MNN. Feb. 22, 2013. The Infinite Elder “Red-X” found the Secret Instruction Manual on “Stealing Indigenous Resources”. Here are some of the colonial strategies.

A Red-X disguise.

A Red-X disguise.

Colonial Dirty Trick #1: Call it “democracy”, 51%, and you will keep control. Organize fancy cocktail parties with open bars, colonial big-wigs like the GG and other heavies, and pretty girls to entertain whoever they need to. Give the band and tribal councils tiaras to try on and a taste of “life in the fast lane”.  Get them too drunk to notice they’ve sold out their people. 

CDT #2: Outnumber the Indigenous 3 to 1. Keep them away from their home. Red-X said, “Hold them meetings at home in your tipi, longhouse or condemned bungalow with the cracked window panes and asbestos contaminated floors and walls”. 

CDT #3: Put out colonial law as if it’s Indigenous. 

CDT #4: Collect, horde and keep information. Put out lies, false history and myth making. Create new “Indians” that will go along with the land and resource giveaways that don’t belong to them [CAP]. 

CDT #5: Put some heavies at the table, with big titles, long resumes to confuse everybody. Give scripts to the band council to read that they don’t understand. 

CDT #6: Use hierarchical criteria with the colonists setting up at the front. 

CDT #7: Offer a concession to bowl over the Injuns. If they fuss, throw the chair back and leave the table. Take the bribe money with you. 

They are so stubborn.

Don’t have to listen to this.

CDT #8: Say, “We ain’t playing with you bad Injuns anymore”.  Walk out to keep control. 

CDT #9: Use “good cop” “bad cop” strategy to throw those Injuns off balance. [They’re all bad.] Threaten them with illegal injunctions, jail time and law suits. Then sidetrack them with “Cointelpro” charm. Move the meeting place and don’t tell them where. 

CDT #10: Break them into 2 groups and meet them separately. When they complain, leave. 

CDT #11: Targets are needed. Demand one speaker, not different ones every day. Otherwise, pick up the toys and leave. 

we're going.

We’re going.

CD #12: Stuff colonial side with “know-it-alls” to intimidate them. They’ll keep saying this is their land, they are sovereign and call the colonists trespassers. Walk out! 

Red-X advises, “Try not to barf!” 

How to counter Dirty Tricks: report daily to community, select new negotiators each day; don’t allow private ‘tete-a-tetes’ for making secret deals; international law requires a neutral 3rd party mediator approved by both parties. 

Don’t fall for “interim measure”, “agreement-in-principle”, “interim land withdrawal”, which don’t meet international law standards and don’t make sense. 

Come on, Injunsl, we didn't mean it.

Injuns, you’re not supposed to leave!


As Red-X said, “They can never be Ongwehonwe! We must use our natural world strategies against these beasts”. 


Red-X wonders who wrote this manual. It reminds him of the Monotones song:Book of Love “Tell me, tell me, tell me, oh, who wrote the book of love? I’ve got to know the answer. Was it someone from above?” all seeing eye

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HOT FLASH! The Infinite “Red-X” discovers “Secret Instruction Manual:

Advanced Strategies on Stealing Indigenous Resources”

MNN. Mar. 4, 2008. “All the tricks of the colonists are now revealed”, sayeth the infamous Indigenous sage, Red-X. “It’s a manual on how to try to cash in on our land and resources”. It was used at Dehcho and it looks like they’re fine tuning it at Sharbot Lake too. Here are some of the key hints on their dirty tricks and how to counter them.

Colonial Dirty Trick #1. Call it “democracy” and make sure you keep control. Invite the Indigenous to conferences on “self-governance”. Make sure they go to lots of fancy cocktail parties with open bars, with colonial big-wigs like Governor General Michaelle Jean and other “heavies. Give them tiaras to try on and a taste of “life in the fast lane”. Make sure they’re too drunk to notice they’ve sold out their people.

Colonial Dirty Trick #2. Make sure Indigenous are outnumbered three to one at every meeting. Red-X says, “Don’t go to Ottawa, Vancouver or Kingston or any big city. Hold them meetings at home in your tipi, longhouse or your condemned Indian Affairs bungalow with the cracked window panes and asbestos contaminated floors and walls”.

Colonial Dirty Trick #3. Put out colonial law as if it’s Indigenous law. Ignore Indigenous legal processes. Only look at what counts according to the colonial Supreme Court.

The Red-X says, “Let’s take a look at how two colonial reptiles played out the “life and death” game against our people of the Northwest Territories”. Red-X goes on to reveal the “Colonial Cheat Sheet” used to try to pull the wool over our eyes.

CDT #4. Information is power – the colonists have two control strategies: collect, horde and keep it to themselves. When necessary they make it disappear. The other option is to put out a whole lot of lies, like false history and myth making. Even create “Indians”!

CDT #5. Put some “heavies” at the table. The bigger the title, the longer the resume, the fatter, the better. At the talks with our Dehcho brothers and sisters, the “heavy”, Minister of Indian Affairs, Robert Nault, said, “The signing of these agreements is an acknowledgment of a new relationship between the Deh Cho, Canada and the GNWT”. What he really said was, “I hope I confused you because I’m f—king confused myself.”

Michael Nadli, a sell-out band councilor, said, “We look forward to Phase II to begin substantive negotiations on the more fundamental elements of Deh Cho Governance.” Translation: “I’m being played. They’re making me read a script I don’t understand”.

CDT #6. Use hierarchical colonial criteria with with the colonists sitting at the top seeing themselves with guns and money in hand. We are supposed to be down there somewhere out of sight. They always beat around the bush.

CDT #7. Design an extreme “offer-concession strategy” to bowl the Injuns over if we kick up a fuss or raise awkward questions, like, “How’re you gonna clean up your filthy mess?” That’s when the “operatives” throw the chair back and pull away from the table. We can stop these sleazes even when they threaten to take the “bribe” money with them.

CDT #8. The colonial “hoods” will walk out if they lose “control”. That’s when we know the whole is falling. Translation: “We ain’t playing with you bad ‘Injuns’ anymore!”

CDT #9. Look for weaknesses. These gangsters may even use a “good cop” and a “bad cop” strategy to throw those Injuns off balance. We all know there’s no “good cop”. They’re all “bad”. They then threaten us with illegal injunctions, jail time and law suits. At the January 6, 2008 Kingston meeting “ODB” Reid’s pal, “Algonquin Would-be”, Robert Lovelace, was sent back in to talk to the Mohawks after the “carpetbaggers” stomped off in a huff. Would- Be’s job was to side track the Mohawks with his “Cointelpro” charm. The next day these “air punching” carpetbaggers disappeared to a secret hideaway. The Mohawks found them and once again they slithered off into the darkness.

CDT #10. The carpetbaggers don’t like the people you bring along. They will suggest taking your sell-outs into another room to make a deal behind closed doors. ODB Reid was overheard telling “Need-to-be-Algonquin-to-settle-a-phony-land-claim” Lovelace, “The next time we should meet with George White of Frontenac Ventures alone with no lawyers”. They’re trying to make a deal on uranium mining on Haudenosaunee land at Sharbot Lake. When we tried to ask questions, they fled again with their coat tails flapping.

CDT #11. They want targets. In the 1990 Mohawk-Oka Crisis at Kanehsatake, we sent in different spokespeople every day. Alex Patterson and Bernard Roy, the negotiators for Quebec and Canada, got spitting mad. Their threats were ignored. They picked up their toys and left. Negotiations broke down.

CDT #12. The colonial agents stuff their side with ‘know-it-alls. Warns the Red-X, “This does not intimidate us. We just have more foul smell to cut through. Just keep telling them this is all our land, we are sovereign and they are trespassers”.

Our Basic Way is simple: Report daily to the community. Get their instructions. Select new negotiators each day to avoid getting targeted and becoming too cozy with the adversaries.

Indigenous men cannot meet with adversaries without consulting the women. We all have diverse knowledge, abilities, expertise and responsibilities. We have to use the Great Law traditional decision making process to bring in everybody’s ideas. Separate private “tete-a-tetes” are meant to force us into making secret deals with the devil.

The meetings must be 2 sided – the Indigenous People on one side and all the pirates on the other side – with a neutral third party approved by both sides to mediate. This is required by international law.

The Dehcho Coercion Process involving Chris “ODB” Reid and Robin “Rotten Egg” Aitkin.

The “Dehcho Nation” is in the southwest corner of the land known to the colonists as the “Northwest Territories”. It covers roughly 210,000 square kms. There are 10 communities. The colonial vipers wanted their land and resources and to put a pipeline through their territory. It’s not a place where the vipers themselves dream of living or raising their families. But they sure do salivate after the resources.

Red-X warns, “Watch out for “ODB”. Reid. It is believed he was the double dipping negotiator and lawyer for the Deh Cho [(867) 695-2355 or (416) 466-9928]. Look out for Robin Aitken who was the Chief Federal Negotiator from Indian Affairs [(819) 953-1018]. Don’t let Bob Patterson slip away. He was the Chief Negotiator for the Northwest Territories [(867) 873-7167]. “They brag about their prowess with Indigenous people”, said Red-X. Check out their websites. See what they think of us. Their using similar dirty tricks in the current “mining and land claim strategy” at Sharbot Lake.

The Deh Cho process started in 1998 when former Indian Affairs Minister Jane Stewart sent in her patsy, Dr. Peter H. Russell, to look at Dehcho “lands, resources and governance” on behalf of industry. She’s now trying to organize Six Nations according to this Manual.

“Patsy” Russell teaches political science at the University of Toronto [] and speaks on the “Lessons of Ipperwash and Caledonia – Learning to be Treaty People”. [This title is sooo patronizing! Try not to barf!] He works at the C.D. Howe Institute, a Conservative think tank, that plans and schemes against us. He also spent time among the Australian Aborigines. After his visits to Dehcho, agents were sent in to start managing them. George Erasmus, who gets put on all kinds of government boards and commissions, was put in as chief negotiator for Dehcho.

First there was an “Interim Measures Agreement” signed in May 2001 to let the Dehcho take part in their own land and resource management. Wow! What progress! [They have been doing this for thousands of years!]

Canada wanted an “Agreement-in-Principle” in five years and a final agreement two years later so that industry could get their claws on the resources, oil, gas and diamonds and to put in the pipeline. Dr. Russell recommended something called “interim measures” and then an “Agreement-in-Principle”. There’s no science behind their spin on names for their theft!

On May 21, 2001, Dehcho, NWT and Canada signed something else called a “Framework Agreement” that was supposed to be based on the fraudulent Treaty 8 of 1900 and Treaty 11 of 1921 and 1922 with Canada. If the Dehcho scrutinized these treaties, they might find they don’t meet international law standards.

Some other fancy names to awe us into being coerced might include “Land Use Planning” funded by Canada; “Interim Land Withdrawal” to temporarily protect lands not presently needed by industry; involve the Dehcho in the “Mackenzie Valley Resource Management” to make them feel important, meaning “we’ll let you talk to us but we don’t have to listen to you”; National Energy Board, an outsider, will authorize oil and gas activities with a benefit plan for someone; Canada will let Dehcho watch them turn their land into a park; and “joint ventures projects” called “Interim Resources Development Agreements” will let Canada and industry steal the resources and give a few pennies to the Dehcho.

Resources like wildlife and fish will be used, managed and protected without specifying by whom and at whose cost.

In August 2003 the Dehcho stopped surface and sub-surface development for five years, probably on the land that has no resources that industry wanted. The mining companies, environmental groups, prospectors and oil and gas companies were probably involved in deciding which 34% of the lands were withdrawn.

In the “Interim Resource Development Agreement” of April 2003 the Dehcho would benefit only if there was oil and gas development. Dehcho got 12.25% of the first $2 million [$250,000] that Canada collected in resource royalties from the Mackenzie Valley each year, and 2.45% of any more royalties. The Dehcho could only get up to 50% each year to a maximum of $1 million. “You’ll get an allowance if you behave ourselves”, Canada told them. Canada will hold the balance in trust so that they can dip into it for their own needs. This is an old trick. At the final agreement in 2005/06 the Dehcho got $1 million. The oil and gas companies are taking out at least $1 million a day if not an hour from their land.

Dehcho had to agree to issue oil and gas exploration licenses and prospecting permits the first year and every two years after that. Mining companies can go to individual Dehcho communities to make separate deals. This is all so underhanded.

Canada says they are giving the Dehcho a chance to “hit the ground running” when a final agreement is completed. Yes, we’d better all run away from these salivating reptiles! This means they will give the Dehcho an advance on their allowance which will be deducted from the final settlement. If it doesn’t go through, the Dehcho may have to pay it back.

In September 2004, the Dehcho sued the Mackenzie Gas Project, suspending land, resources and governance negotiations. In the out-of-court settlement of July 2005 Canada agreed to pay Dehcho $31.5 million over three years through “program funding” and “new funding” which the Dehcho have to get anyway. It ended up as $3.5 million per year to make it look like the Dehcho were taking part.

The “Framework Agreement” sets out how Canada would set up an illegal municipal government to avoid legitimate nation to nation relations. “Yeah, we’ll let you “regulate” your own land and water as long as you go by our “rules”, which are in the best interests of industry!”

The Dehcho role in the Mackenzie Valley Land & Water Board was to bring their land and resources under the same overall controlling regulations. We hear they got two jobs from the oil and gas exploration. Did ODB Reid get this for them?

Derek Neary of the Deh Cho Drum, Fort Simpson, wrote about the distrust of federal negotiator, Robin “Rotten-Egg” Aitken. Rotten Egg repeatedly said that Canada doesn’t have anything up its sleeve! He said that the Dehcho made him push the negotiations. Do we believe that? It’s always the other way around.

An Old “Indian” Trick We Learned from a White Man: Canada made agreements with “metis” to put pressure on Dehcho to go along with the land and resources giveaways. Who are these “metis? Anybody who wishes to be native, like the “paper Algonquins” at Sharbot Lake who are negotiating away Haudenosaunee land? The “Congress of Aboriginal People” CAP is the federal government creature that signs up anyone who wants to be an “Indian”. If this keeps up, every Canadian could sign up and be part of this subterfuge. As Red-X said, “They can never be Ongwehonwe!” The Red-X advises, “Brothers and sisters, we must use our natural world strategies against these beasts”.

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Deh Cho First Nation’s Interim Resource Development Agreement.

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The Business Journal of Phoenix – May 9, 2005

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MNN. Mar. 8, 2008. After being kidnapped, suffering unimaginable abuse in Guantanmo Bay, Egypt, Syria and in torture chambers in Israel, his “Wholyness” the Red-X has emerged from captivity without a bruise. His captors wanted him to reveal the secret of how Indigenous peoples continue to resist the so-called “new world order” and the “war on terror. They could never penetrate his infinite “Indigenality”. He mounted the silver bird and returned to his mountain cave where the sun never sleeps and the stars always shine to contemplate the state of the world. Once again his infinite “sageocity” illuminated the portals of MNN.

His Eternal Magnificence, the Great Red-X, reminded us that “As the keepers of the first light of the east”, the Mohawks have the duty to protect Turtle Island. Our iron workers helped build the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. We are compelled to seek the truth about the demolition of the Twin Towers and Building #7 on September 11, 2001. This is what we know”.

The “Warriors of the 4th Dimension” were able to deconstruct the circumstances around 911. It was a “false flag” operation designed by the international banking cartel and its military and political affiliates to perpetuate their “war that will never end in our lifetime”.

The “War Chief of the 4th Dimension” revealed to the Great Red-X that, “Our Warrior Council omni witnessed the corporate boardrooms and bedrooms of those who control terrestrial affairs. They invisibly viewed and overheard the discussions on creating a one world government based on fascism, martial law and prostitution. As David Rockefeller once said, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.” Could it be that the capture of Eliot Spitzer in “fragrant delicto” marks the dawn of the new world order? Also, Mayer Rothschild, private banker, said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws”.

Their hurry to establish this diabolical system for the “stranglification” of the masses reveals their irrational fear of the return of the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law. It ordered Turtle Island before the great confusion caused when some Europeans got lost and washed up on our shores. The return of the Kaianerehkowa will herald a time of equality, where everyone has a voice, genuine democracy and peace. It will wipe out war, poverty and tyranny. True democratic principles such as the 2/3 vote, women’s equality and people’s referenda will underlie decision making. This is causing the oligarchs to shake in their Gucci boots and sweat blood into their Armani arm pits.

The misleading motto spun by the oligarchs is “fighting worldwide terrorism” which really means the unleashing of all-out martial law on the “North American Union”. Saber rattling against Iran suggests an invasion and a dirty bomb could be unleashed to create a second “911” in the U.S.

Six weeks before the Twin Towers came down, the omni Warriors saw many people affiliated with the current U.S. administration and Federal Reserve Bank discussing how to benefit from what are called “put option stocks”. This is when Wall Street traders bet on whether a company will prosper or fail within a six week period. If it doesn’t fail, Trader A pays Trader B the amount of the bet. If it falls, Trader B pays Trader A one hundred times the amount of the bet.

As sensed by the Warriors, the traders bet “put option stocks” on the following 38 companies:

1)Merrill Lynch; 2)AMR; 3)American Express; 4)American International Group; 5)AFA SA; 6)Bank of America; 7)Bank of New York; (8)Bank 1 Corp.; 9)Bear Stearns; 10)Boeing; 11)Carnival; 12)Chubb; 13)Cigna; 14)Citigroup; 15)Can Financial; 16)Continental Airlines; 17)l3 Communications Holding; 18)Lehman Brothers Holdings; 19)Lockheed Martin; 20)Lone Star Technologies; 21)LTV Corp.; 22)Delta Airlines; 23)General Motors; 24)Hercules; 25)Marsh & McLennan Coso; 26)Metlife; 27)Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; 28)Northwest Airlines; 29)Progressivecorp; 30)Raytheon Corp [makes drone missiles]; 31)Royal Caribbean Cruises; 32)Royal Sun Alliance; 33)Southwest Airlines; 34)United Airlines; 35)U.S. Airways; 36)Vornado Realty Trust; 37)W.R. Grace and Co.; and 38)X.L. Capital.

The traders who bet they would fall reaped huge windfalls and the companies got insurance after 911.

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission had the control list. They refused to release it. It was accidentally released to the Canadian Security Exchange Commission shortly after 911. Ian Mulgrew, writer for the Vancouver Sun, put the list in an article on February 23, 2002. It was almost immediately taken off the internet.

Fortunately, the Red-X telepathically stimulated the intuition of earthly Warrior, Splitting-the-Sky. He diligently hand wrote the list from the internet and put it on his fridge right away. Another article came into his realm. Bill Bergman was working for the Chicago “Federal Reserve” and was fired after investigating the suspicious “put option stocks”. Splitting-the-Sky, being the brilliant researching Mohawk that he is, thought, “Why was he fired for looking into these “prophets of death” stocks?

He was driven to google “who owns the Federal Reserve?” To his amazement, a list appeared that included two prominent banker families, Lord Rothschild of the Bank of England and David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan. He saw that many of the 38 corporations that went down were on the Federal Reserve list. Trillions of dollars were made at the expense of over 3000 lives lost in the Twin Towers, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and people killed in Iraq and Afganistan and still counting.

The Red-X mused, “What is the real story? 19 Saudis flying planes into those buildings and diesel fuel melting the steel just doesn’t cut it!”

The Towers were an asbestos bombshell. Like many built in the 1970s, they were constructed with vast quantities of cancer causing asbestos. Law suits were imminent. Removing it would cost possibly as much as the value of the buildings. It would be cheaper to set demolition explosives and blow the place apart, either accidentally or as a terrorist act. The insurance and put option stocks could then be collected by the traders and the companies.

In January 2001 Larry Silverstein made a $2.3 billion bid for the World Trade Center. On July 24 the New York Port Authority accepted the offer. Silverstein took out an insurance policy that covered “terrorist attacks”!! When the Towers came down, Silverstein was awarded almost $5 billion from 9 different insurance companies, with the help of Elliott Spitzer. It was heard that vigilant Larry also took out insurance on the Sears Building in Chicago. So Watch out!

StrataJet was in the Towers weeks before 911, which could have been enough time to wire up the building. Closing a number of the floors for weeks at a time was called “upgrading”. George Bush’s brother, Marvin, headed StrataJet Security, held the two year security contract on the Towers which conveniently ended on September 11, 2001. After that there was nothing to secure.

The Warriors of the 4th Dimension decided to put the spot light on the NYC rats. The Mayor, Rudy Guiliani, had a bunker on the 23rd floor of the World Trade Center #7 Building. Red-X was not surprised to learn that this building went down with all kinds of CIA, Department of Defense and SEC records of 30 to 40 money laundering cases.

The video, “Loose Change” claims remote controlled cruise missiles were fired into those buildings just before the nose of the planes hit the buildings. This caused people to look up into the sky while the real destruction was being done at the bottom of the building. Left were pools of molten steel that smoldered for months.

The warriors of the 4th dimension have been wondering if it was possible that a hydrogen bomb was used to destroy those buildings. Witnesses saw squibs of smoke projecting outwards from each floor that was blown up. Millions of degrees of heat were generated that exploded upwards which vaporized everything in its upward journey. No bodies, no computers, no desks, no cement.

Everything was pulverized into a hot white fine powder.

The War Council of the 4th Dimension heard how easy it would be to set up explosives on every 4th floor. When detonated by thermite by remote control, the steel would be severed into 34 ft. pieces. This would make it easier to pick up and haul away. Guiliani did not allow an independent investigation of the area. Apparently the metal was hauled to China and Asia and melted down and made into war ships.

The Mohawks can never rest until the full story is told. What do you think? There has to be a reason why the Great Red-X was captured and tortured for so long! Is it sheer malevolence or was there something else to it?

Kahentinetha Horn

MNN Mohawk Nation News


See the “Prophets of Death” by Tom Flocco;

Michael Rupert: “Crossing the Rubicon”;

“Who Owns the Federal Reserve?”; and

“Loose Change”; “End Game”; Zeitgiest”:

all on internet.

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Red-X escapes Guantanamo Gulag!


MNN. Sept. 17, 2007. At this time we don’t know how the infamous Indigenous sage, Red-X, escaped from the Guantanamo Gulag. His captors tried to break his spirit. But the Red-X said, “I already know this scene. I went to rez school!”

The account of his escapades is forthcoming. People Magazine, E-Talk Daily and the New York Times are all reportedly fighting for first dibs on his story. Red-X is keeping his mouth zipped. “I don’t need to talk to no colonial rag. MNN is the only one I’ll talk to. My story is just for my people!”

As MNN reported months ago, the Red-X had been captured and was being tortured. He had communicated that he would make contact with those who had fine tuned their perceptions, who had ears to hear, eyes to see and minds to know. Red-X indicated that he did receive a sign from the “war counsel” of the Third Dimension which makes itself known to those who are placed in abject confinement.

Red-X was inculcated with lyrics passed on to him on a stone tablet which was presented to him by a powerful warrior spirit, who spoke with thunder in his voice, lightening emanating through his eyes and with the head of a burning bush. His muscles looked like the mountains surrounding eternity.

The truth inscribed on this tablet from this ethereal being were to be transmitted to the mundane realm which we live in. The communicative enlightenment was to manifest its elucidation by means of melodious tonality. The musical vibration and the message would liberate the millions of people who have been imprisoned in their minds, deprived of free thought and the ability to contemplate in full cogitation. This is all part of his “sageocity”. People have been traumatized by the horrible shock and awe perpetuated by the neo conservative cabal of the Bush administration. They murdered over 3000 people in blood so cold that it would make Truman Capote shiver with a need for a steam bath at the nearest spa.

As one can imagine, the “force” tells no lies. The ethereal realm presented sacred missives in honor of the Red-X.

Red-X was instructed to deliver the words in the appropriate manner so that the truth could be converted into power. That power would then suffuse a sonorific voice that could translate into psychic transfusion. The words would be transmitted by means of rhythmic nuances for the understanding of those who are ready to hear it.

As he crossed the ocean from Cuba escorted by a fleet of dolphins onto Turtle Island , his silver eagle was waiting. He quickly mounted the silver eagle and headed back West to the place where the sun never sleeps.

As he flew he reminisced about the horrible atrocities that had been perpetrated upon his mortal form, which he never succumbed to, because his will to live is unyielding. He understands the suffering of his Arab brothers and sisters by the U.S. military torturers who have been given unlimited powers according to their so-called “extraordinary rendition”.

The Red-X was constantly tortured on the “water board”. Nothing could break him down. They wanted him to reveal the secret power of the Indigenous people who are able to communicate with the “kasastenera kowa sa oiera”. They want to know why they have not been able to totally exterminate us. We know who we are. We have the marks that denote our special place on this earth.

They put a hood over his head so he could not recognize his torturers, as if he couldn’t tell they were Americans, especially when they greeted him with “Howdy Doody!” They put him face down suspended by a pulley. He was then lowered into a pit of gurgling water so that he would sink to the bottom and be made to think he would drown.

His torturers only fed him during the day one sparse portion of cornmeal and a piece of sugar cane. They thought they were starving him. They did know that maize is an integral part of the indigenous diet and thus the main sources of the Red-X’s mystical psychic power. They were totally “amaized” at his strength.

“I have tried to expose the truth about what happened in New York City at the Twin Towers on September 11th 2001. I have been greatly concerned about the falsehoods being spread because it was built by my people, the Onkwehonweh”. He was troubled by the official story given by the U.S. government through their mouthpiece Ari Fleischer who said, “Be careful what you say and who you say it to”. He was warning about the police state that was coming and the penalties for those who talked about 911 in any other form except from the “official patriotic” perspective.

The War Counsel told him, “You have suffered enough, Red-X. We will make it easy for you to escape”. He memorized the lyrics that were on the tablet, which then evaporated right before his deep set eyes.

As he flew the words kept coming to him:

1. 911 was a “false flag”, nothing new
It’s been tried and true
As a means to perpetuate
The war mongering greed
Of the very elite few
Hell-bent on dictating
Who we are and what we do 

You can’t escape the eagle’s eye
The winds can hear your plans and lies
Your skull and bones and false flag flies
But the spirits of justice are on the rise

2. The epitome of evil false flag operations
When you kill your own people
To justify attacking other nations
Side stepping the rules
Governing war crimes and treason
Murder and genocide for your own sick reason


3. How dumb do you think we are?
You control-demoed those Twin TowersBoom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom-boom!
From the very top floor down
Anti-terror fire and brimstone
With a dash of pyrotechnics
Suspending rights and cleansing ethnics


4. Stand down orders to the U.S. Air Force Allowing four planes
To go unchecked and off course
But, hey, what happened to
The plane that flew into the Pentagon?
Come on! No parts! No luggage! No bodies!
Something is very wrong
Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowich and Bush
Have the motive, the means and the opportunity
Just like Hitler, Pinochet, PolPot and Mouselini
Your crimes are against humanity
And for that there is no immunity


5. Your game is up
Burn in HELL
Your future generations
Will know this story well
Your oiligarchy is
The next tower to come down
And the history of truth is
The only story we’ll tell



Red-X spoke these words to his messenger, Bro’hawk, who found Dacajawea [Splitting the Sky], who converted it to music with the assistance of She-Keeps-The-Door, Speaks-The-Truth, Shahada and Nat. “Truth to Power” came into being.

Listen and live on!

Kahentinetha Horn
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MNN. June 26, 2007. In the midst of the most grotesque torture ever committed against anyone, the Red-X emerged with his mind and spirit in tact. In one torture he was placed in a room with no sound, low white light, air coming in through a hole in the ceiling and no interaction with anybody else. He was supposed to lose his sense of identity, hallucinate, hear nothing and see things that don’t exist to break him down psychologically. The Red-X has been in greater deprivation for longer periods of time before and during a Sun Dance.Throughout the most gruesome parts, they told him that he could save himself from their torture by committing death and destruction against his people. They offered him and close family members money and a holiday for the rest of their lives. They yelled at him, “Others have accepted. So will you! Think of your children. Wouldn’t you like to see them wearing beautiful clothes and going to the best schools? The Red-X, answered, “All people are my children”.

“Why do you want to keep flying around on that rusted old “pow wow” car of a silver eagle? You could have a Golden Hummer. You could have your name in lights in Las Vegas and smoke all the cigarettes you want. We could build you a casino to give you a never-ending supply of cash. You would never have to pay a cent of tax”.

His tormenters told him that, “We have orders right from the very top to offer you a good life, free tickets to the Senators hockey games, not one day in jail for all the atrocities you are going to commit against your people for us. We will make sure that you will not be victimized by the coming police state”. He was even offered a job at the top of the “Tower of Terror” at Indian Affairs. “You won’t have to do anything but sit in a Jacuzzi all day long and get your nails polished”.

The Red-X thought, “Is it any wonder why so many of our selfish weaklings become traitors?”

Then they warned Red-X, “If you don’t accept our offer, we will bust your head, throw you in jail for the rest of your life or we will kill you”. This is an offer many of our weak minded people cannot refuse.

The Red-X advised us that, “These sissies are terrified by the prospects of pain, doing time for their misdeeds. They fear being brutalized by both the guards and the other inmates, many of whom are Indigenous, for the crimes they have committed against us like theft, corruption, perversion and even killing our people. To escape captivity they are willing to take the “blood money” to sell information to the colonizers and spy on us. They help control any opposition among the angry oppressed class. Their bosses even give them a “Phil Fontaine Day”.

The Red-X looked at his oppressors, opened his mouth and sprayed them with blood, bits of broken teeth and pus that had filled his mouth after they had sucker punched him all day long.

Suddenly during this captivation in the dungeons of the bowels of the oppressor beast, a great transformation overcame him. He told MNN how he was visited by illuminated beings from the Third Dimension. They told him to prepare us for a great earth shaking that is to come. “We have to reconnect with our true sentient mind within and re-empower ourselves to fight”. They told him how the people worldwide are now at the point where their minds have been stolen from them and they have become people with no feelings.

The beings told the Red-X what the real deal was. The neo cons are planning to replace the true indigenous of “Onowarekeh”/Turtle Island with a duplicate race of people. They have already given out “Indian status cards” to many imposters. They are also going to create new Indigenous people by a process of cloning.

Many years ago the neo cons collected the genetic blueprints of all Indigenous people around the world. Our blood samples were deposited into a blood bank in Washington DC. It was a scheme concocted by some scientists, the CIA and the military to take control of our DNA. They are trying to contaminate our blood to destroy the continuing connection between us, our ancestors, future generations and our land.

Those with Indigenous DNA are to be eliminated. We will be replaced by those who profess to be “aboriginal” or are a cloned duplicate.

Why? The claim to our land is based on genetics. There is a finite mystical bond between us and our land. To get our land, they have to break the bond. They have to know who the Indigenous are. Getting rid of us is the only way they can claim Turtle Island free of any connection to the true Onkwehonweh.

They will do anything to usurp our authority over Onowarekeh/Turtle Island. They use the pen and we use the truth. Now they’re trying to take our constitution, the Great Law, so they can be us. Then as us they will set themselves up as the Onkwehonweh/Indigenous and declare sovereignty over Turtle Island. They can never be us.

Red-X knows about this plan. They are torturing him to make him divulge the secrets of how we are defending ourselves.

What is going to happen to the colonists’ system of demoralization? They are going to be devoured by the brutal world they have made. They will be obliviated by the inferno of nuclear weaponry they have created.

For good minded people to make it through this storm, they will have to comprehend the possibilities of developing a more translucent physical body that must increase its molecular cellular structure to go into a much higher frequency that allows one to literally take cover and refuge in the Third Dimension. This a world of perfect reality that exists right before our very eyes but which many of us have not been able to see for a long time. The perfect reality can transform everybody.

How do we increase our frequency of ability to see it? How did the church and colonial state manipulate our mental and psychic energy to destroy our ability to know our total self?

Red-X always was and always will be. He can appear in a black beaded hood, a gustowah or a breach cloth. No one has ever seen his skin. When his glasses are taken off, there are no eyes. Those little black circles are but the portholes into the Third Dimension. There is no DNA. The people who torture us keep getting burned and flooded.

The “neo cons” keep telling us that conflicts can only be solved with war. If that’s their view, then they will never be fair or truthful. They will want to continue to burn us. We will continue to flood them because they are not from here.

When we negotiate from the highest reality they can see who we really are. The enemy class has to take responsibility for their acts of oppression.

Red-X represents the Great Law that is in all of us in the perfect Onkwehonweh world. Jigosaseh is the spokesperson for all the women of the world.

The Red-X said that, “The time will come when the women will tell us to declare whatever has to be declared. Women know maternal love. They are sensitive and close to creation. The colonists have a choice. They can take a grand leap of faith and deal with us with the same love and generosity they want shown to themselves. Or they can continue to try to get rid of us one way or another, according to their perverted and false sense of economy”. In the end, the Red-X said, “It is the women who will decide when enough is enough!”

For the eternally literal, this is a message from the Red-X.

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MNN. June 22, 2007. The Red-X was apprehended by the special “anti-terrorist” forces constituted by the U.S., Canada and Europe to institute terror. They have taken Red-X for special “attention” and to get him out of the way for the June 29th “Phil Fontaine Day”. Without giving him any reason or charges, he was taken away under some new law to a state that excels in torture. No one heard from him for several days. Once in a while, we heard static and beeps coming into our minds but nothing more.Suddenly a telepathic message flashed telling us how he was tortured by a special squad. They were dressed in black with black hoods. They looked something like Darth Vader’s gang. They used all the old tactics like inserting large objects into his rectum which he expelled into their faces, knocking out one eye. They siced beasts on him to frighten, bite and anally rape him. These animals ended up trying to help him and even licked some of his wounds, which drove his tormenters nuts. They also tried to put a computer chip in his brain so they could track him. They were unsuccessful because his body rejected it. He did not have the necessary anti-rejection chemicals in his system. It fell on the floor and broke into a thousand pieces. Derogatory terms were constantly hurled at him, like “dirty red sand nigger and maggot”, “Wagon burner, “big papoose” and “chief”.

They squashed his testicles which bounced back like silly putty. “You’re part of the resistance”, they kept yelling at him in frustration.

The U.S. has some of the most refined torture methods in the world. They want to show our people what they can do to us if we resist them. They deprived him of all his senses and tactile contact, in the hopes he would go crazy. That didn’t work either because he knows they can hold onto or destroy his body but they can’t touch his spirit. He will always know who he is.

They want to convince our people who they consider to be “rogues” to hand over all our oil, minerals and natural resources to the U.S. and whoever is controlling them without a fight.

They think if they can get the Red-X, then everybody else will fall. The colonists don’t know we do not have leaders. Another favorite from their arsenal of torture is “water boarding”. He was strapped to a board, turned upside down and immersed in a wet towel to simulate drowning until he lost conscious. The trouble is that the Red-X is consciousness, so he couldn’t lose it.

Another one was a drip from the ceiling onto his forehead for days on end. He drank up all the water and regenerated himself.

“They tried to behead me but saw the scar on my neck”, he said. They decided against this because they figured that the Third Dimension would come and sew it back on like they did before. That happened when he was beheaded as an 8-year old at the residential school run by the churches for the colonial government.

‘They told me that they’re going to put their flags on Turtle Island once and for all, whether we like it or not”. They told him, “That means we’ve conquered you”. Then they continued bullying the Red-X.

We have been under sanctions for 500 years. It has killed millions of our men, women and babies. Is it possible for us to forgive them? We are the only ones that have the capacity to do that because we are still human. The invaders lost that ability a long time ago. They desensitized their conscience so they have no more sense of morality. They don’t seem to know what is right or wrong. They’ve lost their souls. That’s why they were and are able to commit all this cruelty against us and our land. That’s why they can’t sense the pain they inflict on us when they torture us.

Do we want the corporate butchers to completely ruin us and our land? Can we let them sell off all our assets and control our resources?

We want freedom and independence. What can we do about our saboteurs? We want the colonists to leave and to take the traitors with them. Turtle Island will never be theirs. We will always resist this illegal, immoral occupation.

The occupiers are causing us harm, sickness, poverty and lawlessness. We need clean drinking water, good hospitals, food on the table, safety in the streets, and our homes not to be attacked by foreign trespassers like the RCMP, OPP, SQ and their “Indian” police henchmen. These troops are making sure that our lives will have nothing but misery, poverty, disease and fear. The trauma suffered by our children are some of the most brutal strategies ever devised by man. The residential schools holocaust has lasted for generations.

We survived that. We are capable of overcoming any atrocity because the peacemaker, Dekanawida, gave us that ability. We cannot become like our oppressors. One day can we drive them out? Peace over Turtle Island could drive them all away. If the colonists keep up their cruelty, we could end up hating them. We can’t wait to see them all on those sailing ships leaving New York harbor going back to where they came from. We’ll stand on the shore and wave good-bye to them.

The Red-X implicitly stated previously that, “We should be very mindful of why Phil of the Assembly of First Nations is calling for “resistance” on the June 29th ”Phil Fontaine Day”. He is in reality working with the enemy class to smoke out any opposition to them, as they did in Gustafsen Lake in 1995 and Kanehsatake/Oka in 1990”.

MNN received a vivid image of the Red-X nursing his wounds and a light tear rolled down his hooded cheek. This came to us from the porthole of the Third Dimension. The tears he shed were not for himself. It was for the people who must continue in the meantime to endure this misery of everyday existence under colonial rule.

Kahentinetha Horn
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