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MNN. July 28, 2018. After and during the Russian Revolution, Japanese invasion of Korea, the Vietnam defeat of the United States, Quisling’s betrayal of Norway in WW2, and throughout history, the traitors were eliminated. Malcolm X advised everyone to weed their gardens. The corporate band council serpents pledged at the recent Assembly of the Traitors of the First Nations AFN to help the colonial invaders to steal our land and resources and annihilate our existence. The Indian Act provides that these culprits are the agents of the Canadian government. They violate the kaianerekowa, the true natural law of onowarekeh, great turtle island. Creation has always implemented the natural remedy for such evil.      

Those who voted for them are bound by the actions of their depraved “leaders”. It’s man-made corporations against nature. We are of nature. Nature never loses.  She always plays her winning hand whenever. Prayers can’t change nature, which does what it has to do.

The invaders left their homeland after defecating all over their mother. They will return from whence they came. We onkwehonweh, the true natural people, have an ally, our subonscious. The predators and their followers don’t. The MCK traitors are:    


No. 1. Being in charge of an army of ugly traitors is dangerous. They will turn on you and tear you to pieces. 



No. 2. In the ransacking of our people, land and resources, the traitor creates confusion, suffering, pain, humiliation, hopelessness, impoverishment of the mind, body and sense, even in their own families. The traitor lives an unremorseful self-serving life.



No. 3. Everybody knows who the traitors are.   


No. 4. Some traitors give themselves away. They can’t look you straight in the eye, they speak with a forked tongue and have no honor. They get a sore back from bowing and kneeling to their colonial enslavers no matter how much it hurts. Akeee!


No. 5. What is there to gain by working for the people, when one can be the boss of their own casino. It’s unconscionable!


No. 6. I feel like a traitor, a phoney, a fake. But actually I’m an overpaid hypocrite.  


No. 7. It won’t be long. The payoff is already in the off-shore account. As Sitting Bull said: “Money soon gone, but land is forever!”


No. 8. Get out of the way when the traitor is rushing to the $trough. Oink! Oink! What’s the legacy?


No. 9. A traitor is a fast flyer that has to keep adjusting the money bag [and credit card]  that hang over their eyes and ears, just like a jackass with blinders! They are beasts of burden.



No. 10. A traitor always steals from and betrays their own family. Their relations inherit their evil. 


No. 11. Money makes the world go round and can affect the whole family. We did better when there was no money and we worked together.


No. 12. There is no loyalty in the heart of a traitor, only the false act of appearing trustworthy. There is no honor among thieves.

Traitors never talk about strategies to save the land and the people. They are not of us, the 49 families tiokwenhoksta who made a compact with each other and creation to never spill blood and to live in peace according to kaianerekowa. When the invaders leave, they won’t take their puppets. The kaianerekowa will take care of them.  

The chapel bell will soon be ringing for the last time for the invaders and their 12 disciples as they evacuate turtle island. Chuck Berry sings: “C’est la vie”, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell”. 

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https://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/afn-special-assembly-indigenous-rights-legislation-1.4644004 AFN read between the lines story

Coffee with my ma


Chief Seattle’s words to the President. http://www.ascensionnow.co.uk/chief-seattles-letter-to-the-american-president-1852.html


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MNN. SEPT. 11, 2018. Yes, we pushed this case for over 21 years. 
In the case of Jones et al. v. Parmley, et al, No. 17-928, the sovereign Onondaga 15 of the rotinoshonni, Iroquois Confederacy, are instituting proceedings in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, against the United States and its justice system. It is pursuant to Article 45 of the Rules of Court. It will be filed in the registry of the Court in September 2018. 

For us, jurisdiction and sovereignty are based on the kaianerekowa, the law of turtle island, which supercedes the United States court system.  

We, the Onondaga 15, request The International Court of Justice at The Hague to review the injustice of the United States court system in this 20 year old case. The Onondaga 15 have proven they can get no justice in the United States court system. Only the kaianerekowa, great law, can provide justice.  


We know when something is wrong. Each of us sovereign onkwehonweh’onwe, the people of the land forever, make this Application to this Court based upon nature. We are as one with nature and guided by the truth found in the great law. Our experience proves that the US constitution does not provide justice through its court system.  

In this corporate created court, the man-made rules are manipulated so that the corporate court always wins and the rest lose, no matter how just is their case. 

The World Court has to be careful on this issue because their man-made rules could be in conflict with the natural law of the land. Natural law provides natural justice. The World Court purports to provide this. Our great law does provide it. 

None of us is a part of the corporate Statute of the International Court of Justice. We do not deliberately or knowingly join anything artificial or unnatural, like a corporation. We are created as one with all natural life. The United Nations purports to support us in being naturally sovereign through Articles 3, 4, 18, 33, and 40 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Self-determination for all life comes from nature. We are all naturally sovereign. The World Court existing only through artificial man-made rules, has been set up as the last avenue for justice in the corporate judicial system that permeates the world. The corporate buck stops at the World Court. But true justice will only be found in nature. 

Today we consent to this Court’s limited jurisdiction to hear this case pursuant to Article 38, paragraph 5 of the Rules of Court. All natural life is sovereign. We seek justice by presenting this Application with our signs, pursuant to Article 38, paragraph 3, of the Rules of Court.

We sovereign onkwehonweh act without agents as we are from the natural world. States are corporations that exist through unnatural man made fictional rules. They require corporate agents to exist in this Court to make final decisions on matters that come before them.  In Article 38, paragraph 3, of the Rules of Court, the agent must be authenticated by this Court to act for states that do not naturally exist. The United States is comprised of settlers who invaded our land, turtle island, which cannot be ceded by humanity. The United States makes existence of nature and natural people difficult and almost impossible. See Tekarontake’s words that explain this. 

Hey, NYS Indian Detail and US court system, you should not have done this to us:

Our existence is instilled in us through oral history placed on wampums and in our memory. kaianerekowa, the great peace, is the inherent tewetatawi, how we are to carry ourselves on turtle island and throughout our existence. The natural world creates the path by which we are to live. Our songs, ceremonies, stories and creation tie us to natural life and forces of our mother earth. 

The International Court of Justice protects the predatory system that attempts to rule the World by force. We natural people are imprisoned and controlled by the current corporate system, which has denied us justice for over 20 years in this case. 

According to Article 40, paragraph 1, of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, and Articles 38 and 45 of the Rules of Court, each of the 15 sovereign Applicants submit this Application Instituting Proceedings. Jurisdiction of the Court is found in Article 36, paragraph 1, of the Statute of the International Court of Justice which provides: 

“The jurisdiction of the Court comprises all cases which the parties refer to it and all matters specially provided for in the Charter of the United Nations or in treaties and conventions in force.” 

“Justice” purports to be the cornerstone of the foundation of the Charter of the United Nations in protecting human rights for everyone worldwide. In this case, despite “Equal Justice Under Law” written above the entrance of the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington, we sovereign onkwehonweh have suffered “injustice” in the United States court system. Historically this system has been violently imposed and maintained on us and our land. Having been treated unjustly throughout the court system, we come to the World Court seeking “justice” through the Charter of the United Nations, and through the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples set forth in Annex 6 here, and pursuant to Articles 33 and 40 through 46 of its Rules of Court. 

Regarding the procedure of the Court, the following comment is instructive from the treatise entitled “The Statute of the International Court of Justice, A Commentary [Second Edition], edited by Andreas Zimmermann, Christian Tomuschat, Karin Oellers-Frahm, Christian J. Tams, Assistant Editor Maral Kashgar, and Assistant Editor David Diehl [Oxford University Press] (2012), at page 1092:

When dealing with Art. 43 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice; “The procedure shall consist of two parts: written [memorials through the Registrar] and oral”], it should not be underestimated that all procedure before the Court is dominated by the fact that the litigants are sovereign states that do not lightly accept outside interference in their affairs, especially when that interference touches upon major, if not vital interest of theirs. Questions of procedure before the Court therefore, by definition, cannot be approached on the same basis as litigation before even the highest domestic court.

In the World Court substance controls procedure. We the natural people are the substance and have the winning hand, nature, which always beats the house of procedure. The only way to deactivate our winning hand is to not let us play it in their man-made control system. We ask the World Court to fairly consider our application. 

This Application is endorsed by the sign of each of the Onondaga 15 Applicants, and will be filed with the Registrar, along with a certified copy of the original pursuant to Article 52, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Rules of Court. 

If the World Court denies us justice, we will turn to the great law to provide us true justice. 

A certified copy of this Application will be served on the following: 

The President of the United States, pursuant to the two-row wampum and the Canandaigua Treaty 1794 that the United States signed;

The Supreme Court of the United States;

The United Nations.

After 20 years of injustice in the United States court system, the 15 sovereign onkwehonweh seek justice from the World Court.

September, 2018

Respectfully submitted,

We put our sign to this application: Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth, Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth, Robert Bucktooth, Debby Jones, Karen Jones, Nikki Jones, Karoniakata Jones, Shawn Jones, kahentinetha, Dyhyneyyks,  Tekarontakeh, Ross John, Ronald Jones, Jr., Nadine O’Field/Ganonhweih, aka Nadine Bucktooth.

Disturbed sings about the land of confusion that faces us and that we have to all make right: “This is the world we live in. And these are the hands we’re given. Use them and let’s start trying To make it a place worth living in. II remember long ago When the sun was shining And all the stars were bright all through the night. In the wake up this madness, as I held you tight So long ago. I won’t be coming home tonight. My generation will put it right. We’re not just making promises That we know we’ll never keep.” 


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https://www.yesmagazine.org/planet/first-nations-celebrate-win-against-trans-mountain-pipeline-expansion-20180830 Trans mountain pipeline dumped 

Coffee with my ma. Bussing to Ottawa https://www.buzzsprout.com/140716/776055-ep-5-cwmm-ma-and-the-gang-bus-to-ottawa-to-see-elvis-in-1957-ma-and-the-cgit-craziest-girls-in-town

Remember Innu singers Kashtin in the early 1990s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5w-jzf88ys





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MNN. July 3, 2018. On July 4 US independence day, think about those who struggle for justice on turtle island. Remember this beating on May 18, 1997 of the onondaga by the I-81 INDIAN DETAIL of the New York State Police? 

The Onondaga15 have taken this case through the entire justice system of the United States to prove there is no justice for us. We are now taking this case to The Hague. tekarontakeh will present this statement to the International Court of Justice at The Hague in the Netherlands. [No. 17-928 in the Supreme Court of the United States, Jones v. Parmley].

Sego. My name is tekarontake. I’m a kanionkehaka, that people know as Mohawks. I’m 65 years old. I was raised in the way of our old people and the way that our people have always taught us, to know who we are, what we represent, where we stand in today’s world. I am a full speaker in our language. I also learned how to speak English, which you can hear how I am addressing you today.

Over 500 years ago people came from across the ocean to our land, to our home. They had these ideas in their mind that they were a superior people, that they had the right to come and kill, rob, try to enslave us, abuse us in any way imaginable. This has been done. There have been atrocities spoken of in different parts of the world. But none compares to what has happened here in the Western Hemisphere.

Though the United States constantly states that they have conquered us, there was never a war fought to conquer us. The United States came into possession of our territories of our homeland to abuse our people. They’ve done it through deceit, spreading diseases and trying to eliminate our people, through every way imaginable.

When they became known as the United States, after the revolution and separation from Great Britain, they entered into agreements with my people. We offered them the hand of peace, we called teiohateh, which means ‘two paths’. Because they had no path on this land, that they came here by water, we showed them the courtesy that our agreement with them would be upon the water. We launched our canoe into the water symbolically to travel alongside parallel with their ship through the river of life. We will practice our way. They were newcomers, visitors. We fed them, healed them and everything that a friend would do to extend best wishes to someone.

The United States and others never appreciated the kindness that the people of the Western Hemisphere have shown. Their response was to try to eliminate us and dispossess us of our homelands.

They started to legislate laws over us, laws that did not apply to human beings. They put us in departments of the government which looks at us as being part of the wildlife, part of the landscape. Today they still do not consider us as human beings. They still put us under a department called ‘the Department of Interior’ and the ‘Bureau of Indian Affairs’. They see us as a population, not as human beings.

Today they try to pass legislation. They claim that their war was over taxation without representation. They were happy that they would have a voice in their future. They, in turn. denied our people our human rights.

Twenty years ago the state of New York again wanted to illegally legislate taxation policies on our people. We again opposed it. We had an information gathering, a ceremony and a family picnic with our grandfathers and grandmothers, the parents and children and so on. 

We were met with baton wielding state police, who said nothing to us but just started beating down on our peoples, arresting and charging us with ridiculous charges. The first thing the state did in their court was to drop all charges because nobody had broken a law. Yet they had beaten down on men, women and children. They did not discriminate. Twenty years ago we looked at justice and never received it. We took it all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States and received absolutely no justice.

They tried to buy their way out of it. Fifteen [out of over 100] of us refused to accept their money. This issue was never about money. We care about our children, our grand children and the faces that are yet unborn. These are the people we have a responsibility to.

We have always been a free people. We have always been sovereign as individuals. We are true sovereigns. We are not a corporation. We are not a nation. We are a people. It is our desire to continue to be a people and to live as free people, the way our ancestors had taught us. We continue this journey in our lives, to be a free people. We think of our people several generations ahead, that we would leave this place in a good way for them.

The United States has never seen things as we see them. They continue today to pollute our land, our waters, our air, our very being. They try to pollute the minds of our children with their propaganda, lies, religions and ongoing genocide. 

Today we bring our words to you in The Hague. We knew we would never receive any true justice in the United States judicial system. We have taken it all the way to prove to all of our people that we would never be able to receive justice in the US system. Now we’ve come to The Hague. We hope there is a chance that you who would hear our voices, would be honest and render a verdict that would give our people justice. But if you don’t, we know why. We will never find justice in any white man’s court. With best wishes I hope that you will find in your minds a justice that would be good and right for the onkwehonweh people in the Western Hemisphere.

I thank you for your time. Onen.     


JULY 4 IS THE US CELEBRATION OF WAR: Billy Joel sings “Goodnight Saigon”. We all want peace. Nature created us to resist until we win: “We met as soulmates On Parris Inland. We left as inmates From an asylum. And we were sharp, As sharp as knives. And we were so gung ho to lay down our lives. . .”

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MNN. JUNE 13, 2018. To the band council [otherwise known as the ‘bank’ council], money matters more than humanity.


Canada is setting up the apparatus to legalize the growing, production, sale and transportation of drugs all over the world. The band council wants to set up a cultural center, wait a while, and then quietly add the grow op. Prime Minister Trudeau is making marijuana legal for use, sale and export from native communities.

Trudeau is worried about the ending of the NAFTA trade agreement that made smuggling of drugs easier because there was little investigation at the border. The free ride is over for all Canadian goods. The US is now more vigilant because of the fear of drugs flooding the American market. The Canadian economy will collapse. 


Our youth will not allow our land and rights to be used this way. In a free society they should have a say on everything. They do want a cultural centre, but not on a busy highway as a front for drug dealers to ply their trade.

Prime Minister Trudeau and the band councils want to set up native communities as drug capitals for three main reasons: To poison and pacify the natives through addiction; For outsiders and local drug barons to make money while giving handouts to band councillors and their cohorts; and to provoke Mohawks to fight for the land so they can be taken over by outside police agencies.

We must all talk about this openly so we can understand every detail and make up our own minds.


Historically, when the Europeans wanted to control China, they found the best way to dumb them down was to push opium on them. They couldn’t work, defend themselves, take care of their families, get up in the morning or even get jobs. They were stoned and totally pacified.

The youth of kahnawake will control their lives and future. They see the greed, corruption and sell outs.

Outside money and power in cahoots with the band council, the cigaret barons and gambling millionaires are wheeling and dealing behind closed doors and deception.


Weed and marijuana are the gate openers. Once the customers are created, the dealers move into heavier drugs like speed, crack, cocaine and fentanol.

The local police don’t know Canada’s enforcement laws against drugs and are afraid to arrest anyone, who will get off anyways. Enforcement will be almost non-existent on the territory. No investigations. No monitoring. Outsiders will be scared to come to do the job local police were supposed to do.

The pandoara’s box is open. To get drugs, theft, crime, shootings, violence, breaking and entering increase. The black market system will still exist for other drugs. Smuggling will be rampant. 

Natives will take drugs to other parts of the world, do the dirty work, take all the chances and serve the time In jail. 

The cultural centre is the mask to set up the real deal, the grow op. The young people will protect our birthright. They will create their own feasibility study acceptable to all the people. No secret deal done behind closed doors.

The the Kinks sing what it’s like to be there: Dr. Dr. help her please. I know you’ll understand. There’s a time device inside of me. I’m a self-destructin’ man. There’s a red, under my bed. And there’s a little green man in my head. And said you’re not goin’ crazy, you’re just a bit sad. ‘Cause there’s a man in ya, knawin’ ya, tearin’ ya, in to to. Silly boy ya’ self-destroyer. paranoia, they destroy ya'”. 



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WATCH OUT FOR NATIVE YOUTH https://globalnews.ca/news/3823772/canadas-growing-indigenous-population/ 








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MNN. JUNE 10, 2018. Kahnawake Survival School students and community members stopped the survey for a 47,000 square foot multi-purpose building in the old grove forest adjacent to their school. It’s on busy risky highway 138 for a reason. Once marijuana is legal in Canada, this plot of land is close to the border of the community and the main highway to New York City. A dream distribution center for drugs. The band council has probably already given out the licence. President Trump plans to block all drugs going into the US.

The students blocked the multi million dollar survey. At the same time, on June 4 Monday, kaientaa escorted off the technicians who were clearing the site. Tuesday, several dozen community members and students joined him. [Contact kaientaa, 514-608-9925, KC-1976@hotmail.com].

Ironworkers going to the US will be stopped and investigated every time they cross to go to work. The kids want to survive, not be pushed into drug addiction and death. 


The project committee argued that this project would enhance our culture!! 

“They have to get a machine as big as a tank into the forest. There’s medicines and maple trees already cut down. Animals are being chased away. Their deadline is June 8. We’re staying”.  

The casinos are located almost adjacent to the Kahnawake Survival School KSS.  The students will be encouraged to use drugs and to play the slots within walking distance of the high school. The band council has already licensed Playground Poker and Poker Palace for a three year exclusive pilot project. 

The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. continues its evil example for our youth bringing addictions right at our doorstep. On June 4 at a hospital fund raising 4 two older cigaret barons got into a big fracas. It seems like an internal fight over who’s going to control the drugs and the slot machines.  Attending the party were band councillors, cops and gambling millionaires. One baron walked over and tipped the other’s table dumping his meal all over him. He jumped up, and with a left hook knocked the other one out cold. A band councillor jumped in. Then another guy jumped on him. The band councillor almost threw him out through the smashed window.  The party was a ‘hit’ that set an example on how our young people should get ahead using violence! 



A Tribe Called Red has helped to define us: “We are the tribe that they cannot see. We live on an industrial reservation. We are the Halluci Nation. We have been called the Indians. We have been called Native American. We have been called hostile. We have been called Pagan. We have been called militant. We have been called many names. We are the Halluci Nation”.



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MNN. 12, 2018.The rape culture of Canada, US and worldwide spits at us, chokes us, kills us, openly denies us justice and human rights. They keep demanding everything we have. Blatant emotional and verbal abuse like threats, lying and false promises are bad as ever. This evil corporate system protects government agents who violate the Civil Rights of people everywhere. 


White women are complaining about how pitiless Eric Schneiderman, former Attorney General AG of New York State, treated them. Shame on you, ladies. You took the abuse “for the team” because you benefitted from the rape culture.  He resigned for brutally torturing you. We natives have been terrorized for 500 years, for which they are glorified and rewarded! 

The AG is supposed to be the guardian ‘angel’ of the citizens and legal counsel to the government at the same time. The AG dude is supposed to protect people from civil rights abuses.

You women allege he punched and choked you, hit and violently slapped you, all without your consent.” [The New Yorker May 7, 2018.] Wow! What woman gives her consent to be beaten to death? He told you it is “role playing!” and said, “I am the law”. The Canadian government has a rage room in the basement of the Parliament buildings where politicians practice this kind of rage on ‘inanimate’ objects, so we are told. 

AG Schneiderman represented over 100 of the New York State Police troopers called the “I-81 INDIAN DETAIL”. On May 18, 1997 these armed thugs attacked and beat over 100 rotinoshonni’onwe men, women, children and handicapped at onondaga. The ohenton kariwa tekwen ceremony was being conducted before the native feast was to be served. This case [Jones v. Parmley No. 17-928 Supreme Court of the United States. 2018] is now going to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Throughout the New York State court system the AG protected the special racist INDIAN DETAIL, who got off. The video of the police assault is at the following link:


Schneiderman and Judge Dancks helped the lawyers dump the natives, who refused to take money and allow the troopers to walk away without admitting criminal wrongdoing. The natives were denied the chance to represent themselves at the sham trial. He conspired with the District Court, Second Circuit Appeal court and Supreme Court of the United States to deny the onondaga 15 Due Process, a fair trial and a fair appeal process.

Eliot Spitzer AG on the case 1997, became NYS Governor in 2007. He too resigned over sexual misconduct with prostitution rings which he had prosecuted for NYS.  

AG  Eric resigned when his former willing gurlfriends turned him in.  https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/four-women-accuse-new-yorks-attorney-general-of-physical-abuse 

The AG conspires against the original people for 21 years. The trial turned out to be a sham. We thank our great mother for caring for us throughout this ordeal. Nature has no timelines.  

Ozzy Osbourne has the same idea about saving our great mother [Dreamer]: “Gazing through the window at the world outside, Wondering will Mother Earth survive. Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her, sometime. After all there’s only just the two of us, And here we are still fighting for our lives. Watching all of history repeat itself, time after time. I’m just a dreamer, I dream my life away
I’m just a dreamer, who dreams of better days . . .”


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RACISM ALIVE WELL AT U OF COLORADO . https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/wp/2018/05/06/after-native-american-bias-incident-college-says-those-against-diversity-can-go-elsewhere/?utm_term=.18ca09ecda43

BLOWHARD TRUDEAU KEEPS ON TWISTING  http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-afn-meeting-2018-1.4644638

WHITE PARENT CALLS POLICE ON NATIVE KIDS U OF COLORADO  http://metro.co.uk/2018/05/05/native-american-teenagers-kicked-university-white-parent-complains-7523135/

 SELL OUT CONTINUES https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/02/canada-first-nations-mohawk-kahnawake-rule?CMP=share_btn_link

GRANDMA HIT-AND-RUN AFN MAY 1/18  http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/afn-special-assembly-indigenous-rights-legislation-1.4644004

NEOCONS THREAT NOT RUSSIA  https://sputniknews.com/columnists/201805041064162273-neocons-threat-not-russia/

INDIGENOUS GOVERNANCE CRASHES AT U VICTORIA  http://www.cbc.ca/news/indigenous/university-victoria-indigenous-governance-program-review-1.4415052

VT TRUMP IS HOAX  https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/04/28/donald-trump-is-a-hoax-and-only-a-bit-gay-and-jewish-as-well/



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MNN. May 3, 2018. Bad deeds always come back to destroy the perpetrator. The invaders mass murdered us. This curse hangs around their necks.  


The white serpent is squeezing us so tight we can hardly breathe. The AFN meeting in Hull on May 1 shows that the hypocrisy and vengeance of 500 years continues. It will stop now! The colonizers will try to create more rules, laws and prisons to kill us and surround us with their privately owned courts. 

The Assembly of First Nations AFN helps their masters implement the “final solution to the Indian problem”. The corporation of Canada gives AFN the weapons of mass destruction called “Bill this-or-that”. The main armament is our money. The orders are for the execution of our people.   

Our young people are raped and killed. Our children are kidnapped and thrown in the prisons.


Treaties are nothing. They are not our protection. The invaders sued for treaties for their own protection. They came to us, tewatatawi, for the right to stay on turtle island. They broke every agreement. When an international agreement between nations is broken, everything reverts to one day before the agreement was ratified. turtle island is the land of the original people. Now the colonizers lie and say they have rights. They have nothing. They must leave so we the natural people can be free as birds. The settlers mindset is, “I will fight you for my house!”  

Canada and US are not sovereign without our land and their own inherent languages. [Montevideo Convention 1932]. We have our languages and our land as creation intended. Their delusion is to rid the world of hundreds of millions of native people, steal all our land, rewrite the history so they get away with the crime. In Canada the plan to force us to become artificial citizens. The AFN helps the colonists to fraudulently hold our land so the London bankers can fleece the people even more. Duncan Campbell Scott said in his ‘100 year plan’ that in the 9th decade the Indians will voluntarily pay taxes!      


These house Indians love their master more then themselves. The tehoienwakon will stand until they win.  

Sam Cooke sings about the pain inflicted on us by our own brothers and sisters who pose as our people but have given up their birthright: “I was born by the river in a little tent. Oh, and just like the river I’ve been running ever since. It’s been a long, a long time coming But I know a change gon’ come, oh yes it will. It’s been too hard living, but I’m afraid to die ‘Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky. It’s been a long, a long time coming, But I know a change gon’ come, oh yes it will“. [A change is gonna come]. 

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During the War of 1812, a young Mohawk warrior brutally turns the tables on her bloodthirsty American pursuers after they murder her kinsman and partner.

CONTACT: AFN, Assembly of First Nations, 55 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1600, Ottawa, ON K1P 6L5, Telephone: 613-241-6789, Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6789, Fax:  613-241-5808, Website: www.afn.ca

GREAT WHITE ANTIE Carolyn Bennett, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
10 Wellington North Tower, Gatineau QC K1A 0HA, minister@aadnc-aandc.gc.ca.
1-819-997-0002. (toll-free): 1-800-567-9604. 

Reevely: Jason Arbour’s long fight for the capital’s Mohawk history http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/reevely-jason-arbours-long-fight-for-the-capitals-mohawk-history



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MNN. Feb. 3, 2018. EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! Today Canadian and Quebec immigrant colonialists have placed an illegal international embargo on native businesses that refuse to comply with the will of the invaders on the homeland of the onkwe-hon-weh-onwe.


The US, Canada, Australia, South American capitalists and Europeans [was anybody missed? impose illegal sanctions worldwide against the true natural people of the Americas, Cuba, Korea, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Hawaii and Middle. East, to name a few.   

These embargoes are meant to force people to obey the capitalist war machine, give up their rights and resources through threats of starvation and destruction, which is followed by military might to kill the people. 

Capitalists stand together to invade the victim nations they occupy illegally. It is never about peace. Their interpretation of peace is ‘non-resistence’. We onkwe-hon-weh, the true natural people of turtle island, are occupied by foreigners to extort and steal from us. They push us to the point where they use weapons of war to force their authority to make us comply on pain of continuing the genocide. 


The oppressed such as the kanion-ke-haka [Mohawks} do have friends and allies. 

The Capitalists deliberately erode our natural way of self-preservation. We must stand up to all the colonial aggression of the occupying entities. We use all peaceful means until we exhaust all avenues of peace.

The wish and will of the kenonhontsa-kwenio, women, represent the people. They continue to act on our birthright as designed by creation and not by the invaders.

Good News! The people are standing together supporting each other. Ann Murray sings about the wish for good news: “Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town. Nobody OD’ed, nobody burned a single buildin’ down.
Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain. We sure could use a little good news today!”

HELP US: TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK! Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa ON K1A 0A2 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Premier of Quebec Hon.; Philippe Couillard Edifice Honre-Mercier 3e etage 835 boul Rene-Lesvesque Est Quebec, Qc G1A1B4 cpm@mce.gouv.qc.ca 1-418-643-5321 1-514-873-3411; US President Donald Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 USA 1-202-456-111, 1-202-456-1414 whitehouse.gov

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MOHAWK official movie trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0utooEV8F8o

The United States of Hypocrisy – The Stolen Nation of Hawaii FULL LENGTH



FAKE WHITE HELMETS & LAST MAN IN ALLEPPO https://sputniknews.com/interviews/201801251061072815-last-men-in-aleppo-vanessa-beeley-investigation/

EUGENICS  https://sputniknews.com/radio_brave_new_world/201801261061097874-is-eugenics-making-come-back/

COLONIAL MINDS MUST GO http://policyoptions.irpp.org/magazines/october-2017/for-indigenous-nations-to-live-colonial-mentalities-must-die/



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MNN. Feb. 1, 2018. A Notice of Objection has been filed against Canada, Quebec and Mohawk Council of Kahnawake which have launched an attack to force onkwe-hon-weh to pay illegal taxes.  They jumped up and down with glee when all but two signed away their birthright. 



TO: Private Corporations of Canada and Quebec and their corporate underling MCK.
RE the illegal seizure of possessions and destruction of businesses of skaroniati, of the kanion-ke-haka community of kahnawake within kanien-keh, also known as rotino-shonni-onwe [Iroquois Confederacy].  

FROM: The kenonhontsa-kwenio [women] are the true and natural progenitors of the soil of our people. Each onkwe-hon-weh [true natural person] has the duty to carry out the will of the people embodied in the original 49 families and their friends and allies of turtle island. 



This is a attempted theft and extortion of resources that private corporations of Canada and Quebec have no entitlement to.  

kaia-nere-kowa [great peace] and teio-hateh [two row] that protect the original birthright of the true natural people are being violated. These criminal transgressors are committing crimes and trying to destroy the sustenance of the people by trying to impose illegal taxation. The original people are non-taxable.  

OBJECTION: To the encroachment by the corporate entities on any of our territory. The corporate encroachers are blatantly trying to steal our funds and products through threats, lies and subterfuge to deprive us of our free use and enjoyment of our homeland. We onkwe-hon-weh have struggled to maintain our own economy. NAFTA pretends to have the right of free trade but denies the original people our birthright to be self-reliant and self-sufficient. 


MCK represents the will of Canada and Quebec, not the kanion-ke-haka. 


WHEREAS the kenonhontsa-kwenio are the natural caretakers of the land, water and air of “ono-ware-keh” since the beginning.

WHEREAS the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People to which Canada is a signatory affirms that all corporate entities must seek our permission and consent to encroach on our land. Canada, Quebec and their underlings cannot use force and threats to deny our existence on our homeland.

WHEREAS onkwehonweh order these corporations to desist their carnage. This imposition upon us is not “reconciliation”, It is the continuation of their program of genocide.

WE, THE The kenonhontsa-kwenio OF THE rotino-shonni-onwe, MAKE NOTICE OF THIS OBJECTION AS FULL AND FAIR NOTICE. THAT:

Canada, Quebec and all their underlings are hereby ordered to cease and desist your carnage of mother earth and her progeny. 

Our human, spiritual, political and economic rights must be respected. They shall come to us through proper diplomatic channels to discuss what is going to be the living arrangement between our two peoples.


Should these corporations or their entities breach our birthright necessary measures shall be taken. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Kanion’ke:haka of the rotino’shonni:onwe:

People of the past, present and future: 

rotiniahton     ronathhion-ni  rotiskare:wake    


Karma’s a bummer! “Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a man of wealth and taste. I’ve been around for a long, long year. Stole many a man’s soul to waste”.


HELP US: TELL THEM WHAT YOU THINK! Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa ON K1A 0A2 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Premier of Quebec Hon.; Philippe Couillard Edifice Honre-Mercier 3e etage 835 boul Rene-Lesvesque Est Quebec, Qc G1A1B4 cpm@mce.gouv.qc.ca 1-418-643-5321 1-514-873-3411; US President Donald Trump 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Washington, DC 20500 USA 1-202-456-111, 1-202-456-1414 whitehouse.gov

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MNN. Jan. 16, 2018. A bully is a coward with power. Bullying is not needed to resolve differences. The mind  and the natural defensive attributes of the native people is the power to repel bullying everywhere. A bully is defeated when people unite for a common good for all. We brought people into our home to become part of our family, living by the great peace. We never had poverty until the immigrants arrived. The invaders then used threats, force and murder to make us sign coercive agreements. They covered our land with grief.

Bullying is used throughout the world called “sanctions”, “cutting off foreign aid” and “war”. Many leaders of these poor nations live in grandeur and opulence. We are forced into this culture of possession making us vulnerable. 

The great peace, kaia-nere-kowa, is based on respect and collective interests. A few greedy racketeers set up private corporate structures to control everything and everyone. Our clans were disrupted and their goal then and today is to destroy the great peace. 

Our messenger, dekanawida, saw great suffering. He talked to the old people. He and ayonwatha, set out to bring the people together using the natural ways of creation. Language, songs, ceremonies and natural bonds brought back balance and harmony to the people, which is the law of survival. 

All corporate band and tribal councillors are te-ho-na-ton-koton. They are deliberate traitors who work to annihilate those they think are weaker, violating the great peace. They purposely help their corporate “handlers” to assimilate and disappear our people.  ion-kwa-ni-kon-iakon is when we die. The traitors carry out their own death wish. Their morally corrupt minds cause problems, io-te-hon-ni-kon-ra, trying to eliminate everything we need to stay alive. ka-so-tsra was established by our ancestors. ia-ne-wen-ton te-ho-na-ni-kon-ia-kon, our ancestor’s minds never strayed from the path of self-preservation of our species that creation put into our minds.  

The oienkwenton are coming! The oienkwenton are coming!

te-io-wa-ta-tawi is to make ourselves independent. All life is based on this power. 

Nobody wants to be remembered for being a big bully just because they think they can get away with. As Shinedown warns: “Hey! Hey! Hey! It’s 8 A.M. This hell I’m in. Seems I’ve crossed the line again For being nothing more than who I amSo break my bones. And throw your stones. We all know that life ain’t fair. But there is more of us. We’re everywhere. We don’t have to take this Back against the wall. We don’t have to take this We can end it all . . .”

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GO TO YOUTUBE FOR VIDEOS OF FULL DISCUSSION OF kaia-here-kowa, the great peace: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnM3vIlG_8oPZ8Knxa1ljYQ/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd


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