without a fight”.

“Defenders of the Land”.

Morningstar Mercredi. “Sacred Spirit of Water”.

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MNN. Mar. 18, 2014. We heard the Russians and Chinese are dressing up as Mohawks and dumping the US dollar into the Sea of Japan to start the “Dollar Revolution”.


China and Russia can destroy the dollar very quickly. People the world over are tired of paying a cut to the US Federal Reserve just for using the US dollar. Overnight they can shut off the money machine just by not paying in US dollars for oil, for example. “Russia & China threaten to destroy almighty dollar”. 

US President Obama nullified the US debt to China. The US did the same to us. Everything that was stolen from us will be returned. The bankers sent Napoleon, then Hitler and now Obama to invade Russia? Obama will meet his Waterloo.   

Negotiating with terrorists is illegal. We Indigenous in the western hemisphere have a right to call in our debts. These criminals own nothing. Anything they have is based on fiction and theft.   

The flight of the oligarchs’ henchmen continues.

Iceberg, straight ahead!

“Jim, Iceberg, straight ahead!”

Jim Flaherty, Minister of Finance for Canada, is fleeing. He knows he will run the “gauntlet” for his criminal activities. The other gatekeepers of the bankers’ matrix in Canada will be right behind him.  

When the Russians and Chinese sink the fiat USD, the sun WILL set on the Rothschild banking empire [City of London], the Vatican and Washington DC.  

Dekanawida told us the black serpent that controls the grid will be washed away. They all know that our men have the duty to come after the head of the snake when the sun rises in the West.

'Turn back now or face the giant indian!'

US and Canada reneged on the Guswentha/Two Row Agreement. They are burnt toast!

As Bonn Scott sang: “See me ride out of the sunset on your color TV screen … ain’t got no gun, ain’’t got no knife, don’t you start no fight. Cause I’m TNT. I’m dynomite. TNT, and I’ll win the fight. TNT, I’m a power load. TNT, watch me explode”.  “T.N.T.”

Flaherty Quits Politics”.

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MNN. Mar. 17, 2014. Crimeans voted 97.5% for unification with the motherland in a record turnout, only 1.7% against. US President Obama yells, “It’s illegal!” Czar Alexander III died at the summer palace in Livadia in Crimea Russia on October 20, 1894. Obama signed an executive orders to seize assets of any person or entity that criticizes the criminal coup he helped pull off in the Ukraine.   Obama executive order to punish critics.

"Guys. This is where "we belong.

“Guys. This is where we belong”.


Another personal executive order nullifies all US debts in the trillions to China for supporting Russia on the Ukraine issue. This is a declaration of war against China and Russia. He is fulfilling his role in the NWO to start world war III for the bankers. Obama declares war on China.

Obama shills!

Obama shills!











Another order punishes anyone sympathetic to the Russians! Obama EO punishes Russia.

Crimea voting under international law to secede from the Ukraine is good news for colonized peoples everywhere. Scotland, Venice, etc. are doing the same. Quebecois voted and lost twice to secede from the Corporation of Canada. They have no legal assets such as our unsurrendered land and resources. The vote would not have been legal. They can separate from Canada by dissolving their branch corporation.

Colonialism is illegal. Future affiliations between freed people and legitimate nations such as Russia will be on an equal basis, irregardless of the size of the nation, such as the Mohawk Nation, Luxembourg, Monaco, etc. In 1923 Chief Deskahe was sent by the Iroquois Confederacy to The Hague to exercise our right to apply for membership in the League of Nations. Canada, US and Britain pressured to have all Indigenous illegally declared as “an internal matter” of the colonists who invaded us.

President Vladimir Putin protected the right of Crimeans to vote for independence or to join Russia. Crimeans, Russians and Ukrainians finally killed colonialism. They are in the forefront of the greatest movement for freedom and equality for Indigenous people worldwide.

We Mohawks will exercise our right to self-determination. The black serpent will be washed away by the waters of peace. 

First Crimea, next Kanekota.

First Crimea, next Kanekota. 

As Vera Lynn reminds us, “When the lights go on again all over the world and the boys are all home again, from all over the world, and rain or snow is all that may fall from the skies above/a kiss won’t mean good-bye, but hello to love”. Vera Lynn. “When the lights go on again”.

Voice of Russia: Crimea vote legal.

Venice to secede from Italy.

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MNN. Mar. 10, 2014.  In 1710 the Haudenosaunne sent five chiefs from each of our nations to Europe for the first and only time to spread the peace. They took the wampum belts to explain and ratify the Guswentha with the monarchs. All 13 royal bloodlines attended and received a wampum belt. It was their invitation to send their settlers to learn the great law and teach it to the rest of the world. Teeyyeeneenhogarow, Sagaweathquatikethtow,Honeeyeathtawnorow and Etowohkoam were dubbed the “Four Indian Kings”.  Among those receiving the wampum belt about them Great Peace were the Romanovs of Russia. They reigned from 1613 until they were murdered by evil factions within their own bloodline on July 18, 1917.

Putin: "That's right!We have a proud history of thousands of years!"

Putin: “That’s right! We have a proud history of thousands of years!”


MNN Story “1701 Great Peace of Montreal”.

President Putin of Russia recently advised the world on how to dissolve inequality and how to make the consensus fair for all of us. We need him to help us dissolve the illegal Corporations of Canada and the US. All land must be returned to the Ongwehonwe through the application of natural justice. The world will be put back into balance. Everyone of these criminals and their families who were part of and benefitted from the genocide of us, our ancestors and children will go down the gauntlet. 


Vlad the Impaler has pounded a wooden stake into the heart of the New World Order.

NWO is on its last breath!

NWO is on its last breath!

At a meeting in Germany on international, economic and war issues, the US/EU/ NATO war orchestrators squirmed like vampires trying to keep out of the sun while Vlad was shining the sunlight on them.  German emperor Angela Merkel, US warmonger John McCain and all of their war cohorts were  blown away by the Impaler.

NWO ran for cover NWO ran for cover! 1

NWO ran for cover! 

If this was a guitar battle, they were blasted off the stage. In the following clip Stevie Vai represents the New World Order ruled by Satan. Ralph Machio represents Vladimir Putin and Russia. The guitar battle speaks for itself. Watch Vlad blow the new world order off the stage!   “Crossroads Guitar Duel”.  

Video: “Vladimir Putin at World Peace  


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mnnlogo1 M.T. Keshe of Iran has released to the world a brand new techonology using natural gravity and magnetism to decontaminate everything on earth. With the same principles, energy can be created by everyone for free. KESHE: FUKUSHIMA CLEAN-UP.

He instructs the common man on how to use this simple humankind changing technology. This is the most important discovery since Serbian inventor, Nikola Tesla, invented AC electricity. Tesla tried to make his technology available to everyone on earth. His frère energy technology was blocked by J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison until now. We thank Mr. Keshe for his contribution to humankind and for taking Tesla’s work to the next step.

Wow! Peace is breaking out worldwide!

Wow! Peace is breaking out worldwide!

The black serpent [US/EU/NATO] is trying to desperately create world war III because they know they’re finished. They don’t wan to go down alone. they want to take everyone with them.

Keshe warns that this new technology renders all weapons of war obsolete.

As Dekanawida said, “When we finally get to where were supposed to be, all the weapons of war will be buried under the tree of peace for all time”.

All people of the world, rejoice! As Bob Marley points out to us, “Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is gonna be alright!”. “Three Little Birds”.Go to the MNN Home Page and download the “Kaianerekowa”, the Great Law of Peace.weapon under tree

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MNN. FEB. 22, 2014. US President Obama thinks he can beat President Putin of Russia at diplomacy, war, intelligence and propaganda. It’s so complex. They’re both powerful. Let’s try and simplify it as we did in the Great Law using tewa’ara:ton. We want to know who the toughest guy on earth is!putin obama

We’ll put Obama and Putin in a UFC cage. They have to leave all their weapons of war at home. They must show up and let the world watch them fight it out for free on Youtube! UFC Ultimate Fight welterweight Champ, George St. Pierre, just retired. He can be the referee of the greatest UFC battle yet, OBAMA V. PUTIN. Georges St. Pierre Retires from UFC.

The ancient Haudenosaunee sport of “tewa’ara:ton” [lacrosse] is a medicine game of healing, to struggle against the forces that try to unbalance the world. There was no class or medal system. It was not a nationalistic contest to see who is better than another. Today sport is part of the class system where a bunch of rich people play against each other. The mostly out-of-shape audience pay to watch billionaires, mainly grown men, play a boy’s game. Their job is to entertain and mesmerize the masses. The Olympics promotes nationalism, a symptom of corporatism. 

Pussy Riot: "Madonna never told us our Cossacks would show up!"

Pussy Riot: “Aagh! Madonna never told us our Cossacks would show up!”

It looks to us like Obama has never had a real fight in his life. It appears to us he just does what the oligarchs have told him in his whole life. Since medieval times the oligarchs only job is to create fights through their different factions behind the scenes to continue war worldwide.

The US is envious of the great Olympics Opening Ceremony that the Russians put on, showing off their beautiful culture and vast contributions to human kind. In contrast US and Canada history has no contribution to human kind, only to war and genocide. Our contribution to human kind is the Kaianerekowa, the Council of the Great Peace to the people of the world. 

Ready, set, go!

Coming soon to a UFC Channel OBAMA V. PUTIN.

Muddy Waters tells us like it is. We would like to know who is the real hoochie coochie man: “Well you know I’m the, Hoochie Coochie Man/Everybody knows I’m him/I got a black cat bone/I got a mojo too/I got the Johnny Conkeroo”. Muddy Waters – “Hoochie Koochie Man”.

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“CIA agent captured in Ukraine Protest”.








MNN. Feb. 13, 2014. “Gallant Piper” is the US counterpart to Canada’s military plan to annihilate Mohawks through “Operation Campus/Scorpion-Saxon”.  “Canada declares war on Mohawks”.

Remembering Kanehsatake.

Remembering Kanehsatake, Kahnawake,Tyendinaga, Akwesasne, Six Nations, Ganienkeh, Kanatsohareke ….


Mohawks as “Keepers of the Eastern Door” of the Rotino’shonni:onwe guard the fire of peace. During the American Revolutionary War, we Mohawks had to remove our women and children in 1777 to escape the coming US genocide. We stood in the way of their plans for the new Babylon. Dekanawida’s message will soon return while Onkwehonwe maintain the high moral ground while healing in the hilly country. danny phillips


The combined oligarchy have always run military maneuvers on both sides of the imaginary line. We remind our allies, friends, supporters, the general public and the world that New York State planned to attack the Iroquois and other New York State Indigenous territories in 1995-96-97 and 98. If any resistance had been encountered, New York State Governor George Pataki would have called the military that has been on standby since our reclamation of Kanienkeh in 1975. They will take try to take over our territories and removed our sovereign governments and put in place another puppet government.

lorraineOperation Gallant Piper reads as follows:

To whom it may concern,

I have in my files a document “for official use only” {classification}

Date Time:101200R Jul 95
Subj: WARNING ORDER-division of military and navel affairs- aid to civilian authorities

MISSION. Planning and appropriate staff coordination will commence immediately in support of anticipated militant reaction from the warrior nations. sniperThe NYARNG on order will provide a ready reaction force to support DSP anywhere within the vic. of the St. Regis Indian Reservation {Akwesasne Mohawk}, The Cattaraugus Indian Reservation {Silver Creek}, and possibly the Onondaga Indian Reservation in civil disturbance operation or as an assault force. “Whose knocking on Eastern Door”.


A. B.

C. TF 42d id will be prepared to support the dsp with civil disturbance operations any where within the vic. of the St. Regis Indian Reservation and possibly the Onondaga Indian Reservation.

“Gallant Piper”. 

Older social-political activists from Akwesasne and Kahnawake pointed to previous incidents such as the publicized plans of former New York State Governor Mario Cuomo to invade several Iroquois reservations in the 1990s, under the “Gallant Piper” military plan, to implement state law enforcement. Only twenty years ago, the use of state National Guard units to provide manpower in that operation implied a combined arms approach to dealing with Onkwehon:we populations. Others in Akwesasne recall revelations concerning the Canadian military’s plans to occupy Akwesasne through the Operation Campus / Scorpion-Saxon programs.

Two Row Times: “International law enforcement near Akwesasne”.                                         

1995- The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that Gov. Pataki has called off Gallant Piper. lasagnaGallant Piper was a military solution involving 10,000 infantry troops to “settle” the taxation issue with the Haudenosaunee. The timeframe indicates US and Canada were coordinating their plans to attack us.

In 2006 ATF, an agency that answers only to the oligarchy, were caught with the OPP helping to plan  the attack at Caledonia against the Six Nations. “ATF at Caledonia”.

US and Canada are always trying to extinguish the fire and the peace. They will never stop until we bury those weapons of war under the tree of peace for all time.

Neil Young reminds us in his song, “Cortez, the Killer”: “He came dancing across the water, with his galleons and guns, looking for the New World in that palace in the sun. Cortez, Cortez, what a killer!” Neil Young “Cortez, the Killer”.

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Feb. 12, 2014. “Voice of Russia Radio” interview: Kahentinetha.



We are still waiting for the carrier of the white stone. Hopi Prophecy.

As the Beatles sang: “The Ukraine girls really knock me out. They leave the West behind. Moscow girls make us sing and shout. And Georgia’s always on my mind. Take me to the Smokey Mountains way down south. Take me to your daddy’s farm. Let me hear your balalaikas ringing out. Come on, keep your comrade warm. I’m back in the USSR.” The Beatles. “Back in the USSR”. 

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