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MNN. Feb. 6, 2021. Spying is one of the biggest industries in the world. The United States is the Republic of War. Spies help plan and set up wars. The “Economic Hit Men” are the spies who go into a country and bribe the headman to do business their way, or else. Then the spy goes in to set up the payoff or the war.



The intelligence agencies in each country recruit, train and run the spies. MI5 in London controlled by the bankers runs all the spying conducted by Western intelligence. The “Five Eyes” controls CIA, et al. agencies of he Western empire.    

The United Nations is a private corporation owned by the Rockefellers. All countries are corporations that are signed on to the UN corporation. The Vatican is the CROWN, the world’s first corporation set up in 902 AD. the same year as Roman Catholicism was introduced. All the corporations are under the Admiralty system.  

They all have corporate numbers from the Vatican. ISO International Standards Organization numbers for corporations and companies come from the Vatican. Without this number no one or no company can get a bank account to conduct business. Everybody who works for money works for the bankers. 

Every spy works for money, ideology, blackmail or ego. All are expendable. North Americans are vulnerable because of their lust for money. US and Canada are corporations and not naturally part of the Western Hemisphere. 

The current covid restrictions keep everybody from trusting each other. Victimhood is an essential ingredient. Spies work together to keep the war going and keep people unsettled. The bankers keep everybody under surveillance.


During peace spying is unnecessary. We onkwehonweh figured out how to live in peace. We do have security to defend ourselves. If there is international peace, the most powerful agencies of the world would all go out of business. There would be no fear of the bankers, military, bombs, and so on.

Spies develop the business plan for “the war plan”. They know each other and work the same play from different sides of the stage. Their bosses in the “war room” take all their information and create the war. Without spies there would be no creation of war.


Russian Alexi Navalney works for MI5. He went to Yale for 6 years, the home of the Bavarian Illuminati, in America.  

Spies protect the country for the bankers. On turtle island, immigrants come from all over the world to help themselves to our resources and protect the indigenous property and resources they are helping to steal. They do all the dirty work. Americans make bombs and weapons and others set them off. The bankers finance it all. 

Spies carry out clandestine maneuvers, like hiding messages in human DNA or murdering the messenger or setting up killings of innocent men, women, babies and children.  Their handlers tell them how far to go to keep a lid on the ongoing war.

As an open society we conduct diplomacy openly. We learn each other’s languages, speak to each other and transmit messages well understood by all parties. 

Middle Eastern fighters disappear into the fabric of their society and disperse. It took 10 years for the US to find osama bin laden using informants and surveillance. This could have been done in a short time by a small operation.

Today the electronic setup to manipulate the earth is artificial intelligence. In Machine Warfare robots, machines, super sonic guns are used by trained assassins. Remotely operated robots fight each other so they never have to look directly at the face of the innocent victim.

The protagonists want our land and resources and to remove us because we are in their way. The manipulators are spectators sitting in their living rooms. Their drones see the target and a button is pushed to take them out.

Cryptologists Anonymous

Cyber cryptography is to shut down electrical systems. Large Western nations are vulnerable as they own the electronic based economy. They can turn off electronics, computers, info networks, send viruses, deny service or encrypt pre attack chatter. The big bankers own the broadcasters, governments, ministries, parliaments, ATMs, internet, militaries. Smaller targets in the West who defend themselves are called “terrorists”. 

They can shut down gas, food, medicines, infrastructure, power grids, water supplies, communications, transportation, financial services, nuclear power, power to houses, fridges, etc.

Something is developed in spies so they can carry out these unnatural atrocities. The evil shame of paedophilia develops an energy which can be manipulated. Eventually it becomes mundane, gross and bizarre so they can’t make that evil energy they need. It is not drugs, womanizing or even murder. The white man has learned to develop the energy to be fiercely evil through artificial means. Being nice is a facade conditioned by training, religious zealotry, and dangling carrots in their faces. When natives learn white ways like the government’s elected band councils installed in indigenous communities, they loose their native energy and goodness and betray their own people. The job of the spies in our midst is to take information to their handlers in Indian Affairs throughout turtle island. 

Oligarchs and their protege agree to do this. Our energy is placed in us by creation to protect and defend our mother.

A long time ago the peacemaker brought us the good message. In order for us to survive, we had to co-exist according to the kaianerekowa, great peace, and we had to bury the weapons of war. The invaders arrived uninvited. They were told they had to live by the great peace. They saw all the riches they could steal and started wholesale slaughter of the original people from east to west, pole to pole.

The master spy, Maxwell Smart, would probably say, “It’s time for the cone of silence, Chief”.

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MNN. Jan. 18, 2021. A few American ignoramuses are deciding the world’s fate.  The other countries seem scared to say something. Looks like they’re not stopping the US from plundering the world and enriching the corporations. The US is falling apart. Their Infrastructure is decaying. Their Brainwashing system is broken down. They’re attacking China to scare and control Asia. The put sanctions on anybody doing business they are not apart. They withdrew from all kinds of trade agreements.

Nobody knows what to do.

The problem is the two party system where one side wins and the other side loses so the people and the world can be scammed. 

The media says that democracy is now reborn because the new politicians are in charge and everything will be alright. We indigenous have waited for hundreds of years for that so-called “civilization” that the invaders supposedly brought here. It still hasn’t arrived. The 51% majority system is not democracy. It’s corporatism. We tried to teach them. When the losers of an election resort to violence, it shows the frailty of the system they follow. People are rebelling against global capitalism that will censor dissent, ban protests and enslave the world.

PEOPLE WANTED TO LOOK BEHIND WHAT IS BEHIND THE CURTAIN TO SEE WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON. [Jan. 6, 2021 | Washington, D.C. | Supporters of President Trump climb the west wall of the the U.S. Capitol.]

 It is the survival of the fittest which is the 1% of all the people who have all the money. 

This is the NEW NORMAL OF HATRED or TOTALITARIANISM. Fanaticists showed up at the alter in the cathedral [Capital Hill], because they wanted to start the real revolution. It looked more like the US is heading towards a national nervous breakdown. The rioters broke into the sacred home of the thieves who stole our property. Some protesters were picked and marched away to some secret place. We wonder if it’s the same tunnels where they take our missing and murdered women and children never to be seen again. The attackers are the citizens of the thieves. They saw themselves as the heroes. In “1984” the people were given two minutes a week to express their imbedded hatred created by big brother. They are self righteous about the theft and genocide they committed.  

Who are these enemies? As George Bush said, “Bring it on”. Then he told everybody to go shopping. The corporate media said Trump was a racist, traitor, anti-semite, conspiracy theorist, far right extremist, and wants another civil war. The media generated ‘anti trump’ fest is over. The reset is to sit at home masked, surfing the interweb. Wash your hands. Obey the curfew or be fined, jailed, va ccinated or killed. 

They have not looked in their own back yard. The answers are there. The Indigenous people of turtle island can remind them about the great peace and two row as the only way to survive. The US is falling apart because they divided and rejected the original principles of the constitution based on the kaianerekowa, great peace of the iera’kwa [Iroquois].

The alien invaders to turtle island are hated and looked down upon by all the people they have wronged. They are now humiliated and made to feel powerless. This hatred and greed will make them organize their rage in a destructive way. Military, big tech and mainstream media are government enforcers. They are against anything that gets in the way of owistah, [the dollar] a mental disease that prevents us of becoming of one mind. The first symptom is being controlled by money and their need to silence or crush anyone who gets in their way.  

Kruschev of Russia told the world in the early 1960’s at the UN that the United States would be destroyed from within.

THE BILL OF DON’TS. Don’t say what they don’t want to hear. Don’t gather where they don’t allow you. Don’t petition your grievances. Don’t own weapons. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t mention your right to privacy.  Don’t stop their surveillance. You must give them all information about yourself. Don’t confront or question witnesses against you. Don’t have people defend you. No hate speech. No due process. No rule of law. Your feelings don’t count. Don’t complain about oppression, fascism or patriarchy. Don’t object or you will be cancelled. Don’t question election systems or results. Only the authority has the right to inflict pain on you to keep their power.

Their only right is to vote for a candidate that belongs to a private political party. They give the party their voice and all their rights and their vote is meaningless. The 76 million who voted for Trump are voiceless. The native system requires 100% concensus on an issue. 

Disturbed got it right in the song “land of Confusion”: “I must’ve dreamed a thousand dreams
Been haunted by a million screams
But I can hear the marching feet
They’re moving into the street (into the street [4x])

Total confusion [2x]


Did you read the news today?
They say the danger’s gone away
But I can see the fire’s still alight
There burning into the night”

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MNN, Oct. 29, 2020. The human race has been prepared for a long time to accept the brutality that’s necessary for the takeover of the the financial industry worldwide. People are being bored to death and distracted with confusing oppression.  The human race could be taken out of it with the snap of a finger by somebody who can show people the truth. The blinders must be removed.

The COVID virus is being conveniently used to put everybody on house arrest to bring the new world order into  existence.

Nobody must see the concerted effort to blind the eyes of the human race so they can be taken over by a small group of very financially powerful people, who are dividing up the world and will use the people as slaves.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting in Europe with the New World Order to create the new system. He refuses to meet with the indigenous people who are being terrorized across turtle island. See “Trudeau, EU leaders meet ahead of US election to reinforce support of world order”. https://globalnews.ca/news/7429181/trudeau-european-union-world-order-us-election/ He did not consult the president of the United States or the prime minister of England. Trudeau is locking people into their homes again during this meeting. See link to “Biden and the two world order”. 

The world’s indigenous people are opting out as the great peace and two row agreement based on natural ways puts the European elites in their boat and we stay in our canoe. There is a great chasm between our cultures.

People have been put under the death delusion and made to feel vulnerable and silent. Hitler put people in a trance so he could do anything he wanted. He talked insanely. The Nazis had huge sinister looking night rallies. Wars were threatened everywhere. A few saw it and shook off the blinding blanket thrown over the world.

Some invaders see the power of the philosophy of peace and have threatened to burn down the longhouses.


Police are being used by governments to illegally oppress the people. Mark Miller, the Minister of Indian Affairs in Canada, a retired military commander, was sent into Six Nations to crush the resistance using military style style strategies in the Canadian army. Indian Affairs is a department of the military with a “war room” on the 14th floor. An armed camp has been set up to begin the takeover of Ontario and to stop native resistance across Canada. The new Minister of Quebec Indian Affairs is a former cop.  Attacks on indigenous people are being used as staging grounds to carry out their aggression and takeover.

In Akwesasne SQ officers are taking over native police. They can cross the Canada/US border without restraint using our border crossing rights.

US and Canada are more controlled when placed under military powers. A faction of the government want to disarm the people so they cannot defend themselves and their territories from an invasion. The UN have set up “cross policing’ between nations  because police are reluctant to shoot their own people.     

One project was to kill the old people. Soldiers were ordered to go into the old peoples homes in Ontario and Quebec where elderly were in critical condition, at death’s door, already dead or dying en masse. They reported to the federal government. Nothing was done about it.

Quebec is the staging ground for the European take over of Canada and the United States. They are in the strategic position, northeastern turtle island, north of all major cities in the US and the cusp of the Great Lakes. They are connected to France that has the nuclear bomb and have a French territory in the St. Lawrence gulf, the Anti-costi Islands. 

The infiltration started in 1965 prior to Montreal Expo 67. The French soldiers came over and became teachers and workers and stirred up the young people. Charles DeGaulle made the statement “vive la Quebec libre”, it was a separatist message to the French from France to start the subsequent FLQ crisis. A French bureaucrat living in Ottawa helped Pierre Trudeau with the crisis and then disappeared.

The war In Canada is the French [France] against the English, as before.  The Mohawks and indigenous are always neutral. They both vie for our support.

The US constitution was spawned by our great peace philosophy which is the basis of their republic. To take over turtle island, the indigenous people have to be annihilated, especially the clan mothers where the power of the people and the land  is vested. In the restructuring by the invaders, they intend to dissolve the true government of North America, the Iroquois Coinfederacy and all its friends and allies.  

United States and Canada have no home here. They are refugees under our protection. They violated their agreements with us. Their allegiance is to the European order.  They can’t celebrate the true natural culture of the indigenous. Their justice system is the common law of England and the European civil law. They have no language, property or culture. They are “foreigners”. 

They are avoiding the fact that turtle island is unceded indigenous land, from ocean to ocean and pole to pole. They are removing chiefs and clan mothers who are hereditarily caretakers and maintain jurisdiction of turtle island on behalf of the unborn babies.   

The US is split 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. Read “Joe Biden on How I learned to love the New World Order”. Republicans and Ontario are right wing allied with the US and the British Commonwealth against the European community. Quebec is part of the European community.

On October 21 2020 the military flew over Kahnawake and Kanesatake without consent, knowledge or right. Every indigenous community is a “no fly zone” and natives have the right to defend themselves by any means. The planned fly over the following night didn’t happen. All of turtle island is unceded onkwehonweh territory under indigenous jurisdiction and is a “no fly zone”. No foreign military shall violate our air space. The military flyovers are never explained to us by the band council, military or government.   

All the maps of our territories are in Indian Affairs in Quebec and Washington.

Montreal is being rebuilt to house this new regime to be ruled by the Vatican. The office buildings are empty. The Vatican wants to create money and power from nothing, like the British banking system did.

Creation reminds us of the genocide of over 100 million indigenous people. Their invading descendants are once again attacking us and our mother earth to continue the genocide.

Our inspiration and guidance comes from the universe. Creation has committed us to taking care of our mother earth and our true natural family on turtle island. No one can split up creation. Science can’t be separated from the kaianerekowa. Turtle island belongs to the unborn. No one can sell or convey her to anyone. 

The great Johnny Cash has a song about these candidates: “Egg-suckin’ dog. 
I’m gonna stomp your head in the ground If you don’t stay out of my hen house
You dirty old egg-suckin’ hound…”

JOE BIDEN & THE NEW WORLD ORDER https://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/vp-joe-biden-and-the-new-world-order.html

BIDEN – HARRIS PLAN FOR TRIBAL NATIONS https://joebiden.com/tribalnations/#


FORE U.S. ELECTION  https://globalnews.ca/news/7429181/trudeau-european-union-world-order-us-election/

WATCH THIS. https://www.facebook.com/adam.bernhardt.589/videos/1653459804827124/

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We feel the time has come to republish this important letter delivered to our Iranian allies in 2012.

Iran always supported human rights of the Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island.  When Terrance Nelson of Manitoba informed us that he was going to Iran to speak about the continued genocide of our people, he took the following letter.  Iran supported the Iroquois Confederacy application for a seat in the League of Nations in 1923.

Jan 10, 2020



You always supported our human rights efforts, especially in 1923. Briefly, the Iroquois Confederacy sent Levi General, the Deskaheh, to get recognition for our people at the League of Nations.  He came from Grand River [Ontario].  

With a Haudenosaunee passport, he went to Geneva, Switzerland to speak at the League of Nations in 1923.  There he presented “The Red Man’s Appeal for Justice,” and reminded the Europeans of their obligations under the Guswentha, Two Row Wampum. This pact was made in 1701 between the 48 Indigenous Nations and our allies of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island with the Europeans. It is the only agreement giving foreigners the right to live on our land.  They violated it and their occupation is illegal. 

Iran supported our effort.  British, American and Canadian pressure was too strong for Deskaheh to continue.  He returned home.

On October 7 1924 the Royal Canadian Mounted Police investigated him. Then they dissolved the traditional Six Nations government, stole important documents and wampums, created the Indian Advancement Act and the reservations.  The Canadian government declared an immediate election to displace the traditional government. Deskaheh was forbidden to return to his home and family.  He was murdered in Tuscarora New York after giving his famous last speech on the radio on March 10, 1925, against the United States and Canada’s policies of genocide.  

“In Ottawa, they call that policy “Indian Advancement”. In Washington, they call it “Assimilation.” We say it is outright tyranny. If this must go on, we would rather that you come with your guns and poison gases and get rid of us that way. Do it openly and above board.”

Historically, Iranians have been champions of justice.  We remember you for your goodness, good minds and for always looking out for us.  Nia:wen, Kahentinetha, Woman Title Holder, Bear Clan, Kanionkehaka/Mohawk Nation”.

Terrance was interviewed on Iran TV.  He spoke about the continued genocide of our people that Canada is built upon, particularly about the theft of our natural resources and the targeting of our women.   The police are not investigating this.   Their goal has always been, “kill the Indian”.

The PRESSTV interview is on YouTube:  “Canada has Ethnic Cleansing of Aboriginal on Agenda:  Native Ex-Chief”.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceZtHLieAKs

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‘She was absolutely adored’: Iranian scientist spent her life fighting for Indigenous voices in conservation

Message to our allies: iaakwateriwanieteh. tsinonkwa onkwatenroserahson’a. deskahe Levi General tionkwatasawentsi tewatenro. tia ki iats wa non ne. tewakwekon tewaskeneks ne skennen. 



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MNN. Jan. 30, 3019. In the recent UN Security Council meeting the Venezuelans defended themselves against the Americans, who played their “divide and conquer” card. They instigated all their economic allies to vote with them against Venezuela. 

Americans announced they were invading Venezuela to ‘take’ their oil. Prime Minister Trudeau announced Canadians were ready to join the attack of Venezuela.

The following message came from Venezuela on January 30, 2019: “Juan Guaido is a piece of U.S. imperialism to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela. Our constitution does not mention an interim in any article. Please, my friend, take the truth to your country. Let the truth be known. The USA, what they want is the oil of my country. They want to take us to a war, but here we will continue our fight. Viviremos y venceremos!” [We are still in the fight and we will have the victory!] 

They are responding to this message: “I am with you and  la gente de Venezuelan. I remember Hugo Chavez as a great man. I also met the ambassador to Canada in Ottawa. He visited our territory here in Tyendinaga. He and the Venezuelan staff danced in our longhouse. 


Venezuela has right to establish an embassy here on sovereign kanionkehaka’onwe territory. Canada kicked them out of Ottawa. We would like to kick Canada out of our land. We stand with Venezuela totally, my dear friend.” 

Immortal Technique describes the war plans of the empire: “Every day man these motherf——  are professional liars. You know what I’m saying? It’s wild. Listen. Bin Laden don’t blow up the projects. It was u, nigga. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers. Tell the truth, nigg-. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bin Laden did not blow up the projects. It was u, nigg-. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers. Tell the truth, nigg-. Bush knocked down the towers.”. 

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RUSSIA SENDS TWO NUCLEAR CAPABLE BOMBERS TO VENEZUELA.  https://www.navytimes.com/flashpoints/2018/12/10/russia-sends-2-nuclear-capable-bombers-to-venezuela/?fbclid=IwAR14pvSX0FGi3PWpGd_m2QIrTd6g50ilyKL2WuxWMZgeaFF5Jo1pOZYAIPI#.XE4kMivno1U.facebook 

BOLTON WRITES NOTE TO SEND “5,000 TROOPS TO COLUMBIA” https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bolton-holds-legal-pad-with-5000-troops-to-colombia-written-on-it/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6a&linkId=62933659&fbclid=IwAR1hnVS_eOqql3pqzCGgtxTIIk7qUtRH02Qd5pffk3Aw9LxlrXvu-zBWazI

NINO PAGLIACCI, ON TROYKA MENTALLY INSANE US & CANADA  https://www.facebook.com/nino.pagliccia.7/posts/10155995830421546



Call of the First Assembly of Assemblies in Commercy, Meuse, France / Appel de la 1ère Assemblée des Assemblées de Commercy dans la Meuse en France



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MNN. Nov. 29, 2018. Paris is burning! The fire is caused by native American great peace ideals, just like the first French revolution. The people have had enough of their oligarchs. 

The Europeans came to turtle island to destroy the kaianerekowa, the great peace. In 1779 General George ‘ranatakaias’ Washington, the rabid dog that attacks without reason, created the executive order to kill the Mohawks. They planned to defeat the rotino’shonni, Iroquois, chop down the tree of peace, and create the U. S. republic of war. 

In 1701 the French sued for peace. The Great Peace of Montreal was enacted between the French and the rotino’shonni and all our friends and allies. 

They accepted that our first covenant was with the earth and all things alive. All natural living things have the same mother on turtle island. Our father is the source energy of all creation. 

Here we are all brothers and sisters and shall survive and coexist. The teiohateh, two row, means we made the covenant with nature. We were placed on all of turtle island from the north to the south pole. Our duty is to heal the evil on this planet. 


In 1701 we taught the French how the kaianerekowa would eliminate war from their culture. IN 1701 we invited the British to share in the peace. They came to kingston In August 1701 under the teiohateh, the covenant with nature, which they broke immediately. 

In 1710 we sent the five chiefs to hold the world’s first international peace conference in London. 

66 years later 1776 the City of London bankers devised the very first ‘false flag’ war called the American Revolution. 

The great peace spread to France and caused the French Revolution when the people rebelled against the oligarchs. Today the French Revolution II is happening again, as the great peace enters the minds of the French people again.  

The following presentation to the Senate in Ottawa by BAR lawyer Aaron Detlor raised some important issues. He asked how did Canada subvert the teiohateh, two row agreement, and pretend to be our masters? In 1924 our land was usurped under provincial resource extraction rules and we were all placed in prison of war of war camps called “reserves”.

Regardless of past conflicting statements about Aaron Detlor on behalf of the HDI, he tried to bring critical issues before the Senate. He sees the December 4/18 meeting between Canada and their AFN employees in Ottawa as nothing but a corporate business plan. He said, “Canada can’t give us something they haven’t got, ‘self government’, or anything! Rather they take eveything from us. We must say NO to everyone of their development proposals of our land and resources. Every tree in the ground is worth $1 million, our defence against carbon pollution.   

Jim Morrison of the Doors had the message for the French.  “well I been down so goddamn long that it looks like its up to me”. They loved Jim Morrison in Paris:

DETLOR RISES IN THE SENATE CHAMBER http://www.cpac.ca/en/programs/in-committee-from-the-senate-of-canada/episodes/64838822?fbclid=IwAR2pEiqumXF_11JPDOMaQ62zYWGI8jJpztf-B9HU4ZnRiK2e2WFRUwP0CmE

PARIS IN BURNING: Paris is burning https://www.facebook.com/brutofficiel/videos/909052959297464/UzpfSTYyODA5MDg5MDpWSzoxMDkwNjY0NjM3NzYxMTIy/

ECONOMIC WORTH OF EACH TREE:  http://www.governing.com/topics/transportation-infrastructure/gov-itree-calculates-trees-economic-worth.html

LET’S STAND TOGETHER. THE WORLD HAS TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING TO US:  https://mohawknationnews.com/blog/2018/11/27/two-row-justice-v-united-states-world-court/




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MNN. Nov.  27, 2018. For over 20 years we, sovereign onkwehonweh, exhausted the court system all the way through to the Supreme Court of the United States. [Jones v. Parmley 17-928]. Over 100 of us were viciously attacked on May 18, 1997, by the New York State “Indian Detail” on Onondaga land. Our human rights were violated at all levels of the court system [Federal Trial Court, Federal Appeals Court and Supreme Court]. The only corporate court left is the World Court, the International Court of Justice, at The Hague. 

We’ve been blocked from serving it on the World Court in violation of the UN Charter and the Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People. We need your help to file this case that is posted below @ https://tworowjusticevunitedstatesworldcourt.com/

atiatonhatstserraraken – Pure White Belt.

ne arihonnih karaken watston nehtsi ne enhakienterestakwe tsi iatahonton ne kahnikonrakson tohkani kahnohsatstera atiatenaktonni net rahotinikonrakon ne rotiianer tsi rotitsenhaien ahosennakon ne skennenkowa. karaken ne atehniententsera ne skennen, kahnoronkwatsera atahtitenron, tahnon ne saiaioton, tehonakwatasehton tahnon rohtnikonrareh ne wisk nihononwentsakeh.  kayoni #60, kaianerekowa.

**********READ THE ENTIRE CASE, WHY WE ARE TRYING TO SERVE IT ON THE WORLD COURT AND WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP:-  https://tworowjusticevunitedstatesworldcourt.com/

FORWARD YOUR COMMENTS TO: World Court Information Department World Court <info@icj-cij.org> information@icj–ij.org. Mr. Philippe Couvreur Registrar, International Court of Justice,Peace Palace, Carnegieplein 2, 2517 KJ The Hague, The Netherlands information@icj-cij.org. UN Secretariat of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (SPFII). Division for Inclusive Social Development (DISD), Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), United Nations Secretariat (29th Floor), 405 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017 indigenous_un@un.org 

 [Onondaga15] kahentinetha2@yahoo.com; 

www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec,Canada] J0L 1B0. Nia:wen. See MNN Home Page.





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MNN. Nov. 25, 2018. 




Everyone welcome. onkwehonweh, family, friends, allies! The Association of Iroquois & Allied Indians and supporters are setting up at 10am at Parliament Hill. Demonstration begins at 11am. Speak your mind on how the Rights Framework will affect you.  Updates https://www.facebook.com/aiai.pto/ 

GET INVOLVED: https://www.stoptheframework.com/

Then walk together to the Westin Hotel Ottawa, across from Parliament, to stop the government Chiefs from tearing down their own house.  

Download the Youth Call To Action flyer to distribute and share with your community.


Related actions taking place in Edmonton and Owen Sound. 






MILLION ONKWEHONWEH MARCH TO OTTAWA NEEDED. We will watch as this house on Parliament Hill is burning down now. Jimi Hendrix sings:

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey. Look at the sky turn a hell fire red. Somebody’s house is burning down down, down down, Down, down, down.
[VERSE 1] Well I asked my friend, “Where is that black smoke coming from?” He just coughed and changed the subject and said, “Oh, I think it might snow some”. So I left him sipping his tea and I jumped in my chariot And rode off to see just why and who could it be this time. Sisters and brothers, daddys, mothers standing around crying. When I reached the scene the flames were making a ghostly whine. So I stood on my horse’s back and I screamed without a crack.
I say, “Oh baby why’d you burn your brother’s house down?”
[CHORUS][VERSE 2] Well, someone stepped from the crowd, he was nineteen miles high. He shouts retired and disgusted, so we paint red through the sky. I said the truth is straight ahead so don’t burn yourself instead. Try to learn instead of burn, hear what I say, yeah, yeah. So I finally rode away but I’ll never forget that day. Because when I reached the valley I looked way down cross the way. A giant boat from space landed with eerie grace And came and taken all the dead away.
[Chorus] Ooh, ooh, ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh. Oh baby

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MNN. Nov. 19, 2018. In 1911 the last Yahi emerged from the wilderness at Oroville California, near San Francisco. The Americans thought they had massacred all the Yahi and that he was the last “wild Indian”. The completely decimated city of Paradise stands on Yahi land, about 125 miles north of Sacramento, where the fire started and spread. The current fires are the largest in the history of California. Paradise will be uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. 

Americans had placed the survivors of the genocide of over 100 million in the Western Hemisphere in prison camps called “reservations”. The Yahi were thought to have all been killed in the California genocide in the 19th century. This is the story of “Ishi, the Last Yahi” who appeared out of the wildeness in 1911 and died in captivity five years later: 



ISHI FROM WIKIPEDIA:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishi

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It appears the drones are causing the fires:



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MNN. NOV. 13, 2018. When the intruders left their home continent, the Crown that financed them to come here, told them, “When you get there, learn one of the native languages.” Why? “So you can connect to the land and eventually take ownership”.  


No one can take ownership of turtle island. It belongs to our unborn. kaianerekowa, the great peace, is specific as to who and how anyone can make transactions. Only we the natural native caretakers have any say, according to our protocol. In the 500 years of oppression the invaders did everything to destroy our culture, language and peoples placed here by creation.    

ka-ta-te-we-nio means we are free to use our ways as we see ourselves to fix ourselves.

In our language that we call songs we have messages to save humanity. English and French languages are designed to damage our natural thinking. Our language helps us to experience the full meaning of the messages that are passed down from generation to generation. Our living oral history is our natural connection to our homeland.  


We think about how our people thought in the past. What they saw that would encourage our minds to understand the picture. We bring together our feelings and concerns. te-ion-kwa-ri-wa-iena-wakon, we are holding each other to fix the issue.  

The three clans and the language form the basis of the circle of the family:

okwari [bear] – wak-skereh-wakeh – saliva around edges of the mouth and a loud growl; 

okwaho [wolf] –  ro-na-ta’hioni – makes or travels a road or a path;

anowara [turtle] – ro-ti-nia-ton – makes their necks long, slow moving in making well thought out decisions;

te-tsi-te-a-nion-iak, With feathers and fringes, let’s dance again like Chubby Checker: