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MNN. Sept. 5, 2017. Our people talk about the time great turtle island was covered with “otsinonwa kowa, prehistoric mammals like the dinosaur. We roamed among these large creatures. So they could not kill us our grandfathers, the four winds, thunder, lightning and storms, destroyed them and put them in the earth.


Our ancestors knew that If they should ever come back to the surface they would cause great misery.

The white scientists theorized it was meteors, volanoes and earthquakes that extinguished them. Now they say it was a great electrical storm that put them beneath the earth.

Since the Europeans came to this land, these mammals which, formed into coal, oil, natural gases and minerals, are being disturbed from their resting places, exhumed onto the surface of the earth. Global warming, pollution of air, water and land are disintegrating the earth. Fossil fuel, which should stay in the earth, is creating havoc and killing everything natural.

In the ohenton kariwatekwen we remember and are thankful for what our grandfathers do for us to keep these mammals beneath the earth. They are supposed to stay there. The white man is totally disregarding violating nature. They are unleashing that which is supposed to remain undisturbed. The natural ores drove the white man crazy and made them rob, steal and murder each other and all life.

Mankind and all other life may become extinct. Plants, animals, birds and the natural world are in the process or have already disappeared.  

Nature will survive in some form. We onkwe-hon-weh have known of this for thousands of year. The white man is aware but allows greed to overcome any respect for all life.

When the white man arrived on great turtle island, they got permits to steal our land on the condition they murdered us, disposed of our bodies and built their towns and cities over the graves. They ground up our bodies and mixed it with the soil to start their gardens. They plowed our bones into the soil.


This is one of their many methods to hide the bodies of 150 million murdered onkwe-hon-weh.


We survivors are the voices of our long dead ancestors.

Mi’kmag honour song for all of our people and those unwillingly sacrificed by the invaders:

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Listen to ‘Criminal’ podcast on Effigy Mounds: http://feeds.thisiscriminal.com/Criminal Show Episode 72: Bears, Birds, and Bones 

http://docs.lib.purdue.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1004&context=clcweb Review of Ward Churchill, A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present A. Claire Brandabur Yarmouk University Article 5 

Gaspe against fracking by Junex https://www.facebook.com/events/1311712428941191/?ref=6&ref_notif_type=plan_user_invited&action_history=null





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MNN. Aug. 15, 2017. Living in cities did not work for us. Society became large unmanageable and exhausted our resources. City dwellers sent others out to get the resources they needed, which dwindled. Classes, selfishness, greed, crime, corruption and chaos crept in.


People became less willing to share, causing divisions. Crime festered inside the cities.

Smaller groups of onkwe-hon-weh left and returned to the land. They used smaller parcels of land and did not have to travel far from their homes to feed and take care of their families.  Every one was equal. People could live in peace and harmony once again. 

When the invaders arrived on great turtle island, they found remnants of abandoned great cities. The descendants told them it didn’t work out and people went back to their smaller sustainable communities.

Today in North American cities classes of haves and have-nots have created desperation and chaos. Police forces and prisons are big private businesses. Crime, drug dealers, sex parties, human trafficking, pedophilia and perversions from the European mentality are being glorified.

Crime is a big private business for politicians, lawyers, judges, courts, governments to cage people mostly for stupid reasons. The rich get richer and make the rules.

The young and old want a piece of the American pie. A few profit. The majority live in constant fear and poverty.

The rulers spout that everyone has become evil and demand more policing, standing armies and punishment to control or foment wars between races, gangs and desperate people. Those who disagree are targeted.

Natural guidance to protect ourselves has been almost erased. We walk around like strangers in filthy and dangerous cities and towns on our own land. A veil of concrete has been put over our mother’s face so we can’t recognize her. 

It’s one thing to survive but another to live in the natural way. Soon we might exploit our mother too.


We condemn logging, oil drilling, fracking, pipelines, logging, dams, pollution. In the next breath we want to be like them. The corpo band and tribal councils and their cohorts want profit from our resources and to sit in offices trying to scare and control us. They strive to be like their wrongdoing handlers. The almighty dollar is their salvation.


Awareness is the first step. The young are angry. They know they’ve been lied to and cheated. The very essence of who they are has been stolen from them. Those seniors who are near the end should not prevent them from doing what is necessary. It is their time with a whole life ahead of them.

Whoever thought ‘motor city’ Detroit, one of the greatest US cities, would lose its glory. Eminem sings about losing yourself. [Eminem ‘lose yourself’ with lyrics]


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MNN. JULY 24, 2017.  Breaking news from the White House, now called Alcatraz. “Me, my boys and my cronies are running the show now. I can appointed myself as a judge, and acquit myself by the the snap of my fingers of anything I please. I’m going to twitter a script of a big Broadway show about how wonderful I am.” signed D.T.  

Trump is hypnotizing the public by speaking from both sides of his mouth at the same time. How did he lie his way into the White House? Those who see what evil lurks in the hearts of men say nothing. It’s like Al Capone walking into court, saying to the judge, “Your honour, I pardon myself” and walking out into the street a free man.


The United States has no law. The lunatics are running the asylum. People cheer him on and tell him how fabulous he is and he is going to save the world.

Donald “Quicksilver” Trump wants to be the biggest real estate dealer in the world by attempting to sell great turtle island for trillions. He has convinced the buyers he has eliminated our ownership and he can sell counties, municipalities, reservations and cities. 

We who live on the other side of the teio-hateh, two row wampum, watch from our canoe as the ship is sinking.   

Too many people are asleep at the wheel. Those trying to get into lifeboats will be sucked under the ocean as the ship goes down. From our canoe we will warn them of what’s coming and throw a lifeline. Many would rather listen to a pied piper who is taking all the children that will disappear forever. We are compassionate but no one listens to us.   


Unfortunately many native people have dollar bills being flashed before their eyes which has blinded them. They are being drawn into the same sinkhole that is sucking humanity into the abyss.

We are warning our youth, don’t listen to their calls. Close your ears and eyes to the deception and dishonesty that’s coming from that sinking boat. You are safe with your people. 

The late writer/actor, Sam Shepherd said that deep within the white male is an inferiority, not being a man and always acting out manhood that is usually violent. This sense of failure .. has to do with the made up frontier, of killing the natives who are in the way of this false self image… guilt for having stolen this country by murdering a race of people”. Inborn in these people is a feeling of worthlessness, a great void in their innermost being. The try to fill it with power, money, control and all the things you can get by making yourself greedier and more ruthless than anybody else.

The better man or woman is the one who assists the people in every way. 

P.M. Trudeau, for political gain, demeaned our people by faking a fight with a native man in 2012: “I wanted someone who would be a good foil, and we stumbled upon the scrappy tough guy from an indigenous community. He fit the bill. It was a very nice counterpoint [to me]. I saw it as the right kind of narrative, story to tell”. [Rolling Stone, August 2017].


Sleazy Trudeau is setting an example of how our people will be treated, as a foil to be used to show off their prowess and manhood. Instead of helping that man, he publicly humiliated him before the world. Patrick Brazeau has not retaliated in kind. He was having domestic and addiction problems who should have been aided by multimillionaire rather than beating him to a pulp in public. Our brother put out his hand of friendship.

Lynn Anderson sings about pardoning someone you never promised anything to: “I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine there’s gotta be a little rain sometime. When you take you gotta give so live and let live and let go oh oh oh oh. I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden.”

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TRUMP WANTS TO PARDON HIMSELF https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jul/21/donald-trumps-lawyers-investigating-special-counsel-robert-muellers-team

https://www.facebook.com/Leadhorse/posts/10155423703152660 SHIPS CONFRONTED

http://www.torontosun.com/2017/07/15/first-nations-cigarette-maker-suing-the-feds-for-billions?token=b011892795ae4f881948bb3b7e002c5e INDIAN CORPORATIONS WANT NO COMPETITION FROM ONKWE-HON-WEH 

Manitoba elections https://ca.news.yahoo.com/assembly-manitoba-chiefs-choose-grand-140923656.html

RIDING FOR THE WATER http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ 2017/07/horse-nation-riding- for-water-lakota.html

SPIRIT RESISTANCE RADIO http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/ 2017/07/in-defense-of-water- chairman-frazier.html


Lakota Horse Riders https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=b7snvibq6eh8r#9691983521

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/a-number-of-police-have-been-arrested-for-human-trafficking_us_58d5b210e4b06c3d3d3e6dd6 POLICE ARRESTED FOR HUMAN TRAFFICKING











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MNN. JULY 1, 2017. konon-hontsa-kwe-nio, the women will always follow the ways of the earth, the life givers. Without women and without the land, there is no life. If the land is good, it produces life. When the sun shines, the grass grows and the water flows, meaning when her water breaks, then life appears. If not, there is no more life.  


The genocide was planned by private European “money’crats” as a fraudulent, massive real estate deal. They can never have title to ono-ware-keh, turtle island, which we are a part of. They can never own us or this land now or in the future.

The colonial settlers continue trying to “renegotiate” all former fraudulent deals. One of their Papal Bulls said that everything on earth belongs to God and the Catholic Pope is the “legal” representative of God on earth. Therefore the Pope owns everything on earth.

They use lies, trickery and threats to steal our birthright and basic human rights as prescribed by creation.

The occupiers have come in with guns and are taking everything they want. To stay they must adhere to the constitution of the natural people here. We all follow the great peace. 


The masses are being used and abused. They need re-impowering to take back from the establishment what was designed by creation. Everyone has the right to enjoy creation. No one has a right to deny this to anyone.

The corporation surrounds us with paid killers with guns, tanks, automatic weapons and threats to murder us!

We are not naïve. Those who pull the trigger for them are the masses. When their usefulness is done they will be thrown out with the garbage. The establishment keeps only that which is useful to them.

dekanawida reintroduced kaia-nere-kowa, the great peace, back to the people. We were the first to accept it and agreed to promote it to the world.

so-tsi-ion-kwari-wa-ni-ron, we are strong in our philosophy and principles. We have no problem agreeing with reality and truth.

Janis Joplin sings about motherhood: “Summertime, time, time. Child, the livin is easy. Fish are jumping out and the cotton, the cotton is so high. Your daddy’s rich and your momma’s so good looking, baby. Looking good now. Hush, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby. No. no. no. no. don’t you cry. Don’t you cry”.

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 ‘This is what reconciliation ought to look like’: Liberal MP makes statement in Mohawk in the House of Commons 



http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1503416/ watch for “Mohawk”.







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MNN. July 12, 2017. The conflict continues at kanesatake. The mayor of Oka and his partners want to build 400 homes for strangers right next to the Pines and the Mohawk burial grounds. A 76-day resistance took place in 1990 at this site referred to as the Mohawk Crisis.

Canada sent in the combined forces of the Canadian army, RCMP and Quebec Police. This international land issue got worldwide attention. The banks, corporation and real estate developers always coveted the beautiful onkwe-hon-weh land on the Lake of Two Mountains and its mineral resources.

The colonial settlers refer to the Mohawk Nation as a “special interest” group. Canada refuses to protect the lands and culture of the true original people of ono-ware-keh, great turtle island. kaia-nere-kowa, the constitution of the great peace, provides that the people shall resist theft, genocide and desecration of mother earth.


According to the original instructions, all onkwe-hon-weh have the duty to protect the great mother and all life. 

As Bon Scott of AC-DC laments, “It’s criminal. There ought to be a law. Criminal. There ought to be a whole lot more. You get nothing for nothing. Tell me who can you trust? We Got what you want and you got the lust. If you want blood, you got it…”

Tensions rise as Mohawk activists square off with Oka mayor over development




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MNN. JULY 3, 2017. When Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau appointed Jean Chretien as Minister of Indian Affairs in 1969, the department came under the control of real estate tycoons and banks. They were setting up an INDIAN land grab.


Our land is not theirs to sell. Stolen property is being sold to pay off their debt. In 1969 Indians Affairs was being dismantled, our land grabbed and sold. The scheme was modeled on the US Termination Policy, which was eliminated by Lyndon Johnson and President Nixon because it violated “treaty” obligations. Read Nixon’s speech [http://todayinclh.com/?event=native-american-tribal-termination-is-wrong-president-nixon] 

Aggressive corporate entities are grabbing our land. To consummate their theft they have to eliminate the natural tie between us and our land since time immemorial through illegal means.


In his oval office Trump announced he is relinquishing all our title to sell to the highest bidder. Tribal chiefs and CEOs sat behind him to sanction this theft. Trump falsely claimed that tribal sovereignty does not exist because the American taxpayers support the INDIANS.  

In 1969 There was a small group within native communities got set up in prominent positions across Canada. In 1970 the National Indian Brotherhood was incorporated. They had helped set up an Indian Land Claims Commission with very aggressive lawyers to become real estate agents who would sell off “INDIAN” land. Many of the go-betweens are alive today. They still work closely with the Jesuits, clerics and Indian agents who control our communities. All land in Canada is ours and registered at Indian Affairs in Hull Quebec 

In 1969 Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau proposed draft legislation notoriously called the “white paper” to remove protection of INDIAN lands across Canada so they could be put on the open market.

The white paper was blocked by Cree, Harold Cardinal, who rallied the chiefs to successfully stop this fraud. The conspirators continued to organize our removal from and protections to our lands. 

According to kaia-nere-kowa, the great peace, our interest can never be removed. ono-ware-keh, turtle island, is our birthright.

The federal government on behalf of the Crown has a fiduciary responsibility to protect these lands. The protection was to be removed by using these bodies they incorporated in the 1960s and 1970s. These looked like native organizations but were actually real estate companies. 

Today most of the reserves on great turtle island are privately incorporated municipal bodies. 

The Indian Advancement Act was enacted in October of 1924 to create the Prisoner of War camps of today. According to the Royal Proclamation of 1763, the land could never be owned by non INDIANS or non INDIAN corporations. So the original names of these native land holdings were changed. Kahnawake was originally called the “Iroquois of Caughnawaga”. Akwesasne was called the “Iroquois of St. Regis”. The new title deeds were put in the name of a member of the community who could then sign away the land to non INDIAN entities.  


Later Caughnawaga was changed to “Mohawks of Kahnawake Inc.”, a corporate body. Akwesasne was changed to “Mohawk Council of Akwessasne Inc.”. 

HDI Haudenausaunee Development Institute Inc. at Six Nations was recently privately incorporated to be real estate agents there.

Governments around the world have been told they can now buy up INDIAN lands in Canada because the land no longer belongs to the natives but to these private corporations. 

A few years ago the Chinese came to St. Regis and said they had purchased the islands in the St. Lawrence river, sold to them by the corporate body that now “owns” the land. The people were unaware, organized themselves and protested to temporarily nullify the transaction. 

Canada is presently giving away disputed lands such as the harbour in Cornwall though the Mohawks of Akwesasne Inc. who illegally claim that land. A deal was secretly made between Transport Canada, the city of Cornwall and the Corporation of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne Inc. 

The Iroquois of St. Regis say they never surrendered that land. The procedure the Crown established in the Royal Proclamation was violated. All land surrenders have to be done publicly with all members of the nation. Everyone with a vested interest must be there, understand and give consent. Otherwise the transaction is a nullity.


In disputed land claims, the true owners are sidestepped by these new corporations that sell off our land to these foreign governments and entities.

All our lands on great turtle island are or have been incorporated to a member so they can make direct real estate deals with foreigners. 


North America is being sold to the highest bidder worldwide by illegally removing the lien that we the true natural original people have on all of great turtle island.

The US president and Canadian Prime Minister are working together to become top real estate agents to fraudulently sell off all our land to the highest bidders.







Buffy Sainte Marie sings about our power to fight evil: “No time for backhanded compliments. From television anchor men desperate for an incident. Real estate assassins exploiting our predicament. Everything depends upon it being in their interests” [Power in the blood].

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http://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/the_white_paper_1969/ WHITE PAPER 1969 

http://indigenousfoundations.arts.ubc.ca/the_white_paper_1969/ BARBER CLAIMS COMMISSION 1969

https://mohawknationnews.com/blog/tag/st-regis-mohawk-tribe-inc/ MOHAWK NATION NEWS ON ST. REGIS, CORNWALL AND TRANSPORT CANADA ISSUE 

NATIONAL INDIAN BROTHER/AFN 1970 https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/history-of-assembly-of-first-nations




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MNN. JULY 2, 2017. The museum INDIANS and cowards with power sit behind the criminal president in Washington. They encourage him to rob, pollute and kill us and our mother. They are his smiling and back-slapping ‘step-and-fetch-it’ boys. He should sit down with the real natural protectors of great turtle island, us. 


Our language and memory of our past is hanging on. Propaganda to hide and distort the truth is being drilled constantly into our lazy minds. For many our ‘get-up-and-go’ got up and left. We even spout their lies in a foreign language.

The real warriors call them ‘hang-around-the-fort Indians’. Their treasonous job is to appear in Washington or Ottawa all dressed up for photo ops. The fascists throw them a few bones and they go back to their penitentiaries without walls.

We’ve been constantly studied on how to brainwash the weak minded with untruths by religion, mainstream conditioning, kidnapping and raping us to demoralize us, remove our pride and lose our identity. Their goal is to quash the kaia-nere-kowa, the great peace. 

The colonists have no conscience. We are an experiment, gone wrong! 

All natural life is resisting. In the end nature wins.

We are supposed to live out their slow death scheme. They think sooner or later we will become so desperate we will accept anything they offer us to stay alive. They are now scared of the truth. They destroyed the environment and will die. The white tribe poisons its food supply and trashes its eco-system, to suffer from cancer, liver and brain disorders. 

Everything is done to break us down. We were experimented on by demented SS doctors, starved, threatened and murdered. Military scientific methods for psychological warfare is being used on us. We always saw through it while we continued to follow the original instructions to protect and survive.

We are blamed for our own hardship. Now they think they only have to wait for us to die out.



We are being tranquilized and isolated, forced to live the white man’s illusion, an abstract unreal unnatural world. 

No one loves our children more than us. These psychopaths did all this evil for money! As our elders say, “Never let these deviants determine our course in life”. 

Don McLean sings about the white tribe: “Bye, bye Miss American Pie / Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry / And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and rye / Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die…”




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https://www.washingtonpost.com/video/politics/trump-hosts-tribal-local-leaders-for-energy-meeting/2017/06/28/e6e08eba-5c1d-11e7-aa69-3964a7d55207_video.html TRIBAL SNAKES MEET WITH TRUMP TO SELL US OUT


SNAKE CHARMERS Chairman Alvin “AJ” Not Afraid, Crow Tribe
Chairman Luke Duncan, Ute Tribe
Councilman Kevin Frost, Southern Ute Tribe
Gov. Bill Anoatubby, Chickasaw Nation
Speaker LoRenzo Bates, Navajo Nation Council
Chairman Herman Honanie, Hopi Tribe
Chairman Mark Fox , the Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation
Chief Gary Batton, Choctaw Nation
Chairman Jo Anne Battise, Alabama-Coushatta Tribe
Chairman Aaron Payment, Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians








MNN. June 29. 2017. Marshall law landed here over 500 years ago, imprisoning us in our own land. The masses cannot stop this by marching around and praying. The US republic of war is continuing to rob us. How do we safeguard our future generations from the continuing genocide? Fear and confusion is part of the illusion. 

We were never conquered. We are one people. These tormenters and their helpers will be stopped. 

Ono-ware-geh, great turtle island, will be cleansed of these filthy rats. No one in the world should die by their dirty hands. We cherish all life, innocent lives will not be taken or abused using our land as the base or our resources to make weapons of mass destruction. 


Those who are killed, starved and sacrifice their lives to survive are innocent and not terrorists. 

web-Amazon book revival

Closing down newspapers and threatening to attack North Korea, Syria and Iran with pre-emptive strikes is to provoke war. 

Americans are being prepared for martial law. Paid killers will carry out their genocide.

A medical holocaust is being created to reduce the population. Many will die by design. 

The Americans are brainwashed to believe their lying politicians and media, to believe them and do nothing. USA is headed by psychopaths with no conscience. 

Violence is meant to intimidate and control. We shall defend ourselves. They hear what we are saying. The Republic of War fears the great peace, kaia-nere-kowa. Americans always follow the leader, the one who has 51per cent majority. The war blade is the debt.

We have always resisted tyranny, we will redeem what is ours, the land, resources, air and water. 


We have always tested the enemy’s blade. Millions of our ancestors lived and died from the mass murder program, we remember their teachings. There can be no dialogue between a killer and a victim. The enemy must leave great turtle island and we will never make any appeals to these criminals.

We do not accept corporate rules to commit murder in broad daylight or anytime. We will have freedom because we have no fear for we stand with our mother.

The rulers have a master plan to cause a crisis in US and worldwide to make the people desperate. No medical coverage, senators gone home for the summer, everything up in the air.

Three types go into the military: Patriots from military families. Desperate uemployed. Serial killers, who are given he green light to kill men, women and children. Just like when they came here. Many opportunities for rapists.

this commander in chief is looking to get his golden opportunity through implementing martial law.   

The Band sings about the pleas by the newcomers to be taken in: “Madam, take me in. Let me be your friend. Wont you take me in. Let me be your friend Im a lonely boy. I aint got a home.”



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DOMICANADA IS A SIGNATORY TO THIS TREATY: http://www.un.org/en/decolonization/declaration.shtml

http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/06/22/the-new-imperial-roman-empire/  http://www.veteranstoday.com/2017/06/18/white-crime/ THE NEW IMPERIAL ROMAN EMPIRE & WHITE CRIME


Hot water : a “cool” new weed control method http://eap.mcgill.ca/MagRack/JPR/JPR_27.htm 

Trumps purple revolution http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-11-11/clintons-and-soros-launch-americas-purple-revolution





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MNN. June 2, 2017. The kohtihon’tia:kwenio, women, served a CEASE & DESIST ORDER today at 1.30 pm. via REGISTERED MAIL to  Canadian Pacific Railway, 7550 Ogden Dale Road S.E., Calgary AB T2C 4X9, 1-888-333-6370 – 1-800-716-9132 


“URGENT! June 2, 2017. 

Seh:kon. The kanien’ke:haka women have the duty to carry out the original instructions of creation to survive and co-exist with all creation as brothers and sisters on our mother.

Wampum 44: The lineal descent of the people shall be in the female line. Women shall be considered the progrenitors of the nation. They shall own the land and the soil. Men and women shall follow the status of their mothers


te-wa- ta-tawi, sovereignty meaning we carry ourselves, governs all of great turtle island. CP Rail, a private corporation, spraying poisons that are deadly to all life, on the tracks in kahnawake, violates the law of the land and your Admiralty statute that pretends to have the force of law on onowaregeh, great turtle island.

Your actions also violate all the UN declarations and covenants Canada has signed. [DecoLonization 1961, Genocide Act 1947, Declaration of the rights of Indigenous people 2016, and many more.] 

If you continue this illegal path of destruction, we shall seek the list of your shareholders to punish them for the crimes of their corporation. All their families will pay for their complicity. 


On behalf of our mother earth, we demand that you cease immediately gassing us with poisonous chemicals to continue the genocide on any part of creation, including the land your railway tracks traverse in kahnawake proper. 

Should you violate our order NO MORE TRAINS will ever go through kahnawake forever. There will be permanent blockades on your tracks. We will seek retribution in the International Court of Arbitration as the proper venue to hear such matters. 


The deal you made with the fraudulent and subservient corporate entity known as “Mohawk Council of Kahnawake” is illegal. They never brought this issue before the people according to our ways. Govern yourselves accordingly.”

Bear clan _____ 

Turtle Clan _____ 

Wolf Clan ______ 

So be it in our minds.

Johnny Cash sings about Casey Jones taking his last ride [through Kahnawake] on his way to the promised land:


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Contact: Teiotsistokwateh, 514-445-4899. sonja.jacobs@hotmail.com

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CC. Att: Geoff Gordon, Manager Vegetation Program, Safety & Environmental Services 587-227-1024 geoff_gordon@cpr.ca contact_dpfc@cpr.ca  http://www.cpr.ca/en

CPR Public Relations: 1 Yonge St. Suite 1801
Toronto, ON M5E 1W7
1.888.435.3597 1.888.435.3597 General: info@canpr.ca t: 1.888.435.3597 f: 416.369.0515

SEE PAGE 23 FOR LIST OF POISONS: http://www.cpr.ca/en/community-site/Documents/CP%20integrated%20vegetation%20mgmt%20plan.pdf 



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MNN. May 21, 2017. UN Agenda 30 is a global corporate takeover of the planet, with a fascist agenda to enslave humanity, to enrich a few globalist bourgeois. The shareholders of Canada, Australia, UK, USA and other dummy corporations are trained predators. 


The USA uses great turtle island and our resources for international warfare. We can never condone their psychopathic illusion of world domination. 

Our flesh and possessions are being offered to their monster god known as “money”. Since 1492 we have been in trench warfare and hand-to-hand combat with these criminals.  

The ruling elite are bankers, writers, politicians, reporters with one foot in the bank and the other on our heads. They produce a sickening society of greed and brutality hiding behind the “American Dream”. They have no borders. They profit from robbing us, jailing us or killing us. 

The journalists job is to destroy the truth. To lie, to create false flags, , to pervert, to vilify, to justify theft of our land and the murder of our race. 

The rulers give the band and tribal councils a permit to be the grassroots hangmen. The corporate hierarchy lays no blame on their march to totally exterminate us. 

The USA is the head of the serpent. They and their unseen handlers want the world to erase our identity so they can “own” great turtle island. They call us “human animals”. 

Wars are the harvest of the US republic of war. Over 100 million of us were murdered to set up the US war machine. They will be in charge of distributing privileges. A few will be spared to work the plow, to reap and to pray. 

Private property will be terminated so they can control the resources of the world. 

Their jails are full of resisters. Corporate designed “instructions” [man-made languages] have conditioned us into slavery. Our connection to nature and our mother, who reminds of the original instructions, keeps us connected to the planet. 

Their greatest fear is the truth. To rule the world, professionals, officers, engineers, priests, teachers, agronomists, academics, artists and writers not useful to the fascist agenda are being assassinated, imprisoned, destroyed or neutralized. 

The UN is the trapdoor to an immense concentration camp. The weapons is systemic discord, confusion, frustration and fear infused into our lives. 

The ruler’s energy for passionate hatred comes from fear and rage based on moral decay.  They try to destroy everything they fear. 

Creation does not send in killers to destroy its own creation, to rape, maim, create misery or havoc on us. 

Te-wa-ta-tawi, our power to carry ourselves, comes from creation. Our communication is our song with creation. All we onkwe-hon-weh have always been of the land, without boundaries. We were always self-sufficient. The invaders stole everything from us, our land, our resources, our lives. They never brought anything here that we needed. 

Colonial settler benefit from this atrocity. Now their ravages of true natural life are going to destroy them. 

The corporation broke us down into smaller separate units to make it easier to claim our mother. They sit at a table and we sit on mother earth. Man-made laws will never supercede the will of creation. Nature, the natural life and the true natural people will persevere. 

Bear Fox pays tribute to the iron working hubby, who leaves home, travels far to support the family while the woman stays home and takes care of the kids: 

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