Help the Mohawk Mothers protect unmarked graves

In traditional Kanien’kéha:ka (Mohawk) society, the Kahnistensera (mothers) play a crucial role in political life, social governance, and land stewardship. The Kahnistensera Mohawk Mothers of Kahnawake are guided by this tradition, rooted in the Kaianerehkowa (the Great Peace), to seek justice for the people of Kahnawake and other Indigenous people whose lands, bodies, and cultures have been harmed by Canadian settler colonialism.

Kanienkehak land at the foot of Tekanonkak (Mount Royal, Montreal) is currently targeted for the construction of McGill University’s “New Vic” project on the site of the former Royal Victoria Hospital, without the permission of the indigenous land owners. However, McGill is on unceded Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) territory, and built with funds borrowed from the Rotino’shonni:onwe (Iroquois) Trust Fund, which were never repaid. Furthermore, evidence suggests that the site contains remains of pre-colonial Iroquois villages, as well as the unmarked graves of Indigenous children who were experimented on at the Allan Memorial Institute in the 1950s and 60s as part of the CIA-funded MK ULTRA “mind control” experiments. 

In response to this persistent injustice, the Kahnistensera are mobilizing within their own community and with settler allies to advocate for their rights and title. They are joined by a research committee investigating McGill’s history of medical experimentation and its expropriation of Indigenous funds.

Finally, the Kahnistensera are taking McGill, the Société Québécoise des Infrastructures, the Attorney General of Canada and the City of Montreal to court for an injunction to stop the construction project and avoid the destruction of the gravesites. The hearing is scheduled for October 26th, 2022, but McGill University announced that they will proceed with excavation work in the vicinity of the alleged graves before the hearing. If nothing is done, the graves and forensic evidence could be destroyed, causing irreparable harm and profound disrespect to Indigenous communities and the spirits of the children buried at the site.

This struggle has already generated significant attention in Canada and garnered support from thousands of people. The Kahnistensera are now seeking your support to help with legal, research, and administrative costs. They are self-represented in court, refusing to be represented by lawyers who abide by non-Indigenous laws. Speaking the truth about the unmarked graves, treating the burial sites with respect and protecting forensic evidence of medical crimes are essential parts of the reconciliation process. Reconciliation is incomplete, however, without the repatriation of unceded lands. The Kahnistensera’s work is an important step toward restoring Kanien’kehá:ka title and addressing the ongoing legacy of settler colonialism in Canada.

By empowering Kanien’kéha:ka women as decision-makers and stewards of the land, you can help rebuild grassroots communities that is directly linked to Kanien’kehá:ka culture that educates and mobilizes the wider public around the continuing strength of Kanien’kéha:ka ways.



MNN. Mar. 29, 2022. by thahoketoteh, MNN  correspondent. On March 28 and 29, some kahnistensera Mohawk Mothers went to downtown tianitiotiaken [formerly known as Montreal] and filed a new action in the Quebec Superior Court.


INTRO: The 7 defendants were served: Quebec Infrastructure Dept., Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University Health Center, McGill University, City of Montreal, Stantec Construction and the Attorney General of Canada.



The Mohawk Mothers will invoke the kaianerekowa. They thank those who stood by them and will continue to support them.  

The deliberate attempt of the lawyers of the respondents and the Federal Court of Canada to throw the Mohawk Mothers into their procedural swamp drove them to take another path. The swamp was getting deeper, more turbulent and confusing so the FCC could avoid dealing of the merits of the case, such as Sections 35 and 52 of the Constitution Act of Canada 1982 which annuls all laws except original indigenous laws on turtle island. The Mohawk Mothers refuse to allow a bar lawyer to represent them and to let the court decide on the number of Mohawk Mothers can speak on the case.    

The Mohawk Mothers want answers about the unmarked graves behind McGill University Health Center, the stolen Indian Trust Funds to build McGill University, to stop the Royal Vic project on the unceded kanienkehaka Mohawk land. The kahnistensera Mohawk Mothers put the issues into the court records for the people of the world to see what the indigenous people have and continue to face.   

The land belongs to the unborn. Each indigenous person is sovereign, a free person, a creator being.  None of turtle island can be sold, transferred or conveyed to anyone. All treaties, land claims and contracts are void. Their criminal code is based on genocide that makes it null and void in international law. 

The band councillors and chiefs are not in the canoe and no longer onkwehonweh. All criminal codes coming from the ship are null and void and have no force and effect.     

The corporate “Indian, Inuit and Metis peoples of Canada” are agents of the  trespassers. The kaianerekowa will take care of them.

Contact: thahoketoteh, MNN correspondent  


READ THE ENTIRE CASE: [No. 500-17-120468-221] [An Originating Application for Declaratory Relief and to Obtain an Interlocutory and Permanent Injunction.]


Kahnistensera Originating Application to the Superior Court


Bobby Bare seems to be singing about messing with the kahnistensera.

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MNN. Dec. 4, 2021. The supreme original laws of turtle island are the kaianerekowa, great peace, and other original natural laws that existed since time immemorial. The kaianerekowa recognizes only the kaianerekowa. All other laws are null and void. Section 35 [1] of the Constitution Act of Canada, 1982, “recognizes and affirms”  the “original laws and peoples of Canada”. Anyone recognizing all Canadian laws violats the teiohate, two row. Staying in our canoe and staying out of their ship.


Pre-colonial aboriginal rights existed on onowarekeh, turtle island, since time immemorial before the settler colonists arrived and illegally imposed themselves on our land. The colonial Constitution Act of Canada, 1982, was to solidify their theft of turtle island. The “existing aboriginal rights of the aboriginal peoples” are based on the kaianerekowa, the great peace, and other original laws which existed from the beginning of time, and have never nor will ever be amended, until the end of time, because they are based on nature. There has never been a surrender of land, people or anything on turtle island. Ever.

Section 35 [1] provides: “the existing [pre colonial] aboriginal and treaty rights of the aboriginal people of turtle island are hereby recognized and affirmed”.

Section 35[2] affirms the supremacy of the original people of turtle island. 95% of the survivors of the genocide are forced to live by the illegal Indian Act and all laws of the colony of Canada that go against the kaianerekowa. Section 35.(2) provides “aboriginal peoples of Canada” includes all the natural people of turtle island and the [corporate] Indian, Inuit and Metis which are created by Parliament. They  follow the laws of Canada [Indian Act] and are Canadians and not indigenous.  

Section 52 confirms that section 35 (1) is the supreme law of the colony of Canada [but not of turtle island]. It specifically “recognizes and affirms” the kaianerekowa and indigenous laws of “the aboriginal peoples of Canada.” 

Section 52 provides that the colony of Canada is subservient to the kaianerekowa and all indigenous laws. All laws of Canada which don’t acknowledge our supremacy are of no force or effect and go against the kaiainerekowa. their laws are for their subjects. we are not their subjects.  

Section 35 specifically recognizes only the “aboriginal peoples of Canada.” The kaianerekowa, and original indigenous laws, are ratified and legally binding on the colony of Canada according to section 35.(1). This section “recognizes and affirms” the supremacy of indigenous laws and the existence of the “original peoples of Canada”.


Section 52 [1] confirms that Section 35 is the supreme law of ‘Canada’. Therefore, all laws of Canada that are not recognized by the kananerekowa are of no force or effect. All Canadian laws have been genocided by the genociders. No weapons were used. Just words.

Because the kaianerekowa does not recognize any other laws, and, therefore, does not recognize any of Canada’s laws and constitutions, Sections 35 and 52 establish that the kaianerekowa and all indigenous laws are the ONLY laws in Canada.

Canada shot itself in the foot. The supreme laws of turtle island including Canada, are indigenous laws. As a result Canada is “of no force or effect” and cannot exist as it violates its own law.

The immortal Beatles, in their final recording, recognize that kaianerekowa is the answer, stated: “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be”. . .








  1. DOC024 MNN. APRIL 21, 2021.  Somebody is making money on this class action suit and it isn’t us. Gowling WLG and Deloitte are taking $55 million and $44 million respectively off the top of the settlement and giving as little as possible to the native victims. It is all our funds. Their windfall is based on the torture and debasement of indigenous children by the agents of the corporation of the government of Canada. 


 Because each of us indigenous persons is sovereign, we all suffer equally from the genocidal injuries that Canada admits to causing, whether we went to Indian Day School or not. So every indigenous person alive today is entitled to compensation.  

Every victim is entitled to at least $200,000. Canada’s only financial backing is our Indian Trust Fund, stolen land and natural resources. Our enemies came to turtle island with nothing. They are not legally or morally a nation as the have no land, no native language and no indigenous culture. They are trespassers and squatters. Listen to the revised Anthem of Canada “O Cana’jon”

 Don’t forget about the interest Canada is earning on this revenue and its infrastructure, which we own and every person in Canada is being paid out of our funds.  

Canada put a price tag on physically and mentally murdering the onkwehonwe.  Canada admitted guilt to their inhuman crimes against the children. No trial or attorney fees were needed. Just a payout. Our lawyer, Gowling WLG, is also the lawyer for Canada, our opponents. They negotiated the fee for each other and Deloitte to cut the cheques, before the case was settled. It all comes out of the Indian Trust Funds which they stole and continue to steal from us. In effect they are paying us from our own money.  

Canada has no money. They exist from using our money and are entirely in debt to us. In 1700 the Indian Trust Fund was set up. Canada illegally appointed itself as our trustees. They stole the funds and criminally violated their fiduciary role in keeping those funds for the sovereign onkwehonwe. So everything must be returned to the sovereign caretakers of turtle island for the genocidal injuries that Canada admits to causing.

Many indigenous know that these class action payouts for their atrocities is a ‘smoke screen’ to steal all remaining turtle island. Sitting Bull warned us, “Money is soon gone but land is forever”. 

Sovereignty means tewatatawi, “self-sufficient”. Our enemies came here with nothing. Canada, the Crown, United States and Mexico own nothing. With all they stole they never become self-sufficient nor sovereign. The world knows of the horrors of the murder of 150 million natives throughout the Western Hemisphere. We suffered collectively because of the genocide of us and our culture.

The Rolling Stones sing for you, the cana’jon. You can’t always get what you want: “I saw her today at the reception. A glass of wine in her hand. I knew she would meet her connection. At her feet was her footloose man” In fact, your aren’t gonna get what you want!

MNN, PO Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0 





QUEEN IS DEAD. POPE IS NEXT. Revised Post – Audio

REVISED SEPT. 14, 2022.

LAST QUEEN, LAST POPE was first posted on Feb. 28, 2014. The knock out blow  to “dump the queen” gained momentum when Prince Harry and Meghan thrashed the monarchy, its racism, no concern for the people, genocide and general nastiness.

Harry & Meghan. spilling the beans.

The Queen is the main mask of the Crown as head of the Company/corporation called “Canada’, a Mohawk word for “squatters”. She is the major shareholder of the Crown based in the VatIcan which has false claims to own our mother, the earth. All mainstream media of the “Five Eyes” is through the Queen’s intelligence service MI5, “operation mockingbird”. We saw classy Meghan professionally take down the British aristocratic amateurs of “the firm”. Meghan gave the Nazi House of Windsor a good beating. Like the French Revolution the only way to be free is “off with their heads”.







MNN. Feb. 28, 2014. Soon the British monarch, her family, and her minions, as per the Magna Carta, will be removed by the people of England. When that happens, all her corporate assets – Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand – will revert to the true natural owners placed by creation. The “Crown” based in the Vatican and all their banking tentacles throughout the world will fall.  The Pope is the Emperor of Rome. Everyone who takes an oath to a criminal is a criminal. They will be dealt with.

Queen: "No. We wont trade jobs. Mine is to kill and pillage. Yours is to put away the money!"

Queen: “No. We won’t trade jobs. Mine is to kill & pillage. Yours is to pacify & salt away the money!”

The Kaianerekowa will then be applied on Great Turtle Island. The Onkwehonwe will deal with the “masters of war” using our law and new technology, to make them clean up their mess. These criminals will answer to the people for each one of the over 100 million Indigenous they murdered here.

The oligarchy teaches that whoever has the most money makes the rules. The revolution has begun in each person’s mind. We are each sovereign in our own mind. Anyone can tell us what they think, not what to think. The spiritual frequency changes that will occur on our Mother Earth will cause everyone to remember everything from every past life. We’re not sure who said this:

The waters of truth will clean everything. The oligarchy will be washed away. Once the earth begins her cleansing, there will be no more lies, murder or destruction.

We Onkwehonwe were to teach them to love and take care of each other and every living thing attached to the earth in our communities. The weapons of war will be buried under the Tree of Peace for all time.

The Black Wampum will be applied to all the criminals.

The black beads hit the floor. Then warrior smashes criminal's head.

The black wampum hits the floor. Then the warrior smashes the criminal’s head, tehonwatisokwariton, to smash out evil from the brain where it starts. The reason that the head is emptied to the ground is because that is where the evil exists and will be purified by the earth. 

They will have one last chance to become of one mind with us. When the War Chief drops the black wampum they can grab it before it hits the floor. If they do not grasp it, the men will bash in their heads with war clubs. Their brains will be on the floor next to the black wampum. This will happen in all Great Turtle Island communities. Genocide has always been their plan for us. The DNA memory of those who did the genocide will be erased from mankind. They and their weapons will be buried, never to be seen again.

Elizabeth and Francis will be the last Monarch and the last Pope. Good riddance!



As Johnny Cash foretold, the oligarchs will be cast into a burning ring of fire, and they will go down, down, down, and the flames will shoot higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire! Johnny Cash. “Ring of Fire”.


Family names of Crown and Its Minions. The Crown & Its Minions.Wall Street.

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MNN. June 21, 2020. We have always and continue to duck the bullets of the invaders to our land, from pole to pole, ocean to ocean. This writer realized he had done little so far to help solve the ongoing pandemic facing indigenous people. He sent this letter to New York State Governor Cuomo, CNN, the New York Times and Mohawk Nation News:

“June 21, 2020

Re: The solution to the pandemic of  “systemic hatred.”

Dear Editor:

I am a lawyer with 43 years of litigation experience [10 years civil and 33 years criminal], member of Michigan Bar since 1977, and Ontario Bar since 1993.

The following 8 minute video link from May 18, 1997, shows and proves the vicious unprovoked attack by the New York State Police on 100 unarmed original [indigenous or native] peoples peaceably gathered at a ceremonial fire and feast. The Onondaga 15 said this was not shown to the jury:

The following website [Two-Row Justice v. United States/World Court] documents the 23 year journey to seek justice taken by 15 of these original peoples, known as the “Onondaga 15”:

The videos, photos, and documents linked in this website prove “systemic hatred” in the United States and the World. This is briefly summarized below and taken directly from the Onondaga viewpoint found in the following article posted on June 13, 2020, “Police & Military – Largest Cult in the World”:

This is the summary of their journey:

1. In 1997, the New York State Police viciously attacked the original peoples who were peaceably gathered in Onondaga.

2. Thereafter, the original peoples filed a Civil Rights action in United States District Court, at Syracuse, seeking justice for the violations of basic human rights.

3. For 23 years and counting, the New York State Police, the New York Attorney General, and the New York Governor have refused to  acknowledge any wrong doing. 

4. The United States District Court supported this delay by allowing the Civil Rights Action to languish on its docket for 20 years.

5. After 17 years of justice delayed justice denied, 76 original peoples settled for a few dollars, without any acknowledgement of wrongdoing by the the New York State Police.

6. Fifteen original peoples refused to settle. They became known as the “Onondaga 15.”

7. Thereafter, the United States District Court inexplicably allowed the lawyers to withdraw from the case, leaving each Onondaga 15 “lawyerless.”

8. The Onondaga 15 are onkwehonweh and do not know the foreign United States judicial system. 

9. The district court judge ran the trial and did not allow the Onondaga 15 to tell the jury what happened.   

10. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the New York State Police of no violation of Civil Rights.

11. The District Court had protected the New York State Police in the “system of hatred”.

12. The next stop in the United States system of hatred was at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City.

13. Predictably, the United States Court of Appeals, in its role, summarily affirmed [no precedentiaL value] and rubber-stamped the systemic hatred caused by the District Court. The judgment is forever closed. 

14. Finally the Onondaga 15 went to the Supreme Court of the United States. They proved that SCOTUS as a last resort is to protect the system of hatred.  The government system can never be exposed to the World and held accountable. The Onondaga 15 Petition for Certiorari asking the Supreme Court to hear their case was dismissed with one word, “denied”, with no record and no explanation. 390 other cases were denied in the same manner on the same day. [See Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court at the above website.] Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor recused without giving the Onondaga 15 their right to waive her recusal. 10 years earlier, Sotomayor, while a Judge on the Second Circuit, had written an extremely favorable Opinion in favor of the Onondaga 15 against the New York State Police. SCOTUS violated the law. 

15. The Onondaga 15 have no remedy in the United States system.

16. The Onondaga 15 then went to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights UNPFIR to expose this United States system of hatred. The UNPFIR would not allow the Onondaga 15 in the door. They proved the UN is a major part of the World-wide system of hatred. The 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, UNDRIP, is a sham document that pretends to support the rights and culture of the indigenous people world wide.  

17. Finally the Onondaga 15 sought justice at the International Court of Justice at The Hague, The Netherlands. The sovereign Onondaga 15 discovered that this World Court is locked to anyone exposing the systemic hatred to the World. The United States, Canada, United Nations and The Hague refuse to recognize original peoples unless they are willing to become agents of the United States and Canada pursuant to the genocidal Indian Act and Federal Indian Law.. 

18. The murder of George Floyd has now opened all these doors that had been closed where systemic hatred could thrive without remedy. 

Right/ Wrong…Color?

“Systemic injustice” thrives when all parts of systemic hatred work together. The journey by the Onondaga 15 illustrates this perfectly in the United States. In my view, all governments develop an automatic systemic response to anything that threatens their power. Systemic hatred is not limited to the police alone or any one part of the government. All corporate governments and institutions work together world wide. They quickly focus on small police reform and better training to not get caught, such as “eliminating the choke hold!” No human being needs to be trained not to murder another human being. 

This week Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau admitted to the World that there is a terrible history of systemic racism and discrimination in all systems that govern Canada, including the RCMP, Canada’s national police force. As leader of Canada, the Prime Minister is responsible for this continuing genocide.

The only solution to eliminate this “hatred” in the United States, Canada, and the World is through the kaianerekowa, the great law of peace, and teiohateh, the two-row wampum. They are the basis of the lives of the original peoples on turtle island. [The text of the kaianerekowa in both native language and English is linked at the website. The two-row wampum is described in Annex 2 & 5 of the linked website Application to the World Court]. The culture is based upon each original natural person is sovereign and a caretaker of all of turtle island [aka the western hemisphere] for future generations, while following nature, creation, consensus, truth, justice, and the great peace. The cure for systemic hatred is the kaianerekowa.

John Mann”

Recently deceased Vera Lynn glorified war so there will be another, with this song: “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day. Keep smiling through, just like you always do. Till the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away. 

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READ: Exclusive: Canada police prepared to shoot Indigenous activists, documents show



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MNN. July 26, 2019. Some “objectors/victims” of Canada’s crimes against native children in Indian Day Schools will not accept “blood money” from the proposed court ordered settlement from the guilty genociders/Canada. Gowling WLG, are the lawyers for both Canada and the native students!!! Gowling wants to pocket $55 million from  Canada, The native victims are getting $10,000 each, maybe.



Canada admits its crime of genocide and won’t do the time.   

According to David Cass of the Law Society of Canada, if a victim questions the scam between Canada and Gowling WLG, backed by the Law Society, and the Federal Court, the rules are simply changed. Victim objectors are thrown off the list of victims. 

The following Complaint was sent from concerned citizen, Barrister John Mann III, on June 12, 2019, to the Law Society of Ontario.He questioned the bold $55 million heist being set up by Canada, Gowling, the federal court and  the Law Society of Ontario for the genocide carried out against almost 200,000 surviving native children. 

To: The Complaints and Compliance, officers David Cass, Barrister, Heather Di Dio, Barrister 

  1. Mr. Mann practiced law for over 42 years, was a member of the State of Michigan Bar since 1977, and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada [now Ontario] since 1993.  He outlined unconscionable violations of professional conduct and improper interference with solicitor-client relationships. On May 17, 2019 he voiced his concerns to Gowling, later to the Law Society of Ontario by email. He mentioned that two files were also filed by Audrey Horn, a class client of Gowling.
  2. The Indian Day School class action was filed over 10 years ago in 2009. In 2016, Gowling somehow became class counsel for all the native Plaintiff clients. On March 12, 2019 Gowling entered a Settlement Agreement with the perpetrators, Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, concedes guilt and liability for the atrocities committed by Canada throughout its history. He promises swift remedies.Why are survivors required to file Court actions to obtain relief for Canada’s horrific wrongdoing? Why is Canada not admitting liability in its proposed Indian Day School Settlement Agreement [at paragraph “1.02 No Admission of Liability”]?  
  3. The following sections require immediate attention by the Law Society of Ontario [LSO]:



13.01 Class Counsel Fees

Canada agrees to pay Class Counsel [Gowling] their legal fees and disbursements fifty-five million dollars ($55,000,000.00) within thirty (30) days of the Implementation Date.

13.05 No Other Fees to be Charged

Gowling and Canada agree that all payments to the native Survivor Class Members will have no deductions for legal fees or disbursements.

16.01 Cooperation with Canada

To get the money, the victims had to help Canada get approval of this Agreement.

16.02 Public Announcements

The victims are required to make public statements that support this Agreement. Otherwise they will not be paid. 

  1. The $55,000,000 payment by Canada to Gowling is improper. 3 conditions are required. 

One: The original victims and Gowling WLG must “cooperate” with Canada.

Two: The original victims and Gowling must “make best efforts to obtain approval of this Agreement” from the Federal Court.

Three: The victims and Gowling must “make best efforts to obtain the support and participation” of all other Class Members in all aspects of the Settlement Agreement.


  1. These  provisions create conflicts of interest and improper interference and destruction of the solicitor-client relationships between the survivor clients/victims and their lawyer Gowling. 

As a result,

[a]Canada and the victims have both become clients of Gowling;

(b)Gowling has a personal financial interest of $55,000,000 in supporting Canada’s interests. Gowling is now a party to the Settlement Agreement, not an objective lawyer acting for all native class survivor clients;

(c) Gowling separated its class clients into 2 opposing groups, clients who “support” Canada’s Settlement Agreement against client “objectors” who don’t support the agreement;

(d) Gowling was required to “cooperate” with and “support” whatever Canada wanted, while Gowling had to ignore and not consider any “objections” from any of its class clients;

(e) During the Federal Court settlement approval hearing, Gowling opposed every client that “objected” to Canada’s proposed Settlement Agreement because Gowling did not want to jeopardize its vested financial interest in the $55,000,000 payment coming from Canada. Gowling violated its duty to act only in the best interests of its clients, and free from all outside influences;

(f) Canada’s lawyers [Gowling] have improperly interfered with and destroyed the solicitor-client relationship between Gowling and their clients. Legally, any retainer and fees must be confidentially worked out between Gowling and its clients only, without any outside influence whatsoever;

(g) How was the proposed $55,000,000 payment arrived at and authorized by Canada from Taxpayer funds to the private law firm of Gowling WLG?

(h) Gowling  must withdraw from representing all class clients. The proposed Settlement Agreement proposes the unreasonable basic  $10,000 and more for 5 different levels of compensation in a government institution. All Indian Day School survivors were equally part of the physical and mental abuse and cultural genocide.  

  1. Furthermore, Gowling’s website confirms that Canada was already a client of Gowling prior to Gowling appearing as Class Counsel in this case, stating: “Gowling WLG advises a wide range of clients across Canada, including all levels of government and its agencies.” 

As a result, it is improper for Gowling to sue its own client, Canada.

  1. Gowling cannot repair any of these conflicts of interest and must withdraw representation from all class clients.
  2. The conflicts of interest and improper interference with solicitor-client relationships must be immediately investigated by the Law Society of Ontario. The Federal Court in Winnipeg must be immediately advised of the complaints. The native clients/victims must be protected. Gowling and Canada lawyers are acting against the best interests of the native class survivor clients. The LSO Statement of Principles relate to protection of indigenous peoples. The Law Society of Ontario is in a conflict of interest in that they are mandated to investigate their own members.
  3. The victims cannot get justice in a system designed to continue systemic cultural genocide. In addition, the Federal Court Judge is appointed and paid by the very government that caused the damages, an automatic appearance of bias and conflict of interest.
  4. There is victimization through collaboration between Canada, Gowling, the court and the law society. A process must be implemented through the two-row wampum and the kaianerekowa, the great peace, to remedy the  many atrocities caused by Canada. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP] requires it. The World requires it. Truth requires it. Justice requires it. Most Respectfully,


John R. Mann III

In the end they are all in on the scam, paying each other and trying to leave us in the dust.

While the corporations dance, we watch them. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers: “Before the fiddlers have fled, Before they ask us to pay the bill, And while we still have the chance, Let’s face the music and dance”. 

 MNN P.O.Box 991, kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L B0


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MNN. July 1, 2019, is Canada’s “corporatism” day to celebrate its crime of genocide. We have a right to tell the illegal invaders to leave turtle island immediately. 99% of us have NOT been digested by the evil  invaders to turtle island. We call those who alienated their birthright the “genocided people”, those who lost the will to live as  natural original people of turtle island.

Today they continue to try to demoralize us. When the illegal immigrants invaded they found here a paradise. They were jealous of all the natural resources of onowarekeh and our way of life.  This was followed immediately by intense hatred and envy which continues to this day.  All their genocidal tactics are derived from hate and jealousy to further demoralized us – outright genocide which they admit to having committed, victimization and specifically killing our babies and children, Indian Day Schools, Residential Schools, 60 Scoops, CAS, jails, sterilization, missing & murdered women & girls program, international sales of our children, band councils, draining our natural resources and killing all natural life.  If they cannot possess everything, they are mandated to destroy us. 


Now they want to make a payoff to us  for their crimes with our own trust funds. They never got permission to come here. They are not welcome here. 

The illegal immigrants have tried to make us unfit for their destructive foreign environment which is based  on “ethnic cleansing” of the true original people and all natural life on turtle island.


The illegal invaders are trying to use the Framework Agreement land theft and final extinction of the onkwehonweh as the final nail on our coffin.  The unnatural First Nations Inc. Land Management Act Truths and Falsehoods is Canada’s national institution that has assimilated ‘first nations inc. into Canada’s Corporate Property and Tax System without the consent of the onkwehonweh, the original people placed on turtle island by creation.  

Why do the illegal immigrants have to be so mean to the true original people placed on turtle island by kasastenserakowa sa oiera, the great natural power? Billy Holiday asks too: You’re mean to me Why must you be mean to me? Gee, honey, it seems to me You love to see me cryin’ I don’t know why I stay home each night When you say you phone You don’t and I’m left alone. Sing the blues and sighin’ You treat me coldly each day in the year You always…” 


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MNN. 30 May 2019. Scalping natives is lucrative. Lawyers are getting filthy rich hunting down native victims from Canada’s numerous genocide programs. Different compensation is offered for deliberately maiming different parts of our minds, bodies and energy. A paltry $10,000 and “sorry” for beating up, strapping little kids, more for knocking us out, lifelong impairment, hospitalization, emotional and mental abuse, raping, impregnation, sterilization, loss of language, culture and self-esteem, scientific experimentation and death.

A letter was sent to the Complaints & Compliance of the Law Society of Ontario on one of their leading “Injun scouts” Gowling WLG. about the INDIAN DAY SCHOOL LITIGATION cash cow that Canada has set up for their Indian bounty hunters. Canada is paying Gowling WLG to erase this abuse from their history. 

Gowling WLG [Canada] LLP are the lawyers representing the Plaintiffs in the Indian Day Class Action suit against the government of Canada [Gary Leslie McLean and others v. Her Majesty the Queen (T-2169-16), Federal Court Winnipeg).

Gowling WLG violated the following Rules of Professional Conduct mandated by all law societies.   

[3.4-1.] A lawyer cannot act for a client where there is a conflict of interest. [Rule 1.1-1] A conflict of interest is when the lawyer’s loyalty to a client is “adversely affected by the lawyer’s own interest or lawyer’s duties to another client, especially a financial interest”.   

Gowling WLG has an enormous financial interest in settling this case, which is an outrageous attorney fee of $55,000,000 that was secretly negotiated with our opponents Canada. They are seeking approval by the federal court of Canada.  

Legally attorney fees are negotiated and paid by the Plaintiffs to the lawyers, not by the opponents, Canada. The guilty party has become a party. Gowling WLG is negotiating payment to themselves from our opponents. Gowling WLG is trying to settle the agreement that is favourable to Canada [similar to bribery] rather than to the clients. Gowling WLG foregoes its fiduciary duty to its clients to act only in our best interests.


Clients were forced to sign “Objection Forms” to the proposed settlement agreement. Gowling WLG pitted their clients, the plaintiff “supporters” and the plaintiff “objectors” against each other.  

Gowling WLG then responded to the objectors at the hearing in Winnipeg by informing the Court that we were wrong in our objections and that the Court should disregard our testimony. This is conflict of interest. At the same time Gowling WLG supported our opponents, Canada.  

The Day School victims are one people who all suffered the same painful cultural genocide. Another conflict of interest is the assertion of 5 different levels of compensation for damages, ranging from $10,000 up to $200,000 under Canada’s control.  

Gowling WLG refused to communicate with the objectors. One client traveled 3 days with their family by car to Winnipeg. Gowling WLG allowed them to speak for 3 minutes. Gowlings WLG treated objectors despicably because they might jeopardized the $55,000,000 attorney fee they are seeking.  

[Joint Retainers 3.4-5]. A lawyer cannot act for more than one client. If a conflict develops that cannot be resolved, the lawyer cannot continue to act for both or all of them and may have to withdraw immediately.   

Gowling WLG represents its clients. Not our opponents Canada. They need our consent in the matter.  Canada admitted its guilt and liability in 2009 when the case was filed by the original plaintiffs. Gowling WLG took over in 2016 and had nothing to do with its resolution! Canada must pay the victims directly for its crimes. The plaintiffs then pay their lawyers out of the settlement proceeds.  

Settlement and attorney fees are separate. Gowling WLG lost its objectivity when our opponents Canada volunteered to pay its legal fees. The clients were never consulted on this agreement between Gowling WLG and the original plaintiffs. From then on, Gowling WLG was against any plaintiffs objecting to this shady settlement.  

Some clients want to meet with the Law Society to discuss the practice of lawyers collecting and bringing in our severed heads to line their pockets.  

We can never win in their private Admiralty court system. The only true venue we should be in is the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague. We think the lawyers at Gowling WLG are probably singing this song as they rub their hands together about the $55 million:

  MNN P.O.Box 991, kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0








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MNN. May 21, 2019. This is a response to a condolence letter from Martin Reiher, Assistant Deputy Minister, on Crown-Indigenous Relations & Northern Affairs Canada letterhead, without a date or address. A March 17 2019 letter was filed questioning the injustice of the proposed settlement of the McLean v. Attorney General of Canada on the Indian Day Schools travesty committed by Canada. The 3 minute objection filed in the federal court in Winnipeg is at the end.


1. GowlingWLG is the lawyer for the native victims in the class action suit against Canada. GowlingWLG  is negotiating for $55,000,000 plus $7 million attorney fees from our opponents, Canada. We the Plaintiffs’ are kept out of the payment.  

2.If the federal court approves the settlement, Canada will pay our lawyer GowlingWLG for ‘resolving’ the class action, which was done by McLean v. Attorney General lawyers in 2009. GowlingWLG came on in 2016. The fees affect the total settlement, which is a conflict of interest. They should withdraw from the case. 

3.GowlingWLG is trying to convince the Court to approve the requested legal fees from our opponent, Canada, as though GowlingWLG is working  for Canada. 

4.The attorney fees are normally part of the settlement agreement to be paid to us by our opponents, Canada. Both parties are trying to convince the court to approve this payment. The entire settlement should be paid to the native victims, who then distribute it to the victims and lawyers.

5.$55,000,000 equals 27 lawyers working full time only on this case for 1 year, at $1,000 an hour for 55,000 hours; or 1 lawyer working full time only on this case for 27.5 years. 

6.GowlingWLG ignored the complaints or circumstances of the objectors. They advised most of us to fill out the Objector’s Form from the internet and email it to GowlingWLG. The proposed settlement was never explained nor presented to us.  GowlingWLG must withdraw from representing the objectors. 

7.We are one people. Hurting one hurts us all. GowlingsWLG is conspiring with Canada to control a 5 level ‘torture gravity’ settlement. This places Canada and GowlingWLG in conflict with all victims.  Lawyers and perpetrators cannot advocate different compensation for different Plaintiffs. GowlingWLG must recuse from representing all Plaintiffs.

8.GowlingWLG opposed their own clients in open Court on May 13-14-15 2019 in Winnipeg, inferring that we were wrong to object or did not understand. GowlingWLG fears that we are placing the attorney fees in jeopardy! Withdrawal and disciplinary proceedings are required against the lawyers.

9.GowlingWLG became involved in the case in 2016, which started in 2009. They did not resolve this case. Liability for the crimes was conceded by the Prime Minister and Canada. All that is left is to pay compensation to the victims. The original lawyers are not being paid. 

10.GowlingWLG and our opponents Canada decided to give each of us $10,000. 

11.One family drove 3 days to have a say in court.They were given 3 minutes to present their objection. GowlingWLG had at least 1 and ½ hours afterwards to criticize and oppose the objections of their clients, violating our best interests.


A 3 MINUTE OBJECTION: Made to Judge Phelan on the pleadings of Canada and our lawyer GowlingWLG on May 14, 2019.  


“I attended Indian day school in Kahnawake, starting in 1946. For the record, I think the proposed settlement is unreasonable.  But I am not opposed to compensation for this planned atrocity by [the corporation called] the Government of Canada.

Canada’s goal was and is always the extinction of the natives through assimilation, as outlined in the Indian Act, Indian Lands Acts of October 25th 1924 and other acts. Indian Day Schools are part of the genocide plan.

The [5 tier] “harm grid” is insulting and will cause damage in our communities. Canada has admitted its crimes [and has the list of their victims], so why make us relive the traumas. It is a conflict for the lawyers and the guilty party  to decide the various amounts that victims will receive. 

This genocide program was applied equally to all of us. We are one people. You hurt one, you hurt us all. Abuse is abuse. We should be directly compensated equally starting at $200,000.00 each. 

I heard about this compensation package on the radio and contacted GowlingWLG myself. Through most of this process GowlingWLG ignored me, which humiliated me. No help from them whatsoever. I got my official notice impersonally by tweet to appear here late Friday afternoon while my family and I were on the road from kahnawake.

GowlingWLG only came on the case in 2016 and have negotiated a fee of $55 million [and an additional $7 million] for themselves. [This class action is a cash cow for GowlingWLG.]


In one day a lawyer makes almost the amount we will get in this settlement, $10,000. When I asked if their client was me or the government, they never spoke to me again. Canada and the Prime Minister have admitted guilt, liability, responsibility and accountability. Why is Canada not subject to punitive damages for its criminal wrong doing? 

There is no guarantee that the victims will ever see any of the Legacy Funds of $200 million. Furthermore, the $10,000 compensation will be distributed through the Canadian government band councils and institutions, who are paid agents of Canada and who I never supported. There is no assurance that I will ever be compensated. Our funds should be given directly to us, no middle men.

Ironically, we will be paid out of taxation and our own trust funds for Canada’s systemic and routine brutality. 

Thank you for your consideration. We are one. We have a total right to every part of our mother. We are placed here by creation. No one has a right to come among us and steal our freedom. We are born free. This is our land. 

The late great Willy Dunn sings about the exploitation of lawyers, politicians, commissions and “silly civil servants, they thrive on my body…  the trip is with power. I pity the country and the state, the mind of man who thrives on hate”.

MNN P.O.Box 991, kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0