MNN. June 30, 2013.  In 2005 the RCMP published a “ground-breaking” analysis on, “Aboriginal Organized Crime in Canada”. [43 pages]. Academics E. J. Dickson Gilmore and Chris Whitehead of Carleton University Ottawa were the fiction writers. Using classic fake racial profiling and character assassination, they gave the RCMP labels to criminalize all aspects of Indigenous life. 

Real RCMP.

According to modern international law, the Charter of Rights and Freedom and the US Constitution, “There can be no crime without a law”. Everyone is entitled to a fair and public trial. To get around this Gilmore made up a new definition of organized crime: “An ongoing activity motivated by political, social and/or economic conditions [or some combination thereof], .. articulated through formal and informal cooperative social relationships with the potential for corruption an/or violence to facilitate the criminal process.” [page 13]. 

If that’s the case, all corporate government like Canada and US are “motivated by political, social and economic ends”; have “a network of both formal and informal cooperative social relationships”; and “have a potential for corruption and/or violence”. 

She invented four “Aboriginal organized criminal types”: 

1.”Activist/Nationalists” who join an organization to express their culture, history or rights. Canadian and US culture is based on extortion of funds from the people by Revenue Canada and the IRS.  global org crime

2.”Random/Opportunists” are less sophisticated and expendable, motivated by peer pressure. 

3.”Activist/Opportunists” start as Nationalist/Activists who try to become selfish like Stephen Harper and Barack Obama. 

4.”Criminal/Opportunists” are motivated by profit, like the multi-national mega corporations that are gulping our resources and ever growing $135 trillion Indian Trust Fund by enforcing illegal corporate by-laws. 

A strong connection exists between criminality and colonial governments. Illegal corporate by-laws are imposed on us, using genocide, murder, violence, corruption and lies. They are unconcerned about the massacre of the buffalo, starvation of the people, incarceration, kidnapping, killing and raping our children in residential school death camps. They complain we primitive people have a hard time adjusting to cities. 

Well-paid shills, Gilmore and Whitehead, provided no clear evidence of “Aboriginal organized crime” in Canada. Probabilities, assumptions and innuendo are outlined. Our nations are being systematically defamed for the career advancement and salaries of cops and their academic accomplices.ideologues 

The fear of mounties has to be promoted. As Nelson Eddy sang: “Look out for the Mounties (Here come the Mounties)/We come … somebody hide, somebody better hide! The Mountie.

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MNN. July 1, 2013. Twenty-three years ago Akwesasne was mired in controversy supposedly over gambling. The two sides were dubbed the “Antis” and the “Warriors”. The antis would invite the press in and stage shootings. They falsely claimed gangs of marauding youths with semi-automatics were roaming the streets. The Warriors pledged they would never fight against our own people.HORNUNG AKWE   

The real issue continues to be sovereignty and jurisdiction. New York State and the FBI have no authority to come into Mohawk sovereign territory.  

The condoled Confederacy chiefs feared the Men who maintained the Great Law. They began a false campaign that Warriors no longer existed in Haudenosaunee society. Conflicts were ignited in our communities. 

NY State Governor Mario Cuomo had a weekly radio show on current events. One night he spoke about the issues at Akwesasne. Two calls came in. One during the show and another afterward. A man wanted Cuomo to send in the National Guards against the Warriors. The caller asked, “What is it going to take for you to send in the National Guards?” 

akwe casinoCuomo replied, “Dead bodies”. Within hours two men were killed, Harold J.R. Edwards and Matthew Pike, both shot in the back. The caller accused a well-known individual and the Warriors of the murders. The Governor knew that the accused was far away from Akwesasne at the time, that the caller was lying.  

The Warrior Society asked NY State Police to enter Akwesasne to investigate the two killings. They did not come in. 

A well-known native reporter was arrested and jailed based on eye-witness testimony. The witness was visited by unnamed persons. He recanted his statements. The charges were stayed. There was not enough evidence.   

friendly fireToday no proper investigation has been done. No one has explained the strange timing of the killings. Was this a product of organized crime? If so, who were the organizers? So far the Grand Council of Onondaga has never cleared this up, which is a violation of the Great Law.  As Gene Pitney sang about gunslingers: “Everyone heard two shots ring out, a shot made Liberty fall/
The man who shot Liberty Valance, he shot Liberty Valance/He was the bravest of them all.” The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.

Read the 2006 story attached: UNSOLVED MURDERS IN AKWESASNE REVISITED: describes how the killing of two Mohawks during a staged fire fight in Akwesasne in 1990 led to a conflict set up to bring in the outside police forces, NYS Police, RCMP, Quebec SQ, Ontario Provincial Police, National Guard, etc.   

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MNN. Mar. 25, 2013. The Great Law provides that, “As a weapon against a crawling creature, I lay a stick with you so that you may thrust it away from the Council Fire”. A crawling creature may be a disrespectful person seeking to disrupt the people and must be removed. [Wampum 4].

Serpent of Discord.

Serpent of Discord.

We Indigenous are called “domestic dissidents” who are disrupting the corporate government’s image and economy. Infiltrators are sent in. It could be a vigilante operation to silence us, or to neutralize us by creating factionalism, attacking our reputations and causing confusion. 

“Spies” and “agents” pose as scholars, friends, supporters or helpers. The perfect intruder abandons you suddenly when their assignment is over. Their cover could be blown the longer they remain. 

Infiltrator with angel wings.

Infiltrator with angel wings.

“Infiltration” is low intensity warfare, to mold public opinion, to sabotage us. “Surveillance” is gathering intel to expose, disrupt or discredit us. Infiltrators hang around for years studying and gathering info. Some offer services, like legal advice or romances. Some even have families in the community.  

Infiltrators get involved with one faction. Another infiltrates the opposing faction. They drive wedges between them. Targets are lured into compromising situations. Fear is created, like having them followed, strangers taking pictures and arranging attacks. Infiltrators organize drug, booze and sex parties to recruit youth. Intruder’s cause suspicion. True activists are sometimes “bad jacketed” as being government agents. The courts criminalize us through perjured evidence, false arrests and imprisonment. We face threats, assaults and political assassinations.  

“Provocateurs” disrupt, create disagreements, make divisions, sabotage, squander resources, steal funds, seduce leaders, provoke jealousy and public embarrassment, lead targets into danger and push paranoia. 

New "Indians" are turning up every day.

“Agents” are loners, with a vague cover story that doesn’t identify them. Some have many aliases. Some pretend to be Indigenous. Agents have no job but have a steady income. They will leave at a moment’s notice and disappear. They dress to quickly change their image, like hairstyle, weight, clothes or car.  

Hired thugs, right wing vigilantes, private military and local police are front line foot soldiers. Agents are subsidized, armed, directed and protected by the military. False stories are planted. Bogus organizations are set up. Parents, employers, landlords or school officials can be coerced into causing trouble for the target. 

Look for cameras, microphones & scanners.

They act needy or feign a rare sickness or medical condition to get sympathy and leave suddenly. They act like a best friend, downplay themselves and quietly observe. Targets are taken to unfamiliar outside groups to compromise them. 

Check the authenticity of visitors. “Keep friends and family close and your enemies closer”, as the godfather said. Stay on movement goals. If the eyes say something different from the body, they are not genuine. it reminds us of the old Charlie Pride song: The snakes crawl at night. that’s what they say. When the sun goes down, then the snakes will play”. 

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MNN. Feb. 28, 2013. Political paranoia is being considered a mental disorder. Those who question everything and especially conspiracy theorists, are considered to suffer from political paranoia. Every social disaster or political movement has its loonies: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot. Jim Jones, Duncan Campbell Scott, Steven Harper, Tom Flanagan, Crusty the Clown, Federal Court of Canada, etc. What conditions have to exist before the paranoia is believed? As soon as it appears on mainstream TV or media, everybody believes it. If it’s not, they don’t believe it. Take the test to see if you are paranoid.

"See! The church never did nothin'."

“If you do not read the news, you are uninformed. If you do, you are misinformed.” Mark Twain

1. My blood boils when I see Stephen Harper on the news.

2. I wince when I see the Stars and Strips or the Maple Leaf flag on Indian cars.

3. I cannot listen to Indian radio stations without becoming enraged. The cherry picked opinions of the band and tribal council or their non-native employees make my blood boil.

4. A sign objecting to the casino has been sitting on my lawn for the past 10 years.

5.I avoid speaking my mind because I am afraid I might get called down or get an egg thrown on my car.

6. I don’t believe everything the band and tribal council says is the gospel truth.

Conspiracies, a dime a dozen!

Conspiracies, says who!

7. I believe Homeland Security, CSIS or RCMP may be listening to my phone conversations. So I use an obscure dialect for code, like Mohawk.

8. I am against an individual ownership society.

9. I use traditional herbs to treat all sicknesses, even my political paranoia.

10. I avoid speaking to anyone in authority, even the grocery store cashier.

11. I think that Senator Brasseau, Shawn Atleo [AFN], the Pope, the Queen, the CEO of DeBeers Diamonds, Tom Flanagan are biased. 

The Great Law instructs us to question everything. According to this quiz, It looks like most Mohawks would be considered politically paranoid. The Great Sage Red-X says, “The prescription to this perceived illness is the one mind, Onigonra””. 

Can't get away from it!

As the Kinks sang in Destroyer: “Feeling guilty. Feeling scared. Hidden cameras everywhere. Stop! Hold on. Stay in control. Paranoia, the destroyer”. 

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MNN. FEB. 15, 2013. Elimination of Indigenous women is government policy. We are being sacrificed for private profit. The bankers fear the women as the owners of the land and for having the power to stop the war. Who created the misconceptions of Indigenous women? Fur traders, whisky traders, North-West Mounted Police, Indian Agents, government officials, farmers, ranchers, missionaries and land speculators.

Keep walking!

Let’s keep walking!

Wealth comes from stealing and controlling our land. We have to be destroyed in any way possible. Powerful negative stereotypes are promoted on the mainstream media. 

It's coming down.

It’s all coming down.

At the Albany Congress 1754 the Haudenosaunee tried to teach the pre-revolutionary American colonists about democracy through the Great Law of Peace and the egalitarian role of women. The pioneers did not want their women to know about their real power nor to give them a place in decision making. The attack on us is to break our power. 

Human Right Watch Report “Then You Take Us Away: Abusive Policing and Failures – Protection of Indigenous Women and Girls in Northern British Columbia, Canada” is about government sanctioned RCMP brutality toward young Indigenous women and girls. 

Prime Minister Harper advised the brutalized and raped victims to file their complaints with their rapists, the RCMP. He is complicit in genocide and will be tried in the International Criminal Court. His inhuman response shows the flaws of the business plan of the corporate system to take over the earth. The recent take-down of the Pope at the Vatican represents the end of the male hierarchical control grid. The rest will crumble, the monarchies, corporations, and all their entities. 

Still looking

We will find you!

The women have a sacred trust as progenitors of the land. Our mother is now calling us to connect with each other and retrieve the instructions that exist deep within us. The songs and dances we perform are our medicine, Ononkwa, invoking the power of the original instructions that lie within. 

We are connected through our subconscious. Our ceremonies remind us to stay on the winding route in unison and harmony with one another, in the same direction. 

The Kaianereh’ko:wa is nature, a “clearly defined perfect reality”. It is “right, perfect and wise”. The man-made reality of the Euro American is disharmonious with nature, an Artifice. 

We are the legal advocates of peace, not war. We are in charge of mother earth. The men are the keepers of the forest and the women are the keepers of the fields.  

Dekanawida, the Peacemaker, had the greatest influence on the world. Jigonsaseh, a woman, was the leader of the cultivators, with whom the Peacemaker had to deal. She was recognized as the Mother of Nations. She reminded him of the power of women as the basic tenet of the Great Law. 

Creation is the ultimate wisdom. It is ancient and advanced at the same time. It is already here. Original people, let us protect our girls and women so they may carry out their duties in the natural way. 

Keep walking

Keep walking.

As Nancy Sinatra sang in “These Boots”:  “I’ve just found a brand new box of matches, yeah. And what he know you ain’t had time to learn. Are you ready, boots? Start walking!”These boots

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MNN. Sep. 20 2009. The NYS Everett Report of March 17, 1922, found that no attempt was ever made to control the Mohawks of Akwesasne. That’s because that section lying within NYS is separate and distinct from the United States and Canada. [p. 317]. So is all of Great Turtle Island.

Aliens have only those rights we gave them under the Great Law/Kaianerehkowa, which was temporary. Should they cause loss, wrong, suffering or endanger the peace, the War Chiefs reprimand and expel them. [Wampum 74]. They have no voice in council. [Wampum 76]. Canada, US, Mexico or any foreigners cannot interfere with us.

The arrived with nothing, then stole, created paper money backed by military force and tried to take everything from us.

Red Jacket, Corn Planter and other Iroquois told US President George Washington that they’re fighting over something that doesn’t belong to them – our lands, resources and waters, including all the beds of all the waters of Great Turtle Island. [p. 186-7]

Their politicians, judiciary and military know we never gave up anything. Canada, US, Ontario, Quebec and New York State promised to protect us from them.

International law provides that title to land cannot be taken away without the fully informed consent of the lawful owners. If it’s stolen and used for twenty or a million years, they never get title.

At Akwesasne, Canada Customs goons are grabbing our cars and demanding $1000. These hoods nab us as we come over the bridge, take us out to the back and beat us up. A fleet of armored tow trucks haul away our vehicles. Canada threatens unarmed people with heavily armed RCMP, OPP, Cornwall and Akwesasne police forces.

Some of these community members carry pinkish purple cards showing they are Camel Toe Treaty people. This cult says a treaty was signed in Central Park in New York City in 409 AD. Egyptian tombs were left behind. They purport that Indigenous were signatories that brought down the Roman Empire! None of this has any basis in the Great Law or in history. Rotinoshonni:onwe have a birthright to freedom of movement on Great Turtle Island.

Before putting the military boots to us, the colonists sent in the camels to confuse, anger and scare us. We don’t want another 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis style attack by 5,000 heavily armed soldiers. They obviously fear true facts, which can’t be blown up, shot at or destroyed.

Canada, give it up. Your imaginary line [border] doesn’t belong here.

We will never renounce our Rotinshonni’on:we birthright. Three recent Federal Court of Canada rulings confirm our sovereignty. Because we live in Akwesasne and Kahnawake, we are not residents of Canada and are not entitled to an investigation of brutal attacks and human rights violations by colonial border thugs.

These attacks show panic, weakness and impotence. Predatory banksters are trying to plunder the world with impunity.

Everybody in the world knows that two party deals for our land and possessions between foreigners are illegal.



 1990 MOHAWK CRISIS ON YouTubeMNN. Apr. 30, 2009. At dawn on July 11, 1990, the SQ [Quebec Provincial Police] opened fire with automatic guns and threw tear gas on Kanion’ke:haka Mohawk men, women and children of Kanehsatake. One policeman was killed by friendly police fire. We had been protesting the nearby town of Oka’s plans to expand a golf course over our burial ground and common ceremonial site called THE PINES. Nearby Mohawks of Kahnawake quickly responded to fellow Mohawks by blocking the Mercier Bridge, which connects the south shore with the island of Montreal over the St. Lawrence River.

The RCMP and then thousands of Canadian Army with heavy armaments were sent in. The world watched in amazement as a small Indigenous nation faced the combined fire power of these three forces for 78 days.

It was a fight for Mohawk identity and territory against the oppressive designs of the colonial occupants of our land. We found ourselves in the middle of a struggle for identity, respect and resistance to oppression by Canada and Quebec.

Fifty-two men, women, children and 10 journalists held out in the Treatment Center that we called Concentration Camp TC. We were surrounded by razor wire manned by heavily armed soldiers, guns and tanks. We were without communication with the outside world, little food was coming in and the weather was getting cold. The army was stepping up its psychological warfare tactics. The colonists wanted to end the Mohawk Crisis that had plagued the summer of 1990. They wanted us to surrender. No way!

On September 26th 1990, the Ahserakowa gave us a coded message in Mohawk over the Kanehsatake Radio Station. He warned us to immediately vacate Concentration Camp TC because “something was coming down that night”.

We broke into clans – bear, wolf and turtle – to make our final plans. Some felt we should stay until Monday when Parliament would start its fall session. The gravest political confrontation in modern Canadian history could then be debated.

At 5:00 pm our clans convened. We had all decided to leave in an hour. As two army helicopters hovered above us, everybody went into a flurry of preparations. Everything was thrown into a huge bonfire. A final purification ritual was performed before the sacred fire that had never stopped burning throughout the crisis. We said our good-byes to each other. We did not know what was going to happen when we would walk head-on into the Army.

Thousands of people and media had rushed to Kanehsatake. The whole finale was being televised live.

We tried to walk out of Concentration Camp TC to freedom. We crossed over the stretchers that had been placed over the razor wire. Immediately soldiers and cops grabbed us and began to kick, punch and beat us with their fists, guns and stabbed one child with a bayonet. In the end we were all captured.

The colonists maintained their false position that the Indigenous defenders were criminals and terrorists who threatened the public security of all. The colonists quickly brought us to trial on criminal charges. We were all acquitted except for Lasagna who was found guilty of breaking into a non-native home in Kanehsatake. We had transcended the colonial boundaries set up by Quebec, Canada and the U.S. under a European nation-state model on our territory.

Next year it will be 20 years since this attack. The 33 minute film – O Kanada: Behind the lines in Oka – is available on YouTube. It was made by Albert Nurenberg, a reporter who sneaked through the army lines with a camcorder and taped the event from inside:

OKANADA: Behind the lines in OKA

For the coming year MNN will publish other stories on this siege leading up to the 20th anniversary.

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News

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“Killer Crossroads” in Akwesasne

–colonial terror specially aimed at Indigenous youthMNN. March 23, 2009.

There have been many high speed chases, violence, injuries and deaths at or near the “killer crossroads” in front of the Cornwall Island border checkpoint at Akwesasne. Women, men, youth and children are being constantly harassed and brutalized here. The Canada-U.S. border is illegally situated in the middle of our community.Canadian Border Services Agents, CSIS, RCMP, Ontario Provincial Police, Akwesasne Mohawk “Indian” Police and other government “spotters” finger our people at the toll booth. We can be targeted for assault, harassment, false charges, delayed for hours for no reason, raped, groped or almost murdered. Recently more and more of our men are being chased and rammed by wild delirious “Indian” cops who are desperate to suck up to their colonial “masters”. The band or tribal cops are ordered by provincial, state and federal cops to attack their own people and relatives.

The colonial agents assume that their targets “may be” carrying cigarettes in their vehicles. We have an inherent right since time immemorial to carry on our traditional trade and commerce. Even their own law, the Indian Act, respects our right to carry “taxes free” cigarettes on an “Indian reserve”. They’re putting a new twist to “smoking kills”.

In the high speed chases the cops try to drive the target off the road by ramming their car, causing a flat tire or damaging the back end so the car loses or breaks its suspension or brakes forcing the car to go out of control. The cops continue even when told it’s dangerous. The victims are driven off the road, killed, or, if they survive, are beaten up. They are then charged and arrested.

Last summer in 2008 non-native cops from St. Constant Quebec chased two young Mohawks onto Kahnawake, a Mohawk community near Montreal. The high speed chase led to a back road through a busy residential area. A 15-year old Indigenous boy riding on his bike was hit and killed almost instantly.

After a high speed chase on November 14, 2008, the OPP charged two Akwesasne Mohawk Police officers, Mike Biron and Kenneth Chaussi, with criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing death in a fatal crash on Cornwall Island at the “crossroads”. The cops chased and rammed Gionet’s minivan at high speed. Gionet tried to get away from these maniacs and smashed into the elderly couple at the crossroad. The collision explosion instantly killed a 77-year-old Massena couple, Edward and Eileen Kassian, and Dany Gionet, 21, of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. A judicial pre-trial conference is set for May 4 and a court date for May 28th.

In another incident, on March 19, 2009, Iohahiio, a young man from Kahnawake, was sentenced to 90 days to be served on weekends. He supposedly led “police on a high-speed chase” in February 2007 on Cornwall Island in Akwesasne. He was also charged with obstructing a police officer and dangerous driving. Both were withdrawn because they did not happen.

The Akwesasne Mohawk Police tried to pull him over after they saw him leaving a home on Cornwall Island that they allege had connections to someone in the tobacco business. They chased him across the Seaway International Bridge into Cornwall, around the traffic circle, and back over the bridge to Akwesasne. A camera on the cruiser shows that Iohahiio never drove dangerously. The cops rammed him at least three times, twice at the crossroads, causing extensive damage. Throughout, Iohahiio was speaking with his mother on his cell phone. To save his life she instructed him not to pull over until he was in a well-lit area. Iohahiio stopped on the road to the local arena. The cops pulled up and aimed their guns at him, broke his rear window and pulled him out.

Cops beating our people is common. In 1990 his father had a minor charge. When the NYS Police drove him from Akwesasne to Syracuse, they stopped eight times, took him into police stations along the way and severely beat him up.

Violence against Indigenous youth is escalating. Recently young Indigenous girls were sitting outside a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop in Cornwall. Two Cornwall police officers pulled over. The cop asked one of the girls, “What’s in your bag?” She answered, “Why?” He insisted, “Show me what’s inside”. She refused. He got out, grabbed her bag, struggled with her and injured her thumb.

It is time to remove this “death trap” checkpoint. The cops appear to want to see more Indigenous blood, especially of our youth. U.S and Canada are trying to force us to carry their illegally issued border crossing identity cards on June 1, 2009. They know we have a right to resist this imposition. According to international law we must be consulted and agree of our own free will to become Canadians or Americans. So they are using their “tighten the screws” tactics. These “foreign” border guards are creating conflicts so they can illegally carry guns in the middle of our community. They need the peoples’ permission to do this. It would be dangerous to put guns into the hands of guards who hate Indigenous people!

MNN Staff Mohawk Nation News

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MNN Call-Out Stop Quebec Police attacks of Barriere Lake Algonquins


MNN. Oct. 12, 2008. On Monday, October 6, 2008, the Algonquins of Barriere Lake had enough and blocked Highway 117 in Northern Quebec. They want Canada and Quebec to live up to the “trilateral agreement” signed in 1991 between the 3 parties. The Algonquins have a right to sustainably develop and co-manage their traditional territories and to have a share in resource revenues. Canada and Quebec obviously believe in stealing but not sharing. Isn’t that the “slippery slope” that multinational corporations are sliding into right now? They refuse to comply with the agreement which would save the environment.

Rotten to the core, Canada and Quebec responded to the blocked road by sending in almost 100 Quebec police, some fully-equipped riot police, to attack the Algonquins to get out of negotiations. Tear gas was shot into a group of youth and elders. One canister hit a handicapped person in the chest. Nine people, including; an elderly women, a pregnant woman, and two minors, were arrested. Severe “pain compliance” techniques were used on peaceful men, women and children who had secured themselves to concrete-filled barrels. The cops twisted their arms, dislocated their jaws, left them with bruised faces and sore necks and throats from the tear gas.

To view the video of brutal police attack, go to The Algonquins of Barriere Lake intend to demonstrate until Canada ‘s Conservative government and Quebec honor signed agreements and Barriere Lake ‘s leadership customs.

Allies and supporters are needed as witnesses. From Montreal: Take #15 North to St. Jerome where it turns into #117; drive north past Mt. Laurier and 1 hour after Grand Remous to LaVerendrye Park; turn right on “#362 km” sign; drive 8 kms to the community of “Rapid Lake”. Needed are camping equipment, food, phone cards, cameras; volunteers, equipment and everything necessary for makeshift schools. See contacts at end.

In 1996, Indian Affairs tried to hijack the agreement by sneakily replacing the legitimate chief and council with their outside nominees [sort of creating “New’gonquin appointees] to stop the agreement.

Algonquins, who are not part of the colony of Canada, do not come under the Indian Act. Elders nominate eligible leaders who are then approved, by consensus if possible, in assemblies. Participation is open only to those who live in the community, speak the language, and have knowledge of and connection to the land. Since they rejected the colonial “implants”, the majority have been deprived of employment, education and social assistance. Electricity is being run by local generators. The parents of more than half of the children refuse to send them to Indian Affairs funded schools. The reason is because the curriculum, no Indigenous language instruction and no say in the running of the school. Volunteer community members are educating the children. They need school and food supplies. There are no phone lines. They subsist on bush food and donations. This sounds like Kanehsatake. We wouldn’t be surprised if the same players are involved in Barriere Lake. See the list of slimy bureaucrats at end of this article.

In 1997 Quebec Superior Court Judge Réjean Paul and two federal facilitators ordered that the legitimate chief and council be restored and that the trilateral agreement be upheld. Indian Affairs, Quebec and their appointees rejected this order. In 2007, Rejean Paul returned and agreed that, opponents to the traditional chief and council was “a small minority”. Even so, in January 2008 this minority group conducted another supposed leadership selection which was quickly recognized by the filthy, dirty Indian Affairs department, Andre Cote himself.

In 1998 Quebec signed a complementary Bi-lateral agreement. In 2006 two former Quebec Cabinet Ministers, John Ciaccia and Barriere Lake special representative, Clifford Lincoln, made recommendations to implement the agreement in 2006.

Said Norman Matchewan, “Forestry operations will not be allowed on our Trilateral agreement territory, and we will be doing more non-violent direct action.”

The Algonquin Nation Secretariat, the Tribal Council representing three Algonquin communities including Barriere Lake, continues to recognize and work with Customary Chief Benjamin Nottaway and his Council.

Posted by MNN Staff

Posted by MNN Mohawk Nation News 

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Contact the Barriere Lake people: Michel Thusky, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 819-435–2171; Norman Matchewan, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 514-831–6902; Marylynn Poucachiche, Barriere Lake spokesperson: 438-868-3957

WATCH OUT FOR THESE SLIMEY BUREAUCRATS. They all work together to plan these attacks on us.

– High up – Chantal “Who-Has-a-Dirty-Hand-in-Everything” Bernier;

– Ryan W. “Sour-Man” Monsour, Quebec Caucus Liaison, PMO, PSEPC, 613-991-2924;

– Margaret “Trying-to-Suck-Every-Last-Drop-of-Indian-Blood-Now-might-Be-Getting-Her-Fangs-Ready-for-Algonquins” Bloodworth, “National Security Advisor” to Prime Minister,, 613-957-5466;

Indian Affairs sewer rats

– Pierre “Jellyfish” Nepton, Indian Affairs Quebec;

– Walter “Whose-Billy-Club-Has-Been-Taken-Away” Walling,;

– Christian “Anti-Christ” Rouleau,;

– Andre “Turn” Cote ,;

– Stuart “Swan-Song” Swanson,;

– Paul ”The-White-Man” Leblanc,;

– Zuwena “Squeal” Robidas, Indian Affairs mouthpiece, 613-993-2596;

– Helene “Parrot” Philippe, another Indian Affairs mouthpiece,;

– David “Economic-Hit-Man” Hillman, DG Econ. Dev. 819-953-0517;

More Emergency Preparedness creeps

– Jean “Lapse-of-Selected-Memory” Chartrand, 613-990-8470;

– Denise “Who-was-in-there-like-a-dirty-shirt” Charron, 613-991-1694;

Other excreta agents of the crown

– Yvan “Who-Maintains-Toilet-Supplies” Dery, for the Privy Council Office;

– Gilles “Pig-Shop-Keeper” Rochon, Aboriginal Policing, 613-990-2666;

– Emanuel “Little-Lamb” Chabot, 613-990-4353;

– “Slippery” Jim Beaver;

– Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher, Police Services PSEPC fax 613-991-0961;

– Louise “Who-Doesn’t-Know-the-Half-of-It” Savage;

– Sylvia “Ambulance Chaser” McKenzie, Justice Canada 613-998-3952;

– Annik “The-Squeak” Pelletier, Justice Canada;

– Louis-Alexandre “Who-Sits-on-a-Very-High-Chair” Guay, Justice,;

– Ghyslain “Who-Readily-Grabs-the-Colonial-Persuasion-Money” Picard AFN Quebec;

Help! Give a piece of your mind to: GG Michaelle jean; Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Fax 613-941-6900; Lawrence Cannon, Transportation Minister and member for Pontiac, 613-99202940; Fax 613-944-9376; Chuckie “Baby” Strahl, Indian Affairs Minister, 819-997-0002, Fax 819-953-4941; Jean Charest, Quebec Premier, 418-643-5321 514-873-3411

We need to tell Canada and Quebec and their agents to: (1) immediately stop their attacks and police brutality; (2) to honor the Trilateral Agreement they signed with the Algonquins of Barriere Lake; (3) to support the Barriere Lake community’s struggle for the right to chose its own leadership; and (4) to get Indian Affairs the h–lout of Barrier Lake unless asked!

Resources: Laurier Riel Report, part I – Riel witnessed the alleged leadership selection, whose result was recognized by Indian Affairs on March 10, 2008; Laurier Riel Report, part II; Federal MP, Lawrence Cannon’s Message to the Community in Le Droit (22 September 2008); Norman Matchewan’s Response to Lawrence Cannon in Le Droit (26 September 2008); Trilateral Agreement – discussed in the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP); 2007 leadership report by Quebec Superior Court Rhejean Paul; Legal challenge of Federal Government’s deposition of Barriere Lake’s Customary Chief and Council; Assembly of First Nations briefing note – January 2008

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Note: This is a long response. We refuse to accept this white wash. Take your time reading it. Then help us get a criminal investigation going. Thank you. MNN


MNN. May 2, 2008. Ottawa has just issued a 108-page report on a forensic audit on the Kanehsatake policing incident that began with a vicious attack on the Mohawks on the morning of January 12, 2004. There was nothing impromptu about this event. Indian Affairs, Emergency Preparedness, the Privy Council Office, the Treasury Board and the Prime Minister’s Office planned this set up that cost $34 million of Canadian taxpayer’s money. Kanehsatake’s membership is about 2,000 with only 1,300 living there. What was going on? They said there was “organized crime”, but they did not have enough evidence to lay any criminal charges. Even so, they sent 67 heavily armed mercenaries to invade this otherwise ordinary community.

Minister of Indian Affairs Chuck Strahl says he is mulling over whether further investigative steps should be taken. He says there is a “need for greater accountability, transparency and oversight for Aboriginal People and all Canadians”. You said it, buddy! But why do “Aboriginal” people need to be investigated? This was government corruption, plain and simple. With no justification at all, funds were diverted to conduct an armed attack on Mohawks with the help of the RCMP and the Quebec police! Don’t blame this gratuitous violence and graft on us! We’re the victims. We have nothing to account for. We had no control over any of the misplaced funds.

Kanehsatake is 60 kilometres northwest of Montreal. The Quebec police got $25 million in extra expenses. There are questions about unjustified overtime payments, strange “adjustments”, multiple payments for the same expenses and many other dubious claims. A whole whack of “Cabinet confidence documents” could not be included in the report. This cannot be called “transparency and accountability” by any stretch of the imagination!

Navigant Consulting, who compiled the report, was hired by Canada, the culprit. It was signed by Steve Whitla, 150 Metcalfe, Ottawa Ontario K2P 1P1 613-230-4546. We see this as a blatant attempt to “white wash” an attempted coup. The report does not mention the way these Canadian government agencies illegally ignored the community’s properly constituted Police Commission.

The report did acknowledge that 5 tasers and 6 vehicles went missing. It failed to address the illegal arsenal that was deployed. The government goons came in with vans, police cars, concussion grenades, “flash bangs”, tear gas, MP5s which are fully automatic with a silencer, AR15s, body bags, 308 Sniper Rifles, M14s, 20 calibre handguns, Beretta Pistols, 12-gauge shot guns, 37 mm. armor piercing anti-tank weapons, tasers, tear gas, pepper spray, ASP Batons, full riot gear such as shields, helmets, bullet-proof vests and over 77,000 rounds of ammunition. They had enough firepower to start a small arms war! This equipment is not appropriate for policing in a free and democratic society. Navigant didn’t ask where all the war toys went. They seem anxious to lay blame on the victims who were unarmed. [We could have thrown snowballs at them but would probably have been charged with attempted murder!]

There were inaccuracies on the timing of payments. According to PricewaterhouseCoopers “Detailed Trial Balance”, a $900,000 payment for the mercenaries and their arsenal and vehicles was made in July 2003. Navigant’s audit claimed it was made in November 2003 after James Gabriel wrote a letter on October 31, 2003 to Eric Maldoff, of Heenan Blaikie, the chief federal land claims negotiator. [It was both “trick and treat, eh! Eric!] What’s the deal here?

This scenario smells! The report did nothing to clarify how the government agents got James Gabriel to carry out the dirty work, stating, “Public Safety believes that they were dealing with a council that is quite amenable to our objectives”. In other words, they knew he was their stooge and they could use him to ride rough shod over the properly constituted Police Commission and any semblance of democratic due process.

The book, “Who’s Sorry Now? The Good, the bad and the unapologetic Mohawks of Kanehsatake” outlines this attack in great detail. [LINK]

Niocan Inc. has wanted to open up a mine for the niobium that lies under Kanehsatake for a long time. This is a rare mineral needed by the military for weaponry and space exploration. The Mohawks have resisted this dangerously toxic venture since the 1970s.

Eric Maldoff, the Heenan Blaikie ambulance chaser, controlled “Grand Chief” James Gabriel. Former Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, now of Heenan Blaikie, sent Eric Maldoff there to “keep Kanehsatake off the front pages”. Subsequent Prime Minister, Paul Martin, pushed the button to send in the goons to attack the Mohawks on that early morning of January 12, 2004. The report never gave any reason for this armed invasion. How is that?

Eric Maldoff has experience in Heenan Blaikie, the Privy Council Office and chief federal negotiator for Canada on the Kanehsatake “file”. Because of these connections, he was able to orchestrate this fiasco. Who benefited? Well, Eric and his bosses. This expensive and vicious attack didn’t do anything for the Mohawks or the Canadian people? It’s hard to tell the difference between this and being mugged on the street, isn’t it? At least the drug addict who mugs you does it to your face without pretending they’re doing you a favor!

A lot of planning went into this. The “Mohawk Coalition” was a corporation set up temporarily after the Mohawk Crisis of 1990 to get programs and an election going in the community. After it fell dormant, it was stolen by Clarence Simon, James Gabriel and Leona Bonspiel. The audit denies that millions in government funds were put through this stolen corporation but does admit that vehicles were registered to it. The Mohawk Coalition was also used to divert Mohawk community funds which were then placed in the third party management of PricewaterhouseCoopers [PWC].

Without the knowledge or consent of the community, PWC became the “payment center” for everything, based on James Gabriel’s approval. PWC obstructed justice by not opening up their books for the auditors to examine. They claim they are owed money. They will only answer questions if they’re paid.

According to the Supreme Court of Canada, the Canadian government has a fiduciary responsibility towards the Indigenous peoples. We can only wonder why the auditor didn’t get a court to subpoena PWC’s records. Is the problem that they weren’t paid, or are they worried about something? Maybe PWC owes the Mohawks some money! They will have to answer questions for free if a full and proper public inquiry is conducted. Are there enough honest people left in the Canadian government to see this happen?

When James Gabriel started hiring the goons in 2003, a public relations firm, Communications Strategies of Montreal, was hired to control the spin in the media, who never hesitate to demonize the Mohawks. In 1996 the Privy Council Office hired Richard Walsh, a known felon, to dig up dirt and set us up. According to Ontario Provincial Police documents, Walsh was wanted all over Ontario for credit card fraud. His criminal record seems to have gotten him the job.

Treasury Board Acts were violated to divert $58 million into the stolen corporation. Community programs were cut. The funds for the coup came through the Solicitor Generals office, Public Safety, Indian Affairs and Eric Maldoff of Heenan Blaikie for the Privy Council Office. Maldoff was paid millions for his plotting. Meanwhile in Kanehsatake health and education benefits were cut. Since all the conniving was being done in secret, this was another sign that something big was going wrong for us.

Good policing is neutral. Everybody is equal before the law. This is why Kanehsatake had an independent Police Commission.

The Canadian government agencies set James Gabriel up like a third world dictator. They secretly got him to sign a Tripartite Policing Agreement on behalf of the MCK. He had no authority to usurp the legal mandate of the community’s Police Commission. He did not even have a quorum or consensus of the council.

James Gabriel’s police continued to receive millions for their illicit operations. There was no policing in Kanehsatake and still isn’t. They acted as his personal body guards, at a cost of over $6 million in two years. He walked around the Laval Hilton like a rock star with this entourage carrying weapons openly.

Eric Maldoff of Heenan Blaikie and his associates, Chantal Bernier of Emergency Preparedness and Walter Walling of Indian Affairs, among others, should be charged with meddling in the 2005 election. The election of 2005, that supposedly put things right, was rigged by adding hundreds of non-residents and non-natives to the voting list so they out-numbered the voters living in the community. $500,000 was spent to bring in the council that Indian Affairs wanted and needed to support their schemes.

Eric Maldoff was chief federal land claims negotiator. At the same time his law firm, Heenan Blaikie, handled 28 frivolous cases for James Gabriel, building files on his “enemies”. It was not revealed how much money was spent on the judges and lawyers who helped James Gabriel victimize the Mohawks. His side was funded and not the other side.

Guy Dufort of Heenan Blaikie has now replaced Eric Maldoff as chief federal negotiator. Talk about conflict of interest! Guy Dufort is also the lawyer for the Sulpicians who are the adversaries of the Mohawks in this claim to our land. It was recently announced that he is running for the federal election in Westmount this summer as a Conservative Party candidate. Is this another reason for this audit whitewash? Is the government trying to maintain “cabinet secrecy” should he get elected?

There never was any evidence of “organized crime” in Kanehsatake, as confirmed by SQ Director General, Norman Proulx. “The raid was illegal” and staged by Ottawa. The SQ and RCMP said there was no evidence to justify this operation. The plans were made in secret between MCK and the federal cabinet.

There were no complaints or allegations of misconduct against Tracy Cross, the duly appointed police chief. The principles of fundamental justice set out by the Supreme Court of Canada, state that an accused has a right to know the case against him and to give full answer and reply. Gabriel and his handlers ignored all this. They just sent in their mercenaries without warning to kick out Cross and the legitimate police force. There were no formal charges, no due process, nothing! Just raw third world thuggery!

We need to know which bureaucrats and which politicians were involved. Who were their partners in crime? Who made the plans? Who made the decisions? Who gave the order to attack the Mohawks? What happened to democratic due process?

Laws were being broken and lives could have been lost. We are not exaggerating. Not mentioned by the auditors was the “take out on sight” list carried in by the attacking force. Who compiled it? On what authority? This needs a legal audit. Why were the Kanehsatake people subjected to false charges and the expense of their legal defense? [Link].

MCK and Canadian government interference in policing is a breach of the Tripartite Agreement. A politician can’t tell a cop what to do. Cops are supposed to be lawful. James Gabriel swore in and deputized officers. He did not have authority to do this as Grand Chief. Many of the 67 mercenaries he swore in were not qualified as police officers, or even to handle firearms. Why were these guys given $4,000 “Accuracy International Sniper Rifles” designed to kill with precise accuracy? What has this got to do with democratic due process?

The Navigant report stated that decisions on policing were made among Indian Affairs, Eric Maldoff as chief federal negotiator and the Privy Council Office and possibly the Prime Minister’s Office. Strangely, Maldoff was “authorized to negotiate a policing agreement”. He is reported to have taken the view that “strong policing was critical for good governance and the negotiation process” [to go the right way]. Maldoff and Indian Affairs “were strong supporters of” James Gabriel. “They believed that he was a good negotiation partner”.

This presents a serious test for the integrity of Canada’s legal institutions. Here we have serious evidence of violations leading straight to the Prime Minister’s Office. We have evidence that armed force was used to override the community’s legitimate institutions. There needs to be a legal investigation conducted by a neutral third party that has no vested interest in the outcome. The corruption seems to go to the core of Canada’s ostensibly democratic institutions.

The roots to this corruption run very deep. The role of genealogist Joan Holmes needs to be investigated. Eric Maldoff brought her in to compile a fake history of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake in support of Canada’s claim to our land. Her research needs to be scrutinized by qualified historians. Her involvement in the 2005 election also needs to be investigated. We saw a surge in membership that made the vote go in a direction that appears to have been designated. No one ever saw the new “Indians”. They faxed in their votes. The voters’ list was kept secret. The Mohawks still don’t know who these hundreds of people were or how they managed to capture the election for whoever set them up. To maintain the integrity of the process, the list of voters’ names and addresses must be made public!

The Access to Information documents reveal that this scam surrounding Kanehsatake involved a lot of people [see list below]. Their actions need to be investigated and criminal charges need to be laid where appropriate. A public inquiry with subpoena powers is needed. The law breaking we have been experiencing has to stop.

The motivation for keeping James Gabriel in power at such exorbitant costs seems to have been to cover up a morass of federal government corruption. These are connected to three major issues: the push to open the dangerously polluting niobium mine; the attempt to grab 250 sq. mi. of Mohawk land that is subject to a land claims settlement; and the $58 million that was surreptitiously diverted through the dormant Mohawk Coalition corporation. We have seen government documents that prove the existence of these violations. The public has a right to know.

A public inquiry with a wide scope and terms of reference is demanded to go after all of them especially “cabinet secrecy”. Those found guilty of crimes against the people must be punished, even if they are former prime ministers. Nobody should be above the law.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News


-PriceWaterhouseCoopers, [the Nazi “Farben” of Kanehsatake]

-Gilles “Turd-Party-Bean-Counter” Gagnon of PWC, 514-205-5000

-Jacques “Former-Inspector-Clouseau” Chagnon, Quebec Public Security

-Chantal “Who-had-a-dirty-hand-in-everything” Bernier,

-Eric “Who-Drives-the-Blunder-Bus” Maldoff, Heenan Blaikie, 514-846-2249

-Ryan W. “Sour Man” Mansour, Policy Advisor, Quebec Caucus Liaison, Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of PSEPC, 613-991-2924

-Margaret “Trying-to-Suck-Indian-Blood” Bloodworth, a big player, ADM PSEPC She is almost at the top of PCO as “National Security Advisor” to the Prime Minister and Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet, 613-957-5466 Fax 613-953-5089 [328 Langevin, Ottawa]

-Walter “Whose-Billy-Club-has-been-taken-away” Walling,; also known as Walter “Wall-Street” Walling for being the first “bag man” sent into Kanehsatake

-Christian “Anti-Christ” Rouleau,

-Andre “Turn” Cote,

-Stuart “Swan Song” Swanson,

-David “Economic-Hit-Man” Hallman, DG Economic Development, Indian Affairs, 819-953-0517

-Paul “The White Man” Leblanc,

-Jean “Lapse-of-Selected-Memory” Chartrand, 613-990-8470

-Yvan “Who-Maintains-Toilet-Supplies” Dery, for the Privy Council Office

-Stephen “Here’s-My-Card” Reynolds,

-Annik “The Squeak” Pelletier, of Justice Canada

-Denise “Who-was-in-there-like-a-dirty-shirt” Charron, 613-991-1694

-Sylvia “Ambulance-Chaser” McKenzie, legal counsel, Justice Canada 613-998-3952

-Gilles “Pig-Shop-Keeper” Rochon, DG Aboriginal Policing Directorate 613-990-2666

-Zuwena “Squeal” Robidas, mouthpiece, 613-993-2596

-Helene “Parrot” Philippe, Indian Affairs mouthpiece,

-Emanuel “Little-Lamb” Chabot, Public Affairs & Emergency Preparedness, 613-990-4353

-“Slippery” Jim Beaver

-Peter “Flat-Foot” Fisher, Police Services PSEPC, fax 613-991-0961

-Louise “Who-doesn’t-know-the-half-of-it” Savage,

-Louis-Alexandre “Who-Sits-On-a-Very-High-Chair” Guay, Justice Canada,

-Ghyslain “Gestapo” Picard, AFN, Quebec.

Pierre “Jellyfish” Nepton, Indian Affairs, Quebec Region

***Send your comments to: GG Michaelle Jean; PM Stephen Harper; Ontario Premier; Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl;

Go here for 108 page audit report: Government of Canada releases forensic audit report


AMAZING OR DISGUSTING? $58 Million to Foot Kanehsatake War.

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