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MNN. Oct. 29 2018. tsi-iot-kwa-ra-ro-roks, “they cover their faces” [halloween]. The 1676 thanksgiving atrocity was the celebration of the genocide which was and is blessed by their god, money. It was part of the original purge of our people. American evil was set in motion, to glorify racist barbarity called “nation building”.   


Halloween is designed to show who is the most evil and brutal and to desensitize people to violence and shedding others’ blood. The screams are pretend horror but are actually laughter. They think scaring somebody is funny!

We are still marked for extinction as long as we exist and resist. We represent the native interest to the land and resources of turtle island. National policies and programs promote crimes against natives. Government conspired with criminals to destroy the mind and body of the original people and to pillage mother earth.  


Every Halloween the “land and flesh bandits” reenact the biggest holocaust in all mankind, of over 100 million original people of the Western Hemisphere. The kids skulk around in Dollar Store costumes and masks that cover the real barbaric character of their culture. They go door to door and ask for “trick or treat”. If you don’t hand over the goods, they threaten to kill, smash windows and paint graffiti on your property. All for fun!  

The kids pretend to carry out a purge. They are conditioned to murder and terrorize almost every day from televison, games, films and school curriculums. Screaming, scaring and being frightened are suppose to get out their innate anger and aggression. It’s an all-you-can-kill buffet brought to turtle island, to murder most of our ancestors. They do not think it was wrong, or they never heard about it. They chose to believe we are not humans and had the green light to kill us.  

Everything they want and have is stolen from us. We continue to resist as it is mandated in our teachings by the kaianerekowa, great peace. Now the lower class are being eliminated so the rich can get richer and most of the “useless eaters” can be removed. 


Most boss predators are light skinned, blue-eyed and bald. They are protected by lavish security systems and live in gated communities. We’re kept in prison camps called “reservations”.   As the ironworkers say: United we stand. Divided we beg!”

Hysteria is being stirred up because of economic collapse and social unrest. Rage increases aggression so they can focus the public on acting out their violent impulses mostly on the poor.


Whites in blackface are covering up to not show their hatred. They don’t want to show their real faces. They dress up to hide their true identity. 

Foreign place names of our land are part of the racist ‘purge’. Invaders discard the real names of turtle island to forget where they are. Washington ordered the purge of the people, environment, wildlife and resources. Self-empowerment of the intruders is based on their creating an illusion they’ve always been here. Everyone knows they are invaders. All subsequent presidents follow that order. Nature will persevere.

US and Canada are corporations, not nations. turtle island is not their “home”.  It is the homeland and birthright of the true original people and all life natural to turtle island. Their misrepresentations are reprehensible and unacceptable. We are uncovering what the criminals have done and they will be disciplined accordingly. 

Instead of scaring and terrifying the children, take the mask off and have a vigil for the millions of our murdered ancestors.  

Those who refuse to give offerings are threatened. Halloween is their culture, a satanic day when their real self comes out – greed, demands for goods, lasciviousness, idolatry, withchcraft, hatred, wrath, strife, envy and murders. Land tenures were renewed at this time. Once a year they atone for it. The rest of the year they continue as before.   

Halloween macabre is designed for the current crowd as sung by the Adams Family: “They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re altogether ooky. The Aadams Family.” Halloween is when the help of evil is invoked,  a time when we accept  the false greatness of white Americans. The unholy day of morbidity, death, fear, terror, destruction, demons, tricks, deception, suicides, human and animal sacrifices. When roaming spirits placate supernatural evil powers, to try to control the process of nature. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page. 

American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification of Racist Barbarity







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MNN. Oct. 28, 2018. Invaders are suffering from mass colonial alzheimers, ia-te-tse-ni-kon-ra-io-ten. Their brain feeds on lies. The USA [United States of Alzheimers] is eating itself from the inside. The world is finding out about the horrors they inflicted on us and our mother. It will stop. Everything has to be made right. INFO BELOW ON GATHERING AT 6 NATIONS, NOV. 19-23:


To save themselves, the corporate world will continue to lie and try to force everyone to fear them and continue to believe their lies. Natives know creation, our mother and nature are based on total truth of our past, present and future. The truth is coming out about the mass slaughter of almost all life on turtle island.


The few who know will ask what they can do to makes things right. The rest will pretend to or have alzheimers to avoid guilt, responsibility or even knowledge of their atrocities.      

tio-kwan-hok-sta is the circle of the families, the love that underlies native societies. All families are combined, to always work together, never to take up arms against each other and to survive together. te-kari-wa-ien-na-wakon means that we would link arms and always hold each other.

A gathering is happening in Oswego from November 19 to 23, 2018, to talk about our concerns on kanonshononni’onwe, the way of the people of the longhouse. Come with your thoughts, questions and ask for clarity. Your presence will make the agenda. 

The world is invited. Let us stand together to stop the injustice and untruth.


Buffy Sainte Marie sings about counterbalancing environmental greed: “Got Mother Nature on a luncheon plate. They carve her up and call it real estate. Want all the resources and all of the land. They make a war over it; they blow things up for it. ” Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page. 




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MNN. Oct. 21, 2018. For over 50 years this National Film Board documentary film was seen by millions of people around the world. Participants regularly get comments on the blockade of the International Bridge at Akwessne. It is one of the most important milestones in which natives made a definite statement to the world and governments that we have special rights and that the Canada-U.S border does not exist for natives people. The Jay Treaty of 1794 was for the intruders only. The treaty between the British and Americans has withstood many legal challenges by governments in the United States and Canada. It affirms our natural rights as the original peoples of turtle island. 

It is an international treaty between foreign nations with a provision [Article III] respecting our natural freedom and right to live freely on our land where creation placed us without any hindrance. 

All natives benefitted from this action by kanionkehaka/Mohawks who stood at the Customs House on that cold day on December 20, 1968. 

The rotinoshonni’onwe Iroquois have a long history of making such statements to the world. Annually in Niagara Falls the natives have marched across the Niagara River since the 1920s to remind them of our free passage and their borders do not apply to us.

Another history making event was when Paul K. Diabo of kahnawake, an ironworker, was ordered by the American government to be deported to Canada as an alien. The Supreme Court of the United States upheld the rights of natives to cross freely between Canada and the United States without hindrance or molestation. 

In 1968 the world saw a small group of Mohawks and other natives make a declaration that we are not going to allow anyone to interfere with our natural rights.  

This commemoration at Concordia University is a significant event. Everyone is welcome.  

THIS FILM AND OTHERS WILL BE SHOWN: CINEMA POLITICA NETWORK, “YOU ARE ON INDIAN LAND”, 1455 de Maisonneuve, Hall Building, Montreal, Quebec. Monday, Oct. 22nd 2018. Arrive at 6.30 pm. 37 mins. followed by open discussion. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.



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MNN. Oct. 13, 2018. ia-ta-tewa-ton-koton. We have not immersed ourselves into the corporate system. We cannot alienate ourselves from our birthright as the true natural people of turtle island. The invaders have no jurisdiction. We never gave them any. Their laws have no effect.


This decision is on laws they have no right to make. This decision by the Supreme Court of Canada affects those who have sold out to the false man-made law called the Indian act. They have no jurisdiction to make the Indian Act. Either way it has no precedent or binding affect on the onkwehonweh. It does not exist for anybody. Those of us who refuse know that no foreign government or corporation applies to us tewatatawi original people. They can’t make any law, thus there is nothing to talk about.  


 The Indian Act “Indians” are citizens of a foreign company set up by the invaders and have lost their onkwehonweh birthright as a result. Canada has no jurisdiction to make a constitution. The corporation of Canada owns nothing. Their committees known as the Indian Act band council do their dirty work for them. The Queen cannot give anybody what does not belong to her. She and her colony have no dominion over us, our land or all life on turtle island. We true natural people never relinquished anything. This case is in a court set up by the invaders to rule upon laws they have no right to make. All their laws and court decisions are made without jurisdiction on turtle island. Every decision they’ve ever made is null and void.  All laws made by the corporation of Canada [Parliament and US counterparts] are null and void.  


The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada invaders does not interfere with us. Only those who willingly help the corporation to administer the genocide program, the pipe line and other devastation on our mother. Eliminating us and our culture is their plan.   

Treaties give no rights. The invaders wanted treaties. We let them stay on our land according to our conditions. They broke them. Their agreement with is us is null and void. They are trespassing and must leave. We have the birthright to turtle island.

How dare the oppressors and their “criminal gang” dictate to us. We are from nature. We are real. They are paper made people. Their corporate laws and court decisions are man made fiction. Their institutions, rules and regulations are fake. New demands are constantly being made to keep their criminal gangs in business. The intruders never deal in good faith. Their own law states that if you take another’s property, you are committing a crime. The statute of limitations never ends. They will be held accountable. 

The court lied to the Mikisew Crees of Alberta. The chief wants to know who he can cry to now! He wants to go back to the same court and stand before the enemy and expect justice. The same court of oppressors will rule against him again. 

The court said the band councils are their boards and committees that have no rights except to do what they are told. They don’t have to consult them. Their job is to help the tyrants swindle their own families. A handful of invaders want to illegally decide the fate of millions of natural people.

They should be consulting with us about how they can follow the kaianerekowa, the only law of turtle island. Their judicial scams are designed to work in favor of the invading predators. A man is born stupid but he doesn’t have to stay that way. 

Alibaba and the 40 thieves [Canada and US] are not sovereign. They don’t have one inch of our land and can never get it. These unlawful occupiers have no right to legislate laws to us. They own the willing members of their band council, national and territorial “Indian” sidekicks who have alienated their birthright. 

The lawless make schemes called laws to steal from us. No man has the right to deny us our birthright which comes from creation. We have a winning hand which paper made corporations cannot defeat. They ignore truth and justice but it will always exist in the natural world.  

When the band council puppets look to the invaders as their authority, they are letting them destroy us, our mother and all life. Like those who helped capture Geronimo, all the traitors will be rounded up and dealt with accordingly.  


Today we don’t have barbed wire fences around us. We have reservation prisons administered by the military who run the colony.  

The lawyers pledge allegiance to the very institutions and rules that oppress us. Their job is to tell us we have no rights. Then they haul us into court to receive more injustice. We are told to believe in something that does not exist in their system, justice and truth. 

We can live on our land until they want it. Sir William Johnson told the King, “Any man that would dare to call the iroquois ‘subjects’ better have a good army at his back, because no sooner would those words be spoken, they would slit his throat, because the Iroquois do not consider themselves subjects of anyone. They are of their own”.

Our teachings, language, genetic memories and the kaianerekowa keep us strong. We are raised to take responsibility for our own actions. We are naturally free and can never be subject to unlawful rules made by the invaders. They never defeated us. They can only ask us how they shall live by the kaianerekowa. If they don’t, they must leave. The onkwehonweh demonstrated their right to be free on the island in 1990: Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.




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MNN. Oct. 10, 2018. Every year the intruders to turtle island celebrate the continuing genocide of the natural people. Christopher Columbus and Thanksgiving go together with the hysterical Black Friday shopping frenzy that breaks out to divert their attention on the annihilation of millions of onkwehonweh, the true natural people. 


Our kids were kidnapped and imprisoned in “Child Elimination Centers” called residential schools. They were kidnapped, tortured and burnt in stoves in the basement. The schools were an extension of the genocide policy which continues today.

A repressive regime of fake people was established that funds and carries out the genocide  operation. 

The invaders made rules on every aspect of our life. We suffered a soul sucking life and death for hundreds of years. Knowledge of our existence was almost totally eradicated by the invaders. These paper made people recruit the Indians to do their dirty work for them. 


The state maintains extensive surveillance on us. We are out in the open on our land trying to survive.

We are nature. We will save each other. The world knows that Canada and the United States are murderers.

We are being held hostage. We are born free and will get our freedom.

The invaders came here to kill and exploit, not in peace. They failed miserably as a species on this planet. They are now masterminding their own extinction. Nature will make difficult decisions to ensure our survival.

A Native American Thanksgiving

by Toni Duncan – Member, Round Valley Tribes


M.I.A. ponders te hon wani shoton in “Born Free”: “Man made power. Stood like a tower higher. Hi’ya hi’ya hello. And the higher you go. You feel lower oh oh. So I was close to the ants. Staying under cover, staying under cover With the nose to the ground.

I found my sound. Got myself an interview tomara. Got myself a jacket for a dollar. And my nails are chipped But I’m eager. And car doesn’t work so I’m stuck here. I don’t wanna live for tomara. I’ll push my luck today. I’ll throw this in ya face when I see ya. I got somethin’ to say. I’ll throw this shit in ya face when I see ya Cause I got somin’ to say. . . . I was born free, born free, I was born free, born free” Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.


Here come the warriors

 here come the warriors



Reprinted. OCT. 6, 2018. An oldie but goodie!

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MNN. APR. 8, 2015. Red-X, our ancient medicine man, travels inter-dimensionally and reports to us from his perch on the mountaintop where the sun never sets. He wants to discuss the current state of media affairs. He nominates for the First Annual MNN Award for Experts of Nothing in the Media the CBC’s “At Issue”. They are promoted as experts of everything. Red-X reveals they are actually experts of nothing.

Skawennahawi once saw Red-X.

Skawennahawi once saw Red-X.

Red-X suggests these corporate mouthpieces should become truthful. They should all wear the corporate logos of their sponsors. They’re selling products that continue the war, like Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Shell, Pfizer, etc. Anderson Cooper on CNN “360” and all the networks have an “expert of nothing” show. Their “most trusted” anchors are being caught as rotten stinking liars. They’ll soon be practicing flying off the tops of skyscrapers, just like the bankers and scientists.



Experts of Nothing preparing.

Experts of Nothing being briefed before the show.

The television MC usually introduces them, “We are bringing in the experts to talk about this or that”. They turn out to be the same experts for everything else. Sometimes a new one is brought in for color. Experts of nothing usually hang out together, attending the same golf courses and social clubs, drinking martinis and other fancy drinks. They stand around discussing, “Today I think I’ll be an expert on the Ongwe’hon:we and misiform our audience on INDIAN issues.”. Red-X telepathically messages us that these people are part of the genocide and they would soon be melting into a pile of jello.

Red-X messaged to us: “They will never get away with genocide. All corporate citizens inherited this atrocity and pass it down to their children”. Malcolm X said, “You hold out your hand for an inheritance. You inherit the good and the horrific wickedness to get what you have. You have to atone. Your kids are as guilty as you”. Red X advised us that to persist as a people we have to separate fact from fiction, use our own minds and direct our moral energies to preserve the Great Peace”.

Then he said, “onen”, got on his silver bird and left for another dimensional expedition.

Red-X always said, "Follow the money"!

Red-X always said, “Follow the money”!

CBC, CTV, CNN, ABC. NBC, Fox, and the others, you gotta have something if you wanna be with us. As Billy Preston notes about them, “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You gotta have something if you wanna to be with me. I”m not trying to be your hero, cause that zero is too cold for me. Brrrr! I’m not trying to be your highness, because that minus is too low to see”.


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CBC experts of nothing, Andrew, Chantal and Bruce.

CBC experts of nothing, Andrew, Chantal and Bruce.

CBC panel of ‘experts of nothing’.




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MNN. Oct. 4, 2018. Come, relatives, friends and allies, into the outstretched arms of our family!  We will use our voices. ie-kwa-nikon-ra-ien-ta-neh, so that we will always work together for our survival. te-tia-to-ret, we will learn and understand our old words.  

Your participation will make the agenda. Let us gather together to understand the way of the kanon’shonnni’onwe. Come with questions, ask for understanding and make comments. Each of us knows something. 

We will make for all our children an onkwehonweh future. Come and discuss the otiokwanhoksta, the Circle of the Family, which is the rotinonshonni [Iroquois Confederacy] and our relationships.  

Everyone is welcome to come and share the kaianerekowa, great peace.  


LODGING: The Bear’s Inn, 1979 4th Line, ohsweken ont. NOA IMO, 519-443-4133 half mile east Chiefswood Road.

Mohawk Motel, 769 Colborne, Brantford Ont. N35 352, near Woodland Cultural Center. “Best bang for your buck” 1-519-753-8621 

Sherwood Motel, 797 Colborne East, Brantford N3S 3S3 519-756-5261

Galaxy Motel 950 Colborne St, Brantford, ON N3S 3T5 Ont. (519) 304-6552

Days Inn, 460 Wynham Drive, Brantford, 1-519-759-2700
Grand Motel, 780 Colborne, Brantford 1-519-756-4004 Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.



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MNN. July 28, 2018. After and during the Russian Revolution, Japanese invasion of Korea, the Vietnam defeat of the United States, Quisling’s betrayal of Norway in WW2, and throughout history, the traitors were eliminated. Malcolm X advised everyone to weed their gardens. The corporate band council serpents pledged at the recent Assembly of the Traitors of the First Nations AFN to help the colonial invaders to steal our land and resources and annihilate our existence. The Indian Act provides that these culprits are the agents of the Canadian government. They violate the kaianerekowa, the true natural law of onowarekeh, great turtle island. Creation has always implemented the natural remedy for such evil.      

Those who voted for them are bound by the actions of their depraved “leaders”. It’s man-made corporations against nature. We are of nature. Nature never loses.  She always plays her winning hand whenever. Prayers can’t change nature, which does what it has to do.

The invaders left their homeland after defecating all over their mother. They will return from whence they came. We onkwehonweh, the true natural people, have an ally, our subonscious. The predators and their followers don’t. The MCK traitors are:    


No. 1. Being in charge of an army of ugly traitors is dangerous. They will turn on you and tear you to pieces. 



No. 2. In the ransacking of our people, land and resources, the traitor creates confusion, suffering, pain, humiliation, hopelessness, impoverishment of the mind, body and sense, even in their own families. The traitor lives an unremorseful self-serving life.



No. 3. Everybody knows who the traitors are.   


No. 4. Some traitors give themselves away. They can’t look you straight in the eye, they speak with a forked tongue and have no honor. They get a sore back from bowing and kneeling to their colonial enslavers no matter how much it hurts. Akeee!


No. 5. What is there to gain by working for the people, when one can be the boss of their own casino. It’s unconscionable!


No. 6. I feel like a traitor, a phoney, a fake. But actually I’m an overpaid hypocrite.  


No. 7. It won’t be long. The payoff is already in the off-shore account. As Sitting Bull said: “Money soon gone, but land is forever!”


No. 8. Get out of the way when the traitor is rushing to the $trough. Oink! Oink! What’s the legacy?


No. 9. A traitor is a fast flyer that has to keep adjusting the money bag [and credit card]  that hang over their eyes and ears, just like a jackass with blinders! They are beasts of burden.



No. 10. A traitor always steals from and betrays their own family. Their relations inherit their evil. 


No. 11. Money makes the world go round and can affect the whole family. We did better when there was no money and we worked together.


No. 12. There is no loyalty in the heart of a traitor, only the false act of appearing trustworthy. There is no honor among thieves.

Traitors never talk about strategies to save the land and the people. They are not of us, the 49 families tiokwenhoksta who made a compact with each other and creation to never spill blood and to live in peace according to kaianerekowa. When the invaders leave, they won’t take their puppets. The kaianerekowa will take care of them.  

The chapel bell will soon be ringing for the last time for the invaders and their 12 disciples as they evacuate turtle island. Chuck Berry sings: “C’est la vie”, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell”. Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.


Coffee with my ma

Chief Seattle’s words to the President.



MNN.  Jan. 10, 2013. Time to drop the Black Wampum.  The Indigenous People charge the Band Councils, Assembly of First Nations, provincial and territorial native organizations and all ‘Indian’ entities of the Corporation of Canada with “conspiracy” and “fraud”.

Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa, provides that the Women are the “progenitors of the soil”. Our duty is to preserve the land’s integrity on behalf of all our relatives.    

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Wampum 58 provides that as you knowingly betrayed and violated the will of the People, you have conspired to commit treason. You worked with a foreign entity to try to dissolve and destroy our title and birthright. As corporate agents of Canada you have no authority to enter into any agreements or contracts for any of our lands or possessions with them or any corporate entities.  You represent only yourselves and those who voted for you. You are helping them to fraudulently use our land and resources as collateral to raise money on the international stock market to come in and rape our land.  

“Any chief or other persons who submit to laws of a foreign people are alienated and forfeit all claims in the Iroquois nations, and to those of our Indigenous allies who abide by the law of the land, the Kaianerekowa”.  These traitors are not in but out of the canoe.  

Your connections with these foreign entities should be thoroughly investigated, starting with the shareholder list of the Corporation of Canada.  

If the Corporation of Canada wishes to enter into any formal agreement with the true Indigenous People, they must go through proper protocol with their Queen.  Order-in-Council UK [1704] affirms that a new impartial court can be set up to hear the land disputes on Onowaregeh.  We would be in agreement with countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Panama, Netherlands and Estonia setting up this impartial third party court.  

When Canada has no traitors, the corporation cannot trade the resources they have been stealing from us.  

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Senator Patrick “House Injun” Brazeau said that the chiefs have to be prepared with a “business plan solution”.  Our solution is to get rid of assimilated Indians like you. 

The settlers to legally enter our land made agreements according to The Great Peace of Montreal 1701 based on the Guswentha. The Royal Proclamation 1763 affirmed this arrangement.  Parliament represents the party that agreed to live here, but reneged on it. At this point we have no choice but to control our own destiny.  

Traitors are worse than the enemy, the lowest of the low.  Every culture loathes them.  They help foreign governments overthrow, make war against and seriously injure their own people. They undermine us from within.  

Traitors have been punished by public execution, hanging, shooting at dawn and beheading. Russians shot their traitors in the head and made the family pay for the bullet.  In our way, the women make the decision to drop the black wampum in front of the traitor. Traitors would be banished and shunned forever, their name never to be heard ever again. Their family has no rights and no voice.  The seed dies.  

Among many, one of the foremost traitors among us is Oren Lyons from Onondaga.  He requested Canada to send the army on us in the 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis.  We were peacefully protesting the expansion of a golf course on our burial and ceremonial site. 

As the Field Warriors say:  “You want a statue, or get an Order of Canada, be a traitor.” 

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Dedicated to the soon-to-be-extinct corporate Indian traitors,  Mick Jagger sang:  “I’m on the run, I hear the hounds.  My luck is up, my chips are own.  So good-bye baby, so-long now.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it, child.  The hand of fate is on me now.  The hand of fate is heavy now”.  Stones: Hand of fate

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