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MNN. April 20, 2015. Prime Minister Harper is trying to be like “Tricky Dickie”. But he’s just “Stinking Stevie”, a used car salesman pitching bribes to buy votes. He relies on public apathy. Only 30% will vote in the system he controls. Each family will get $2000 as part of his “honest corruption” scheme.

Harper's ecstasy of power.

Harper’s ecstasy of power, snorting the constitution and sending our kids off to war.

The CBC experts of nothing panels called it Harper’s election strategy. It’s actually “payola” to promote himself. “Trust me. I’m doing what I promised”, he urges. The sleeping populace is snoring, “Are Mulcair and Trudeau going to out-do Harper?”

Harper is desperately steering away from the anti-terror enabling bill C-51 that sets up the police state, the immediate conscription of our children for his war and the pipeline police on behalf of his multinational energy corporate backers. Millions are resisting C-51 in the streets. 80% want no part of it. The media doesn’t mention it.

"The deal is you have to vote for me."

Harper: “If you want the dough, vote for me.”


Ongwe’hon:weh always want freedom. Our resistance to brutal oppression lead to the murder of most of our people. C-51 allows Canadians to be treated like INDIANS. The social upheaval in the US lead to the famous Ludlow massacre in 1914. Dissent was suppressed. Prices were overinflated. Everything was controlled by the corporations. Miners resisted working conditions. The United Mine Workers of America were organizing. The Colorado Fuel and Iron Corporation was owned by the notorious anti-union Rockefeller family. The merciless killings is history. The same corporate elite support Harper’s election campaign.1914 Ludlow Massacre.

Rockefeller: "He'll win. We paid plenty!"

Rockefeller: “It matters not who wins the vote. We do the counting!”

The bankers had the money all along. Now they will give it out to buy Harper’s power. Canadians may vote for the money and conscription. if so, they will face what Dekanawida saw. Their leaders in a rough, dirty place, their frightening appearance, snakes woven in their hair, their body crooked and misshapen and they will be unbearably cruel to them. What will the parents say when they took $2000 and put their children on the front line? It is time to comb the snakes out of their hair, it is time for the peace.

As the band Muse points out so well, [Uprising]. “Paranoia is in bloom. The PR transmissions will resume. Another promise, another seed, another package. Lie to keep us trapped in greed. And the green belts wrapped around our minds. And endless red tape to keep the truth confined. So come on. They will not force us. They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious. So come on!”


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Harper buys votes.

Canada sends troops to Ukraine.

Harper like Richard Nixon.

Our struggle against settler colonialism.

Iroquois & Allied Indians on C-51.

Politically motivated audits.




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MNN. 15, 2015. The government wants to pass laws to take control of the internet and of us. What better way than to inundate the net with porn, bullies, racism, gore and everything that upsets us, to make us demand government control! It’s like those people who call us trying to sell us vacations, or to take part in a survey, or give us $20 million dollars. We don’t have to look at any of it. We just have to hang up or delete email. They won’t stop. Just keep hanging up or delete it every time.

McGill Team rescues corporate matrix.

McGill Team’s rescue attempt of the  corporate matrix in Kahnawake.

Corporate controlled mass media is now trying to control the internet. The Great Peace Kaia’nere:kowa is based on an informed society. The corporation of McGill University is setting up a “Define the Line” forum on the ‘legal risks of social media use’ in Kahnawake, on Tuesday, April 21. The cyber agents coming to Kahnawake are Alyssa Wiseman “on cyber-bullying as it relates to our children’s ‘moral’ development?” Arzina Zaver will guide us on the “implications of bullying, social media” and on how to obey the governments “educational and legal” edicts. Nima Naimi is the supposed expert on “civil and criminal implications” around the world. They’re here to tell us how to monitor ourselves and keep our mouths shut, especially about criticizing the government, our real problem.

Who at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. was behind setting up this forum? This is the announcement of yet another proposed genocidal by-law to be imposed on us. They don’t want us to criticize or question them about their corporate agenda or are its directors.

The canoe will never sink!

The canoe will never sink!

Like Canada, Nazi Germany was a fascist, totalitarian state. A model of complete control over politics, society and culture was imposed on their citizens. The public could not speak freely. They had to submit totally to the corporate matrix. Private paramilitary organizations stifled dissent and terrorized the opposition. Media, television, radio, press, and education at all levels controlled all information and ideas.

How different is that from the work of Alyssa, Arzina and Naimi? They are here to help us conform to Canada’s corporate guidelines. Technology (especially the Internet) is used to harass, intimidate and frighten us. Our phones and Internet are monitored. Our computers are crashed or interfered with. We are targeted if the government decides it threatens their control grid, makes threats, falsely accuses us of anti-terrorism for standing in the way of corporatism, steals our personal and financial information and destroys our data or equipment. If we’ve left anything out, please add it here in your own mind.

Old Ongwe'hon:weh software works just fine!

Stop it! Our old Ongwe’hon:weh software works just fine!


A free internet is needed to attain the one mind, the basis of the Great Peace. The corporation wants to take over the internet to be in charge of our minds and keep us asleep. Creation gives us a mind to know what is real and not to be caught by fake reality. Satenakonnirahs, means strengthening our mind. Based on gathering relevant information, it’s our warning system.

Five Man Electrical Band sings about watching for signs: “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind. Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs? Sign says you got tohave a membership card to get inside!” 

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Canada bombs Syria.

Ontario pushes Agenda 21.

Venezuela ambassador visits 6 Nations.

Mystery US diplomatic mail flight.










MNN. May 20, 2013. Corporatism depends on the dirty traitors, the lowest of the low. Our sell-outs receive financial security, law enforcement and judicial protection from us, the “troublesome Indians”. German author, Gurdjieff, said, “My way is to develop the hidden potentialities of man; a way that is against Nature and against God.” Ordinary man, “natural man”, the “Indigenous man” is nothing but “a guardian for worms”. Aren’t we all?

"Hey, band council puppies, the people will soon have to deal with our traitors!"

“Hey, band council traitors, you never were invisible!”

Nazism is the forerunner of “global terrorism”. Money, property, social puppeteers and their Indigenous Injun puppets are pushing the program of genocide of us, our rights, history, culture and traditional law. We are being redesigned and redefined. The corporate band council puppies demean and abuse their own families and people. 

"Operation Paperclip".

“Operation Paperclip”.


Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini thought they experienced a time of superiority over the common man. Fascism is the merger of state and corporate power. They thought the lords would emerge from the center of the Earth to make us into slaves, to place us on the dung heap that will nourish the roots of the New Cities that will arise! Hitler’s real aim was to perform an act of creation, a biological mutation which would result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race, the apparition of a new race of heroes, demigods and god-men. [Dr. Achille Delmas]. Nazi corporations worldwide were set up in 1932 by Martin Bormann, the Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich. These corporations are still in play.  After WWII thousands of top Nazis were brought to Canada and US and placed in top positions in the bureaucracy. [Operation Paperclip]. 

A free people – free in thinking, living, sovereign – are a threat to this new world order. Corporate social engineering is trying to transform our communal society into a property and money-based society. Our “old ways” are seen as criminal behavior and the “new modern ways” are seen as civilized.

When the Indigenous desire what the outsiders have to offer, such as big business and money schemes, over our sovereignty and lands, the controllers will win. We must realize that all outside social structures, health and security programs are financed by our own Indian Trust Fund. We have to stop giving our rights, power and sovereignty over to a few foreigners and their tribal and band council “puppies”. We have to think self-empowerment, not replacing our sovereignty with dependence. Their strategy is to create a need, create a demand, create a dependency. In fact, the outsiders are totally dependent on our funds and resources, which was kept secret until now. To a liar, the greatest enemy is the truth. No longer secret, their economy is collapsing.

"We will deal with our traitors".

“We will deal with our dirty traitors”.

We are of the Earth, the caretakers of it and of all living things. We thrive in peace. We are taken care of by our Mother Earth. We want a world without war. We want a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival. As Buffy Ste. Marie wrote: hey, baby. i just got back from town, where the bribes are paid. honey, they turned my offer down. t hey say the deal’s already made.”The big ones get away

Operation Paperclip

The rise of the fourth reich


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MNN. June 14 2009. Fascism is when the oligarchs put together enough force to enslave society in the interests of a few. It starts with fervent nationalism. Scapegoats are picked. Genocide is planned. Properties, authority and resources are seized. Territory is expanded.THE LEADER is charismatic and backed by huge corporations. He’s an ideologue with an uncompromising belief system. He seizes power and directs the state to implement his ideas on how the world should operate. He becomes the supreme commander of the armed forces and the high court until a new election is called, if ever.

A strong central government is created under a hard line paternalistic leader. Appointees must submit to him. Rivals are silenced or eliminated through wild unfounded accusations and smear campaigns. Members of the government vote in favor of these measures in return for protection. Otherwise they could be barred from attending sessions.

The constitution is suspended by declaring emergencies. Checks and balances are removed. No questions can be asked. Power is exercised through emergency decrees blamed on an unworkable parliament or congress. Laws and decrees are passed to protect the dictator from criticism, corruption charges, criminal activities and abuse of power. His term becomes indefinite.

Other parties are banned or dissolved. State and provincial governments are abolished.

MILITARY AND PARA MILITARY power takes over the national police and military. Old army officers and reserves are called into service. Stockwell Day suggested that all agents and government employees wear uniforms.

SCAPEGOATS are created. Some are attacked and almost beaten to death. Public anger and frustration are focused on one target who have been labeled terrorists or insurgents to cause hysteria. The military takes them out of the civil court system, i.e. Guantanamo Bay. Their communities are boycotted. Agents are sent in to vandalize their properties and make them look bad. Strict penalties are set for anyone who conducts alleged phony “economic sabotage” such as protecting the environment, resources and territories.

PROPAGANDA is brainwashing to support the views of the fascists. The occult or forced conversion to one world religion causes confusion, conformist thinking and escapism. Non-followers can’t get jobs or food or services.

Media and access to information is controlled.

Small groups are infiltrated, especially the youth. Obama has created a youth corps to keep an eye on their parents and neighbors. A snitch line has been set up like the 911, Crime Stoppers and hot lines to spy on anyone anonymously.

Party supporters are sent out to distribute information and to recruit. Frequent meetings are held to feed into the frightened state of mind in troubled times.

Public meetings are stormed. Declarations are made. Destruction of opponents is demanded. Suggestions are made to set up or support a new strict government. Organizers cause dissention inside dissident groups.

Agents set up a coup-like atmosphere like marches and demonstrations. They wear out the people and give police and military practice in controlling and scaring the public.

The state makes decisions over peoples’ lives and gathers information from the cradle to the grave. Microchips from central data banks contain information on medical records, licenses, education, social services, travel, etc.

An ECONOMIC depression is created. If the head of Bank of Canada or Bank of America disagree with the emperor, they are replaced.

Local business interests are forced to cooperate with the fascists. Large multinational companies like Wal Mart are brought in to destroy small businesses.

Appeals are made to the working class, petit bourgeois like bank clerks, middle management and those who are ambitious. They see fascism as a way to rise up in the system and become heads in the new regime. Industrialists, monarchists and the monied class fanatically support fascism. Foreign collaborators, rich authoritarians, opportunists, media moguls and business men finance the party.

Labor unions are brought under control or wiped out.

Economic engineering includes debt flotation and military expansion. Financing is based on currency manipulation including credit debts. High unemployment is maintained. Arms production is accelerated. Built are dams, highways, railroads and civic works like prisons, labor camps and holding facilities for indefinite periods.

More cops are hired. Court workers and judicial officers are increased. Legal aid, social assistance, housing and other social services are cut. Child welfare agencies are given more power to seize children. Prison sentences are longer. Control mechanisms include more probation officers, judicial supervision, conditional sentences and supervisory court orders.

Women stay home. The state takes the kids. The Fuhrer becomes their father. The standard of living is kept down. Wages are reduced. People are told to make sacrifices for the mother land.

AGGRESSIVE LAW AND ORDER campaigns are started to keep the fascists in power. Periodic demonstrations like the Nuremberg rallies are set up so the head honcho can give long confusing public speeches.

HABEAS CORPUS is suspended. Freedom of speech and assembly are suppressed.

REVOLUTIONARY DEALS are kept secret. The people have to be kept asleep so they don’t ask questions.

PRETEXT EVENTS are staged like 911 to justify bringing in anti terrorism laws and repressive measures to take away liberty in the name of security.

FOOD RATIONING is established. Hydroponic centers chemically produce food to replace farmers.

EUGENICS – Get rid of “Useless eaters”, anyone who refuses to become part of the laboring or slave class is dispensed with. Pressure is put on people by limiting access to their needs.

WAR – Adjacent territories are taken over and become protectorates as part of empire building. Everybody becomes a citizen of the world under one global order. Cultures and languages are wiped out. Americans and their supporters declare themselves to be carrying out their manifest destiny.

Government must appear to be moderate. Everybody else is being stubborn. While they call for peace, these inhuman tyrants start small local conflicts before going into a large war. If you think this is a conspiracy theory, it’s already happening. Look for yourself!

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News,; Sign Women Title Holders petition!

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JUNE 29TH CREATED TO ARREST AND DECLARE MARTIAL LAWMNN. June 20, 2007. Phil Fontaine is the hired Fascist who is doing what any “quisling” does. He works in cooperation with the occupying forces and leads them to kill or capture the resisters. Is there a coup in the works? The three largest police forces in Canada are working together. All three have been investigated recently for corruption and criminality – where heads rolled. They’re all looking for something to take public attention off their misdeeds. The new heads appear to be mostly handpicked by the oligarchy. Now they’re setting a trap to arrest the only people who dare to resist their goose stepping march toward totalitarianism, the Indigenous people.

June 29th is being planned and financed by the Canadian government at the behest of their “masters”. This is a “set up” to create a situation to justify the declaring of martial law across the country.

Yesterday the colonizer’s hired “saboteur”, Phil Fontaine, got together with Interim RCMP Commissioner, Bev Busson , Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino, the head of the Quebec Police and who knows who else [maybe some U.S. intelligence agents?] They signed an “anti-violence agreement”. [Remember Orwell’s 1984 where all ministries were named the exact opposite of what they were doing?]. The newspapers report this as a “Joint AFN/RCMP Response Team”. Fantino reported we are lumped in with “no fly lists” and “terrorists”. Oh-oh!! Here we go again. Remember Joint Task Force 2? What’s this, JTF3?

Phil, we don’t know what kind of a trap you’re helping Canada to set for us. Someone said that maybe you’re trying to help them “smoke out” our leaders. They don’t understand our system. We don’t have any leaders. We know we are all equal.

Nevertheless, the alarm bells are screaming for all of us who know a bit about international law and the history of Indigenous relations with Canada . At best this “Tree house gang” is ignorant. More likely they are puppets of the “cabal” that is establishing the police state.

These kids in the tree house are signing accords among themselves and planning how and when they’re going to sic the JTF3 on us? They’re dangerous. They may be acting like a bunch of 9-years olds, but the guns are real and we’re in the cross hairs.

Let’s not forget, these are cops, not politicians who have to answer to the public. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

These snot-nosed Machiavelli’s say they’re worried that things will [they hope] turn “ugly”. Look at what we already have – the holocaust, the rape, pillage and poisoning of our land by multinational mining and oil companies, the pollution, the murders, the starlight tours, the missing 500 women, the scandalous residential schools genocide strategy, the destruction of the caribou, fish stocks and other traditional sources of food, desperate poverty, millions spent on communications strategies to demonize us, the tainted water, the suicides, the despair and the third world living conditions. How bad do things have to get to call things ugly?

Canada has it upside down and backwards. They haven’t established THEIR claims to our lands. We don’t have a thing to prove. The land is ours. Their the ones with unsettled claims to our lands. Phil. This is about our “jurisdiction”.

Bev better brush up on international law and democracy 101. 1. We are not part of Canada : International law has determined that no people can be absorbed into a foreign state unless the majority have given their informed consent through a free and fair vote. We never voted to become part of Canada or the British Empire . We were never conquered. We never gave up gave our sovereignty or jurisdiction. It’s still here and it’s still the law.

We took no part in that BNA Act 1867 that was passed by Britain ’s parliament to set up the Dominion of Canada . That’s a law for Canadians, not for us. Section 91(24) gives Canada the right only to negotiate WITH us on behalf of the British Empire . That’s all! Canada has no right to make laws for us. It doesn’t now and it never has, except in someone’s fantasy. [Check your archives].

2. The AFN does not represent us. The Indian Act was illegally passed by Canada ’s Parliament and does not govern us, just as Mexican and U.S. legislation does not apply to Canadians. We’re not part of Canada . The AFN is a colonial office invented by Canada . It’s not legal. 3. Our relations with Canada are nation-to-nation. The AFN, RCMP, OPP and the SQ have no authority to conduct diplomatic relations on behalf of Canada . Their attempts constitute international aggression.

We hear that Canada is passing an “endangered species” act that protects every form of nature that was here before colonization, except us.

Let’s get back to June 29th. It’s a day of peaceful mourning for the unrecognized holocaust, the pillage of us and our land. The rail lines, roads, bridges, cities, dams are all trespassing on our territories. They were put there without our permission. The Supreme Court of Canada is just beginning to recognize that our consent is required to do anything on our jurisdiction. That means Onowarekeh/Turtle Island .

Before you freak out, take a step back and think. Despite the tragedies you have inflicted on us, we have never attacked your right to live. By contrast you have always attacked our right to live. Your colonial government has always defended the theft of our land and resources by both foreign corporations and private individuals.

As Garry Kasparov, the former Russian Chess World Champion, told the Empire Club of Toronto , “Every system will contain a problem that cannot be solved within the system itself”. One of the problems that cannot be solved within the existing Canadian system is the ugly colonial legacy of how Canada continues to illegally occupy our land and exploit our resources. Canada cannot solve its problem with us internally because it’s not an internal problem. Our resources are not even benefiting Canadians. They’re being sent out to foreign countries.

More than anything else, June 29th is a day of mourning. Bev Busson, we’d like you to join us by carrying a placard that says, “Respect international law”. Mr. Fantino could carry one that says, “Respect the rights of Indigenous people”, and Phil could carry one that says, “Down with Traitors”. The Quebec Police could carry one saying, “Respect Mohawk Jurisdiction”.

No guns. No arrest. No pepper sprays. If you can’t be peaceful, stay away. Get out of our jurisdiction, which is all of Canada . Leave us alone.

Phil, stop pretending you represent us. We are not your flock. You are their colonial flunkie. Everything will be peaceful if you stay with your colonial masters. Get some psychological help with your delusions of grandeur. Julian, stop sucking up to the oligarchy and stop threatening us.

If Canada is setting up the JTF3 to engage in civil disobedience against us, then they should be prepared to accept the consequences. Meanwhile, we are asking the world community to recognize Canada for what it is, one of the most ruthless undemocratic states in the world.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

SEE: Fontaines’ lynching party with RCMP, OPP & SQ

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