MNN. MAY 21, 2012. The word government means; to control (govern) the mind (mente), this action is terrorism.   Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s job is to continue using this terrorist strategy. A terrorist attack, demonizing tactic or friendly dictator is a scripted performance. Terrorism is the constant use or threat of violence to intimidate, create fear and submission. Actors or agents provocateurs are often used to set up directed attacks to demonize, assault and bring us under control.

Peace at last.

Peace at last!

The Corporation of Canada commits acts of unlawful violence and war. The formula is similar to criminal organizations and protection rackets, both have a chain of command and conspiracy cells. Opponents are legitimized so armed force can be sent in against civilians. Mental and physical violence are designed to frighten, kill innocent people and intimidate the population. The public is subjected to political, violent and psychological repercussions. 

Harper: "Duffy, Flanagan, Wright, Wallin, Rob, Patrick - let's go!"

Harper: “Duffy, Flanagan, Wright, Wallin, Ford, Brazeau – let’s go for it!”


The government runs a protection racket called “regulatory capture”, where an agency created to protect the public interest, instead advances the corporate interests of the sector they are regulating.  Government threatens imprisonment, property confiscation or damage if the people do not pay them for “protection”. Police enforce this “tax grab”. Corporate agents divide up the geographical, business or transaction territories. Officials demand bribes to look the other way, extort kickbacks or give campaign contributions for favors. Mainstream media is the ministry of propaganda in the corporate government and reinforces terrorism.  

Canadian terrorism is warfare against unarmed Indigenous people. Canada refuses to deal with unresolved political differences with the true land, resource and fund owners. Canada dominates through its military and threat institutions like child and social welfare, education, jails, courts, employment system, all funded by the bankers. Indigenous complain about oppressive by-laws, criminal procedures and enhanced military powers, like in Oka in 1990. Tactics include increased intelligence and surveillance and permissive interrogation and detention policies.

career choice

Even powerful dictatorships like Canada need more than fear. Psychological terrorism is manufactured to make the people give in to the government demands.  The government always act like victims of terrorism when in fact they are the terrorists. Terrorism is made up fiction by the fascists running US and Canada. In the end the terrorists will be exposed for who they are, no matter how many mass shootings or bombings they do against us, the people.  

Watch out for Indigenous WMD!

Watch out for Indigenous WMD!


Canada steals power by promising false security. They threaten to destroy businesses, kidnap children through Child Welfare, or send the victim to prison. Hillary Clinton admitted that Al Quaeda was a CIA creation. The media have convinced the People that their enemy is the elusive and imaginary Al Quaeda. Then the state legitimize killing its own citizens, at will. The more elusive or imaginary the government created foe or terrorist, the better for getting public support. As Conway Twitty sings; ” People see us everywhere. They think you really care. But myself, I can’t deceive, I know it’s only make believe.”Only make believe

Hillary Clinton on Al Quaeda

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MNN. May 16, 2013. The bloodline bankers of Europe are trying to hang onto control of our $105 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Great Turtle Island is governed by the law of the land, Kaianerehkowa, the Great Law of Peace. The Corporation of Canada has no claim to our land, resources and money.

To continue the fraud they are proposing a bloodline regent to be placed as the king of Canada. Prince Charles is another mask on the corporate structure to legitimize their theft and murder.   They are going to foment resistance and send in the military and get the people to support them, like they did with the PsyOp operation at Whiskey Trench in 1990.  When the settlers join with their Indians, the whole bloodline debt, war, fraud scam is over. The bloodline will be “cast down from whence they came for the rest of eternity”.

charles camilla 

A bloodline terrorist needs to be the hereditary titleholder of Canada displacing Indigenous people. When the army comes, nobody has civil rights. Canadians will not welcome them, like the Austrians did Hitler in 1936. There is no ratified constitution. So the courts do not have to follow it. 

The head will not be a Governor General, but an actual bloodline prince. The Governor General Act was an Order in Council signed by Prime Minister St. Laurent in 1952. It was never approved by the British or Canadian Parliaments. By design the Prime Minister is the dictator. He can go to his Governor General and prorogue Parliament, at which time Canada is immediately under martial law.bald 

Prime Minister Harper announced he is dismantling sovereignty in favor of globalism [corporatism]. The Indigenous are the only true sovereigns on Great Turtle Island. He is stating he will get rid of us and that his bosses (the shareholders of the corporation of Canada), will own everything outright! His reward will be placed in his wife’s ever-growing off-shore trust account.  

Hierarchy is the original lie. When this is dismantled, then the pyramidal control grid will collapse in on itself. We will have everlasting peace on earth. Charles tells us who he really is as Mick Jagger sang in  sympathy for the devil “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste. Been around for long, long years. Stole many a man’s soul and faith. I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment of doubt and pain.” indians & GG

Montreal Gazette story

Harper’s speech on sovereignty

Governor General position

Charles Regent of Canada

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UN Big Bully




MNN. Apr. 23, 2013. The truth about Canada is coming out Is Big Bully Canada also writing the “anti-bully” legislation currently at the UN? In 1998 the National Archives of the University of Quebec, revealed that John Humphreys of McGill University wrote the 48 articles in the UN draft declaration. He was the first UN Commissioner of Human Rights. A strenuous conscious strategy by the Canadian government tried to stop the declaration. Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent, said “We don’t like it and we’re going to stop it”.  Canada played a subversive role with little regard for human rights. The document boldly stated everybody is equal before the law. They had an abiding fear of economic and social rights for people, especially Indigenous. 

Canada, liar pants on fire!

Canada, liar, liar pants on fire!

Canada refuses to respect Indigenous jurisdiction and our true traditional governments. It criticizes human rights violations overseas and refuses to deal with human rights violations here. 

Stolen property, no matter how many times it is resold, is still stolen property. Canada is wealthy because they steal, extract and sell our resources. They made themselves the illegal trustees of our ever growing $70 trillion Indian Trust Fund, the biggest trust fund in the world. They criticize China, Indonesia, Syria, Iran and others for what they have been doing all along. Canada has been questioned about its human rights violations and genocidal policies. It always sidesteps the question internationally and in its own courts. 

Canada refuses to acknowledge the real Onkwehonwe. The first principle of the rule of law is a right to an impartial neutral party to mediate disputes. Canada refuses to subject their criminal relationship with Indigenous nations to a third party. 

Canada disdain for UN.

Any nation that questions Canada’s genocidal policies is threatened through the UN and other corporate structures. They will use whatever it takes, to protect the bankers’ hegemony over the people and the land.  

Canada’s system is a plutocracy, whoever has the most money makes the rules. Canada was designed and built as a corporation that sits on stolen land, without the permission of the Indigenous people. That is the reason for Canada’s disregard for all international agreements that protect the environment. 

Truth and justice will light the “Red Road” back to legality. Corporation of Canada is nearing the end.   As Joni Mitchell sings: “They took all the trees and put them in a tree museum. Then they charged the people a dollar and a half just to see them. Don’t it always go to show, that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. They paved paradise. They put up a parking lot.” Big Yellow Taxi

What happened to parking lots?

Alberta’s future.

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MNN. APR. 4, 2013. Canada is the first corporate state that the bankers want to model all other states after for the one world order. Minister of Foreign Affairs, John, Baird is used to the banker-controlled Canadian press, not to answering real questions. He confirmed that Canada is a corporation that depends on money, bribery and lies, as all corporations do. The Foreign Affairs Minister’s job is to deliver the bribe, eg., “Sign this, or vote like this, or you won’t get any money”.

"This press conference is now closed".

“This press conference is now closed”.

Prime Minister Harper runs a corporation that pretends to be a democracy. People are subjects with no say. The banker shareholders decide everything. The Senators’ are the directors that oversee the officers. The Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition and Finance Minister are the officers. Their job is to maximize profits for the shareholders.  

On March 31, 2013 a press conference was held in Jordan to talk about Syria and trade with Jordan. Baird said there is no tradition of coalition governments in Canada!! The Harper Conservatives with 38% run Parliament counting it as a majority. Harper’s favorite biography was about Josef Stalin, who said, “It matters not who wins the vote, only who counts it”.

Sheik: "Canada's not a country?"

Sheik: “Canada’s not a country?”

Canada is a firm backer of Israel. Should Israel fall, so would Canada and the US. An AD-Dustour reporter asked about Canada being under the rule of the Queen of England. Baird said the Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, with the approval of the Queen. The Governor General does as he’s told by the Prime Minister. In 2008, Harper almost got a vote of non-confidence over his objection to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the Kyoto Protocol. He said Canada’s economy would collapse. Prime Minister Harper went to the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. A General Election was called. 

An Efranews reporter asked about why Canada pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3% at the Conference of the Parties in Copenhagen, while the EU agreed to 20% to 30%. The Jordan Star reporter asked about Canada being the only UN country unwilling to combat Desertification. 

Baird explained Parliament is not involved in international agreements. The Prime Minister and cabinet can sign or ratify or withdraw from international instruments. They can secretly sign any international covenant, convention or treaty. Canada is not a country. It is an off-shore corporation that must generate profits for the shareholders. 

bribeAnother reporter asked about Canada’s refusal to adopt the UN Declaration on a nuclear arms free Middle East. Canada has a double standard by condoning Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons while condemning Iran. Baird said Israel was a democracy, Iran was not. Then a reporter suggested that Canada sounded more like an autocracy than a democracy. Baird mumbled incoherently and shut down the Press Conference. As the Beatles sang” “I need a fix cause I’m goin’ down.  Down to the bits that I’ve left up town. I need a fix  because ‘m goin down.”Happiness is a warm gun

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MNN. Mar. 28, 2013.  Each Indigenous has an equal share of the ever-growing $50.3 trillion Indian Trust Fund being administered by the illegal trustee, the Corporation of Canada, through the Department of Indian Affairs, 10 Wellington Street, Ottawa/Hull. It is the accumulated wealth from the exploitation of our natural resources. We demand our fund. Should they refuse to turn it over to us, we will seize our assets and foreclose on the law-breaking trustee.

14th floor backed out windows is the "war room".

14th floor blacked out windows was the “war room” in 1990.

They have to pay for their genocide and they know it. Sorry isn’t good enough. 

Canada is spending our fund without our knowledge or consent. They use it as collateral for payment of the corporation’s debts, to raise money on the stock exchange and to bolster the Canadian banking system. 

The Indigenous People will recover our Indian Trust Fund that was set up under Section 109 of the British North America in 1867. The same year the Corporation of Canada passed the illegal “persons” law that “a person is anyone other than an Indian” so they could become the trustees of our fund.  

All parties have been put on notice by registered mail sent to Prime Minister Harper by a Mohawk woman elder, demanding her share of the Indian Trust Fund. 

The trustee has defaulted. The entire fund shall be returned, along with any amount spent or loaned, plus all the interest. The Corporation of Canada will be dissolved to liquidate its debt to us that they cannot pay. 

Not with our ever growing Indian Trust Fund.

We will foreclose on all the banks and shareholders of the Corporation of Canada who are guilty of selling our land and resources to accumulate this fund. Should there not be enough funds to cover the principle amount owed, the accrued interest and fees, all federal property throughout Canada will be seized by the Indigenous beneficiaries of the trust.   

To begin the process, we can convene a meeting of our People of our communities and notify Canada to return our fund. Should they not respond, we will begin the foreclosure procedures and seize all the assets of the corporation. 

Don't come back, you hear!

All Canadians have benefited from the proceeds of our funds. To begin the reconciliation- repayment process, they will have to assist us. Should they wish to stay here, they must polish the chain, wipe the dust off of their own memories and start living according to the principles of the original Two Row Wampum agreement. Once a nation accepts the Peace they are obligated to spread it, to the world.

As Robert Plant sang: Hang man, hang man. Upon your face a smile. Pray tell me that I’m free to ride, ride for many a mile. Your brother brought me silver. You sister warmed my soul. But now I laugh and pull so hard, I see you swinging on the gallows pole.” 

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mnnlogo1THE GRUDGE 

MNN.  Jan. 31, 2013. We remember that Canadians elected megalomaniac Stephen Harper as CEO of the Corporation of Canada. His two main goals for the shareholders are to get rid of the landowners, the Indigenous people, once and for all, and to steal our resources for good.

Canada is a hot dictatorship. Harper can enact laws without consulting anyone. He can prorogue Parliament anytime to put the illusion of democracy on hold. He doesn’t have to answer to anybody. Two years ago the people could have pulled the plug on him. They did nothing.   

Herr Harper, the crime is genocide!

Herr Harper, the crime is genocide!

Canadians, even though they may not like his genocide strategy, turn a blind eye. They are complicit in the genocide. When will they stop looking away while he puts Canada in all the wars of the black serpent, in Mali, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and so on? Everybody will either end up dead or continue serving the male hierarchy as slaves.  

Residential Schools are their monuments to remind us of Canada’s trail towards fascism and mass murder. 50% of our children were killed. Hitler studied and perfected this death camp system with a 100% death rate.  

The masses erase from their memory all the crimes committed against us to get what they have today. The thugs of the royal economic crime syndicates are setting up their machinery of global mass murder in Canada because they think Canadians will not resist, “We need the jobs.  We have to follow orders!” 

Criminals need the Red Serpent, Atleo, here surrounded by White Serpent.

Criminals need the Red Serpent, Atleo, here surrounded by White Serpent.

Canada has a British Parliamentary system based on hierarchy.  Canada is a Corporation with shareholders [bankers].  Directors [Senators] are appointed to oversee the officers.  The officers [Members of Parliament] manage the day-to-day operation of the corporation to provide ever increasing dividends for the shareholders. The top officers are the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Finance Minister. The  directors [the Senators] only report to the shareholders of the corporation [bankers].  None answer to the people, only to the bankers.  

The main duty of the officers of the corporation is to provide ever growing profits to the shareholders and to continue the illusion of freedom to the people. Harper often reminds the masses they have no rights, only privileges. Our Great Mother always reminds us to resist!  

Too many Heil Harpers is making you sick!

Jim, Too many Heil Harpers is making you sick!

Minister of Finance, Jim “Austerity Measures” Flaherty, is suddenly suffering from a mysterious disease that makes his face look fat. It could be the “Owistah” disease.  

As Blue Oyster Cult sang in Godzilla:  “History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla, Godzilla”.    Blue Oyster Cult: Godzilla

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MNN.  25 June 1012.  Every July 1st Canadians celebrate the birth of their corporation.  
July 1, 1867 Canada was issued its corporate number through Washington DC from the City of London bankers.   All of the original shareholders were part of the 13 Royal bloodlines and still own the corporation.  
At the Coliseum known as Parliament Hill, the thirsty masses gather to sing, “Oh Canada, our home on native land”, drinking, partying, revelry, fireworks, vacations and a long weekend;  all to scream and holler over their illusion of freedom.     
PARENTS ARE FORCED TO SIGN THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE turning their children over to the corporation as a property of the shareholders.  [Under Roman Law capitus diminutio maxima].  They are traded as a commodity every day on the stock exchanges. 
Indigenous land and resources are usurped.  We Ongwehonwe are real people and not pretend. The natural world placed us here to be one with our mother and all of our relations. 
The corporation of Canada uses our natural resources as collateral to bolster the Canadian dollar.  This is theft.  When they force us to turn our babies into corporate property without our knowledge or consent, that is fraud of the highest order.  The corporations and their agents are the biggest “snakeheads” and human traffickers.    
The corporation enforces its by-laws through their admiralty court system.  The banks and corporations gave themselves illegal jurisdiction over all trade over the waters of the earth.  They extort fees from all other businesses and people.
Harper dismantled all the environmental protection laws that have been carefully crafted over 40 years with his new Bill C-38 (  Foreign corporations can now come in, destroy and squeeze every last resource out of the earth. They want to create more deserts that will not be fit for human habitation.    
These spoiled brat shareholders that have been in-breeding for thousands of years scream, “Gimme! Gimme!  It’s all mine!” Their lie called hierarchy is coming to an end.  The shareholders are saying, “Before the end, we are taking everything”.    
Despite their efforts, World War III will not happen.  Plan B is already operational, through many fronts, such as manipulation of food, air, pharmaceuticals, wars, etc. to cull 80% of their slaves worldwide.     
July 1 is a big drunken barbecue for the extremely ignorant unknowing public, whom are celebrating their slavery.As Stompin Tom sang, “The girls are out to bingo, the boys are getting stinko. There ain’t no need for INCO on a Sudbury Saturday night”.
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