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MNN April 27, 2017. The immigrants to great turtle island are conditioned to believe we are extinct. They help themselves to our land, resources and everything they can get their hands on.

In 1302 Pope Boniface VIII claimed to own every human being, the planet and everything on it, through a self-declared Papal Bull. He claimed to be “God’s” representative on earth.

This turned all our land into their land without our knowledge or consent. Fake laws claimed the natural rights of all life on great turtle island. All corporations are sub-corporations of the original corporation, the Vatican [Crown]. 

The Vatican signs us up and sells our birth certificate on the stock market as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation. Our flesh is sold into perpetual slavery. 

In 1537 another Papal Bull claimed all “lost souls”. This gave Henry Viii the religious authority to secretly collect our souls. 


The incorporation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council HCCC is now an artificial entity created by Vatican authority as a private company. The Handsome Lake Code is a man-made Christian religion not based on creation. 

In 1816 England went bankrupt and lost the Crown. It was granted to the Temple Bar in the City State of London. The Lawyers of the Bar Association administer, register and collect the souls of “the lost and the damned”. 

When a child is baptized, the parents give title and sell their soul to the trust owned by the bankers. Since 1933, every child is not known as man or woman, but a creature or animal, because the Vatican stole ownership of their soul. 

We are treated as things so that the lawyers can enforce Maritime law [Admiralty law of the seas]. A person owns nothing and is merely a beneficiary, because everybody is a slave and the world is owned by the Vatican.  

Additional rights were later added monetizing everything. Bankruptcies, minors, incompetents, mortgages and private companies are owned by the Vatican. Those Papal Bulls were designed by men in skirts almost 1000 years ago. 

The Vatican claims Real Property (on Earth), Personal Property (the body), and religious Property (the soul). The judge is the captain of the ship who can throw you overboard without repercussions. The judge can fine and imprison you for any amount he deems. 


When an onkwe-hon-weh, natural person of the land, goes into Admiralty court with the two row wampum, and explains how Britain came to Canada in August 1701 and set up in Kingston through this instrument, he shows the judge the top row and says, “This is why you can sit in that chair. The bottom row is us. Now we can talk”. 

It is time to hold the shareholders of the Crown [City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican] accountable for their crime of genocide of the onkwe-hon-weh on ono-ware-keh. 

Donovan talks about the fairy tale that is our illegal nightmare: “Once in a town in the Black forest a little white toy shop stood. The little tin soldier with only one leg lived in a castle of wood. Across the room on another shelf stood a little glass case and a tiny ballerina lived in there all in her dress of lace. And from where the little tin soldier stood they could see each other so clear. The little tin soldier watched over her with a love that was so dear. Then one day sadness came, the tiny ballerina was sold. The little tin soldier was thrown away and into the gutter he rolled. The water carried him to the sea and many far off lands.”


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MNN. Feb. 24, 2017. The world watches in horror as the US military commit atrocities at Standing Rock to try to kill the water defenders for a private pipeline. Automatic weapons are pointed directly at us. The presence of the military force is to continue the genocide of our people. 

The kohtihon’tia:kwenio, the women title holders of great turtle island, give notice. We are obliged to preserve and protect the land for the future generations.

We are mandated to inform the invading aliens and their agents to respect our freedom to live and travel throughout our lands without hindrance.

We come from creation. We survived mass murder in the biggest holocaust in all humanity, chemical and biological warfare, starvation, physical and mental torture, lies, ignorance and genocide by statute.

The US, Canada and Mexico are fabricated private colonial corporations that are squatting on our land. They are banking “franchises” of Europe, not governments, who have illegally divided up our lands and resources. They can never become sovereign on our land.

Only we have sovereign authority. We have ancient agreements and alliances among all our people.

The Charter of the United Nations requires respect for the principles of equal rights and self-determination. Differences are to be resolved peacefully.

The franchises are violating the internationally recognized standards for respecting political rights of the People as set out in the international Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and other international legal instruments.

General Assembly Resolution 1541 [XV] requires the informed consent of the people before they are included in another state; and the International Court of Justice affirmed this principle in the Western Sahara case. We are not and will never become part of the colonial states that are squatting on our land.


According to Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Sections 1 and 2, every people have a right to a nationality. No nation can change another nation’s identity by imposing foreign legislation. Our travel, trade and commerce must be unhindered throughout the Americas known as the Western Hemisphere, which we call great turtle island.

Ignoring our perspectives on us, our land, resources, air, water and all life are universally recognized as illegal.

The squatters cannot arbitrarily turn anybody into subjects of their corporation without our knowledge or consent.

We shall freely traverse all our lands, pass and re-pass by land or inland navigation or by air onto all our territories. Taxes, duties and all fees are illegally extracted from us by these foreigners. We shall hunt and fish anywhere on our territory.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights provides that no one shall be arbitrarily deprived of their life or freedom. The US must immediately stop threatening, murdering and detaining us, contravening the internationally recognized principles of fundamental justice.

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples has been adopted by a majority of states. We are equal to all others and have a right to full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We demand the settler corporation immediately disarm and stop detaining, murdering, torturing, raping, robbing us, harassing and charging us in their illegally imposed Admiralty law of the seas judicial system. They must bring their concerns to the proper traditional onkwe’hon:weh governments.


Torture is premeditated, systemic and scientific meant to break down our dignity, our social fabric and foment terror within the people.

Puppet tribal and band councils imposed by the corporation are treasonous.

Canada, US and Mexico and other colonial franchises must cease and desist violating the authority of the land owners of great turtle island.

Our duty is to protect our physical integrity and legal rights.

Threats, murder and torture have no place in the internal or international relations of any peoples. The principles of the great peace and teh’io:hateh [Two Row Wampum], are the true laws of onon’ware:keh;

We demand the corporation immediately vacate great turtle island. 

Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Gall and the others jumped on their horses to meet the enemy head on without fear. They fought for the generations to come.

Jimi Hendrix sings about fighting for freedom: “You got my pride hanging out of my bed. You’re messing with my life, so I brought my lead. You’re even messing with my children, and you’re screaming at my wife. Get off of my back f you want to get out of here alive. Freedom, that’s what I want now. Freedom, that’s what I need now”.

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MNN. Nov. 21, 2016. Our mother is watching her children closely. She is shaking and moving everything. The unfeeling monsters at Standing Rock bared their teeth last night by trying to mutilate our people and our close allies. The enemy hit them with tear gas, water cannons in sub zero temperatures, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and who knows what else. turkeyputmeintheoven

The Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 is null and void because the United States being a party broke it. In international law when a treaty between nations is violated by one side or the other, everything reverts back to one day before the treaty was signed. No corporate tribal and band councils have any right to make any deals on our behalf with the corporation as they are a part of the same

The tribal and band councils have violated guswentha, the two row wampum, the original instructions with creation. They left the canoe and boarded the settlers’ ship of their own free will. Anything built on Lakota land is Lakota property, including the bridge and road that were re-taken last night.


Rumor about a fracas at Standing Rock.

Rumor about a fracas at Standing Rock.

Our warriors of great turtle island and our allies are standing together for creation. Nobody has to tell them to do what’s right. The warriors everywhere are on standby. We are ready to win the great peace. The corporation will not exterminate us. The most powerful weapon we have is the truth.

Corporation: "You guys coulda' done better!"

Corporation: “You guys coulda’ done better!”

The people who are assaulting our water protectors should all be tried individually in criminal court. No pipelines are going anywhere on our land. So people of America, we wait for you to join the real revolution. 

Bon Scott of AC DC sings: “Two-faced woman with your two-faced lies. I hope you two-faced living has made you satisfied. You told me, baby, I was your only one, while you’ve been running around town with every mother’s son. Kicked in the teeth again. Sometimes you lose. Sometimes you win. And this misery is never going to end. and I’ve been kicked in the teeth, kicked in the teeth again.”

the onkwehonweh always told us there is going to be a worldwide revolution for peace.

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON

APTN – Standing Rock sunday night attack.

Donald Sutherland ashamed of being white.


tv brainwashing machine

‘Not another way’: Dakota pipeline’s developer rules out rerouting

Ukraine rioters brutally beat police.










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MNN. Nov. 3, 2016. Today, the Kanien’ke:haka are blocking the CP train tracks at 9 PM at Adirondack Junction, to stand with our Lakota relatives at Standing Rock in North Dakota who continue to defend our Mother. The women have given consent to the rotiskarekethe to stand on the front lines to protect our sacred water for millions of people.tar-sands-pipeline-map-north-america_canadian-association-petroleum-producers


Our relatives are being threatened and abused by the militarized police in their homeland. The US government protects Dakota Access Pipe Line while disregarding environmental disasters. The Canadian and American Governments neglect their obligations to their people. We stand for the safety of all.

Daily pipeline incidents Nov. 3, 2016.

Daily pipeline incidents Nov. 3, 2016.

The people see the link between the CP train that commutes through Kahnawake and their origins from Standing Rock. They transport Bakken crude oil from North and South Dakota; 85% of the metal “black serpent” that slithers the land, carrying this poison, cannot safely carry heavy crude oil. Billions of gallons of this explosive material is being transported throughout great turtle island by fragile tankers on a daily basis, putting families at risk.

Lac Megantic Bakken bomb explosion July 6, 2013.

Lac Megantic Bakken bomb explosion July 6, 2013.

The railroad traverses residential areas at Kahnawake and throughout great turtle island. The kanien’ke:haka fear a Lac Megantic disaster similar to the explosion on July 6, 2013. It erupted after passing through kahnawake. Lac Megantic July 6, 2013, blast. The blast killed 47 people and injured civilians. This time bomb is preventable. Many alternatives are available. We demand safe alternatives by the oil corporations. MNN Editor.

This video describes the bomb trains going through our communities.

Friends and allies are asked to spread awareness about Standing Rock:

UN at Standing Rock

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WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON

Toronto standing up for Standing Rock.14938187_1219883878089586_4896844734555626807_n

Tribe Called Red always reminding us of who we are:




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MNN. Nov. 2, 2016. President Obama said of the tense situation at Standing Rock, “We’re going to let it play out for several more weeks and then determine whether or not this can be resolved in a way that I think is properly attentive to the traditions of the first Americans”. images-6

“Playing” with us, the coming severe winter weather, the people who will have to keep warm in the harsh cold, and at the right time send in the construction team to finish the pipeline. Once the ground starts freezing it’s hard to keep digging.

The unist’oten clan of the wetsu’suwet’en nation of far northern Brtitish Columbia on the Maurice River were given the same challenge to give up their homeland. They have been blocking 13 pipelines since 2009.

They stayed. They built where the pipelines were to be placed their permanent homes with wood stoves, solar power, electricity, four or more buildings, including a traditional pit house. They are occupying their land, with a permanent growing community.

Watch “Holding their ground”. Stop the pipeline.

[Franklin López, Media Saboteur, Mobile,, PGP Key]

Neil Young has been a troubadour for his whole life. “There’s a battle raging on the sacred land. Our brothers and sisters had to take a stand against them now for what they’re doing on the sacred land. There’s a battle brewing…” [Indian Givers].


President Obama on MSNBC Addresses Standing Rock: Re-routing DAPL an Option

Protectors attacked in the river.

Standing Rock I actually fought for the people!

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON





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MNN. OCT. 31, 2016. Many people around the world are to be commended for their great effort to do to the best of their ability, knowledge to adhere to what they understand is our responsibility. kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace, is the act of acknowledgement, respect and taking responsibility.treeofpeace

Everybody has to stand up and do something. The earth is our floor. The sky is our ceiling. We are the walls. Our friends and allies must also stand up. We all are connected and have a responsibility to each other, to our environment and future generations that are coming.

We stand with everyone who is taking action to protect and preserve what is tionhekwon, [that which sustains our existence, water, earth, land and all that is upon it, to keep us alive]. We all have to keep them in their purest form for all lives and the future generations. The four legged, wing ones, crawling creatures, and the rest of creation as per our original instructions when people first arrive on earth. We agreed to survive and co-exist with all creation as brothers and sisters on our mother. Nature is waiting for us all to wake up and remember our original instructions.

The Lakota at Standing Rock and their friends and allies are gathered and united to try to stop the destroyers of life, whose only concern is lining their pockets at any cost. They themselves do not dirty their own hands. They send politicians, military, courts, police and mercenaries to do their dirty work. It is time for the enforcers to stop abusing the gifts of nature, to begin to use their brain to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. 42e2a19afd51be2d2e65b4e5cf696697

The future of all the generations to come is at stake. Chief Seattle said, “Only when the last tree has died, when the last river been poisoned, and the last fish been caught, will we realize we cannot eat money”. Don’t wait til then because it will be too late.

Demon train.

Demon train.


The link has been identified between the CP train that runs through Kahnawake and the origins of the Bakken crude that comes from North and South Dakota. 85% of the “black metal serpent” that slithers across the land carrying this poison is a “train bomb”. Billions of gallons are being moved on these rails which go though many residential areas. A disaster could take out many families, like the explosion in Lac Megantic in July 2013, that levelled the town and killed so many people.

This video describes the bomb trains that are going through our communities.

This bomb does not have to happen. Together we can stop this man-made environmental disaster and deaths. The Kahnawake Mohawks, their friends and allies, have set up a solidarity camp for Standing Rock at the southern foot of the Mercier Bridge that spans the St. Lawrence River to Montreal. Friends and allies welcome.

Join at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Join us at southern foot of Mercier Bridge to Montreal.

Johnny Cash sings about the bomb train: “Cause he was going down a grade making 90 miles-an-hour when his whistle broke into a scream. He was found in the wreck with his hand on the throttle, scalded to death by the steam.” [Wreck of the Old 97].

Standing Rock update:

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LET’S TELL THEM WHERE WE STAND: Politicians, Corporatists, Band & Tribal Councils and sell-outs that are cooperating with pipeline companies; ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS OF HOUSTON







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MNN. Oct. 18, 2016. The US genocide of our people is not over until the kaia’nere:kowa wins! We will not retreat or surrender. The colonial settlers who do not stand with us are complicit. Corporate rules are created to make them unaccountable for their attempted annihilation of us and creation. The I-81 INDIAN Detail soldiers were tried and found not guilty of a millitary attack of unarmed onkwe’hon:weh on private land during a ceremony. They wore war helmets and carried war equipment. We rotino’shonni are going to hold them accountable. We will continue until they are charged with genocide in the international court.

The moose horn always works!

The moose horn always works!

Just like Oka in 1990, it was a surprise attack on May 18, 1997, of the unarmed men, women, children and elders, by the heavily armed NYS INDIAN Detail. When the attack started everyone yelled to grab the kids and run for our lives. The INDIAN Detail viciously attacked us with their steel tipped bats, boots, arms, pepper spray and every war equipment they had. Our people faced them and were beaten, legs and ribs broken, heads bashed and then arrested. The military did not open fire with gatling guns, though they might have had them ready nearby.

Those onkwe'hon:weh just won't surrender!

Those onkwe’hon:weh just won’t surrender!

The women, kids and elderly made up 75% of the people. The “weak ones” were the target to decimate our community and families.

The onondaga tribal chiefs do not do their own fighting. They want everyone to submit to their corporate rule. Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson helped send in the NYS INDIAN Detail to beat up and threaten their own people. They made up the “hit list”.

Those who pray to some outside entity to save them are giving their power to the enemy. Speak to our ancestors. Otherwise the enemy wins.

New York State Police George Beach, Dennis Blythe, James Parmley, Robert Haumann and James D. Moynihan planned, supervised and carried out this unprovoked attack. George Beach ordered the soldiers to remove their name tags, that there be, ‘no negotiation, and just take them anyway you can’. The people were circled and everyone was assaulted. No one was supposed to escape. The videos shows no one was on the road. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s decision in 2006 confirmed that the attack was illegal and The INDIAN Detail had no defence and could not plead qualified immunity.

George Beach orders to INDIAN Detail: "Remember to get the right guy!"

George Beach orders INDIAN Detail: “Remember to get the right guy!”

Protocol has now been established to let the army attack anybody with impunity. We could not identify the disguised force. They could have been any mercenary unit brought in to take us out.

The press was at the biggest ceremonial gathering of the rotinono’shonni/Iroquois Confederacy. They made up the story that it was a “protest”.

This attack was a false flag. NYS made up lies that we were trespassing on our own property, that we were on the highway, that we might have a gun and so on. The military and the Indian Ring were in charge of this

If this case stands unchallenged, they would allow, reward and condone unlawful attacks by the military.  The onondaga15 are filing a notice of appeal.

Bruce Springsteen made the same kind of vow about not retreating: “We made a promise… proud brothers, in the stormy night, with a vow to defend. No retreat, baby. No surrender”.

Standing Rock.



Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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Amy Goodman out.




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MNN. 15, 2016. The following jury summation by one of the victims/plaintiffs was stopped half way through by Judge Frederick Scullin. NYS delayed this trial for almost 20 years.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing the court.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing his court.

 Three lawyers will Appeal the Jury Verdict in Jones, et al v. Parmley, et al to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of all 15 Plaintiffs.

Justice delayed is par for the course.

“We tried to give you evidence of what happened to us on May 18, 1997:

1.The easement issue is false. In Oct. 2005 Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court for the 2ND Circuit Court explained in Jones v. Parmley that NY Interstate 81 is on the Jones property. The Jones Family gave NYS Dept. of Public Works a limited right to go on their private property to repair the highway. No right was given to the NYS Police. This includes acreage next to the highway on which the Jones house and yard are located. The NYSP I-81 INDIAN Detail was trespassing when they attacked the people on May 18, 1997. [2nd Circuit opinion].consensus

The attempted massacre to get us off a highway on our land which we were not on is not justified. All INDIAN Detail police witnesses at the trial said the plan was to clear the highway. They marched, lined up, came onto the private property towards us, beat us and then arrested us. It is unlawful to attack a peaceful gathering on private property!

2.District Attorney Mulvey said it’s all about money. We are all pro se, without lawyers, because our lawyers [Hoffman, Aniello and the others] dropped us without notice. There were over 100 of us victims, mostly women and children. 125 plus and over 200 Jane and John Does were on the INDIAN Detail who acted as a unit. There are now 54 charged!




3.The attack, beating and arrests were criminal,. It was during the start of the ohenton kariwa tekwen, a sacred ceremony. They busted it up, violating our first amendment rights.

4.NYS Police has no Caucasian, African-American or any other racial profile Detail. Only an I-81 INDIAN Detail. We were singled out as INDIANS.

5.Mulvey demanded we identify our assailants when the INDIAN Detail can’t even identify each other. The INDIAN Detail met at the staging area at the Kmart and the Fire Hall in Nedrow to plan this premediated attack. There was to be no negotiation.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies on onkwe'hon:weh land.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies among onkwe’hon:weh people at onondaga.

6.Mostly women and children were sitting around chatting at picnic tables on a nice sunny day. The children were playing nearby.

7.Videos show nobody on the highway then. Cars were slowed down.

8.At the ceremonial fire somebody said they saw cops marching down the highway towards us. We saw no one on the highway. The cops had stopped or slowed down the cars. We saw the military unit marching with riot gear, guns, batons and other war equipment. We felt totally threatened.

9.Most of us were around the ceremonial fire in the field about 150 yards from I-81. The attack was a violation of our inherent rights. The evidence proves we were not protesting. We immediately started looking for our children.

10. We saw the I-81 Indian Detail line up along the highway and silently march towards us. They were wearing military helmets, visors, we couldn’t see their eyes, no name plates and started doing their dirty deed. They started to hit everybody. There was chaos. Everyone was yelling, “Get the kids. They’re going to kill us”.

11.The INDIAN Detail surrounded us. We tried to back away. We never heard any commands that we disperse or that we would be arrested. My granddaughter had been grabbed and thrown into a van or car and driven away. I later found her waiting with other people at a restaurant.

12.Our children were hysterical, screaming and crying as they saw their parents being beaten. They will never forget this. The Indian Detail grabbed two children on Kennedy Road and slammed one of them against a car. They ran for their lives.

I-81 INDIAN Detail: "Just following orders"!

I-81 INDIAN Detail: “Just following orders”!

13.Women were shaking as they hid in the bush hanging on to their babies.

14. Why didn’t Beach and Parmley meet with us to politely ask, “Please don’t go on the road”. One squad car parked on the side of the highway would have been enough.

15.The Indian Detail was staged at the Fire Hall and Kmart. Over 75 victims are not here today. Some have passed away. This premeditated attack was based on surprise ambush tactics. One witness said that BIA tribal chiefs Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson were at the fire hall during the planning of the attack. This indicates their complicity.

16.The Indian Detail wore no nameplates. [NYSP Supt.] George Beach went around the Fire Hall and ordered them to remove them so no one could identify them. As soon as they removed their badges, they all knew they were breaking the law.

Cops hard at work.

Cops hard at work.

17.Everyone has a right to defend themselves against illegal assault by outside forces.

18.Dennis Blythe, the special investigator, met regularly for 12 years with the tribal chiefs at Orchard Valley golf club and sat in the longhouse with them. Setting up the Indian Detail racial profile means he, Parmley and Beach knew such ceremonies are part of our culture. Their attack is an act of genocide to eliminate part of a racial group. Gibson told the Indian Detail to “arrest everyone”.

19. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The First amendment provides that the cops have a duty to protect everyone’s right to have a ceremony, to assemble peacefully and to speak freely.

20. No one ever told us that we had done anything wrong.  Budgie and Stone Horse both told the commanders that we were not going on the highway and that it was a peaceful gathering that had started on May 8th, which the cops were monitoring. All charges against us were dropped immediately.  hqdefault

21. I-81 Indian Detail worked as a unit and committed criminal assaults together. They should all be convicted. Everything happened to all of us.

22. Our limited evidence was not disputed nor denied. The Indian Detail said they did not remember very much. They never told us our rights. They had no dispersal plan. There was no dialogue with us. The metal tipped baton is a deadly weapon. In the Nuremburg Trial it was confirmed that “I was following orders” is not a defence. Those in cars and paddy wagons, out of sight, in the offices all played a role.

23. We were terrorized. Mr. Bucktooth was beaten by at least six cops near the ceremonial fire for holding a eagle feather fan. The medicine woman was sitting there when Trooper Smith picked her up with his baton. The handicapped child in the body cast was knocked over and trampled. There was no legal reason to touch any of us, to handcuff us, to rough us up, to push the women or anybody or pull babies out of their seats from the cars and throw them on the ground, to arrest an 11-year old girl and cuff her to a chair for hours at the Police station, or to knock a 6 months pregnant woman on her stomach to the ground and handcuff her behind her back.


Whose peers?

Who are their peers?

24. The jury found the NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail not guilty.

25. Judge Scullin did not allow us to question each juror that was selected or to have our rightful say throughout the trial.

As Bobby Bare points out in his song “The Winner” as he sings to Judge Scullin [Bones]: “Now, you remind me a lot of my younger days, with your knuckles a’clenchin white. But, boy, I’m gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night. And if there’s somethin that you gotta gain or prove by winning some silly fight, well, okay, i quit, i lose, you’re the winner. So i stumbled from that barroom, not so tall and no so proud. Behind meIi still hear the hoots of laughter from the crowd. But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth are all still in my mouth. And you know, I guess, that makes me the winner!”




Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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MNN. Oct. 13, 2016. The US District Court of NY has proven that we onkwe’hon:weh cannot get a fair trial on ono’ware:keh, great turtle island. The jury ruled that the 51 NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail had a right to brutally attack over 100 men, women and children on May 18, 1997, without punishment. The people were conducting a thanksgiving ceremony on the Jones private property. This police state precedent must not be allowed to stand. This judgment will be appealed.  policestate1

Judge Frederick Scullin kept out crucial evidence of the pro se victims/the “onondaga 15”, he cross-examined and answered for the cops, selected the jury, most of whom worked for NYS entities, gave the victims 5 minutes for their opening statements and 5 minutes for their closing summation, while badgering and interrupting them throughout. Scullin did not allow any of the plaintiffs to present their case.

We remember!

We remember!

The trial came after an almost 20 year delay. Judge Scullin made many errors, such as:

1.Violations of Due Process of Law [5th and 14th Amendments], and violations of a right to a trial [7th amendment] by an impartial, neutral, and unbiased jury, and freedom of speech [1st amendment].

2. Racial profiling: NYS set up the para-military INDIAN Detail, the ultimate in systemic racial profiling. They did not create an “Italian Detail” or “Black Detail” or “White Detail”. Only those troopers who could actually be identified by Plaintiffs could be implicated in the attack, though each INDIAN Detail member is responsible.

"Your honour, I must protest this is tampering with the jury!"

“Your honour, I must protest this is tampering with the jury!”

3. Keeping out crucial evidence against the cops such as police videos and a 2005 decision of Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court on Jones v. Parmley 98CV374.

4. Lawyers dropped Plaintiffs after 18 years, leaving them without lawyers.

5. “Punitive damages” were not to be considered by the jury for the INDIAN Detail defendants.

6. Plaintiffs were suddenly dismissed without notice [Shawn Jones, Nadine Bucktooth, and Robert Bucktooth III], who were young children at the time of the attack.

7. Dead Plaintiffs were struck from the record without Estate authorization.

Supt. George Beach: "Take off your nameplates".

Supt. George Beach: “Take off your nameplates”.

8. Name badges were removed by order of NYSP Supt. George Beach so victims could not identify them during the horrific attack. Cops had identical interrogatory answers and sworn evidence they forgot.

9. “Appeal my rulings” Scullin told the plaintiffs if they objected to his unexplained rulings.

10. Cross examined defendants and often answered for them.

11. Only one plaintiff was allowed to question witnesses though all had a right to do so.

12. Orders were to clear, arrest and mercilessly beat the onkwe’hon:weh on the “easement” by the side of I-81, which is part of the Jones property. “Don’t talk to anyone and take them anyway you can”. No negotiations! No orders! Get them off their property.

13. Justice Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court clarified in her 2009 judgment for the Second Circuit that the cops could not use “qualified immunity” as a defence. They are all responsible. “Andrew Jones … gave a non-exclusive and limited easement to the New York Department of Public Works to work on the 1-81 road that he also owned.” Judge Scullin refused to put this relevant case law in the case or jury instructions. In fact, the INDIAN Detail trespassed on the Jones private property to carry out the attack, according to Sotomayor.

14. Scullin overruled plaintiffs’ objections without explaining why. He sustained most of Defence Attorney Tim Mulvey’s objections.

15. Scullin instructed the jury without allowing plaintiffs to comment

16. Robert Bucktooth beating. One cop testified the six cops almost beat him to death with a steel tipped baton 55 times “for his own safety”.

"How am I supposed to know whether I'm guilty or not? - I'm a sociopath!"

17. Cameraman roughed up. James Parmley arrested him for disobeying police order not to film, indicating a cover-up of their illegal horrific assaults.

18. Plaintiffs never blocked the road. Police slowed traffic for construction. The people were conducting the ohenton kariwa tekwen ceremony, giving thanks to creation. Scullin rejected this inherent ceremony as defined by the 1st amendment.

19. Video audio excluded in trial that included “get him”, “commence arrest”, “kick ass” and the screams, crying and chaos of the hysterical children and women during the attack, who were 75% of the victims.

20. Plaintiff RJ complained he could not get a fair hearing and wanted to appeal. Scullin ordered over a dozen marshals to escort him from the Courtroom. RJ later informed Scullin that one marshal pushed him along and another called him a “savage.” Scullin suggested it did not happen.

Tribal chiefs: "Personally, I could never go back to wearing sheets".

Tribal chiefs: “Personally, I could never go back to sheets now”.

21. Onondaga tribal chiefs Oren Lyons, Ollie Gibson and others permitted the attack of their own people. Subpoenas to question them were improperly quashed on illegal sovereign immunity claims, as they are part of US and NYS laws.

22. No order to negotiate or disperse was given. Peaceful assembly and ceremonial fire started on May 8, 1997 until May 21. Justice Sotomayor said there was no place to disperse on private property. It was an unlawful attack.

23. Illegal taxation issue. The gathering and feast was to be followed by a peaceful discussion on the proposed illegal taxation of all onkwe’hon:weh communities by an illegal agreement between the onondaga tribal chiefs and NYS.

24. Arrests without any probable cause. One cop testified he “assumed” he could arrest! Andrew Jones has a right to have relatives and friends use his property peaceably. The police were the trespassers. larryville-blue-the-officers-career-progression-by-les-lethal

25. Special Investigator Salvatore Volvo. Parmley & Beach stopped him from reporting that police acted unlawfully. Scullin would not let him be a witness.

26. Trial transcript. Every word spoken in the Courtroom must be transcribed and made available to the public.

27.Plaintiffs were bullied and threatened with being dismissed from the case for objecting to his rulings and asking for explanations.

All were affected by the unwarranted police attack and beating. Many still suffer extreme mental anguish and physical damages. This is a bad judgment. It will be appealed. thahoketoteh.

As Stompin Tom Connors sings about the delay in justice that the “onondaga 15” are still dealing with: “When I was a lad, I was really bad, it wasn’t smart to be good. I beat up my dog, choked my frog, and acted just as mean as I could. I hit all the girls, and put gum in their curls, cause I like to hear them cry and plead. I’d punch the little boys and steal all their toys cause I knew they weren’t smarter than me. They call me Ben, here in the pen. where you take the guff and you suffer. But I’ll be free when i’m 53, and I bet I’ll be a whole lot tougher, I hope I’ll be a whole lot tougher. Oh, what’s the use, I guess I’m not a very good bluffer”. 


NYS verdict is that the INDIAN Detail can commit a crime without penalty:


Jones III v Parmley, US 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, 2005, Justice Sodamayor


Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

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MNN. Sept. 8, 2016. Orders to the New York State Troopers I-81 INDIAN Detail mercenaries on May 18, 1997 who were conducting a surprise attack were: “Talk to no one and take them out any way you can”. Three women hiding in the woods nearby heard this. They jumped over a fence with the cops in hot pursuit. One was 75 years old.

"I was thinking of bringing my rolling pin to make Indian tacos."

totah: “Henh! I was going to bring my rolling pin to make INDIAN tacos.”

Nearby a cop tried to arrest a three month old baby warrior who was in his baby seat in a car. The cop pulled him out and swung him around as bait to lure his mother. She was frantically trying to save her two other small children from the vicious attack. The cop threw the baby to the ground where people were jumping and trying to protect themselves. Over 100 armed and crazed baseball bat wielding madmen were attacking.

Another woman grabbed the baby to save them from the onslaught. She outran the cop. He grabbed her long hair and hit her in the back with the bat [ow!]. She went down and pushed herself over the car seat to save the baby. He kept beating her. She got up and ran for her life. Is this baby, now grown up, going to be asked to identify the cop who did this?

"You interrupted my sleep", you idiot.

“You interrupted my sleep, you fanatic”.

A 10 year old was holding a bowl of tobacco for the ceremony at the fire. The cop slammed the woman tending the fire and then ran after the child and tried to take the bowl. The cop grabbed her hair. She got away, ran to a car and screamed: “They are going to kill us!” Her whole family had been taken away. While the screaming of terrified children being beaten was going on several people took her into the woods and completed the ceremony.

Let’s hope they were not trying to re-enact one of the numerous massacres like Sand Creek, Buffalo Creek, Wounded Knee, many others … ? Now Standing Rock!?

On September 8th we discovered that the court cruelty continues. Judge Scullin [Bones] postponed without notice or explanation the pre-trial meeting for that day. The pro se plaintiffs showed up and were told at the front door that it was postponed to Tuesday September 13th!     

Judge going on vacation!

Did the Judge go on a short vacation!?

One had apparently received an informal email from Scullin’s assistant, Nicky. She queried why this person had not contacted the others, some coming from Oklahoma and Canada. Justice delayed is justice denied. The trial starts September 20 at 100 So. Clinton, Syracuse. Open to the public. Come stand with us.

Arrowsmith sings: “In the attic light, voices scream. nothing seen, real’s the dream, leaving the things that are real behind. Leaving the things that you love from mind. All of the things that you learn from fears, nothing is left for the years. Toys, toys, toys in the attic.” [Toys in the Attic].

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World must stand with Standing Rock.

GS4 Pipeline Police.

Torchlight mercenaries.

Any concerned person should call these these parties and ask them what their position is: District Court Fax 315-234-8501, Angela C.; Brittany E. Aungier; Carol L. Rhinehart; Devin M. Cain; Elkan Abramowitz; Gabriel M. Nugent 315-425-2836 Fax 1-315-425-2836; Joanna Gozzi; Jodi M. Peikin; Robert J. Anello; Terrance J. Hoffman 315-471-4107; Timothy P. Mulvey 315-448-4800 Fax 1-315-448-4800; Judge Scullon’s assistant Nicole Eallonardo Fax 1-315-234-8501. Ask Syracuse Post Standard to cover this rial 315-470-0011. New York Times