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MNN. Feb. 1, 2017. “orowiio” is the perfect reality. These corporate invaders are not of our original natural way. They suffer from cultural shock. We know about a sustainable peace on earth forever. We, their victims, suffer from their brutal killing sprees so they could hold on to their stolen riches.


Their artificial languages create memories their handlers chose for them, while trying to beat our culture out of us. Our language is based on tones and pictures from nature that goes back to the moment of our creation, where we reach our true power. They have old buried grotesque memories. Soon they will only hear the truth, which they can ignore or accept. Everything has to be made right or they will have to leave great turtle island. The genocide will not go unpunished.

The invaders’ minds are designed by their handlers for a limited ability to question authority.

Their language has an imbedded trigger for certain actions when activated. Our existence, our tie to nature can never be broken.


We reach our ancestors through the language where our answers are. We hear tones and see pictures that can never exist in the Admiralty language. We see creation’s true power. Not by artificial design, but by our association with all natural life.

The church planned the diabolical program to annihilate those who stood in their way, such as the mass murder of over 100 million of us in the Western Hemisphere.

The corporation creates wars. We do not benefit from all that is taken from our mother.

The designers of the “Western” mind stopped their ability to empathize. The state could suddenly drop these people who are totally dependent on them for their instructions. The oldest nightmares will return with a vengeance. They fear being reminded of their evil destructive past. They don’t legally own anything in the Americas. These pirates can only plunder. Some will have a conscience. Unfortunately they don’t have a truthful language to express it.

They say they are now willing to face the truth, which means they will reconcile their past crimes. We foresee the criminals designing their own reconciliation police to protect those who perpetrated the crimes, the Crown shareholders. They will continue benefitting from it as long as the illusion of reconciliation persists.

The bankers can’t lose the war after they have stolen so much and committed such brutal atrocities. The rulers don’t want to lose the enterprise because they are essentially bankrupt.

People are controlled through learning artificial words with meanings created by the rulers. The language is not based on nature, but on greed and possession. Freedom is not in the program. Those who speak about freedom are “disappeared”. 

The band and tribal councils who are owned by the corporation are a pit full of vipers who speak for the matrix, which the public easily accepts. They must all disappear to begin the healing of mother earth.

People will buy lies but creation will not. We are the conscience. The corporation always tried to dissolve us. This has always failed. Going back to 1491 would make our land great again.


 The people are conditioned to blindly follow the rules of their leader as in cults. To survive with mother earth sustainably, they must come with us.

The Beatles sing about the mass chaos we are all living in now in the “Walrus”: “I am he. As you are he. As you are me. And we are all together. See how they run, like pigs from a gun. See how they fly, I’m crying … Sitting on a cornflake, waiting for the van to come. Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday, man you’ve been a naughty boy. You let your face grow long. I am the egg man.” 

trump called out on casinos

trumps wall threatens 11 1 species

greatest lies

medal of honor for massacre of Sioux wounded knee







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MNN. JAN. 31, 2017. Anyone who votes in the US and Canadian corporate elections are voting for war. They have to stop supporting it if they want to remain here. 

US CEO Trump has banned immigration.They are leaving one dictatorship for another created by the Anglo American Vatican access. Canada Inc.’s Trudeau says that those immigrants that can’t enter the US can come illegally to Canada, our land, without our knowledge or consent. We original natural people have the final say on who comes to or remains on our land, great turtle island. Great turtle island is under invasion and occupation. 

US Inc. and Canada Inc., you are done! We’ve had enough of you and your war mongering and extermination policies. We need to end it. It’s time for you to go. Everybody knows that we are the only people placed on great turtle island by our mother, creation. US Inc., Canada Inc. and Mexico Inc. are corporations. They are not the natural people. They do not follow the natural law of this land. They are thieving predators. 

The Pope, the leader of the Vatican, which is the Crown that creates the corporations, says CEO Trump is not a Christian. They created artificial laws to kill anyone who is not Christian. This is the problem all over the world.

The criminals are those who have committed crimes against us here – the pope, cardinals, bishops, clergy, corporate CEOs, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Senators, Congressmen, mayors, and all those who violate kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. No one has any right to tell us, the original natural people, what to do and what our rights are. 

We live by the kaia’nere:kowa. We are free and placed here by creation like the birds, animals, fish and all water and all life. Those who don’t live by the great peace, must leave great turtle island, and return to their land, animals, fish, birds.

Don’t moan, invaders, when you have to face your time of dying for the horrific genocide you committed against us and our mother. Take yourself home so you can die with your mother. 

Led Zeppelin sings about wanting to die without suffering like we did: “In my time of dying, I don’t want nobody to moan. All I want you to do is to take my body home, so I can die easy. Jesus gotta make you. Jesus is gonna make your dying bed. Meet me Jesus. Meet me.”

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Trump indorses fox news as the tv news service of the state.

Trump like Hitler towards the end. Presidency is not highest. It is the corporations.






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MNN. Jan. 31, 2017. The gangsters of United States Inc. are murdering people all over the world from our land. When they are gone, the war problem in the world will be over. We are going to declare our inherent power for mother earth. 

The shareholders of the corporation of US Inc. want to start World War III. To stop the carnage the rotino’shonni:onwe, the original people of great turtle island, must claim our rightful role. We never ceded any of our land or possessions to anyone. We have the duty to carry out our original instructions from creation.

The rest of the world knows that we are the true “sovereign”, but we don’t use that word.

US Inc. and Canada Inc. will be dissolved. We original natural people have the responsibility to teach the world to live in peace. The global Council of Women have the major obligation to study the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, and to take their proper place in their communities worldwide.  

The onkwe’hon:weh, the natural people, can end this criminal war enterprise where the private corporations become powerful, rich and murderous. We have to assert our true democracy.

The shareholders and their followers have to leave, the Bilderberg Group, Council of Foreign Relations, Federal Reserve, Trilateral Commission, bankers, political fronts and the entire hierarchical matrix. They shall soon realize their greatest fear and be cast down from where they came for all time. CEO Trump will continue to play his script until we declare the ascendancy of the great peace.

The US Republic of War will be over. The world will no longer suffer. The shareholders of US Inc. will return everything they stole so that our mother can be returned to her original health.

Over 100 million of our people were murdered. The occupiers stood by because they were benefitting. They talk casually about the biggest holocaust in all history. Now they are about to face their own annihilation. If they don’t stand by us, they are complicit in the genocide.

As Roy Orbison laments: “All the rainbows in the sky start to weep, then say good-bye. You won’t be seeing rainbows anymore. Setting suns before they fall, echo to you that’s all, that’s all. But you’ll see lonely sunset after all. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over. It’s over.” 




Vets return to Standing Rock.


Ca., Oregon, Washington to join Canada proposal.



















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MNN. April 27, 2016. The “house of torture”, Indian Affairs, is a criminal organization. Back in 1969 the Liberal government of Canada decided to do away with Indian Affairs by removing their obligations, budget, protections and liability. Rather than freeing us and returning all our possessions, we going were to be pushed out onto the streets to die out, like the disastrous 1950s US Termination Policy. Our Indian Trust Fund is the club used to try to kill us off.

Nobody's home at Indian Affairs.

Nobody’s home at Indian Affairs.

Before the house goes down, a total forensic audit of Indian Affairs and its entire gangsta’ apparatus must be done. The “Don” of this “Mafia” is the “prime minister”. His henchmen are called “provinces”, “ministers”, “judges” and “armed forces”. They divide up our territories where the enforce their rules and collect “protection” money. “Blood” oaths are made to their “Queenie”. The corporate band and tribal councils strive to become full patch members to terrorize us.

Hey, let's move into the empty "Tower of Terror".

Hey, why don’t we move into the “Tower of Power”?

A lot of lawyers and consultants are getting big career boosts and money out of fake inquiries into the criminal acts committed by Canada like the Truth and Reconciliation Commission TRC. They are designed to never solve any issues.whitehair






Oh, does he mean Lorraine Laurendeau, the Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs.

Does he mean Lovely Lorraine Laurendeau, the Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs?

Once the Indian Act and Indian Affairs are dissolved, and everything is returned, there will be a proper teio’hateh relationship between us and the occupiers. They will stay in their ship and not pull our canoe.


The ‘war room’ in the Tower of Terror in Ottawa must be shut down. The colonial settlers will right the wrongs by living up to all the human rights covenants Canada pretends to support internationally.

kaia’nere:kowa, our original instructions, will govern our land and everybody on it. Our mother will be taken care of. The heritage of our children not yet born will be restored. All of great turtle island will become beautiful again.

Guns & Roses sang about subjugators: “You just better start sniffin’ your own rank subjugation jack. Cause it’s just you against your tattered libido. The bank and the mortician. Forever man and it wouldn’t be luck if you could get out of life alive.” [Knocking on heaven’s door].


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Wahta issue.

onkwe’hon:weh youth question Trudeau.


Indian Affairs Toronto, 25 St. Clair Avenue East, 8th floor
Tel.: 1-800-567-9604
Fax: 1-866-817-3977
TTY: 1-866-553-0554

Minister of National Defence, 1-866-236-4445

U.S. President Barak Obama,

All Media, Pope Benedictum XVI, St. Peter’s Sq., Vatican City, Rome Italy; Canadian Center for Foreign Policy Development, Forum on Africa);

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Mohawk Council Kahnawake Inc.

HDI Haudenosaunee Development Institute 519-445-4222










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MNN. Feb. 11, 2015. In the 1990 “Mohawk Oka Crisis” 5,000 heavily armed Canadian soldiers surrounded three of our communities. We were protesting the expansion of a non-Ongwe’hon:weh golf course over our burial and ceremonial grounds. The army attacked and hurt many of us. One of our children was stabbed in the chest by a soldier. Our longhouse, filled with women and children, was surrounded by tanks to attack us. The women ran out and faced them. In the battle many were seriously injured.

Women beat tyranny.

Women beat tyranny.

The natural world created women as the progenitors of the soil for the coming generations. Women always stood up to brutality and aggression of the Admiralty matrix that is controlling the world. We feel the courage and anger of the Ukrainan people through the voices of these two women in the following video. Ukranian Women face soldiers.

We can hear the children of the future crying for their mothers in Donetsk right now.

The Nazi controlled band council in Kahnawake creates similar chaos and confusion to force us to monetize our land. Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. officers, Mike Delisle and Christine Deom are not Ongwe’hon:we. We can see they work for the corporation. We get no information or discussion on local or mainstream media about the planned genocidal action to remove us from our land. Women of the world do not want to send our husbands and children to do the dirty work for the Corporations.

The local Nazi band council lies and threatens us. They are the invading soldiers and we are the people. Anything based on a lie is a lie. They and their Nazi supporters should pack their bags and leave Kahnawake before they are removed physically. Kayoni #59 of the law of the land, Kaia’nere:kowa, provides that when our traitors refuse three times to heed the warnings of the Women, they will be dealt with by the Rotiskenra’keteh.

The patriarchal lies will meet the maternal truth as Red and Kitty remind us: “The love I treasured you sold for gold, for worldly goods you left me cold. You are happy now but the time will come, your false loves will leave you one by one.”


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Read. Repeal Papal Bulls.

Capitalism must die for Indigenous to live.












MNN. May 15, 2013. Baby Indian Act was hatched in 1876 in the parking lot by Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It was the birth of a monster whose job was to “Go out and finish off the Indians”. It was the foundation of the NAZI holocaust and the South African apartheid regime. It’s the “iron fist” to justify the immoral “manifest destiny” to occupy our land by force. The crime that breaks down the rule of law is genocide, when a military power occupies the territory of a foreign nation. Baby Indian Act’s job was to fill mass graves with Indigenous and break the spirit of the survivors or anyone who resisted them.

MP birth witnesses: "The genocide job will be easy for this calm looking beast!"

MP birth witnesses: “The genocide is hatched!”

The main mourners at Baby Indian Act’s funeral will be the corporations, their federal, provincial and municipal band councils apparatus and all their thieving partners, that are stealing from the ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. The rest of us will be celebrating the death of the tyrannical genocidal extermination policies. No more small pox blankets, gatling guns, residential school death camps, pass systems, adoptions out, torture and death. Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Duncan Campbell Scott, the predecessor of Eichmann, was preparing us to be eaten alive. 

Bureaucrats stopped at nothing to stomp out us and our title to Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. Haudenosaunee land was carved into little pieces named ”New York State”, “Vermont”, Pennsylvania”, “Ohio”,  “Ontario” and “Quebec”. Kaianerekowa, the law of the land, was ignored. 

end is nearThe beast will go down soon taking with them the foreign corporation of Canada and their Injun puppets. A wooden stake will be thrust through Baby Indian Act’s heart to lay their WMD to eternal rest. Soon a bunch of vultures will start eating the dead bodies of Indian Act corporate Injuns and their bosses.

Powerless corporate executives and their band councils will run to Indian Act’s graveside to coax it to crawl back out. Indian Act will stay dead. The stake will remain stuck through the heart of the vampire. When Indian Act is no more, it will be filled with the Kaianerehkowa, to bring peace and freedom to all the people. As Jimi sang: “You’ve been messing with my children, and screaming at my wife. Get off of my back if you want to get out of here alive. Freedom, that’s what I want. Freedom, that’s what I need. Freedom, to live. Freedom, so I can give.”

'Laying the egg' to rest at last.

‘Laying the egg’ to rest at last.

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MNN. May 11, 2013. Indigenous men are not dumb, drunks, wife beaters, criminals, deadbeats or studs. Guilty while being Indian, is a contrived image. They are loving husbands, brothers, sons, fathers, grandfathers, friends and cousins with a deep devotion to our people and our land. The invading corporate banksters don’t like them standing up for our law so they set out to demonize them all, for their political and economic gains. We do have selfish scum who illegally allow outside interests to take advantage of our sovereignty.

Statesmen and warriors take care of the people.

Statesmen and warriors take care of the people.

The Kaianerekowa has definite functions for our men: protection, defense and welfare of the people. These duties may take many forms. Keeping the peace, teaching, speaking to the people, repossessing lost lands, maintaining human rights, diplomatic relations with other nations, and any work that promotes the welfare of the people. [Wampum 36].

International relations is part of their duties.

International relations is their duty.

The European colonists’ strategy is that all women are the lowest of the low. In 1875 they raised the age of “consent” for sexual abuse of their girls to 12 years old. They wanted our men to mistreat us in the same way and planned to show them how to do it. 

In Canada the church and government set up the sexual abuse strategy by kidnapping our children from 3 to 16 years of age. They were imprisoned in residential school death camps run by the government and churches. The clerics and government officials sexually abused them. Half were murdered. The rest were shown how to brutalize each other. These children were threatened to keep their mouths shut or else! Then they were released to destroy their people.  

The working men.

The working men.

The colonizers denied our men their manhood. They drew them as menacing, dangerous, alcoholic, marginal, childish and animal-like. This terrifying portrayal made the white population shake in fear of our men.

As statesmen and warriors, our men tried to protect us and hold onto our possessions. Illegal corporate by-laws were passed to deny us our human rights. The corporation of Canada made all our decisions on work, movement, education, family relationships, languages and culture. The ultimate penalty was seizing our children, putting them in death camps and then killing them. What if the white men were all called bums, welfare cheats or jailbirds?  

"See here, invader, it's time to get your a-- out of here!"

“Listen, invader, it’s time to get your a– out of here!”

Canadian institutional oppression and threats of physical terror aim at depriving our men of their manhood. The corporate Injun man is paid to impose this strategy. Some day soon we will deal with them. as Chicago Transit Authority said: “I’m a man, yes I am, and I can’t help but  love you so”.


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"They said it was time to leave".

“I thought you said they were bums and drunks!”








MNN. Apr. 19, 2013. In these dark hours of designed chaos, war and violence will not bring resolution. Mass confusion is being created to erupt into military action. In the Mohawk language, “te ho te ri wa kwen ten” means that “they have pushed matters to a ridiculous extreme putting everything out of balance”. We can solve our problems by bringing our minds together.

US cowboys and Indians mentality.

US “cowboys and Indians” model of colonialism.


The Charter of the United Nations was modeled on the Constitution of the United States. The United States Senate [Con. Res. 76, 2 Dec. 1987] has recognized that its constitution is modeled on our law, the Kaianerekowa, the Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace. The United States is a colonial power that never understood true democracy. 

The US President is the Commander in Chief of the military. In our law War Chiefs are not allowed to decide when to go to war. This decision can only be made by the people. In our law every women can recall our representatives if they fail to listen to the people. foreigners 

Great energy has been put towards the destruction of “tribal people” worldwide. The bankers want us to be estranged from our relatives and the earth that we are duty bound to protect. They want us to be assimilated with races with an artificial culture and no connection to the land, so the war will continue. 

Large states have no right to dominate small ones. The bankers put a price on everything. They want everybody to have mortgages, loans and diluted cultures. Bombs are being planted by “foreigners”[?]. The media whips up the public to create fear and anger to promote vigilantism. The US gives itself reasons to invade anyone they want, kill them and steal their resources. tribal warlords

People, groups and nations have to help each other. Destroying human and natural resources, in war and conflict for the benefit of a few, will annihilate us. War wastes human and resource energy that could be used to build houses and schools, to care for the elderly and sick, to nurture the children so they grow into strong, creative, intelligent and fulfilled human beings and to heal the earth. 

True legality is based on the consent of the people. US power is based on military and economic force through “bribery”. It’s human trafficking, fraud, false flags and everything deviant. 

We can share universal peace, prosperity and harmony. We are all interdependent, equal and need each other.  To all our relations, to the natural world, to all spirits in the universe, we must balance the male and female energy within the consensus process to bring peace to the world. We are all one. As Annie Lennox sings: “Hey, hey. I saved the world today. Everybody’s happy now, the bad thing’s gone away. And everybody’s happy now, the good thing’s here to stay. Please let it stay.”

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mnnlogo1PEOPLE’S FIRE 

MNN.  Feb. 3, 2013.  The power is the People.  They select the chiefs, clan mothers, titles and positions, who answer to the people. If they don’t listen, the people will remove errant chiefs or clan mothers.

The fire symbolizes the people coming together. “Sa’tsi”ra” means, “You have a fire”.  “Swa’tsi:rare” means, “the fire is inside you”. It is the spirit, life of the person, family, clan, community, nation, confederacy. 

People's Fire is most powerful.

People’s Fire is most powerful.

The root word for family, “kawa’tsi:re”, is “otsire”, the word for fire.  It means the family still has a fire and exists. Each person, family and clan has a fire. The People’s Fire is the most powerful because all the minds come together.  

The fire is the people’s voice. Each person has a voice, a duty to express their views on all social, political and economic issues. Individuals must exercise their personal power on behalf of the people. This is the foundation of the consensual decision making process of the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the law of the land. 

People make sure protocol is followed by all the People.

People make sure protocol is followed by all the People.

All direction comes from the fire of the People. Then it goes to the clan mothers and then to the chiefs.  We all keep an eye on the chiefs and clan mothers to make sure they are all following the law.   

The Kanianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law, came to our people because dictators had risen, taken control and created constant warfare. The Great Law got rid of the dictators and the wars. We lived in peace for thousands of years, until the Europeans brought the war back to Great Turtle Island.  

Band and Tribal councils are corporate Indians who are part of the royal economist bankers genocide program. They work under the direction of Indian Affairs and the US Bureau of Indian Affairs. Without any legal right, they sign surrenders of our land and resources. Our land cannot be sold or given away. They cannot use our titles to legitimize themselves and mislead the people. They don’t rule us. 

Our traditional chiefs are the spokespersons for the People, saying only what the people tell them. Those chiefs who don’t listen to the People are outside the circle. Their antlers break off, the blood goes into their eyes, ears and mouth. The people cannot listen to those whose words are not clear, whose eyesight is gone and who have become deaf.

Our great law of peace is the law of the land. We have a Two Row relationship with the settlers that they have breached. This needs to be redressed.

Meeting until sunset, followed by feast and dancing.

Meeting until sunset, followed by feast and dancing.

Our fire continues.  Our voices are becoming stronger every day. Each person has a duty to counsel themselves and learn as much as they can about their issues. As long as we are alive, our fire will not go out.  When the colonists tried to extinguish us, we continued our fire. We did everything to stay alive. Only we can extinguish our fire. 

As Jimi sang in “Fire”: “You tried to give me your money, you better save it, babe.  Save it for your rainy day. I have only one burnin’ desire. Let me stand next to your fire.”   

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