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MNN. 10 APRIL 2016. Protest in solidarity with Lac Simon Anishnabeg community on Monday in Montreal. We are presently mourning the April 6 murder of Jean-Pierre Bony, killed by a plastic bullet from the SPVM in Montreal North. Jean Pierre Bony murder. natives matter

On April 7 the police struck again. That night, Sandy Michel, 25 year old, died. He was brutally assassinated by the anishnabeg reserve corporate police in Lac-Simon Quebec, near Val-d’or. He allegedly showed an objet that law enforcement officers thought looked like a weapon. The police crushed him with their car then shot him dead. The police killed his older brother in 2009. The murders of onkwe’hon:weh youth in northern Quebec, like the murders of black people in northern Montreal, is institutional racism. Non-white lives are being liquidated without trial.trudeau:martin

In the wake of this tragedy, the people of Lac-Simon, after years of police harassment, immediately assembled and asked the police to leave their territory. The Quebec police immediately intervened. Media was forbidden to go to the killing area during the investigation. Media black-outs have become routine. After the recent revelations of sexual atrocities committed by Surete du Quebec police officers around Val-d’Or, the SQ is desperate to hide their systemic violence against our men, women and children. The so-called «aboriginal police» had just returned to Lac-Simon, which they were forced to desert after the death of one of their officers in February 2016. Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22 yo, shot him before he himself committed suicide.

SQ shit has to stop!

SQ shit has to stop!

The police refuse to see the nature of the people to survive. The police actions on reservations are part of the genocide plan. In solidarity with Sandy Michel’s family and the community of Lac-Simon, a demonstration of solidarity will take place on Monday April 11th, at 19h [7.00 pm], metro Saint-Laurent in Montreal. Indigenous Lives Matter! Contact for info. 

Let's stand together.

Let’s stand together.

As the band Muse points out poignantly, it’s time for an uprising, people: “Paranoia is in bloom. The p.r. transmissions will resume. They’ll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed-down and hope that we will never see the truth around. Another promise, another scene, another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed. And all the green belts wrapped around our minds and endless red tape to keep the truth confined. They will not force us.They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious. … rise up and take the power back. I’s time the fat cats had a heart attack!” [The Muse]


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Lac Simon man shot dead.

SQ kill Sandy Tarzan Michel.

If you can’t go to demo, gives these politicians a piece of your mind:

Surete du Quebec, 514-598-4141

Quebec Minister of Justice Stephane Valee, 418-643-5140, 1-800-536-5140

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

RCMP HQ 613-993-7267

CSIS 613-993-9620

Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,

Bureau of Indian Affairs 202-208-5116 Washington DC





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MNN. OCT. 20, 2015. “Now we traverse some difficult part, let’s continue with open hearts. Remembering our place that isn’t above the others, for we all have the same mother. The time is now to do something, something that works for all. Then we’d be doing our part as told was our call. The river is wide, almost at the sea, calling to us, let us hear her plea”. [Thahoketoteh, The River.]

Where Coderre plans to shit.

Where Coderre plans to shit.


The Mayor rejected the ongwe’hon:weh offer of a feather to settle this peacefully. He wants to take the big dump on Thursday, October 22. Everyone is invited to conduct peaceful rallies to save the river. The former prime minister and Minister of the Environment asked for delays in dumping 8 billion litres of raw shit into kaniataronwanon:onwe on Friday, October 23rd. We want a permanent halt. We are enforcing international conventions trying to stop environmental devastation. Scientists report there are many alternatives. The Family Compact is willing to pay a $6 million a day fine [meaning it’s illegal]. We ask the scientists and everyone in the world to join us to enforce the kaia’nereh:kowa, Great Peace, to stop this madness.

Family Compact & Chateau Clique are criminals.

Family Compact & Chateau Clique are violating international law. 

BACKGROUND: The CROWN illegally declared ownership of the land mass known as “Canada”. The Family Compact want to rule us forever on behalf of the CROWN. They set up private banks and put their candidates into Parliament by fixing the votes. In 1830 when the only true law was the kaia’nereh:kowa, the Family Compact/Chateau Clique bloodlines made up corporate laws. They illegally sliced up Canada into private corporate “ridings” or “republics” or “municipalties” or “INDIAN” reserves. Their banks own these artificial communities. In an election nothing changes except the faces. The policy is to kill us through guns and corporate by-laws like C-51, imposed on us by the police state. Voters are agreeing to be owned by that matrix and swear “fealty” to the CROWN, meaning loyalty to their owners to help carry out the genocide]. It’s all illegal. The Family Compact is a criminal organization. They want to kill us, our land, water and air.

Coderre and the Fam': Take your "business" somewhere else!"

Coderre and the Fam’: Take your “business” somewhere else!”

Let them know what you think about shitting in our river. Mayor Denis Coderre, 514-872-0311; David Heurtel, Quebec Environment Minister, 418-521-3830; Hon. McGill 514-849-4179; Geoff Molson 514-398-0333; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 515-277-6020, 613-995-8872.

Mayor Coderre’s partnership with the Family Compact reminds us of Neil Young’s song about madness: “You take my hand, I’ll take your hand. Together we may get away. This much madness is too much sorrow. It’s impossible to make it today”. Video:

[Down by the river, I shot my baby. Neil Young].

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Mohawk warn Montreal Mayor.

disappearing data on ongwehon:weh

Shut dump on temporary hold.

McGill Notice of Seizure call in campaign.

Earth our extended body.

kanehsatake police station burnt.




MNN. Oct. 19, 2015. “The river of life has many falls, twists and turns and steep walls. We travel down it in our own way. The same has been from the very first day. I’ll stay in my canoe. You stay in your boat. I only hope you stay afloat. I’ll smile at you, you wave at me. We’ll continue on toward the sea”.Vigil


We all have a duty to take care of the natural world. Mayor Coderre and the Family Compact cannot violate the teiohateh, the law of the land, which gave them permission to life here. They are not following the treaty and risk being exposed as the rogue state they have become.

We all must save our river of life.

We all must save our river of life.


Everyone is welcome at the continuous fire vigil at the southern end of the Mercier Bridge that spans kaniatarowanon:onwe. Needed: wood, water, fruits, coffee. Contact these officials and tell them how you feel about their shit in the river.


Mayor Denis Coderre, 514-872-0311; David Heurtel, Quebec Environment Minister, 418-521-3830; Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Environment Canada, 613-992-2848. SUZANNE FORTIER, McGill 514-849-4179; Geoff Molson 514-398-0333

Hey, McGill. What's taking so long? What are you scared of.

Hey, McGill. What’s taking so long? What are you scared of.


Listen to: Thahoketoteh’s song about “The River”.






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MNN. 16 Oct. 2015. A temporary postponement of the shit-drop into the kaniataro’wanen:onwe, the great river of life, by Mayor Coderre of Montreal is unacceptable. Stop it forever!

Coderre: "Old boys, I tried".

Coderre: “Old boys, I tried”.

The Chateau Clique, the Quebec “old boys club” of the Family Compact, invented the private corporation of Canada. They incorporated the City of Montreal in 1832 causing the shit problem in Montreal and elsewhere. The scum who started the Clique are James McGill and John Molson. Their partners are Jonathan Sewell, Quebec Archbishops Jacob Mountain and Charles James Stewart, William McGillivray, Edward Bowen, banker Horatio Gates and Peter McGill. Their offspring are today’s old boys club stinking up everything.

... which was all stolen from the ongwe'hon:weh

… which was all stolen from the ongwe’hon:weh

The old thugs made laws in the 1830s at Osgoode Hall in Toronto, built with stolen Six Nation Trust Funds. The laws were to protect their land theft, power grab, and to ensure they remain perpetually at the top of the corporate hierarchy. They set up the private corporation of Canada and made up bylaws. They set up the Canadian banking system and own all the major banks. Their Family Compact bloodline sit on the boards of directors for all major corporations of Canada, including the Corporation of Canada.

The CROWN is the sole shareholder of the private corporation known as Canada. The Family Compact bankers sit on the board of directors for the CROWN shareholders to make sure there is ever growing dividends. They appoint the boards for Montreal, McGill University and so on. Every band council, community, town, municipality and city was incorporated into private independent republics controlled by the Family Compact. The bankers control every everyone in Canada because they can’t make a transaction without a bank account.

McGill & Molson: "How dare you call us criminals to our faces!"

McGill & Molson: “How dare you call us criminals to our faces!”

They even gave us, and our land, foreign corporate names to alienate us from our land and the natural world. We will reclaim our original ongwe’hon:weh names. The so-called “St. Lawrence” is kaniatara’wano:onwe, the great river of life, which we live with and never try to control. Our names have life, momentum and meanings that makes us think.

Roy Orbison sings it best for what’s coming: “All the rainbows in the sky start to even say goodbye. You won’t be seeing rainbows any more. Setting suns before they fall, echo to you, that’s all, that’s all.
But you’ll see lonely sunset after all. It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, It’s over.

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Family Compact-old boys club-

Time to ask Haudenosaunee Environmental Task Force why they’ve taken no action against this desecration of our river: Phone: (518) 333-0228. Can’t as they are busy with the UN.

Mohawks rally against sewage dump.

Keshe & new free energy unit.

North Country Radio. Canada holds onto sewage.

NYS Senator Shumer acts against Montreal shit dump.




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MNN. 7 OCT. 2015. Our river is under attack. This objection by the women titleholders was is directed to the mayor of Montreal, Quebec government and federal Environment minister.

dump 1

dump 2

Do whatever you can to help save the river.

Montreal to dump otah.

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